15 01, 2021

Ep#123: Why Change Is Difficult – The Remix

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Welcome back to the show, brothers. You better believe that for today's episode, we are getting wild, and going pretty far out! I am going to be talking to you about the unification of the mind, and how this can lead to living a better life, by the elevation of your alpha. This episode is a follow-on from the last one where we talked about cognitive dissonance, laddering, and bridging your thoughts. Welcome to the remixed version of Why [...]

8 01, 2021

Ep#122: Why Change is Difficult

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Welcome back my brothers, to another Alpha Male Coach podcast, and while we are here, welcome to the New Year too! I’m so excited about all the things I have planned for this year — not just in my own life, but also for all the things I will bring to you guys. Today I’m going to tell you about something called cognitive dissonance. Simply put brothers, cognitive dissonance is the parent that birthed the phrase, “discomfort is the [...]

1 01, 2021

Ep#121: Setting the Tone for 2021

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Welcome back, brothers. It is a new year and I am so excited to release this episode on the 1st of January because today I will be setting the tone for 2021. The truths I share with you are all about the law of creation and how you can tap into it using the alpha state and the model of alignment. Today, I remind you about how everything that exists in the universe is connected, is one thing.  This [...]

25 12, 2020

Ep#120: How I Evolved in 2020

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Brothers, welcome to the final episode of the Alpha Male Coach Podcast in 2020. Now, I know that this year has been a ride for us all, but I wanted to put a different spin on things. I want to recap some of the great things we’ve covered and to tell you how I have evolved in the past 365 days. I’m going to start off by saying a huge thank you to all those who listen to The [...]

18 12, 2020

Ep#119: Applying The Law Of Cause And Effect

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Today I quickly recap the universal truth of cause and effect. Everything that happens to or for you are just circumstances and they are neutral and out of your control. While circumstances do not create our thoughts or beliefs, they trigger memories and stimulate whatever we already believe. You have full control over your thoughts and can, therefore, choose what you think about the circumstances.  When you subject your thoughts to other people’s opinions and dwell on the past, [...]

11 12, 2020

Ep#118: What Are Your Bringing Into 2021?

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What’s up my brothers? And welcome back to another episode of the Alpha Male Podcast. Today, we are going to cover a topic that’ll help lead you into 2021 with intention and with purpose. What we discover today is going to help you tackle the new year and make it your own. So how do you make sure that 2021 will be your best year yet? You start by asking yourself: “How was 2020 for me?” Now, this doesn’t [...]

4 12, 2020

Ep#117: Becoming Failure-Proof

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In setting the tone for 2021, this episode is all about becoming failure-proof. What this means is that you no longer fear failure because it does not affect you. The more you build your resilience to failure, the better you get at resisting and ultimately transcending it. But how do we transcend the fear of failure? The first thing you’ve got to understand is that we are not born with a sense of fearing failure – it is something [...]

27 11, 2020

Ep#116: Discomfort Is For You, Not Of You

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Today we’re talking about feeling uncomfortable on purpose. Have you ever considered how discomfort is the price of growth, or the idea that you cannot develop as a person while in your comfort zone? I bet you’ve heard this saying or versions of it many times. It is not a new concept – but it is still an undeniably true one. But why is it that discomfort is the price of growth? Many people say it but fail to [...]

20 11, 2020

Ep#115: Commitment in Relationships

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Hello and welcome to another episode, my brothers. Today I am talking about one of the most misunderstood facets of the human experience, that's right, today's episode is about relationships. Specifically commitment in relationships, and what it means to commit and stay committed. The reason we have so much difficulty with this area of our lives is our misalignment with the truth, something I want to aid you in correcting! In order to experience healthy relationships and bear the [...]

13 11, 2020

Ep#114: What About Anger?

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Welcome back to the show, brothers. Today I will be addressing an important part of anyone's emotional landscape, and especially for a man looking to elevate his alpha. Our topic for this episode is anger, a subject that I have received many questions about, and one that is vital in your journey towards accessing your true purpose. To set the stage, we look at the three tiers of emotions. These categories help us to see how our emotions impact [...]

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