Ep #286: Plan Ahead Or Go With The Flow

Embark on a riveting exploration of personal growth and manifestation in this transformative podcast segment. The speaker, with wisdom and eloquence, unravels the intricate dance between masculine and feminine energies, offering profound insights into intentional creation and healing presence. Using the analogy of planning a trip to Hawaii, the masculine energy is portrayed as the visionary planner, meticulously crafting goals and executing steps to bring dreams into reality. It’s a captivating journey into the intentional manifestation process, emphasizing belief, planning, and execution.

Conversely, the feminine energy is introduced as the observer of the present moment, a healing force that operates through heightened awareness, discernment, and surrender. Relationships take center stage as fertile ground for practicing feminine energy, providing mirrors reflecting aspects of the self and valuable feedback for growth. The speaker delves into the importance of being hyper-present, allowing external experiences to become profound teachers.

The podcast unfolds as a guide to navigating consciousness, encouraging listeners to be conscious of thoughts and feelings without falling into the trap of judgment. Going with the flow is illuminated as a healing and liberating process, where surrendering to the present moment facilitates the release of burdens and acceptance of guidance from the universe.

The profound message reverberates through the idea that failure is a disguised form of success, an integral aspect of the growth process. Listeners are prompted to embrace failure as a lesson learned, fostering resilience and paving the way for future endeavors.

At its core, the podcast champions the notion that authentic desires may not always align with perceived wants. The universe is depicted as an unwavering and supportive force, guiding individuals toward their true path. The narrative fosters openness, resilience, and the harmonious integration of both masculine and feminine energies for holistic personal growth.

In this captivating episode, listeners are invited to join the speaker on a journey of self-discovery, where the realms of planning and surrender converge, leading to an authentic understanding of the self and the intricate dance of manifestation and personal evolution. Tune in for an enlightening experience that transcends the conventional boundaries of self-help podcasts.

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

1. Masculine Energy: The Visionary Builder

  • Uncover the intricacies of intentional creation, where the masculine energy takes center stage as the visionary planner.
  • Explore the step-by-step process of manifestation, emphasizing belief, planning, and execution.
  • Understand the role of masculine energy in crafting goals and bringing dreams into tangible reality.

2. Feminine Energy: The Healing Observer

  • Enter the realm of the feminine energy, an observer of the present moment and a healing force.
  • Relationships as mirrors: Discover how interpersonal dynamics provide valuable feedback for personal growth.
  • Embrace hyper-awareness and discernment in the present moment for a healing and liberating experience.

3. The Power of Surrender

  • Delve into the concept of going with the flow as a healing and liberating process.
  • Surrender to the present moment, releasing burdens, and accepting guidance from the universe.
  • Explore the idea that failure is a disguised form of success, fostering resilience and paving the way for future endeavors.

4. Authentic Desires vs. Perceived Wants

  • Challenge the notion that what you think you want may not align with authentic desires.
  • Embrace openness, resilience, and the harmonious integration of both masculine and feminine energies for holistic personal growth.
  • Recognize the universe as an unwavering and supportive force guiding individuals toward their true path.

Special Announcement:

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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach, and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.



What’s up my brothers, welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Ayo. And today we’re going to talk about a question I actually get asked a lot. You know, I actually, it’s not that I get asked the question so much as it’s more of this general energy. And again, I use that word a lot. I use it interchangeably with a lot of different things, but it’s, it’s like this general



conversation, it’s a dialogue that we really get into a lot where people will ask, okay, so do I plan ahead? Right, do I work with future-focused thinking? Do I set my goals, plan them out, put them on a calendar, wake up, look at my calendar, follow my calendar, sort of this planning ahead, this sort of creating or intentionally manifesting what I want. Or do I go with the flow? Do I stay in the moment, do I stay present and just observe what’s here, observe what is?



And of course my answer is both. Right? Is that it’s not an either or here, brothers. We may think it’s an either or because it almost seems, according to the mind, according to the brain actually, according to the logic, reason, that you cannot have both. That you can’t be future focused and yet present in the moment at the same time. But I’m gonna say that we do want both and that you can have both, but here’s the other thing is that you can also sway one way or the other and that would be perfectly fine as well.



Because if the question is what is the alpha way, if the question is what is the best way, if the question starts becoming that, it starts morphing into that, starts morphing into is there a better way, is there a best way, is there an alpha way, is there the right way, then I would always say it’s gonna depend based on what you want. It’s gonna depend, it’s really gonna depend based on you. Because I can’t tell you what the right way is, what the best way is, what the better way is. I can’t even tell you what the alpha way is.



even though I’m the so-proclaimed alpha male coach. Ha ha.



Because the alpha way is your way. The alpha way is whatever way it is that you use to achieve what it is you are seeking or accomplish what it is your goals are.



And so when it comes to do I plan ahead or do I go with the flow?



I would say both, but not in both words, like try to balance them. I would say both and then experience both of them and then determine which one is going to serve you the way you are seeking to experience your human life, whatever way that is. The deepest, deepest part of our human experience that steals our energy, our soul, our light, our reason for coming here is judgment.



It’s judgment. It’s judgment of ourselves. It’s judgment of each other. It’s judgment of life. You know, this whole idea that we’re the victims of life. It’s judgment. It’s a judgment thing. And if we can let go of that, if we can really move through that.



And I think I know we will enjoy as spiritual beings, as the spiritual beings we are, I know we will enjoy the human experience much, much more for ourselves and for each other. But here’s the thing, as we go into plan ahead or go with the flow, I wanna tell you guys, it doesn’t matter, do both. Try both, experiment with both. And if you want to, you can even learn to balance both and have both, but see which one serves you. So I’m gonna talk about these very quickly in a different way so you can kinda understand them. So.



There’s the masculine, there’s the feminine. Don’t worry. This is not a story about the birds and the bees, brother. I promise you, it’s not a story about the birds and the bees. It’s a story about energy. And I know that in 2024, we have a idea around men and women and is that binary? Is that not binary? Or they’re more like, we have, what gender are you? Male, female? Is there more than one category for all that? And there’s all these things happening with that right now.



But I’m not talking about that. I’m not talking about politics. I’m not even really talking about biology. What I’m talking about is, although I may mention some biology, what I’m actually talking about is energy. I’m talking about the energy of duality. And when we first started to think about or talk about duality, write about duality, way back in the Vedas, way back in the Sutras, way back in the early times, the Upanishads, we really were looking at the earliest texts and looking at



how they view duality, they would always view it in terms of male, female, right? Masculine, feminine. That’s where yoga comes from, that’s where tantra comes from, that’s where a lot of these early practices, these early ideas, concepts, rituals, and so on, they really came from. So I’m not talking about biology, man and woman, I’m not talking about politics, what do you identify with, which is a mental thing, right? Not a physical thing, I’m talking about energy.



And when it comes to energy, you are neither and both masculine and feminine, right? Because it really depends here, what you are, and I’m gonna say this, but I know this won’t make any bit of difference because you really have to investigate this for yourself and understand what this means when I say it, but you are pure consciousness, right? You are an awareness of being, right? An awareness of being, whatever you wanna call that, right? There’s a soul, there’s a self, there’s an atman, there’s all kinds of different ways to describe.



what is beyond, right? What is the consciousness, right? Because think about it like a headlight of a vehicle. There’s the headlight of a vehicle that shines outward from the vehicle to show the driver of the vehicle what the road looks like in the dark, right? So it’s shining out, or whatever it shines its headlight upon, is we could say what the beam is conscious of, right? That’s the energy that it’s conscious of. But where this consciousness comes from, where this beam of light comes from.



We could say the bulb, we could say the wires that go back to the battery, we could say the battery itself is the thing that powers it. We don’t know, the light itself doesn’t know. All it knows is what it’s shining its light upon. So we as conscious beings, beings of awareness, beams of light, so to speak, we are aware only of what we are putting our consciousness on, and that’s what gives us our awareness. What are we aware of? We’re aware of where we are directing our consciousness. Now this may be directing it at our bodies.



We may be aware of our bodies externally to say the physical form shape itself or internally to say the vibrations we experience as feelings and emotions. We could put our awareness, our consciousness, we could put our awareness on mind and be very, very aware of our thoughts. Now we are not our thoughts. Many people believe they’re their thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are just energy. They’re movements of vibrations through a receiver. You could say the brain. If you want a receiver and a store.



of mental energy and then our consciousness, who what we really are when we put, when we focus it in on those thoughts, which is usually from the past, right? Thoughts are, again, stored energy in the brain. That’s triggered through the circumstance. It’s triggered through the now, through the present, right? So if we put our conscious on that, then we’re gonna be running a story, a story that we call an identity. But we’re not the story, right? We’re just conscious of it. We’re aware of it.



And we can put our consciousness on the external world as well. We can put it out there. We can say, oh, don’t the trees look nice? Don’t the mountains look nice? Right? Doesn’t this room smell bad, right? Well, if we walk into like a mini-mart on the corner here, whatever, you know, doesn’t this place smell bad? Don’t these roses smell nice? Don’t these sounds, the sounds of the dog barking, the sounds of the birds singing, right? Whatever we put our awareness on, that’s the thing. We are the consciousness. So.



When we look at this and we look at this in duality, there’s the masculine, there’s the feminine. Now the masculine is the mind. It’s the invisible. It’s the high vibration energy. So it’s putting our consciousness on our thoughts. And our thoughts are the cause. When we put our consciousness on the thoughts, we see that they are what is the beginning of manifestation.



That’s where they begin. They begin as an idea. Everything begins in as an idea. There’s nothing in existence that we would call quote unquote reality, right? The material world that didn’t begin first as a thought, as a concept, as an idea. It all begins there. And that’s the masculine, that’s the quote unquote masculine, it doesn’t mean the man, it means the masculine. Even in Hebrew, right? Even in the Hebrew, the Genesis, they say, you know, they created woman from man.



right, woman was created from man, because woman represents, or the feminine represents, nature, right, the material, the body. So masculine is the mind, it’s consciousness, feminine is the body, it’s the material. It’s the material world, that’s why I say mother earth, right, mother earth is the density, the matter. And so they say in the Hebrew, in the Genesis, they say woman was created from man, which is to say material is created from thought. We get that, we get the material,



the world that we experience in hardness and density, we get it first from ideas, they come from our mind. And then the energy lowers its vibration through focus, through the focus of our consciousness, which is essentially the same thing as saying belief. We believe it strong enough, we make it real. And that’s the universal truth, brothers. I mean, that’s the universal truth kind of laid out in a little bit longer of a way. But when we look at this, we realize that we are not the masculine or the feminine, that these are energies.



So if we have three parts to this, if we have the consciousness, if we have the awareness, and if we have the energy, then we say that we are the consciousness where we’re directing our consciousness in what direction or trajectory are we sending that consciousness is what we are aware of, that’s the awareness, and then what we become aware of is the energy. And again, the energy can be mental energy, can be masculine energy, it can be consciousness energy, can be our mind essentially, our thoughts, our beliefs.



Or it can be the feminine energy, which is the material. And the material includes both the body and the stuff. So the body itself, what we’re feeling are emotions, vibrations, feelings, but also what’s happening outside of us, all of materiality, anything that would be considered cellular or molecular. Okay, so we have that, you guys understand that. But that’s the most important thing to understand is that you are consciousness, you are not this or that. Which means that



If being a man, that doesn’t mean you need to be in your head and conscious and planning the head all the time. And if you’re a woman, that doesn’t mean you need to be in your body and you need to be material and you need to be going with the flow all the time, right? Because that’s the present, right? That’s the here, that’s the now.



Really, it’s a couple of different ways of using your consciousness. It’s how you approach the world with your consciousness. Because again, you’re not one or the other, you’re both, you’re experiencing both, and you’re moving through both at the same time, and it’s expanding your consciousness to be able to include both as you focus on both. Woo, that was a lot of boths, right? Because it is, it’s everything. Like that’s the thing, brothers, it’s really everything. The moment you get into this one or the other, that’s where things get weird.



That’s when you kind of start switching. That switching also takes consciousness. It takes energy. You know, you’re using that, you’re conscious in that and that will begin to drop it. That’s where the energy of the body comes from. You have the ATP and all the things I was talking about last week with caffeine, right? But the energy is burned and it converts, one molecule converts to another, adenosine. And then from the adenosine, as the adenosine builds up, then you get tired and tired and tired and you want to go to sleep. That’s why we have these cycles.



So you can conserve your energy by learning how to expand and be in both your masculine and your feminine at the same time. And again, it’s not about being masculine and feminine in this biological way. It’s about the question of do I plan ahead by using the masculine energy of manifestation or do I go with the flow? By using the feminine energy of flow, do I just kind of stay in the present moment? Now here’s the thing. The…



Masculine energy of manifestation is about future-focused thinking. As you guys know, what do you want to create? Well, you look at the intentional model, like intentional model of alignment. You start at the bottom, and if this is your first podcast episode, brothers, you gotta go back and listen to the first 10, and you’ll know what I’m saying, because I’m really gonna go through these five steps. You begin with the result. What do you want to manifest? You know, what do you want to get to? What do you want to experience? And that’s why this is the Alpha Male Coach podcast. This is why the



the academy is made up of a group of men. Because it doesn’t mean that women don’t have masculine energy. It just means that as a man, as your spiritual essence, your spiritual, the beingness that is consciousness, came and manifested into, or came that incarnated into a male body, you are going to sway towards this manifesting gift, right?



this ability to be in a state of how, how to. You know, that’s the masculine. The feminine energy is what? You know, what do we create? What do we create? What? The masculine is how. How do we do it? How do we get it done? That’s why there’s a requirement to manifestation. Manifestation is a higher, it’s one of the energies that goes into the masculine gifts because in order to get it done,



There’s a how and the how is the universal truth. Always universal truth. The how is never in the A line, brothers. I mean, it’s a part of the A line, but the how is really in the T line. That’s why, again, the masculine energy is consciousness. It’s mind. You have this very strong, powerful mind. And I’m not talking intelligence, ladies, don’t get offended if I’m not saying that men are smarter than women. What I’m saying is there’s a mind. There’s a mind that allows for vision. There’s a line that…



A mind that allows for planning, that can say, okay, I can see the steps here, I can work these out, I can walk these through. That requires future-focused thinking. And you wanna be able to do that. You wanna have directives, you wanna have goals, and that is a part of time. That’s a part of the way we experience time in this chronological way, where we have the, in the collective consciousness, where we have all, essentially as a species, arbitrarily agreed to measuring time in days and weeks and months and years.



minutes, hours, seconds, I mean it’s completely arbitrary. It’s completely arbitrary and created solely for the use of executing masculine energy into the third dimension because that’s really what it is. It’s like, it’s a schedule. It’s a schedule of being able to set and plan for goals and directives. Okay, what are we gonna create? What is the vision? How are we gonna manifest this? It’s a timeframe. It’s saying we can go from here to there. It’s distance, right? And distance requires.



And time requires future. So we really have this future focus and we plan it all in. Now to get it done, I’m gonna come back to it in a second. But before that, I wanna walk into what it means to go with the flow. Because what does it mean? It doesn’t mean to be lazy or to be careless or to be wishy washy, you know, flip it and all that other things. It doesn’t mean that which the society generally, which is shifting now, is shifting in kind of a very, very strange way, by the way, brothers. I mean, I’m not.



You know, politics aside, just seeing what’s happening out in the world is very fascinating to watch everything unfold this way. But as we’re watching it, you know, we used to have this idea that the nature of the feminine or the woman was a certain way and it created a lot of roles and gender roles and stereotypes. And with that, we kind of have this idea of what it means to be rational and logical, you know, very mental versus emotional, you know, kind of going with your feelings. How does it, what does it mean to…



make decisions or go with how you feel in the moment. And I think it’s kinda gotten a negative connotation. It’s gotten a little bit of a negative connotation where people will talk about it in a way that’s kind of derogatory or less than. I’d say it’s not as good. So I really kinda wanna let you know what this really means because it doesn’t mean, I mean, that’s what unconsciousness is. Unconsciousness is flippancy. Unconsciousness is laziness. Unconsciousness is the idea that



You know, there’s just this, you know, careless, carefree. I mean, there may be some positive connotation around that as well, but we still want to be learning. We still want to be moving. We still want to be growing. We still want to be, you know, experiencing the fullness, the expansion, which comes into the fullness of who we really are, not who we think we are. Because who we think we are is actually a prison.



that we’re trying to escape from, but what we want to experience is who we really are. That’s liberation. So when we look at what it means to really go with the flow, it means to go with the flow while being conscious. And while being conscious of what? Well, what you’re conscious of is how the universe is providing you feedback in the moment for the unconscious thought systems, the belief systems that you may not know are there. So it becomes kind of like a little bit of this.



way of growing, rather than growing in a building sense, in a manifesting sense, in a how to get things done sense, which is the masculine, right? That future focus, that putting things in the R line, that making steps towards creating something that wasn’t there before. With the feminine, what you’re doing is you’re in the moment here, right? You’re in the present moment and you’re being very aware. You’re just bringing all of who you are, all of your consciousness, into being aware of what is the feedback that’s being offered.



from the hologram, from what you have essentially sent out there and now you’re getting back, what you’re reaping essentially. So when you think about it, it’s more of a idea where, like if you think about there’s this idea that people have, they think about fate, right? There’s this idea that people have about fate or God, that there’s this being out there that has everybody on puppet strings. Everybody’s on a puppet string, they’re just kind of going through exactly what is.



whatever God has intended for them, whatever fate has intended for them, that they don’t really have any choice over their lives, they’re just puppeting through. It’s a very, very powerful experience because of course it’s the binary, it’s the duality of that you are in control of everything. To feel out of control of everything, to feel in control of nothing is the opposite of feeling in control of everything and that’s that omnipotency. So it’s a very powerful duality to have either one of those and oftentimes both of them come up during mystical experiences.



But when we’re looking at this in a different way, when we’re looking at how to go with the flow with the feminine, it’s like the idea that you are the free being, and that what God is doing or what fate is doing is puppeteering everything else around you, and puppeteering it in a way where it’s actually trying to get you to grow, where it’s showing you exactly what you need to see, as long as you’re paying close enough attention, as long as you’re watching it closely enough.



It’s showing you exactly what you need to see to grow, to evolve, to expand. And it’s not that it is showing you itself, because that’s not the point. That’s where we get into blaming and judging and pointing fingers and saying, oh, this thing did that and that thing did this. It’s showing you in a way where it’s triggering up inside of you. It’s getting you to respond to what are the latent, what are the dormant, what are the unconscious thoughts and feelings that you have.



that may not have been there if you had not witnessed or observed this act, this event that occurred in the world in front of you. So that’s the puppeteering, right? So God or fate is up there like moving things around. It’s like, okay, so John needs to see this. John needs to listen to this thing, this stuck energy he has in his head or his heart. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna puppeteer this little event for him so that he can like, oh, come up to that, like, ooh, that’s.



that feels uncomfortable, right? And you kind of move through it. Now what a lot of people do when they see it feels uncomfortable, whether it’s fear, whether it’s anger, whether it’s anxiety, whether it’s frustration, whether whatever it is, they’ll just project it. It’s projected out into the hologram and they miss it completely. But when you can go with the flow, when you’re not currently planning, and we’re talking about the feminine energy here, right? We’re talking about flowing here. When you’re flowing with this, it’s not just the flip and see, it’s not just the carelessness, it’s the very focused, it’s the…



What Sun Tzu says in The Art of War, it’s the alertness. Right, it’s the passive alertness. You know, you’re very, very passive. You’re passive because you’re in it. You know, you’re not resisting anything. You’re in it and you’re flowing with it, but you’re alert to it. You’re awake to it. You know, you’re always awake and watching it. Watching it as it arises within you.



And that’s the flow. And that’s very mystical, of course, because the feminine is very mystical. The masculine is very logical, very rational. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to set what I want in the R line. I’m going to look at all the actions I got to do to get it. I’m going to put those in my calendar so I know when they come up. This is what I got to feel. I go up one level to the F line. This is what I got to feel. So when I’m in my calendar, remember this emotion. Remember this emotion. How do I conjure that up? What’s my T line?



This is what I’m thinking. Think and feel, think and feel, think and feel, and look at my calendar, act, act, act, act, massive action, we go after it, right? It’s direct of its goals. When you’re in your flow, when you’re in your feminine, when you’re moving more with a sense of, again, so there’s the one sense where you’re growing through creation, there’s another sense where you’re going through release, you’re going through letting go, and that’s the feminine, that’s the flow, because that’s what we gotta do. So how do you do both? Right, how do you do both?



Well, as I kind of said, with the masculine, what you do is first you believe. Like you gotta know what you are. And that’s a lot, I mean, that’s what we do in the Academy, of course, brothers. I’m gonna mention the Academy every podcast because I’m waiting for you to join. I’m waiting for you guys to enroll in the Academy so that I can teach you this directly, right? So you guys can come in and we can really get down. We can really get down with this because there’s, and here’s a bunch of cliches. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be living the life of your dreams. Whatever you think you can’t do, I know you can. Whatever it is that you,



wants to do, whatever it is that you’re suffering from, whatever it is you’re complaining about, it’s all, I mean, it’s something that is number one, it’s gonna be holding you back because you’re setting your consciousness, you’re focusing your consciousness on that, you know, which is giving you the feeling. If we look at the universal truth, that’s giving you the feeling, but it’s also energizing that system. It’s also putting more energy into whatever it is that you’re thinking about, because that’s what consciousness is. Consciousness takes…



intangible, invisible energy and moves it into tangible, visible material. So you are energizing a system. You are essentially creating more of that for yourself. That’s the same thing as saying attracting. That’s the law of attraction. So what we need to do is really just look at all of that and say, okay, so first of all, you got to believe. You got to believe in the universal truth. You got to know that you are not a prison of your mind, that you are an observer of your mind, that your mind is not who you are.



It’s not who you are, your identity is not you. A label with a bunch of letters in it, Kevin. Kevin is my name, that is not who I am. That is a label, that’s five letters that make up a sound. All right, think about this brothers. Really understand this. I’m not my body either. I’m experiencing my body, but I can change that experience. I can change that experience by moving my consciousness away from my body. Moving it into my mind, moving it outside.



My body’s here, it’s here for me to experience because I can move my consciousness into my body by feeling emotions or feeling physical sensations. And that’s a part of tantra as well, right? Like moving the consciousness around, being understandable. It’s like changing the channels. On TV, we did a podcast on the TV a while back, right? So when you do this from the masculine standpoint, the first thing you have to do is belief. Like you have to believe because you gotta get into the universal truth. You gotta know that, okay, whatever I put in my R line, I’m going to create.



And that’s why a lot of people think that there’s, the way I think is insane, and I’ve been told that, and that’s okay. That’s all right, like if you call me insane, it’s fine, because I can prove this, I can show this. I used to think that I had a superpower. And then I realized, oh no, this is teachable. Like everybody’s got this superpower. Right, so you can think I’m insane, but the truth is I believe in the best of every human and the betterment of us as a species, because I know that that’s how we create it. By believing, by feeling, and by doing.



Because if we think down on ourselves, if we think down on each other, and if we think down on our future, we create that as well, and we energize that system. All right, so we think up, we think up, we think up. What’s the best, what can we do to improve, what can we do to grow? So the first thing is to plan, is to believe it. Then you plan it. And you say, okay, I believe it. That’s my R line, essentially. I believe this is my future, I believe this is my present. And then you begin to plan it. Right, you plan it, you look into it.



What are all the actions? What can I do? What are the massive actions? And that’s key. What are the massive actions I can take? And massive action is to produce, that’s to create. That’s why it’s masculine, right? Again, we’re talking about the masculine energies, but I know it’s funny because they, oh, the women are the creators. Yes, this is true, but we’re talking about building. We’re talking about a how-to system. The women deal with the, the feminine, I shouldn’t say woman. The feminine energy deals with the result. It’s the what? It’s the present moment.



It’s like taking a trip to Hawaii. You know, she, the feminine energy will say, hey, I want to go to Hawaii. That’s the what. The masculine energy will then say, okay, here’s what we need to do. You know, you got the R line and the intentional model. You go through all the, everything I’m telling you. You go through all the steps you need to take to get there. Right, you need to believe that you can get to Hawaii. Right, that’s number one. What are all the steps? You go into the A line, buy the tickets, get the hotels, right?



Plan the dates, get time off work if you’re working, or take all the things you need to take with you. Take your computer with you. You gotta do the stuff you gotta do. It’s all in the A-line, right? Then you start to feel it. This is gonna happen. We’re getting excited, we love this. Yeah, this is happening. You start to think it, or you’re thinking it to get those feelings. And then when you get there, there it is. That’s the one. So who created it? Right? Well, they say the woman created it, right? Because the woman said, hey, let’s go to Hawaii, and then she’s there in Hawaii.



That’s kind of the same way we did, we worked with the babies, right? The babies, they want the baby, they work with the baby, they have the baby. But the how-to really came from the masculine. The masculine was there to get it done, right? We have to get it done. That’s the creation. So we build, we work in there. Then once you have it, once you plan it, then you execute it. To execute it, you’ve got to know what you need to feel about it, brothers. Again, I’m just reverse engineering the model of alignment for you.



to work with the masculine energy, to really be in a state of manifestation, which I know so many of you want to do, because you are men, right? That’s really the pull. The pull of a man is to say, I wanna create, I wanna build, I wanna get things into manifestation, I wanna get my visions into reality. So you gotta feel it. You’ve gotta feel it. It’s kind of like coming back. The R line and the F line are very similar. Of course, they’re similar because they’re sandwiched between the T line. It’s actually a circle. I know we do it in a vertical line.



but it’s actually a circle because remember the R comes back and reinforces the T line. So the F and the R are very similar. You got to feel what you want to experience, then you got to feel it as a way to experiencing



And then you think it, and again, it’s more than a thought. You believe it. And you believe it in a way that you’re future-focused. You believe it in a way where as you’re doing whatever’s on your calendar to get to the goal that you’re aiming to get to, you’re sitting there believing that this is where it is as it’s already accomplished. That the same thing of going to Hawaii, being in Hawaii, working in Hawaii, whatever it is you’re doing in this trip, as you’re preparing for it, it’s already done.



Every step is a doneness, it’s there, it’s already happened. Or it is happening. Because it’s future focused. And that’s building, that’s moving towards something. Okay, now in the feminine, how do you do it? How do you do it when you’re, well first you gotta observe, and that’s what I mean, that’s where the consciousness comes in. Because if you’re not observing, if you’re not conscious of it, then you’re, like I say, you’re kind of just in that unconscious state. And that’s where I think a lot of people, that’s where I think the negative connotation of going with the flow comes in. Or being in the present.



And the negative connotation of being the present, going with the flow, being in the present, same thing, right? I used the word flow because of the feminine, I want the F’s to match up. But to say to be present, you’ll say, well, it’s got this negative connotation because there’s this idea that you just don’t, you’re not wanting it, you’re not moving towards anything, you’re not growing towards anything, you’re just here. And if you are just here, if you are just in the state of like, just here, then you really need to…



Be conscious of what is happening in the just here. Because that’s when you awaken to the feminine. That’s when you awaken to what is happening in your feminine energy to heal you. The feminine is a healing process. You might say the masculine is a growing process, the feminine is a healing process. And not that when you’re healing you’re not growing, because I believe that when you’re healing you are growing. That’s the most massive kind of growth you can do to create something in the external world.



is a beautiful, beautiful thing. It’s moving towards something, right? It’s building up something, especially when it’s of service, when it’s of service for yourself and to others, when it feeds and grows and helps all of humanity rise to a higher vibration. But when you’re in your femininity, you’re just listening to what comes up. You’re just responding to all of the things that the universe, the collective consciousness is doing for us to bring us all up.



then you’re listening to that inner self. So you gotta be very, very observant and very, very watery. Which water happens to be a feminine element, right? Because you wanna let yourself flow. You wanna let yourself flow in your active awareness, in being very aware of how things are showing up for you. And the way I find this to work the best, to be totally honest with you brothers, to really give you guys another



another level up here, another kind of training tool, teaching tool, is that when you are in relationships, when you’re in a relationship with another being, you can really dive deep into putting your consciousness on the feminine energy, being present in the moment, listening to what comes up for you, discerning.



how that is for you, how that experience is for you, because you wanna feel it, and that’s what it is, right? It’s in your body, you feel it. It’s not in your mind. There will be a thought that comes out when you investigate, you know, it’s like that tier two emotion, I’m feeling this, but I don’t know why I’m feeling this, right, I’m not choosing to feel this, I’m not intentional about this, I’m not creating this with my mind. I’m feeling it because I was triggered by it, you know, because I’m present in the moment, and I’m actively open to what the moment is giving me, so I become triggered, right, I kinda shut down.



It’s not a shutting down of the mind, it’s more of a redirecting of the consciousness away from the mind. So the mind is still there and operating, but you’re aware now of the present. What’s happening in your body, what’s happening in the world, and how those two things are really one. How they really relate to each other as one thing. Where the outer movements, the outer events are working with to help pull out.



or to help you experience is a better word, to help you experience, a better term, to help you experience what is going on that you may otherwise have not, would not be actively choosing to experience. But still, these are things that have to be felt. These are things I would say have to be let go of, right? These are words we use. They get to be let go of, they get to be released. And that’s where the healing is.



That’s where the healing is. Now you can still get the healing out of the masculine, right, you can still get the healing out of driving a goal by using your consciousness hyper-focused on an outcome. You can still get healing from that because that may be healing. That may be a fulfillment of a latent desire that has come with you from a past life, and look, if you don’t believe in past lives, it doesn’t matter. It could still be a healing because as you experience that desire,



you are then released from the desire of it. Right? It doesn’t matter. It’s the same thing. So when you get that healing, when you get that desire, it’s like, oh, I really want a million dollars. I really want a million dollars. Then you get a million dollars. Like, okay, I’ve had that. Now what? Right? You’re kind of like, oh, well there. Now it’s accomplished. What’s next? Right? So you still get healed from it. The feminine way of getting healed from it is to watch it, is to watch what’s being offered in the moment. That’s what I mean when I say the.



God is kind of puppeteering the universe around you because it’s working for you. Let me put it this way, when you’re doing the masculine, when you’re in your masculine, you are working with God. You’re working with the creator, right? You’re working with creation because you’re focusing your consciousness on your desires, right? What is it you want to experience? And as you focus that, it’s being focused in. It’s being attracted, you’re attracting it, right? So it’s working with you.



It’s working with you to achieve this thing. Now make sure it’s a thing, right? Make sure it’s an actual thing. That’s why we have to talk about the R lines. And I’m not gonna do it on this podcast, go back. There’s plenty of podcasts on the R line. But you really wanna be clear about your R line. With the F line, this is the planning ahead. Understand that, brothers, it’s planning ahead. It’s not just saying I want this. You know, it’s going through the whole masculine consciousness path, which is, you know.



future-focused thinking, writing down what is you want, future-focused thinking, becoming very clear with it. You get the R line set up, you get the A line set up, you use a calendar, you set up your calendar, you stick to the calendar, which is actually harder than using, which is actually harder than creating it, right? You gotta stick on it, and that’s what we talk about, distractions and buffering, and that’s why that feeling is so important, because once you’ve got the A line done and you’ve calendared it, you gotta look at that F line, you gotta remind yourself every morning.



Remember last week, for 60 to 90 minutes of every morning, no technology, keep your phones down. What are you gonna do with that 60 to 90 minutes? Well, you can look at what your F line is for the day. What am I, and T line, because the T line’s gonna conjure up that F line, it’s gonna conjure up that feeling. But look at that, what am I focusing on? What am I gonna need to feel to execute everything on my calendar today? Don’t look at your calendar if it’s on digital. If it’s on your computer or on a phone, don’t look at it, because no tech. But look at the thoughts, look at the feelings, drive into that, and you gotta believe it.



That’s the move, brothers, you gotta believe it. This is not wishful thinking. It’s what you are, that’s why it’s working with you. Because if you just think it’s wishful thinking and you really believe something else, like you don’t deserve or you’re not worthy or you don’t have enough education or whatever it is that you’re working with, you’re not good looking enough, whatever it is that you’re truly thinking, that’s why spend that time. Like meditate, look at it, what is the thought? Believe it, believe it, don’t say it, don’t think it, just believe it.



You can say it. You can say it out loud as much as you want, but it’s in a believable way. Like you’re saying it because you believe it. And that’s where you build, right? That’s where you build because God creation is working with you. When you’re in your feminine, you’re observing, right? Now you’re in your feminine energy and you’re looking to do some, maybe you’re looking to heal some traumas. Maybe you’re looking to let go of something that’s slowing you down or let go of a distraction. Maybe you’re looking to just lighten your load.



lighten your mental load so that you can bring more on, so you can get ready for the next wave, you’re gonna catch the next wave, or you’re gonna climb it to the next plateau, right, using some sport analogies. When you’re in your feminine, you’re doing it, and you’re ready to let go, then what you’re really doing is you’re watching it. Again, you’re watching it come out, but you’re not working with, I mean, you are working with, because you’re always one, you’re always one with God, with creation, but it’s more of…



It’s working for you now. Instead of working with you, it’s working for you. Because that’s what I mean with the puppeteering. Like, be so hyper present, so hyper focused on the present that you’re watching everything that’s happening with a conscious curiosity of what’s going on within you. So that everything outside of you can be a teacher. Everything outside of you can be an angel brought from the heavens to show you exactly what you need to see.



even if you don’t want to see it, right? Open up to it. You’ve got to open up to it, you got to, and then what you’re opening up to is it, the outside, because really what you’re resisting is opening up on the inside. That’s why it’s so difficult. That’s why the surrender is important. That’s why the feminine is an energy of surrender, right? You really need to surrender into the present moment and accept what it is that you’re going to see, accept what it is that you’re seeing, accept what it is that you’re seeing inside of you. And again, I’ll repeat that, because it’s so easy to get distracted on



seeing that thing, that event, whatever it is. And again, I say relationships are best for this. What are people saying? How are they saying it? Who are you listening to? Who are you talking to? What are the relationships in your life? What do they mirror back to you? What feedback are you getting from the relationships in your life and all the relationships? What’s the romantic feedback and the intimate feedback you’re getting from your romantic, intimate partner or partners?



What financial feedback are you getting from your accountant, from your employees, from your business, right? From your business partners. You know, what feedback are you getting as a parent? You know, the way your kids are experiencing their life. I mean, it’s everything. And again, stay away from judgment. It’s not about judgment. That’s why I use the word discernment. It’s not about judgment. You’re in the moment. Judgment comes, judgment will take you out of them.



Just be aware of what it is. And if it is judgment, watch that, because it may be judgment, and that’s exactly what it is you’re working on healing from. When I say you’re working on healing from, when your consciousness is focused on the feminine energy, on the present moment, on surrendering to seeing, to receiving, to experiencing, then it’s really whatever the heavens, it’s really whatever the universe has decided, you are.



ready to let go of. Maybe it is judgment, right? Maybe it is judgment. Maybe it’s control. Maybe it’s lust. Maybe it’s greed. Maybe it’s anger. Anger is one of those big ones, right? Maybe it’s sloth. Sloth is another one. I don’t like the word laziness, but you know, people, it’s kind of similar, right? It’s coming here to the third dimension and not wanting to do stuff.



Again, again, what’s the difference, right? What is laziness, what is sloth? Well, yeah, but you’re here, you’re here to move. That’s why we have space. That’s why we experience things this way. So maybe that’s it. But whatever it is, you’re in the moment with it. You’re not planning ahead, right? So you can do both. You can do both, and I offer that you do both. That you do do both. But I’m gonna leave you with this. So when it comes to planning ahead or going with the flow, when it comes to using your conscious, masculine energy to intentionally manifest, let’s plan ahead.



That’s bring something into, you bring your intention into experience. You have that power. We all have that power. You have that power. If you don’t believe you have that power, then again, there’s some other work we need to do, right? We need to do some initial work. We need to prove to you, you need to prove to you that you have that power. And so we do in the academy, first thing, models of alignment, right? What do you want to create? Let’s do that. Because you need to trust yourself first. You need to trust that this is, that you have this power.



So that’s one way to go, plan ahead. The other way to go, go with the flow. That’s a healing thing. That’s a letting go thing. That’s a surrender thing. That’s a release thing. And that can free you up. Right, that can free you up energetically to really focus more deeply and more strongly into who you are, which is consciousness. You can bring more. When you’ve freed yourself up.



from the baggage, which is one word, but I guess from the past, from things that you’ve been hanging onto that you no longer serve you, when you free yourself up from that, it allows more consciousness to be focused onto energy. It’s like increasing the heat or increasing the power of a laser beam, right? It just gives you more, more focused awareness that will then attract, that will then build on that energy system.



So they’re both valuable, but what I want to leave you with is what you think you want is not always what you really want. And that is so important as you focus your conscious on either the masculine or the feminine, whether you plan ahead or whether you go with the flow, recognize that you are either working with creation or creation is working for you, but in either way, creation is always there.



You are never alone. You cannot escape it. It’s always with you. It always loves you. And it’s always, it’s always guiding you in the direction you need to go. And remember that it knows more than you do. It knows more about what you need, what you really want than what you think. You know about what you want. So be open, be open. And what we work on in the academy is we take this.



I work really deeply in December. In December we do the Impossible Goal and then throughout the following year we execute that with exactly what I’m talking to you guys about right now, which is to open up to failure. Open up to this idea that you’re not going to always get exactly what you want because failure is a blessing. Failure is success in disguise. I’m going to tell you right now failure is success in disguise because your mind thinks you’ve done something wrong.



only because you didn’t get what you want, but the truth is you’ve succeeded because you’ve taken a massive action, you’ve taken a great leap forward, and you’ve been opened up to something, you’ve now experienced something that makes you more resilient to taking more action, bigger steps in the future, and or, that’s the masculine side, and or the feminine side is you’ve released something, you’ve let go of something.



that was hanging on to you, that wasn’t serving you and unconscious to you, and now having released that, you have more freedom, you have more liberation on how much of that consciousness you’re putting on to other forms of energy that will serve you, that will bring you either an experience you think you want and then you get to decide, right? Or it will bring you the openness to



in this moment, in this now, hear and feel more of what you can let go of to bring you back towards remembering who you are.



which is that awareness itself. Plan ahead, go with the flow, brothers do both. Do both, and if you want some instruction and some help on developing this skill, we’re there for you, we’re ready for you. Come on in, come on into the academy. Like I say, if you do that now, you’re gonna be in a little bit different phase than in the future. In the future, we’ve got a new pipeline set up. So if you come in now, if you come in within the next few months, you’re gonna be, number one, you’ll have a…



have a different system, different access to certain guys. You come in later, you’ll be pipelined in, it’ll be a little bit longer of a way to get in. But either way, brothers, we’re gonna start. We’re gonna start with the universal truth or the model of alignment and just show you. Just show you that either way, consciousness is you, consciousness is the way.



You can grow in days, weeks, months by building, creating something through the masculine. You can grow in minutes, hours. I mean, you can grow lifetimes in days by going through the feminine, by learning the lessons, looking in the moment, releasing what you’re hanging on to. They’re both amazing. They both remind you who you are. And that’s what I have for you today, brothers. Until next week, elevate your Alpha.


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