The Primary Purpose of All Things is to EXIST.

By BEING, You Are Fulling and Have Fulfilled Your Purpose.

What is your Purpose? I’m going to tell you. I’m just going to give you the answer. Are you ready?
Your reason for existing is to exist. That is your purpose.
You don’t have to do anything to fulfill your purpose in life. Your life is your purpose. You are a result. A product.
You are an evolved human being, and being alive is enough.

Did you hear me?

Being alive is enough.

You are already enough and completely complete.
You don’t have to be better, give more, or save the planet.

Your purpose is humanness.
No one is taking notes to see if you do it right. No one is judging you to see if you are good enough. No one is about to give you a grade on how you are doing.

That’s your job. You are the only one whose opinion matters.
Whatever relationship you have with the spirit within you, and no matter what you call it, that’s the only purpose that is.
And that purpose has already been fulfilled.

Living Your Purpose will change your life. Let’s talk about how.

Your Purpose Is Already Within You. . . And You KNOW This.

I often get requests to help someone find their purpose in life.

A student will be desperate to discover the one thing that will light them up and motivate them to work hard and spread their passion to millions. They spend time looking for it in books, in religion, in course after course, with gurus, and in meditation. But their purpose seems to be elusive.

It’s almost like they’re playing a treasure hunt game and think that when they find the treasure, everything will make sense. I know this because I spent years chasing it too.

The problem is, there is nothing OUTSIDE of you that determines your purpose. There is nothing IN THE WORLD that will deliver your purpose to you, like a gift at your doorstep. There is nothing beyond what you already KNOW and HAVE that determines your purpose in Life.

Your brain wants to tell you that you don’t know your purpose and that you’d better figure it out or your Life has been wasted. Your brain tells you that it had better be good. It had better help the planet or those who are less fortunate. It had better matter so you can justify your existence.

So, we look to others for inspiration. We look at Elon Musk, who obviously has a purpose. His life obviously matters. Or Jeff Bezos who created Amazon and changed the commerce world as we know it – he knew his purpose. And then we start spiraling into guilt because we’re pretty sure these people who ‘knew’ their purpose didn’t over-drink or spend any time watching Netflix or YouTube videos.

We’re pretty sure we are failing at living a purposeful life.

We have no idea what the point of our existence is, but we’re pretty sure we’re doing it wrong.

Amidst all this brain junk, there is another place. A place beyond the thoughts, beyond the sentences telling us we aren’t good enough and aren’t living a purposeful Life.

This is your ALPHA – your True Self.

This is where your purpose lives and is waiting to be brought from the space of sound, light, and all the vibrates, to the world of matter, density, and all that has form. Your purpose is WITHIN YOU and has been there all the time.

This course will help you help yourself find that from within.

Humans are Creators Our Purpose Is To CREATE!

The purpose of the Human is to create; to be needed, to be loved, and to be included in the great movement of Life.

This urge lies WITHIN every individual.

Evolution is proof of an irresistible urge which pushes everything onward and upward. Humans did not create Life; we are something that lives in, from, and by it. We cannot escape Life or the necessity of giving expression to it though living our purpose.

We are made in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of Our Creator. In this LIKENESS, we are CREATORS by Nature.

In somewhere deep within you, there is the impulse to CREATE. It is a part of our Nature. It is coded in our DNA.

Just as the birds fly and know not why, just as the dog wags its tail and knows not why, we Humans have an irresistible urge and desire to CREATE.

Create or perish is the eternal mandate of Nature. Be constructive or destroy yourself.

You cannot escape the conclusion of whatever this thing is which is seeking expression though everything, it can find satisfactory outlet only through constructive and life-giving creativeness.

Although we are made up of numerous individuals, no two alike, society is a composite whole moving gradually toward some ultimate goal.

What could this goal be other than that everyone, while remaining individual, will find a more complete expression in and among all other individuals?

This is your Purpose – to CREATE and to CONTRIBUTE.

It is in this Truth that you have this inner urge – the longing to live more fully, the feeling that Life belongs to you and exists for you. There is that thing within you – that ALPHA – beyond all doubt and fear, which has never been limited by your actions or destroyed by your feeling.

It is here that you will find, choose, live, and CREATE your Purpose.

What IS The How To Live Your Purpose Course and How does It Work?

The How To Live Your Purpose Course includes Twelve (12) Modules,
built around instructional videos & self-study exercises, allowing you to work through the course at your own pace, on your own time.

  • Each Module will include a video, educational content, and worksheets to provide more clarity to the concepts & practice the cognition shift.
  • Over 40 Worksheets that aim to Elevate Your Alpha and Unlock Your Purpose that lives WITHIN YOU
  • Four (4) 30-day mind management Daily Self-Study challenge tools develop your Self-Confidence, Courage, and Passion on a daily basis.
  • Upon registering for the course, you will have access to all videos and all content at once. 

Module 1 Determine Your Purpose

The first module introduces the concept of ‘purpose’ to you in a whole new way. 

  • What is Purpose?
  • What is YOUR Purpose?
  • Choosing Your Purpose
  • Defining Your Purpose

Module 1 is where you learn what a purpose is and what YOUR purpose is. The answer might surprise you.

We think a purpose is something we must set out to discover for our lives. Like a treasure hunt without a map, we set out to find the answer to the most elusive and most important question for our personal being:

Why am I here?

Module 1 teaches you how to answer that question and gives you several tools and suggestions on how to determine for yourself what you want to make your life mean so you can determine your purpose with intention and self-confidence. This module alone is worth taking the course. The following 11 modules build on this powerful foundation and helps you bring what you create in Module 1 into your life. 

Module 2 The Universal Truth For How Life Works & The Model Of Alignment

Module 2 introduces the foundation of the Alpha paradigm for relating with Life. The Universal Truth For How Life Works & The Model Of Alignment shows you how your brain is constantly creating your life and all the results your have in it – including who you believe you are and what you choose to do with your time.

  • The Universal Truth For How Life Works
  • The Model Of Alignment
  • Circumstances Are Neutral (C)
  • Thoughts Are Always The Problem (T)
  • Why Your Aren’t Taking Action (F)
  • Massive Action (A)
  • You Can Create Anything You Want (R)

Module 2 explains the most powerful concept for living your purpose. Not only have I used this methodology for creating MAJOR transformations in my own life, I have taught this philosophy to hundreds of students and seen with my own eyes that my results aren’t unique. The Universal Truth For How Life Works & The Model Of Alignment is the way all humans relate with Life, with other people, and with themselves. 

This basic concept will one day be the most important lesson taught in schools – more valuable than reading, writing, and understanding basic mathematics. With this knowledge, you can literally create, accomplish, and contribute ANYTHING you want in Life.

Module 3 The Momentous Leap

The Momentous Leap is recognizing that the Universal Truth and The Model of Alignment is a framework for proving and practicing The Law Of Mind and Belief. Just like the Laws Of Physics that governs matter and density, the Law Of Mind and Belief governs sound, light, and all that vibrates in the Universe. Far from being spiritual woo woo rhetoric, these Laws are measurable, observable, and repeatable. 

  • What We Believe Is Based On Our Past
  • How To Discover Existing Beliefs
  • How To Believe Something We Don’t Yet Believe
  • What We Want Is Based On Our Future
  • The Secret To All Relationships
  • The Manual
  • Your Relationship With Yourself
  • Your Relationships With Other People
  • Your Relationships With Your Past
  • Your Relationship With Money

In this module I will demystify the truth behind all relationships. Relationships are one of the most misunderstood things in the human experience. We are never in a relationship with a person or a thing, we are only ever in a relationship with OUR THOUGHTS about a person or a thing. This is true for everything in the world. It is important to understand this truth in living your purpose, so you can meet people where they are and build your intentional thoughts around how you want the relationship to be expressed in your life. This includes the relationship with your self, your relationship with other people, your relationship with time, and your relationship with things (like money). 

Module 4 The Power Of Emotions

In module four, I give you the secret that will change your life FOREVER.

The truth is, I’ve already said it several times – in module five I will teach it to you.

  • The Human Experience Is An Emotional Experience
  • What Emotions Are
  • Where Emotions Come From
  • Why Emotions Matter
  • Emotional Balance
  • Why We Want To Allow Our Emotions
  • How To Allow & Process Emotions
  • Creating Emotions To Fuel Action
  • Discomfort Is The Price Of Growth
  • Unconditional Love
  • Indomitable Self-Confidence
  • Indulgent Emotions

The fourth module aims to undo everything you think you know about life and the way the world works. Living your purpose won’t bring you motivation, fulfillment, or any other emotion or feeling. Right now you think you want {$10,000,000/the beautiful girlfriend/the amazing marriage/the 6-pack abs} because when you have it you will feel {amazing/confident/loved/happy/fulfilled}. That’s backwards. By the end of the fourth module you will have the algorithm AND formula to have the life of your dreams.

I’ll tell you what it is RIGHT NOW:

Instead of chasing results so you will feel a certain way (backwards/Beta), you create specific feelings so you will attain a certain result (Universal Truth/Alpha).

The fourth module unlocks the secret to living life intentionally and teaches you HOW to create Indomitable Self-Confidence, Unconditional Love, and any other feeling with emotional ownership.

Module 5 The Circumstances & The Immutables

Circumstances are facts – they are unchangeable and true for all people. Immutables are inherent – they are unchangeable for all people. 

  • Time
  • Money
  • Half Empty vs. Half Full vs. All Full
  • Time As Distance
  • Money As Value
  • The Immutables – Value and Worth

The circumstances that are important in living your purpose are time and money. An hour is an hour – it is always the same amount of time for all people. The Immutable that are important in living your purpose are Self-Worth and Personal Value. These are complete, whole, and unchangeable. You cannot be MORE or LESS worthy than you already are – you are 100% worthy and complete. The same is true of your personal value. What you offer to the world is 100% valuable, regardless of what other brains think about it. This module will take you to the edge of yourself and you will see how truly Indomitable and Capable you are!

Module 6 The Passion

Your Passion comes from within – it is self-generated. The misconception is that we must be passionate ABOUT something and then we know it’s our purpose. The truth is we get to decide what we want to be passionate about and then we go to work creating that motivation, inspiration, and passion by determining HOW WE GET TO BE!

  • Your Passion
  • How To vs. Having Done
  • Who Do You Want To Be To Fulfill Your Purpose?

If you are waiting for something to come along for you to be passionate about, you will probably spend your entire lifetime in that state of inaction. Passion is not something that exists in a neutral object. It is what you get to create for yourself when you choose your purpose. Module six will teach you how to create passion from the purpose you choose and live into that passion so that every day you wake up ready to tackle all the things you want to do to live your purpose. Passion drives your action and this module will show you how to create passion instead of waiting for it to “happen to you”.

Module 7 Your Purpose

In module seven we get into actually LIVING your purpose. This is where things get interesting. From here on out, it’s all about ACTION. The previous six modules gave you foundations of how life works, the cognition, and the emotional set-up for you to be successful. Module seven is where we get into walking the Path. 

  • Your Purpose
  • Abundance vs. Scarcity
  • What You Have To Do To Fulfill Your Purpose

Module seven builds the foundation of action. At this stage in the course, you already know what your purpose is, what you want to believe about yourself, how to engage with other people and things, how to create and own emotions, how to handle time and money, and how to create passion on a daily basis. Now you will learn to walk the walk. You will learn what is is you get to do and how you get to do it. This is where results start kicking in – results are the consequence of ACTION and from this point onward in the course, you will be taking massive action. 

Module 8 Massive Action Basics

It’s time to break down actions into exactly what they are – MATH. We have so many fears around action – fear of rejection, fear of humiliation, fear of embarrassment, fear of FAILURE. The truth is action is just physics (power); force times distance over time. When you understand the difference between action math and action drama, you’re confidence to take MASSIVE ACTION soars!

  • Massive Action vs. Passive Action
  • Skill: Scientific Process
  • Skills: Cognitive Mastery & Emotional Ownership
  • Skill: Constraint
  • Skill: Decision Making
  • Skill: Math vs. Drama
  • Obstacle: Your Primitive Brain
  • Obstacle: Procrastination
  • Obstacle: Confusion
  • Obstacle: Overwhelm
  • Obstacle: Busy

The eighth module focuses on shifting your brain from taking action to feel emotion and meet expectation (which means you validate your worth based on the outcome and have an emotional response from the result) to taking action as it relates to learning and achieving (which are the consequence of action, data from an experiment). The purpose of action isn’t to feel a certain way, it’s to gain information on how to get a desired result. When your brain makes this shift, you will be able to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION in your business, relationships, and life with greater EASE and CONFIDENCE.

This module will teach you the skills and demystify the obstacles that prevent MASSIVE ACTION. 

Module 9 The Blueprint

The person you were yesterday is determining the results you have today. The person you are today will determine your results tomorrow. The results you want tomorrow requires you to be a different person today. Lesson six will teach you the skill-set to create and step into the shoes of your future self – the person you WANT TO and are MEANT TO BE.

  • Time – Revisited
  • Importance Of Commitment
  • Proactivation
  • Process For Accomplishing A Goal

The reason you aren’t the person you want to be is because your brain resists change. Period. It’s EASIER to remain who you are. That is the ONLY reason. In this module, I am going to show you how to override you brains natural response to resist change so that you can BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE. You’ll learn how to set up a blueprint to follow so you can walk into your future as the person you intend.

The ninth module will reveal to you that the only difference between the person you are and the person you want to be is your results – and your results come from your actions which come from your emotions which come from your thoughts. By the end of the ninth module you will BE LIVING a different life and learning how to THINK LIKE the person that is living that new life.

Module 10 Mastering Compulsive Behavior

Mastering compulsive behavior is all about stopping the habits that throw you off your path and prevent you from living your purpose. This is usually where I start all my training with my students – I have waited to introduce this concept until module 10 due to it’s heavy action-based priority. 

  • Mastering Compulsive Behavior
  • How To Allow And Process Emotions
  • How To Allow Urges & Unlearn Desire
  • Well Being vs. False Pleasure
  • Ventral Stream vs. Dorsal Stream

Module ten tackles what I call ‘buffering’. Buffering has also been called escaping by other coaches as it allow you to escape your uncomfortable emotions. These are more than actions you take that take you away from living your purpose, buffering also creates compulsive thoughts and urgent emotions to act in order to ‘reward’ the desire and continue to feed the habit. These thoughts can become so powerful that it become difficult to think about anything else and, sometimes, even when we want to be doing or thinking something else the brain will desire its ‘dopamine fix’ and the cognitive dissonance can be intense. 

Module ten is a HUGE game-changer for anyone struggling with habit or addictions. For you to live your purpose, you must have a clean mind and clear cognition. 

Module 11 Doing The Impossible

Module eleven sets you up to move forward and practice living your purpose. It’s time to tell your brain to do something impossible. It’s time to show your brain who’s in charge. In the eleventh module you will choose an impossible goal and ACHIEVE IT over the next year.

  • Benefit Of Being Unrealistic
  • Worthy Fails vs. Escape Fails
  • Goal Selection
  • Obstacles
  • Strategies
  • Failing Well – Winning Or Learning

By module eleven, you are ready to tackle the year in front of you. You will be armed with empowering cognition tools and a blueprint to create the life you want, one piece at a time. You are telling yourself new and amazing stories about who you are than you did when you began the course. The stories we tell ourselves and other people is called an IDENTITY. At this point, you’ve created a new identity – your life is no longer going to be what it was.

You will exit this module with a new outlook on what’s possible for yourself and your future. The word ‘impossible’ will have a whole new meaning for you. Module eleven will end with the first steps of a plan for creating the impossible in your life complete, building failure resilience, and the cognition and emotional framework laid down for living your purpose.

Module 12 Review & Moving Forward

In the final module, we complete the plan for accomplishing the impossible goal over the next year of your life, review all the concepts in the program, and discuss moving forward with the Spartan Academy For The Development of Cognitive Mastery. The How To Live Your Purpose Course is a stand-alone course – once you complete this program you will have all the tools required to walk in freedom and live your life of purpose. Of course, that doesn’t mean the journey has to end. . .

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • Review
  • Make A Plan
  • Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy For The Development of Cognitive Mastery

The end of the twelfth module is the end of the course. By this time you will know what it means to have and create your PURPOSE. You will be attacking life with eagerness, enthusiasm, and excitement. You’ll be able to talk to anyone and anytime in anyplace. You’ll be taking more risks and achieving more (you’ll also be failing more which means you will be LEARNING and GROWING). Best of all, you will be living into your future. Your life will be AHEAD of you instead of BEHIND you.

If this all sounds too good to be true. . .

Here’s the bottom line: your purpose is already within you – there isn’t anything you need to search for. Living your purpose isn’t simply the secret to getting the life you want. It’s also the secret to enjoying the life you have.

This course doesn’t provide a service – it helps you determine a result. 

The How To Live Your Purpose Course is a guaranteed result.



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