The Academy For Consciousness Expansion

The Academy is a personal spiritual journey blended with teaching, guidance, acceptance, and brotherly love.

Brothers have come to The Academy for reasons including marriage and relationships, dating and sex, health and fitness, business, finance, addictions, depression, seeking something more from life, wanting to join a group of awakening men, understanding more about the Self and the Universe, as well as many others.

The truth is, there are no problems.

At The Academy, we don’t solve your problems or help you solve your problems. We reveal to you the Truth. 

The Truth is who you are in an evolutionary sense is somebody who, in this very lifetime, has begun to awaken to your predicament of a limited reality.

Each journey in The Academy is different, just as each journey through life is different. I can’t tell you what you’ll experience in The Academy any more than I can tell you what you’ll experience living your human life.

The purpose of The Academy is to remember. To remember Who You Are and Why You’re Here. There is ‘who you think you are’, based on the conditioning of this world. This is what causes all the suffering in your life and, collectively, in the world. Then there is the Truth of Who You Are, which is Pure Love, One with The Divine, and here to share your personal gifts to all of Creation through the service of Love, Peace, Joy, and Harmony. That is why you’re here, brother – to experience Joy, Peace, and Love in your life and share that energy with Everything, All Of Creation.

In other words, we don’t tell you what to do in life – your journey is your own. We remind you of Who You Are so that you experience whatever you do with Presence, Joy, Peace, Gratitude, Fullness, and LOVE – so that you are HERE, NOW, and ONE.

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observing, creating, and experiencing Joy, Peace, Harmony, and Love. 

Enroll with WEEKLY GUIDANCE/MENTORSHIP at the monthly rate of $555. You will have all the benefits of The Academy For Consciousness Expansion in addition to weekly, one-on-one coaching calls with an Academy Mentor/Guide.

Consciousness Expansion is a lifelong journey, however we ask you to commit to The Academy for at least 3 years. There are no contracts at The Academy and you can end your enrollment at any time. After 3 years in The Academy, you are welcome to remain and continue into a 4th year or join the Inner Circle.

The Academy
Full Access With Guided Coaching

$ 555

/ month
Membership To The Academy For Consciousness Expansion Annual Curriculum
On-Line Classes (Webinars)
Weekly Group Coaching Calls
Weekly Group Discussion Calls
Access To The Academy Slack Group
Develop Cognitive Mastery
Establish Emotional Ownership
Transcend Irrational Fear
Shift From Time-Bound Thinking To Presence
Create Amazing Relationships In Your Life
Build Indomitable Self-Confidence
Master Your Behavior
Live The Life You Are Meant To!
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