Finally, a COMMUNITY of MEN dedicated to the pursuit of personal greatness and committed to supporting and motivating each other.


The Elevated Alpha Society is COGNITIVE MASTERY development and EMOTIONAL OWNERSHIP training in a COMMUNITY of like-minded, ambitious, intelligent men.


It’s like a gym membership for YOUR MIND and LIFE instead of just your body.


This community will change your life.



Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy

What are people saying about Alpha Male Coaching and The Spartan Academy?

I no longer feel anxiety or stress as a result of potential conflict as the circumstance is just neutral as you say. I decide what thoughts and emotions I want to feel about the situations and this has been an instant shift in changing my mind-set. I feel mentally calm, confident and strong and I now deal with most situations in a calm and thoughtful manner. I even sleep better as I feel I no longer hold stress in my body.
Shaun Veenswyk

The application of the Universal Truth has seriously changed my life; as well as the lives of those around me who I have bestowed the knowledge upon. I finally feel like I have control over everything in my life, and letting go of the actions of other people, the negativity of my past, and my anxious fears of the future, have allowed me to feel a sense of freedom I never thought possible. You’re the man dude.

Dominick Wendt
I know the work is just scratching at the surface but, for me, it has already performed miracles. Literally. It is like someone has finally turned the lights on.
Thank you my brother.
Peter Almond
Your material is INCREDIBLE! I too suffered from abuse and trauma at a young age and so now (I’m 21) trying to forge a life with good relationships and healthy mind Set has been difficult BUT your work and coaching are just. FUCKING. INVALUABLE!! You are awesome thanks for all your work you do.
Thanks again brother!
Andre Brandon Tumanako

Thank you brother for what you are doing, after listening to your podcast a few months ago to joining your group. It’s turned my life around completely. I’m constantly examining my thoughts and allowing myself to feel my emotions with curiosity!

Ismael Navarro

It’s exciting how one can take control of one’s life through cognitive mastery and become Alpha.

Drexel Jr. Canasa
Kevin is the man! He is a remarkable teacher and coach who will guide you through the process of self discovery and improvement. Since I started working with him, I have better control and understanding over almost every aspect of my life. My relationships are better, my business is absolutely thriving and my mood is generally much improved. You have to be willing to put in some work, but Kevin will make that easy for you with the daily self study material, and the results are telling. You will not be disappointed!
Marc Weaver

Working with Kevin has been an incredible experience and an integral part of my personal growth. In learning and applying the model of the universal truth and joining the spartan academy, I have learned how to love myself, love others unconditionally, and evolve in the realm of cognitive mastery. I am more at peace then I have ever been, I have created a life in which I am truly happy, and am much more understanding and less judgmental of both myself and others. I would highly recommend joining the academy for anyone who is looking to grow in the areas of confidence, understanding of one self and others, and evolving into the higher being that they know resides inside of them.

Brent Smith

Kevin is an awesome guy! Great coach, great listener, and genuinely cares about his students. I was able to really change my perspective on a lot of issues in my life.

Shannon Bhatia

I thought my life was good before my brother stayed with me over the summer. Every day we talked about mind management and emotional ownership. Just talking with him began to change my mindset and my life. After he left, I saw the results I had gained with him start to slip, so I joined the Spartans and started my Agoge – it’s been eye opening! You really don’t know what you don’t know and I realized I didn’t know A LOT about how great life can be! I am proud to call Kevin my brother and my coach.

Luke Aillaud

Since I made this decision I have totally different mindset. I show up more. I am way more confident and I have improved my relationships with nearly everyone. Listening to podcast is a great think, but being part of Spartan Academy is absolute game changer for everyone. I am surprised how 30 minutes of daily work can change your life to next levels!

George Michael

It has only been 4 months into the Spartan Academy – in the first 35 days of 2021, I was able to create the same level of income that I was paid annually in my first salaried corporate job.  This came about by believing in myself, identifying what it was that I wanted, and then taking action every day to create it.  I couldn’t have done this without the help from Kevin and his Elevated Alpha Society program.  I am so thankful I made the decision to work with him and the group of Spartans.  I’m looking forward to the rest of 2021!

Jay Chekansky

This program has taught me a foundation of skills that I will take with me for the rest of my life. This is more than a life coaching service. It is a pathway to continuous self discovery. One of the most important lessons I learned from this program is self discovery comes from within; not outside of you. It is a shift from a state of ‘doing’ to ‘being.’ I consider Kevin one of the greatest teachers and mentors there is. Thank you, Kevin.

Josh Dafoe

All I can say is I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Kevin and his work. Its not a magic pill and it takes work and time, but what I’ve learned is life-changing. I have a strong feeling that with this work over time I will have all the things I’ve always dreamed of, and its a certainty in my mind. That alone is worth any price. Do the work and results will follow

Naum Shuminov

If you attended the The Tribe Coach Certification Program Information Webinar (replay below) and want to enroll use the link below to book your consultation call with me to answer questions, set up a payment plan, and reserve your spot in The Tribe (discounted for the Plank Owners – Class 001, 002, and 003).

Do you find yourself constantly asking, “Is this all there is?” and “What comes next?”

Do you feel out of control of your behavior?

Are there habits in your life you want to stop?

Do you struggle with procrastination and missed opportunities?

Are you tired of being single or in dysfunctional relationships?

Are you unsatisfied with the results in your life?

Are you ready to put an END to all irrational fear?

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

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The Alpha Male is the man who is the same in all situations, acts deliberately upon the world, and creates an effect on his environment.

The Beta Male is the man who alters who he is based on the situation, procrastinates and acts hesitantly or in reaction, and allows his environment to create an effect on him.

You are an Alpha Male. You were born into it. It’s a part of being a man.

Living as an Alpha means using your thinking to create your results. An Alpha is the CHOOSER of his thoughts, the Beta is the CHOICE that is the thought. The Alpha is the master of his thinking, the Beta is the slave to his thoughts. The Alpha takes responsibility for his actions and results because he knows his actions and results are determined by his cognition. The Beta blames other people and his circumstances for his actions and results because he believes it’s always someone else fault. The Alpha bends his circumstances to fit who he is, the Beta changes who he is to fit his circumstances. The Alpha determines his destiny with his cognition, the Beta allows circumstance and luck to determine his destiny.


“I don’t want to be a product of my environment (Beta). I want my environment to be a product of me (Alpha).” – Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello in The Departed 

You will discover the truth about yourself.
You will learn how to be more confident in all situations and the result is that you are attractive in all situations.
You will be more attractive with women and in business, and when this happens you will get everything you want. 

It’s time you unlock your personal greatness and Elevate Your ALPHA!

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