Here on the podcast, I have to get wild sometimes, and this, brothers, is to jolt you into a new way of thinking, into resonating with the truth, and escaping our conditioning! This week I am building on the last episode, where I dealt with external authorities and turning this inward, looking at inner authorities and how to manage these. All of our alpha states are different, that is what makes us individuals, but there are so many misconceptions around unity and harmony that we have to free ourselves from. Today I will run through three different types of inner authorities and how you can identify yours and begin listening to it in the right way!

The single, greatest fear, we as humans have, is around who we are. We ask ourselves, “Who am I?” and this question drives so much of what goes on inside us. The beta condition is clearly not who we are, and we need to get past it to access our alpha state, our inner authority, and then surrender to it. As I often say, we have to keep the mind in its appropriate place, as a tool, but not in control, and find a way to listen to the right forces, competing within each of us, in order to make the best decisions possible. When we are able to listen and understand our inner authority, we begin to gain a new sense of self-knowledge and the first part of this is identifying the different types. 

The first is our emotional authority, which means riding these emotional waves in healthy ways. When you deal with your emotions properly you can ride these waves all the way to clarity. You can understand, accept, and eventually transcend the ups and downs, and this means waiting, allowing, and processing. Another inner authority is the gut feelings we get. Again this will take time to master, but if this is your authority you can learn to listen to it in the right ways. The last one I want to touch on today is the intuitive or inner voice we all possess, something that can be quiet and overshadowed but can also be immensely powerful. When we start to understand the physiological feeling associated with intuition, we are able to make fast and spontaneous decisions that suit us. Listen in today to hear about discovering which of these you should be listening to and how to give it its deserved importance.

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Misconceptions around uniformity and harmony.
  • Listening to the only inner authority: the alpha state.
  • How to catch the emotional wave to clarity.
  • Knowing the self and the real inner authority.
  • The authority of emotions, gut feelings, and our inner voice.
  • Giving precedence to your particular inner authority.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud. 


[00:00:32] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and today I’m going to transition into relationships using a bridge episode and introduce inner authority. I had a big response from last week’s episode, and it’s interesting because these podcasts are kind of partially educational. They’re partially practical, right? Sometimes, I give you guys things to do. But the big problem with that is like if you just do it, then you’re just doing it. You’re just kind of going through the motions. When I offer you guys TDLs, like thought downloads, I recommend, I offer that my students do thought downloads because it helps the deconditioning process. 

But when I say that on a podcast, and you guys listen to the podcast, you may start to do it as an action. You may start to do it as a behavior. But without the guidance behind it, it just kind of becomes movement. It just kind of becomes this thing that then has the power, and there’s no power in the thing. There’s no power in the thought download. There’s the power in the purpose behind the thought download and the guidance through the thought download. But the power exists in you, in understanding the cause and understanding the why. 

So these podcast episodes, they kind of – what it is, it’s about concepts. It’s about teaching. Sometimes, they get wild because I really want to jolt you. I really want to kind of jar you guys into resonating with the truth. We are so conditioned. Human beings are so conditioned to be living, to live in the illusion, to live in the illusion of the beta condition, of the not self-mental projection of the conditioning or programming that we received through our upbringing, through our childhood, through our trying to make sense of this illusion of separation when deep, deep, deep inside, we know that we are one. We know that we are complete. We know that we are whole. But we live in this illusion of separateness, and this illusion of separateness is what drives the disconnection. It’s what drives the loneliness. It’s what drives the scarcity and the doubt and the worry. 

This episode I know is going to resonate with a lot of you guys because last episode resonated with a lot of you guys. Last week, I discussed the external authorities and how we are conditioned first by placing the mind in a false position of authority and then making decisions through the mind based on sensory data from the external world, which is basically primarily what we see and what we hear, right? Most of the time, we rely on the sense of sight and the sense of sound. What I want to emphasize today and throughout the episodes dedicated to relationships is that every human being is unique and different. 

Brothers, there are no two humans that are the same. Let me rephrase that, and I want to make sure that I rephrase that, so you understand the terminology I use. There are no two alpha states that are the same. You see, the beta condition is the collective false reality that we exist in when we abdicate to fear and seek external authorities to tell us who we are and what we must do. Because of this fear, we grouped together into tribes and communities that our mind conceives will protect us through the control of action and behavior. Like I say, last week, globally, this looks like political and religious ideologies. I would even add that in the 21st century, you can include social media into that because social media is kind of this global thing. 

On smaller scales, it looks like our teachers, our coaches, our parents, our friends, our personal education, and our immediate environment. Because the general mantra of the beta condition is I need to go along to get along, and it takes the form of homogenization. The illusion is that unity is achieved through uniformity, and this is not true. It’s not true that if we’re all the same, then we will be unified. In the beta condition, the construct is that if we all behave the same, if we all believe the same, then we will have harmony. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the cause of the chaos is the aim towards uniformity. The more we try to be who and what we are not because we are trying to go along to get along, the more we suffer through conscious or unconscious resistance, and the alpha state knowing that the vehicle is going against itself.

History has proven over and over again. You only have to look. Just look at history. You can see this proof over and over again. You can see that monopolies have fallen, that empires have toppled, that when you have one idea, it will be broken into several ideas based on personal experiences. However, instead of seeing the truth in the variance of the individual human being, there is this constant push towards harmony in uniformity, which, as I said, is manipulated programming, conditioned, or trained through fear. I’m not blaming. I’m not blaming anyone or pointing fingers at the world. While there may or may not be individuals who consciously aim to control the masses through creating a sense of fear, the original fear that drives all humans into uniformity is the fear of the unknown, and there is no greater fear than not knowing the answer to the question who am I. 

This primordial unknown is so innate to the human being that it has been the work of spiritual teachers since the beginning of recorded history. While we continue to drive towards the idea of bettering ourselves, while everybody out there in this personal development world or personal development industry is aiming at bettering ourselves, it is always important to remember that the mind is not the authority. In other words, you are not your mind. When we forget this, we listen to the mind and allow it to make decisions for us. This is the beta condition because it is the rigid program or it’s the fixed story constructed from the external, the people and the things that we are not. 

That is the external authorities. That is the mind or that’s the beta condition. Today, I will introduce the internal authorities and bridge the gap for the future episodes, which we’ll get into relationships. Now, unlike the beta condition, which is the programmed mind through external authorities and exists as a solo entity of creation, which is a tool of the alpha, yet having no self, no anima of its own, the alpha state is a spirit. It’s a energy. It’s a soul. It’s the truth or whatever you want to call it. It is you. It is yourself. It is the true self. You are the alpha. You are alpha. I say the alpha. You are alpha. There is no beta condition. The beta condition is the illusion of the not self. You are alpha. Your alpha state has its own authority. This is your inner authority. This is your only true authority. This is the only authority that you ever must surrender to. Surrender your beta condition to your alpha state, and follow your inner authority.

Now, inner authorities are going to vary. There is no single inner authority for all alpha states. When you are in your alpha state, you will be one with your inner authority. Your inner authority will make your decisions for you, of course. Because you are making decisions for yourself, you’re making decisions from yourself, from your alpha state, for yourself, instead of your not self, which is the beta condition. Then is when you will be making decisions for you. Now, in this episode, I want to describe a few of these inner authorities. You will have one of these not all of them. These authorities have a hierarchy based on their signaling power. However, you will not know which is your inner authority simply because you feel it. You will want to be guided into seeing for yourself which of these authorities is your inner authority and not simply the not self-conditioning of the mind seeking and connecting through the beta condition. 

Now, what I mean by that is, look, brothers. Yeah, you’re going to have emotions, but it doesn’t mean you’re an emotional authority. You’re going to have gut instincts, but that doesn’t mean that gut instinct is your emotional authority. You’re going to have intuition, but that doesn’t mean your intuition is your inner authority. Because remember, the mind is never the authority, even though it is conditioned to be so, and the mind is going to try to trick you into maintaining its authority. The mind is very, very powerful. It is a powerful tool of your true self. However, it is not your true self. It is conditioned to know what’s best for you and tries to dominate your life, but it doesn’t know. It’s only been conditioned to know, and we are all conditioned to seek approval and external validations from humans outside ourselves and to make decisions from that mind.

This episode will introduce you to some of the inner authorities that exist in the alpha state. When you learn which inner authority is yours and how to work with it, you will set your life on the correct path for success and peace. Everything will fall into place for you because you will be making the decisions you are meant to make from the person you truly are, decisions about your purpose, your life, your job, your relationships. Everything will become effortless and prosperous. 

Now, understand me when I say that because I’m not saying that you will live without effort. What I’m saying is life is still life, and we are still humans. However, you will no longer suffer from the affliction of making decisions that aren’t good for you because you’re making them from your not self beta condition. So let me get into these now. I’m going to get into these inner authorities. I want to begin with the most powerful and most common inner authority, which is the emotional authority. 

As I said, just because you have emotions, it doesn’t mean emotions are your authority, brother, because all humans feel emotions. That doesn’t make them your authority. Emotions are a powerful authority, and we are here in part, as humans, to learn how to process and allow our emotions, whether or not the emotions are our authority or not. If they are not our authority, processing and allowing the emotions makes it easier for us to be aware of our authority, which may be our gut instinct or our voice intuition. If the emotions are our authority, then processing and allowing the emotions is the path to listening and understanding our authority. 

Emotional authority doesn’t give you the answer in the moments. Emotional authority is like surfing. When the offer comes or opportunity comes to you and you’re asked to make a decision, this is like the wave. You’re sitting on your on your board, and this is like the wave approaching you. You need to see the wave. You need to turn and set the wave. You need to start paddling with the wave. You need to catch the wave. You need to jump up and ride the wave. When the wave is over, that’s when you begin to see clarity. For you to make an answer that will serve you the best, you have to ride the emotional wave to completion. The more you begin to understand your personal emotional wave, the more effective and efficient you will become at making decisions that serve you. 

If you are an emotional authority, spontaneous decisions are coming from your mind, and you run a high risk of suffering as a result. If you’re an emotional authority, then you do not want to be making spontaneous decisions. You do not want to be making decisions in the moment. Time is the key. The more time, the better. Emotional authorities are projections into the future. Your emotional vibration is telling you that it will give you the answer in the future. You are a future-focused being. Time puts distance between the moment a decision needs to be made and the decision itself. As you wait and ride your emotional wave, you will gain more clarity. This is the power of the inner authority. However, you never want to expect 100% clarity. In the emotional system, total clarity is rare. I don’t want to use the word impossible. I’m just going to use the word rare. The goal is to become as clear as possible. 

Now, the emotional authority releases this wave pattern that is experienced from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. The cyclical wave goes from hope to pain, expectation to disappointment, and from joy to despair, and then back again. To create emotional stability in our lives and in the world, we must understand, accept, and eventually transcend this wave pattern. This is the purpose of processing and allowing our emotions. Therefore, the key, brothers, the key to transcending the emotional wave pattern and the potential chaos it sends into the world is to wait, allow, and process. 

As you wait through the ups and downs of the emotional wave, the wave begins to level out, and clarity for your decisions becomes possible. When humans with emotional alpha authority understand this, the emotional vibration in the information field will harmonize as people stop sending out harmful, chaotic, emotional waves into the environment. The emotional wave is a chemical process only. You guys know this. From the universal truth, you know that the emotional wave is a chemical process, which I’ve said over and over again. However, we always try to rationalize these emotions. When we’re feeling good, we make up a reason. When we’re feeling down, we make up a reason. We think that we have to have a reason that’s going to come from our circumstances, rather than just accepting the cellular vibration, rather than just accepting the chemistry of the emotion. 

As the wave moves you, you will feel differently and you don’t need to assign a reason. You don’t need to go out there and blame the circumstance, which will always create more pain. Most of the time, alphas with emotional authority will try to fight the downside of the emotional wave. Now, think about this. I’m not saying that if you’re resisting your emotions, that you’re an emotional authority. What I’m saying is that it’s likely that if you are resisting the downside, if you’re resisting what we would call the negative emotions, the uncomfortable emotions, then it may be that you are an emotional authority. I’m not saying that you are, but I’ll always suggest that you hire a guide to help you see more of who you are. 

Because humans that are not emotional authorities, they will move to the other side. They will try to avoid with buffering or they will react to their emotions. Because they’re not an emotional authority, so they have less ability to handle them. So they react to them or they avoid them, whereas those alphas with emotional authority will resist them. They will try to fight the downside of those emotional waves. It’s simply because people think whether you’re an emotional authority or not, whether you’re avoiding or reacting or resisting, people think that they should be happy all the time, right?

We’ve talked about this on the podcast. Human beings have this idea in their head that we should just be happy all the time, that life should always be good, that life should always be amazing, that we should always be aiming to better ourselves through some kind of bliss or utopia. We feel like if something’s wrong, then there’s something wrong with us. If we’re feeling down, there must be something wrong with us. Then, of course, the pharmaceutical companies come in and they say, “Yes, there is something wrong with you. Here’s a pill to fix you.” Of course, this only makes things worse. 

Then on the other hand, if you identify with your emotional wave at the high points, you become lost. You become lost in the high points. You become lost in the people pleasing and that false sense of I just need to be happy and I need to make other people happy, so I can feel happy. As an emotional authority, it is so important to allow the emotions to be there and just process them to not disturb the inner tranquility of knowing how you operate and what is normal for you, as if normal were a thing because, of course, normal doesn’t exist. In the beta condition, normal exists as everybody being the same. But normal for you is riding the emotional wave, so you can gain clarity over decisions. 

Now, the point is never make a decision from the high point or the low point of the wave. We are all going to have emotions, brothers. All of us, whether you’re an emotional authority or not, we’re all going to have emotions, and none of us want to make decisions from the high point or the low point of the wave. If you are an emotional authority, you don’t want to do it because you want to make sure that the time is right. If you’re not an emotional authority, then they’re not your emotions anyway. Your authority is going to be coming from somewhere else, which I’ll get to later in the podcast. 

An emotional charge is not the right time to make a decision, as it’s only going to send out chaos into the world and results in regrets. Though it may be difficult to contain impulses from the mind that want you to react immediately, ideally you will wait for calm waters before you make a decision. Be on the surfboard, brother. Be on the surfboard. Ride the surfboard. Ride the wave. Enjoy the wave. Let it be. When the wave ends, when you come off the surfboard and the wave stops and you’re done, then you make a decision. But while you’re on the wave, enjoy it. For alphas with emotional authority, there is no truth in the moment. 

Now, look, I’ve spent some time with emotional authority because it is the most common for humans. About half of all humans are going to have an alpha state with an emotional authority. However, not all of us do. Just because you feel emotions and have emotional ups and downs, that doesn’t mean you are an emotional authority and have to wade through a wave that isn’t for you. We all must learn to process and allow our emotions. However, for half of us, we will have an authority that comes from another part of our alpha state, and we only have one inner authority. To know yourself in part is to know what your inner authority is. Since we are so deeply conditioned to believing our mind is our authority, it is best to have a guide that will take you into yourself and help you see yourself. 

It’s true. I’ll admit. I believe it’s true that Luke Skywalker always had the potential to use the force, and he might have been able to teach him himself how to use the force. But he learned how to use the force much faster, much more effectively and efficiently with Obi Wan Kenobi and with Yoda. This part of the hero’s journey will someday be a part of the primary education system so that all human children will learn who they are, live in their alpha state, and understand their inner authority. 

All right, so we’ve gone through the emotional authority. Next, I want to move on to the gut authority. The gut authority is felt in the guts, right? It’s where the phrase I made a gut decision comes from. You probably have heard this. It is a sense that occurs in the body and is binary and in the moment. If there is an offer being made so that you have the option to make a decision, the gut will give you a yes, no, or I don’t know. The feeling isn’t so much of a yes or a no because it’s not the voice, which I’ll get to in a second. It’s more of a pull or a push, right? It’s more of a, “Aha, this is for me,” or, “Uh-uh, this isn’t for me,” right? 

If there’s a hesitation from this authority, then the answer is I don’t know, and it’s not a mental I don’t know. It’s not a cognitive I don’t know where there’s an avoidance. It’s just that the question has to be asked again so that the gut can find more clarity. Unlike the emotional authority which transcends time, the gut authority only gives a response in the moment. It can give you that I don’t know in the moment, but it’s always going to give you a decision in the moment. It’s always going to answer right now. Spontaneous living is important for those with both an alpha gut authority and an alpha voice authority. Again, I’ll get to the voice in a moment. 

However, after many years of conditioning, it will take time to make the decision from your gut versus the beta condition because spontaneous decisions are how you live into and from your alpha state when you’re acting from your gut instinct or your gut authority. But if you haven’t been deconditioned from the external authorities that are not you, spontaneous decisions can leave you feeling detached and disconnected from yourself and regretting the decisions that you make. For all inner authorities, the first part of the process is to become aware of the beta condition and then begin to decondition yourself from the not self-programming. After that and only after that will your alpha inner authority be heard and understood, whether it’s through the emotional wave, through the instinctual gut, or through the intuitive voice. 

So far, I’ve covered the emotional authority and the gut authority. The next is the voice authority, and this is what I mean when I say the inner voice. This type of alpha inner authority requires listening to the inner voice of intuition and acting on it, no matter what the consequence. In this inner authority, I can give you guys anecdotal education. I can give you anecdotal teaching because this is my alpha inner authority. I am an inner voice authority. This inner authority for me is felt as a resonating with something or not resonating with something because I can be resonating forward or I can be resonating not with it. It’s not an emotional vibration. It’s not something emotional. It’s not the cellular vibration. It is a whole body vibration that can sometimes appear for me as a voice in my body, not a voice in my mind. You must listen and act on what you hear or feel the first time because it will not come back. The inner voice intuition does not come back. 

This inner authority can be the most difficult to be aware of because it is quiet. It’s so quiet, it’s so gentle, and it can be easily second guessed by the mind. This is intuition, and it must be acted upon in the moment. If there’s any pause, if there’s any hesitation at all, then the moment is gone, and it will not return. It will not come back. So there has to be a very deep level of attention to the several physiological sensations, and the ability to act must be immediate. This inner authority requires a lot of a large amount of faith. This is where all my faith teaching comes from because there isn’t the time to go deep into the why of the decision. There’s just not that time. There’s simply the faith that the alpha state is guiding you into the decision that is correct for you. It is there. The voice comes, and you move. You act. You don’t judge it. You don’t second guess it. You don’t go into your mind. 

When you decondition yourself, you will know through intuition when something is right for you in that moment. When it is not, you will know when you’re making the right decision to be with the right people in the right place and do the right thing. To reacquaint yourself with and honor your alpha inner authority of voice and intuition, you have to experiment with spontaneity and you have to have a deep faith in the inherent wisdom of your vehicle to take you safely where, how, and with whom you want to go.

Now, at this point, brothers, I want to draw you into understanding something about these inner authorities. These are not the only enter authorities. There are more than three that I mentioned. But for sake of time, I’m going to start to wrap up here. Remember, however, that each of us has only one authority, not multiple. It’s not like we have all of these, but here are some things I want to kind of bring into as I’ve introduced these three. First, there is a hierarchy of these alpha authorities. It’s not that one is better than the other. It’s simply that if you have one, then the others are not needed. 

For example, the hierarchy goes from emotional authority to the intuition authority. If you are an emotional authority, then you will still have a gut authority, and you will still have a voice authority. It’s just that your emotional authority will be primary for you in making decisions from your alpha state. It’s kind of like an evolution, right? We begin with the intuition, we evolve into the instinct, and then we evolve deeper into the emotion. If you’ve got the emotional authority, then you still have the instinct and the intuition. It’s just that you’re going to get more out of the emotional authority. That’s like the evolved state. It’s not that one’s better than the other. In fact, you might see from these other things that there’s pros and cons of all of them. 

Second, I want you to notice that there is a decrease in the amount of time required by the authorities to make a decision, as they become more quiet or more difficult to feel. You see, the emotional authority is felt the strongest, and it’s the intuitive authority that is barely recognizable. That’s the one that I have. I have this intuitive authority, and it’s so gentle. It’s like a whisper. It’s like a whispering voice in your mind. It’s like a whispering voice in your body. It’s not in your mind. It’s like a whispering voice in your body. It’s like a resonating in your body, and I have to be very, very attuned to my body to hear the inner voice of my intuitive authority. While simultaneously I have to be aware that my thoughts and emotions are not my true self because these want to override that gentle voice, that gentle whisper. 

The emotions I feel and the thoughts I have will try to override my intuition. Humans with emotional authority have a very strong sense of how they feel. Their authority is so difficult to miss. However, my inner authority will give me truth in the moment. I can make decisions immediately. In fact, if I don’t worry, I will lose the voice. For me, I know what is best for me right away, whereas emotional authorities must ride their emotional wave to gain clarity. So this allows me and humans with intuitive inner authority direct access to the truth, as long as we have the faith in our voice, while those with emotional authority have to wait a period of time before making decisions. 

You can see there’s that trade off there. It’s very strong for emotional authorities, but they have to take the time to wait through their emotional wave, whereas for intuitive authorities, it’s very gentle. It’s a gentle whisper in the body. However, we know right then in there what is the truth. So you could kind of say that time is inversely proportional to intensity. The more intense your emotional authority, the more time you will want to wait before making a decision. Instinctive authority is somewhere in the middle, those gut decisions, because they’re more difficult to feel than emotions, and they’re easier to feel than intuition. Yet, you can also receive that I don’t know. You can also receive that I don’t know in the moment, and that’s going to require having the offer made again in the future, which, again, it’s more time. 

Finally, the hierarchy also depletes in clarity, I should say. It depends on how you look at hierarchy, but alphas with emotional authority will never receive 100% clarity on their decisions because it is trapped in time. They could wait out years of emotional waves before making a decision and still not gain 100% clarity on making a choice. This allows the mind, the beta condition, to step in and create doubt, worry, and fear. While emotional authority alphas have a visceral connection with their authority, they trade off knowing in the moment and being 100% clear on their choice. 

Instinctive or gut alpha inner authorities also have clarity. They allow for more clarity. However, there’s the possibility of the I don’t know response, which brings doubt into the mind. Clarity is 100%, when given a yes or no from the gut, but it can’t be 100% from an I don’t know. This only comes from the gut or it comes from the instinctive inner authority. It doesn’t come from the emotional authority and it doesn’t come from the intuitive authority. The inner voice or the intuitive authority, the alpha authority, is 100% clear, brothers. I’m going to tell you this. Again, this is anecdotal. This is personal. This is 100% clear. When you know, you know. When I know, I know, and I am 100% certain that I know. There is no turning back. There is no looking back. The decision I make is the right one for me when I make it from the alpha state. 

Now, the drawback, of course, is spontaneity. If my inner voice tells me that I got to go to Cuba, then I got to go. This is spontaneous like, “I got to go right now.” If I wait, if I rationalize with my mind, or if I override the voice of Intuition with my emotions, then I’m going to miss the decision, and it will not return. It will not be offered again. This requires indomitable faith in my alpha state and in my inner authority. There are other inner authorities. However, these are the most common, right? When you’re in your alpha state, you will most likely have one of these three. There are more, but the majority of people are going to be in one of these three. 

I want to remind you that the mind is never an authority for you. However, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that it can be an authority for others. This is a key point that I will close this episode with, and then then we will move into relationships throughout the rest of the month. I know I’m going long on this podcast episode, so bear with me another couple minutes because I want you to know that your mind is a teacher for others. It is a tool of the alpha state. It is not who you are. In this way, your mind can be used to motivate, inspire, teach, dream, inform, make offers, make invitations, store information, and make meaning of things. You can use it to contribute to the universe. However, you never want to use it to make personal decisions. 

Your mind is your gift for other people. It is not a function of the self. You can use your mind to give to the world, but I caution you to be careful not to use it to make decisions about who you are and what is best for you. In other words, do not use it to give to yourself. Use it only to give to others. What gives to you, what is for you is the universe, and the universe acts through your alpha state, and you connect your alpha state to the universe through your inner authority. The universe and your alpha state are one, brother. You realize this truth through your inner authority. 

The mind is a tool only. It is a tool and a gift for relating and relationships. It is not you and it doesn’t know you and it doesn’t know what’s best for you. You, however, do know what’s best for you. Your true self, your alpha state, that is you. The mind is not you. It is an oculus for existing in the human form. It is your conduit for relating and is used for relationships. That is where I will begin next week. May is the month of relationships in the academy, and I will be doing some podcast episodes on relationships this month. 

Enroll in the academy and begin the deconditioning process to reveal the truth of who you are, to live in your alpha state, and to begin making decisions through your inner authority. Be your true self. Break free from the conditioning that tells you to follow, and instead be the leader of your own life. Let go of all the programming. Let go of all the control and be free. You are free. This is your purpose. This is the human purpose, to be yourself and to be free in your own experience. Until next week, my brothers, elevate your alpha.


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