Welcome back, my brother! Today I continue my exploration of the alpha male tenets, looking at tenets number three and four. Both of these have to do with circumstance and mastering these will, in essence, aid you in finding abundant goodness and letting go of what does not exist! In order to break through our limitations and make actual progress, we need to get into a more open system, and these tenets are what allow us to do that.

There are many more than just the four tenets I am focussing on in this mini-series of shows. But if you can take the lessons from this episode and the previous one, you will be on the right path to seeing things more clearly. Tenet number three states that we see things as we are and not as they are. This has to do with perception and reality, and the reality is that we live in a world made up of cells and molecules that our senses allow us to interpret and make meaning from. Our interpretation is not reality and is conditioned by our past, when in fact there is no separation in the way that we usually perceive.

Tenet four can be quite a challenging one to internalize as it deals with the truth of the past and present. The truth is that everything that has happened, happened as it should have, and the proof of this is in the fact that it happened in that way! I know this can be tricky, but realizing the past is perfect is a profound form of acceptance and empowerment. Resistance to this will always cause suffering, and letting our perception get in the way of the gift of the present is a tragedy.

These tenets come down to the choice to accept perfection and the universal truth. It means taking control of your subjective experience and getting away from a life ruled by fear and worry. So listen in today with me, brother, as I break it down!

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • We see the world the way we are, not the way it is.
  • The conditioning and confirmation bias that informs the way we interpret the world.
  • Why the past and present are perfect and can never go wrong.
  • How to focus on the present moment and its creation.
  • The false ideas around apologies and the past. 

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[00:00:32] KA: What’s up my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and I’ve gone south. I am no longer in Cancun, Mexico, if you didn’t know I’m in Mexico, by the way. Yeah, I’m in Mexico, but I’m not in Cancun anymore. I decided to rent a car and drive self, down the Yucatán Peninsula to a little town called Akumal, which is between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. It’s very near the island of Cozumel.

Now, this is an amazing town, so close to the cave diving that I’m going to do in Tulum and the reef diving that I’m getting into off the coast of Cozumel. And the cave diving is more of a technical thing that you really got to be technical because there is no way to surface, like you cannot surface, you are literally in a cave. Not a cave where you can come to the surface and you know, it’s like in a cave, but the water is exposed. I’m talking like an underground cave where you’re going through areas that like you just can’t surface, that you’re surrounded on all sides by rock. So, it’s very technical, but it’s a lot of fun. And if you guys want to see some of that, then you can check it out on Instagram or Facebook. I’m using my GoPro to take some video and some photos of these dives. It’s really amazing.

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So, this episode is a continuation of last week, somewhat. Last week I introduced to you alpha male tenets number one and two, these two tenets are about relationships and results respectively. They have to do with the cognition, determining your relationships, that’s alpha male tenet number one and feelings determining results. That’s alpha male tenet number two. On today’s episode, I’m going to introduce two more alpha male tenets, which both have to do with circumstance. Alpha male tenet number three has to do with the events that are occurring in the present moment happening right now. And alpha male tenet number four has to do with events that have occurred in the past, as well as what’s happening right now.

So, like last week, these two principles are a part of the general philosophy and methodology regarding the universal truth. And both can be observed through the knowing of and living the universal truth. There are many more alpha male tenets, there’s a lot more than four, brothers. But this episode will conclude the podcasts on alpha male tenets so that next week, and then moving forward, through February, through March, I will introduce some content for you having to do with relationships more specifically than teaching you these principles generally. And really what it is, it’s like, I want to make sure that what you guys are learning on this podcast, you can begin to apply immediately.

A lot of what I’ve been doing lately has been very esoteric. It’s been very conceptual. And this will be kind of that last episode on that even though today there will be some application for you. Moving forward, I’m going to be doing a lot of very specific work in the concepts.

Okay. Alpha male tenet number three is we don’t see the world the way it is, we only see the world the way we are. And this principle is about our relationship with the present moment, and has a lot to do with confirmation bias, which is a concept that I’m going to go into much deeper in following episodes. Probably when we get into March, you guys are going to hear me talk about confirmation bias. Because what we do in the Alpha Academy and March is how to believe new things.

Now here’s the thing, my brother’s, the world as we know it is not the way it is. We think the world is a static function of right and wrong and good and bad, right? We judge ourselves and we judge others and we are conditioned into believing things that are misunderstood by our brains to be facts, then we use these conditions, beliefs to make up a story about the way the world is. In truth, the reality of it is the world is nothing like what we believe it to be. In fact, it’s very far from it. The truth is, the world is made up of cells. You guys have heard me say this before, the world is made up of cells, molecules and atoms. We receive an input of electrical and chemical messengers from the cellular, molecular and atomic forms and then we interpret them in our brain in order to make them mean something to us. We make meaning from the raw data. The meaning we ascribe to this raw data is personal to us and conditioned by individual past, like every one of us has our own individual conditioning.

Each of us has a unique past, and therefore, a unique image of the world. Now, this image is a combination of our education, our experience, our environment, our parents, our teachers, our friends, the media, the religions of the world, the ideologies of the world, and so on. There are so many different things that make up this conditioning. There is actually no way of determining exactly why we see the world the way we do. In my opinion, there is very little value in discovering the why. I leave that up to the therapists who take humans into their past to find the answers that do little for them, aside from either reinforcing the beliefs that they have, or simply becoming aware of a possibility for how they were conditioned.

My role as a coach is to help my students help themselves to make the changes, they want to make, moving into their future, not to go into the past to determine why they believe what they do. But what we believe about the world is not the way the world is my friend; the world is a landscape of oneness. It is a blanket of data, and connectivity. There is no separation in anything that we observe. Separation itself is an illusion. All things have an outline, but there is no boundary. There are no gaps between people. There are no gaps between cellular beings or things. There’s no gap between molecular objects. All is one. And this has been scientifically proven and so far, as we can understand it with our current model of cognition. As we evolve, our understanding of this will develop and more discoveries will be made from this truth.

At this time, what I want you to know is that the way the world is, is not what we believe it to be. And that is a blanket of pure potential creation. There is nothing solid, liquid or gas in form until we determine it to be and from our belief, we make it so. The belief is the cause of creation. The law is the medium of creation, and the form of the world that we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch is the result of creation. Belief, or mind, number one, the law, number two, and the form number three, are all one, just as all of the visible form of creation is one. All void, all separation all space is an illusion. The concept of nothing is an illusion. Zero is a man-made lie. And duality is the cause of suffering.

Now, the reason we only see the world the way we are is because of our conditioning and confirmation bias. We are conditioned to see the world in a certain way, which is our belief system. And for most humans, this is highly limited, which is why the term limiting beliefs exists. We are limited in the way we see and understand the world due to a conditioned system of thought, and then we close the system of thinking by shifting our conditioning into the realm of fact. This closed system creates for us a paradigm of reality that is exceptionally difficult to break out of. Because it runs a pattern of emotions and habits which always repeat themselves, you know, providing the same results, which then become confirmation bias for that closed system.

I would almost dare say that it is impossible to break out of a closed system. The only way to change a paradigm, the only way to change your thoughts, the only way to change your beliefs is to enter into an open system, which is the initial stages of training that we do in the Alpha Academy.

Now the second reason why we see the world the way we are, and not the way it is, is because of confirmation bias. And we use our view of the world to reinforce our view of the world. We find evidence in the world to support the beliefs that we already have. There is no evidence in the world, aside from what you choose to make it mean for you. And most humans do this unconsciously in order to support their condition view of the world. In the universal truth, you might have heard me say that circumstances trigger thoughts. I use the word trigger very specifically. Many times, I’ve had many students ask me, if circumstances are neutral, then why do we think what we think. It seems like circumstances don’t matter. Well, they do matter, because they are triggering what we already believe. They are triggering our confirmation bias all the time, and making what we already believe about the world stronger in our minds.

Circumstances will trigger those thoughts and shift them over time from thoughts to beliefs, and then into facts. Now, they’re not real facts. They’re false facts. It’s like when someone says to you, “Hey, have you noticed all the white BMW on the road lately?” And you might not have, you might have said, “No, I’ve never seen a white BMW. I haven’t noticed them at all.” But then, all of a sudden, like, out of nowhere, you start seeing these white BMWs everywhere, and the reason is, because you believe they’re out there, your friend said it, it’s suggestion, he said it. So, now your brain sees them and now you’re reinforcing that you already believe that. This is seeing the world the way you are. The BMWs were always there. They were a part of the matrix all along, you just didn’t see them, because there was no belief system, there was no initial cognition for them to be there. The world is always going to offer to you what you already believe.

Now, the problem people get into is that they want to wait for evidence from the world to be presented to them before they’re willing to consider being open to changing their beliefs. And of course, just the way I said that, you can tell that this is backwards. If you’ve been listening these podcasts, you probably know that that’s backwards. If you’re waiting for the world to provide you with evidence that you want, so that you can believe something different, I promise you, brother, you’re going to be waiting a really, really long time, because that’s not the way the world works. 

You are only going to continue seeing what you already believe and then you’re going to be saying to yourself, “When is it going to happen for me? When is it going to be my turn? When will my business take off? When will I feel confident? When will I create more wealth?” It’s interesting, because it’s kind of like fitness, right? Think about it like this, it’s kind of like fitness, where if you are waiting to get in shape before you start working out, then I promise you brother, you’re never going to start working out. You’ve got to start working out in order to get into shape. You’ve got to start changing your beliefs in order to see your results. You can’t wait for the results to come first in order to change your beliefs. It doesn’t work that way.

So, to very quickly review, alpha male tenet number three is that we don’t see the world the way it is, we only see the world the way we are. If we want to see the world in a different way, we have to change our beliefs, we have to change the way we are, then we’ll see the world in that way. The world is never what we understand it to be and we wouldn’t want to see it the way it is. Our human experience is to determine with intention that is driven by purpose, to see the world the way we want it to be for ourselves and all people. As long as we are unconscious in our conditioning, we will suffer from the illusion of a lie, that we can’t change what we see, that the world is static, and that our beliefs are facts creating a disconnection from other people. The world is here for you to give and receive abundant goodness and limitless possibility.

Okay, alpha male tenet number four, way to move on because I got another tenet, I want to get into with you guys. And number four goes into our past, and includes our present as well. But it states, this is often alpha male tenet number four, it’s a bit of a longer one. Everything that happened, happened because it was supposed to happen and it couldn’t have happened any other way. If it could have happened another way, it would have, and since it didn’t, we know that the way it happened was the way it was supposed to happen.

I know that that’s a bit of a mouthful, right? It’s a bit of a longer statement. That’s one of our longer principles. But this alpha male tenet dives into the truth that our past and our present is always perfect, and that nothing can ever go wrong or nothing ever does go wrong. When we resist what is happening, or tell ourselves that what happened shouldn’t have happened. We suffer. We fight against what is and this fight is one that we will always lose. There is no such thing as a mistake. There is never a reason to apologize. There is never any value in blaming or faulting yourself or others for what happened or what is happening.

I know that sounds bananas, right? I mean, I know what I just said probably sounds bananas like, “Did he just really tell us that we shouldn’t blame, we shouldn’t assign fault, that we should never apologize?” This is probably one of the most difficult alpha male tenets for students to grasp, both intellectually and existentially. For past focus thinkers, for past focus humans, there is so much ruminating on what happened and I want to offer to you first and foremost that what happened in the past never matters. I opened with that when I was discussing therapy.

Look, I have nothing against therapists, okay. I have been to therapy. My parents have been to therapy. My mother actually is a therapist. My students have been to therapy before they came to coaching. A few of my friends have been to therapy. And I want to tell you, not a single one has ever found the amount of value in therapy that they have found in cognitive mastery coaching. The methodology that I use to help people help themselves become more of who they are. And why is this? Because the past is over, my friend. The past is dead, it’s complete, it’s behind you. There is not a single thought or emotion that comes from the past. Everything you think and feel is in the moment.

Now, you might be thinking about the past, but the thoughts you’re having are happening right now. You’re thinking about the past in the present. You might have feelings similar to the ones that you had in the past, but every feeling you’re experiencing is from the thoughts you’re having right now. In fact, I’ll even go so far as to say this, there is no past. And I’ll say that again, just so you can hear it. I’ll repeat it. There is no past. There is only the present moment and the wooden led clock creation of the present moment that is to come, which we call the future. Time itself is an illusion of the human experience. Let go of what doesn’t exist. Let go of the past. Think about the past like Santa Claus. It’s something that you used to believe in, but you just don’t believe in it any more.

Now, that that’s out of the way, let’s go into this alpha male tenet, alpha male tenet number four. Essentially, what I’m telling you, my friend, is that the present moment is perfect and it’s always a gift for you, it’s always happening for you, always. It’s never happening to you, it’s never happening in discriminant of you, it’s always a gift for you. And by definition, this means that your past is also perfect, and the future will be perfect. This is true, because all of creation is perfect. Everything in effect is perfect. The only thing that gets in the way of this perfection is our perception of thought and belief. It is our subjectivity that draws the truth of perfection away from us. Nothing is ever going wrong. Everything is a gift for us and from which we learn and grow or ignore and stagnate. Alpha male tenet number four is basically the principle of faith. It allows you to let go of your struggle against what is and allow the truth of the moment to work for you instead of you working against it.

Now, I mentioned and I want to come back to this, I mentioned no blame, no fault, no apologies. Consider the origin of these actions. Consider the origin of blame, fault, and apologies. These are actions that go into A line of the model of alignment. And what is the cause of these effects? What is the cause of these actions? The cause is that something that shouldn’t have happened, happened, right? If you resist the perfection of the present moment, and believe there’s something going wrong or something went wrong, you will blame yourself or someone else for doing or saying something wrong. You will assign fault to yourself or someone else for what happened. You will start apologizing when you believe something happened that shouldn’t have happened.

Now look, I’ve had some resistance here, right? You can probably imagine, I’ve had some resistance on the concept of no apologies and I’m not going to go deeper into that on this episode. I believe that apologies deserve an entire episode dedicated to themselves. There is so much illusion in an apology, that I don’t want to brush over it lightly by giving it five minutes here at the end of this episode.

That being said, I want you to hear me now. There is never anything you have to apologize for. An apology is a statement of false perception. It’s an acknowledgement of illusion, and it’s a misunderstanding of the universal truth. I can’t think of a reason why any human would need to apologize for an action be at word or deed, for in such that an action is an effect and therefore perfect. There is only the harm one receives by not living within the recognition of the universal truth. And that is not from the object, but from the subject.

So, in what way does alpha male tenet number four elevate the alpha state? You might be thinking like, at this point, based on what I just said about apologizing and blaming and so on, that this gives people license to be rude or abusive or hateful. You might think that there’s this malice in this tenet, but on the contrary, my friend, on the contrary, brother, like that’s not it at all. We know, from the law, that all is good and all is one. There is no malice or ill intent in alpha male tenet number four. Alpha male tenet number four is the faith tenet. It basically says that every moment that passes, we are being offered a gift, a gift of perception, a gift of perfection, and that this perfection is unknown but not unknowable. It is up to each individual human to receive the gift and knowing that its goodness is always for us to learn and grow and become more of what we are, which is a limitless possibility and an endless potential.

Now, right now, right now as I’m speaking, and as you’re listening, you have the choice. Think about this, this is alpha male tenet number four. This is perfection being offered to you right here right now in this moment. You can choose from an infinite potential and possibility of cognition. You get to choose, which will create your feeling and drive your action. This happens all the time. And as you listen to this, you can choose to ignore all of this. You can ignore everything I’m saying, shut off the podcast and unsubscribe. You can choose to listen passively. You can listen without hearing. You can choose to pay attention and attempt to assimilate these principles into your life. You can choose to take massive action by booking a consultation call and experiencing this methodology for yourself firsthand. You can choose to take massive action and enroll in the Alpha Academy without booking a consultation call and begin your training in cognitive and emotional ownership, essentially beginning the journey that will separate you from the rest of the pack by becoming more of who you truly are.

All of this and more is available to you. It all depends on how you see this moment as it passes from one to the next. Is there worry? Is there doubt? Is there fear? Does a time commitment come to mind? Is the price or the money scarcity that rules your cognition? Do you have doubts in your ability to change or to manifest the life that you desire and deserve? All of this is in your mind, it’s all subjective, and it’s all happening right now. It’s all happening for you, for you to learn and grow from. That is the power of the fourth alpha male tenet. When you are observing the moment with doubt, with worry, or fear, that is your offering. That is the gift. This is the perfection of the moment for you to either ignore or capitulate to it, or to become aware of, and move into it with a knowing that this is the time, this is in fact, the only time the journey exists right here, right now. There is the lie that says “can’t”, and there is the truth that says “I’m ready”. Even to look back on your past and say, “I’ve never done it before”, or “I’ve tried and it never worked out for me”.

Your past happened exactly as it should have to bring you to this moment in time. This place right here, right now, listening to this podcast. You are not your body, we are not our bodies, my friend. Our bodies are the physical projection and representation of our cognitive selves. We are using this cellular vessel to have a human experience and every experience we have is a gift for us to learn and grow from and become from, to become the truth, to become the truth in the fullness of who and what we really already are. Do not be led by worry, by doubt, or by fear. Instead become aware that it is the worry, the doubt, and the fear that are messages for you to grow from, to take charge of and develop through. There is nothing to fear, including fear. That is one of the things we are working on in the Alpha Academy this month. And again, the truth is, is everything that’s happening, is happening right now as a way for you to observe, as a way for you to move into because it is the gift, it is the time, it is the power that you are looking at looking through and creating with.

It is not too late for you to enroll in this month’s academy, this month’s curriculum because we’re getting into emotional ownership. You’re going to learn how to stop resisting and suffering from emotion and instead to accept what is and allow that emotion so that you can create with intention the feelings that will drive the actions that serve you. You will recognize and unify with the truth. You will live through the law, with the universal truth, and apply these alpha male tenets to your life.

Go to thealphamalecoach,com and enroll in the academy. If you want to book a consultation, call first. Go ahead. It will be your first step in a journey that you look back and are so grateful that you began.

I look forward to meeting you and until then, my brother, elevate your alpha.


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