Welcome back to the podcast my brothers, as we continue this important journey together! Today’s episode is part two in our series on the tools of alignment and is all about what you need to get into touch with your Alpha and relinquish the control that the beta condition can exercise over your life!

So what are we talking about here? The first part is about allowing the Alpha to determine your actions and teach the beta, in order to reach that all-important alignment. This comes with the power of knowing, and I really want to underline how this works and how we come to ‘know something’.

As usual, this relates to getting away from fear and accessing that true Alpha state. This is a process episode and I will be trying to keep everything as concrete and actionable as possible for all of you! We even talk about the questions many of you might be asking around the possibility of reverse engineering this process from the results that you already know.

Make sure to join me for this vital piece of the puzzle for elevating your Alpha!

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The Alpha’s residence in your freewill.
  • The real purpose of purpose: creation!
  • Engaging with greatness through elevation of the Alpha.
  • Ways to reverse engineer the process of Alpha alignment.
  • The intentional model and the use of this powerful tool.
  • Challenging the roots of beliefs and knowledge.

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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.7] What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud and let’s get started off with the reminder to go to iTunes. Yes, I have not forgotten it. Here’s the amazing part, we are still gaining in five-star ratings. I love it. We’re on a mission to hit 500. We haven’t hit 300 yet so we still have a little bit to go, we haven’t hit 300 when we hit 300, that will be a huge milestone and I’ll let you guys know when we do.

But leave me a five star rating and leave me a review as well. Some of these reviews are hilarious, apparently there’s a drinking game out there now where overtime I say the universal truth, somebody has to drink. It’s crazy, it’s amazing to see some of these comments, some of these reviews, I love it, these ratings and reviews but do that, just pause the podcast, it won’t take you long, hit five star, because then I won’t be talking to you, instead then, I’ll be thanking you. I’ll be grateful that you have already done that and if you have, if you’re one of those people, I truly appreciate it blood. Thank you for your support. I’m talking to the other guy, I’m talking to you, the one that hasn’t done it yet, just pause it and go do it now.

This is the part two of a series, this episode. This series is actually on some tools that I use with my students to get them started on their cognitive mastery journey, they’re like level one tools, okay? These are some very basic tools that we go through them together and I give them feedback so that they can use these tools with more efficacy and more efficiency. The thought download and the model of alignment are the two tools on the previous episode. This episode will expand the use of the model of alignment and introduce an examination of knowing in its form on the other side of belief. But before getting into that, I want to briefly look at some more concepts of the alpha state because this is the place that we begin to introduce the best version of who we choose to be into the law that I taught last week.

Remember the law is that static, you know what? I don’t want to say static because it’s always in flux, right? The law is static, you know what’s always in flux is creation. The effect, the result is always in creation but the law is very static and it’s very subjective and it’s very neutral. It does not judge. It never judges the thought, it only receives, it only accepts. That thing of which it accepts is the thought and it goes to work making the invisible into visible.

[0:03:24.4] It transforms the realm of vibration into form and matter. That process is cold hard math. Now, free will, volition, choice, this is where the alpha lives. This is where your true self lives. That is who you are, not the static subjective law, not the cellular sort of atomic energy or data of that form, that body. But it’s the will, right? It’s the choice, that’s where your alpha lives, that’s the true self.

Now, check this out, it’s also where the beta lives. It’s also where the beta lives, brother, you know that untrained beta condition is the fall back program. It’s the survival program, it is still a deliverer of a message into the law, it sends a message into the law and that becomes a result. The beta condition is not intuitive. It is reactive, it responds to the environment of circumstance through a reaction of survival to create a result of safety in the world of form in that space of creation.

That external place and that is why fear is the emotion most commonly associated with the beta condition or some derivative of fear. You know, anger, hate, shame, guilt and so on. It is usually unconscious but not always because when it is unconscious, it will scan for answers. When it’s conscious we do have that conscious beta condition. When it’s unconscious, it’s still going to scan the memory for answers and what does it find in the memory? It finds, “I tried something before, I tried it and it didn’t work, I tried it and it hurts,” right?

[0:05:16.4] There’s that fear of failure, there’s that fear of pain. When it finds nothing in the memory, it just goes to that primordial space, that fear of rejection, fear of death where the tribal memories from being a living human being, fear of being rejection, fear of dying, right? The beta condition never sleeps, it runs all the time, automatically an unconsciously. It is the oculus through which you see the world.

It is the student of the alpha. With no guiding teacher, the beta condition falls in that survival mode, that’s why I say the untrained beta condition, the beta condition that feeds the law, the purpose of the alpha state is to be creative, the purpose of the alpha state is to create or to construct. You construct what? It’s to construct life, that’s it. Whatever you want, that’s the purpose of purpose, the purpose of purpose is to create. You know, that’s it blood, whatever life you want, you can have, whatever it is you believe you deserve, you can create, that’s it. Truth.

Now, most often, I hear two things in response to this, like when I truly explain it in more depth and more detail. The first thing is sign me up, right? I want to learn this right here, right now, I got into all this. The second is, how? Tell me how I do it, right? Which is kind of the same thing. Both people want to learn, it’s just that one of them wants to know how and the other wants to learn how.

The truth is, the learning is the knowing and the knowing is the learning. It’s all right there. What your alpha teaches your beta is what gets entered into the law, this is what becomes a result and form. Without that instruction from your Alpha, without that instruction from the best version of you, kind of like chiseling away the fears of the beta condition, then you have that beta condition running amuck, you have that beta condition untrained.

[0:07:22.7] When I say elevate your Alpha, what I mean is engage with the greatness, the greatest version of yourself and program that consciousness into the law of cause and effect so that it becomes a demonstration of form, of matter and of result. You can do this in all forms I your relationships, in money, in health, in habits, in occupation, in travel and lifestyle, in all forms. Your alpha state is the fearless place of true being.

There is no fear in this state. I’ve talked about fear before. Fear is sometimes required in order to step into knowing a greater greatness of who you are but in that greater greatness, there is no fear, the greater greatness is the response of the beta condition that your alpha state uses courage to step through.

You may feel fear and be in your alpha state but the alpha state is without fear and this is not a paradox, the fear is from that unconscious beta condition. That thought that the beta condition is having and you can be in your alpha state and act through fear of creating that courage and determining and intentional result. I can go on and on about the alpha state but this episode is not about the alpha, it is about the tools to engage with your alpha. This is a process podcast episode.

Sometimes you guys know, sometimes I get wild and I do some really conceptual and some really esoteric stuff. But I’m not going to go down that road today. I’m keeping it real; I’m really trying to keep it real. I know, I’m going to do that on the next episode, so if you like that, if love the esoteric stuff, the abstract work, you’re going to love next week. But here I really want to talk about the model of alignment again, I want to bring that back up and this time we’re going to do something really cool with it, we’re going to reverse engineer it.

[0:09:16.5] Some of you have probably already figured this out, right? Some of you probably figured this out after last week’s episode. You know, you probably listen to it and like hey coach, if I do this model of alignment and I see what I’m creating unintentionally, right? I’m looking at this model of alignment, I see how my thought is creating my result.

Then if I change this thought here, will I get a new, different, maybe intentional result and of course the answer is absolutely. And then the really astute. I know all of you are, I know all of you are really intelligent because you have to be, to listen to this podcast and I’m not saying that in any way, from any place of arrogance, I’m saying that because some of the things I talk about are just very difficult to understand, you know? You got to understand these, these are things that I’m talking about, you know? It’s not the ABCs here.

When I talk about these things, I know you guys have to understand them so you probably have already deduced in some way that if you begin with the result in mind, and you reverse engineer this model, that you can create, you can come up with a thought on purpose that will then create the result. At this stage, I want to introduce the intentional model and I intentionally intentional, I introduce the intentional to my students and I have them begin to practice their intentional mind, which is their elevated alpha.

[0:10:33.3] Now, what we do with the intentional model is we can choose a new thought sometimes it is as simple and I say simple as taking the thought from the unintentional model and flipping it, right? From I hate myself to I love myself. So we just flip it, or I am not worthy to I am whole and worthy. This doesn’t always work, right? This doesn’t always work for a couple of different reasons. One could be because the brain doesn’t accept it right away.

It is difficult to create that feeling of knowing, that feeling of belief, that feeling of having done, right? Because it is always looking for that how to. It is always looking externally for process so to bring it home and that feeling of having done to that state of being is in some difficulty to a complete reversal of a sentence, complete reversal of a minus 100 to a positive 100. Sometimes we want to take later thoughts on that and we want to go from a minus 100 to a minus 80.

To “I hate myself” to “I’m beginning to not hate myself” or “I am starting to begin to believe that I cannot hate myself” or something along those line but we are still in that kind of negative realm but we are moving away from the sort of factual “I hate myself” and again, this is for very different types of thoughts. We have thoughts around money. We have thoughts around relationships, thoughts around health, thoughts around buffering.

So whatever the thought is kind of flipping that and changing that, we do want to get into latters but when we reverse engineer it, we do a completely different – we come at it from a completely different tactic and what we say is, “I am going to look at my result line.” I am going to look at my result line, I am going to look at my external world. I am going to look at my world of form and matter and I am going to say, what am I going to create out here. What do I want to have?

[0:12:32.5] What do I want to experience, what do I want to achieve? What do I want to accomplish with goal setting? What kind of goals do I want to have out there? What do I not have now that I do want to have in the future? That is what the result line is, it’s that future circumstance. That future world of form, your future form. Do you want to live somewhere else? Do you want to have a different job? Do you want to have a different income?

Do you want to have a different type of relationship? Do you want to have a different type of style like do you want to dress differently? Do you want to – all kinds of different stuff. Do you want to play a different sport, take up a different skill, a new hobby, whatever it is, you begin with the result and you reverse engineer it. Now the reason why we want to understand and go through, this is the last week, there is only one understanding and go through the thought download.

And the unintentional model first is because you want to engage with your power of volition, your power of choice, your power of knowing that thought are choices that they are not facts. You got to do the thought download to disintegrate, right? If we talk about integration coming together to remove the togetherness to disintegrate to pull apart, what is the fact from what your thoughts about the fact are plus it is very important about the thought download.

And then you go into the model of alignment that unintentional, “What’s happening now?” To see exactly how the thought you are choosing is creating the result that you are getting. Without doing that first, it becomes very difficult to reverse engineer a model of alignment because it becomes difficult to know that you can just choose a different thought. When you reverse engineer, you go from “this is the results I want. These are all the actions I have to do” right?

[0:14:16.1] All the actions I must do to accomplish as a result. This is a to-do list, right? This is math. It is something we do in the academy of course, of course this is part of the academy training because this is a part of doing the math, it is part of doing the action stuff but what do you want to feel? Owning, knowing how to create emotion, only those emotions, what are you going to think? That’s the elevating of the alpha because then when you have that thought, you choose that thought and feel it.

You believe it, you know it and I wanted to introduce that. Introduce that it is not about holding thoughts. You know, I said introduce the examination of knowing, which is on the other side of belief because when you believe it, you have this experience of well I believe it because it happened, right? I believe it because it is a result already and I want to challenge that for you. I want to offer to you instead that the reason why you believe it is because you just know it.

Now you think it is because there is some kind of evidence and sometimes it is because it’s happened but I am going to say it is not because it’s happened, it is because you believe it is going to happen like the future events. Future events that haven’t occurred. You got a ticket and you bought a ticket to Hawaii. So you think I am going to Hawaii, I am going on vacation. So you got this ticket but it hasn’t happened. So how do you know?

And you say, “Well, because I got this ticket coach like it is my evidence.” Oh, so you want evidence. You want a ticket, okay so I can write you up a ticket and I can write and scribble some words on a piece of paper and hand it to you and you can convince your brain to use it as evidence for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, accomplish or create. See that’s the silliness around having this ticket and saying this ticket is proof of my knowing.

[0:16:01.1] The only thing that’s proof of your knowing is you are choosing to know. You are choosing to say, “I am going to Hawaii.” I am putting this in the space of knowing, not wishing, not hoping, not “I’d think it would be cool to,” right? Because when you wish to go to Hawaii it is like “I’d like to go to Hawaii” you are not in that space, right? That is not in a place where you are knowing. Knowing is “I am going,” it is happening. It is 100%, it is going to happen. So you’ve got this ticket and you are using this ticket as evidence.

Now, so many things could happen between now and when that ticket, when that plane flight is right? I mean so many things could happen. You get called for work, you could get injured and you go to the hospital. I know some of these things are more morbid like COVID stuff, right? Like it could be things like the planes shut down. You know maybe something amazing happens like maybe you hit the lottery and you decide you want to go somewhere else for vacation instead.

You know there is a lot of things that can happen. But my point is, you right now just know and you plan and you set for and you feel and every inch of your body and bones that you are going on this vacation. You know how much money you’re getting paid, right? Those of you guys who are on employment, those of you guys who are on employment or on salary, it is like every couple of weeks, every month, whatever it is, whenever you paycheck comes in. It is like, this is how much you get paid, you know it and you tell me that you feel safe right?

I get this safety, “I feel safe having this job,” and when I talk to my students who are going out and starting their own businesses, they will come – part of my fear is I lose this safety in having that employment, having that steady income, they say. Look, I want you guys to know something, there is nothing steady about steady income. It is just a belief.

[0:17:49.0] It is a belief that you have in your mind because at any single time at any time, it could go away, any time. There is just that knowing and that’s the power. That is the power you have for all of your future not just for your paycheck, not just for your vacations, not just for your “I know the sun is coming up tomorrow,” right? My alarm clock is going off at this time because I set it, right? And not just I am going to work or I am doing this. You know this weekend I am planning to do this.

You have these plans, you are going follow through, they are going to happen, they are going to come through and why do you know that because you know that is the move. It is that space of knowing. Now enter doubt, fear, insecurity, uncertainty, all of that stuff that from that beta condition creates a whole different experience around a whole other set of circumstances. That is why it is so powerful for you to have that intentional model and know that your thoughts are what are in charge.

Your thoughts, you can choose to believe anything. Now in practicing that thought is more than just holding it in place, right? It is more than just kind of having that positive affirmation for two minutes a day, you know? There is a whole additional process that follows the intentional model for students, who get to this point in their education and training. This is where creation in form begins. This is where manifestation starts to happen and I am going to talk about that in the next episode, part three of the series.

So check this out, go to thealphamalecoach.com and click the button for the Spartan Academy. I am telling you brother, the time is now. The time is now. We are approaching 2021, you are going to want to get in before December because December we’re going to set up for 2021 and you know regardless of the time of year it is, regardless of the season, it is time for you to take the momentous leap to engage with your alpha state and create the results in your life that you want in your life.

Any result you want in your life and create those results with purpose and with intention because you have this tremendous power within you. Come to the Academy. Come to the Academy and learn how to use it.

Until next week my brother, elevate your alpha.


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