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The Universal Truth For How Life Works is an explanation and application for the Law of Attraction
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Learn How Thoughts Become Results - And How You Can Start to Control Them
I spent a lifetime discovering the Universal Truth, and I wrote this book to teach others how they can learn how their thoughts have created their results, and better yet how to take control of that and free yourself from the "Matix" FOREVER
"The Universal Truth is a quick and easy read that provides the reader guidance on how powerful our thoughts are and how they ultimately create our reality...Kevin's shares his formula for how thoughts create our reality through the Model of Alignment and breaks each component down into easy to understand concepts. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND RAISING THEIR CONSCIOUS AWARENESS.."
Houston, TX
"I was pleased to find this was not a macho book, but a very descriptive method on the way the mind works with emotions, circumstances, and beliefs. I have read a lot of books like this but connected the most with this one."
Orlando, FL
"When I first read this book I was blown away when I had aha moment after aha moment. I can easily say this is one of the best personal development books Ive ever read, and it just opened up my eyes to everything I have created and why."
New York, NY
Evan Drill
I wrote this book to help men all around the world see the truth of their reality. Many men have written to me about how this work has changed their life. I share this with full confidence that It can have the same effect on you! a lot of awesome men love this book, I know you will too !!!
The Truth Shall Set You Free...
The Universal Truth is an explanation of how life works. Whether you take an active part in creating your future or you allow your brain to function unsupervised and repeat the same result; the power is yours to use to abdicate. Learning how the Universal Truth works and applying it to living your life will change your life in ways you never imagined - you will become more empowered to choose and drive your actions with intentional living. Living with intention means living the life you want, the life you deserve. The Universal Truth is the foundation that builds the skills of cognitive mastery & emotional ownership.   

The results of living in the Universal Truth are future focused thinking, amazing relationships, indomitable self-confidence, and mastery over your behavior. With intention and effort, you train yourself to create your own future. The benefits include an end to procrastination, no more compulsive behavior, you take more action, take more risks, achieve more, attract more people into your life, build the relationships you want to have, believe beyond your current capabilities and capacities, and line into your future. 
This is just the tip of the iceberg... The deeper you look, the more you will discover.
Ill leave you with this one last message from my student Naum:

"All I can say is I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Kevin and his work. Its not a magic pill and it takes work and time, but what I’ve learned is life-changing. I have a strong feeling that with this work over time I will have all the things I’ve always dreamed of, and its a certainty in my mind. That alone is worth any price. Do the work and results will follow" 
meet the master behind the book
Kevin Aillaud
Kevin created The Alpha Male Coach brand and his purpose is to define the term Alpha Male and, through the process of causal coaching, to show men the path to limitless success and cognitive evolution. He is a public and keynote speaker, one-on-one causal coach, and author. 
If you are still pondering "Do I want a FREE BOOK, that could change my perspective on the world and my life forever." Let me leave you with this. If you hate this book for whatever reason, just send me an email and I will make it right. So, if you want the book now then click on the button below!
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