Author name: kevinaillaud

Ep #286: Plan Ahead Or Go With The Flow

Embark on a riveting exploration of personal growth and manifestation in this transformative podcast segment. The speaker, with wisdom and eloquence, unravels the intricate dance between masculine and feminine energies, offering profound insights into intentional creation and healing presence. Using the analogy of planning a trip to Hawaii, the masculine energy is portrayed as the …

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Ep #283: Self-Control

In this podcast, Kevin engages listeners in a comprehensive exploration of self-control, dissecting the intricate relationship between emotions, awareness, and behavioral regulation. He begins by advocating for an approach to emotions that involves fully feeling and understanding them without judgment or reaction. Kevin highlights the common tendency to buffer emotions by engaging in distracting activities …

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Ep #278: A Confession of Faithlessness

Welcome to 2024, my brothers. The last few episodes of the year were a little heavy, I know, so today, I’m taking it easy on you. Today, it’s all about storytelling. In this episode, you’ll hear my confession of faithlessness.

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