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13 01, 2023

Ep #227: Doubt

By |2023-01-16T13:43:43-08:00January 13th, 2023|Podcast|0 Comments

Brothers, let’s talk about doubt. Rather, let’s have a discussion about using manifestation, unwavering belief, and the conviction of knowing to eliminate all possibilities of doubt. You see, like all of you, I too am a doubter. I am also half-hearted in my commitments, and my resolutions are constantly being tested by the distractions all around me.   But living in doubt is not the route toward embracing your alpha. In fact, brothers, it’s quite the opposite. Doubt is fear. [...]

6 01, 2023

Ep #226: Everything

By |2023-01-12T06:38:31-08:00January 6th, 2023|Podcast|0 Comments

Everything is. And that’s the end of the sentence, brothers. Everything is love, everything is source, everything is perfect, and everything just is. Understanding exactly what this means will help you in your spiritual journey and allow you to embrace your alpha state.  Brothers, it’s important to remember that the only energy that exists is the energy of the now. The past, present, and future are all experienced right now, in the energy of right now. You need to [...]

30 12, 2022

Ep #225: Desire

By |2022-12-30T03:36:37-08:00December 30th, 2022|Podcast|0 Comments

Desire is everywhere. We desire money, wealth, women, fame, notoriety, power control, relationships, and leadership. Then, as you age, it starts to shift. We desire stability, security, safety, groundedness, and assertiveness. But every seeker only seeks one thing, and that's the end of seeking itself. Today, I'm going to talk about desire as a low vibrational energy that exists in the Astral plane and how the alpha approach to cognitive mastery and emotional ownership can allow the vibrations into [...]

23 12, 2022

Ep #224: Uncertainty and The Paradox Of Knowing

By |2022-12-23T09:17:02-08:00December 23rd, 2022|Podcast|0 Comments

Everything is love. From solar flares to the first cry of a newborn baby, everything is everything and that “everything” is love. We are called, brothers, to live a life of purpose in accordance with love, chosen to serve humanity with our spiritual gifts. Now, when I say serve, I do not mean slavery or being forced to do what you don’t want to. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It is freeing ourselves from the societal shackles of [...]

16 12, 2022

Ep #223: Commitment

By |2022-12-16T05:15:58-08:00December 16th, 2022|Podcast|0 Comments

Life is all about making decisions. Whether we make small decisions or big decisions, we must stay true to the outcomes of the choices we make in the present moment. But the truth is, my brothers, we don’t know where our decisions are going to lead us. The future is an illusion in the same way that the past is dead and gone. All we have is the present moment, and when we are half-hearted in our decisions or [...]

9 12, 2022

Ep #222: The Impossible Goal 2023

By |2022-12-09T07:08:47-08:00December 9th, 2022|Podcast|0 Comments

Over the course of my life, I have had many different job titles. I have been a student and an athlete, a soldier and a teammate. I have been a bodyguard, fitness instructor, business owner, cognitive mastery coach, and spiritual guide, but none of that is what I’m here to do, brothers. You see, your occupation, your identity, your purpose, and what you are here to do are distinctly different facets of who you are. While I maintain that [...]

2 12, 2022

Ep #221: The Mountain Of Life

By |2022-12-01T10:06:16-08:00December 2nd, 2022|Podcast|0 Comments

We are all on a journey, brothers, alone yet together. I have personally completed a huge upgrade in my personal journey, and it was by no means devoid of challenges. Today I’m going to share with you the Mountain of Life analogy to help you along your spiritual journey and put suffering into perspective. Our instinct, as humans, is to wish away suffering, but we need to learn to embrace the challenges that come our way because suffering is [...]

25 11, 2022

Episode 220: Love & Freedom Part 4: Unconditionality

By |2022-11-25T06:28:21-08:00November 25th, 2022|Podcast|0 Comments

Welcome back, brothers! Today I'm continuing our exploration of the concepts of love and freedom and unpacking their relationship to each other and the idea of unconditionality. I will be exploring how these polarities are accessed through your alpha state and sharing some examples of how to apply these concepts in your life too! The main thrust of today's episode is around how love determines our reality and gives power to our thought, and then how we need to [...]

18 11, 2022

Ep #219: Love & Freedom Part 3: Science

By |2022-11-18T08:55:00-08:00November 18th, 2022|Podcast|0 Comments

Today, I will continue the discourse and explanation on love and freedom. In past episodes, I have explained and provided insight into the various concepts of love and freedom, but in this episode, I will go into detail about the science behind the concept of love and freedom. As I am sure you all know, all the ideas I teach are firmly rooted in science, and love and freedom are no exceptions. It is vital you understand the science [...]

11 11, 2022

Ep #218: Love & Freedom Part 2: Relationships

By |2022-11-11T05:51:03-08:00November 11th, 2022|Podcast|0 Comments

In my previous episode, I went into detail about the concept of love and freedom as energetic opposites, what it has to do with awareness, and how this differs from the other dualities I have spoken about in past episodes. Before I get into the topic of today’s show, I will briefly recap the main takeaways from the previous episode, as I know the content is vast and heavy. Once I have done that, I will delve deep into [...]

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