Today we finish our series on the three pillars of indomitable self-confidence! Even before starting these three episodes, we have explored this subject a lot on the podcast, but it is important to understand exactly what we are referring to here, brothers. This is not conscious confidence, this is the next level of confidence, the one that is tied to the alpha state. The three pillars are as follows: the first is the cognitive aspect, the second is emotions and feelings, and the third, and our subject for today, is actions!

The most important thing to understand going into this discussion is that actions are neutral. This stands for everyone’s actions and all movement in the universe. This means that the premise for all actions is that they are objective, and we need to get away from the hypocrisy that is so common to human action. Remember, my brothers, you already know who you are, and you are not your conditioning. We need to separate between conditioning and the truth, and rather use our conditioning as the path to the truth! Most actions are conditioned based on personal fears, worries, and doubts. This is the story that we have to escape, and we do this by accepting the knowledge of who we are.

So, what are the actions that come from a place of indomitable self-confidence? They are free, brothers! They are also neutral, and when we get to grips with the truth of this we begin to understand what that freedom really looks like. There are many questions that might arise about the ideas of freedom and actions, and how others might be affected. But for now, remember that other people’s interpretations of your actions are determined by them, not by you. The last thing I want to underline today is around gratitude and detachment. When you have a true awareness and acceptance of who and what you are, you achieve the cognitive mastery and alpha state that is already within you, and you live the life that is actually yours!   

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What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • A recap of the three pillars of indomitable self-confidence.
  • The objective and neutral nature of action.
  • How to use our conditioning as the path to the truth.
  • What indomitable self-confident actions look like!
  • The detached demeanor of indomitable self-confidence.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence.

Here’s your host, Certified Life Coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:32] KA: What’s up my brothers. Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. We are getting into the third pillar of indomitable self-confidence. Now, I just very want to quickly go back and review, because this is the third pillar, this is the third part of the three-part series. There’s three pillars here. There’s three pillars in indomitable self-confidence, but brothers remember, I’ve done podcasts on indomitable self-confidence before. 

The difference here is, what I’m talking about is not the conscious programming of a very specific task, or action or event or skill that you are wanting to be calm, unconsciously competent off. Sort of like an unconscious programmed way, I am confident that I will be able to stand up and walk, that I could walk, that I can pick up one leg, I can fall forward and I could catch myself before completely falling down on my face in that prone position. I’ll catch myself with my other leg that’s basically walking. I pick up my foot, I lean forward. I catch myself with my other foot that’s walking. I feel confident with that. I feel confident pouring a glass of water. I’ve done it so many times. 

Even if I make a mistake, right under the stand that two brothers like even when we make a mistake, a part of confidence, a part of self-confidence is knowing that it’s okay. If we do make a mistake, that’s not a big deal that we’re not going to beat ourselves up. That if other people laugh at us or that other people have their opinions about our failure, or our mistake, or whatever it is our unexpected outcome, that it doesn’t really matter. So if I pour a glass of water, if I’m taking a pitcher of water, and I try to put it into a glass into a cup, and I spill, then I’m not going to beat myself up over it. 

I’m not going to sit there and be like, “Oh, I’m a bad person.” You know like, who died and I missed the cup. I’m a horrible. I’m going to beat myself up. I’ve said, “I’m never going to pour another glass of water again.” Like, “I’m done, it’s through, it’s over. I’m not going to try it wasn’t meant to be, it’s not who I am I, I can’t do this.” There’s not going to be all that, the way we do. When we do things that we’ve never done before. We begin to fail at the margins of our experience. A lot of times we try something new and it’s uncomfortable, or if we don’t get the outcome we expect, we start to tell ourselves so many stories around, “This is not who I am, I can’t do it. I’ll never be able to do this. It’s never going to work.” So on and so forth. 

But with a pouring of glass of water with walking with some of these things, it’s even if we do spill, it doesn’t matter, doesn’t make a big difference. Even if we do trip, even we do pick our foot up, but we don’t pick it up high enough. So we end up tripping. Even if somebody sees us and they laugh and they say, “Haha he fell, he tripped, he fell on his face.” Like so what we’re not completely out of our element. We’re not feeling just totally blasted and insecure and worried and all that fear and anxiety that comes up, it’s whatever.

A lot of times, we can even laugh it off on ourselves. We can laugh like, “Oh yeah, I tripped two left feet, whatever.” The idea is, is that that is a very specific type of self-confidence. With indomitable self-confidence brothers. I’m taking it to that next level and taking it into the alpha state.  So understand that, with indomitable self-confidence, we’re talking about three pillars. These three pillars sit upon a foundation or a base. 

This is the primary principle. Now I’m not going to spend a lot of time with the primary principle, because I have had a lot of you guys ask me about the primary principle, especially over the last couple of weeks, because I’ve mentioned it so much. When it comes to indomitable self-confidence. Remember with these three pillars, the cognition pillar, the emotion pillar and the action pillar that we’re going to get into today, they have to be sitting on this base. They have to be very well established, really strongly supported by the strong foundation. If you can imagine a marble colosseum, an old Roman Colosseum, where they have the marble foundation, and then these columns, and then on the top, there’s another layer, so there’s the ceiling and this roof. 

In this image, we have this foundation, this foundation is a marble base, and that’s the primary principle. Then there’s the three pillars of indomitable self-confidence, and then there’s what sits on top and that is indomitable self-confidence. That is the true self. That’s knowledge. That’s wisdom. That’s who you are. Now, the first pillar is the cognition pillar, it’s the thoughts and in the fundamentals. 

When you enroll in the academy, you begin your deconditioning you begin your awareness process your deconditioning process in your observation process, the beginning of your deconditioning or the beginning of your training for living into your alpha state, living as the best version of who you are or living more as who you already are. One of the things we work with is the unintentional model of alignment. The intentional model of alignment but neither of these create indomitable self-confidence. 

The unintentional model prevents indomitable self-conscious, because that’s the unconscious story you’re telling yourself, about who you are, who the world is, but in the intentional model doesn’t create indomitable self-confidence, because it just creates another story around a very specific action or result that you’re trying to achieve. In the first pillar of indomitable self-confidence. The mantra is, I am not my thoughts. The thoughts are simply sentences, they are neutral, plus, and you’re going to hear a theme throughout this episode, this podcast episode of neutral plus, your thoughts are neutral words, they’re neutral sentences. 

The plus is, you get to choose them, your alpha state, who you are, gets to determine what words what sentences you believe, what’s going through your mind. They’re all just sentences. They’re all just stories, and none of them are who you are. In the second pillar, we have the emotion pillar, and emotions are simply neurotransmitters. They’re chemicals that are released from the brain and the feelings that are caused by the emotions or the vibrations of the cells, when those neurotransmitters enter the cells of your body. 

They’re simply chemical reactions, they’re basically vibrations. We can do models here as well. We can do the unintentional model alignment. The unintentional model alignment, what you feel unconsciously and what you choose to feel intentionally but with indomitable self-confidence. Remember, what it is, is that you are not your feelings, either, you are not the chemical reaction that is occurring in the cells of your body. Just like you’re not the sentences that’s floating through your mind. You are not the vibrations in the cells of your body. 

Here we have with the second pillar, we have chemical reactions. The chemical reactions are a neutral plus. Remember the neutral plus in the first pillar is their words that you get to determine in the second pillar, their vibrations that you get to experience. We’re talking about is we’re talking about a chemical reaction and the plus is the neutral part of it is it’s a chemical reaction. The positive of it is that it’s for you, you get to experience. Since we talked about last week, now I want to get into actions. 

Again, you’re going to see this theme of neutral plus. So I’m going to begin with the neutral part of the third pillar of indomitable self-confidence, which is that actions are math brothers. They exist in the world of form that happened through the vehicle that happened through your body. Mass times acceleration, times distance equals work. So essentially, what we have is mass times acceleration, that’s force, multiply the force the load by the distance that how far you’re moving that load the long distance, and then you have work. This is a measurement of movement. 

When we have movements, when we have an object that’s moved a certain distance over time, given the speed or the acceleration that’s calculated, what we have is a mathematical equation for recognizing the change in the location of an object in the human experience of space time. We have an object in a position. Then we move it to another position in space time. That’s what we’re doing, we’re measuring that movement. Whether that is your body or whether that is a molecular object that your body is acting upon. 

Either way, while all actions are movement. They are neutral. Your actions are neutral mathematical equations for how the cellular and electrical objects are being shifted from one position in space time to another position in space time. All actions are this way. Your actions, the actions of other people, and all movement as it occurs through space time. This means it is very objective, it is very neutral. That is the basic premise of action. That is the definition of action. 

Everything else is subjective to the observer, which is a thought. Everything else you think about action is going to be in some way subjective. This action is good, bad, right, wrong, positive, negative. Everything else is subjective to you, or another individual. Always subject to the observer that makes it a thought. What the truth of action is, that is math that is simply movement through space time. If you can get there, then you can already begin to see the neutrality of action. 

Now, I know that there may be some resistance to that and I’m going to address that a little bit later in the podcast. I’ve addressed it in previous podcasts. I’m going to dress a little bit later this podcast, but I’m not going to belabor that, because what’s important is not just that you see that, it’s neutral, but that you also understand that number two actions are the demonstration of the unconscious beliefs from the beta condition.

They are running on a program. Your actions are running on a program. They’re running on a routine that has been trained by the conditioned mind. They are not you, for most humans. Actions are unconscious and what they do is they reveal to the world, they demonstrate to the world, what is the nature, what is the content of the unconscious mind or specifically the unconscious mind of the Act door. 

The unconscious mind of the person or the unconscious belief system of the person that is performing the actions. This is the nature and definition of hypocrisy, my friends. The definition is the practice of claiming to have beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. You believe one thing, and then you do another. Now, almost all human beings do this, almost all human beings in some way, are acting in hypocrisy. However, nearly all humans are unaware of their own hypocrisy. They can very quickly discern hypocrisy and other people, because they’re looking. 

What’s difficult is the unconscious behavior that occurs through the body versus the conscious thoughts that the mind is telling you about who you are. In this separation, there can be a lot of suffering. The reason is because the body will act based on the unconscious conditioned belief, while the mind will judge the actions of other people based on its conscious, conditioned beliefs. This is differentiation. It’s a duality in the human experience. 

If you want to determine what you really believe at an unconscious level. If you really want to know, not what it is you want to believe. Not what it is you want to think or wants to believe or wants to live or wants to do but what you actually believe. If you want to know what you actually believe, look at your actions, observe your actions, your actions will reveal to you what you really believe, because they are the demonstration of the thought through the emotion. This is the universal truth. That’s number two. 

Now, number three, the other thing I want you to know about actions, which is very important, very important for self-discovery, is you already know who you are. What I just got done mentioning number two, is that your actions are demonstrating who you’re not. That’s what I’m telling you about hypocrisy. Your actions are demonstrating who you are not, because your actions are coming from your conditioned unconscious, you are acting through an unkind and unconscious way through the universal truth based on your unconscious conditioning patterns. Your unconscious conditioning programs. 

I want you to know, that you already know who you are. Within you there is already a no where. The problem is that the conditioning from, the world conditioning from the childhood through the world is blocking your ability to be connected with your own knowledge. Now, this isn’t a bad thing, understand? I’m not saying that there’s something wrong here, because this is the human experience, this is the human condition. There’s nothing wrong ever happening. It’s always this amazing quest. It’s always this amazing puzzle. You know, we’re here to balance, we’re here to experience we’re here to have contrast. There’s nothing bad.

The condition is not bad, the conditioning is not good. It’s just is. We’re here to observe it and recognize it and know that we are not it. It is a process of evolution. It is our evolutionary purpose. It is a process of change of discovery and of growth, our conditioning creates the path for us to follow in our quest for freedom. We follow the conditioning to determine the truth. The conditioning is the path that leads us to the truth but the conditioning is not the truth itself. The conditioning is not you. That’s the deceptive illusion, because when you mistake the conditioning for you, you will suffer. This is the suffering. 

You think that the conditioning is you. You think that you must be this way and you try to fit into this box. It’s trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It doesn’t work. That’s the definition of suffering. Banging your head against the wall over and over figuring out why is this not working? Why is this not working? Why is my conditioning creating my suffering? Because you are not the conditioning. You suffer due to your inner knowing, you know that you’re being imprisoned. Because of your outer conditioning. You’re it but you’re not aware of it. There’s an inner knowing that inner truth, that inner alpha state is suffering, because it knows it’s imprisoned by the conditioning. 

Now this is true on a macro and a micro scale. In a macro way, in a broad way. Your actions are conditioned based on what’s generally believed as possible for human beings. In a more specific way or in a more micro way your actions are conditioned based on your personal fears, your personal worries and your personal doubts. I want to tell you something, brother, whether it’s macro or micro, whether it’s broad or specific, it doesn’t matter. It’s all erroneous. It’s all erroneous. It’s all story. 

You already have the knowledge of who you are. It is this discovery of who you are that is missing. That discovery is blocked by the conditioning. What are actions that come from indomitable self-confidence? When you are in a state of indomitable self-confidence, what will it look like? I want to bring you back to the neutral plus. Remember in the first pillar of indomitable self-confidence, what are thoughts? You are not your thoughts. Thoughts are sentences, right. 

The neutral plus is that they are words that you get to choose. In the second pillar of emotions or feelings are chemical reactions. The neutral plus is it their vibrations that you get to experience. In the third pillar actions are math. They are neutral plus. They are movement that is perfect, and enjoyable. Let me get into this in the state of indomitable self-confidence, in that state of being that’s indomitably self-confident when you are in indomitable self-confident, and you’re not in a state of emotion but in a state of being. Actions are viewed from our perspective of freedom, freedom brothers. 

Now, I’m not saying that when indomitable self-confidence, you just go out and get to do anything you want. Even though I actually am saying that. I also want to make sure that I clarify advice is what I’m saying, because a lot of times when people think, “Oh, I just get to go out and do whatever I want.” There’s going to be some resistance about harming other people around the quote unquote, bad or negative or wrong things like these moral judgments that we make around actions in the world. 

I know that there are some of you out there that really want to throw what ifs at me. I know that there’s some of you out there that are saying what, if this coach? What if that coach? What if there’s abuse? What if there’s violence? What if there’s conflict? What if there’s war? You’re telling me that this is freedom that we can just go out and we can do these things. We can do anything we want and it’s perfect, and it’s enjoyable, and we’re free? I know that you want to do that? I know that there’s this, what if and it happens, and I get it? Like you might be even coming up with some specific things like, what if I want to go out and tell this person that they’re being a jerk? 

What if I want to tell this person that they’re being rude or they’re being a jerk? Or what if I want to hit this person? What if I want to be abusive? What if I’ve got this, I want to hit? What if I want to hit him with a hammer? Or what if I want to speed through these red lights? What if I just want to run through these red lights, I’m driving my car, and I’m free to act, I can free and my actions are perfect so it doesn’t matter. I could just be enjoyable. I could just get that rush and run these red lights. 

What if I want to rob this bank? I mean, my actions are perfect. They’re neutral. They’re not right or wrong or bad or good. If I’m enjoyable, if I’m having a good time, if I’m being free with it, I’m just going to go rob this back. Are you saying that coaches you telling me that?

Actually brother, yeah, I am. In some cases, I have. It’s funny, because for that to come through, it’s yes, I would even say that for some of you, it wouldn’t be enjoyable. These things wouldn’t be enjoyable. Here’s the thing when it comes to indomitable self-confidence. It only affects you. It’s only coming from your actions. It doesn’t cross over into affecting other people directly. Now, of course, other people are going to be affected, because we’re all in the information field. We all live in a state of oneness with each other. 

We’re all here together. let me give an example. I’ll use what examples I gave. If you say to someone, you’re a jerk like that is an action is neutral, you understand? If I say out loud, you are a jerk, then that is an action. That is my action, because that’s my action that becomes a circumstance for everybody else. It’s an action for me in the model of alignment as understanding the universal truth. The actions for me become circumstance for all of you. Your actions or circumstances for all other humans. Is it neutral? Absolutely. It’s neutral. It’s a circumstance. 

They’re just words. I’m basically creating sound. I’m using words sound I’m vibrating my vocal cords. I’m pushing air through my throat and through my mouth to create vowels, consonants that create sound, we put them together, because we have words, because we understand, we have communication and language. I said, you’re a jerk, right? Is it neutral? Of course, it is. If you think it’s mean or rude, then that’s a thought. For you to say, well, you’re being mean, you’re being rude. That’s your thought, because it’s actually neutral. It’s actually just words. Is it perfect? Yes. How do we know it’s perfect? Because it happened. 

Perfection is as it occurs. Our moment our time, our space, our existence, our experience is always perfect. Now, is it fun? Remember, there’s the neutral plus is it enjoyable? Is it fun? I don’t know. Is it? Why is it? Does it come from fun? Does it come from a place of fun? Does it come from a place of being in the moment? Am I joking around with someone, like if I mess around with my girlfriend, maybe I mess around my girlfriend. So you’re being a jerk. We’re laughing about it. I’m playful about it, you know she’s not taking it, she’s not taking it, it’s not coming from a place of anger. 

Maybe if I’m shouting it out the window at someone who emerged in front of me in their car. Now it’s coming from a place of anger. Then it isn’t from a state of ISC. It’s not coming from a place of indomitable self-confidence, you understand? It’s coming from an unconscious reaction to anger. It’s coming from an unintentional model of alignment. Even if it is coming from an intentional model of alignment. Even if it is coming from an intentional conscious, I want to be angry. I want to tell this person, they’re a jerk, because in my mind, I’m thinking they shouldn’t be cutting me off on the freeway, even though that’s a thought.

The fact is, is their car moved in front of my car, and even those are thoughts, because their car in my car still thoughts. The point is, is you see that there’s a difference between the neutral action and my thoughts about the neutral action, creating the anger that should not have happened, the resistance to the moment, which is always the algorithm for anger. Anger usually comes from some cognition that resists what is. Now I’m angry. My action from anger through the universal truth is to scream out my window, you’re a jerk. 

It’s not coming from indomitable self-confidence. I’m not in my alpha state. I’m actually in a reactive state of anger. Now, I may be able to reflect on the moment from a place of indomitable self-confidence, you know two hours later, I might look back on my action, from indomitable self-confidence from a place of non-judgment for myself and for other people. I might be able to look back and say that was neutral that was perfect. That will happen because it was supposed to happen from a place of indomitable self-conference in my office state, I’m not beating myself up. But in that moment, it’s coming from a place of anger. So it’s not coming from indomitable self-confidence. Furthermore, other people are autonomous to feel whatever it is, they choose to feel based on their interpretation of the neutral actions which will be based on their own conditioning. 

The more you modify your actions in an attempt to control how other people feel either to prevent them from feeling bad, or trying to make them feel good, any type of people pleasing, manipulating Mr. Nice Guy syndrome, whatever, the more you’re acting from within the construct of mind, thought and illusion. This also is not the indomitable self-confidence state of being. It is a fabrication from a confused and differentiated mind. 

Remember, brothers actions are a manifestation of mind in the moments. When you are in a state of indomitable self-confidence, you are 100% in the moment and your actions are neutral as your vehicle, your body moves through the space time continuum. They are not a function of thought, which is subjective. There are the actions that are a function of thought, because those are the ones that go through the universal truth. Remember, those are the ones that come from the unintentional, unconscious model of alignment or the intentional conscious model of alignment, but those are the actions that come from thought. 

When your actions do not come from thought when they are simply arising in the moment you are living in that state of indomitable self-confidence. The actions are neutral and they are for you. They are liberating, they are fun, they are enjoyable, they are not a function of the thought they are a function of the moment. Now the plus comes from them being fun and enjoyable for you, because you are being driven you are being operated by your alpha state through a cognition of non-judgment and an emotion of gratitude. 

Indomitable self-confidence is a detached state of being. It is a state of being that in that moment, there is the awareness, there is the knowing that I am not my thoughts, I am not my emotions, I am not my actions. I’m not talking about the self-confidence we feel when we are capable of accomplishing a practiced motor pattern like walking, riding a bike or pouring a glass of water. I mean, I mentioned this earlier in the episode brothers the self-confidence we feel with these actions come from an attached an activated unification with universal truth. We are with our mind. 

We are working with our minds to create a story to create an emotion which is an experience. We basically create the story to create the experience to drive the action to get the result. We have a thought creating the emotion driving the action getting the result this is universal truth. This is where we can create intentionally self-confidence. When the unconscious thought is I am capable or I’ve done this many times or I can accomplish this then self-confidence that automated action follows. 

It must be unconscious however to be in that state of self-confidence. Indomitable self-confidence is the true alpha state. It is the you that is operating from beyond and behind the mind that you that you truly are. Actions from this state are for the pure enjoyment of being an unfold from within you in a perfectly neutral and freeform way. They are effortless, because there is no logical purpose for them.

In that there is not a means to an end. I understand brothers that when I say logical purpose, I’m not saying that they are irrational actions, their actions that arise from within you so they are rational for who you truly are. There’s no logical purpose. There’s no predetermination. There’s no thought that precedes them, because there’s no ends that justifies the means. There’s no means that says, “I’m just going to do this so that I can get to there.” It’s not where the cognition is, I’m doing this in order to create that.

The actions are not a means to a result. They are result in themselves, because you’re existing in that moment. The results of our actions are the actions in themselves to enjoy the action as a function of existing in the present moment, not as a function of creating for a future moment. From within you these actions arise, these actions are not from the mind, because the mind is consumed in thought, which is of the past or memory or of the future, which is creation. 

Actions that come from the mind through the beta condition or the programmed not self that we watch for determining the unconscious belief system, this is the fundamentals brothers, this is cognitive mastery. The alpha state is what arises from the deconditioning process. You already have it, you are already an alpha, you are an alpha. It is already there within you. It is what will emerge from you, when we remove the layers of conditioning. We’ll remove the layers of what is not you. 

If you feel like you are not living the life you’re meant to, I want to offer that you seriously consider enrolling in the academy today. When you’re ready, of course. If it’s not today, it’s not today, and I get that. When you’re ready, and only when you’re ready, I want to offer that you enroll in the academy and when you are ready to enroll in the academy, you will begin to work on uncovering and removing the layers of conditioning that have been heaped upon you throughout your entire life, so you can return to your natural state and begin to live the life that you’re meant to live. That is the result. 

That is what we do in the academy. We introduce you to who you are. You discover who you are.  So you can live the life you’re meant to live. Some people say, it’s living a better life, some people’s living a more productive life, some people say it’s living a more authentic life. I just say it’s living your life brother, instead of living somebody else’s life, instead of living some condition that you think you have to or you think you must or you think you should, or all these other stories that your mind is telling you because of your conditioning. 

Freedom is not in the future. Freedom is not dependent on the amount of money in your bank account. Freedom exists right here, right now. Connection and love are not dependent on relationships and other people. Living the life he desires does not require you to wait until you retire or until you make it or you till you reach a certain age. This is the moment, right here and right now. Freedom is right here and right now, you are free. You are free. You are an alpha. Let go and exist. Trust, love, surrender, be free. Be free to enjoy this experience this human experience. 

The lack of freedom is an illusion. There is nothing not setting you free except for you and the stories you’re telling yourself. Indomitable self-confidence is not something to achieve. It is something you already embody. It is inherent to your nature, your true self, what distracts you from indomitable self-confidence, what distracts you from your alpha state is the conditioning of who you are not. It is the desire to control other people, it is desired to prevent other people from feeling what is they must feel in their human journey. 

All of that stuff about not wanting to offend someone or say something that they might not like or say something that they might think that you’re going to reject, that they’re going to reject you for, so you end up people pleasing and being overnight and all that other nonsense. It’s the desire to correct a problem that doesn’t exist. The desire to have more to fill the illusion of lack that comes from the conditioning and the training of who you’re not. 

This is all a distraction brother that keeps you from knowing and discovering yourself. You are already free brother. You are already connected my friend. You are already complete and worthy. There is no problem your mind can’t come up with for you can solve that’s going to make you more than who you already are. There is nothing more than you can have or do that will make you more of who you already are. 

When you are ready to go inside yourself and see the truth and reveal the nature of your perfection to yourself, to see it, to live, it to embody it, and to live from you alpha state, enroll in the academy and begin the process of deconditioning. We are here for you. You are here for you. You exist already within you. Meet yourself when you are ready my brother. Elevate your alpha.

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