Brothers, last time I spoke about the three positions, the three states of being that we as humans can find ourselves in: the low position, high position, and superposition. Today’s episode will be part one of two as I begin to explore the superposition of vibration: celebration. 

Now remember, the superposition is accepting and embracing your oneness, and living only in the here and now. The aim is to transmute through the positions and go from the low position of fear and resentment to the superposition of accepting that you are everything and everything is one, and you will never die. 

What I mean by “never die” is that you are energy and energy never dies. Your body may decay but you will live on forever, brother. We have become so attached to desire and expectation and trying to influence the world around us. All day long we wait and hope for a better day, a better moment, a better life, instead of reveling in the beauty of right now. 

And that’s okay, brothers. All low vibrations have their purpose. Low positions merely present us with the opportunity to elevate as we begin to remember that we are already enlightened and that we are eternal while also detaching ourselves from desire and expectation. 

And detachment cannot be forced, brothers, but it must happen. Once you detach yourself from the illusion of expectation, you will make more room for celebration as you take one step closer to elevating your alpha. Tune in today to learn more.


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Exploring the superposition of vibration: celebration. 
  • How the sea could be used as an analogy of the three positions.
  • Our attachment to desire and expectation, and the purpose of low vibrations.
  • Detachment from the illusion of expectation.
  • Becoming aware of your oneness to make room for celebration.

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[0:00:09.5] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach, and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.6] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and following up from last week, actually, I love part one, part two, part threes, I think you guys know this after listening for years, I got a lot of these multiple parts.

This is a follow-up from last week, so this might be a part two from three positions because today, I want to offer an example of what I mean when I say three positions and how you can begin to experience these states of being within you.

In fact, today’s episode is called Celebrating, even this one may need a second part. So we might need part two, three positions, and then a part to celebrate after this one. So this one’s kind of like a – it’s a hybrid. It’s a hybrid episode brothers, that’s what this is.

Because this is just one example, and there are several. However, this example is integrated with time and it might help with the release of some illusion around that experience, but around the way, we experience time.

[0:01:28.6] But first, a quick update brothers, because the academy is shifting from a cyclical module program to a linear progressive set of courses and I’m very, very excited about it by how it’s unrolling, because of what I see it do. What I see it do, and how I see it change in trends, transmute lives. And the truth is, there is more that is changing.

Because I continue to shed identities that don’t resonate with me anymore and don’t serve me anymore and as I do this, I pass it on, I serve, I teach it back to you, and it’s all happening now and I’m having so much fun, enjoying watching it all happen, which is a great segue into this podcast episode because we are going to talk about expectation as a low vibration.

Detachment is a high vibration and celebration as a super vibration or the superposition of vibration, which is oneness and love. So again brothers, you remember from last week, this is the example I’m using for you guys this week.

The three positions. We have the duality of expectation and detachment, okay? That’s the duality of low vibration and high vibration. Expectation detachment, and then there’s the super vibration or the superposition of vibration and that’s celebration, that’s that high-high vibration.

[0:02:48.0] It’s not even – I mean, it is a high-high vibration but it’s really just oneness, right? There’s no more duality, there’s nothing that opposes it. Expectation and detachment are opposed and you’ll see that in this podcast or you’ll hear that.

But first brothers, a reminder, everything is energy, okay? That’s the whole point of this. That is what it means to be on a spiritual journey, to be on the spiritual path, or be it in a spiritual journey in your life, and if you’re taking this journey, then congratulations.

Not everybody can do it because of how their physical life is unfolding but even those that can do it, not everyone does do it, not everybody chooses this path. The spiritual journey. So I want to begin there and say congratulations and thank you but everything is energy.

That’s the point of the spiritual journey, right? The spiritual path and I want you to keep that in mind as we go through this transmutation, this transmutation of energy, from low vibration to high vibration and maybe even to the superposition of vibration.

[0:03:52.5] Because you have been identifying with your body and the external world, and you’ve been giving that too much authority, that’s the material path. That’s why you’ve come to the spiritual path because you’ve been doing that and you realize this isn’t working. You’ve been giving it too much authority.

The world is for us to enjoy, brother, and celebrate and connect with. We’re not the victims of the world, right? That’s the material path. We have to survive in this world, right? And we need to get more than we could. There’s this idea of getting, there’s this idea of lack, right?

That’s the material path and the immaterial path also has, on the other side of it, it has large sums. So, you have the lack and you have the large sums but I don’t even — I bet you could hear even hesitating using the word abundance because abundance only exists in the spiritual journey and it exists in the oneness.

The world never has struggled, the world never has strife or suffering, all that comes from an inability to see the world as it is because it’s all energy. You are energy, your body is energy, just energy and it’s important to remember that and I know you’re not in the academy, right?

[0:04:59.6] So, you may not have the full power of what those words mean but the more you listen and understand, the more I know you’ll be into experience. Your body is energy, right? Your body is energy, it’s cellular energy, flesh is energy, trees are energy, right?

Trees are also a form of cellular energy. Rocks are energy, but they’re more mineral, right? All matter is energy being perceived, like, even water, solids, liquids, gases. It’s all energy being perceived by consciousness.

All right, check this out, here is an analogy before we get into this example, these three positions. Imagine your human life was like the life of the sea, right? Be like sea life. Instead of air everywhere filling the separation, so to speak, you know how we experience air that we breathe, we think this is air and we think we breathe it.

So wild. It’s wild. We think this is air and we think that we breathe it. Imagine that, this is not air, we’re not breathing, which is life. This is what we are, we are the very same consciousness. I know, I know, I mean, everybody is still thinking the world is flat here and I’m introducing this idea that the world is round.

[0:06:09.6] That we air we think we breathe is data, right? It’s just bits of molecules and emotions, a mix of gasses as they say, right? But anyway, I don’t want to take you guys down that rabbit hole. Let’s stay in this analogy right?

So imagine that it’s like this life in the sea but instead of air everywhere that’s filling the separation that’s filling this void, it’s water, right? Because that’s what’s happening in the sea. In the sea, everything in between the solids is water. So there’s water all around us and moving through us, within us, and around us.

And there’s a current in the water, which would represent the states of being, right? Or these positions that we talk about last week. That I mentioned last week, I’m going to go deeper into this week. So we’re sea life, and we have moving all around us through us and within us, we have this water, these currents.

Now, in our life and our out-of-sea life I guess, in our air life, we have these currents as well. You have these currents of emotions that we’re experiencing, we’re transmuting, and that we’re demonstrating oftentimes or reacting to or resisting or avoiding. But we have these as well but we don’t see them because we think it’s just air.

[0:07:12.2] Like, it’s just this air around us, right? This mix of gas when there’s really so much and in this analogy, you might think that you’re a fish.You think that you and I are fish or maybe some other larger sea creature like a shark or a whale or something, but we have the insects.

We have the little shrimps, we have the little lobsters and the crabs and we have the plants. We have the sea plants, we have the coral. So everything is there, it’s all affected by this water, by this current that we’re swimming through this water, this current, and we’re some kind of large sea animal.

But here’s the truth, here’s the truth, and this is why I present this analogy to you. You are not a fish at all, you’re not a whale, you’re not a shark, nor am I. We brothers, what we are is the water itself, we are the energy that perceives the energy. We’re the water. We’re everywhere at all times.

The wave of energy, it’s moving around the illusion of data which is cellular or molecular and you are not the body. You are the energy that perceives the body, you are the energy that perceives the world and so you are the air, you are the all, you are the pure consciousness.

[0:08:32.8] You see through your eyes and you think that it’s through your body, you think it’s the eyes that see and experience but that’s the perception. You are what you see, you are not what you see from.

So all these currents move in waves because of the duality, because of the correcting, the healing, the remembering, because of whatever you want to call it. As this occurs, the waves begin to flatten, and eventually, everything will return to oneness, which is the superposition.

But here’s the thing, that has already occurred. It’s already happened, it happened a long time ago. That’s the full power of being an alpha is to remember it’s already happening. Duality has already collapsed, we are in oneness, we call it the present moment, we call it the now.

But our minds are still split, our minds are still broken. They’re still fractured, they’re still reacting to an idea of past, present, and future. So we are energy itself moving towards vibrating higher and higher until it dissolves al lower-order illusions. Because that is all that remains, which is the illusion.

[0:09:47.9] The correction is completely, which is probably a different episode but honestly brothers, I could just open a show and talk to you guys about this all day and I love to do that. Just sit and explain all of this and answer questions and help you see what’s always been there, what’s always been right in front of you.

But I try to keep these to 20 to 30 minutes, these podcast episodes. So just keep this in mind. You are energy, you are vibration, you’re not emotion, you’re not thought, you’re not body, these are energies, mind, body, spirit, these are energies that you are aware of.

You are the awareness that shifts these energies and transmutes illusion into truth. You do this as you move closer to the truth and let go of the identity that you are not. And when we look at the low vibration, which is the energy of attachment and expectation, we see the power this has over the mind.

This is the low vibration, the beta condition loves these low vibrations, right? It lives on these low vibrations and actually, in some ways, thrives on this because that’s where it gains its authority from and it loves expectation. It loves to project the future based on past and the present.

[0:10:52.3] And for this reason, expectations is probably the most profound mark on humanity. We all live with expectation. The dream that the future holds a greater promise than the now, right? That there’s something better that we want more.

In fact, there’s some entitlement that rests upon it, that we deserve more, that we should have more. We expect that there will be something better. Those are some versions of expectation. But generally, that one day, all of our dreams will come true, and we’ll finally stop wanting, we’ll stop desiring for something more.

But that’s kind of the way the beta condition wraps itself on itself. That’s how it makes it, it turns it into a hamster running on a wheel because it creates a big expectation that tomorrow will be better but it never stops that wanting.

There’s always going to be better, there’s always more, there’s always a desire for something more, something better, and the expectations, not the desire itself, but the attachment to it. The removal from the present moment into the future to live somewhere where you’re not in order to escape the perfection that you could always have, right?

[0:12:03.1] This idea that somehow we’ll receive all the money we want, all our relationships will be perfect, we’ll have absolute freedom to do all the things we’ve always wanted to do, whatever it is, but right now, we can’t do that. That’s what the mind says, that’s what the beta condition say, that’s what expectation says and this is, in this moment, it’s not possible.

You have to tie up something first. Something needs to be cleared up first, something has to happen, this has to happen or that has to happen, we can’t be happy or successful or free or loved or whatever until we clear something up, until something gets complete. So we go on postponing and postponing and aging and aging and then the fear of being too late occurs and that starts to rise, that becomes the expectation.

It’s too late to do these things, experience this and achieve that. It’s too late to do all these things, to have our expectations occur but it’s never too late to be here and now. You only have to let go of your attachment to projections and expectations. Basically, what we’re talking about here is the combination of desire and attachment, remember that brothers? You remember desire?

Remember, desires are powerful energies of creation, desires, desire in and of itself is completely neutral. If it is a pure desire, which again is a thought, right? I’m putting a thought spin on a neutral state of being. Desire is a neutral state of being and when I start to put a spin, a belief on it, when I start to tweak with my mind. I use my mind to affect it, to call it a pure desire when the desire is pure.

[0:13:40.6] That naturally, just through that intention, raises the vibration of desire. When the desire is pure, it can take you to greater heights because desire itself is just desire. It’s just desire, it’s just a neutral thing. It’s just there, it exists neutrally. It is when the mind grabs it. So when the moment desire becomes entangled with the projections in the mind when it becomes attached to the outcome as a real thing.

That there’s a real thing out there that is going to affect me essentially, the self. And then, it could only result in disappointment because we’re attaching ourselves the idea of vibration, the energy to the illusion of the external. To the illusion of the outcome, to the result, to the circumstance. Brothers, all low vibrations have a purpose.

One of them is to be transmuted into high vibrations. I think you guys know that. But another is to work with the construct of the illusion to maintain its stability and structure. The body carries a low vibration with it and it must do so because of its density, you understand? Without the body, we would move through this life, through this third dimension as ghosts.

It’s just conscious, aware beings. There would be nothing to see, you couldn’t see us, you couldn’t see me. I would be invisible without a body. I’ll just be there, moving around, experiencing things and that’s what I mean. You think you’re the body because you see through the eyes but you’re not the body because your awareness isn’t coming through the eyes.

[0:15:12.8] Your awareness is just there, it just appears to be coming through the eyes, without the body, you would still be aware, you’d just be moving through reality and space as some kind of ghost but we use the body, the body is a vehicle and we use it, but it carries with it a low vibration and it does so because it must manifest in the third dimension.

The third dimension is a very low vibrational dimension. That’s why we don’t die, brother. I’m telling you, we don’t die. I know I’ve said that before but now I’m telling you this, I’m certain of this. I know it’s hard to believe, but you live forever. The body doesn’t live forever.

But you aren’t the body, you are aware of the body, and the body carries a low vibration with it that you experience with that awareness. So the body has this low vibration in the DNA, it has it in the genes. It’s a part of the nature of the dream.

You are the body and the dream, it’s your avatar. You ever seen the movie Avatar? Where the dude’s a soldier, he goes to sleep in the bed and he can’t walk, he’s in the wheelchair. So he can’t walk and he goes to sleep in the bed and he gets sent, his mind gets sent into this avatar, into this other cellular vehicle that looks like the indigenous people of that planet and that’s, I mean, it’s a documentary bro.

[0:16:28.3] Movies are documentaries, they’re there to help wake us up and now you’re like, “Oh, I see what’s happening to Kevin, he’s cracking out, he’s losing it because he thinks that movies are real.” It’s not that movies are real. You see, we are locked in a prison of our own mind and movies are a part of that mind.

It’s a part of the dream helping us to wake up from the dream, helping us to realize this is a dream, to enjoy this dream, you are not the body, you are not the body, you are aware of the body and it is fear. It entered into the separation. Fear, fear entered with the separation, or awareness of the separation, depending on what your personal religious and spiritual beliefs are

Now, expectation is one of the vibrations at the source of all bodily fear because it concerns death, and that is why we all experience this low vibrational phenomenon. It’s why we all experience this, it’s actually in the D — it’s programmed in the DNA.

It’s programmed in us to change, brother. We have to change. To shift and move and die and decay. Ironically, it’s the body that generates this illusion on to the illusion because the portion of the brain called the neocortex is what perceives life as time flowing by. It is the source of the anxiety about time running out.

[0:17:48.5] This thought-feeling, time is running out followed by the feeling of anxiety, held by those who experience time and duality is what generates the DNA response to operate like a clock, like time itself ticking away at life. So the notion of time and your response or reaction to its passing is rooted deeply in attachment and expectation.

And you can just consider the seven-year cycle, which I’ve mentioned many times on this podcast episode as just one example. The seven-year cycle has been noted by cultures all around the world for millennia. This is not something new and simultaneously, at the superposition, death is a cause for celebration, which I may explore if I’ve got time later on this podcast episode.

But when you’re operating at this low vibration, life is programmed to revolve around your expectation about your life and those around you. Expectation, like desire, is not a bad thing. It’s a neutral thing. It’s actually quite powerful, we use expectation for manifestation.

It is a part of the creation process, it all depends on how you react to it with your own expectations and as a measure of how much trust you have in life itself. It’s another word I’ve used a lot, brothers. Trust, this will help, it will help to wake you up because you’re already free.

[0:19:05.7] You think you need something to be free but you don’t need anything, that’s the illusion that you’re in. That’s the nightmare that you’re choosing to experience, that you need something to be free, it’s so wild, right? It’s so wild, you need nothing. You don’t need more money, you don’t need more education, you don’t need more experience, you don’t need more love.

You don’t need more anything. You’ve got it all and trust to let go, you will know how much trust you have in life when circumstances feel out of control and chaotic. Every time you identify with an expectation, you are setting yourself up for disappointment but only if you’re attached to it, and that is the key.

If you are able to expand your consciousness and step into your alpha state, you will remember that you are a part of the greater natural cycle and that all circumstances fit into a far wider picture than any of us can truly comprehend. Brother, expectation and disappointment are both low vibrations of narrow-minded thinking.

Like the villagers in the story about the farmer and the villagers and remember this, because I might have time to tell you the story later on in this podcast. It has to do with the duality, remember the villagers, expectation has to do with the villagers. Now, the main only sees what you program it to see.

[0:20:21.6] That is exactly creating your reality and influencing the flow of your circumstances around you. Raising the vibration of ourselves is probably the most important thing any human could ever do. That’s – I know it’s a bold statement.

I know it’s a belief I hold, but raising our own vibrations and the vibrations of the earth and the people around us, opening our hearts and living out of our soul, it’s the most important thing we could ever do.

But we are so distracted, we’re distracted inside with the low vibrations, to even note that we can do something about any of this because we end up being distracted by the low vibrations and choosing to resist or avoid them through the external distractions of the world. And brothers, when you are expecting something bad to happen, you won’t notice all the perfection and goodness around you, which means you can’t take advantage of the gifts.

The perfection, it’s happening right now, or even enjoy them and at the same time, if you’re expecting something greater and better to happen and it doesn’t, you might miss out on the perfection of the circumstance right in front of you.

[0:21:18.9] Your expectation takes you out of the oneness of the now so effectively that you lose your place in the flow of divine timing. Whether your expectation is optimistic or pessimistic, it narrows your awareness down and shrinks you into the beta condition where the limitless potential that exists in the present is hidden from you in plain sight.

Goodness, it’s right here brother and now remember, I do want you to remember I’m talking about energy here because when I mentioned the higher vibration of expectation is detachment, when I use the word detachment, we move from expectation as a low vibration to detachment as a high vibration.

I’m talking about the detachment from the expectation. I’m talking about energetic detachment, not physical detachment. I am not talking about emotional attachment either. Both physical and emotional detachment have been ways people have misinterpreted the Buddhist teaching of non-attachment.

It is not about detaching from the world, it’s not about detaching from your emotions. It’s a detachment from the duality, from the expectation that what comes next is better or that you could have something more fulfilling than what you have already been given. It’s about watching what’s going on in the flow of time.

[0:22:34.4] But it is not that I’m telling you let go of your wants either, just the attachment to the outcome as the source of the power and the authority. The outcome is the world, that’s not what’s going to create your experience unless you let it, which is by being unconscious. Just stop and listen to your mind for a second.

Because I mean, I know we’re deep into this podcast. I want to see how deep we get but stop and listen for a moment, can you turn up the volume in your mind and listen to it? Can you watch it? What does it say when you’re in that low-vibration state? When you’re identified with the body, what does it say to you, brother?

“Do this, do that” right? Got to do something, got to get up and move. I have to, I need to, I should be, I shouldn’t be, all these things, all the projections, all the statements of future occurrence. Because when you ask yourself why, the reason will be for something that hasn’t happened yet.

“I have to do this for that. I have to do, I need to do this for this. I should be, I shouldn’t be” Well, why shouldn’t be doing that? “Oh, because it will lead to that.” “Oh, I should be doing this.” Well, what for? “Because it will get me that.” “I have to do this, I have no choice. This is what must be done.” Well, for what reason? “Because then this other thing won’t occur.”

[0:23:48.6] It’s all based on the future and low vibrations are always some derivative of fear, so they project the body and come from the body because the ego has high-jacked the body. It is very attached to the body and the detachment is not from the body. I’m not saying that either, I’m not saying detach from your body.

It is from the belief that you are the body. Love your vehicle, take care of your vehicle. Self-love is a part of loving the vehicle, but you are not the vehicle. And when you do this, you are aware of what the body is and who you are and then you become limitless, eternal, timeless.

This is the transmutation, this is the raising of vibration and awareness, this is consciousness, this is awakening, and this is remembering and brother, you can’t force this. You can’t force this to happen for two reasons and that’s why I guide people because guidance is not the same as forcing.

Well, the first reason is whatever you resist persists, right? That’s the first reason. Any attempt to force detachment creates more attachment. You can’t release yourself from the hold of the ego by telling yourself that the ego exists, right? When you think about that, your belief in it is the cause and totality of its power and authority.

[0:25:01.9] So, by trying to get yourself rid of it, you are giving it power through your belief in it that there is something to get rid of. It doesn’t exist, brother. But the second reason is because once you take it on as a desired outcome, what you say I want to detach, you create another expectation. Your creation is of detachment.

Remember, a desire with an attachment is an expectation and in this case, you’re expecting to detach. Detachment is more about remembering, right? That you are the field of view in front of you and all around you. Now, you’re greater than the field of view. In fact, you’re everything but just to give you one step out of the attachment you have.

To detach yourself just a little bit, you see, offer that you are the field of view. Everything between where you are and what you see, you are greater than the body. The body is amazing, it is a beautiful vehicle. Its purpose is for us to learn skills, to collect environmental data, and to communicate but it’s a machine.

It’s an illusion that appears real in the dimension of low vibrational information, the dimension that we call matter and density and when you are an avatar in this dream, use it the same way that Jake in the Avatar used his avatar to run. Remember, Jake didn’t have any legs. I don’t know if you have seen that movie, it was a great movie at the time.

[0:26:22.9] I know it is a little bit old, but Jake didn’t have any legs, he was in a wheelchair, and the first thing he did when he got in his avatar body was run-run-run-run-run. Well, yeah, because that’s something you can do in your bodies, you can run-run-run-run-run, and if you want to experience that, go experience that.

That is what the body is for, is to have these experiences, to learn these skills, right? To learn these skills, the skill of running, the skill of whatever it is you want to learn the skill of. To collect environmental data, to tell you when it’s too hot, too cold, it’s windy, calm, whether you’re in water, what altitude you’re at, and what something smells like, what something tastes like.

That’s environmental data, it’s neutral and then it’s to communicate, to communicate through vibration. Of course, we communicate through action somewhat but it is truly through vibration, your state of being. That is why we do this work, to work on the state of being and detachment as a state of being presupposes a great love and trust in the flow of life.

So you begin with love, you begin with trust, expectation will always exist due to the nature of perceived time, you can’t do anything about that. But detachment is working with your expectations rather than being a victim of them. Detachment isn’t something to aim for, it is something that arises naturally when you trust in the moment and let go of control.

[0:27:45.7] The more you try to control, the more you are attached to that outcome of being detached because you are trying to control it. You are aiming for it. Let go, let go, let go and be and you will become detached. Even though you cannot immediately see the outcome of a given situation, you know that it is connected with the prior situation and bridges to another situation ahead in the future, which will continue for all time.

This is eternity and this is the perspective of the farmer in the story of the farmer and the villagers. Aha, you see what I did there, I showed you the duality between expectation and detachment. Remember earlier, I said expectation and disappointment are both low vibrations of narrow-minded thinking.

That is what the villagers do because the villagers are expecting something to occur based on the present situation and they get disappointed when that does or doesn’t occur. It’s narrow-minded, it’s short time, it’s measured time thinking. Well, detachment takes the long view like the farmer.

It’s the flip side of this duality on the way between the peak, which is detachment, the farmer, and the valley, which is expectation or the villagers. Now, very quickly I’m going to see if I can get through this story and finish with another story before closing this podcast episode brothers, because I know we’re getting to that time.

[0:29:07.5] The story of the farmer and the villagers, which I have told many times on this podcast is the story of a farmer who one day decided to let his horse go free. He had a horse that he used to bring in the crops every season and this time, this morning he decided for no reason to just let his horse go free.

He opened up the pen and the horse ran out and the villagers came over and watched this. I just got done talking about this, watch this, brothers. The villagers came over and said, “Oh, what bad fortune you will have when the harvest comes in. You let your horse go free, the horse that you use to help bring in the crops.”

“When your crops come in, you will not have your horse and you will not be able to bring in as many crops or as many crops in a short amount of time and you know, this is bad fortune. You have bad fortune.” You see the expectation, right? Here’s the event that occurred, the horse went free.

The expectation is bad fortune, less crops, less production, less harvest, less being able to sell, less taking to the market to sell. So, the villagers have this measurement of time that they are using to create an expectation around what might or might not happen, and the farmer says, “Maybe, maybe not.”

[0:30:29.0] “Maybe, maybe not.” The next day, the farmer’s horse comes back and this time brings with him three friends. I don’t know how horses makes friends but they do, okay? So the horse goes out into the wild, makes three friends, it comes back to the farmer, and comes into the pen with his three friends.

So the villagers come back and this time in their, once again, their expectation, they come to the farmer and they say, “Whoa, what great fortune you have. Now, you have four horses, you’ll be able to do four times of the harvest, four times of the production, four times of carrying all of your products to the market.”

Four times the horsepower, “What good fortune.” Once again, they come to him with this expectation. Remember the day before, they had another expectation for the farmer, remember? The day before, they had a different expectation because they were measuring their time.

Today, they came in with a different time measurement because now they are looking at this new circumstance but they are saying that in the time and this time, well, now look at it. Now, look at the expectation and they’re attached to this. Understand that these villagers they might be happy for their brother farmer, right?

[0:31:38.7] They might be attached to some outcome and feeling that attachment, right? Using that external, that mind trick, that trick of the mind. That’s not really happening, they’re using the outcome, this projection to be happy for the farmers or maybe not, maybe they’d be jealous of him, jealous of his good fortune.

It’s like, “Oh, he is going to do better than us now” and they feel bad but either way, none of it is real. It’s all an illusion of the projection of the future and the farmer once again says, “Maybe, maybe not” because the farmer is detached. Remember, he is at the peak of the emotion, the peak of this emotional trinity.

Because remember the third, the superposition is the superposition. It is not on the wave, it is the wave, right? So as the farmer is detached, he’s still observing the external. He is still observing, he is listening, he is watching the circumstance. Yes, he has four horses, now he is watching the villagers come by and listening to their opinions.

He is not influenced by them but he’s certainly giving them their love. He is giving them his attention and time and listening. Once again, he’s not attached. He said, “Yeah, maybe, maybe not.” The next day, the farmer’s son goes out to try to tame one of the new horses, one of the wild horses, gets thrown from the horse and breaks his leg.

[0:32:52.1] Once again, the villagers hearing of this news come to the farmer and say in there, once again, in their projections, there’s no presence, right? The villagers are not here, they’re hear physically in their bodies but they are not here in their mind. Where are the villagers? The villagers are out there in harvest time.

They’re out there in the future, in harvest time. The crops come in, it’s time to reap. They’re out there in the marketplace, selling all of the product, selling all of the – whatever it is that they’re farming, right? All the produce, the fruits, vegetables, grain, whatever. They’re not here. They are missing it all, right?

They are missing everything that’s happening because they come and they say, “Oh, what bad fortune. Look, your son’s broken his leg, what bad fortune, you know? Bad fortune he broke his leg and bad fortune also that you know, hey, you’re not going to have as much help when the crops come in, much help to sell.”

You’re going to do all the selling or take time off and to take time off, no one is going to be managing your store so you won’t be able to have as much income and you won’t be able to get as much harvest because your son broke his leg with half the people out there working to bring in the harvest.”

[0:34:05.8] Of course, they might be extending a little bit of that broken leg like how bad or, how the misfortune for the son may be. But even in that, even in that, why? Why is it a misfortune that he’s broken his leg? It’s still a projection, it’s still an expectation because you’re expecting what that maybe he’s in pain.

That maybe his life is interrupted in some way, that he’s got a broken leg so he can’t do certain things, that walking is difficult, he can’t get around. You are comparing it to yourself like, “Oh, that would be a bummer if I couldn’t walk” but it is all about – none of it is here but again, what does the farmer say?

You guys know what the farmer says, the farmer says, “Maybe, maybe not” and it continues to go on like that back and forth because the farmer remains detached. The farmer takes the long view. The farmer knows that even though you cannot immediately see the outcome of a given situation.

He can’t see the outcome of this given situation, “I let the horse go, the horses come back, my son has a broken leg, the horse come back with three more, now my son has a broken leg” right? There’s – here’s the given situation, these points in time. The farmer knows that it is connected to a prior situation and it bridges into another situation in the future and this is just going to keep happening for all time, for all eternity.

[0:35:26.8] There is no beginning and there is no end. There only is the beginning and the end, which is the now, which is always perpetually here and that’s the duality, and that’s the duality, brothers. Now, there is a superposition and where is the superposition? I will mention this very, very briefly because I know I have already taken up so much of your time on this podcast episode.

The superposition is a celebration because that’s what I mean when I say the beginning and the end. There is no beginning and the end or there is only one, which is the beginning and the end because time is part of the illusion. We take the superposition of the wave, we’d experience all the wave at once we celebrate because we know that it’s done.

It’s all done. Everything is complete, everything has happened, everything has happened perfectly, eternally, and instantaneously. It is all done, it’s complete, we won. We won because we are one, a little play on words there, right? But that’s the legitimate truth and when you really, really, really step into this, you almost enter into a state of madness.

You become insane because you become sane but you appear to be insane, because everyone else is insane. And I know I’ve said this before brothers, but we are insane. You, me, all of humanity is insane. We’ve built ourselves in a silo to protect ourselves, to show us, to remind us of our insanity, and when you become sane, it appears like madness because you celebrate.

[0:37:04.1] You celebrate that everything is done. That is where nothing matters comes from. It is not a nothing matters, it is not a depressive nothing matters, “Oh, nothing matters” right? “Oh, nothing matters, why bother doing anything?” Everything has been accomplished already, nothing matters, hooray, we can let go and celebrate and not worry.

We can dance and love and experience. The expectation is that something matters, the expectation is that we are attached to something better occurring and everything has already occurred. Everything is here and now, that’s the celebration. It’s all now, it’s all happening here with us because we are it.

Because the state beyond detachment, detachment can never reach right to the core of existence because it feeds on the duality. It feeds on the duality of the observer and the observed and the attachment, the observer watches the observant. That’s what our brother did, he watched his friend go through this and remained detached from it.

Compassionately detached, right? He didn’t allow it to affect him or he didn’t react to it but when we rise to that level of celebration when it explodes, the observer becomes the observed, and the in-dwelling awareness merges back into its source, which is pure consciousness and that’s what I mean by celebration, brothers.

[0:38:28.2] You can let go, let go and celebrate because it’s done, it’s here, we’ve won. Everything is complete from beginning to end. Whatever it is your mind is expecting to occur, whatever it is your mind is needing and reaching and wanting for the future does not matter, because it’s all in an escape of what exists.

You see, I am not saying we’ve already done it like in the future. I’m not saying it’s already happened as in some time in the future, like you can let go because we’ve already happened, right? We’ve already happened in the future, we can just play it out and let it roll out. I’m saying it’s already happened like it’s already happened, it’s already happened, it’s already happened.

It’s already happened, it’s like you’re walking around the kingdom, you’re walking around the palace. You are walking around your destination, you found your destination and you’re walking around mumbling about looking for it. “Where is it? Where is it? How can I get there? How can I find it? How can I be there?”

That is what I mean when I say insanity, that’s what I am talking about in the madness but when one of you wakes up, when any one of us wake up and remember, we’re here. “Oh my gosh, we’re here. Oh my gosh, I’ve been looking for this place and I am already here. I’ve been looking for the destination.”

[0:40:00.9] “I have been looking for this place all my life and I’ve been here the whole time, oh my gosh, oh my gosh” and it happens, and we’re there, and you start to celebrate then you look crazy. You look crazy and you are crazy. You are abnormal because normal is crazy because normal is the insane living in the insane asylum.

You are abnormal, you become sane, brother. You’re here, you’re here, you’re here, just say it, just say it over and over, “I am here, I am here, I am here.” It’s like when you fall asleep in your bed at night, you start having a dream. I know I am going to wrap this up. I know, I know, I know, I know. Brothers, I love you guys.

We’ll do a part two, maybe I’ll do a part two on celebration so I can go deeper into this concept, deeper into this truth, this is it like this is it, the here and the now. We are not waiting for anything to happen, it’s already happened. We just have to remember that it has already happened.

The expectation is the illusion that it hasn’t happened and that is why it is not real. It pulls you out of what’s real. What’s real is the now, what’s real is the here and the now even the detachment here is within a little bit of illusion, a little bit of a duality because you have to be detached from what it is you are observing.

[0:41:19.2] When you realize that what it is you are observing is who you are, it is what you are, you are the awareness of what is observing and observed, then you can celebrate and remember brothers, I love you. Until next week, elevate your alpha.


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