Brothers, all of you are a triumvirate; made up of mind, body, and spirit. The way to reach true alignment and to experience life in your Alpha State is to get to the point where all three of these elements of the trinity that is you, are acting in harmony. When you achieve this, you will understand that what you do is not important, it’s how you do it.

Too many people are obsessed with doing, when really what we should all be focusing on is being. We are human beings after all. Right, brothers? Every circumstance that you find yourself in is something that you’ve attracted and chosen, but even though your spirit has guided you to your choice, it is not able to impose your experience of that choice onto you. That is up to your mind. 

If you’re worrying about what you should be doing with your life, stop. Think about who you are instead. If you’re unsure of who you are, I’ll tell you; love, that’s who you are brother, and you have a right to feel joy, compassion, gratitude, and kindness. zithromax and coumadin interactions schedule for viagra adidas allegra 4 w phd thesis in hindi language pdf follow link minimum viagra dose cialis demir kutu 10'lu essays postmodernism art follow link can atorvastatin cause hair lost makers of zanaflex go to link go to site social networking essay topics ba english b important essays go here position argument essay topics dormonoct 2mg bijsluiter viagra kamagra nyiregyhaza how effective is cialis after prostate surgery cialis es de venta libre en mexico plavix dental work reintermediation marketing What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • The difference between the Tribe and the Academy.
  • Why we should focus less on ‘doing,’ and more on ‘being.’
  • How your circumstances in life are determined.
  • You are not here to produce results, you are a result.
  • The desire of your Alpha State.
  • Different functions of your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Love and joy can be experienced everywhere; it all depends on how you think.

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[0:00:09.6] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.7] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. Before I get into the episode today, brothers, I am opening enrollment for the tribe class 002 that is beginning in May of this year, I know it’s a very short amount of time and I’m only taking eight students for this class.

If you are interested, I would offer that you contact me immediately to reserve your slot and I’m going to tell you guys that being a student in the academy is not a prerequisite for enrolling in the tribe. I’m going to host a full webinar describing all the details, the results, the benefits, the prices and I’m also going to answer any questions that you guys may have about the tribe in April. This webinar is going to be in April, if you want to receive the Zoom link for that webinar, you must be subscribed to the newsletter which you can do simply by going to the website and filling out the little forms that pops up after about three to five seconds. I’m not really sure.

You go to the and within a couple of seconds, this thing will pop up and fill it in and I think it actually says “Indomitable self-confidence newsletter.” That will subscribe you to the newsletter so you will receive great material in addition to the invitation to join the webinar, I will give you all the details about the tribe which is formerly known as a certification course.

Now, the academy is designed for the inner journey of developing cognitive mastery and emotional ownership. It is the level one program for students seeking to become aware of their thoughts, detach from their belief systems and all the false stories about themselves that are no longer serving them, then from there, to elevate their alpha state by transcending any attachment to the mental projection.

The tribe on the other hand is a level two program that goes deeper into the truth of spiritual noses, you were going to go deeper into remembering who you are and learn how to choose who you want to be. In addition to that, in the tribe, you will learn how to guide others, whether that is through coaching, opening up your own coaching business, whether that’s they’re leading, whether that’s through managing, if you work in a business and you’re a manager or a director or a CEO or any position where you have employees but also, for parenting, if you have children, how can you guide your children by using Alpha Male Coach methodology. 

Finally, what the tribe also does is it allows you to bond with a group of likeminded men who are on a similar journey of self-remembrance and self-creation. This community, this brotherhood, acts like an accelerant for personal evolution and individual development. That’s what makes it a level two program.

[0:03:13.1] Like I said, being a student in the academy is not required, you don’t have to go through level one to get to level two. Although, I will say that it allows you some time to work on yourself, the academy allows you to sometimes to work on yourself before learning how to guide others who aim to work on themselves and going even more deeply into the truth of who you are.

As I said brothers, if you want to hear more about this program, all you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter that you’ll find on my website Once you subscribe, look for the zoom link that will arrive in your email 24 hours and one hour before the call, it will be an hour-long webinar where I’ll provide you with all the details and answer all your questions.

The webinar itself will be on Monday, April 11th so about two weeks away and remember, there are only eight spots available and those eight spots will go quickly. I’m closing enrollment for the May class on April 18th. However, the tribe class 003, the next class will begin in September of this year.

Okay brothers, let’s get into the podcast episode for today. Now, I want you guys to know that students come into the academy wanting to know what to do and how to do it, whatever “it” is, right? They want to know what they need to do to have amazing relationships, they want to know what they need to do to create optimal health, they want to know what they need to do to create massive wealth. 

[0:04:37.0] A lot of times, it has to do with just wanting to know, “How can I do what I love to do and still make a living doing it?” You can hear all the doing, right? It’s all about the doing, all about the doing. “What do I need to do to make a living doing what I love? I love doing this but I can’t make a living doing it so it becomes a hobby instead and then I go and I do something, I have work, I have a job that I just don’t like doing. I have a job that I hate.”

I want to tell you brothers, that you can literally do anything, it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s how you are feeling, it’s what your state of being while you’re doing it. There’s a big difference between being and doing. We are human beings, not human doings, right? 

I know you might have heard that but that’s the literal truth. Most people have placed their emphasis on doing. They all want to know how to do, “What do I need to do, how does it get done? Let’s just do.” Just Do It, that’s the slogan, right? Just do it, just do it.

There’s a lot of proponents for that, there’s a lot of people out there saying that. “Just man up” right? I know man up’s a slogan, just do it is a slogan. Just get it done, just go out there and do it, just don’t worry about it, don’t think about it, just act. There’s a lot of proponents for that and I want you guys to know that there’s no should or shouldn’t involved here, I’m not saying there’s one right way to do things, there’s not one right way.

[0:05:58.9] I will tell you this, there is always the choice, there’s only what you choose and how you can choose it. If you choose peace and joy and love, you won’t get much of that through what you’re doing. You’re not going to get peace and joy and love, you’re not going to get a state of being through what you’re doing. If you choose happiness and contentment, you’ll find very little of that that on the path of doingness.

If you choose to elevate your alpha state, find supreme knowing, deep understanding, endless compassion, total awareness, absolute fulfillment, you’re not going to achieve much of that out of what it is that you are doing. In other words, brother, if you are on a spiritual path, if you are on a path of evolution, if you’re on the path of elevating your alpha state, you’re not going to produce that by the worldly activities of your body, you’re not going to do that through just a bunch of movement.

It’s not going to be a mathematical component of how your machine moves through space and time because doing is a function of the body whereas being is a function of the spirit. The body is always doing something, every minute of every day, it’s up to something, it never stops, it never rests, it’s continually and constantly doing something.

What it’s doing is either at the behest of the spirit, of the alpha state, or in spite of the alpha state. The quality of your life is what is dependent on this, the quality of your life is what hangs in the balance because your alpha state is forever being. That’s why it’s a state, it is being, it is in a state of constant being.

[0:07:32.6] It is being what it is being, regardless of what the body is doing, not because of what the body is doing. If you think your life is about doingness, you do not understand what you are about, you have not yet remembered who you are. Because I’m going to tell you something, brothers, your spirit, your alpha state does not care what you do for a living, your alpha state does not care what you’re doing in your relationships and when your life is over, neither will you. You’re not going to care what you did for a living and you’re not going to care what you did in your relationships.

Your alpha state cares only about what you’re being while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing. How it is you are being in your doing, how it is you’re being in what you’re doing for a living or how it is you are being in your relationships. That’s what the alpha state cares about and this is a movement deeper into the universal truth.

Remember brothers, you are a trinity, you are a triumvirate being, you are made up of mind, body, spirit. You are all three of these things. Your spirit is the alpha state, whether you call it your spirit, your soul, your alpha state, it doesn’t matter, that is your state of being, your alpha state is always in a state of being. It’s seeking, it’s evolving into the state of being.

Your mind is choosing, your mind is going to be choosing how it wants to respond to the neutral circumstance and thereby, it’s going to enter you into a state of being and then your body is simply going to act on that. It’s going to act on whatever state of being, whatever choice you made about the neutral circumstance.

[0:09:06.3] Again, this is a movement deeper into the universal truth. You create your circumstances when you’re thinking in the past. However long ago, whatever long ago, whether it was a week, a month, a year or 10 years, a decade, you have a belief, you have this belief, this thought that you are using to create and you created it and you attracted it and now it’s a circumstance.

It came into your life. Once you attracted it, now it’s here, you get to choose, you get to choose how you want to respond to what it is that you chose, what it is that you attracted. You’ve chosen everything in your life brother, everything that’s come to you, you’ve chosen. With your mind, you’re choosing how you want to respond or what state of being you want to exist, what type of state of being you want to experience in that choice you made in the past, in that neutral circumstance.

Then, based on whatever you chose, your body will act, your body will then take action from that. Are you going to live in a place of fear or are you going to live in a place of love. Where are you? Where are you coming from as you encounter life? Now, I’ve given you guys this example before but I’m going to give it again on this podcast episode, the example of two equally qualified individuals, two individuals with the exact same education, exact same skill set, you can just consider them clones of each other, there’s no difference between the two, it’s the same person, being in two places at once, right?

Two equal individuals and what they’re going to find is, that through this analogy, one person is being open, this is their being, brothers, their state of being, they’re being open, friendly, caring, helpful, considerate, cheerful, confident, even joyful in their work, in what they’re doing and how they’re demonstrating themselves in their relationships.

[0:10:47.9] While the other person, again, same person, just a different state of being, maybe consider it to be an alternate universe perhaps, this other person is being closed, distant, uncaring, inconsiderate, grumpy, even resentful of what he’s doing, they’re going to have completely different results because of he way they are choosing to be, even though they’re doing the exact same thing.

Let’s say we took that individual and we took them even to an even loftier state of being, let’s say they were choosing goodness, mercy, compassion, understanding forgiveness, love. What would their experience be then? I’m telling you brothers, that beingness attracts beingness and it produces the experience. You are not on this planet to produce anything with your body. You are already a result. 

Everything in this world is already in effect, everything in this world is already a result. I’m going to talk about that next week, on next week’s podcast episode. For now, what I want you guys to know is, everything here, everything in this world of matter and density is already an effect, E-F-F-E-C-T right? Effect, it’s coming from a cause from the realm of sound and vibration. You are not here to produce anything with your body.

[0:11:59.3] Your body is already an effect, you are here on this planet to produce something with your spirit, with your state of being from your vibration, from your alpha state. Your body is simply and merely the tool of your spirit, your mind is the power that makes the body go. What you have here is a power tool, used in the creation of your alpha state’s desire.

Brothers, if you want to know what your alpha state’s desire is, then simply look around you. I mentioned that earlier and I mentioned it very briefly but it’s basically the universal truth. Your circumstances are neutral but they don’t just appear for you randomly or haphazardly or by coincidence. There is no such thing as coincidence, your circumstances appear before you as opportunities.

Let’s say that your spirit, your alpha state, leads you to the right and perfect opportunities for you to experience exactly what you had planned to experience, exactly what you had chosen with your mind, with your thoughts and your beliefs to experience, you’ve attracted, you’ve created everything.

Now, it’s here, you chose it, whether it was a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, you’ve been choosing your circumstances that are occurring in the now, always. You’re always choosing them. What your alpha state is doing is putting you in the opportunity to experience what it is you’re choosing.

[0:13:18.3] What you actually experience however is up to you. It could be what you plan to experience, if you’re thinking about achieving this dream job of yours, you’re thinking about since a little kid, “I want to be a lawyer, I want to be a lawyer.” Then, what’s happened is, you’ve attracted that, you’ve gone through all the things, you’ve gone through all the law stuff and then all of a sudden you’re a lawyer, it’s your circumstance now and how do you want to experience that?

You could experience it the way you plan to experience it which is what you wanted, to be happy, to be joyful, to be successful, to be confident, to be whatever it is that you – for the reason you wanted it or you could choose something else. It’s all dependent on what you choose, you could experience something else with it, right? You could experience despair, you could experience letdown, like, “Oh, it wasn’t what I thought it would be” because once you’ve attracted it through your mind, you then have another choice to make which is through your state of experience, through your state of being. 

The spirit of you, your alpha state seeks in the largest sense the grand moment when you have conscious awareness of its own wishes and join in joyful oneness with those wishes, but here’s the thing brothers and this is what I want you to know when it comes to your alpha state, your spirit will never ever force its desire on the present conscious physical part of you. 

Never-ever-ever. It is outside of the nature of the alpha state to do that, so the alpha state is going to put you in position to experience what it is you are choosing to experience but it is never going to force you to experience what it is that it wants to experience. 

That’s freewill, that’s up to your mind, that’s up to you to have the thought about because the mind very often does seek to exert its will in the body and the body seeks to control the mind and the body and the mind together do not have anything to do with the control of the soul because the soul is completely without need. It’s completely needless, unlike the body and the mind, which are shackled with need. 

They’re shackled with desire and need and urge and so allows the soul, the spirit, the alpha state allows the body and the mind to have their way all the time. Just all the time, your alpha state will always attract to you what it is you chose for yourself but it will never choose the experience you have based on your choice, based on what you’ve attracted. The soul would have it no other way. 

Your alpha state does not do that. It doesn’t come in and say, “Well, you have to feel good about this because you chose to have it.” It is still going to allow your mind to choose it for you and the reason why is because obedience is not creation and therefore, it can never produce experience. 

[0:15:54.1] Obedience is a response while creation is pure choice. Pure choice produces that powerful experience through the pure creation of highest idea in the moment of the now. The function of the spirit, the function of the alpha state, remember you’re a triumvirate brother, you’re a trinity, your mind, body and spirit, the function of the spirit is to indicate its desire not impose it. 

What it’s constantly indicating for you is love, is compassion, is gratitude, is generosity, is patience, kindness, it’s all of those things that evolve you, all those things that bring you closer to the source, to the oneness, to the field of light and love itself. The function of the spirit is to indicate its desire and it’s constantly indicating that. 

The function of the mind is to choose from those alternatives. The mind gets to choose the state of being that the soul then provides and the soul will always, the spirit will always bring you back and forth, back and forth in that contrast. If your mind chooses to deviate from evolution, if it chooses to deviate from what it is, which is love and compassion then you are going to feel that. 

You are going to feel fear, you are going to feel the separateness, you’re going to feel what it is that the spirit is teaching you so that you know that your mind is choosing to be separate from it. You cannot ever be separate from it because you are always it but by choosing separation, you feel that discomfort. 

You feel the fear, you feel the anxiety, you feel the worry, you feel the doubt, you feel the anger, you feel the hatred, you feel the despair and the divisiveness. The function of the mind is to choose those things and then the function of the body is to act out that choice. When the mind body and spirit create together in harmony and in unity, that’s when you are in alignment. 

[0:17:37.0] That’s when you are truly in alignment and that’s when you know yourself in your own experience, but we don’t always choose that even though we’re always seeking that. So while you are always seeking to do what it is that you love, you’re not always loving what it is that you do. 

That’s the wild thing brothers, that’s what I want you to know from this episode, you are always seeking. You are always hoping for more. It is in your nature, it is in your divine nature to seek, always to be more, to fulfill more of yourself, to experience more of who you are. It’s love brother, that’s who you are. 

You are love and so you are seeking love and you will always be seeking love. You will be seeking love in your relationships, you will be seeking love in your job. You will be seeking love in your life, you will be seeking love in yourself. You’ll always be seeking love that’s why people come to the academy saying, “I want to love what I do,” or “I want to do what I love.” 

“I want to improve my relationships. I want my relationships to be amazing, to be better, I want to show up as my best self. I want to love myself so much that I stop avoiding myself through buffering and I start loving myself through self-care.” That’s why because your spirit, your alpha state is there guiding you always but it doesn’t impose. 

It indicates, it is always indicating for you that next version, that evolution of yourself. It is always indicating for you how to remember who you are, that’s what it’s doing, and then the mind chooses. The mind comes in and chooses because you will attract to you opportunities for you to always evolve. You will always attract opportunities for you to love. 

[0:19:19.2] You will always attract opportunities for you to be compassionate. You will always attract opportunities for you to be patient, be generous, be grateful and then your mind will choose. Then your mind will choose from the neutral circumstances that the spirit has put in front of you as opportunities for you to see who you are. 

You will always be seeking, you’ll always be looking for more and that is why through faith brother, I just want to offer that you do what you really love to do, do nothing else. Do you nothing else than what it is you love to do. There is so little time in this form, in this vehicle we call the body. How can you think of wasting a moment doing something for a living that you don’t like to do? 

What kind of a living is that? That’s not a living at all brother, you are not living. You are dying when you are doing something you don’t want to do and I have heard you. I’ve heard you all. I’ve heard it from students coming into the academy, I’ve heard it from students in the academy, I’ve heard it from students in the tribe as well and I know that you are out there right now listening to this podcast, “But coach, I can’t do what I love.” 

“I can’t do what I want to do, I have others who depend on me. I have a wife, I have kids, I have little mouths to feed and a spouse who is looking to me to protect her and to take care of the family.” If you insist your life is about what your body is doing, you will not understand why you came here. At least do something that pleases you, that speaks of who you are then at least you can stay out of resentment and anger towards those you imagine are keeping you from your joy. 

Brothers, what your body is doing is not to be discounted. I am not saying it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. It does matter what you’re doing but as you’re doing it, choose the state of being that is blinding you with your truth, that is aligning you with who you are. It is important but it is not important in the way that you think. The actions of your body were meant to be reflections of your state of being, not attempts to attain a state of being.

[0:21:19.5] You guys know this, this is the universal truth. In the true order of things, you do not do something in order to be something. You don’t do something in order to be happy. You are happy and then you do something. You do not do something in order to be compassionate. You are compassionate and then you act in a certain way. 

The alpha state’s decision precedes the body’s action in a highly conscious person. Your alpha state is always attracting you the opportunities that will show up to you neutrally, so that your mind can then make a decision, make a choice on how to respond to what it is you attracted to yourself, what it is you chose for yourself.

That is why the beta condition chooses contrast and when you choose from the beta condition, your alpha state lets you know. It lets you know through the feeling of separation. Only an unconscious person attempts to produce a state of being through something that the body is doing. This is what I mean when I say your life is not about what your body is doing but it is true that what your body is doing is a reflection of what your life is about. 

This is another alpha male paradox but I want to finish the podcast by telling you guys this. This is important brother, you have a right to your joy. You have a right to feel love. You have a right to feel compassion. You have a right to feel generous and grateful and kind. You have a right to be in your alpha state. You have that right that is why you are here. 

It doesn’t matter if you have kids, it doesn’t matter if you have a wife, seek that joy. Find that joy and you will have a joyful family. No matter how much money you make or don’t make, you will, I guarantee you will. When you are feeling joy, when you are choosing a state of being that is joy, that is love, that is compassionate, it doesn’t matter how much money you make. 

[0:23:12.9] I know people that make a lot of money, which is very relative of course, but because they’re so sick of the forgetfulness, they’re so ingrained in the beta condition, because they are living in such a deep state of unconsciousness, they’re making themselves and everybody around them miserable because they are choosing despair, because they’re choosing guilt, because they are choosing doubt, because they are choosing fear. 

Choose love, compassion, gratitude and I guarantee you the money won’t make a difference. It won’t make a difference, your family will be in that state of joy and love and compassion with you and look, if they are not joyful, if your family is not joyful and they choose to get up and leave you then release them. Release them with the love that is within you to seek their own joy to find what makes them happy. 

Now, if on the other hand you have come to this inner light, you have moved to this inner evolution to the point where things of the body are not that much of a concern for you, then you are even more free to seek your joy because it is okay to be happy. It is okay to be happy in your work. It is okay to be joyful. 

Your life’s work, what you do for a living, how you spend your time, the actions you take, the doing of this world, this realm of matter and density, whatever you want to call it, it is a statement of who you are and if it’s not a statement of who you are then why are you doing it? You probably think you have to. You probably think you have to do it, right? 

“I just have to coach, I have to do it. I have to make money.” Brother, you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to do anything at all. Now look, if you’re a man who supports his family at all costs even his own happiness, even at the cost of his own happiness, if that’s who you are then love your work. Then choose that thought, the thought that you are a man who supports his family at all cost even at the costs of his own happiness. 

[0:25:02.8] Then love that cost, love that work because it is facilitating your creation of a living statement of self. Do you understand what I mean? Do you hear what I am saying? I am saying if you are choosing that, if your alpha state attracts to a circumstance where you are neutrally having this work, having this job and in your job, you are choosing to believe, you are choosing to think that you are a man who supports his family at all costs even at the cost of his own happiness then in that choice of thought, choose the state of being that is love, love that thought, let that thought move through you as love because that thought is facilitating your creation of a living statement of yourself. 

If your thought is you’re a man who works at his job that he hates in order to meet the responsibilities as he sees them, if that’s who you are, if that’s the choice that you are making through the neutral circumstance that you’ve created then love that job. Love it, love it, love it for it totally supports your self image. 

It is what’s supporting your concept of yourself. If you think that thought that you’re a man who works at a job he hates in order to meet the responsibilities as he sees them and then you feel despair, you feel resentment, then you are resenting the thought that you are choosing about the circumstance that you choose. 

You chose that circumstance. Your alpha state brought that circumstance to you in order for you to choose how to respond to it and experience the state of being that you attracted to yourself, that you are choosing to experience for yourself in a way that demonstrates who you are. Everyone can love everything the moment they understand what they are doing and why and brother, no one does anything he doesn’t want to do. 

[0:27:00.0] That’s what I have for you today my friends. If you want to learn how to do what you love to do, now is the time to enroll in the academy and definitely checkout the level two program, the tribe. 

Until next week my friends, elevate your alpha. 


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