Today we are speaking about faith, brothers, but not the kind that you have always heard about. The types of faith that we have been exposed to most of our lives either leave room for uncertainty or are too religiously centered. True faith is all about belief in and connection to the alpha state, and if you can access this then you will be able to create your reality and not be held down by self-imposed limitations.

The universe is infinitely abundant, meaning that when we feel fear, we are believing a lie. Feeling afraid is faith misplaced, it is having faith in lack, but there is no lack to speak of in our infinite universe, only unlimited abundance. Your true self is composed of the same substance as the universe, meaning that trusting the universe is the same thing as trusting your true self.

When we allow the Alpha state to take its rightful place as the authority in our lives, faith acts through intuition, there are no limitations and we create what are viewed as miracles in our lives. So join me today bothers as I walk you through the connection between the infinite universe, your true selves, and how you can use faith to channel this energy and make it your true authority so that you can make the invisible substance of your truth into the visible realm of reality.

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • True faith is a mental relationship with the true self.
  • The role of faith in creating the life we want.
  • Fear is a lie because there won’t be an end to abundance.
  • Believing in spiritual concepts which are invisible but whose effects can be witnessed.
  • Beginning our training of building true faith with awareness.

Putting together the unique puzzle pieces of who you are.

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Okay, let’s get into the podcast episode. Now this episode is on faith, and faith, essentially, it has like two definitions, right? The first is a complete trust or confidence in someone or something. And the other is a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion. Now, both of these definitions, I’m going to just go ahead and discard right away. I’m going to give you guys a new definition because you already know – if you know me, you already know that I’m very counterintuitive, I’m going to I’m going to read between all the lines here on this. And with the former definition, a complete trust and confidence in someone or something right away, there’s going to be that uncertainty right away. Right away there’s a function of uncertainty, there’s a function of doubt. So that faith definition does is not going to fly, it’s not going to apply.

And then the other one, the strong belief in God or in some of the doctrines or in the doctrines of a religion, it kind of asserts that you are a part of a religion. So, in other words, like it has to do with religion, it’s religion specific. Neither one of those definitions really function to give you a strong foundation of how important faith really is.

So, if you remember from the podcast I did, on the four layers of circumstance, this was a couple weeks ago, you remember that the universe is an information field. It’s a field of information, it is made up of particles of information, that are an infinitesimal amount of mass, like they’re just so tiny, and that they exist everywhere. These particles are so small that they can pass through all other bits of matter including atoms and cells. And these particles are called leptons/ They are electrons and neutrinos. Electrons are negatively charged and bond with the positively charged nuclei of the atom. The nucleus of all atoms, the nucleus of the atom, they bond with that to create the full atom, which then combines to create molecules and so on. This is what gives matter form.

The rest of the information field is made up of the neutrally charged neutrinos. And this information field is neutral and intelligent. It is a part of us, we are part of it. It is within us passing through us and surrounding us all. We cannot be separate from it. The truth of who we are exists within this information field. Now, we can only understand this field through our mind, right? Because that’s what we use to understand. That’s what we use to understand and make meaning of what is. Since it is our mind, that is the oculus between our spirit and our form, this is the only way that we can understand this information field.

However, the truth of this field is lost in the limited capacity of description and language. Humans do not have the ability to communicate the deepest levels of truth or language. Things like knowing, things like belief, things like faith, and all the laws that govern nature of the universe are simply mental attitudes that we form from our true self and bring into the realm of matter, sound and density.

So, faith has been understood as a power throughout time. Generally, it’s been understood as a faith in the external. The two definitions I gave you, right? There’s the faith in God, there’s a faith in each other, there’s a faith in ourselves, there’s a faith in our actions. The idea that faith is confined to a religious experience is a mistake. It’s a misguided conditioning. Faith is a mental knowing between who we truly are, and what we experience as a human. The human who has faith in the true self accomplishes far more than the human who has no knowing or confidence in their truth. Those who have great faith have this great power.

I want you to understand this before I continue. All humans, you, me, every single person on the planet, as they approach the truth of who they are, and the nature of reality, will receive the results of faith, because it is not what you believe in. It’s just that you believe. That’s all. That’s what matters. It’s not the content. It’s the belief itself. Faith is an affirmative mental approach to the field of information, which is the abundance of reality.

Now check this out. In our current times, where we are today as humans, there is a unified suffering due to a single fear, the fear of uncertainty. The fear resulting from the contemplation of lack, from the mind being stuck on the idea that there is lack, scarcity, not enough. And the fear of lack is nothing more than the belief that the universe does not and will not supply us with whatever we need. The fear of death, which has been on the mind of so many humans, especially over the past year, is the belief that our human experience is all there is and the disconnection from who we truly are. Essentially, it is the belief that we do not pass into a new form, into our true self, which is our alpha state. The fear of loss of health, loss of friends, loss of property, these all arise from the belief that the universe is not what it is. The universe is abundant, intelligent, informative, and omnipresent.

So, what is the fear? It is simply the negative use of faith. It is faith misplaced. This misplaced faith is in two powers instead of one. It’s the misplaced faith, where there is a belief that there can be a power in lack. That lack has power, that scarcity is a truth. It is not a truth. In other words, it’s the understanding that in order to correct all the evils of the world, all the suffering of the world, we must have a positive faith. We have to have a faith rightfully placed, a faith that lays hold of the integrity of the universe, and the abundance of the truth, which is the knowledge of the self and the unity of all life. The barrier for most humans is in the education, because we have been conditioned to see the opposite. We cannot have faith in that which we do not, in some measure, understand and we only are taught to understand what we don’t have. We want from a place of not having. We don’t see abundance, we see scarcity.

So, how can we begin to understand faith? Through a mental oculus. Through a mental construct. Everything that we know today has always begun with faith. Everything. It began with what was unseen and known. The evidence of things not seen. Remember, brothers, it’s not the object of faith. It is the subject of faith that molds the undifferentiated substance and manifest the things that were dreamed of, that you think of in your mind. You dream, you imagine, you create, that’s how things work. Airplanes, skyscrapers, the iPhone, all things, anything, the dishwasher, the washer and dryer, the car, the automobile, everything. The computer. Anything that didn’t exist before that exists now began with faith. It began with something that was invisible in every place of form other than the mind. The mind had the idea and faith brought the dream into reality.

When we use our creative imagination in strong faith, it will create for us, this is the power of faith. It has nothing to do with the faith of external things. It has to do with the faith of internal things. This begins the field of neutral information and through the power of mind, through thought, through action, humans become the cocreators of the experience. Fear is always a lie, my brother. There will never be an end to truth. There will never be an end to love. There will never be an end to beauty. These are abundant. These are omnipresent. We begin our faith with these natural laws, with these invisible realities, and from that foundation of these intangibles, we bring forth the tangible. The field of information is all around us. It’s waiting there. It’s waiting to be formed. To understand like this is the law. This is what I’ve told you guys about. This is the universal truth. This is the law of cause and effect.

This is the meaning of the words ask and it shall be given to you. The law itself is impersonal. It only acts, it’s like gravity. It is a force of nature, compelled by mind through faith. It is supply and demand. If the abundant good were not already ours in the invisible infinite supply, it would be impossible for us to create it in any way. So, we make the demand and the universe offers the abundant supply. It is not too bold for me to say that every thought, every thought, that we believe will be or has been manifested in form. People will say, “I can’t do this. I can’t do that.” And it is that statement that makes it so. When you say, “I can’t”, the statement “I can’t” is not the form. The statement “I can’t” is not the fact, it’s not the reality. It’s the belief.

Once there is true belief, backed by indomitable faith, you have the power to move mountains, you have the power to perform miracles. Consider the placebo effect. This is an undisputed fact. The placebo effect is a fact. Healing through faith, consider that faith healing. People talk about faith healing as some religious thing, some religious spiritual thing. It’s not. It happens all the time every day. It’s called a placebo effect. It’s measurable. It’s observable. In fact, it’s so measurable, it’s so studied, that the FDA itself, the Federal Drug Administration, in order to allow a new drug to be passed on to the open market, it must perform only 1% better than the placebo effect. 1% my friends.

The principle law governing faith is that when the person in belief becomes convinced that what has not happened yet has already happened, then it will happen. This is the faith of the centurion to which the master said, “It is done unto you as you believe.” What will exist for you tomorrow? Think about this. I ask you this question, what will happen for you tomorrow? What are you certain of what do you know? You will wake up in the morning, right? You will brush your teeth, maybe you’ll go work out. If you’re somebody that works out every day. You’ll eat. You’ll have a meal tomorrow. These things you believe so strongly, it would feel like a lie if you thought the opposite? No? If you didn’t think I was going to brush my teeth. If you figured, “No, tomorrow, I won’t brush my teeth. I’m not going to do that. Tomorrow, I won’t wake up. I’m just going to sleep for 36 hours. I’m not going to wake up.” It feels like a lie to not wake up, to not brush your teeth. It is your belief and your faith that it will be as it is.

I want to offer you the same questions to consider as you experience tomorrow. Will you meet an amazing person tomorrow? Will you offer someone who needs your help, some assistance tomorrow? Will you do something you’ve never done before? Will you stop doing something that you feel out of control over? What if you knew the affirmative answers to these questions with the same belief and faith as the answer to the question, will you brush your teeth tomorrow? 

Faith is not reserved for special people. It’s not reserved for religious people, or the ancestors of the past, or those who have some kind of special knowledge. Faith is a mental relationship with the true self. It is within you now and has always been a power for you to exercise and utilize. The way things are today are not any harder or easier than any other time in human history. Things may appear more difficult because of fear, because of the mental construct, a sense of lack and uncertainty. This is only because there is a misplaced faith, a confusion in the alpha state. When you have faith in yourself, in your true self, that faith will illuminate the truth and you will feel the light throughout your entire being. Then you will see that everything is good, everything is abundant, there is nothing to fear. When you have elevated your alpha state and you live in that place, you will release the fear of doubt and uncertainty. You will release the fear that leads to anger and hate. You will release the fear that leads to judgment in conflict. And you will feel only the truth. And the truth will be a lighthouse for others to follow, to bring their ships safely onto the shores of peace. Fear is a darkness that flows from a lack of faith, or a faith in lack.

Now, in order to have faith, we must have a belief, right? You must have a belief that all is good. That abundance is the truth. In order to keep our faith, we must allow nothing to enter our mind that will weaken this belief. Faith is a buildup of belief. It’s a buildup of recognition. It’s a buildup of truth. When a conditioning, the condition, the beta condition enters our mind through an opening that is not who we are to any degree, this faith can be weakened. So, remember, the mind is not an authority, your mind is not who you are, it is not your authority. Your mind is there to use as a tool. It’s to inspire. It’s to dream. It’s to process information. It’s to initiate the cause of creation. But it is not an authority and therefore it must be steady. Your mind must be steady in the conviction that your true self is an incarnation of more than mind. You are not what you think. You are your alpha state. You are the observer of your thoughts. You are the spirit of your mind. Your mind is the tunnel that your spirit breathes through in order to bring your ideas to form.

Subjectivity, which is the power of the mind is for the purpose of vitalizing faith. It’s for the purpose of recognizing the truth not determining it. The truth is not subjective in the mind, the mind must realize the truth not determine it. The foundation of the truth is that the universe is perfect, that you are perfect, that we are perfect. We are a perfect being operating through a perfect universe. All is perfection as it is.

This is one of the foundations of understanding who you are, nothing is broken, nothing is going wrong. This is true of you. This is true of the universe. Nothing is going wrong here, my friends. The mind must be deconditioned in order to see this truth. Only then can the knowledge of self-discovery begin. We must keep our faith vital if we want to successfully know ourselves and know other people. And remember that all scientists are built on faith principles. All science, there is not a science that didn’t begin invisibly. All principles are invisible. All laws are accepted on faith. No human being has ever seen electricity. We only see the effect of it. We have faith that electricity exists because we see the effect of it. No human has ever seen gravity. We only see the effect of it. We just have faith that gravity exists because we see the effect of it. No human has ever seen energy. We only see the effect of it. And likewise, none of us has ever seen goodness or truth or beauty. Yet we all have seen the effect of it. And none of us in seeing the effects can doubt their existence.

So not only must we begin with complete faith in that truth, that all is perfect. All is unseen and abundant and perfect. We must also have complete indomitable confidence in our approach to it. Because there can be no doubt. There can be no lukewarm conviction. You got to know, brother. You got to know as we know what our name is. Just like you know what your name is, you got to know what is the truth. You got to see who you are. Just the same way you know what you call yourself. Pure faith is like gravity. It is a spiritual concept. It is something that is invisible, yet the effects of it are clear and undeniable.

Using the mind, we embody the idea and accept the concept and form. The belief in duality is an illusion. It’s the test. It’s the test that we are here to go through as we go through the human experience. It is the beta conditioning and confirmation bias that forms the barrier to the truth. It is the external authorities. It is the archaic external authorities. It’s the pushing outward, the viewing of the external life that the mind attaches to out of safety and security. When we let go of the beta condition and surrender to our alpha state, then we will experience the true self and pierce the heart of nature, which is there, right in front of us, in the one information field that is responsive and impersonal, awaiting instructions from the mind to bring what is unseen into the realm of what is seen.

So, I want to offer that you begin your training with awareness. This is how we begin training. This is what I begin all my students with at the academy. Begin with awareness, become aware of yourself, become aware of your fear, become aware of your confusion. This is emotional ownership. Become aware of these vibrational states that are always the lie. They’re the lie but they’re also the alert system. Because remember, your true self is in your alpha state, that knowing that goodness must be greater than any apparent manifestation of the opposite. When things appear to be broken or bad or wrong or anything other than the unfolding of perfection, then this is the vibration of fear as the result of a conditioning that is not you, of a thought process or belief or a thought error or thought pattern that is not who you are. The beta condition is the cause of suffering individually and globally. We are not what we think we are, and therefore we suffer. We feel lost. We feel separated. We feel empty.

Now, remember, the beta condition is not bad. It’s just not who you are. It’s the mind thinking that you are something external, something that you are not. The suffering itself is the alert. When you suffer you are being alerted that there is a conditioning within you that is not you. There is a faith in a story that is not who you are. That is not the truth. There is no suffering in the universe. There’s only suffering in the realm of form that is demonstrated from a misplaced mind. We suffer because we are unconscious and not in communication with the abundance of the universe, which is our alpha state. All human misery is a result of ignorance, ignorance of our self, ignorance of others, and ignorance of the truth. There is nothing except knowledge that leads to faith, which will free us from this ignorance and its effect. There is nothing in the universe that denies your personal freedom, or the use of good. This is your self-expression, freedom and goodness. That’s who you are. Your self-expression will never contradict the general good. It cannot contradict the general good because it is goodness itself. The alpha state is not – there’s no negativity in it. There’s no badness in it. It’s only good. There’s only the one.

Only the false sense of lack, which leads to fear will demonstrate as an expression of other than good, but this is not you. This is never you, brother. This is the conditioning that exists within you that is not you. It is what others have told you to be. It’s a piece of the puzzle told and convinced to fit in a position that is not yours. Remember the puzzle of life, you have a place, you are perfect, right where you are with what you’re doing and you’re told that you need to be something different, this is the cause of suffering. The universe remains abundant and unlimited, though the whole world seems to suffer from a sense of limitation.

Although the universe is unlimited, we all seem to be suffering from this sense of “I can’t”. It’s through faith that we must be careful not to divide our mental health against itself. We are free, brother. You are free. I am free. We have no external authorities. This is the law of liberty and we must not deny this law. When all humans are conscious of the truth, then the ways, the means and the methods will be found for the freedom of all. But we cannot find this for others, my friend. You must find it within yourself. You do not know the truth of another person any more than another person knows the truth of you. It’s like a wise man once said, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change.”

A man can be guided into himself to discover his truth, but he cannot be told what his personal truth is by another person. This is the difference between guidance and advice. The field of information fills all mental molds and will always flow into new and greater forms. You have to break yourself free. Just yourself from the conditioning of others, to let go of the fear and accept the limitlessness of your possibility. Faith is centered in the mind. The mind is not you. The mind is a tool. It is the tunnel that your true self sends the message through, to create from, to make what is invisible, visible. And when we fail in knowing who we are and bind ourselves to precedent, we limit our faith to that which we have already accomplished and repeat the conditioning of what we think we are, which is the illusion and not what we really are. When we allow the alpha state to take its rightful place as the authority in our lives, faith acts through intuition, there are no limitations and we create what are viewed as miracles in our lives. 

Brothers, if you are to have an active faith, if you are ready to have an active, living faith, a faith of truth instead of a faith in truth, keep your mind centered on who and what you truly are. It is in the realm of form that we become obsessed, and where we lose the part of ourselves that creates, and it is in the realm of mind that we are disillusioned from the truth through the conditioning of those who are conditioned and those who would condition us for their own benefit.

You are now and always an alpha. You are a being of light and love and information and inspiration and goodness and intelligence and creation. You have an inner authority that needs no outer authority. No matter what the outside appearance, you must remember who you are, what the universe is, and that there is no escape or detachment from abundance. You are free. 

That’s what I got for you today, brothers. Once again, I want to invite you to join me tomorrow, April 17th for the informational webinar where I will introduce the coach certification program at 9 AM Pacific, 12 PM Eastern Time. Go to website for the Zoom link and I will see you there. Until then, elevate your alpha.


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