To expand on the ideas of indomitable self-confidence that we explored in the last episode, I will be explaining the importance of unconditional love and how it fits into the model of alignment. The alpha state we are reaching for is within your grasp and this is just another piece of the puzzle for you to get closer to your goals.   

That version of yourself that you know you want to attain, the one with confidence and stability, honesty and power, contains, without a doubt, elements of unconditional love. This love can be directed at oneself, but importantly as you will hear, is also a means to deal with other people in our lives.

When we accept the parts that make up the model of alignment, and we begin to see that none of us are our reactions or emotions, our mistakes, and successes, then it becomes that much easier to approach external forces and particularly people, with unconditional love and understanding. In this way we are non-judgmental and it is just another element of cognitive mastery.

Stay tuned for this amazing episode, brothers, as I talk about saying yes to what is, getting away from a fixation on demonstration, and liberating yourself from the beta conditioning that can hold back your greatest self!

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How the universal law of cause and effect applies to achieving the Alpha state.
  • Our purpose on earth — to achieve the Alpha state.
  • What the Alpha state involves: Having no limitations and achieving our best selves.
  • How laws work by producing outputs based on inputs.
  • The reliability of thoughts creating specific results, due to the process being governed by the law of cause and effect.
  • The law of cause and effect doesn’t judge the thought; it just enacts the appropriate result.
  • What we see in the world is a result of what we have within us.
  • How the model of thoughts producing results works in a feedback loop.
  • The similarities between science and spirituality where invisible forces have visible effects.
  • The first tool: Separating thoughts from the neutral stimuli that create them.
  • Tool number two: Becoming aware of the power of thoughts to shape life.
  • The third tool: Recognizing that we have the choice to control our thoughts.
  • The five components of the model of alignment.
  • How to practice the thought download by taking a neutral situation and writing down thoughts about it.
  • Taking the most predominant thought from that session and identifying the feeling it causes.
  • Using the model of alignment to identify all the things one can do when feeling this feeling we just identified.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach podcast. The only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here is your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:32] KA: What’s up my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and today we’re going to talk about understanding the law. Actually, check this out, what we’re really going to talk about is a process. I was asked to do this from a student on Instagram. I believe it was on Instagram. I think it was Instagram. Maybe it was the IG TV. But I was asked to do a podcast explaining some basic tools that I use with my students to help them see the truth of who they are and what they are capable of, which is exactly always what they believe they’re capable of.

I decided to do this podcast and I’m going to do this one and another one, and those two, I’m going to have the processes, we’re going to talk about process. But then I’m going to add a third one for fun, because fun is fun. Get ready for another three-part podcast series. Here it goes, Part No. 1 called ‘The Law.’

I want you guys to know something. You are here to elevate your alpha. You’re here on this podcast, but you’re here in this world, you’re on this planet, right? You’re here to live into the best version of yourself. This all begins with your alpha state as it functions into the law. I begin all my students with removing buffers, right? This is done for function and for form. After that and most times simultaneously with that, we go into proving, seeing, learning, working with the law.

Now, the law is the law of cause and effect, and I’ve talked to you guys about the law a lot. I may not have mentioned it in these terms, but I’ve talked about it a lot when I mentioned universal truth, right? Because the law of cause and effect is, the cause, the thought, the effect, the result, right? The universal truth explains this natural law. I want my students to understand the universal truth and the law of cause and effect. Essentially, what are we talking about here, right? What are we doing? We’re talking about creating the life of your dreams, right? Like the purpose of living as an alpha, as an alpha male is to live a life of intention, a life that you create, a life with zero barriers, no limitations. want them to know how the process of creation works.

Check this out, guys. There is a law of electricity, right? Watts divided by amps gives volts. Volts times amps give watts, et cetera, right? We know this. This is the law. This is the law that we know gives us the results we want with electricity. Electrician must know these electrical laws so that they can get the result that they want for their electrical system. It’s not important to know why the law works the way it does, right? Electrician doesn’t need to know why electricity works the way it does. They just need to know that it’s a law and it works the way that it does because it’s a law. So we know that there are inputs that will always return a specific output. That’s where law is. You know that given a certain input, you will get an exact and specific output, for electricians that has to do with working with electricity.

For the law of cause and effect that had do to with thoughts creating results. For electricians understanding the law of electricity is important, and a part of the 101 curriculums that they can apply it, right, so that they can make use of it. For my students understanding the law of cause and effect is a part of their 101 curriculum, so that they can apply it and so that they can make use of it. The law itself is subjected to the cause, which is the thought. The law doesn’t analyze the thought itself, it just acts on the thought to create an effect, which is a result. It is a natural law, which means it always accepts the input. It always gives an output according to however the law works.

The law is indiscriminate to the thought, it doesn’t judge the thought. It doesn’t reject the thought. It doesn’t say that thought is going to harm you, or that thought is no good for you, or that thought is going to create this so you shouldn’t do it. It is subjective to any thought it receives. Just like the natural level of electricity. Electricity doesn’t decide how it gets used. It just follows the law that it is bound to. It doesn’t matter what the volts are used for, right? It could be to run a water heater. It could be to power an AED. It could be to detonate an explosive. The electricity doesn’t know, it doesn’t care. Electricity just works according to the law of electricity. It runs along a current, given the parameters of the law. The law of cause and effect is the same.

We want to study the math first. We want to look at the law that governs cause and effect, vibration and form, thought and result. The math and the proof of the law of cause and effect, of the universal truth is the model of alignment. This is where we see the law of cause and effect unfold in perfection. It’s so important to know how impersonal the law is, because we’ll look out and see, maybe we’ll see a negative world. We’ll look out, we’ll see someone being negative or we’ll see something negative, or we’ll say something and we’ll say, “I don’t like that.” We see in the world that comes from the negative within us.

What we see in the world is in effect of what is within us. Once we know this, once we know the law and have the math to live by it, you have everything you need to create your life according to your own intention. That’s it. That’s all you need. You just need to know this law. Which is what I teach, and what I teach to you guys every week. The universal truth, the law of cause and effect.

I have told you this proof before. It is simple. It is the five components. It’s the model of alignment. It’s the five components, and all of each moment exists within each model. Understand that. All of each moment exist within each model. This is the math, this is the proof, so there’s a circumstance, there’s the C line, this is what’s happening or what happens or what happened. Okay. It’s what somebody said, it what’s somebody did, it’s happening now, whatever the — whether, the traffic. It’s just that — you know what? Let’s put it this way, brother. It is something that’s coming through one of the five sense. You hear it, you see it, you taste it, you touch it, you feel it. That is the circumstance, it’s just the data. It’s just the math. It’s that raw sensation that you receive through one of the five senses.

As you can say, it’s like a sound vibration, or it’s like a light vibration, or it’s like a touch vibration. It’s always going to be vibration. It’s always going to be just data. That then goes to your brain, then we begin that model of thought, feeling, action, result. And the thought is what begins the process of creation. The thought is the thing. It’s the cause, it’s the first cause of the effect, of the result. Because the thought will start to fuel the vibration, will start to fuel the emotion, will start to fuel that feeling in your body, what you’re feeling, the vibration of those cells. You’ll feel it, you’ll act on it and it will drive your actions and how you act. We get in when we talked about the motivational triad.

The motivational triad is something that we can flip around and we can move around, and we do in order to elevate the alpha state. We really do that from the power zone, which is between the C line and the T line. Really, the action is going to becoming from that feeling, what we choose to generate. Now, again, we can act away from that. We can act in courage when we’re feeling fear. So there are always ways to move around what we’re feeling, but our feelings are generally when we’re unconscious, when we’re subconscious, when on beta condition, those feelings are going to always drive an action that gets a specific result.

That result, it will then use evidence for that original thought. That’s how the model works. When we look at that model, what we do is we see it. We see the proof of cause and effect. We see exactly how our thought creates our result. Then when you see that result, you reinforce the thought and use that as evidence. Kind of reinforcing it not just as evidence for the result, but evidence for belief. We start to say, this is now a fact because look, here it happened. I knew it would and it did. Which actually reinforces the law of cause and effect. When you know something is going to happen, it does. When you see that in the model, you can see it unfolding in that perfection. Always, always, every single time.

Now, I’ve told you guys several, several times, I’m a scientist. I admit that I teach some principles that may come across as spiritual. You know what? I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that. Because when it comes to the difference between science and spirituality, the only difference is the difference between what’s visible and what’s invisible.

However, all science begins and ends with the principle being invisible. It’s how we use the principle is what becomes visible. The effect of the law of cause and effect is always visible. I don’t believe it’s possible to do the work that I do without getting into the realms of what some might — some people might consider, right? To be spiritual. That is only because of things like the law of cause and effect. It’s just like electricity, brother. You can’t see it. You can see the effect of electricity, but you can’t see the actual electricity, right, and gravity. You can see the effect of gravity, but you can’t see gravity. Gravity is a force, it’s an invisible force.

Electricity is an invisible thing it exists in the air, it’s all around is. Gravity is all around us. It’s this force, heat, the law of thermodynamics, it’s all around us. You cannot see it. All these natural laws are invisible, but they are laws. They have certain principles. They have certain inputs, outputs, they have functions. We as humans, we don’t create these laws, we just discover them, right? They exist, they have existed before we discover them, before we put them to use mathematically. They’re always there and the law of cause and effect is always there too.

The mode is the proof. The model is the math. All these natural laws are invisible, what is visible is their effect. So by saying that I’m a scientist of the law of cause and effect, is that the effect is the results. I coach students on how to get the results of their dreams, which is the life of their dreams, right? The reason why I mentioned this is because it is a law that governs our world of form. And being a scientist of this law is a part of being a student at the academy.

The firs tool I wanted to teach my students in working with this law is to separate thoughts from facts. This is so, so important. It’s called the thought download. The reason why this is an important tool and a primary tool, a foundational tool is because it helps new students recognize the neutral nature of the world of forms. The neutral nature of circumstance. The neutral nature of sound. The neutral nature of light. It helps new students understand that, what is factual, what is the raw data, what does not create an emotional experience and the thoughts that the beta condition or the alpha state, depending on where you are in your training, in your skill development, what you decide to make those neutral state of forms mean to you. That’s number one. Thought download, very important.

In the beginning, it’s all going to be beta condition. It’s all going to be a list of thought that most new students think are fact, so separating that, separating what your thought are. It’s even so common that a lot of times a though will be in the C line. I’ll get to that in a moment. But that’s number one, is to recognize a neutral state of the world of forms.

Number two is to begin to become more aware of the thoughts that are creating the results, that are creating your life. Like the creation, the world of form is neutral. However, it is yours to create. If you want something different, you can change your thoughts to change your results, but you have to become aware of the thoughts that are currently creating your current results. That’s number two.

The third is to examine the subjectivity of thought, to recognize my friend how powerful your thought is because it is an opinion, and a choice, and an option, and volition. It’s totally up to you. You have free will. You have that amazing power.

The thought download is very simple. It goes something like this. You begin with a circumstance and you have to make sure you have a circumstance, brother. You got to make sure that you have something that is very neutral, that is a fact, that is just — like I say, it’s something that is observed through the five sense, something that everybody would agree because they all observe the exact same thing to the five sense. For example, the circumstance cannot be, “It’s hot in here,” right? Because that is your opinion of the temperature of the room. The circumstance can be, “It is 79 degrees Fahrenheit in here.” Because we can all go to a thermostat in the room and see that it’s 79 degrees.

We can put that in there as raw data. We can measure that and say, “Based on this unit of measurement, based on this way we measure Fahrenheit, we know that the temperature of this room is.” We could say that, “This person said this.” We can’t say that, “This is true because this person said it.” We can say that this person said it. When we say that this thing is true, the reason why we said it is because we say that this person said it, then that would be in the C line. What would be in the C line is not what they said, but that they said it. Because we would agree that they said it, we could all hear that if we had a recording of it, but we all not necessarily agree with what they said.

It’s very, very important my friend that you put in the C line only what is a true fact, that is raw data. Then what you’re going to do is you’re going to write down all your thoughts about it. You’re just going to go basically do a free write. And yes, you got to do it on paper. You can do it on a computer, you can type it out as well, but you can’t do it in your head. You got to write something down so you can see the thoughts. You got to rip them out. You just start writing them, write, write, write, write. Do not sense yourself. Do not stop yourself. Keep writing.

I would say do this for five to even up to ten minutes, which could fill up two to even three pieces of paper. Because the idea here is to get down all the judgments, all the stuff that you’re thinking, all the things you’re creating, all of the ideas that you’re running. This is creation. This is the beginning of the process. This is recognizing what’s happening right now unconscious to you. It’s taking the unconscious and it’s making it conscious. It’s recognizing all the subjectivity, all the unconscious subjectivity you’re having around this very neutral thing and how you’re creating your results with it, and to it and around it.

You want to write down as much as you can. Don’t censor yourself, don’t write down, don’t write do not write something for either because you think it’s dumb, right, or because you’re like, “Oh, I don’t want to write that because I don’t want to put that out in the universe.” It’s already in the universe if you’re thinking it. Just write it down. Get it down there. Write it down there. You can either write down positive things if they come to you, but just keep writing, keep writing for, again, five to ten minutes.

Okay. Now, I want to go on here because I am breaking this into two episodes, and I want to make sure that even though there’s going to be three total that I get out this other stage. Because once that thought download is complete, the next step for my students at this stage is to examine a model of alignment. Now, this model of alignment is going to be unintentional. Now, I say unintentional and use that very specifically because this one is going to be the one that’s creating the result that is not desired, the result that is not intentional. You’ll take your thought download, and this happens right after the thought download because you want to kind of be in it and aware of it, and thinking around it. Have a whole time. Decide for yourself either in the morning or in the evening to do this mind management work.

Right after the thought download, you’ll set up a model for those five components. The circumstances are already done, because you’ve already have that from your thought download. From the thought download for that next line, for that T line, you’re going to find a thought that feels the most strong, feels the most powerful, feels the — I want to say realest for you. It’s almost like the, when you think about this circumstance, whatever is in that C line, you have all these thoughts. Five to ten minutes of writing down thoughts. Which one feels the truest? Would you say like, “Yeah, this is the way it is.” Like, “This is really what’s happening here. This is what I think is going to happen. This is what I think will happen. This is what did happen as a result.” Because if you were thinking it, it’s probably what you created.

That is where you want to start your unintentional model, because it’s where you’re working to become aware of how your thoughts are creating a result. Take that thought, put it in the T line, and then identify the feeling that you feel when you think the thought. This is important as well. One word, one emotion. It’s one thought in the T line. One thought, one sentence. One world, one emotion in the F line. In the feeling line. It’s important that you do this. I know it’s like, “Why do I need to identify? Can I just say positive, negative? Can I just say comfortable, uncomfortable?”

It’s important that you begin to identify how you feel because when you move into that next stage of elevating your alpha — right now, we’re identifying the beta, right? We’re essentially, we’re just shining a light on the darkness. We’re stepping in and saying, “What am I creating? What is happening in my world? What is going on in this back room of my house that’s sending the message out the door that I have no idea and it is now returning these results, but I know what the results are. I want to make some changes here. I want to step out and make these changes externally, but I have to begin by going in and finding out what is happening in my mind.” I’ve taken out the thought download and I want to see what it is that I’m feeling. What am I putting out into the world in order to receive back? What experience am I receiving?

Now, I’m creating the experience, right brothers? Like you guys know that you are creating the emotion, but you’re also receiving it. You’re experiencing and receiving it or you’re creating it and receiving it at the same time. That’s what we call an experience, right? Because we’re thinking the thought, we’re creating it but we’re also having it, so we’re attaching it to that moment. We are receiving from the world what it is we’re creating with our thoughts and putting into it. That’s a very powerful thing to understand, a very powerful thing to know about how this law works. This law works for us, through us, with us by providing us with the exact thing that we ask it for.

“Hey, I want to experience this” and we ask it through our thoughts, right? “I want to experience this” and it gives us that experience through emotion. Which is what we put out, which what we receive. That’s what we get. We put that in the F line of our model and write down all the actions, write down all the things you do when you feel this way, right? When you have this experience, write down all the things you do. The more things you can write, the better because the more things you can write, the more you’re going to see the effect of those actions. The effect of those actions is going to be the same as the thought because it’s going to reinforce the thought.

That’s what you want to look at when you look at your model of alignment, and the whole purpose of that is to see how your thoughts are creating your results. You really want to see, that’s the math. Recognize how your thought from the beginning, from this neutral circumstance. Remember, you go back to the thought download, it’s a fact, it’s just a sensation that you are receiving through one of your five senses, right? You’re smelling it, you’re seeing it, you’re tasting it, you’re touching it, you’re hearing it. I guess I missed that you’re seeing it, hearing it, right? It’s one of those five things.

It’s a neutral thing, but then you’re having a thought, you’re having a belief, you’re having a cognition, right? Probably unknown to you, probably unconscious from you, from your alpha, which is not elevated, right? You have this thought and all of a sudden, boom, there’s your experience. You want to see how those thoughts are creating your results, so that now you could start to take ownership, and control and start to take some power in determining what thoughts you want to have to create the results that you intend. That’s number one.

Number two, you want to become more aware of your feeling action. You want to become more aware of how that movement through the thought to the result occurs. That’s life, right? That’s your experience, but you also want to practice applying the law. You wanted to be doing more of the math problems. Brother, this is the math problems, right? How do you get better at math? You do more work. You do more problems. How do you get better at solving electrical problem, right? How do you get better in solving the amps times volts equals watts? You just keep doing them. You keep doing more of them and then you get better. You could start doing them in your head. That’s one of those master electricians. You give him a thing. It’s like, “How many amps do I need in this fuse box?” He’s like, “This is how many.” Because they just do it in their heads, it’s so fast, they just know. “This appliance here, that appliance there, this many outlets. Okay, it’s what we need.” Boom. Done. They just do it, it’s that fast. It’s that much experience.

You want to be doing these math problems. You want to be applying the laws. You want to be looking at it. You want to be looking at these models. You want to be looking at these models of alignment all the time. The more you can see of them, the more you begin to see the law of cause and effect everywhere. You begin to see it during your day. You begin to become aware of your own models. You’re going to become conscious of your unconsciousness and you begin to see it happening through other people as well.

Okay, brothers, so here’s a very quick recap of the concept and the tools. First, there exists a natural law of cause and effect that is no different in its invisibility or in its efficacy as any other natural law. Knowing this law and practicing living with it is a part of cognitive mastery. It’s actually the first step of cognitive mastery. You have to stop buffering, like kind of moving away from buffering, which is a distraction from the law because it manipulates that T line, right? Buffering is over desire. I want, I want, I want, I need, I need, I need. It’s a constant, impulsive thought in the T line, so it pulls you away from engaging with the law in the T line.

The two tools to practice will help you elevate your alpha and study the law are, number one, the thought download and number two, the unintentional model of alignment. The first, though download is to separate thoughts, which are bits of potentially created future from facts, which are current bits of created form. The second, the unintentional model of alignment is to practice seeing the universal truth in the law of cause and effect as it’s happening in your life. To see it, to do the math problem, do these both, do the thought download, do the unintentional model of alignment every day for 30 days minimum.

I would say do it. I do this every single day as a part of my morning routine. I do it every single day as a part of my mind management. They are part of my life, just like I go to the gym every day. It’s like I workout every day, take a shower every day, brush my teeth every day, twice a day, right? I do thought downloads and models every single day.

Here’s what’s going to happen, brother. I’m going to give you more tools next week and I want you to take all of these concepts and tools and start applying them to your life in an accelerated and specific way. Enroll in the in Spartan Academy today. We are nearly at the end of the year and you are really going to want to get enrolled and have a few weeks of time getting to know the curriculum, getting to know what the layout of the academy before December, when we start building out the impossible goal.

Check this out, here’s how you do it. It’s very simple. You go to and click the button at the top that says Spartan Academy. Enrol today and learn the one skill that will change your life forever. Look, electricians learn how to use electricity to create an income. I want you to learn the law of cause and effect so that you can create your life. Until Part 2 next week, elevate your alpha.


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