Today we are revisiting the concept of the universal truth and building out our understanding of it, but be prepared that what you are going to hear is not common sense. We are conditioned to fear things, and this negatively impacts our lives because it results in us having victim mentalities and, turns out, a host of other problems.

In this episode, I explain the universal truth of how life works, and it comes down to understanding that all circumstances are neutral and that it is we who ascribe meaning to them. We give meaning to situations by having thoughts about them; thoughts that come from our subjectivity. Our thoughts impact our body and emotions, which then dictate our behavior and actions, in turn determining the results we get! What then happens is that the results always somehow reinforce our beliefs, setting the process in motion again.

What you have to understand is that the law of mind and belief is completely neutral. It acts according to the objective law and your subjective will, desire, and choice. The law, therefore, works according to your decisions and is a natural power that you can leverage for your benefit.

But if this is true, why don’t we all have massive wealth and optimum health or the relationships we want? Because of the fear we have been conditioned into and our limiting beliefs. Even if you have all the right thoughts, if you fail to cultivate the beliefs, your aspirations will not come to fruition. Join me for discussions on all of this, and more!

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The idea that we are taught to fear things and how it impacts humanity.
  • How our thoughts impact our body and emotions, and thus our actions.
  • The results we get from actions function to reinforce our beliefs.
  • How the law of mind and body is neutral and objective just like gravity.
  • You constantly encounter the cause and effect of your beliefs and results.
  • How you can use thought uploads to change your beliefs.

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For those of you that have or do listen to the podcast on iTunes, I’ve been asking for months for you to leave me a five star rating and review, because I want to get to 500. That is the goal. That’s where we’re going, to 500. And I want to report that we’ve broken half way. We are at 255 the last time I checked. 255 ratings, and so many reviews. I love reading your guys’ reviews there. Absolutely amazing. I appreciate all those. So if you are listening on iTunes and you haven’t left me a rating and review, just simply pause the podcast, head over to iTunes, click the five star and leave me a very quick review, because I love the words. I love reading how this podcast is affecting your life.

The second announcement is that the How to Live Your Purpose course is now available on the Alpha Male Coach website. I’ve been talking about this course for – Well, since basically, I believe it was on April. And this course is 12 modules. It is amazing. I’m really, really excited. I’ve got it on the website. Go to the, click on the menu up top. It says work with Kevin. You’re going to see it up there along with the Indomitable Self-Confidence course and the Spartan Academy. Those are the announcements.

Now, guys I’m going to take this whole training and teaching to the next level. As I mentioned, now that we are in the second 100 episodes, I am taking everything up a notch. If you’re just tuning into the Alpha Male Coach podcast, I’m going to warn you that this is not your typical alpha male rhetoric. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Although I exist in the alpha male space both in brand and in the inner webs, the truth is my teaching is diametrically different than what several people teach in terms of being alpha.

Now, this particular podcast isn’t about defining alpha or what it means to be an alpha male. I will get to that in later episodes, and you can always go back to previous episodes for more clarity on that. There are upcoming episodes where I will define this concept deeper than I ever have in the past, and you can look forward to those.

In this episode, I want to revisit the universal truth and give you a whole new way of understanding this truth, which at this point I am going to call a law. Brothers, the last few episodes have been about buffering, and that is so important. That is the first step. But what I’m about to tell you is not common sense. It is the antithesis of common sense. What we are taught as children and even as adults is to fear. We are taught to fear things; we have been taught irrational fear. We are taught to fear and we are taught to live in a victim mentality. And for this, we suffer. Human beings, humanity as a whole suffers do to our conditioning.

Most people spend their entire lives in this state of suffering, the state of fear. Some people seek a solution to end of this suffering and they look to books, they look to religions, they look to gurus and they even look to the Internet. Looking outside of yourself, you will never find what is already within you. What I am teaching you is how to transcend that fear and suffering and become more of who and what you really are and you have this power within you already. What I’m about to tell you will change your life if you hear it, if you practice it, and if you live it.

You see, the universal truth for how life works is the framework for the law of mind and belief. The law of mind and believe is a natural law. It is no different than the laws that govern physics. What makes a thing a law is that it can be proved and it cannot be disapproved. And when we observe the law of mind and believe through the framework of the universal truth and the model of alignment, you will see that this law is constantly acting for you, with you and through you at all times. So let’s take a step back. I’m going to take a quick step back and explain the universal truth for how life works.

So check this out. Very succinctly put, the universal truths for how life works is that thoughts become things. But I want to go deeper than that with you, and I have before in explaining the universal truth. Essentially, circumstances, all the circumstances of our lives are neutral. And what a circumstance is, is our past, other people’s behavior and other people’s words, and the current moment, the weather, the traffic, all the stuff that’s happening right now. Those are all circumstances. It’s all data. It’s all atomic data if we’re talking about light and sound. It’s all molecular data if we’re talking about non-organic beings. And it’s all cellular data when we’re talking about people. It’s all neutral.

What is our subjectivity is the thoughts that we have about it. What we make our circumstances mean? And those thoughts create emotions, chemicals in our brain that enter our body and connect to our cells. They connect to ourselves like keys in a lock, and they go into those cells and they make them vibrate. That vibration is called a feeling. Those feelings drive our actions. We are the puppets on our strings of feelings, on our strings of emotions. And when we take these actions, these actions create our results. They determine our results.

Now, are results always reinforce the belief that started the whole process. This is confirmation bias. This is the evidence that we look for to reinforce the beliefs that created the result. Now this methodology shows up and is backed by science, which I have explained at length in previous podcasts. There is a measurable, observable and repeatable nature in how our thoughts and emotions, those sentences and vibrations, turn into your reality, which is of matter and density. This is the foundation of what I teach in the Academy. How to manifest your life, be it relationships, wealth, or health through the cognition of your mind.

You see, your thoughts are like an image that you hold up to a mirror, and that mirror is the world. So you have this image of thought. You have this belief, this picture. And you hold it up to the world, this mirror, and the world brings to you what is reflected in that mirror, which is the image. Your image of thought and belief will turn into the things and stuff we can see, touch, taste, hear and smell in the world. Your image of thought and believe also returns to you the function of the thing, which is experience.

Now, understand me, brothers. The law of mind and belief is as neutral as the law of gravity. Gravity doesn’t care about the volume or weight of an object. It simply acts in accordance with the law. If you choose to put your bed in the kitchen, the law of gravity doesn’t judge that action as good or bad, silly or sane. It simply acts in accordance with your volition. The choice you made to place an object in a location. And gravity will hold it there. If you choose to drop a rock on a bunny rabbit, gravity is not going to say, “No. No. No. You shouldn’t kill this little bunny.” Gravity acts according to the objective law and your subjective will, desire and choice.

You see, gravity automatically holds everything in place. But so far as you are concerned, your subjectivity, it will hold things where you place them. You do not change the law of gravitation. You merely change your position in it. This law works automatically as you shift objects around in the position that seems desirable to you, it will hold them there. This law works for you on the scale of your own individual choice.

Suppose you want to change the position of furniture in your room. Maybe you want to move your couch from one place to another. This is an act of volition on your part. It is your free will. Maybe you want to put your stove in the living room. Now this might seem like an eccentric act to the subjective observer, but the law of gravity does not question it. It will automatically hold things where you put them. It will operate on you or decision.

Similarly, if you have thoughts and beliefs of poverty and debt, the law of mind and believe doesn’t say, “No. No. No.” You will receive massive wealth. In fact, it will bring to you what you choose with your mind and you will receive poverty and debt. If you have thoughts and beliefs of doubt, and fear, and lack, and scarcity, and loneliness, and not enoughness, this is what you will receive from the world. It is not the world that is against you, my brother. It is you that is against yourself. The law of mind and belief is neutral just as gravity is neutral.

When you send from your mind, goodness, goodness is returned. When you send evil, evil is returned. The law doesn’t judge. It reflects. It is objective, and you are subjective. The law of mind and belief will act consistently according to your beliefs. It is only you that has inconsistency and variance. It is you, my brother. You are the power. You are the free will. You are the choice. You are the volition. You are the one who decides what you want to create and then you release it into the world to be sent back to you in neutral reflection.

Electricity. Electricity is all around us. It has been here all along. It exists and acts according to natural law, and its power must be harnessed and directed. It is up to the individual human to determine what he or she will do with this electricity. People use electricity for lighting, for heating, for cooling, for refrigeration and for operating appliances, computers, electronics, machinery and public transportation systems. It is a choice we make and how to harness this natural power. The law of mind and belief is as electricity. It is there acting all the time. It is up to you to determine how you want it to serve or destroy you, and in so doing, you serve or destroy yourself.

Now, why do you believe in gravity? Let me ask you that. Why do you believe in gravity. You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. Taste it. You can’t hear it or feel it. And yet there it is all around us happening all the time for us and with us and upon us. There is no reason to believe that if I dropped this object, it will not fall to the ground. Of course, it will. But why? Tell me why it will fall to the ground? Because it’s happened before? Because you’ve experienced this law of cause and effect in your past?

Well, tell you something, brother. You experience the same constant cause and effect between your beliefs and your results and you experience it all the time. This is the law of mind and belief. You cannot see this law. The same way you cannot see gravity. Yet, it’s happening all the time. You may say, “Well, gravity is proven.” So has the law of mind and belief.

I have told you many times, it is proven in the universal truth. It is proven in the model of alignment. The cause of thought creates the effect of result. And you say, “I can observe gravity, coach. Newton had the apple. It fell on his head.” And I say to you, “You have observed the universal truth, my brother.  Everything you believe is reflected in your life.”

Now, where do we go wrong? Why don’t we all have optimum health, massive wealth, and amazing relationships? The answer is twofold. First, because we have been conditioned to live in fear. We have been conditioned to live in our beta condition, that fear and victim mentality. And the other answer is because of belief, because thoughts alone are not enough. Understand that thoughts are sentences. It is only through belief, the combination of thought and emotion that manifests materially in the world. We all may want massive wealth, optimum health and amazing relationships. But how many of us believe we deserve it? And it is there for us to create and receive it.

Our brain wants to abdicate that power to the world, and the world has no power to deliver anything except that which we offer to it with our minds. Our brain wants the world to change so that we can feel better. And the world only changes according to the changes we make to our beliefs. Wishful thinking is not enough. Affirmations without emotions are empty words. Even having thoughts like I want this to happen, or I can make this happen, or I know this will happen is all in the realm of thought. You must be in the mind of belief. You must say, “This has happened. It is already done.” What you want as a result is already complete. This is the path to belief. We only believe what is done. We only believe what is.

When you think in a way where the results is already complete and a part of your life, then you believe. And you must believe to set the image in front of the mirror of the world to reflect back to you. This is the law of mind and belief, which we prove with the universal truth for how life works and observe with the model of alignment. It is done unto you as you believe.

So, here’s what I want to give you guys. I want to give you this in this podcast. I want to talk to you about the uploads that we do that I teach my students in the Academy. Now, an upload, I’ve talked to you about a thought download. This is a thought upload. Sit in a meditative position, however that is for you. Maybe it’s to sit in a chair. Maybe it’s to lie on a bed. Maybe it’s the sit cross-legged or in seiza. But sit and close your eyes and think and feel the way you would when your desired result has already come true. Not that it will come true, my friend. Sit in the moment and think and feel as though it is already true. Knowing it to be true now, not in the future.

I’ll give you an example of money. Let’s say you have $1,000 in your bank account, or 10,000. Let’s say you have 100 bucks. If you want to have $100,000 in your bank account, sit and think and feel as though you have it now and release that intention. Release that image into the world. One thing that my teacher used to say is log on to your bank account, and every time you log on, before the image comes up, before what’s there comes up, think and feel as though your intended result is coming up. So you’re thinking you’re seeing it. You’re seeing $100,000 show up when you open up that account. It’s almost like somebody has gifted this to you and you didn’t know it and you’re expecting to see $100 in your bank account. But instead you see $100,100, right. It’s like somebody just gifted you $100,000. You didn’t even know it, and all of a sudden, boom! There is right in front of your face, right in front of your eyes.

That is the power of belief. That is the power of knowing that it’s there. Thinking and feeling as though it’s already done. And release that intention into the world. And then go act, go create. You must complete the universal truth. You must act to get the result. Your creation and contribution will bring your belief to you. This is the thought upload. Now, there is more to this process that I teach my students. But do this for now. Let your mind and vibrations in your body enter the world so that the world returns these intentions to you with matter and density.

I know this episode may sound spiritual and all the woo-woo that’s out there with some life coaches. This is not that. What I am telling you is as real and as scientifically provable as gravity. I want you to know how much power you have as a creator. That is the true self. That is your alpha.

Brothers, I will get into what your alpha is in a future podcast. There is so much more to this power that you already have as a birthright in humanness. There is so much training and development for how you practice and cultivate and utilizes this power to create the life you intend for yourself in however it is that you choose to manifest it.

When you are ready to elevate your alpha and develop this power and gift that lives inside you now, the Academy is ready to accept your enrollment. I want you to enroll in the Academy for yourself and for the world. I want you to understand and live into who you truly are. You are not your brain. You are not the sentences in your head. You are not the collective consciousness of all the history of all humanity or the education and experiences of your personal life. These are just fabrications the brain creates why your alpha power lies dormant waiting to elevate and create.

And hear me, hear me now. You are always working with the law of mind and belief. The universal truth is always turning your beliefs into reality. If you are not creating intentionally with your thoughts, you are creating unintentionally with your conditioning. But you are always creating. You are always holding that image of belief up to the mirror of the world and receiving what it is that you put out. You are so amazing.

Do you know this? Do you understand how much power you have as a human? Just like the gems reflect the light, as the stones do not. And just like the flowers give off color and scent, as the shrubs do not. Just as the birds have wings and feathers and can fly, as the reptiles do not. You, my beautiful brother, have within you the power of creation as all other living creatures do not. It is this gift that we share as human beings. It is through this gift that we are unified and glorified.

Enroll in the academy today. Right now, go to the and enroll in the Academy right now and start learning the one skill that all humans have and very few know of. Practice, develop or utilize.

I have compared the skill to reading and writing, and it is so much more than that. I cannot express to you how your life will be different when you learn how to elevate your alpha. I simply haven’t the vocabulary. How can I explain to the blind what it’s like to see? Or to the deaf what it’s like to hear? All I can do, I will continue to do. I will teach, show, and coach the universal truth to those who desire and will watch as each of my students opens their eyes for the very first time, just like Neo did on the Nebuchadnezzar. You have eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear. Join the academy. Exit the Matrix and start knowing who you really are. We are we waiting for you, brother. I love you and elevate your alpha.


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