The how to stop buffering course

Buffering disconnects us from ourselves and creates a barrier to the creation process.

Finally… A course where you will learn to stop all forms of buffering; including but not limited to over-eating, over-drinking, drug use, video games, pornography, gambling, social media, over-spending, over-working, and TV/Netflix.

When you stop buffering, you gain time, energy, money, and Self-confidence that allows you to take more risks, achieve any dream, & build the life you truly want.

You can live beyond your current capacity—
Get ready to live into your future with freedom and intention from a clean and clear mind!

REMOVING ALL BUFFERING ACTIVITIES will change your life. Let’s talk about how.

What Is Buffering?

Buffering is an action you take, based on one of two things.

1. An activity used to avoid feeling an uncomfortable emotion (usually the activity and the emotion are unconscious).

2. A self-created over-desire for an activity that releases copious amounts of dopamine into the body, which is a pleasure chemical that ‘feels good’.

Simply put, buffering is any activity that can be considered a mild form of addiction. 

Repetitive, impulsive (usually unconscious) thoughts – “I want this. I must have that. I deserve this. This feels good.”

Irresistible urges and building over-desire – feeling like you have to engage in the action but wouldn’t call yourself an ‘addict’.

Compulsive action that you want to stop or at least cut back on and continue to create excuses for yourself as to ‘why you’ll stop tomorrow’.

Examples of activities that can be used for buffering include, but are not limited to:

Over-eating and/or unconscious eating, i.e. snacking/grazing
Over-drinking and/or daily drinking
Social Media/Dating Apps

The list goes on and on.

It’s not these activities in themselves that makes them a buffer – it is the reason they are engaged in and the frequency they are engaged in.

Buffering is an ACTIVITY, OR ACTION, but it is driven by a cogno-emotive state – an over-desire for dopamine from your brain linking the activity to your survival. 

It is this cogno-emotive state of over-desire that we aim to change with this course.

How Does Buffering Affect Me?

Buffering affects your entire being; mind, body, and spirit.

It disconnects you from yourself and creates a false connection with the activity you use to buffer with.

Your brain develops a connection with the activity you use to buffer with through the secretion of dopamine into the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter the brain uses to instruct the body on what is important and to pay attention to in the world. The brain links survival to the release of dopamine. The more dopamine that is released from the brain to the body, the more the brain considers the activity to be important for keeping you alive. This develops an over-desire and compulsion for the activity. At this point, the mind is wrapped up in excessive wanting of the activity and any attempt to change the behavior results in cognitive dissonance and suffering.

All buffers, given their excess, have a net negative in the body. Over-eating leads to weight gain, heart disease, and discomfort (distention). Over-drinking leads to diabetes, liver damage, and dehydration hangovers. Pornography leads to erectile dysfunction, distance and disconnection in relationships, and energy drain. All buffering activities have their specific effect in the body.

All buffering activities leave behind a trail of negative emotion and a lack of mental control. The more you buffer, the more you desire your buffer. The more you desire your buffer, the more your brain will be consumed with thinking about the activity (lack of mental control) and the more you will require your buffer to ‘feel normal’, just to get you back to baseline. This is a physical change your body goes through at a cellular level, which is why it takes time to allow the compulsive thoughts and emotional urges to subside (downregulate). 

Buffering also disconnects you from your future self. In order for you to become the best version of you, you have to intentionally determine who you want to be and what you want to do (create). Buffering distracts your mind with the activity it craves and pulls you out of your creative process. When you over-watch TV or over-play video games, you disconnect from your creative process in becoming what you want to attract in your life. Buffering is a consuming practice, not a creative one. When you buffer, you blunt your creative power and engage in allowing your subconscious mind to replay and repeat current and old thought patterns. 

Buffering utilizes the resources of time, money, and energy. When you stop buffering, you free yourself from the prison of self-created over-desire.

What Happens When I Stop Buffering?
What Remains?

Buffering takes time. It’s an action – it requires time and movement. Whatever your personal buffer is, you will use your time to engage in it. Video games, TV, gambling, social media, pornography, spending, working, exercising, drugs, etc. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, when you stop doing it you get your time back! For some of you, this could be hours spread throughout the day. For others, it may be an entire evening or weekend. When you stop buffering, you will free up more of your most valuable resource – TIME.

Buffering requires energy. There is the mental energy drain coming from the compulsive over-desire for the dopamine that secretes from your brain when you buffer, and there is also the energy drain that occurs from resisting and rewarding the buffer. I’ve had students tell me it’s relaxing for them to spend their evening in front of the TV, drinking beers. They’ve said it they deserve it (or earned it) and are tired after a long day at work. My friend, let me tell you that the reason you are tired and drained is not due to work – it’s due to your cognition, much of it is around the evening routine and desire for the dopamine. When you eliminate buffering in your life, you free up the energy that is otherwise being used subconsciously for desire, resisting, and rewarding the buffer.

When you stop buffering, you develop a stronger and deeper connection with yourself and others. The connection with yourself comes through Indomitable Self-Confidence – you no longer avoid uncomfortable emotions because you know who you are and what you’re capable of. You also develop connections with others BECAUSE you are more connected to yourself.

Buffering diminishes awareness. Whatever your buffer is, it will draw you away from your awareness of your mind and body. That was actually the original purpose of the buffer – to avoid uncomfortable emotions. The more you buffer, the more it becomes an over-desire which also diminishes awareness because your mind is wrapped up in desire and urge. When you stop buffering, you increase the awareness you have with your thoughts and emotions (cause of creation).

In the beginning, you will experience discomfort. This is for two reasons; first because of the deprivation around not rewarding the desire (withdrawal) and second because of the remaining uncomfortable emotion that drove you to buffer in the first place. Since buffering is a process of maintain a ‘good feeling’ (dumping large amounts of dopamine into the body), once to stop buffering you will be face-to-face with the reality of Life – which includes ‘negative’ emotions that we use buffering to avoid. When you stop buffering and live an authentic human Life, there will be more discomfort and heaps more Indomitable Self-Confidence that comes with knowing you can handle the discomfort.

Authentic Living
Authentic living is living in your true humanness. It means you live in a state of well-being instead of false pleasures. It means you live in dopamine and insulin sensitivity instead of dopamine and insulin resistance. Buffering puts you in a trance of false pleasure and over-desire. Buffering creates urges and impulsive behavior that deviates you from your true self. Authentic living includes feeling uncomfortable or ‘not so good’ sometimes. That’s ok – that’s being human. Buffering ensure we always feel good at any cost and consequence – that’s not real life. Living as your authentic self promotes and develops Indomitable Self-Confidence and Amazing Relationships.

Power Of Creation
Here’s the truth: you are a being that creates. Birds have wings that allow them to fly. Fish have gills that allow them to breath in water. Humans have a mind that allows them to CREATE THEIR WORLD. This is the divine gift we receive as creations of The Creator and as a likeness of The Creator, we have the power to create – on a smaller scale, of course. Your mind is the Cause of creation, your result is the Effect. When your mind is flooded with over-desire and compulsive thought-patterns of consumption, you are not engaged with your intuition, inspiration, and imagination. You are still creating! But what you are creating is emotional over-desire and unintentional results – otherwise you wouldn’t be interested in this course. You are ALWAYS creating, you can’t separate yourself from your power of creation – just like a bird can’t separate itself from flight and a fish can’t not breath underwater. You are HUMAN – you are a created creation that creates, a results-producing result, an effect-manifesting effect. (For more training on this, check out the Spartan Academy.)

How Is This Course Different Than every other
How To Stop Buffering Course?

How does the Stop Buffering Course Work?

The How To Stop Buffering Course includes seven (7) modules,
built around instructional videos & self-study exercises, allowing you to work through the course at your own pace, on your own time.

  • Each lesson will include a video, educational content, and worksheets to provide more clarity to the concepts & practice the cognition shift.
  • Multiple 30-day mind management challenge tools develop your Cognitive Mastery on a daily basis.
  • An Urge Tracker Allows you to manage and allow urges without rewarding over-desire.
  • Upon registering for the course, you will have access to all videos and all content at once. 

To take this work higher FASTER, we recommend adding 4 Hours of One-on-One Coaching

Cognitive 1:1 coaching adds exponential depth to the course, by bringing answers to unclear concepts and reflective objectivity into the subjectivity that you create in your life. By adding 1:1 coaching to the How To Stop Buffering Course, you can FAST TRACK ending compulsive behavior and freeing your mind to create the life of your dreams! 

As a BONUS, if you decide to include the most cutting-edge, permanent and efficient coaching methodology to your course, I am going to give you TWO (2) FREE MONTHS of access to Tier 2 of The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy. 

The Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy for the Development of Cognitive Mastery is a higher education community for men developing the skill of cognitive mastery & emotional ownership. All Alpha Society members are focused on reaching the level of Alpha State Consciousness and intentional creating their best lives. That is a FREE BONUS valued at $600 for registering for the How To Stop Buffering Course with additional four (4) 1:1 coaching sessions. 

Module 1 Buffering & The Motivational Triad

The first module of the How To Step Buffering Course is all about explaining the concept of buffering and giving you the knowledge around why the brain LOVES buffering so much, making it difficult to stop.

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • What Is Buffering?
  • The Primal Brain
  • The Motivational Triad Of The Primal Brain

Module 1 takes you on a deep dive into the concept of buffering and why it is so appealing to the primal human brain. This module is all about educating you on the reason we buffer, what buffering is, what it is about the brain that drives it towards buffering behavior, and why it’s so difficult to stop buffering even when we want to. The edification in the first module provides the foundation for understanding the most powerful tool you have to create your life – your brain. The first module ALONE is enough to make an effective and permanent transition from over-desire to well-being.

Module 2 Understanding & Unlearning Desire

Module 2 goes deeper into how the brain deals with desire and the cellular biology that occurs when we flood our body with the neurotransmitter dopamine chronically over long amounts of time. This is the first time we will introduce desire – you will see it again in Module 4

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • What Is Desire And Where Does It Come From?
  • Importance Of Commitment
  • Change Judgement To Curiosity

Desire is not something we are born with…at least, not this kind of desire. Of course, there is the desire we are born with you create and contribute our gifts to the world. I am talking about the self-created over-desire for the pleasure neuro-chemical we know as ‘dopamine’, which is the emotion that feels ‘good’. The more dopamine we release into our body around a certain action, the more the body wants us to repeat that action because it wants that good feeling. We create desire for things – we are not born with these desires. 

In this module, you will learn about desire, how desire is developed, what is the way to undo desire (not unlearn desire – that comes in module 4), and how to be your own best friend so you will find success where you may otherwise have found difficulty. Modules 1 and 2 work together to build a foundation of knowledge for you to take with you and have the rest of your life. Even if you stop at these two modules, you will have all the knowledge you need to stop all buffering, forever. 

Module 3 The Plans & The Blueprints

Here we go, guys! Module 3 is the PROCESS. This is where you will start to APPLY and TAKE ACTION to begin the downregulation requirements necessary to remove desire and end all buffering.

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • Create A Buffer Plan
  • Decisions Ahead Of Time
  • Exception Plans
  • Planning For Difficult Situations
  • Upsetting Events

Here’s what I want you to know – buffering, once it reaches stage 2, is basically a process of changing your cellular receptor site composition. That means that you will have to change your behavior with enough time and consistency for your cells to replicate back to a place of homeostasis (rather than their current state which is to require large amount of dopamine to function in their ‘normal’ state). 

The plans and blueprints you develop for success in module 3 can be used for ANY activity that you want to create less of or more of. These are habit forming and habit ending plans. They are all designed to allow you to live on a protocol you determine ahead of time, so that you won’t live in cognitive dissonance in the moment and be able to make the decisions that aim towards the result of cellular regeneration and balance.

Be prepared for MASSIVE and UNCOMFORTABLE ACTION in Module 3. You WILL go through deprivation – this is a part of the change. You will also see results – this is a part of the change too. Welcome it all as you live into your new life!

Module 4 Processing & Allowing Emotions

In module 4, we get back into desire and introduce feelings – the experience of the Human Condition. Human are emotional puppets. We operate based on how we feel – when we feel good, we do more of what our brain tells us feels good. When we feel bad, we want to avoid doing whatever the brain correlates with the bad feeling. The truth is, all of our feelings and emotions come from our beliefs – including our over-desire for a specific activity (buffer).

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • How To Allow & Process Emotions/Feelings
  • How To Allow Urges & Unlearn Desire
  • Well-Being vs. False Pleasure

Remember the story of Pavlov’s dogs? Those dogs that would salivate when they heard the ringing of a bell because they were CLASSICALLY CONDITIONED to salivate after a bell rang when the scientists running the experiment decided to feed them right after the bell rang. The dogs began to associate the ring of the bell with the food, and sure enough, they eventually started to salivate IN ANTICIPATION of being feed after they heard a bell ring. Now, the story doesn’t end there – even though most people think it does. The story actually ends when the scientists RECONDITIONED the dogs to NOT SALIVATE after ringing the bell by UNLEARNING the connection between the bell and the food. They were able to stop the dogs from salivating after the bell ring by NO LONGER REWARDING the stimulus. 

You can do the same (unlearn your desire). You know the difference? You don’t need a scientist to do it for you! You’re a human and have the power to not reward your self-created desire. This module gives you tools to use IN ADDITION to module 3, which provides you will all the plans and blueprints for success. In this module you learn how to handle yourself IN THE MOMENT of desire, while you are following the protocols you set up in module 3.

Module 5 The Power Of Beliefs

In module five, you will learn the ONE THING you need to take control of your life and live into your DREAMS. The Law of Cause and Effect begins with our THOUGHTS. The intensity of a thought determines it’s power in creation and a BELIEF is a thought you hold with so much intensity that it FEELS true for you.

  • Desired Outcomes & Taking Points
  • What We Believe Is Based On Our Past
  • How To Discover Existing Beliefs
  • How To Believe Something We Don’t Yet Believe
  • What We Want Is Based On Our Future

The fifth module aims to undo everything you think you know about life and the way the world works. Right now you think you want {$10,000,000/the beautiful girlfriend/the amazing marriage/the 6-pack abs/to stop buffering} because when you have it you will feel {amazing/confident/loved/happy/fulfilled/complete/worthy}. That’s backwards. By the end of the fifth module you will have the first half of the formula to create your life with intention and put an end to all buffering.

Module 6 The Universal Truth For How Life Works & The Model Of Alignment

This module introduces and provides the algorithm to achieve any life goal, experience, and relationship. Any course I offer would not be complete without this concept and training application. The Universal Truth and Model Of Alignment are the foundation of how we learn the Law of Cause and Effect. When your desire is to stop buffering, it is important to know what is going on through the Law of Cause and Effect.

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • The Universal Truth For How Life Works
  • The Model Of Alignment
  • Circumstances Are Neutral (C)
  • Thoughts Are Always The Problem (T)
  • Why You Aren’t Taking Action (Or Why You ARE) (F)
  • Massive Action (A)
  • You Can Create Anything You Want (R)

The Law Of Cause and Effect is happening all the time, indifferent to both the Cause (Thought/Belief) and Effect (Result). Like any other natural Law, understanding how it works is not as valuable as knowing how to use it. Knowing how electricity or gravity works mathematically doesn’t benefit us as much as knowing how to turn on a light or place an object in a location. The same is true of the Natural Law of Cause and Effect. 

This module goes beyond buffering and gives you a tool for approaching all of Life as it begins to expand and open up for you when you release yourself from the chains of buffering. You will use this module to SEE the truth and observe how powerful you are in creating your world. Using this skill, you will be able to start any habit and stop any habit – this is the Truth that will open your eyes for the rest of your Life. Once you stop buffering, you will continue to observe the Universal Truth and how your mind creates your life and enjoy the Law as it serves you, others, and Itself.

Module 7 Discomfort Is The Price Of Growth

The seventh module sets you up to move forward, unlearn desire, and walk in freedom leading with your Alpha Sate.

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • Discomfort Is The Price Of Growth
  • Review All Six (6) Modules
  • Create A Plan For Desired Outcome
  • Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy For The Development Of Cognitive Mastery & Emotional Ownership

By the seventh module, you are ready to tackle the Life in front of you. You will be armed with empowering cognition tools and a blueprint to create the life you want, one piece at a time. A quick review of the previous modules along with some departing information around how the brain will continue to try to play tricks on you and how to overcome those. Module seven completes with a tone of accomplishment for the future that is coming – free from the chains of compulsive action, emotional over-desire, and cognitive impulse that comes from buffering and excess dopamine secretion.

You will exit the seventh module of the course with a new outlook on what’s possible for yourself and your future. The word ‘impossible’ will have a whole new meaning for you. The seventh module will end with the first steps of a plan for creating the impossible in your life complete, building failure resilience, and the cognition and emotional framework laid down for success.

If this all sounds ‘too good to be true’. . .

I want you to know right now that that is a limiting belief so many people share with you. It’s precisely that limiting belief that prevent people from taking a shot at the opportunities that will change their lives and open them up to grow into a better version of themselves.

Here’s the bottom line: buffering isn’t simply keeping you from having the life you want. It’s also preventing you from enjoying the life you have.

I don’t sell a service – I provide a result. 

The How To Stop Buffering Course is a guaranteed result.



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Buffering & The Motivational Triad
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The Plans & The Blueprints
Processing & Allowing Emotions
The Power Of Beliefs
The Universal Truth & The Model Of Alignment
Discomfort Is The Price Of Growth
7 Modules Designed To Remove the Desire You Have To Buffer
7 Hours Of Recorded Video Teaching
Over 30 Self-Study Worksheets
Multiple 30-day Mind Management Challenge Tools
An Urge Tracker Allowing You To Manage And Allow Urges
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