In light of the election and many people’s strong emotions about the outcomes, today’s teaching comes at a great time. Whether you experience a sense of victory or loss – depending on who took the presidency – what you’ve got to understand that the outcome really has nothing to do with how you are feeling. The data is neutral; it’s all about how your thoughts are shaping the emotions you have.

What I’m diving into today is the topic of creation. It is not about the created but the power of creation; the power is in the process itself. With people coming to me to lose weight, find a girlfriend, or quit drinking, it is clear that they are hoping for a change that happens from the external to the internal. But it doesn’t work that way and it perpetuates your suffering, my brother. You have to focus on the cause – not the effect. The cause is your belief, and this is what will ultimately determine the outcomes you get. The matrix is always a result, and it keeps you trapped in your beta condition.

Remember that, in the realm of form and matter (the created), nothing is ever added or taken away. How they form and matter are presented is the only thing that changes. To us, it seems like ‘real’, tangible distinctions when, in fact, it is just a flux of energy. The created as we perceive it is thus temporary. Creation is the only aspect of importance. When you understand that the process of creation is in your hands, you step out of the matrix of the created and begin to change your life.

Tuning in today, you will learn how you can tap into your identity as a creator and contributor. You no longer have to be satisfied with what comes your way – you can determine what you get by having the right thoughts. Let me help you transition from the compromised beta condition to the empower alpha state!

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • True change happens internally, which then manifests externally.
  • Why you should focus on the cause and not the effect (result).
  • What the matrix is and how it functions.
  • An explanation of why our focus should be on creation, not on the created.
  • How you can tap into your identity as creator and contributor.
  • Why you have to be grateful for the things you don’t yet perceive.
  • Why taking action is imperative and a requirement of the law.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:32] KA: What’s up my brothers? Welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and it’s the Friday after Election Day. Check this out. I am really excited to be bringing you this teaching today, these concepts because I know that for some of you, your brains are giving you some really emotionally strong messages about the outcome of the United States presidential election, and I’m recording this before Election Day.

I have no idea what the results of the election are going to be. I have no idea as I record this podcast episode but what I do know is that some of you are dealing with loss, and others are celebrating victory. The truth is it isn’t even the outcome of the election that is creating any of what you’re feeling, whether it be elation or disappointment.

I know that the content for the podcast today will help you elevate your alpha no matter what the outcome of the election is or was at this point because that is neutral, the data. That’s all neutral. So and so is president. Okay, now tell me all the things you think about that fact that are creating the emotions that you feel, and let’s check those emotions, right? Good, bad. Let’s own those emotions, good or bad, and let’s discover together how those emotions are determining how you show up in experience now and create your results for yourself moving into the future.

Okay. Now, I told you last week I wasn’t going to get wild. I told you last week I wasn’t going to get wild because I wanted to keep this all process-based. I wanted to give you guys some things to do so that you can learn to use these skills. I held back talking about the universal truth and I held back talking about the law of cause and effect, keeping it all very process-based. I held back talking about the alpha state and I held back talking about the beta condition, keeping it all very process-based.

Now, I’m going to talk about the creation. I am going to talk about that which is visible in creation and I’m going to get wild. First of all, remember, brothers, I am a scientist. I use the scientific method to test hypothesis and theory. The science I study is a spiritual science, a science of utilizing your alpha, your spirit of free will, your volition, your choice, your conscious thought, whatever you choose to call it in order to intentionally determine your results, which is the world of form and matter. The science of how thoughts become things and how it is through an evolutionary leap in human consciousness that we have this power effective within us now, untapped by most and used in slivers of fractions by some.

Thus, sometimes, these podcasts get wild, brothers, like I get esoteric. I get wild. I get crazy. I get bananas. Imagine a podcast on electricity before the natural law of electricity was harnessed for us, right? I’d be talking about an invisible energy in the world that exists all around us and can be used to power machines that keep food cold and houses warm. You’d think I would have lost my mind and yet here we are, reaping the benefits of electricity often without the slightest knot of gratitude to the abundance of that power.

We could say the same for heat, the law of thermodynamics. We could say the same for gravity and even geometry. Now, here we are, and I’m saying the same for the law of cause and effect. The point of all of this is creation. Brothers, I want you to know that I want you to hear those words. The point of all of this is creation. Students come to the academy because they think the point is what’s created, but it’s not. The point is always creation. The point is always the process itself.

You see, people come to a life coach because they want to change something about their life. They want to fix their relationship. They want to lose weight. They want to quit drinking. They want to make more money. They want to have a new business. They want to approach a beautiful woman, right? All the things, all the stuff, all the actions, all the doing, and people want these things because of the way they think it’s going to make them feel, which is generally positive. They want to feel better, so there is the illusion that the move goes from the external to the internal. When I have this external thing, I will feel this internal way. When you focus on what’s created, you create an illusion that leads to suffering and does not serve you.

Here’s the problem. What you see is not being presented in the moment. It is being presented as an effect of the past. In the distant past or in the immediate past, it makes no difference. It is always an effect. It is always a result. Consider the model of alignment. The R-line, the result line is a result of your action. The C-line is the result of others’ actions. The world of form, the matrix is always a result. It’s always an effect. When your focus is on the effect, you miss the cause and have no recourse for which to go about creating a change in the place of cause. This is a final stop on the train ride of doing and process.

Now, we must depart this train and board the train of being and knowing. We structure the mind to begin with cause in order to create an effect, rather than focusing on trying to change the effect while continuing to demonstrate symptoms of a recurring cause. So it begs the question, brothers, what is the matrix, and now we have it. It has been proposed that no one can be told what the matrix is, that every human must see it for themselves, right? You guys remember this, right? Morpheus said this. You cannot be told.

This is why the law of cause and effect has been explained throughout time in the form of story, analogy, parable, and riddle. Consider the matrix or outer form, creation, the stuff of the universe, the body, or whatever you choose to call it. This is all the effect. It’s all the effect, the affairs, the conditions, the health, the disease, the destiny, the wealth, the poverty, the business, the profession, the occupation, the lifestyle, the results. It is any word that represents for you the externalization of life in this experience. It is form, matter, density, ether. It is all made of the same stuff. It is all from a unity of oneness, a three-dimensional field of energy. There is no difference fundamentally between my body and this microphone. A brick and a unit of water are essentially the same, yet compositionally different. There is a difference in energetic vibration.

Now, hold on a second, brothers. Stay with me. Before you go shutting down this podcast and unsubscribing from the Alpha Male Coach Podcast, leaving me a comment, calling me a woo-hoo spiritual guru sputtering conjecture and nonsensical non-logical hoodoo, I want you to know that this is all either self-evident or backed by science of the day, which I continue to offer as a form of edification. We are told by our quantum physicists that matter is not a solid stationary thing. It is a constantly flowing vibrating formless substance which is always popping into and out of creation. It is indestructible and eternal, according to the law of thermodynamics. Nothing can be taken from it or added to it. It is whole. It is complete.

You are living in a three-dimensional space. You view a two-dimensional object. You see the plane on which this object exists. You see the whole plane complete in its unity, complete in its oneness. Whatever beings live on this plane in their two-dimensional life, their two-dimensional existence, they do not see the plane on which they exist. They see only what is in their capacity to see. Imagine a circle drawn within a circle on a two-dimensional plane. The inner circle only has the experience of that plane as it exists within the outer circle. As far as the inner circle’s experience is concerned, its entire knowledge of existence is within the boundaries of the outer circle.

Furthermore, neither circle is aware of the plane in which it moves as being a solid object because the circles are able to move anywhere within the plane as long as they don’t occupy the same space of the plane at the same time. Thus, the way the circles or these two dimensional beings, however you want to think about them, experience their dimension on this plane includes space for them to move. Even though as three-dimensional beings observing these two-dimensional beings, they are moving through a solid plane.

Now, if you didn’t understand that, go back and listen to it again. I almost feel like I should introduce a YouTube video, so I can draw this picture for you guys. If you didn’t understand that, go back and listen to it again because now I’m going to move on. I want you to hang with me because we’re going to go up a level. Now, imagine you are a four-dimensional being observing a three-dimensional cube and all of the objects within it. The cube is solid, just like the plane was solid, right, the flat square or rectangle or whatever of the two dimensional beings. The cube is not full of objects separate from each other. You can see outline without boundary.

There is distinction between these things. Yet they are not separate from each other. No two objects occupy the same space at the same time so that they cannot pass through each other in this cube, and this is an impossibility anyway because there is no emptiness within this cubic space. It is full and complete. As the objects float and flux around each other like – Remember those old lava lamps, right? How you would have the different colors kind of moving within. It’s all water or oil. It’s all one substance.

I know water and oil are not the same substance but imagine like you have this liquid solid substance and you’ve got these things moving within. They’re touching each other. They are connected. They move around with each other but not occupying the same space at the same time. The total energy of the system is unchanged, even though parts of the system as measured and observed may be different at different times. There is movement without change in the total matter within the cube. There is only change in the borderless outlines that seem to flow around and near each other.

Now, take this cube and extend all six sides in every direction for infinity, while maintaining that constant field of indestructible creative substance that completely fills all space of the infinite space, and you have the matrix or the universe, depending on what you want to call it. That is why it’s not about what’s created. My brothers, what is created is a constant flux of energy, matter, and density. What is created will return to the substance of creation. Our bodies are an effect of the cause. When the cause returns to the source, the effect will return to the substance, and the body will decompose.

So at this point, you may be asking yourself or maybe even me. You may be like, “Hey, coach. I got a question. Are you saying that my goals don’t matter? Are you saying that my results are not important, that it just doesn’t matter, that I should just give up on my results and creating the life of my dreams?” No, absolutely not. Just the opposite, in fact. I’m not saying that none of this matters. I’m saying it’s the only thing that matters. Brother, you see, I believe that this is the future of the human species. It is in our evolutionary destiny to uncover more of the power of the gift that we have been given by creation to create with. We have been creating through suffering and have built a world of confusion, doubt, and fear.

Our development brought us to this stage in our bio-psychosocial evolution. We have seen agriculture, we have seen technology, we’ve seen language, we seen religion, we’ve seen government, and we’ve seen social advances throughout time. But we have only been able to uncover half the equation. We have only understood the link between action and result and have been confused by two things. First, why the same action doesn’t always create the same results, and second, why in spite of all the advancements that we’ve made to the human quality of life we continue to suffer emotionally and existentially. Both problems are solved with the knowledge and application of the universal truth.

Okay, here it comes, guys. I’m about to give this to you, right? I’m about to tell you a little bit of a process here. Now, this process is taught in the academy as a way to upload your intentions and create the life of your dreams. Is it easy? Yes. Is it simple? Yes. Are these thoughts that I’ve taught myself to believe? Absolutely. Is any new skill simple? Of course not. Is any new skill easy? No. You have to practice. You have to work at it. But I’m choosing. I choose to believe that these are simple and easy processes so that they become so for me. Is this something groundbreaking and new? No. This is simply the law of cause and effect as it has been taught by every spiritual teacher for thousands of years.

That, my brothers, is why it’s not about what’s created. It’s about the creation, the process of creation. When becoming more of who you are, when you become more of who you are, you realize who you are is a creator and contributor to the eternal field of substance. You learn how to move within the matrix as a creator of it, rather than thinking you’re a victim of it and a slave to it. Remember the universal truth. I want to remind you guys the universal truth because it’s important moving forward in this podcast episode.

The universal truth is very simple. It’s based on five components that we observe through the model of alignment. Our circumstances are neutral. Everything outside of our body is raw data, raw factual energy. It’s sound waves. It’s light waves. It’s just things that we observe and absorb through our five senses. It’s molecular and atomic and cellular energy, and that is all. We subjectify it through form and shape and color and shadow and sound and all kinds of different things. But the truth is it’s just energy and it’s just outside of us, until it goes into our cellular function, our cellular machine, and we have a thought about it. It is our thoughts that then create our emotions.

When we believe our thoughts, when we believe our thoughts to be true, we have a chemical release from the brain. Our brain releases a neurotransmitter that goes into our body and into the cells of our body that create a feeling. This emotion and feeling drives our actions. Our actions determine our result. Those results, my friend, reinforce the thoughts and make those thoughts stronger into beliefs, and this cycle perpetuates to determine the world that we know, which is different for all individuals. Here is the upload and here is why it works.

First, use the intentional model. If you have a question about what that is, go to last week’s podcast. Use the intentional model and focus your mind on your intentional thought. Hold this as an image in your mind. Try to see it as clearly as possible in as much detail as possible. Believe it already exists. Believe it has happened. It is already in form. It is already in matter. It’s already in the world now, here, in the present, and you can do this with anything you can do this with money, relationships, wealth, habits, goals, literally anything. This is your intention. This is your alpha state pulling the future into the present and setting the mold of creation into movement. Remember, the beta condition is lost in the past. It only knows what it’s seen. It only goes by memory. Your alpha state has to create from imagination. It has to create from image. It has to create from that intention. The thought is not enough. You must feel this process.

It is done, my friend. The bible tells us it is done unto you as you believe, and this is the law of cause and effect. The cause is your belief, the combination of thought or image and emotion or vibration. The effect is the world of substance, the matrix, and it responds to your image and vibration through the law of cause and effect from which we extract a framework called the universal truth. Go back two weeks if you have questions about that, two weeks on the podcast. You must believe it is already done and give thanks for receiving your results as you believe it is done. This is being grateful for that which is to come and it is through that gratitude that it will be done according to law.

Now, how does this work, right? This is the question, always how. Tell me how this works, coach. I don’t understand. It’s just done. How is the law understood? Remember the three-dimensional cube. Do you remember what the matrix looks like? Remember it’s solid, brother. There is no space. All space, shadow, distance, form is an effect of the solid ether and energy of reality vibrating at different rates and compositions. There is no boundary. There is no separation. There is nothing outside of you that is not within you. There is nothing apart from you. All is one in this space of unity and love.

Additionally, on top of that, if you have that image, if you know that there is no boundary, you know that there is nothing that is not connected to everything else, then I want you to also know the law of thermodynamics, which states that energy can either be created or destroyed. It can only move from one medium to another. It transfers from one place to another in form. That is it. The truth shall set you free. That is it. That’s what you need to know. The vibrations in your cells, that cellular reaction that you create in your body from the neural chemicals released from the brain sends out an offshoot of energy like steam that powers an engine. The energy is invisible. It is quantum energy because we cannot see the cellular vibration without special equipment.

The emotions, the neurotransmitters, they go into the cells and create a cellular reaction, a vibration, an explosion of energy that must go somewhere. When we generate and release this energy, we are partaking in the process of spiritual creation. The process is as follows. The cause is a thought, a sentence that is invisible from your alpha state or perhaps the beta condition. But it’s coming from somewhere a thought is chosen. This invisible thought when believed to be true secretes tangible chemicals from the brain into the body. This creates three things; vibration or energy, an experience of the moment or a feeling, and a motivation to move or an action. The vibration works through the law of cause and effect. The feeling determines the moment, how we subjectify the present life experience, and the action drives flux into the form to assist the law.

Now, here’s what I want to really emphasize that you must take action. Don’t misunderstand me, brother. Again, I’m not talking about some woo-woo meditation pillow I can sit in my room all day and meditate my life into being. I’m not saying that. Don’t misunderstand me. This law does not give you license for inaction. Believing a garden will grow when no seeds have been planted does not fit the law. That’s a violation of the law. You are the gardener. You must sow the seeds. Action is required.

Upon taking the action, you trust in the law. You trust that the water, soil, and sunlight will follow the law with no effort required from you. You don’t need to transfer the nutrients from the soil to the seeds. The law does that. You trust in the law. You believe that what you sow, you will reap. If you sow no seeds, you will reap no fruit. If you sow seeds and do not trust in the law, you will dig up the seeds after a day or two because no fruit has grown. This is the mental equivalent of worry, doubt, and fear.

Remember what connects the T-line to the R-line. Remember the model, brothers. How do we get from T to R? How do we get from thought to result? We get there through feelings or vibrations and actions or movement. You need both in the academy. We work on both. We work on the spiritual science of cognition, emotion, and vibration, as well as the physical science of massive action and intentional behavior. This is why I advocate for awareness and removal of buffering and living a life of well-being. Buffering disconnects you from engaging with your alpha state.

Now, listen, brothers. I realize I get wild at times. I realize that this whole episode was very conceptual, very esoteric. To be quite honest with you, if there’s no podcast episode released next Friday, then I’m just going to say right now it’s probably because the illuminati got me, right? They got me for giving you the secrets. The truth is I cannot explain to you what the matrix is. I cannot teach you through words and stories and analogies because it is there right in front of you all the time, unfolding in perfection. You have to see it. You have to be ready to open your eyes for the first time.

Most of these podcast episodes are less esoteric and aim at helping you help yourself elevate your alpha. To live as a redefined alpha male goes beyond the current paradigm as we understand as humans about the way life works. Your brain lies to you. You have been conditioned to see a world that isn’t there. There is no outside that is not first inside. What you create as your result, your effect is from the cause of your belief.

This is true of wealth, health, and relationships. You want more money. You want better health. Do you want better relationships? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then ask yourself what is preventing me from enrolling in the academy right now? What is stopping me from learning how to create with intention right now? And write down your reasons. Write down all the thoughts that are keeping you from accelerating elevating your greatness because it’s already there, brother. It’s already within you. You have the legs that you have learned to walk with. You are born with legs. No one gave them to you. You have the hands that you learned to write with. You were born with hands. No one gave them to you. You learned how to walk. You learned how to write. You have an alpha state. You are an alpha male.

Are you living in alignment with your alpha and creating your life intentionally with indomitable belief and massive action? You’re a creator, my brother. You are going to create, either way. That’s what you’re doing. Birds fly, fish swim, badgers burrow, and human beings create the world around them. You’re going to create either way consciously from your alpha state, consciously from your beta condition or unconsciously from your beta condition. The thoughts we believe become the life we create always. This is the universal truth. This is the law of cause and effect.

Enroll in the academy today and learn how to use this law constructively in your life and achieve any goal you set. The New Year is coming. The time is now. I look forward to working with you. And until next week, elevate your alpha.


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