Ep #275: The Karmic Clock

At the beginning of time and indeed at the start of our lives, everything is one in harmonious unity. There is no division, there are no constructs of understanding – everything is as perfect as it should be. Then, as time goes on, we begin to develop our own perspectives, and this is when our karmic clocks begin to tick.

You see, brothers, understanding perspective is a spiritual journey. It is freeing yourself from your modals of conditioning and finding the path to not only the perspective of others, but the perspective of all things. Because that’s all we’ve been doing as humans since the day the apple was eaten in the Garden of Eden – trying to find our way back to the perfection of before that first bite. 

And everyone’s journey is different therefore everyone’s karmic clock is different. If we look at the 12-hour clock face, I may be at 8 o’clock which is moving closer to enlightenment and understanding all perspectives, whereas someone else may be at 4 o’clock and are experimenting with agents of enlightenment like ayahuasca or LSD. But it doesn’t mean that they are wrong and I am right, or vice versa. Because the truth is, there is no right or wrong. Everything exists in perfection and we are merely here to experience it. 

And when we get closer to 11:59 on our karmic journey, we begin to realize that there is no returning to the divine unity of the first hour. Instead, we start to acknowledge and accept perspective, oneness, and our inherent divinity. And when you let go of what you think you know – when you forget yourself and let your ego die – that is when you remember that everything is already perfect, which is the first step, brother, toward to elevating your alpha.


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Understanding perspective: A spiritual journey. 
  • The 12-hour karmic clock. 
  • Acknowledging where others are on their karmic clocks, and without judgement. 
  • The seeds of awakening and listening with your heart. 
  • The divinity if forgetting.

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[00:00:32] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and here we are. Here we are for another week, for another week of The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. This week, I’m in Tulum. I’m in Tulum. I’ve been here many times, and I do love it here. I love the jungle. I love being in this part of the world. When I say this part of the world, I don’t mean to Tulum proper. I don’t mean Tulum as a town. What I mean is the energy of life. What I mean is the energy of flora, the trees, the plants, the grass, and the fauna, all the things, all the birds, all the insects, all the mammals, all the creepy crawlies.

When I say this part of the world, really, what I mean, brothers, is I mean the Dagobah system. I mean life. I mean where life is, where the jungle is. This could be Bali. It could be Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. I’ve spent many, many years in Southeast Asia. It could be Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador. I spent many, many, many moons in these places of the world as well. I just have this feeling. I just love the way it feels to be surrounded by so much life, so many beings, a beautiful, beautiful thing. So here we are. Here we are again in Tulum.

I just want to quickly mention to you guys that the power is out here, as it often is in Tulum. I don’t know if you guys have ever been to Tulum, but the power goes out quite often. So if during the podcast you hear a beeping or you may hear power switch back on because I actually had the fan running before the power went out. It’s been out for hours, though. So it may not come back on during the course of this recording.

Brothers, what I’m going to talk to you about today, I’ve been doing a lot of work with karma, as you know. I talked to you guys a little bit about karma in the past and the past podcast episodes. With last week being on perspective and perfection, if you remember last week’s podcast, it was on warm hand, cold hand, east side, west side, heads and tails, right? That’s perspective to keep a knowing. That perspective is perspective. Perspective is not right or wrong. It’s a viewpoint. It’s a way of seeing things. It’s a way of how you relate, a way of how you relate to the world, whether it’s east side of the mountain or west side of the mountain. You say, “I’m standing on the east side, so the mountain is this way.” Another person is standing on the west side, so the mountain is that way.

It’s the same mountain. It’s still the mountain, and your truth is the west side or the east side. That is your truth. But it is not the absolute truth. It’s not the total truth. It’s just your perspective, and it’s how we relate to others. If you remember the warm hand, cold hand, you hold your partner’s hand, and she may have a cold hand. But it doesn’t mean that her hand is cold. It could mean that your hand is warm. Your perspective, the way you relate is that she has a cold hand. That’s your judgment. That’s how your relationship is. Your relationship comes from your judgment. It comes from your perspective because she could easily say, “Well, my hand is not cold. Your hand is warm,” which is what happened in the park that day I was meditating.

Brothers, when we understand this, when we really understand perspective, we can begin to let go. We can begin to see not just the perspective of others but the absolute perspective of all things. If you remember the puzzle of life, we all have our own perspective. We all have our own piece of the puzzle. If you’re a piece of grass in this puzzle, then you may not understand the perspective of someone who is a piece of sky because their perspective is blue, and your perspective is green. You may not understand this, but it doesn’t make them wrong any more than it makes you right.

We need to really understand how we engage with our perspectives, and that is the journey. That’s the spiritual journey. The spiritual journey is not discerning other people’s perspectives. It’s discerning our own perspectives in relationship to know where our perspective is coming from. Is it coming from you must be right? You must be changed to be right with me. Or is it I see you in your perspective, and I see myself in my perspective, and we can get along in these perspectives?

Then the other message was perfection. There’s no such thing as coincidence. Coincidence is a word that we can remove from our vocabulary, just as we remove the word can’t because with God, all things is possible. All things are possible. We remove the word can’t. But we can remove the word coincidence as well because nothing happens out of what is meant to happen, which is the same to say as everything happens for a reason. Everything happens because it must, and that’s perfection. Everything is perfect. Everything is happening according to harmony, according to divinity, according to the perfect flow.

Now, I just wanted to quickly remind you, brothers, of that as we move into today’s episode because when I talk about karma and I talk about reincarnation, for some of you, this may be very difficult to hear because of your perspective. It may be very difficult for you to hear this message because you may have a perspective, a conditioning, a background, teaching, a belief that there is no karma. There is no reincarnation, that we just live once and that’s it. For others, it may be very easy to hear. For others of you out there, this may be, “Oh, yes. I understand this. I understand exactly what you’re saying. I understand. I’ve been taught karma. I’ve been taught reincarnation since it’s a part of your conditioning to be taught these things.”

But understand that this is just a story. It’s just an analogy. It’s just a way of explaining the harmony, the flow of life, how we’re all here together, how we’re all here together in unity, how we’re all here together in oneness. Even the words I use don’t matter because the words I use are just – they’re just to play with your intellect. They’re just to engage your mind. You hear these words. You may filter them through your mind, through your conditioning. Then you may either accept them or reject them, depending on your conditioning, your perspective.

But it doesn’t matter. None of that matters. What matters is not what I say. It’s how you feel as I say it. It’s the transmission of energy that comes through the words, not the words themselves. To pay attention to how you feel, to pay attention to what goes on within you, that is the journey. That is the spiritual process, to be attentive to your inner world. So I’m going to talk about a analogy called the karmic clock, which again comes from a teacher of mine. This is not mine. This is something that my teacher has taught, and it has to do with time. It has to do with perfection. It has to do with acceptance and non-judgment. It has to do with even understanding yourself and where you may be in your journey.

We begin with a clock. We begin with a 12-hour clock. Yes, we’re talking about a 12-hour clock. Not a 24-hour day, brothers, but just a 12-hour clock. At 12 o’clock, if we say this is the beginning, it’s the beginning of time, 12 o’clock, as if time had a beginning, right? As if there was a beginning and an end to time. But there’s – let’s, again, stay with the analogy here. The beginning was 12 o’clock. We can use the Garden of Eden as an example because in the beginning, there’s perfection. We could use the Big Bang if you wish. At the beginning, there’s the singularity. Everything is one. All matter, all density, all form, all time, everything is one. It’s right there in the singularity. What the astrophysicists have done mathematically to rewind the clock back to that single point.

Whether we use that or whether we use the Garden of Eden makes no difference. I prefer to use the Garden of Eden because it’s a bit more playful. It’s a bit more fun. So at 12 o’clock, we’re in the Garden of Eden, and we’re in unity. We’re in harmony. We’re in the flow of oneness. Everything is one. It doesn’t mean that we’re not separate. We just are not aware of our separation because we’re not in our minds. We’re not thinking. We don’t have the I-ness that comes from identity, that comes from mind. So we’re there existing with all the creatures, all the flora, all the fauna of the world, all of the creation. We’re in unity. We’re in flow. We’re in perfect harmony. We’re there for eons, eons, eons of time.

Then 12:01, 12:01, and you ate the apple. You ate the apple. I know. I know the mythology. The mythology is Eve ate the apple. Then she gives it to Adam. Adam eats the apple. But it’s you, brother. It’s you that ate the apple. It’s you and me. We all ate it. We’re all a part of this journey. We’re all one with this journey. We can’t go back and say, “Oh, it was her fault. It was his fault, just to blame, right? We can’t go back to the singularity and say, “Oh, the explosion was its fault.” No, no, no. No, no, no. The separation was caused by you, by me, by us. There is no other. That’s a part of the illusion, part of the illusion of separation.

So 12:01 you ate the apple and immediately thought. Thought comes in, and God comes in, and He sees Adam and Eve covering themselves and says, “What? Who told you you were naked? Who told you you were separate? How could you think? Why are you thinking that you’re separate? Why are you thinking you’re ashamed? Why are you thinking? Why are you thinking? Why are you thinking?”

Now, of course, God knows the answer. God knew when He created the tree of life that there would be temptation, that there would be choice, that there would be the eating of the apple because God created choice. That’s a part of the perfection. Choice is a part of perfection, just like temptation is a part of the perfection. There’s no wrong about it. There’s no right about it. It is, it is a part of the perfection. It is a part of all of it. When we anthropomorphize God, we remove his own divinity. It’s a great problem in religion, the anthropomorphic of divinity, because then we reduce God to a human being. God knew and knows all from beginning, from 12 o’clock to 11:59. It’s all there. It’s all done. To think that anything wrong occurred in the Garden of Eden is just heresy. It’s nonsense. It’s silliness. It’s all correct. It’s all right. It’s all happening in perfection.

God comes in and looks and says, “Who told you? Why are you thinking you’re separate?” Of course, the answer is, “We ate the apple.” Now, from 12:01, from that point forward, man, human beings have been trying to get back to 12 o’clock, right? We’ve been trying to get back to unity. We’ve been trying to get back to that place of flow, that place of harmony, that place of oneness. Of course, it says that humans, Adam and Eve, were cast out. We’re not cast out of a place. Garden of Eden, not a place. It’s here. It’s here. It’s now. It’s all around us. It’s still exactly as it was. It is.

The casting out was not a casting out of a location. It was the casting out of the heart. We cast ourselves out of the heart, and we threw ourselves into mind. We threw ourselves into this thinking pattern, and we became lost in time and separation. From 12:01 onward, we’ve been trying to get back to that place, that place of heart, that place of unity, a place of oneness. This has been happening for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, after birth, death, birth, death, birth, death. It’s been happening for – there’s no even way to explain the amount of time that this has been going on. No way to explain it.

I’ve told you before the way that Buddha explains it. But even that, even that is – I mean, the way that Buddha explains it, the way he says it is take the distance an oxen walks in a day, right, which is about six miles they say. So you have a mountain, six miles wide, six miles long, six miles high. Every hundred years, a bird with a silk scarf in its beak flies over just the top of the mountain. It just brushes the top of the mountain with the silk scarf. The Buddha said the amount of time it takes for that silk scarf to wear down the mountain, that’s how long we’ve been doing this. That’s how long we’ve been going after birth, death, birth, death, birth, death because birth and death are the same.

Life and death are the same, just like the east side and the west side is the same. Just like the tails and the heads of a coin. It’s still the coin. It’s still consciousness. It’s still awareness. It’s still there. It’s still life. It’s difficult to say it’s still life because we separate life from death. We say death is not life. Okay, but there’s consciousness. We’re conscious of life, and we’re conscious of death, but we forget because we forgetting, because forgetting is the opposite of remembering. It’s balance. It’s duality. It’s a part of it. It’s all perfect. So we’ve been doing this over and over and over again.

From 12:01 to 5:59, halfway through this karmic clock, we’ve been trying to get back to unity through the external, through all of the world. We’ve been collecting this and collecting that. We say, well, if I have more money, I can do it. If I have more money, I can find unity. I can find peace. I can find happiness. Say if I have more friends, I can find unity. I can find peace. I can find happiness. If I have more power, fame, fortune, notoriety, importance, significance. If I have more people that respect me. If I’ve got more likes on my Instagram page, then I will find unity. I will find happiness. I will find peace.

I’ve been doing this for so, so long, brothers, and some people still are. There are many, many people out there that are still there, seeking unity in the world. We could even separate those six hours into two other divisions. We could say that from 12:01 until three o’clock, there are those that do it at the expense of others. From three o’clock until 5:59, there are those that do it not at the expense of others.

Now, for example, maybe at two o’clock, you have somebody that is trying to make money by selling drugs or stealing cars. At four o’clock, you have somebody that’s trying to create fortune and fame by creating Amazon or the iPhone, create – giving something. But they’re still in the world. They’re still looking for that place of unity, of peace and harmony by collecting. We say between 12:01 to three o’clock, we may find somebody that is trying to create relationships by lying, by manipulating. You like me by force. Whether it be mental force or physical force, I’m going to get you to like me, and I’m going to get you to be my friend.

From three o’clock to 5:59, you say, “I’m going to create relationships by being nice, by being kind, by people pleasing, by not being who I am, but by being who I think you want me to be.” It’s not that expense of you. I’m not being violent with you, lying to you. I’m just not being truthful. I’m not being myself. There’s a difference in that deception.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s where people are in their journey. That’s where some people are in their journey. You may know some people like this. You may see some people like this. Maybe we see them. Maybe you see them on the news. Maybe you see them in the social medias. Maybe you see them in your workspace. The journey for you is not to say, “Oh, there at two o’clock or there at four o’clock or there at 2:30 or 3:00,” is to say how do you respond to your judgment of them in that space because it’s okay, because for them, that’s where they need to be. That’s where their soul needs to be to go through every single minute, every single second on this clock to get back to unity, to get back to 11:59.

Again, that bird every hundred years is flying over the top of the mountain with the silk scarf. Their mountain is just higher than your mountain. Your mountain has been worn down because you’ve been eons and eons and eons. Or maybe it’s you at two o’clock. Or maybe it’s you at four o’clock, right, to not judge yourself, to be okay, to see it because that helps you move through the karmic clock. That helps you to relieve it, to let it go, but to not judge. There’s no better or worse. It’s no better to be at eight o’clock than it is to be at two o’clock, just like it’s no better to be 40 years old than it is to be 20 years old. It’s just difference in time, a difference in age, just an old soul, an older soul, a soul that’s been through more birth, death, birth, death, birth, death, birth, death cycles.

Now, at 11:59, something very significant occurs in the soul’s journey because at 11:59, there comes a point of deep despair, where the awakening happens to the knowledge, the knowing that there is nothing in the world that is going to bring me back to the Garden of Eden. There’s nothing in the world that’s going to bring me closer to God. There’s nothing in the world that’s going to reunite me with myself, which is all of us. All of us are one. I am you, and you are me. To reunite with yourself is to reunite with everything.

When this deep despair happens, that’s where the seed of awakening occurs. That’s where grace enters. That’s where you begin to open your eyes. Not the eyes of your head but the eyes of your heart. That’s when you begin to hear not with the ears of your head but with the ears of your heart. It’s when you begin to realize that it is going inward that will bring me back to myself, that will bring me closer to God, that will bring me back to the Garden of Eden, back to unity, back to flow, back to presence, back to harmony, back to peace, back to love. It’s not a collection of ideas, a collection of things, a collection of people. It’s not in the world.

Now, a whole another game begins where from 12:01 to 5:59, the game is external. It’s the rat race. How do I play this game? How do I get more money? How do I get more people? How do I get more fame? How do I get more likes? How do I get more things? More, more, more. How do I get more? But that game ends and a new game begins. The new game is how do I get closer. How do I let go? How do I become aware? How do I find consciousness? How do I serve?

But there’s still the karma. There’s still the working off of the karma. So even in this six o’clock 11:59, there’s still this desire. There’s still this wanting, but the wanting becomes more clear as you let go of more and more and more of your karma, of your not self, of your – as you do more, as you act more. Karma means action, as you take the actions to unravel. So even through this spiritual journey, as you move from six o’clock in this deep, deep despair where the awakening happens, you begin to awaken to this predicament, this predicament that you’ve been living in a limited reality, that the reality you knew or thought you knew is just a sliver. It’s a fraction of a percentage of what is, this idea of wealth and fame and power, notoriety, importance.

This world that we experience through the five senses, it’s so, so small, so small in what is. We look at the Earth in terms of the universe, in space. We could say that it’s equally so in the way we view the third dimension versus the totality of what is. There’s so much more. But as I mentioned before, there was a study done, or there was a poll taken back in 1975, a poll of Americans, a poll of everyone in the United States. It was a poll of people who’ve had a mystical experience. The poll basically came back and said two-fifths of all Americans, two-fifths of all Americans have had a mystical experience. Of those two-fifths, 85% of those people said it was the most powerful and profound experience they’ve ever had, and they never want to have it again.

So fascinating, isn’t it? Because where are these people? These people are – they’re in the first six hours of their karmic clock. They don’t want to let go of who they think they are. They don’t want to let go of being in their body, of being in this world. There’s nothing wrong with that. Again, I need to continue to say this out loud because if it sounds like I’m making a judgment or if it sounds like I’m saying that these people are bad or wrong or anything negative at all, it’s not. I’m not saying that. I’m simply stating. I’m simply telling you that when you’ve had a mystical experience, when you’ve had an experience that you cannot explain, when you’ve had an experience of divinity.

Many, many, many people, not only do they not want to have it again. But oftentimes, they want to rationalize it away. Oh, it was just a hallucination. Or, oh, I just lost my mind for a second. I was out of my mind for a moment. They’ll rationalize it away, or maybe they’ll go to a psychiatrist or someone who thinks they’re a psychiatrist because what are we doing? We’re just playing roles here anyway. What is a psychiatrist? There’s no psychiatrists in the world. There’s no therapists in the world. They’re just people who are playing the role of therapists. They are people who think they’re therapists.

In order for them to think they’re therapists, well, there has to be somebody who thinks they’re a patient. There has to be somebody who thinks they need help. Again, heads and tails, warm hand, cold hand, right? It’s all a part of the game. It’s all a part of the illusion. So they might go to a therapist. They might go to a psychiatrist. They might take some – get some medication because they’ve had this break, this vision, this mystical experience. Because it upsets so much who they think they are when they’re in that space.

Now, if you’re after that, if you’ve gone through this despair, if you’ve gone through this awakening, then you may be at a different place. Now, you may be seeking and desiring more. You may be doing breathwork. You may be doing yoga. You may be fasting. You may be praying or meditating. You might be doing medicines or drugs like LSD or ayahuasca. You might be out there in a different way, but you’re still playing the game, you see. You’re still playing the game. You still think that you are not in unification. You still think that you are not one. You still think there’s something more for you to do. You’re just doing it a different way.

It’s still the game as Buddha said. The Buddha said you already are the Buddha. You just are so busy pretending or thinking that you’re not the Buddha. Jesus said it, too. The kingdom of heaven is within you. When you have faith no greater than this mustard seed, you’ll move, say, to the mountain. Move from here to there and it will move. Both of these masters said it, but yet we go on. We go on playing the game. We go on playing in the karmic clock because that is what we must do, because that’s our karma. It’s what we must do. It’s what our soul must do. We incarnate over and over again to relieve, to let go of, to reveal more and more of who we are by chipping away what we’re not.

We continue to do this. We do this life after life, death after death. We attach ourselves to these things. We attach ourselves to life. So someone who is – before six o’clock, when they get ready to die, they say, “Don’t let me die. Don’t let me die. Save me. Save me. Save me. Save me. I’m attached to my life. I don’t want to die.” Maybe they don’t say attached to my life but say, “I don’t want to die. Save me.” Hang on to life, try to prolong our lives, all these things of healthy eating and exercise and medicine, hospitals, healthcare. Try to prolong our lives in all kinds of different ways.

But people after six o’clock do it, too. It’s not until about 11:30. It’s not until very, very close. When almost all your karma’s gone, you begin to realize, maybe 10:30, right? You begin to realize that everything, everything is happening in harmony, in perfection. It’s all moving you back to the garden. It’s all moving you back to unity. It’s all moving you back to source, where at four o’clock, you may say, “Yes, I want to win the lottery. Yes, I want that. But, no, I don’t want to be sick. No, I don’t want to have – I don’t want to get cancer.” Fame and fortune, yes. Disease and poverty, no.

When you get to about 10:30, 11 o’clock, you realize there’s no difference between the two. It’s all the same. It’s like the farmer and the villagers. The villagers are good fortune, bad fortune. This is good. This is bad. This is good. This is bad. The farmer, ah, maybe, maybe not. It just is. It’s just happening. We’re just here. To go deeper with that, it’s all happening in perfect harmony. I win the lottery, great, amazing. Thank you. I get cancer, great, amazing. Thank you There’s no like, dislike. There’s no judgment around what’s happening because what’s happening is. Then we get to 11:59, and something very special happens.

Now, let me roll back very quickly because, again, when I was talking about how people would say save me, save me, or people die, when you’re attached to life, when you’re so attached to your body, when you’re so attached to your identity, when you’re so attached to your things in the world, your cars, and your friends, and your family, and your wealth, your bank accounts, you don’t want to die. You don’t want to let those things go. Maybe it’s not those things. Maybe you say, “Oh, I don’t want to leave. I don’t want my wife to be without me.” You’re thinking about her like, “I don’t want her to be without me.” But it’s still like I don’t want to die. It’s still coming from that same place.

In that place of resistance, you die. Your voice says, “Welcome.” You say, “Oh, I hear a voice, so I must not be dead.” The voice says, “Oh, well. Well, you are. You are dead, right? It happened.” Confusion hits. Confusion because there was resistance. There’s attachment, attachment to life, attachment to things, attachment to stuff, attachment to people. So you’re in confusion. Call this purgatory if you like, and call this the bardo state, depending on your background, your religious teachings. This confusion hits, and who knows how long this confusion lasts? Because there’s no time in these states; in the purgatory state, in the bardo states. There’s no time. It could last Earth years, Earth centuries.

Then you come back. You reincarnate. You incarnate again. Why do you incarnate again? Because of your karma, because of your attachments, because there was something that you didn’t want to leave behind. So you come back to experience it again or to try to experience it again or to let it go or to learn how to let go. When you’re after six o’clock, you still may be saying, “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.” But now, when you hear the voice, you say, “Welcome.” You say, “I must not be dead.” The voice says, “No, you are.” Guess again, brother.

Now, instead of confusion, now you know. You say, “Oh. Now, I get it. Now, I understand all,” because there’s still the attachment, right? But the attachment isn’t to the things. It’s not to the stuff. The attachment is the attachment of getting back to source. The attachment is getting back to unity. The attachment is getting closer to God. So this time, there’s not the confusion. This time, there is the working together, the assimilation, the alignment with creating your next incarnation, with creating what comes next in your next life. If you die at 7:01, then you get to help work and create your life at 7:02.

Brothers, you won’t remember, and that’s a part of the divine perfection, for you to forget. You must forget. You have to forget because if you didn’t forget, you’d already be at 11:59 because you still have to work out this karma. You still have to work out and let go of this desire to get back to where you’ve never left, to reunify with what you’ve never separated from, because we’re in this state where we think we are separate. We think we are alone. We think we are individuals. But if I am I because you are you, and you are you because I am I, then I am not I, and you are not you. We are one.

Then 11:59 comes, and 11:59 is different because 11:59, now you have the choice. Again, it’s all choice, isn’t it? It’s choice from the very beginning. God knows. God knew. God is. God has always known. Choice is perfection. Now, we could talk about choice. That’s a whole another podcast because do we really have choice of God already knows? But still, to continue with this analogy, understand. You have choice at 11:59. You have choice to reunite, to merge with source, to go home, to become one, to experience divinity, again, as you are or to reincarnate again and this time to come back just to help others become free.

That is the [inaudible 00:35:15]. That is the Christ. That is the one that comes who has no karma, who has no desire, who has no attachment. In their very presence, you become enlightened. You awaken because they are the mirror of truth, of light, of love. At that point, at 11:59, and you died 11:59, at that point, no matter what choice you make, brother. Now, I know I may be talking way, way out there, way, way out there. This is very heavy because none of us are there, right? None of us.

I would assume. My assumption is because you’re listening to this podcast, you’re at least past six o’clock, right? That’s my assumption. I don’t know, but I assume you’re at least past six o’clock. If you’re still listening to this podcast, you may have started listening to this podcast because you are somewhere around 5:30, five o’clock. How do I manage my mind in a way to get what I want, right? You may have started listening this podcast for that reason.

But if you’re still listening to this podcast, I’m assuming you’re past six o’clock because, otherwise, you’d be listening to some other podcast. You’d be listening to some other guy talk to you about how to get more money or how to get the girl or how to get more likes on your Instagram page or how to get a bigger business. So I assume you’re at least past six o’clock. But none of us are at 11 o’clock or 10 o’clock or even 9:30, really. I’d say we’re probably somewhere between six and nine. I’m just saying but I don’t know.

At 11:59, when the choice occurs, you see the truth that the clock was an illusion the whole time, that time was an illusion the whole time, that everything wraps up into one, that you, the journeyman, the one on the journey, the one on the path, that the path itself and that the destination, the goal were all the same. There’s no separation between you, your path, and your destination. It’s all right here, right here, right now. You are just pretending that it’s not through the concept of who you think you are. It’s that concept of who you think you are that is the only thing that must be let go of. It’s called the ego. When the ego dies, you remember.

Until next week, my brothers, elevate your alpha.


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