Welcome back, brothers. Today I will be exploring some potentially controversial waters, but this is important stuff that I feel I need to talk to you about. You will likely be accustomed to me taking a counter-intuitive path on this podcast, and today is no different! These revolutionary ideas can take your life from one blighted by sickness and disease, and transform it into something blossoming and beautiful, and as usual, it all starts with our beliefs. 

The foundation of what we are talking about is the universal force of creation, and once we understand what the causes and effects are, we start to see how everything we experience is an effect of what we think and tell ourselves. This is why worrying is what makes us sick. Not what we eat, or how we choose to spend our time. The story that keeps playing in our heads is what determines whether we are healthy or unwell!

So my message to you is this brothers: when we stop worrying we can begin to be healthy. Worrying is what happens when we do not understand oneness, connection, and love. All those dangerous parts of our thinking: worry, hate, fear, anxiety, bitterness, impatience, unkindness, judgment, and condemnation can destroy us, and attack our very cells! We need to escape the life of a mental leper and realize how this all combines in the three aspects of the self and our alpha state. Tune in to hear all about it!

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  • A different perspective on cause and effect. 
  • How to think about the universal force of creation  
  • The links between our thinking and words, and manifestation. 
  • Why all illness is self-created and the damaging effects of worry. 
  • How we can heal ourselves through belief and love.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence.

Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:31] KA: What’s up my brothers. Welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. I am back in the United States of America. I just got back actually, I got back yesterday, the day before recording this podcast. By time you listen to it, it’ll probably be about a week, but I got back yesterday. I came from Mexico. I came from Puerto Escondido. Now you guys probably have heard in previous podcasts that in Puerto Escondido, in Mexico, I had a bit of a wild time. I had a parasite in my stomach. I got bit by a street dog, but I also had a really amazing time. Spent a lot of time surfing. 

By the way, Puerto Escondido is one of the top 10 surf spots in the world. I didn’t know that when I got there, but having been there, I can see why it’s an amazing place to surf. I did a lot of surfing, did a little bit of scuba diving, I had a friend actually come out and visit me who lives in Miami, came out, he visit me for a weekend. It was an absolutely amazing time in Mexico. Puerto Escondido is in Oaxaca, by the way, brothers. It’s in the southern part of Mexico. It’s actually on the Pacific side. 

We in the US, or at least me when I’m in the USA, I think about the Pacific Ocean is being on the west coast in the Atlantic Ocean is being on the east coast, but even though I’m in the Pacific Ocean, well in Mexico, it’s actually the south coast. It’s down on the south side of Mexico, just amazing surf, great scuba diving. I prefer scuba diving in the Caribbean in the Mediterranean, some of these seas, but great scuba diving, amazing food, amazing environment, lots of great energy, highly recommended. I’m going back to Tulum. I’m going back to the East Coast over on the Caribbean Sea, but I would definitely revisit Puerto Escondido when I choose to surf again, no doubt. 

Now today, I’m going to get into something that may be considered for some of you slightly controversial. Probably not a surprise, you guys probably know this by now about me. I typically take a counter intuitive position on a lot of things, because I feel there are so many things in the world, in our reality, what we call the matrix, that are simply based on pure conditioning. Ours are very backwards, that’s something I’m going to do in another podcast episode, but when it comes to our health, I think that’s one of them. 

I’m going to begin with you guys by talking about cause and effect again. I’ve done a podcast on this before. I’ve done a podcast on cause and effect. When I talk about cause and effect, most of the time, when you hear that cause and effect, most of the time, there’s this thought around the cause being something that happened in the past, and the effect being something that’s occurring in the present, or the cause being something that’s happening in the present. Then the effect was what comes next in the future. The way I see cause and effect is very different. I think it’s because I look at time differently. I don’t look at time as necessarily a linear progression, even though we experience it linearly. 

Time is more of a vertical progression. It’s more of us being able to access and having access to the abundance of all things in the moment. We have access to everything and anything right here and right now. The cause of creation, the cause of bringing all things into the realm of separation, or it’s into the realm of some things is through belief. It’s through mind. So we have these two realms, we have the realm of light and love, the invisible realm. We have the realm of matter and density, the physical realm, the visible realm. Brothers, these aren’t different dimensions. These aren’t different universes, they’re just different realms. They’re different realms of the same oneness. Our cause is always coming from this invisible realm. It is a high vibration realm of light and love and the realm of matter and density, the realm of what we consider to be reality. The realm of things and stuff is the realm of visibility, the realm of low vibration. 

Now, the way we move, the way we get, the way we create, the way we manifest from the realm of high vibration to the realm of low vibration is through belief. I’m going to give this to you guys before getting into health, specifically. Brothers, you’ve heard me say this before. In the universe, there are so many different forces. There’s so many different powers or forces that we able to work with, that are a part of us, that are one with us, but that we tend to harness and utilize for our human experience. Electricity is one, gravity is another, and creation is a third. 

Now with gravity, there is and with electricity and creation as well. There’s always three components. There’s the thing itself, there’s the way the thing works and then there’s the result of the thing working, to take gravity as an example before getting into creation and then into how health is in effect. Gravity is the thing itself. Ask any scientists, ask any authority, ask any scholar. What is gravity? What is it? What is it in measurement? Not how does it work? Or what is it in result? In other words, how do we know it’s working? How do we know it exists, but just what is it? No one will be able to tell you. No one knows what gravity is, they’ll simply tell you it’s a force, it’s a force in the universe. 

Same thing with electricity. What it is? No one knows. How it works is a process. How it works is generally something mathematical or generally something explainable. Then the result of the thing working is observable, or the result of the thing working is how we know it to be true, how we know that it exists self. So with gravity, we have gravity the thing itself, we have the way it works, which is mass times distance or relativity the curvature of space time. The result of it working is things staying in place, essentially. Things either being static or things being in motion, while still attached to the earth, the gravity, like the earth going around the sun, right? We see that. 

The Earth rotates around the sun or revolves around the Sun, because it’s attracted, there’s a gravitational pull towards the sun. If I put my pen on the desk, it stays there, because my pen and the earth have a gravitational pull to each other and the desk just happens to be in the way. It’s actually the earth that is attracting the pen and then the desk is there to stop it from going through and ending up on the ground. That’s the result of the thing working. That’s how we see it. 

With creation brothers, there’s a creation, as a force, we don’t know what it is. We don’t know what the thing itself is. We just know that there’s a force in a universe called creation. Creation creates, creation manifests. New things come into being. We’re always creating new things all the time. We’ve created everything around us that is manmade, we created houses, skyscrapers, bottles, pens, iPhones, airplanes, cars, yoga mats, suitcases, beds, whiteboards, ceiling fans, I mean, I’m just looking around the room and I’m seeing all these things that we’ve created, right? So we’ve created all these things, because creation is a force. That’s the thing itself. 

Now we can also look and say what is the result of it working? Well, the result of it working is the things, all the things I just mentioned. We have this part in the middle is how does the thing work? What is the process? How do we get from the thing itself to the result of it working? This is what I’m going to give you. Now brothers, this is something from the tribe, this is not something we learn in the Academy, because the Academy is an inner experience. It’s going in through cognitive mastery and emotional ownership. In the tribe we go a little bit deeper. This is something from the tribe, which is that we comes from vibration, it comes from very fast vibrations that we cannot see the high vibrational realm of oneness that is all around us. 

The high vibrational realm of abundance, the high vibrational realm of oneness, the high vibrational realm of perfection, the high vibrational realm of love that exists all around us, as if we are fish, and we’re swimming through it. It’s the water that a fish swims, and we are not aware of it, even though it is all around us and within us. It’s everywhere. It’s so fast. The vibrations are so high that we just can’t see it. That’s why it’s love and light, we just can’t see it. We begin to think, and we think and we believe, and our beliefs and our thoughts begin to work on these high vibrations, these vibrations that are moving so fast that they’re pure. They’re pure vibrations, pure creation. What we do is we start to work on them, we work on them with our beliefs, and we start to slow their vibrations down. We start to slow the vibrations until they move from this realm of oneness into separation. 

First, there becomes an outline, then a border, and then they start to shrink down and create. Finally, over time, they manifest. They come into this world like here it is. Now of course it doesn’t necessarily work exactly like that, because they don’t just appear. There are things that we work on and we go into them and we create them, but that’s really what is happening. We go from a very fast. Look at ice water and steam, right? In the realm of chemistry we can see this. We can take water molecule, hydrogen and oxygen, H2O and we can look at it when it’s in a solid state, ice. We see that it’s very, very low vibration. The molecules are tightly packed, then it goes to water and the molecules get further apart, vibrate faster, and then it goes to steam. The molecules get even further apart and vibrate even faster. 

What we’re doing, when we’re creating through the process of creation is we’re just working that backwards. We’re taking it from a high vibration, a vibration it’s so fast, it’s invisible. A vibration of pure love, a vibration of pure one is this abundance, where everything exists in the here and now. With our minds with our belief, we send out these signals. We send out these demands, these declarations that say, I believe this. 

Remember the, I am statement. I am this. I am and whatever follows becomes a catalyst for creation and with that catalyst of creation those high vibration, that high vibration, the field of abundance of love and light begin to, like I say, for an outline and border then consolidate into the realm of slow vibration, matter and density. That is how creation works. That’s the process of it working and the result of it working is all the things that we see in our human experience. 

Now, that’s the cause. The cause is mind. The cause is thought. The cause is belief. The effect is the result. So the cause is taking high vibration pure oneness, pure love. With mind, molding it, it’s shaping it, declaring it into an effect, which is form, matter, density. What does this have to do with health? Let’s understand what you probably already know, brothers. All illness, all disease, all sickness is self-created. All health, all wellness, all fitness is self-created. Even conventional medical doctors, even western medical doctors are now seeing how people make themselves sick. 

Now, brothers, most people don’t do this consciously. In fact, they’re doing it very unconsciously. When people do get sick, they don’t know what hit on. They don’t know that they created it. They don’t know that they were the cause of it through their own mind. It feels as though something has happened to them. They feel the victim of their sickness. They think that some outer source, some germs, somebody sneezed on them, so they got sick, or they touch their face with their hands, so they think they got sick. Rather than that they did something to themselves. This occurs, because most people move through life, not simply with health issues, but in general, very unconsciously. 

Brothers, the not so obvious truth is that most people simply think themselves into illness. They worry themselves to death. They hate themselves to death. They fear themselves to death. They worry themselves to disease, they hate themselves to disease, they anger themselves to disease. They fear themselves to disease. Brothers, worry is just about the worst form of mental activity there is next to hate which is deeply self-destructive. Worry is absolutely pointless. It is wasted mental energy. It also creates a biochemical reaction which harms the body producing everything from indigestion to coronary rest to cancer, and a multitude of things in between. 

Health is an effect and it will improve almost at once when worrying stops. Worry is the activity of a mind that does not understand its connection with oneness. That does not understand its connection with truth. Worry is the activity of a mind that does not understand its connection with love. Now hatred is the most severely damaging mental conditions even beyond worry, because it poisons the body and more than poisons the body its effects are virtually irreversible. Fear is the opposite of everything you are, period. 

Fear is not you. You are not fear. Fear is an illusion. Fear is a lie. So it has an effect of opposition to your mental and physical health. Fear is worry magnified. So worry, hate and fear and together with all of their offshoots, anxiety, bitterness, and patients on kindness, judgment and condemnation. All of these things attack the body at the cellular level. It is impossible to have a healthy body under these conditions. Similarly although, to somewhat of a lesser degree. Conceit, indulgent self-indulgence and greed and all these other, they’re going to lead to a lack of well-being as well. All illness is first created in the mind, it is not coming from what you do, it is coming from what you think, nothing occurs in your life, nothing, which is not first thought. 

Thoughts are magnets. They draw effects to you. The thought may not always be obvious, brothers. A lot of times it’s very unconscious. It’s not we’re walking around with a thought in our mind. I’m going to contract a terrible disease. I know that there probably are people out there thinking, I’m going to contract a terrible disease, but most of us are not. Most of us are not thinking that consciously. Instead, the thought may be something far more subtle. I am not worthy, I am not worthy to live, my life is always a mess, I am a loser, God is going to punish me, right? I’m going to be punished. That’s a big one, especially in certain religious circles. I’m a sinner. God is going to punish me. How about, I’m sick and tired of my life. 

These are all unconscious thoughts that people walk around with due to their conditioning, because thoughts are very, very subtle, yet extremely powerful form of energy. That’s what they are. They’re the causal energy that moves the invisible to the visible, because they are invisible themselves. Words are less subtle, they’re more dense, because words have audible vibration. A thought is invisible, you can’t hear a thought. You can hear words. It’s still vibration, it’s still sound, but it’s more dense. You see the vibrations are slower than thoughts. Actions are the most dense of all, because action is energy in heavy physical form. It’s heavy motion. It is the movement of matter and density itself. It’s the lowest vibration. 

When you think, say and act out a negative concept like I’m not worthy, or I’m a loser, I am sick and tired of my life, all the I am statements, you’re placing a tremendous creative energy into motion, which obviously is going to bring you down with some cold or flu. That would be the least of it. It could be anything else. It could be an allergy. It could be an autoimmune disorder. It is a very difficult thing to reverse the effects of negative thinking once they have taken physical form. It’s not impossible. It’s just very difficult. It takes an extreme act of faith that requires an extraordinary belief in the positive force of the universe. 

No matter what you call the universe. Call the universe god, if you like. You can call it goddess, you can call it unmoved mover. You can call it prime force, first cause. You can call it the source. It makes no difference, but to have that belief, that faith in the positive fourths of the universe that is out there, always loving, always having your back and always working in abundance. There are healers out there that have this faith. It’s called the placebo effect. You are one of these healers. You have this faith when you believe something is working when you believe you make it so. It is a faith that crosses over into absolute knowing. 

Healers do this for what they do in their lifestyle they know that you are meant to be a whole, complete, imperfect being in this moment now, always. This knowingness is a thought and it’s a very powerful, invisible vibration. It has the power to move mountains. It has the power to change the molecules in your body. That’s why healers can heal even at a distance. Thought knows no distance brothers, because there is no distance. Thought travels around the world and transverses the universe faster than you can say the word, because everything is happening here and now in this field of oneness. It’s all right now. 

It’s mentioned in the New Testament, when the centurion came to the master, they said, ‘Lord, will you hear my servant?” The master said, “Let’s go to your house, we’ll do that.” The centurion said, “No, I cannot have someone as great as you in my home, but say the word and my servant shall be healed.” The master said, “As you believe it is done unto you.” It was so, in that same self-hour, even before his sentence was finished, that was the faith of the Centurion. He believed so strongly that it happened. That is the power you have, we all have. 

Yet here we are walking around mental lepers, where our minds are eaten away with negative thoughts. Some of these thoughts are thrust upon us, I get that. Some of these thoughts have come from conditioning, they come from education, they come from our parents or teachers, they come from our governments, our religions, they come from our society in general, but many of these negative thoughts we just make up. Brothers, you’re making them up, you’re conjuring them up yourselves. I’m not worthy. I’m a loser. I’m sick and tired of my life. 

Then when we make these up and harbor them and entertain them for hours, days, weeks, months, even years, that’s how we get sick. That is the cause that becomes an effect of the health problems. People believe that it can come from nutrition. That it can come from exercise. If you’re not exercising, if you’re eating poorly, this is why you get sick. If you’re smoking, if you’re drinking, this is why you get sick. Brothers, I’m going to tell you something having come from a fitness industry myself, that it’s not about what you’re eating or exercising. It’s not. I’m telling you. It’s not about these things, because I know people that are vegetarians, and I know people that are carnivores, and they’re getting amazing results. At the same time, I know people that are vegetarians, and I know people that are carnivores that are incredibly sick and ill.

It’s not about, if there was one way that we should all be eating, we’d all be eating that way. We have the knowledge, it would be out there. This is what we need to do. We need to all eat paleo, we need to all eat carnivore, we need to all eat vegetarian, right? We need to all eat this or all eat that. It’s not about that or exercise too. We need to all exercise, we need to all run 100 miles a day, we need all bench press and deadlift, we all need to squat, right? We all need to do this, we all need to CrossFit. If there was one way to keep everybody healthy, to keep everybody from getting sick, then we would all be doing it, but we’re not, because it’s not about doing. It’s not about what’s happening in the realm of form. It’s about what we’re thinking while we’re doing it. 

Look, if you’re eating a paleo diet, which is no processed foods, you’re eating clean, you’re only only eating the things that occur in nature, right. Fruits, vegetable, seeds, nuts, meat, and vegetables and all these things. If you’re only eating that, and you’re thinking all the time, that I am a horrible person, that I’m a loser, that I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough, that I don’t deserve, that I’m a victim. You’re thinking these constantly you’re going to get sick. I guarantee you’re going to get sick, regardless of what you’re eating. At the same time, if you’re out there smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, drinking a bottle of whiskey, and your thoughts are drinking two bottles of wine, whatever it is, and your thoughts are pure love, pure compassion, pure forgiveness, pure generosity and gratitude, pure patience. Then you’re probably going to live for centuries, because the truth of the matter is, it’s not about what goes into your body. It’s about what comes out of your body. 

The master said that. The master said that his disciples. He said, “Look, when you go into towns, when you go into different cities in different towns to heal the sick, to teach the teachings, to spread the word, spread the message, spread the love, eat what’s given to you.” Don’t worry about what goes into your mouth. It’s not what goes into you that will defile you. It’s what comes out of you that will defile you. This is the message of cause and effect. It’s not what you’re eating. It’s not your nutrition. It’s not your exercise. It’s not smoking. I’ll say this again. I know this is controversial. I know that people are going to say, cigarettes, cause lung cancer. The reason why you’re getting lung cancer is because you’re smoking. 

Brother, I know people that have been smoking their entire lives, they don’t have lung cancer. I know people that have so many things going on in their body that they just they treat their body a rave like a nightclub. I know other people that treat their body a temple and they’re sick all the time. I know people that treat their body a nightclub, and they never get sick. It’s wild, right? It’s it has to do with the thoughts. It’s not the actions. There are people like, it was so funny, because the people would ask George Burns. I don’t know if you remember George Burns. If you don’t remember George Burns, he’s how old I am. People, when asked George Burns, how would you live to be in your 90s? He’s like, “Well, I smoked cigars and I drink whiskey.” That’s what he said. He’s wild, right? Because he loved himself, he loved what he did. He wasn’t doing a job that he hated every day. 

It’s not about the doing, right? It’s not about the doing of the job. It’s about the way you feel. It’s about your state of being while you’re doing it. I talked about that last week. What is your state of being? What are you thinking? What are you feeling? If the cause is always a thought that is creating a negative state of being, if the cause is a thought that I’m a loser, that’s creating fear, hatred, anger, resentment, and that’s what you’re feeling, then you’re going to get sick. If your thought is I’m amazing. I’m wonderful. I’m great. I love myself and your feeling love and compassion and gratitude for life. What goes in the A line, what goes in the A line will be a demonstration of what you’re feeling. 

Number one, you probably won’t be doing things like smoking two packs of cigarettes. You probably won’t be doing that, quite frankly, but if you are then you are. You probably won’t get sick. Health is an effect. Here’s the truth, brothers. Here’s some esoteric truth. Your physical form was created as a magnificent convenience. It’s a wonderful tool. It’s a glorious vehicle allowing you to experience the reality you have created with your mind, so you may know the self, you may know your alpha state that you have created in your soul. 

Your soul conceives, the mind creates and the body experiences. That creates the circle. That completes the circle. The soul then knows itself in its own experience. If it doesn’t like what it’s experiencing or wishes to have a different experience for any reason, it simply conceives of a new experience of self and then quite literally changes its mind. Soon following that the body will find itself in a new experience, but this is what I want to tell you. The soul, your alpha state, your true self will never override the body or the mind, because you are a three in one being, you are a trinity. You are three beings in one made in the image and likeness of the truth. 

The three aspects of self are in no way on equal to each other. The soul is not better than the body. The mind is not greater than the soul. There is no function that is greater than the other, nor does any function actually precede the other. All of them are interrelated in an exactly equal way, conceive, create, experience. Conceive, create, experience. Conceive, create, experience, what you conceive you create, what you create you experience and what you experience, you conceive, this is the universal truth. I’ve told you guys this over and over again, mathematically in the beginning of this podcast as a framework for creation. It’s the universal truth. 

If you can cause your body to experience something, take abundance for example. You can cause your body to experience something. If you can think of thought, so you have a feeling like abundance, you will soon have that feeling, you’ll soon have that state of being in your soul, which will conceive of itself in a new way. Then it will present your mind with a new thought about it. That’s the result. From that new thought, springs more experience and your body begins living a new reality in a permanent state of being. That’s the universal truth, my friends. It’s the universal truth. It’s the esoteric truth, it’s the mystical truth. It’s the same truth taught by spiritual masters throughout history. It is universal.

Health is an effect. Everything in this world, a relationship, wealth, and your health are all effects. If it exists in this realm of matter density, separation, form, reality, whatever you want to call it, if it exists here, it’s an effect. There is no cause here, there is no cause in this world. There is only effect. All the cause comes from the realm of what you cannot see. It all comes from an invisible place, a place of high vibration that you are creating through your beliefs. Now I want to tell you a story. I want to tell you a story of a student. A story of a student who came to the academy for relationship work, and a student came to the academy for relationship work, but over time, he revealed to me that he had an autoimmune disorder that was manifesting in his body as a skin irritation or rash. 

We started working on this together. His relationships improved, he’d started thinking differently about himself and that demonstrated out in his relationships, and they all became amazing, but he wanted to start working on his health and he wanted to start working on this autoimmune disorder. Now he’s a man, a grown man. His entire life for years, he’d been having this autoimmune disorder. He figured it was just something it was born with, he figured this is something it was always going to be with, he’d been on medication, he’d been on pills. He got to doctors that have tried different creams and all kinds of different stuff for this rash. Nothing worked to cure this autoimmune disorder or help him with this skin rash. He even tried different diets, different holistic naturopathic medicines and remedies, all kinds of things. 

Now, what he started to do, through his work, his cognitive mastery work, was he began to think differently about his autoimmune disorder. He began to love it, instead of resisting it, instead of hating it, instead of being something that he had to fix or change or something that was wrong with him that he needed to medicate. He just started to love it. He just started to love it as it being a part of who he was. He just started to love it, as being him. Uniquely him like this is him. 

He started to feel a state of being of love, rather than a state of being of resistance where he was fighting against it, to change it, to make himself healthy or to heal himself to be the same as everybody else to get rid of this autoimmune disorder. He just loved it. Like this is me, great, I love it. He started to feel that. That state of being of love, that state of being of gratitude, thank you, thank you for this, thank you for everything, thank you for life. That state of being that gratitude and that love healed him. 

I’m not, I mean, you guys can meet this man, if you ever decide to enroll in the academy. He’s actually going to be enrolling in the tribe in May, so you can meet him personally. This is not a story that isn’t true. This is a story of a human being that you can actually verify this with. He’s healed himself from his autoimmune disorder, through thought, through belief, because his health is and always has been an effect. Now in effect since now he was born with it right, so an effect of what was an effect of a past life, was it effect of a generational thing? We don’t know. It doesn’t matter. But through his change of thought there was change of belief, there was change of resistance and fighting against it and being angry and resentful about it and hating it and being afraid of how it may he had to live. He just started to love. He started to love, and all of a sudden, the rash began to disappear. 

Now, brothers, you have this power. You all have this power. You all have this power of creation of manifestation, because you all have consciousness, you all have mine, you all have the ability to choose and you all are using this ability. This is not some ability that’s just out there that you’re not using. It’s just lying dormant within you. You are literally using it all the time. You’re using it to create your relationships. You’re using it to create your wealth, your income, you’re using it to create your job, you’re using it to create your experiences. You’re using it to create your health. Your health is a manifestation of your beliefs. 

Now I have another story. I’m going to tell you on another podcast. In fact, I’ll probably tell you next week, because it does have to do with health, it actually has to do with Global Health, has to do with things pandemics, because it’s like well, if my personal health, if I get a cold, because of the way I think, if I get a allergy or not, autoimmune disorder, if I get arthritis, or if I get tendinitis, because of my thinking, tThen what about these other things coach? What about these things like tornadoes and earthquakes and forest fires and pandemics? What about these like Famines, and pestilence and all of these? Where do these come from? I’m going to tell you, I’m going to tell you next week, because I have another story that was revealed to me. A story that came to me while I was in the jungles, while I was in Peru, I was in the Amazon. 

I do want to close this podcast, brothers, I want to close by telling you that you have this power, you are using it all the time. You are using it either unconsciously to manifest for you what you are not choosing, you are choosing, but you’re not aware you’re choosing. Or you’re using it consciously to create your life intentionally. That includes your health. That includes your wealth. That includes your relationships, because you are the one. We are all the one. You are the entire universe in a drop. You are everything, everything is you. Everything you see, everything you experience is a mirror a reflection of what you choose and what you choose will be demonstrated out into the world to be a reflection for others to see and what they are choosing. It’s a funhouse. It’s a mirror maze. It’s a maze of mirrors, brothers. That’s where we live in. That’s what I have for you today. Until next week, my friends, elevate your alpha.


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