Welcome back, my brothers! Today we are rounding up the three-part series that started with ‘surrender’, moved into ‘faith’, and now ends with ‘gratitude’. The ‘surrender’ piece of this puzzle is where we get into contact with the power of the alpha state, it means deconditioning the way we operate and letting go into an amazing sense of freedom! This new way of living leads us to and centers a different kind of faith. Not faith in the religious sense, but more about acceptance and trust in ourselves and the present moment. And this brings us to gratitude, its essence, and how it fits into our psychology.

The judgmental beta condition that creates a false binary of good and bad is the most misleading of forces, and when we are able to surrender this way of being, we are able to put the mind in its proper place: as a passenger. The mind is then able to occupy itself with its true function and instead of trying to direct the course, it is able to observe and understand. We are then faithful to our inner authority and accept the truth of abundance. Faith is knowing through the knowledge of the true self, brothers!

Gratitude is more than just a morning routine, and true gratitude can be present consistently in your life, following you through all moments and experiences. It is the awareness of this moment, its reality as a gift, and what it offers to us at every second. When we lead with this gratitude, we further solidify the mind in its place, using it to unpack the message of the world around us. The mantra is one of thanks, a constant ‘Thank you’, to the present!

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Understanding the essence of gratitude.
  • Escaping the misleading nature of the beta condition.
  • Putting the mind in its place through surrender.
  • How surrender leads to faith in the self.
  • The reality of living through gratitude perpetually.
  • Learning and accepting the gifts and experiences around us.

Putting together the unique puzzle pieces of who you are.

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[00:00:32] KA: What’s up my brothers? Welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and very quickly I want to let all my brothers know that the webinar replay for the code certification course is on the website, directly under the testimonials, and I’m currently taking applications for class 001. Now, if you were on the webinar live, then you’ve probably asked already. I know I had a lot of people ask about the application and I have posted that to the alphamalecoach.com. 

You’re going to have to scroll down under the testimonials, and that’s where you’ll find the video replay of the webinar. Every application I receive comes with a consultation call. Because if you missed the webinar, I want you to have the opportunity to ask questions about anything not on the webinar, and I will have a page on the website dedicated to describing the course in detail coming soon. 

Brothers, this is an amazing program. It will change the way we understand ourselves, it will change the way we understand each other, and it will change the way we understand the human experience. Now, let’s get into the podcast episode because this episode will complete what is a three-part series, and it didn’t begin as a three part series. However, now that we are here, now that we’re on the podcast episode of gratitude, I’m going to tie these three episodes together so that you can see the big picture. 

Now, just for reference, two weeks ago, the episode was on surrender, right? That’s the surrendering your beta condition to your alpha state. That is surrendering the authority that the mind has in the beta condition and releasing the mind to do its true job, put it in its true place so that your alpha state, your true self can make decisions and keep you on your path. This is the beginning of the move into freedom. It is the deconditioning of what is not you, what you have believed is you for so long. It’s the letting go of the beliefs that create internal suffering and external struggle. 

Then last week, I introduced the concept of faith. Not the faith in a religious sense, not a faith in an external source. This is a faith in an information field proven by science to be all around us, within us, passing through every cell in our body, including our DNA. Brothers, the information field is passing through our DNA and leaving information as it does. This information field is a part of you. It is you. It is all of you. It is the field of oneness. This is a total faith, a faith in what you are, what we are, and what all is. This is the faith of oneness and goodness, of abundance and truth.

Now, in this episode, I’m going to open with gratitude and then bring them all together. Bring surrender, faith, and gratitude all together, so you can see the process. Before I begin and in order to explain the essence of gratitude, I want to start with a principle truth. If you’re a subscriber and regular listener to this podcast, I’m certain you’ve heard me say this before. It is one of the principal truths that I begin to teach all my students when they enroll in the academy, and here it is. Every moment, every second, every time of presence of the now, of the present moment as it unfolds in perfection is happening for us. Brothers, it is a gift. There is never anything going wrong. Everything is happening as it should happen. There is never anything happening that shouldn’t be happening. 

As time passes for you and for all people, every moment is a perfect moment. The present, the now is perfect. I know this can be difficult for a lot of people to understand. The reason it’s difficult for many humans is because of the function of the mind when it is mistaken as an authority, which is a binary. You see this. You see how this is. Now, the true function of the mind is to dream. It’s to inspire. It’s to teach. It’s to understand and make meaning of the world. Remember, the mind is a passenger and is meant to enjoy the ride of life. As soon as the mind takes a position of authority, it turns on into a binary role and subjectifies the field of neutral information as good or bad. Any human can observe any situation and end up on either end of the binary good or bad. 

The same neutral situation, and I’ve explained this so many times when it comes to the model of alignment, we can have the exact same neutral circumstance and have an unintentional model of alignment and an intentional model alignment, where the two different thoughts end up on one side of the bad, this is not good, this is against me and of the this is good, this is happening for me. This happens all the time and this is the cause of internal suffering an external conflict. The mind is not an authority. However, it has the desire and the conditioning to behave like an authority. 

So instead of using the mind for its true purpose, what the basic condition does is it creeps in, and it asserts this false authority over the vehicle, this false authority over your body over your life. Then you start making decisions from this binary function of good and bad. You believe you are the mind, right? You form this personality that your mind is constructed for yourself and you follow the beta condition on a subjective judgment quest through time. Your life becomes judgment. You judge yourself. You judge others. You judge the world. Judgment that goes on and on for the rest of your life because your mind has taken this false position. The beta condition is basically running the show. It’s the non-authority that is not an authority but thinks it’s an authority, so we end up living a life of illusion and suffering, needless suffering, because we follow the beta condition instead of the alpha state. 

Now, the principle truth or the primary principle, the principle like the very first truth is that everything is perfect. Right now is perfect. The past when it was the present is perfect. The future and all that is to come is perfect. It is all happening for us in a constant flow and unfolding of perfection as the infinitesimal mass of information field is moving through us, is moving with us. It’s within us and it’s all around us. There’s about 10% of this information is formed into matter as the leptons electrons, those negatively charged tiny, tiny pieces of mass attached to the quarks that make up the neutron of an atom, that becomes 10% of what we understand in the universe, which is matter. 

The other 90% that we experience as empty space is the infinitesimal mass of information that we cannot escape from. This is the information field. It is neutral and it is perfect. It is here with us. It is us, and we are it because in this field we are one. This is where we begin with surrender, surrendering the beta condition to the alpha state. When this happens, the mind can take its place as the passenger of life instead of the authority. Then and only then it is released and free to function in its primary role, which is to drain, inspire, teach, and make sense of the human experience. But it is never a decision maker. It should never be used to determine what is right or wrong for you because all of that will come from your conditioning. Remember, the mind is conditioned. When the mind is free to enjoy the ride and process the information that is being presented to it, the present moment, then the alpha state can rise and become the authority and can use and observe the mind to function as the problem solving machine that it is. 

The alpha state can be the authority, and the mind can make meaning of the moment, with the alpha state observing the functionality of the mind making meaning. The first step is to surrender. Elevate your alpha and allow your true self to be the authority. Decondition your mind from being an authority so that it can be free to be used as a tool, an information processing device that you use to make meaning of the experience. Now, of course, when I say make meaning of the experience, I’m not talking about judging the experience. I’ve already said that. I’ve already said that we don’t want the mind to be in authority and act as a binary, which is a subjective switch. The judge is good or bad, right or wrong. That is not the purpose of the mind, and it is way below the function of this amazing tool. 

I mean, it’s basically taking a supercomputer and asking it to act like a calculator, right? The function of the mind is to understand what is happening in the moment, what is happening in time. What is the meaning of this moment? What is the purpose of this experience? What is the lesson? What can I learn from this information? That is the purpose of the mind, and this excites the mind because it is a useful task for the mind. A simple binary up, down, right, wrong, good, bad is boring and a poor use of the mind. It is also not the authority. The mind is not the authority. The mind has no authority. It is not you. 

Consider this analogy. The mind is like an oculus that we used to bridge the gap between who we are and how we experienced the human condition. It is a tunnel where we receive the information from the world and send information to the world. Information can get lost in the tunnel, of course. The input will never reach us in totality. However, what we receive, we make it mean something and then send information back through the tunnel, through the mind with thought, feeling, and action. The mind is an Oculus. When we make the mistake of believing we are our thoughts, when we make the mistake of believing that we are our beliefs or we are a personality, or we are our identity and so on, then we believe that we are our mind. 

This is the beta condition. This is the mind acting as an authority. When this happens, there is no oculus. We believe we are in direct contact with the world, and so we judge our experiences good or bad. It becomes the illusion. We begin to live in the illusion that the beta condition creates through its false authority of belief systems. This is right. This is wrong. This is good. This is bad. Now, don’t misunderstand me. You do have an inner authority that will guide you on the path that is right for you. That is the flow of goodness for you and all things. However, there is no external right or wrong. The mind places an external judgment on right or wrong. When we follow the inner authority of goodness and rightness for ourselves, we will demonstrate a goodness and rightness for all beings. We don’t tell others what is right or wrong for them because this will lead them off their personal path, and they will suffer. Then they will demonstrate their suffering, which we then objectify as bad or wrong. Do you see this? 

When we conditioned other people to be like what we are, when we tell all people to be a certain way or to be the same, people suffer because they try to be something that they’re not. Then through that suffering, they demonstrate suffering through the universal truth, right? Their thoughts are not who they are. But they think that they’re their thoughts, so they feel frustration, anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, blame, sadness. Through all of that, they demonstrate who they are not. This is the question that everybody has. Why is their abhorrent behavior? Why do we see people suffer? Why do we see people angry? Why do we see people in pain? It is not abhorrent. It is not wrong, there’s nothing wrong with it. It is only that someone is demonstrating a path that is not theirs, and they internally suffer. When they internally suffer, they demonstrate that suffering externally. 

This is the cause of all personal and global suffering. However, this is also outside the scope of this podcast episode, and it deserves an entire episode of its own. So I’m not to get distracted here. I want to get back on because when you surrender the beta condition to the alpha state, when you surrender the authority of the mind, which has no authority, to the authority of your true self, which is your only authority, you will begin to understand faith. That was last week. You will see the world, the human experience in a different way. Because before you were blind, and now you will see, and what you will see is the truth. You will see that there is a source of abundance and information right here all the time. You are always being given the perfection of the moment. There is not a binary subjectivity in the moment. The moment is neutral. 

Remember, circumstance is neutral. The moment is neutral. What’s happening in front of us is neutral. There’s no binary judgment other than what the mind subjectifies. There is not a judgment of this is good or bad, this is right or wrong. You won’t think of your past and contemplate mistake. You won’t think of your past and contemplate a blame or a fault. You won’t see another human and say, “You need to be different or you need to be fixed or I can help you change.” There won’t be the mental anguish that follows the live, the authority of the mind because the mind will be used for a different purpose. Your alpha state, your true self will be the authority for living your life and making decisions for you. 

This is the beginning of faith, and I’m not going to recap fully the foundation of faith. Just remember, faith is a knowing of what is through your true self. It is not the faith conjured up by the false non-authority of the mind. This is the faith in external authorities, and I’m not discussing this. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about having faith in some religion or some ideology. I’m telling you about the faith that we can only know when we release the mind from its prison of judgment and live through the alpha state. I have given you the science behind this faith. However, I can’t tell you what this truth is. I can’t tell you what this faith is. You have to experience it for yourself. You have to elevate your alpha and know the truth. 

When you do, you will begin to understand the faith that I described; the faith in the universe, the faith in the field of information of light, of love, abundance, and of truth. When the mind surrenders its false position of authority to the alpha state and you experience maybe for the first time in your life, when you experience true faith, that the world is abundant, that everything is perfect, everything is okay, like it’s all happening as a gift, then you will understand the nature of gratitude. Gratitude is not something you practice for 20 minutes during a morning routine, and then you go on the rest of your day, living in the illusion of the beta condition judging your way through life. This is misunderstood gratitude. This is a gratitude taught from the beta condition to be grateful for external things, items, results or forms created by matter and density. 

Now, look, brothers. There’s nothing wrong with this form of gratitude. I can’t just sit here and tell you that judgment is from the non-authority of the mind. Then sit here and judge that gratitude comes from the mind. You understand. I’m not judging that type of gratitude. I’m not judging the 20 minute of mindful gratitude that may be a part of your morning routine. To be grateful from the mind is to be in judgment of the results and then be grateful for that which you judge as good. There’s nothing wrong with this. There is nothing ever going wrong here. If there’s one thing that you take from this podcast episode is that that’s what I want you to understand that nothing is ever wrong. 

However, I also want you to remember the idea that something is going wrong is always, always the illusion that is the result of the beta condition and that there is another form of gratitude that comes from the alpha state. This is the result of living in faith. The surrender of the beta condition allows the alpha state to take its place as the true authority. From here a living faith emerges. From this living faith a perpetual gratitude arises, a gratitude that isn’t a 20-minute practice or part of a morning routine. This is a gratitude that exists in every moment of every day. It follows you into the now. It follows you into the present. It is with you as you experience time. 

Consider it this way. This is another little analogy. There are people who choose to work out. They make time for it. They go to the gym or they go to yoga or they do a run or whatever. They do it maybe several times a week, but it is only a part of their day. It’s a small part. They do it and they forget about it. Outside of when they do their exercise, they’re not thinking about it. They’re going about their day. Then there are those who make fitness their lifestyle. They do their workouts too. 

However, during the day, they’re also thinking about their workout. They’re planning their next workout and they’re tracking their times. They’re aimed at a goal to achieve in their fitness and they focus on that goal outside of the time that they’re actually training. They might even invest in special equipment or clothing that adds to the demonstration of their lifestyle. They might belong to groups or clubs. They might even buy the brands that are supported by these groups or clubs. Fitness is a huge part of their life, not just something they do during the day. 

For the former group, exercise is like brushing your teeth. They do it and then they don’t think about it much outside of when they’re doing it. For the latter group, exercise is a part of their existence and their identity. Gratitude is like that. When you surrender your beta condition to your alpha state and emerge into a knowing faith of oneness, you live each moment from moment to moment, in a place of gratitude for what’s being offered in perfection from the universe. Remember, every moment is a gift and is perfect. It is always for you. It is always an offering. It’s always saying, “Here, take this offering. Take this gift.”

It’s like a piece of art. It’s not a binary function of do you like this art or do you not like this art. It’s what you make the art mean. It’s how you bring it in and describe it and how you feel about it. It’s not a binary function of what is happening and do you like what is happening or do you not like what is happening. Is it good or is it bad? Is it right or is it wrong? The moment is always an offering of a truth. It’s offering a lesson. What do you make the moment mean for you to see, understand, and discover more of who you are? 

Right now even, brothers, think about it. Right now, as you listen to this podcast. It is no accident that you’re listening to this podcast. It’s no accident that you’re listening to this episode. It’s not a binary function of do you like this episode or do you not like this episode. It’s not a binary function of do you agree with it or not. That’s too simple. It’s too easy for the mind. The mind is not the authority to judge. It has no authority for you to make judgment. It likes to do that, but that’s not its purpose. 

The mind’s purpose from your alpha state is used to understand the lesson behind why you’re hearing these words today, in this moment. How do you use this offering from the universe to discover more of who you are? It is a gift. How is it a gift? Why are you listening to this podcast episode instead of another podcast or the radio? Why is this being offered to you now in this moment? What is the universe trying to tell you, trying to show you, trying to teach you? Not for you to judge but for you to learn, to discover, to understand. The judgment is the illusion of the beta condition, the false authority of the mind. 

The true power of the mind is to make sense of what the universe is offering you in this moment and why it’s being offered. What is the lesson that you can take in order to know more of yourself? This is gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this moment. Thank you for this lesson. Thank you for this discovery. Thank you for showing me who I am. Thank you for revealing to me the truth that is always right in front of me that I didn’t see before because my mind was judging it and telling me good, bad, right, wrong. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is always happening for you. The universe is always revealing to you more of who you are in every passing moment. This moment right here, brother, and this moment right here. As that moment slips into the past, this new moment that’s arriving from the future is more. It’s more gift. It’s more for you. 

When you turn off this podcast and you go about your day, in all of those moments too, the universe is giving you a revelation of self. The mind makes us blind when we allow it to be an authority of judgment. You are no longer blind when you surrender the mind to the true self. You can see the truth. You can live in faith and be open to self-discovery. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, do you feel that? Do you feel it is happening now for you always? It is perfect. Nothing is ever going wrong. Nothing is ever a mistake. Nothing is ever bad or harmful to you. Nothing is ever against you. You are never a victim of the moment. It is all a lesson for you to see. You must see with your alpha truth. It is there within you, and the universe is showing you always. Thank you. Thank you.

Gratitude is not a temporary practice. It is not a mindful judging of what you have relative to what you don’t have. It is a knowing of who you are always, what other people are always, and what the human experience is always. Can you see it? Can you say thank you in every moment of your life the way you say thank you to someone who teaches you the solution to an unconscious problem or gives you a gift that you’ve always unconsciously wanted? This is love. This is the love for the truth. That is the universe that loves you, the faith in what is, the love for all people as they move in and out of our lives in purpose, the purpose of the universe that puts them in front of you and you in front of them. You learn from them as they learn from you. Not about who they should be in a form of conditioning but in a form of education from what we can be and show each other. Thank you. Thank you. 

Gratitude is a lifestyle. See what is in front of you always. Not in form, but is information. The mantra is thank you. Always say thank you to the moment. Yes, it is for me. Yes, it is good for me. Yes, I have something to learn here. Yes, I am given what I need here. I am always taken care of. I’m always in abundance. I am always in the field of information that is good and love. There is no judgment that blinds me from the truth. The truth is that all is as it should be so that I may release the bonds of conditioning that caused me to suffer and through which I create suffering in the world. 

Brothers, you can only see the truth through your alpha state. Homogenization is a lie. We are not meant to be like any other human. No two humans are meant to be the same. We can only find unity in humanity when we dismiss uniformity. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all the time, all the time. Now in this moment, all day today, repeat to yourself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am free. I am free. Thank you. Brothers, the path begins with deconditioning. You must begin to decondition your mind from your basic condition so that it surrenders to your true self, to your alpha state. From there, the path to freedom and self-discovery begins. Until next week, my friends, elevate your alpha.


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