Ep #277: The Karmic Clock – Part 3

Happy holidays, brothers! And that’s to all of you. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever. Even if you have no religion at all – this is a message of love for all. Keep moving forward in your perfection. 

Brothers, I want to wrap up the karmic clock because now I think we’re beginning to understand that we all have our own karmic journeys to fulfill, that everyone’s journey has pitfalls, and that eventually, our souls will atone for the karma of every lifetime; even the lives we don’t remember. 

That is what I want to hone in on today, brothers; the fact that our suffering is not caused by what we’ve done in this lifetime. Our suffering comes from being kicked out of the Garden of Eden, from being separated from God, from being separated from unity and love and oneness. And all we are doing in our 60, 70, 80, 90 years on this planet and every other lifetime that our souls have lived is trying to get back to the source, trying to get back to the perfection of oneness. 

But we should all be doing more for our brothers who are in need because the best way to slay the demon is with love. We see people tripping and falling all around us – falling into crime, falling into lust, falling into sickness and disease – and our duty is not to kick them while they are down, but rather to extend a helping hand. Because we understand that they are suffering, we know that they feel that separation from oneness, we understand that that their souls have been suffering for more lifetimes than we can imagine since the beginning of time. 

So brothers, when you’ve become self-aware and when you’re living in enlightenment, use that liberation to help free others as well. And when someone kicks you while you’re down? Pray for them, wish them well, and say “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Because they don’t, and neither do you, and neither do I, but we are all in this together. We are all one. We are all divine perfection. And we all deserve a whole lot of light and love. Enjoy the holidays, brothers, and continue to elevate your alpha.


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Using your enlightenment to help free others. 
  • The source of suffering. 
  • How love kills the demon; neutralizing suffering with love. 
  • Starting from within. 
  • Falling into perfection and accepting your own suffering.

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[0:00:09.6] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:33.3] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. I know I’ve been laying some real heavy, heavy stuff on you guys. I mean, karma is some heavy stuff, it’s a heavy perspective to take in, and it may be a little high. It might be a little elevated, it might even be considered by some of you to be a little out there, right?

Like, outside of what is reality, of what is a real practical applicable way to live. I want to respond to that by saying, it’s not. You can live this way. I know you can live this way because I practice to live this way, and I’m not saying that from a place of highness. I’m not saying that from a place of betterness, I’m not saying that from a place of arrogance. In fact, just the opposite.

I humbly come before you with these podcasts because these podcasts are my confessions in some ways, they’re my confessions to my own journey. You’ve been my family, you’ve been my brothers, you’ve seen this journey unfold for the last five years now. You’ve seen the changes, you’ve seen the journey, you’ve seen the message go from a very cognitive message, a message of this, not just mastery of mind but mastery of environment, dominance, and control and to make things.

To force things into your will, to a much more loving, a much more harmonizing, much more integrative mind where the mind is now working to integrate itself into what is. And what is and always has been is the unity, is the love, is the peace, is the harmony. So I’m very grateful for all of you, of course, because you’re my family, you’re my brothers. You’ve seen this and I want you to know that as I teach this, so I walk this.

I walk this way, brothers. I do live this way, I catch myself, I look for myself, my not self. I say, I catch myself, I catch the Kevin. I catch the ego, the “not self”, the identity, the conditioning, the beta, and I catch it and I see it. And every time I do, I’m able to go deeper and deeper into what it is not.

Who I am and who I am not. And I know that this karmic clock, this whole concept, this whole analogy is deep, it’s very high and when I say high, I mean, it’s very elevated, it’s high vibration, right? It’s high frequency, which is not again to say that, “It’s in contrast to low frequency and therefore, you must do this, you must be like this and I am better because I’m high.”

[0:03:21.7] I’m not saying that at all because I’m low, because I get low too. I see it, there are times, and I’ll tell you about that in another podcast, in fact, next week, I’m going to tell you guys about a couple of miracles that I witnessed. I can attest that miracles happen and it will be a confession of my lack of faith because I believe that these miracles were put in front of me to just show me how faithless I am at times.

But as we get into the karmic clock part three today, the first thing I want to say to you is Happy Holidays, brothers. Happy holidays because look, I know this is the holiday season, whatever religion you believe in, whatever religion you follow, this is the season of Hanukkah, this is the season of Kwanza, this is the season of Christmas, season of the winter solstice, even if you’re following the seasons and looking at where the earth is in relation to the sun. And one of the things that I do every day is a mantra.

I have a mantra that I say every day. I say it on my mala beads, you may call them the rosary, the rosary beads, the mala beads, a hundred and eight times. I say, “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” And as I say that, I feel it in my body. It’s something that I strive for, my freedom.

I want to awaken my – where I am in the karmic clock is to awaken myself to a point to where I am freeing others, because it’s only through my own enlightenment, it’s only through my own freedom, my own realization, my own unity that others can be free. We don’t help each other, that is a part of the illusion of duality. Every time we try to help each other in the material world, we actually end up keeping each other subjugated to duality, subjugated to separateness.

[0:05:19.3] Because in order for one person to help, there must be somebody else who needs help. And as long as you’re in a state of helping, there is another who is in a state of receiving that. There’s a helper and a helpee and no matter what you may be doing, whether it’s buying a meal for someone or giving somebody some money or teaching somebody a new skill or providing somebody with a product or a service or whatever the help is, helping somebody change a tire, for example.

As long as you are in the mindset, as long as your mind and intention is, “I am helping them.” Then in that material space, in the material space of separateness, you are continuing to hold that space, to hold that state of separateness where you are the helper and they are the helpee, and there is an action of helping, and that’s all part of the illusion. All three of those things are occurring inside of time, I should say.

They’re occurring inside of time where there’s you, there’s them, and there’s the action between the two of you. And in order to really understand unity, to really understand oneness, all of that has to dissolve, the helper, the helpee, and the action of helping itself all becomes one and all rolls up into the now, where none of it exists, none of it is there. There’s not the helper, there’s not the you helping the other, there’s not the other receiving your help, and the action of help disappears. It’s all one.

Now, I know that’s heavy, I know that’s a heavy one. But today, we’re going to wrap this up, we’re going to wrap up this heaviness and I know I’ve been heavy with you guys. In 2024, I might come across a little lighter, maybe not, maybe I just get even more heavy, right? Maybe I even get more even more deep, but I want to kind of wrap this one up because we talk about the karmic clock for the last time here, and for the third time, for the last time.

[0:07:05.5] I’ve already talked about what it is, right? That was two weeks ago and last week, I talked to you guys about how it’s really an analogy of love. It’s a way to look at each other with love, with acceptance, not in the way that we condone actions because we don’t say that it’s condoned. We don’t just walk by and ignore because that’s condoning. Condoning is – I don’t want condoning and acceptance to be misunderstood. I don’t want them to be synonyms here, you know?

Condoning is to use the analogy that we’re going to get into in a moment, and I’ll get into it now, in fact, where last week, I talked about how we’re all walking. We’re all walking here. We’re all walking through our journey, walking through the karmic clock. There are people that are – that have fallen and they’ve fallen hard. Some people have fallen real, real hard. Now, the reason why they’ve fallen hard is not because they’re bad people.

It’s not because they’re evil people, it’s not because there’s something wrong with them, it’s not because they need to be punished, right? It’s because of the same reason why you fall, brother. It’s because they are in separation, it’s because they’re in suffering. It’s because they miss unity, they miss that space of oneness, they miss union. Union with all things, union with God, union with now, union with each other.

Union with being, union with love and peace, union with harmony, and the closer you are to kind of being separated from that union, the more deeply you suffer because the earlier you are on in your journey, that’s what I mean when I say, 12:01 to like 2:00. You’re very early on, and so you’re in a deep state of suffering, you’re in a deep state of separation and so, you’ve fallen hard like these people fallen hard.

Now, I know that I’m not talking to you, like, I know that that’s not you, I get that, I know that’s not you because it’s not you, you’re not listening at this podcast, I guarantee you, if you’re between 12:01 and 2:00, you are not listening to this podcast. I mean, you might be, you might be listening to it from a prison cell somewhere because you got punished,

You might be listening to it from a mansion somewhere in Columbia because your profession is, selling drugs and kidnapping kids, right? You might be listening – that might be your thing but I don’t think so. Like, I just don’t think so. I don’t think that that’s who my audience is, I believe that my audience are people that are passed 6:00 or at least, reaching 6:00, that are kind of in that state.

[0:09:34.5] You may be buffering, you might be 4:30, 5:00, you might be in that state of despair, that 5:59 area. You might be passed, you might be 6:30, 7:00 area where you’re really trying to go deeper into yourself, doing the breathwork and doing the meditations and that kind of thing. You might have already passed through the knowing that there’s nothing in the external world that’s going to get it.

But maybe not. Again, because of the title, because of the search engine optimization as it were, The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, you may be seeking more money, right? You might have the desire, there might be a desire, like as Buddha said, there are five hindrances, and one of them is greed and lust. That’s one of them, sensual pleasure, sensual desires is greed and lust. So, you might be seeking that, you might be seeking, “Well, how can I make more money?”

Well, alpha males make more money, so I’m going to go search alpha male and I come up with Kevin’s podcast or you might be seeking more women. I’m saying, “How do I get more women?” “Well, alpha males get more women so I’m going to search alpha male” and Kevin’s podcast comes up. So, that might be the case. You might still be in this whole idea of sexual market value, SMV, which is erroneous.

Again, you want to go back a couple of years ago, three or four years ago, I did a podcast on that one, but you may be in that state as well. So, you might still be in that 4:00, 5:00 area and that’s okay. Again, because that’s what last week was all about. Last week was all about that. It’s all about recognizing, it’s all okay, it’s all love, it’s all one, like, the clock is one, no matter where the hands are pointing, whether they’re pointing at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 9:00, 10:00. It’s all one clock, brothers. That’s the thing, we’re still one, we’re still walking this path together. Together.

[0:11:18.3] We’re wandering around in the darkness together and we’re wandering around in the garden, right? We’re wandering around in unity. This is what’s wild, and this is what’s so wild, we’re wandering around, in oneness, in unity. We are together, we are in oneness, we are in unity, but we’re in this illusion of darkness, right? The light is within us, the light has always been there but we choose to walk in darkness. We choose to see separation.

It’s a wild, wild thing. It’s a part of the plan, it’s a part of perfection, it’s divine will. God knows, God knows all and I’m not talking about the white-bearded figure in the heavens. I’m not talking about this dude because that’s mythology, right? Like, that’s Sunday school, that’s children’s stuff, right? I’m talking about eternal God source, I’m talking about the alpha and the omega, I’m talking about the knowing of everything that’s happened, is happening, and will happen.

It’s all done. It’s all complete, right? Yes, God put the tree in the garden, He put the tree of knowledge in the garden, not thinking that we wouldn’t eat it. Of course, He knew we would eat it. He even sent the serpent probably. Of course He sent the serpent because He’s God. You know, She’s God, it’s God, whatever, we don’t need to get into the pronoun thing. It is God, God knows all.

God was not fooled, it wasn’t like, “Oh, okay, so, here’s where they cover themselves up” like what has happened. He knew that it was going to happen. He knew when and how it was going to happen because he set this karmic clock. It’s all part of the perfection. It’s all God bring us back to itself, it’s love coming back to love. Everything is love but what about you?

What about you? Because you are not between 12:01 and 2:00, right? That’s what I talked about last week, what about you? What about me, Kevin? What about me? How do I live this path, what do I do? How can I help my brothers? If you’re on board with this, if you remember from last week, if you’re on board with this that we’re all walking around, we’re all walking around together, and some of us have fallen. Some of us have fallen really, really hard.

[0:13:31.6] Like, we’ve fallen so hard, we broke both legs, both arms, and all of our ribs, right? Like, we just cannot get up, like, we’re down and we are down for the count, right? Like, again, these are the people, 12:01 to 2:00. Some people fallen, they bump their knee, they’re having a tough time getting up. “Oh, I’m having a tough time here but I think, you know?”

Some people, they trip, they fall, they take some second, they pop up, they don’t need a whole lot of help because they just need to remember. It’s like, “Oh yeah, that wasn’t right, I tripped, I fell but I’m walking again, I’m back on the path.” And then, there are the people that come around and kick others when they’re down, right? They’re the people who say, “Well, I’m better than you.”

Like, “You’re down there, I’m up here. In order for me to stay up here, I need to keep you down there.” And so those people too, like, they’re out there too. They’re having their own karmic clock, they’re in their own place and all of these people are doing it because of the illusion, because of their own suffering, because of the illusion of separation, because of the suffering that they’re going through.

The suffering that doesn’t need – we don’t need to suffer in our father’s kingdom, do you understand? Like, we don’t need to suffer. Suffering is not a part of what is needed and yet, it is a part of what is needed because it’s a part of the plan. So, we need to look at the suffering, we need to see it from what it is and that’s why I give you the karmic clock analogy. It’s a part of the path, it’s a part of the journey, but what do we do with it?

What do you do? “What do I do, Kevin, what do I do? What do I do?” Well, first of all, you have many choices in your life, you have many options here, there’s lots of things you can do. You could kick people when they’re down. You could be one of those people. When you fall, you could get back up on yourself, you could – I mean, I’m going to get to you falling in a second but you could kick people when you’re down.

You run over and kick them, okay? You could walk right past them or you can help them up, right? Those are the three options I gave you last week and what does it mean to help people up? We know what it means to kick them when they’re down, right? That’s what society has been pushing on us. That’s what society conditions us. That’s the age of punishment. Throw them in a jail cell, blame them, project them, cancel – the whole cancel thing, cancel culture, whatever they’re calling it now, I don’t even know.

[0:15:51.6] But that’s the mob mentality. One person starts kicking, and everybody else wants to get on the kicking. Start kicking, kicking, kicking, kicking, kicking, kicking, and you can do that. That’s a part of your karma, that’s a part of your action, that’s a part of your journey here, you can do that. You could walk right past, some people do that as well, just walk right past.

It’s like the ostrich. It’s like the ostrich, the head in the sand, out of sight, out of mind, right? I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to do anything about it, I don’t want to have anything to do with it, I’m just – it’s like the condoning of it, right? If I don’t see it, I don’t know about it, it’s like the diamond mines in Africa. It’s not on the news, nobody’s talking about this, it’s not on the news.

We all know where the diamonds come from, okay? We all know these diamonds are being mined out of Africa but hey, like, we’re not thinking about it, it’s not in our minds, we’re not thinking about it. What’s in our mind? Well, something else is in our mind, maybe it is real in our mind, maybe Ukraine is in our mind. Maybe the last school shooting is in our mind because we turn on the news, that’s what we see.

We don’t see these other things that are still happening. The genocide in Burma for example is happening. It’s all happening but we just walk right past it. We don’t bother with these, we don’t kick these people, we don’t help these people, we just walk right past them. But you can also help them up. You could also go in there and help people up.

What does that look like? That looks like love. It’s love because here’s the thing, this is why it’s happening. The question is, why is it happening, right? Now, society wants us to say, “It was because these people are evil.” Why do people abuse animals? Because they’re evil. Why do people kidnap kids? Because they’re evil. Why do people steal cars? Because there’s something wrong with them.

A lot of people go into schools and shoot up teachers and the students, because they’re evil, because they’re possessed, because they have mental disorders, because too easy to get a firearm. Like, all kinds of different reasons, all kinds of different things. Who do we blame? We blame the parents, we blame the teachers, we blame the video games, we blame the music, we blame the government, we blame all these things.

[0:17:55.8] Somebody has to be held accountable but here’s the real thing, the real thing is that they’re suffering. The real thing is, they lack unity. They have forgotten unity, they have forgotten oneness. Nobody showed them the love, that’s all they need. It’s all any of us – it’s all any of us are ever seeking. All of us are seeking the same thing, everything is love. That is the premise brothers.

If you have a question about this, you want to know why this is, it’s because everything is love. And if you don’t believe that, if you don’t know that, if you don’t experience that, then come to me. Come to me, I will show you this, I will prove this to you. I can prove to you that everything is love. Everything is love. All things, all molecules, all atoms, they have at their essence, at their core, a vibration of love. You know, the quasars.

All the things, everything, all of it. The Masons, the smallest particles, they are love, and they come together to create love and they come together in love. Everything is love. Love kills the demon, I think that was in Natural Born Killers, right? It’s a Woody Harrelson movie. Love kills the demon, love kills the demon. I mean, yes, it’s a strange movie but it couldn’t be more correct. Love kills the demon. All the masters have taught us that.

So, what do you do? What do I do? You love, you love, and that doesn’t mean accepting, right? That doesn’t mean condoning and that can be very tricky thing for the mind. The mind could say, “Well, Kevin, if I just accept, if I just love, then doesn’t that mean just like letting people get away with what they’re doing? It’s like – so we just, we don’t do anything about this? We just give them a hug?”

We just give them a hug and say, “Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay that you were never shown love, it’s okay that you were – that you’re suffering, it’s okay that you’re so far removed from unity that now, this is the way you demonstrate your pain. It’s okay.” That’s not what I’m saying, that’s not what I’m saying brothers, I’m being facetious with you. That’s what I’m saying because what I’m also saying is throwing them into a jail cell to teach them more pain.

To teach them more anger, to teach them more resentment, to teach them more hate, well, that’s not going to get it done either. Now, that’s what we do and that’s perfect because we’re doing it but we evolve from this, right? We grow from this, we learn from this. This is a part of the lesson all of us must learn. We’re all on this lesson of love, we’re all on this journey of back to unity.

So right now, in the age of punishment, that’s what we do and it’s a part of the perfection of what we do but as we wake up, as we get closer together as one, that will go away. We’ll stop doing that, we’ll stop adding suffering to suffering and we’ll begin to neutralize suffering with love. To neutralize suffering with – by reaching out the hand and saying, “Brother, come, remember. Come back, come back and remember.”

[0:21:08.2] Now, how do you do that? How do you do that? Well, first of all, it comes down to you listening to what’s happening within you because you can’t do that until you can let go of whatever karma is within you, whatever is triggering within you, and that’s really podcast number one guys.

That’s really the model of alignment, universal truth, it begins with you because as long as you have pain, suffering, anger, hate within your heart that’s what you need to let go of first. The first move is always yours, the first move is to let go, the first move is to surrender what is not you, that’s why we begin with the model of alignment. So, you come into the academy, what am I going to tell you?

Thought downloads, model of alignment. You guys can do this on your own, you don’t need to enroll in the academy for that. You need to begin to see what is going on inside of you, what is happening. When you turn on the TV and you see these things, you see these harmonious things that are happening according to God’s will, what is being triggered within you? What are your reactions to it?

That is where we all must begin. That is where we all must begin because that is what is perpetuating, what you see on TV. Your resistance, your anger, your reaction, your hatred of them or them, whether you’re angry at Russia or you’re angry at Hamas or you’re angry at Israel or you’re angry at Ukraine or you’re angry at those shooters or you’re angry at Trump or you’re angry at Biden or you’re angry at – I don’t know what’s on TV these days.

Full disclosure, I don’t watch TV, I don’t really know. That’s a full disclosure, brothers, that’s my confession to you. I don’t really know. I’m kind of going off with some of my students have been talking about during coaching calls. So, that’s the first move, the first move is what is within you because you are seeing what is within you, you are seeing it. The outer is a part of your journey, the outer you must see.

[0:23:13.5] You must see it because there is something within you that you have to see. It’s not the outer, it’s not for you to project into blame and to say them or them. It’s for you to look within and say, “This is what happens within me when I see this.” That’s why you’re turning on the TV, that’s why it’s a part of your journey. It’s why when you turn on the TV you see what you do. It’s not so you can see that outside, it’s so you can see this inside.

That’s how you get back to love is by letting go of where you have barriers to love. That’s the first move because otherwise, you’re just kicking them when you’re down. Otherwise, you’re running up to join the mob. You will never be able to reach out a hand to help your brother up as long as you’re joining the mob to kick them when they’re down. You cannot have both, you can’t love and hate at the same time, you cannot do it. It is impossible.

I don’t like the word can’t but this is one time when we can use this word, we can’t do it. So, the first move for you is the same move that I have been talking to you guys about for years, to look within, to see your thoughts, to see your feelings, to watch your actions, watch your karma, watch your reactions, watch what’s happening. That’s the first move because that will show you where you are on the karmic clock.

That will show you where your lessons are, that will show you the place that you have come to learn, to let go, to come back home, come back home to unity, come back home to oneness, come back home to love. This is where you have to begin. Now, I can probably leave it at that because I don’t think there’s many of us out there that are at a state, at a place, at a time in the karmic clock where there’s not a reaction.

There’s not a reaction of that shouldn’t be and here is why. Whatever follows shouldn’t be because that person is evil or that group is evil or this person is an idiot or this person doesn’t know, this person is a mental case, whatever it is, whatever judgment comes through. Whatever judgment comes through, that’s what you need to see. That’s you kicking, punishing. The truth is that person is suffering.

That group is suffering, the people, the individuals, the group, they’re all suffering. There’s the compassion and to feel compassion for someone who is harming you is really the effective way of purifying your own barriers. It’s freeing yourself from anger and it’s developing the truth, it’s revealing the truth of your nature that the harm of the person has done to you will carry you along in your journey. It will carry you along in your journey.

[0:26:32.8] Now, that’s the next part that I want to talk about. It’s a nice little segue there because I need to talk to you guys about this because what if you’re the one being kicked? What if you’ve fallen? What do you do? Well, what most people do is fight back, right? What most people do is fight back. You’ve done something, you’ve done something to trip, to fall. People come around, they start kicking you.

Blaming you, “You need to be held accountable, you need to be held accountable. You’re to blame. You’re to blame. Punish him, punish him.” What do most of us do? What do most of us do? We get defensive and defensiveness is a part of our lessons here, it’s a part of our karma because what are you defending? You are defending your fall. You are saying, “I have fallen” and you’re not saying, “I’ve fallen, it’s okay.”

Because here’s the thing brother, you have fallen and it is okay but what you’re defending is that it was in some way like this is difficult to say because I don’t want to come across with the wrong concept, but it’s almost like, “I’ve fallen and it wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t my choice. It wasn’t me, it was the one-armed man” like they say in The Fugitive, right? You’re defending your ego.

You’re defending this idea that you have an identity. You’re defending the idea that you’ve done something wrong and by doing that, you’ve actually convinced that you did do something wrong because if you didn’t do anything wrong, you wouldn’t need to defend. If you really knew that it was okay, if you really knew it was okay, here’s how you would react and I know this is wild, so hold onto this because I’m going to explain this to you.

If you really knew that your fall was a part of God’s plan, if you really knew that your fall was okay that it’s all a part of perfection, then you would just lie there and you would allow yourself to be kicked. I know that that sounds outrageous to most of you. Most of you would say, “What did I just hear? Did Kevin really say I need to be a victim?” No, that is not what I’m saying because there is no victim.

[0:28:55.7] There’s perfection, you are not a victim. The moment you think you’re a victim you’re going to start defending. You’re going to start to say, “I am not a victim and you need to defend, I need to protect. I need to stop this kicking. I need to make sure that I am protected and I am to protect myself from this kicking, from this victim.” And that perpetuates you being a victim that you need to protect yourself from being one.

It makes you one, you understand that? I know that that’s a very subtle and heavy point but here’s the thing like there’s a reason why this is happening. The reason why it’s happening is because somebody else fell and you kicked them, there’s the karma, and it’s happening now for you because at this point, whatever point it is in your journey, you are balancing what you’ve done in the past.

Wow, ouch, how’s that feel? You might say, “Whoa, hold on a second. I’ve never stolen from anybody, somebody just stole from me” or something like this, right? “I’ve never done this, I’ve never done that. I’ve never done these things.” But you have. You have. I mean, not in this life but you have and that’s the thing. That’s the big thing that you’re missing and that’s why we live in this state of forgetting.

That’s why we live in a state of illusion because you think that you are what? 20, 30, 40, 50 years old? You think that you are what? Mike, Joe, Bob, Bruce, Kevin? That’s what you think but you’re not, that’s the illusion. You are the eternal awareness of consciousness, you are the soul, you are the spirit, you are the Atman, you are the self, the true self, the nature of love and light, and you have been here for a long, long, long time, brother.

Long time and you’ve done it. Yes, you’ve done it, you’ve done it all. You’ve done all the things that you judge as evil in the world, you have done it because you’ve been around for that long. You’ve been around long enough to do everything. Everything, you’ve done it all. You’ve been the villain and the hero. You’ve been the king and the peasant. You’ve been the mother and the father, the son and the daughter, you’ve been it all.

You’ve been the lover and the enemy, all of it, you’ve done everything, and in that moment, in that moment that you’re down and you’re being kicked, and here’s the thing, and again, I’ll say this to you and I’m going to take it a step further because that’s what I like to do. I like to take it – I like to push, push, push, push the boundaries of the ego because again, these words are not for the ego. These words are for the soul.

[0:32:04.8] The words actually are for the ego. The words are to trigger that ego right out of you but the frequency, the energy that I am putting through this transmission, that’s for the soul to remember because I want us to take a step further. I’m going to tell you that while you’re down there, while you’re down there being kicked, you actually say a prayer for the people kicking you and you say, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

“Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” And they don’t and they really don’t, brother. They really don’t because they are you and you don’t know what you do. It’s the suffering, it’s the forgetfulness, it’s the feeling of being out of the garden, it’s the feeling of being away from God, it’s the feeling of being separate from unity, from oneness that creates so much pain.

It creates so much pain and so much suffering that they know not what they do and you know not what you do. So while you’re being kicked, instead of being defensive, instead of fighting back, instead of lying there like a victim, you offer more love. You offer more love, you say, “Forgive them.” You say, “Thank you. Thank you for this balance of karma, this suffering from these people that are harming me, I take on their suffering so they may be free.”

“So they may remember, so that they can get all their kicks out and exhaust themselves to the point that maybe they can remember who they are. Get all that suffering out, take it all out on me. Take it out on me, do your worst because I’ve done mine. I’ve done it in my past, my past lives millions of times over, and now, you’re doing yours and I don’t wish on you pain. I don’t wish on you suffering. I wish on you only happiness and freedom.”

“I take it on. I take it on and I ask for forgiveness. I ask that God forgive my aggressors.” You know brothers, there’s this idea in the meditative community, communities that meditate where they say, if you have like an illness and illness is another one. The illness is you getting kicked by the way, I want you to know that. It’s not just about other people harming you, when you get sick that’s another part of it.

[0:34:48.3] That’s a purging process. That is a balancing of karma. You’re getting sick because it’s come around, you’re letting go now. This is a balance, people get so upset when they get sick, right? People say, “Oh, I’m sick. It makes me grateful in being healthy.” Well, I say just be grateful that you’re sick. Just be grateful that you’re sick. It’s not to remind you of what health is like. It’s not like health is better than sickness.

They’re the same, it’s the same thing. That’s the thing is again, going back to the karmic clock. I mean, up until about 10:30 there is still this better or worse, there’s still this, “I want this but not that. I want a promotion in my job but I don’t want to get cancer” right? After 10:30, after 11:00 it’s like they’re all the same. “I got a promotion in my job.” Okay, great. “I got cancer.” Okay, great, good. It’s all great, it’s all balanced.

It’s all me moving closer and closer and closer to oneness, to unity. It’s all getting back there, it’s because it’s the purging. It’s the balancing. In the mind, we think, “Oh, this is not good. I don’t want this, I want that.” But even sickness is the same, sickness is exactly the same. So, I’ll come back to it. There’s this idea in the meditative community, right? That if you have a sickness, if you have something that “is wrong with you” and there’s nothing ever wrong with you.

Again, there’s nothing ever wrong, you are perfect. It doesn’t matter if you’re at 12:30 or whether you’re at 11:30 on the karmic clock, you’re moving through. You’re moving through your journey and sometimes, we manifest or not manifest but we – yeah, we manifest. I guess you could say that we manifest from the soul. This is when the soul plans out its journey in this form, in this incarnation, it decides it’s going to have an autoimmune disorder.

It’s going to have an allergy or it’s going to have something, right? It’s going to say, “Okay” like it’s going to have depression or some other mood disorder. So there’s this idea at the meditative community that is okay, so we’re going to meditate. We’re going to close our eyes and we’re going to breathe in, we’re going to breathe in light. We’re going to breathe in all the light and all the love and all the healing.

We’re going to breathe it into our bodies, right? And we’re going to breathe out all the illness and all the sadness and all the suffering and all the pain, we’re going to breathe it out, and we’re just going to keep doing that. We’re going to breathe in what’s good, we’re going to breathe out what’s bad, right? And again, it’s like there is no good or bad. There is no good or bad. As you can probably imagine, I’m going to flip this one on its head too.

[0:37:27.1] I’m going to say, look, like when you reach that point, when you reach that point, when you can be on the ground, when you can be kicked on the ground, whether it’s the kick coming from other people that are harming you or whether it’s the kick coming from your own choice, your own soul’s choice to create a body that is disease-ridden or has autoimmune or whatever it is.

When you are in that state of being down, of feeling sorry for yourself or feeling like a victim or whatever it is, when you are down and being kicked that you offer up that gratitude. You offer up that prayer, you offer up that, “Save them, don’t judge them, save them for what they’re doing, save them for how they’re harming others, they know not what they do.” And you do the same.

You do the same in your meditation that as you meditate, you breathe in, you take into your body. Again, this might trip you out, this might trigger you a little bit, you breathe in all the suffering of the world, breathe it in. Breathe in all the people that are suffering in Israel, all the suffering that is happening in Israel, all the bombings and all the – but also, breathe in all the suffering that’s happening from the Hamas because they’re the ones doing the bombings, right?

They’re the ones doing the killings, so they’re suffering too, breathe that in. Breathe in all the suffering that’s happening in Ukraine, all the families, all the families that are being attacked but also breathe in what’s happening with the attackers because they’re suffering too. Breathe in when there is a school shooting, breathe in the pain of the families of the victims, and breathe in the pain of the shooter that sent him to that school.

Breathe it in, breathe in the suffering, and then in your heart, in your heart of light, in your heart of love, which is who you are, a celestial being, a divine being born in the garden of Eden, born in unity, born in love, in your heart of light – transmute that and breathe out all of that love. Take all of that love and breathe it out into the world and heal the world with your love, with your light, breathe that out.

[0:39:40.6] I know it’s the opposite of what’s being taught, right? It’s the opposite but why is it the opposite? Because we’ve forgotten who we are, because we think that we’re these human beings that are victims of our environment and we are not. We are celestial beings who have forgotten who we are. We’re celestial beings, divine beings living in unity, living in oneness, living with each other, just living with amnesia.

Living out divine will, living out our karmic clock, and that’s what I got for you guys today. I love you brothers. I’ll see you next week and elevate your alpha.


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