Today we are talking about what comes after you regain control of your habits and break the cycle of unconscious actions and buffering. We have spent a lot of time in previous episodes on the subject of buffering and how important it is to live with intention rather than through fearful and avoidant reaction. But when we are able to get a hold of our choices and live more consciously, what remains?

The first thing you may notice is more time and energy available to you. This should come as no surprise, as cutting out time-consuming and draining activities would clearly lead to an increase in those valuable commodities. Another, probably less attractive, result will be discomfort. Again, this is foreseeable, as our buffering habits are ways to avoid and protect ourselves from certain types of discomfort in our lives.

If we are able to accept this reality and grow strong in that discomfort, which is an essential part of being alive, it is then that we are able to step into our purpose. It is then that we are able to truly exist and to begin to create with our true selves. This need to create is central to what it means to be human, and the connection between our thoughts and our creative actions is what makes us what we are. Tune in today, brothers, to find out more about getting in touch with this essence and elevating your alpha!

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How tiny adjustments can make a huge difference to your life!
  • What is left when we remove our habitual buffering?
  • The position of buffering in the model of alignment.
  • How to create more time and more energy as a result of taking control.
  • The discomfort that comes along with removing a buffer; it is unavoidable!
  • Ways to become comfortable with the discomfort through confronting it head-on.
  • The two most important things that remain; authentic living and the power of creation.
  • Connecting with your purpose; existing and using your creative energy.
  • What happens when we do not create? Looking at the state of the world right now.
  • The inescapable law of nature; create or die!
  • A way to understand unity without uniformity and how we remain individual parts of a greater whole.
  • The dependent relationship between thoughts and creations.
  • Creations are not accidents; it all begins with a choice and our conscious thoughts.
  • What do you want to use your existence to create? What is your contribution going to be?
  • How to transcend the limitations of your brain and live the life you dream of.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:32] KA: What’s up my brothers? Welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud and I got to tell you guys I have been on an upswing lately. My life has been so amazing lately. It’s like you remember what I told you guys about being in the boat and adjusting the rudder, right? You have your destination in mind and you’re looking at it. You can see the island, you’re in your boat, and you want to get there. You just make small tweaks in the rudder just to get yourself back on course. I tell you, these little tiny adjustments that I have made in my life have really improved so many different parts of my life that it’s just so amazing to me. It’s so fascinating and I just love teaching all of it to my students.

My relationships have improved, my finances, my business, my life, my health, like everything, even my emotions, brothers. Let me tell you something. It’s like you know that there’s going to be the balance of emotions. You know that humanness encompasses the full spectrum, the whole range of the chemical reactions that come from the brain. Those reactions, those chemicals that come from the brain and they get into the cells of your body and you feel them. We subjectify them. We may think that they’re positive and negative but just that whole range of emotion I feel become more and more sensitive and more and more responsible. It’s such an amazing feeling and I love it.

I just want to share that with you guys and tell you how amazing things are. I know that things are just as amazing with you. If they’re not, then you know that you can always sign up for a consultation call. We can figure out what’s going on. But let me just tell you that this episode is going to get wild. This episode is going to get crazy because we’ve been talking about buffering. In the last three episodes, I’ve talked to you about the value of no buffering, how to stop buffering. This episode is all about what remains when you no longer buffer, and that was a fear of mine. That’s been a fear of my students. I’ve had my students say, “Well, coach, what happens if I don’t drink anymore, if I don’t watch anymore TV, if all of a sudden I don’t play video games or I don’t – I take myself off of social media? What happens to me? What do I do? Who am I? What is my life going to be like,” because the question always becomes, and this was a fear for me as well. The question is what is left. What remains when you stop buffering? What is your life without the false pleasures, without that synthetic dopamine drip? What would the world be like if you didn’t ever overeat, overdrink, overspend, overworked, over people please, over Facebook, over-sex, over videogames, over all that stuff, right? What would your world be like if you didn’t seek the false pleasures and just went for a true, honest, authentic life? Are you willing to live without any brain substance manipulation, without any false pleasures, without any pretend emotions?

When you are, you will find what remains, and I’m going to talk about that on this episode of the Alpha Male Coach podcast. But first, I want to answer a question, and this question comes from one of our brothers in the audience who asks, “Where does buffering go in the model of alignment?” I love that question. I love that question because I want you guys to know that buffering is an action. It goes in the A line, but what’s important is not the action itself. What’s important to understand is the action itself is not the buffer. Buffering is something you put in the A line when your F line is over desire or it’s some other uncomfortable emotion like anxiety, right? The thought is either a thought of over desire like, “I have to have this or I’m going to die,” which is an unconscious thought, brothers.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like you are listing to your brain tell you that you have to play this video game or you’re going to die, or you have to watch this football game or you’re going to die, or you have to have that alcohol or you’re going to die. That’s not what your brain is. That’s what your brain is making you feel, because of the over desire. It’s linked that dopamine to something very, very important, to something that’s based on your survival. But it’s not sending that message to you. The message it’s sending to you is usually masked. All you do is you feel the desire for it, right? So when you have that desire for it and it feels out of control and you’ll know when it’s a buffer when you don’t act on it and then you’ll feel the deprivation. Then you’re really going to think that you are going to die. All of a sudden, it’s like I have to do this. It becomes compulsive and impulsive. But the point is is that it’s not the action itself, and here’s a story.

Here’s an example. My niece is eight years old now and she loves playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii. Now, let me tell you some, guys. I used to like playing Mario Kart too. I love that game and I’m pretty good at it and I love playing it with my niece. I love being in Oregon, visiting my brother, and playing games. Not just video games but all games with my niece. But when my thought is I want to play with my niece, I want to engage with my niece, and my feeling is fun and excitement, then my action may be to go to Reagan, my niece, and say, “Hey, Reagan. Do you want to play some Mario Kart?”

Then the result line, of course, is that we play Mario Kart because she loves it and that’s going to reinforce the thought that I want to play Mario Kart. That’s the universal truth. But, brothers, here’s the thing. That’s very different. It’s a very different thing than playing any videogame for eight hours on a Saturday because you’ve created so much over desire, so much of a need, so much of an impulsive desire, urge to play a videogame that you spend your entire day doing it and you feel like you can’t step away from it. That you feel like you can’t remove yourself from it. That’s buffering.

Or when you go to the refrigerator, it’s not on your calendar to go get a snack, right? You’re working on your business, you’re working on your goals, you’re working on living your purpose, and then you decide I’m feeling bored or I’m feeling unmotivated or I’m feeling disconnected, so I’m going to go, and I’m going to go to the refrigerator and snack and binge eat or I’m going to go get some sugar. I’m going to grab a Gatorade or a soda. That’s buffering because it’s not planned, because it’s not something that you’re choosing to do consciously with positive emotion.

It’s either something that you’re trying to avoid in terms of negative emotion or it’s an over desire that you’ve created for yourself through linking that activity with the dopamine drip that now your brain has decided that it’s so super important that your survival depends on it. That is buffering. Where it goes in the model of alignment is in the A line, but understand that buffering in the A line is different from doing that activity in the A line if that activity doesn’t come from that over desire or that desire to avoid a negative emotion. That is the answer to that question. Now, let’s get into what remains.

Now, listen, guys. If you want to go back three episodes back to episode 101, ‘What is the Value of Removing Your Buffers?’ You’ll find that I listed a couple of different things there. But I want to tell you guys what really is left over. I want to go into this a little bit because I want you to understand what and who you are. I want to talk to you a little bit more about this alpha, about your alpha because some of the things that remains are going to be time and energy, more time, more energy.

When you are no longer in that state of over desire and that mental compulsion to always be craving and always have urges, you free up that energy to focus on creation, to focus on desire, to focus on what you want to contribute out into the world, to focus on your purpose. You free up your time because you’re not spending time doing that buffering. You’re no longer procrastinating or buffering in that way. But there are so many other things that remain. What remains is a connection with yourself. You’re not disconnecting. You’re connecting with the cellular vibrations in your body, those chemical reactions, and you’re accessing your thoughts. You’re accessing that power of cognition. You’re bringing to yourself more awareness. But what else is going to remain is discomfort.

I’m not going to lie to you, guys. In fact, I’ve always been very, very honest with all of my alphas. I want you guys to know that you will be more uncomfortable when you stop buffering. The reason, of course, is that buffering creates false pleasure. Buffering avoids any uncomfortable emotion, so you are going to have the initial discomfort of deprivation that comes from not rewarding your over desire. But you’re also going to have the discomfort that comes from being a human being, that comes from living in that range of emotion that includes the discomfort, that includes the anxiety, the fear, the sadness, the frustration, and boredom, and all the other things that we run away from when we buffer.

With that full range of humanness, that full range of experience and emotion, you will feel more uncomfortable. But here’s the power, the power is that you become comfortable with that uncomfortable. You don’t subjectify that discomfort and run away from it and turn your back on it and think you can’t handle it. You allow that discomfort because you know you’re above it, because you know you can handle it, because you know that you are greater than it. You that this discomfort that comes from a cellular vibration is nothing that you cannot own, that you cannot become greater than, that you are not already greater than.

But this episode, I want to talk about two things that remain when you stop buffering, and that is authentic living and the power of creation. That is your purpose in becoming your future self, which I want you guys to know that these are curriculum, taught in the academy. How to Live Your Purpose was our August curriculum. Now, our curriculum is Becoming Your Future Self, How to Create a Goal in 30 days. This both has to do with living authentically and accessing your power of creation.

Your purpose is to exist and to create. I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again because it’s so important when we talk about what happens when you stop buffering. Now, the first is complete, right? The first purpose that you have is to exist and that is done. It’s a result. You’re a product, brother. You are a result. You already exist. Your purpose is to exist and you are existing. So your purpose, by definition, is fulfilled. There is nothing you can do to make yourself exist more or exist better, right? Your existence is complete. In existence, you are fulfilling that purpose. You have fulfilled that purpose. You are completely worthy in that fulfillment. You exist and you have fulfilled that purpose.

Now, I’ve talked about that at length in previous podcasts, so really what I want to get into now is your authentic living, is your power to create, and that is your other purpose. Understand this. Your other purpose is to create. That is the purpose of nature. That is the purpose of all nature. With you as a human, what you choose to create is up to you, 100%. That is your gift. That is your freedom. That is your free will. That is your power to choose. That is your volition. That is the gift given to you from the creator of all things which we are made in the image and the likeness of. I choose my words carefully, brothers, and I want you to know that everything I say I say with intention, the likeness.

We are in the likeness of the creator, and that makes us creators ourselves because we were created by creation to create. We are creators. That is our purpose because that is what we are. Humans have the unique ability — we are a unique species on this planet in that we have the ability to create our world, our personal and collective world through cognition. It is through our mind, through our thinking. Cognition is the bridge between the true self and the external world, between your alpha state and the contribution that you put out into the matrix, into the circumstance. When we want to bring something into manifestation from our place and power of creation, we have to think it first according to the universal truth. This is the why behind cognitive mastery and the reason buffering must stop in order to live into more of who you are and become the best version of yourself.

Now, let’s take a quick look at what happens when we don’t create. Let’s take a quick look at what’s happened in the United States and may I even say around the world since humans have restricted themselves from their creation. Again, I choose my words carefully, brothers. No one is telling you to stop creating. You may have been let go of your job or you may have been asked to stay home and go virtual with your tasks. However, you always have the choice in what you do. There is no mandate. There is no one forcing you to stop creating. No one can force you to do anything and no one can ever tell you what to do. You always decide for yourself what you do.

Anything else your brain tells you about that is a lie. Anything else that your brain tells you about that is an abdication of your power and your responsibility. So let’s look at what’s happening when humans stop creating, when they go into a place of stagnation and inactivity. What do we see? What have we seen? We have seen mental health decline. We have seen drug use increase. We have seen alcohol consumption increase. In fact, let’s just say that all buffering gets turned up a notch or 2 or 10 or 100, right? All of these things go up. There’s more Netflix watching. There’s more videogame playing. There’s more alcohol consumption. There’s more eating, more sugar. How many people have gained weight during these last few months, right?

All buffering goes up. The only thing on the decline, my friends, is mental health. We have seen suicides increase. We have seen violence increase. We have seen all kinds of abhorrent behavior on the rise. There has been businesses shut down. Blame ensues. Finger-pointing begins. Compassion and love diminish, as the connection that we have with ourselves through working and creating is voluntarily left aside, and we fall into the chasm of despair, disconnection, and depression.

Now, I have a purpose course and a buffering course coming to The Alpha Male Coach website, and these courses will also be available to all the students in the academy. I will announce when these courses are available, and I urge you to enroll in the academy to start working on removing your buffers today and creating your life with intention because that’s the alpha way. Of course, this includes creating amazing relationships and relationships the way you intend them to be. Because it’s so important for your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Create or die. That is the eternal mandate of nature. Be constructive and contribute or become frustrated and self-destruct. You cannot escape your true self. That is the law of nature. If we are not growing, brothers, if we are not creating, then we are destructing. We are dying and that is the truth for all things. For you, your true self, that alpha within you that finds satisfaction and joy only through constructive and life-giving creativeness, if you do not activate that, then you will find yourself in that state of lessened mental health.

Now, as I said and I say it again and I’m going to repeat it so many times, humanity, although living in a blanket of oneness, although is one, this unity, this – Remember, externally outside of us, there is just data. It’s just cellular and molecular and atomic data, and we’re all one fish swimming through the sea of energy. Although we have a blanket in this oneness, we are all made up of individuals. Remember, we are the archipelago. We are all individual islands, and every individual is unique within the species. Just like every feather on every bird is unique. Just like every snowflake and every drop of water is unique. Just like every blade of grass, every diamond, every crystal. It’s so important for you to distinguish unity from uniformity. Unity is never uniformity.

We are all one and yet we need not all be the same. We cannot all be the same. So what remains? What remains, brother? After the self-created over desire is gone, after the desire to escape from yourself is gone, what remains is the authentic you and the access you have to your alpha state, that power that is holy you and connected to everything in the universe. This is where you can create. This is where creation begins. Creating begins with your mind. It begins with your thoughts. Remember the universal truth. The universal truth is that everything outside of you is neutral, objective. It’s just data. It’s energy. It’s molecules. It’s cells. It’s atoms. None of it has any subjectivity in the spaces of good and bad. It’s all there for you to think about. It’s all there for you to have a thought about, and your thoughts, the way you choose to think about these external things, these circumstances, that is what creates your emotion, your feeling, your experience with yourself in the world. That is what will then drive your actions and would get you to do and create movement in the world. That movement is what determines your results.

Now, your results is confirmation bias. They are evidence for the thoughts that you use to create them, brother. Don’t you see that your thoughts are the catalyst of creation? You cannot have a result without having that thought first, because it’s the result that will reinforce the thought that it was used to create it. There is nothing that is created in this man-made world without having had a thought about it first. Think about that. I want you to really understand that I’m talking about the man-made world.

I’m not talking about the trees and the rocks and the sea. Okay, that comes from the great Creator. But in the man-made world, the computer, the lamp, the electricity, the desk, the chair, the skyscraper, the airplane, the automobile, the engine, it was all created from a thought. It didn’t just happen. A human being had a thought. They had an imagination. They had a dream. They said, “Hey, I can do this. I could build this. I can create this. I can manifest this.” Then through emotion of belief and action, it came to our reality. It became what we now know as the lamp, the desk, the chair, the skyscraper, the airplane. That is always a choice.

Imagine the Wright brothers. Think about the Wright brothers and the airplane. They had a thought. They had an imagination, a dream to create a machine that would take people into the air. Now, of course, they had to believe in that dream. They had to have that thought and hold onto it. Hold onto it like their life depended on it because how many people looked at them and said, “A machine that takes humans into flight, into the air like the birds. How insane. How ludicrous. That’ll never happen.” They had that thought, and they had to hold that belief and take those actions to create the lift and the weight ratio, the draft of the aerodynamics, and the eddies, and the flow, and everything else that happens with aerodynamics.

They had to do that. They had to take those actions to create that result and that was a choice. It was a choice that they made. It wasn’t something that said they had to do. It was their destiny. It was like this is what they were destined for. They chose that. They said, “I have this dream of this flying machine. I’m going to create it.” And that was their choice. It’s not the circumstance that creates. All of that is neutral data interpreted by your brain. What creates is how you choose to think about your circumstances in your life and other people and yourself. Your purpose, my brother, is to create and to exist, and you already exist. Congratulations. You fulfilled your purpose, right? You’re done. Your existence is there. You know you exist. I can see you. I can hear you, right? You look at yourself. You know you’re there. You are there. You exist and your purpose is to exist and you fulfilled that purpose. You are whole and complete and worthy in that existence.

Now, what do you want to create? What do you want to contribute? How do you want to experience your life? What do you want to put into the world in terms of product, in terms of service, in terms of concept, in terms of showing up as the best version of yourself? That is your choice and that is your responsibility as a human to be in that state of creation. Otherwise, you’re in that state of deprecation. Now is your time. There is a school for teaching you this. There is a place you can learn how to stop buffering. There is an online institution of higher learning that will help you help yourself determine what your purpose is.

There is a process for creating any goal in 30 days, which is the curricula in the academy this month. I want you to stop waiting. I want you to stop buffering. I want you to stop procrastinating. I want you to reconnect with yourself or maybe connect with yourself for the very first time in your life. I want you to feel the freedom and joy of abundance in the truth of who you are and what you’re capable of. I want you to have everything your alpha whispers to you in your mind. I want you to have the life you dream of. I want you to experience your power of creation bestowed to you and all of nature as the process that drives growth and evolution. I want you to live beyond your brain, which is a cellular physical object with a specific job, my friend, to keep you safe.

Let me tell you something, brother, and this is something that I’m going to tackle in a future podcast. There is nothing in this world that is unsafe. You are an apex predator, top of the food chain. Humans have nothing in this world to fear, except the sentences in our own brain that we don’t choose with deliberate intention. Now is your time to enroll in the school that teaches the one thing that every human needs and wants, yet very few humans seek and find. Go to the and enroll in the Spartan Academy right now. Don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t worry about the cost or the money. Don’t underestimate your own capacity to create. Managing your mind and elevating your alpha is more important than learning how to read and how to write.

Go to the website. Find the ‘Work With Kevin’ in the top menu and click on the Spartan Academy. Enroll in the tier 1 or tier 2 level and begin removing your buffering, eliminating your over-desire for a thing that disconnects you from your alpha state and start the process of creating your life and your contribution. Abundance will flow to you, my friend, because that’s the way it works. That’s the alpha state. That is living as an alpha male and that’s what I got for you this week.

Until next week, my friend. Elevate your alpha.


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