We are going on another journey today, brothers, as I teach you about vibration, emotion, feeling, and experience. I might as well have used one word for all four because they are all the same. They are synonyms of each other. So, when I speak of one, just know that I am also talking about the other. 

Vibrations are really just our patterns of experience. Our frequency is determined by our thoughts which, as you know by now, also make our experiences real. A low vibration would be living in the beta condition, living in fear, anger, and resentment. Vibrating on a high frequency is moving closer to your alpha state, which is living in gratitude, humility, and love. But what we’re really trying to achieve is the superposition, which is when you accept your oneness, your light, your love, and live only in the here and now.   

That is what is causing us so much grief and suffering as humans, brothers: not living in the present moment. It is our inexperience of the now that wreaks havoc in our lives. We are so distracted by doing and busying ourselves that we forget the only thing that is real, the only thing that matters, and that is the present moment. It’s everything that is happening right here and now because that is our natural state. Everything we experience now in this world may seem normal, but it is not natural. It can’t be natural because it is not real. It is a mere construct of our minds to help us deal with the illusion of separation. 

But you are an enlightened being. You are already eternal. Energy never dies and you are all energy. It is the fear that holds you back. The fear of the past, present, or future, and the fear of time running out. The fear of death is what is holding you back from living in this moment. In order to move toward the superposition, we need to change the way we think and engage with the world around us. We need to move away from the low vibration of negative emotions and toward the high frequency of positive emotions. When you do this, everything around you will change for the better, because as we all know, like attracts like. 

So, it’s time to forget the duality of the low position which floods your mind with so much junk that all you can think about is survival. Let us rather embrace the high position of service, care, and an appreciation for the life that you have, one that so many would literally give anything for. Even better still, if you pursue the superposition and accept your openness and your enlightenment and your love and your divinity, then you’ll be one step closer to elevating your alpha. Keep raising your vibrations, brother!


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Synonyms of vibration, emotion, feeling, and experience.
  • Examining the wave of vibration and experience. 
  • The biggest cause of our suffering as humans: the inexperience of the now.
  • Tracking the emotional wave.
  • How to raise your wave of vibration through the low position, high position, and superposition.

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[0:00:09.6] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach, and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.8] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and today, we’re going to go on another journey because I realized that a lot of what I offer on this podcast is just information. You know, just for your edification, just for your education.

It’s meant to give you an example of what’s possible. So when you have the knowledge, you can begin to experiment and create with that knowledge. The instructions, the guidance, and the skill development actually happens in the academy, which is always open for your enrollment and you know what? I’d love to work with all of you individually.

However, I know that this type of journey is really reserved for those who are really serious about letting go of the matrix and living a life that for many people may appear to be superhuman. And what I mean by letting go of the matrix is I mean, letting go of the idea. Letting go of the distractions and belief that it is the world outside of you creating the experience inside of you.

And what may appear to be superhuman, which isn’t really superhuman at all but what you may appear to be superhuman is the ability to create how you experience things no matter what is happening in your circumstance, and the reason why is because it leads to manifestation and it isn’t superhuman.

[0:01:53.1] It’s not superhuman at all. I can say, it’s actually what I’m offering is a return to our true nature. This is our natural state as human beings, the beingness of what it means to be a human, not do human stuff but to be a human being.

The truth is we’re living in a low vibrational pattern of experience because we’re doing, because we’re doing-doing-doing. We’re so distracted by our doing and while I believe that we’re moving in the direction of raising our vibration generally, I know it is purely up to the individual to choose how they want to experience this beautiful perfection of creation.

We are all here in a state of enlightenment brothers, a state of being that is completely awake and yet, we have forgotten this truth. That’s what I want to offer on this podcast is just maybe some words that might help trigger a memory, the remembrance of the present moment, and today, I’m going to teach you about vibration, emotion, feeling, and experience.

Four words that all really mean the same thing. You know brothers, I could, if I wanted to, I can break these words into specific meanings that give them enough variance to be unique in some way. But for the sake of this podcast, I just want to keep it as simple as possible and just say that they’re all the same, they’re all synonyms, right?

[0:03:07.8] They could all mean the same thing, I can use them interchangeably, vibration, emotion, feeling, and experience. Vibration travels on a wave. It’s energy like everything. Everything is energy, right? So we’ve experienced the energy of the quantum realm, the third-dimensional realm here in atoms and quarks and leptons and molecules and elements and so on.

That’s the third dimension here, but vibration is an experience as an emotion, as a feeling is in another realm, but it’s still an energy and it travels in a wave. Vibration is just another type of energy, energy that we can’t see with our eyes like sound in some ways, and light. Light we can see but not the actual wave of light.

We only see what’s reflected off the object actually, which is the color of what the object is not, surprisingly. I don’t know if you guys knew that but we’re seeing the color of the object is not because it is the light that is being reflected off of it and our feelings, they travel through waves of energy that can be positioned when we tune in to how we feel in that moment.

But the truth is that we’re always in the wave of emotions. So think about it like it’s always a wave moving through us but we’re just not always aware of it. And when we become aware, it collapses into a position. It collapses into a single position of experience because most of the time, we’re just not tuned in to how we feel.

[0:04:30.9] Because we’re so tuned outward into the illusion, into the matrix, and when we tune into the vibration, we could catch it, right? We catch it, we feel it and this gives us what we call the experience. This gives us an experience in the neutral circumstance because remember, the world is neutral.

It’s just data, it’s just molecules, that’s what we know about the world, that’s what’s so beautiful and perfect about it, it’s completely neutral. There’s nothing outside of us, brother, that’s making us feel any certain way. Is that wild? Everything outside of us is just neutral data, it’s data and this is provable.

This is not just coming out of my head, not just coming out of my mouth, right? Like, we know this. Because we know it’s made up of quarks and leptons and little tiny infinitesimal bits of matter that are moving, colliding, shaking, and bonding to create some sort of third-dimensional “reality” that we experience. It’s neutral.

There’s nothing about it that’s going to give us any feeling, that’s going to give us any experience, other than maybe texture, maybe. It’s only when we tune into the vibration of an emotion of another energy realm that we catch it, that we feel, and we feel something and of course, this doesn’t come from the third dimension.

[0:05:52.2] It doesn’t come from the action or the result area of the universal truth. It comes from the thought area, the mental realm, or the mental energy but either way, it’s a neutral circumstance. How we feel, in other words, the position in the wave that we catch is only due to the thoughts that we cling to or that we engage with in that moment.

And if we remain in a continuous flow of the now, with emotions passing through us the same way our breath passes in and out of our lungs or the way our blood flows through our veins and arteries, and this way, we could live in the here and the now and that wave of vibration really simply flows through the body with nothing ever stopped.

It’s just the wave, constantly feeling the wave. It’s never reduced into a position where we feel it with this greater intensity. It’s just felt all the time and in this moment, in this moment that’s passing, it becomes a superposition and this is love, and I might return to this podcast episode. We’ll see, it’s a superposition.

It’s not a position, it’s actually the superposition of all positions because most of the time, we are not living in the moment, right brothers? Human beings generally are not living in the moment. That’s what I mean when I say insanity. What you hear me say on this podcast, beta condition or conditioning or insanity or anything like that.

[0:07:12.9] Anything that has to do with being in that thought loop, in that limiting belief system, what I’m really talking about is not being here, not being present. Being in some thought that’s being triggered unconsciously from the past. A memory, a system, a loop, that’s all of these things. That’s what it all is, we’re living in the mind.

Human beings are living in the mind, the illusion created by the ego, created by the beta condition, we’re living in the past and/or the future. It’s not either/or, it’s actually both and the future, and this is normal Brothers, it’s not natural, understand, but it’s very normal. That’s what I mean when I make analogies or comments about the insane asylum, right?

It’s like we’re all inmates in this insane asylum because it’s very normal. The Matrix is an insane asylum. The matrix that we’ve constructed for ourselves, this invisible prison that we put up around ourselves is an insane asylum, and we’re all inmates in the asylum because we’ve made the unnatural normal.

What is not natural for us has now become normal for us as with time. Time is a very fascinating and misunderstood thing. I don’t claim to be a master or a scholar of anything. I don’t claim to know anything, all I know and the only thing that I know is that I’m certain that we are one.

[0:08:38.9] I know we are one, I know we are perfect, I know we’re in control of our experience, which makes time such a beautiful gift. That’s all I’m certain of, brothers. I’m certain of the illusion of separation, it is an illusion.

I’m certain of the lie of imperfection. That is a lie. And I’m certain of the disempowerment around existential abdication, and I don’t judge. Just because I’m certain of the illusions and the lies, the disempowerment, I don’t judge it. I’m just aware of it, I see it. I don’t condemn it, I don’t punish it, I don’t criticize it.

I’m just observing it, I know it’s there. I observe humanity who is living in this false reality, an illusion made by ego, constructed by the ego, and perpetuated by the ego, and this requires a fall into the past and the projection into the future. This is the land of the ego, this is what takes us out of the present moment where we are awake.

The mind looks backwards, the mind looks backwards and says better or worse. It looks forward and says, better or worse, right? It looks at this moment and we look backward and said today, like now, it’s either better or worse than this or that, and it’s comparison. It’s why we call it duality.

[0:09:55.8] It’s duality, it requires two to compare or contrast and then make a judgement upon. Rarely, if ever, is there a full experience of the now, the here and the now. This is the greatest cause of our suffering brothers, it’s the inexperience of the now. So our experience moves on a wave, right? Our feelings in the moment.

It is only in those moments that we catch them and our vibrations are experienced as a wave, and of course, there is a biological aspect of this phenomenon. This is still the result, this is the effect of vibration itself is the energy, and energy like gravity, like electromagnetism, like consciousness is largely unknown.

Now, let me explain that very briefly, brothers, because I know I mentioned this before but it might require a refresher just due to the length of time it’s been since the last podcast that I had mentioned this. Because we know how to measure gravity. Take gravity as an example, we know how to measure gravity.

We can say that gravity is the measurement of the mass distance between two objects, right? We know that gravity is a force, a force that pulls two objects together because that’s the effect. So we know how to measure gravity and we know what the effect of what gravity is. Those are two things that we know but consider this, we know how to measure gravity and we know what the effect of gravity is, however, gravity itself, what it is, is a mystery.

[0:11:19.0] No one knows what gravity itself is. What is this thing, other than just call it a force? Yes, to call it a force. Okay, so what is a force? It’s like the force of electromagnetism. It’s the same, nobody knows what it is. You can measure it, you can see the result of it, but nobody knows what it is and, of course, energy is the same.

We can measure all of energy in a closed system, as the ability to do work. We know the effect of energy is the work done but energy itself, that is a complete mystery to every human who is alive today. Even Einstein, even humans that have existed in the past because even Einstein couldn’t comment on what energy is. Although, he gave us a way to measure it.

He said energy is mass times the speed of light squared. That’s a measurement but he didn’t ever say what it is, what is it. So we don’t know what energy is, we don’t truly know what emotions are. We don’t really know what feelings are, we can say biologically that they are neuropeptides, chemical reactions respectively, however, we don’t actually have a way of seeing happiness or sadness or joy or excitement or anxiety or fear.

We can’t see it. Things will happen in the brain and signals will occur in the body and we can measure all of this. We can measure, we can see the effect of it in the A-line, in the actions, however, no one can say what the vibration is, what the experience of, what is the experience of fear or love or anything else.

[0:12:48.2] No one could say what it is. It is completely subjective to the experiencer or to the observer. But what we do seem to understand, at least through some of the experience around quantum mechanics, is the wave-particle duality, and this is a bit of what I will present to you with the concept of vibration.

Because as we move through a vibrational field, a field of energy that is always around us, layered on top of us like a fifth dimension, we experience this wave as it permeates through and center, and around us. It’s like it hits here but it’s not here. It’s like the water that a fish swims through. And I know you’ve heard me say that before because it’s like another dimension that is existing right on top of this dimension.

This is like if this dimension were a cube because it’s three dimensions, then imagine filling that cube with invisible air, but that air is actually another dimension. It’s another thing, it’s another real energy and it moves around like a wave. And we regulate it with our mind. We regulate it with our thoughts.

We adjust it, we experience it with our mind. We experience with our body, of course. We create it with our minds and biologically, this is explained with the electrical impulse to shoot through the neural network.

[0:13:58.6] Esoterically, the vibrations are experienced by attracting the wave of vibration and choosing a position in the wave based on what we were thinking, which is our mental energy. And since we’re generally in a state of past or future, we are rarely experiencing the superposition of vibration, which is a high vibrational experience.

It’s a sort of bliss, joy, to give it a word, a name, or a label when really no symbol could describe the experience itself. Again, I talked about it as love, and outside of this superposition, there is the wave that moves up and down creating troughs and peaks. Peaks and valleys, right? This brings in the duality of highs and lows and it literally feels like we’re on a roller coaster of ups and downs.

If you look at like a wave that goes up and down, up and down, like those sound waves that we’re used to seeing, maybe in math class, geometry, or trigonometry. The wave itself is neutral. You could look at it, you could see it, maybe it’s in two-dimensional or three-dimensional, it’s moving in all directions. It’s actually like a current of water.

But anywhere on that wave is a potential position of experience that we have access to when we go deeply into the moment and hold o to the feeling. When we catch it and we feel it, if we’re not paying attention to it, if we’re outside somewhere else in our minds, we’re lowering the vibration. We’re bringing it down, we’re still catching it.

[0:15:21.7] We’re catching it and its lower positions because once we access it and become aware of it. We begin to experience it has a vibration, it has a feeling. Now, this may all seem like conjecture, right? This is just some big story. Well of course it is, everything’s a story. It’s all theoretical, everything is theoretical.

It’s a theoretical everything, there’s nothing that’s not theory. However, there is more and more evidence to support this hypothesis than you might realize, and a lot of it has to do with the emotional solar plexus that stores the feelings in our body. The emotional wave is very documented. However, the research hasn’t been tested in a clinical way.

So bear with me and experiment with yourself so you can determine your experience with the Astro field of energy, which is the waves that we call emotions, right? Vibrations we call emotions. Most people think of this as sound waves, like I said, moving is fairly consistent and predictable pattern but emotional waves are not like that.

They’re more like the current below the surface of the ocean. They’re more like waves of water. Not waves of water you see that we surf on, that you see at the beach, I’m talking about the waves of current that are under the water. It’s happening in the water itself.

[0:16:34.6] They vary. They vary in intensity, they vary in direction, they change direction, they vary in amplitude and frequency. The emotional wave has more to do with your thought patterns and how you call in your experience and anything of this predictable or universal.

Now brothers, they can be consistent, they can be consistent if your thoughts are consistent. And this is where most people live in the duality between heaven and hell or positive or negative, up and down. This is where most people live in that duality because the more you praise yourself and others, the more you call in the higher vibrations of what we call positive emotions.

And the more you criticize yourself and others, the more you call in the lower vibrations or what we call the negative emotions, and all of this in turn determines your auric field, which is what ultimately becomes your attractor field. You are what you attract and you attract what you are, right? I know you guys have heard this.

It’s the law of attraction. Now this all being said, emotions are not positions, emotions are waves. They all live on waves, ups and downs, even in lower vibrations. There is potential to experience a higher level and even with higher vibrations, there’s always a potential to experience a lower level. This is where we pull ourselves out of the now. Consider it this way, you will always typically experience a range.

[0:17:57.3] A range of a wave. If we could measure emotions on a scale of one to a thousand, then your wave will reside between a certain range depending on your thought patterns. If your thought patterns are looping blame, criticism, and self-deprecating thoughts, you might experience an emotional range of 50 to 200 on a scale of one to a thousand.

On your good days, you’ll feel 180 or 190 and on your bad days, you’ll feel around 60, 70. Someone else whose thought patterns are full of praise, personal responsibility, self-respect, self-love, they might experience an emotional range of five to 700 and on their worst day, they’re still going to feel better than the other person does on their best day.

Now, is it possible for the person who experiences a range of 50 to 200 to break out of the ceiling of 200? Yes, of course. This happens for all kinds of reasons. I mean, this is why I do what I do, is to help raise this experience, help raise these vibrations and maybe it’s through an experience of plant medicine.

Maybe it’s through an experience of personal insight or epiphany, maybe it’s through an experience of witnessing something miraculous like something near-death experience or somebody doing something out of pure love. Sometimes, it can simply happen through a random act of kindness shown to them or someone else.

[0:19:15.8] Yes brother, you can affect the range of vibration for another human being both through your kindness and through your cruelness. Consider that, remember that. Remember that you are not responsible for how somebody else feels but you can provide the circumstance for anyone to experience something new like love, compassion, kindness, generosity, patience.

Keeping your vibrations at a higher level allows this ceiling in others to be broken, which is a completely different teaching that I am not going to get into here on this podcast today. So we understand the idea that emotions are waves and we experience then in ranges based on our thinking.

This is moving from the T line to the F line in the model of alignment, the universal truth, and what I am going to offer with the rest of the podcast episode today is how to raise your vibration through three distinct positions, the low position, the high position, and the superposition if we have time for it at the end of the episode.

Of course, the easy answer is through your thoughts. That is how you raise the vibration of which of course you already know. Now, the low vibration is a survival position. The high position is the service position, and that is what I mean when I’m talking about peaks and valleys.

[0:20:31.7] The superposition, which is above the high position is the realization of oneness, so it is outside of duality. In the low position, the mental vibration reverts back to a fear of survival. This is why it’s usually taken out of the present moment. It’s taken back into the past and projected into some kind of expectation about the future.

When the mental vibration reverts back to survival, the lower vibrations of fear enter the body as a position. Now, this was actually a very powerful ally for us at one point in our human development, both generally and specifically. Both generally as humans and specifically for your bloodline for you to be here.

But we needed to feel fear in order to remind the body that survival was threatened and something needed to happen. Flight, fight, freeze, these are few of the options we have when fear arises but brothers, I want to remind you that survival is based on the body’s desire to remain alive.

There are real fears around survival and there are imagined fears around survival, and most of us live in our imagined fears. I know there are a lot of humans who lived in a state of true fear when it comes to survival. I know there are, I know this for a fact. I’ve seen many of them, not all of them of course.

[0:21:43.4] But being around the world, I know that there is some people living who simply don’t have access to things that are required to raise the potential of survival. I’m talking about clean water, access to clean food, access to a safe place to sleep at night, and brother, you’re not one of these people.

I know this because you are listening to this podcast. The humans that are truly living in a way where their survival is threatened probably don’t have the access or the time to listen to this podcast. We have brothers and sisters in the world who live in a state where rational fears keep them alive and vigilant.

Like I said, I have seen this. I’ve had this “opportunity,” if you want to call it that, to see these places and our brothers and sisters who live this way up close and in person. There are people in this world who don’t have access to that clean water. There are people on Earth who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

There are people on this planet who don’t have a clean bed to sleep in or a roof over their head if they get cold. And there are people in this world who live in the fear of getting their hands or their heads cut off every day, who live around gunfire and explosions on a daily basis, and I’m not talking about the people in the United States.

[0:22:54.6] I’m talking about people who live in true conflict zones, true war zones, children who can be hit with a stray bullet or an IED on their way to school. This is a reality, my friends, and as much as I love them and know that they are in a very different kind of need, they are not you. They are not listening to this podcast.

As I said, they either don’t have access because of infrastructure or they don’t have time because they are focused simply on staying alive to listen to this guy, this me, this guy talking about self-actualization. When you are just trying to stay alive from day to day, remembering you’re in a state of love and oneness just is very difficult to do.

You are trying to stay alive and this is self-actualization, this is where we are evolving too. So if you’re listening to this podcast, you are doing the spiritual work already. You have massive amounts to be grateful for. You are not living in a state of survival, although your beta condition is probably telling you a different story.

The mental survival state that attaches to the low vibration of the emotional wave is called the victim mentality and I figure I’ll get some resistance with that terminology. Nobody wants to be called a victim. I get that nobody likes hearing that they’re in a victim mentality but it is what it is, there’s nothing wrong with it.

[0:24:06.9] You are not getting any judgment from me with that statement. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with you or shaming you for thinking this way. It is what it is and acknowledgment is the first step toward letting it go. It is based on the stories you tell yourself about the world and about yourself because you see your failure, brother.

Your fear of rejection, your fear of loss, your fear of not being liked, your fear of conflict, your fear of other people, think all of these fears are simply different variations of the victim mentality. They create a mental state of survival, that you are a victim of someone or something else and it causes you to feel fear or some derivative thereof.

It’s lack, it’s fear, it’s scarcity, it’s the low vibration, and it prevents you from feeling higher vibrations and acting from a higher place of service. Just consider it for a moment, just consider it. When you are worried about surviving, how could you ever serve humanity with your gifts? How could you even begin to think about giving when you’re so worried about living?

It’s the foundation of money scarcity, right? Whether or not it’s a rational fear. What if it’s – there are people who live with a rational fear of scarcity. That’s what I’m saying, scarcity of clean water, but the foundation of all scarcity comes from that illusion. “I can’t give a quarter to this guy on the street because what if I need that quarter later?” Because I’m not present.

[0:25:37.8] That may not be conscious thought but it is definitely the subconscious thought. The conscious thought is probably some other excuse. You know the projection, “They should get a job, they should participate in the economy, they’re just going to use it for drugs and alcohol” is some kind of projection.

It’s so hypocritical though, isn’t it? How many of you guys spend money on drugs and alcohol? On drugs, whether recreational or prescription, it doesn’t matter, it’s all the same. Recreational and prescription, that doesn’t matter, it’s the same. The difference is only whether you got permission from a doctor or not.

It’s all permission, it’s all an idea, it’s all a story, everything is a story and again, there’s no judgment. I am not judging anybody here. I just want you to see it. Can you see it? Can you see the truth? It’s important to be so intensely and exceptionally honest. How could you serve? How can you give everything to everybody when you’re in a victim mentality when you are so worried about getting and having and keeping?

It is the low vibration of fear. You see a brother or a sister in need, what do you do? And I am not judging you. I am asking you to see it, I am asking you to notice it, observe yourself, and see it. Where does your mind go? Where does your heart go? Brothers, the low position of vibration is just to say the fear that comes from survival.

[0:27:01.8] It is the ego once again and it is the ego living in time, afraid of losing time, afraid of death, this is an illusion. Brother, you are an eternal being. Yes, your body will die but you are not your body. You will live forever. Your body is a part of the illusion here to help you heal from the insanity of separation.

There we go, that’s why you have this body. You will live forever, you are eternal, you have all the time you ever need, you are pure consciousness, you are the oneness and I am certain of this. You have access to water, to food, to a clean bed. You have access to a bank account, you have more than a thousand dollars, more than 5k, more than 10k.

Are you safe? When was the last time a bomb went off near you? When was the last time you heard a gunshot and weren’t at a shooting range and weren’t there on purpose? When was the last time you saw a dead human body and again, I am not judging or shaming and I certainly don’t want this podcast to take a turn.

That’s not the idea either. I’m asking these questions to help remind you of how safe you are, how far from violence and the possibility of death you are. But the ego doesn’t see it that way, and a part of this has to do with the matrix, the distractions, while the distraction moves us towards that way so often.

[0:28:12.5] The ego uses the fear of rejection as a form of death, right? It remembers the past. The ego uses a form of failure as a form of death, because it remembers the past. The ego uses the fear of loss as a form of death because it remembers the past. And you are here, brother. You are here, you are not in the past.

You are here, right here, right now, and full of peace and beauty and safety and love, and when you start to manage your mind around using the thoughts that bring you to the truth of your life, then you’ll let go of the victim mentality and you will see that the blessings you have and always had having existed in your life, and that’s when you can raise.

That’s when your vibrations will rave to the higher position, which is the position of service, because then you’ll be able to give all to all. There’s nothing to hold back because you’re only holding back from yourself and the more you move towards oneness, the more you realize this. The more you raise your vibration, the more you actualize this.

At the low vibration, you can’t see this. You’re so worried about the survival of yourself, of this body, this vehicle, and it’s a mental position. You let go of that mental position as you change your thoughts and when you raise your vibration to the position of a service, which is a higher vibration on the wave, you are free and yes, that is all it takes.

[0:29:34.3] All it takes is to open your eyes and see it, to see that you’re free. This is what we do, this is the academy, the school of change. The change is a perspective, it’s a change of mind. The change from low vibration to high vibration and when you make this change and stop thinking about your own survival from a scarcity-driven fear-based mentality, you are free.

And when you are free, you are open accepting, and knowing of an abundance-based love-driven mentality. From this position, you stop worrying about yourself, brothers. You stop thinking about yourself. There is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about, you have all you need, and will always be provided for when the time to expand arrives.

This allows you to give, you are able to give your personal gifts to the world, to your community, which are your vibrations. You come in here with a unique pattern of vibrations, low and high, and that is how you give. You give by being, you give by being the best of yourself and once you start doing that, once you start giving, you start serving from a high purpose.

Your higher purpose has nothing to do with the movements of your body, it has to do with the vibrations of being and as you live through a high vibrational position and you raise your vibrations higher and higher, you will continue to give more and more and more. Giving requires no sacrifice. It has nothing to do with doing.

[0:31:01.1] This is the victim mindset. The victim mindset, “Oh, is this – oh, I have to sacrifice. I have to give something. I have to do something, I have to work harder.” It’s because you’re in separation, that’s the low vibrational mindset that says that. The higher vibration does not experience this.

It only experiences higher and higher vibrations as it moves closer and closer to oneness. It’s like the gravitational pull increases. You accelerate faster with the feeling of more and more joy, more and more service when the thoughts are not directed inward in a “what about me?” type of process, then you are truly free and you move faster towards the state.

Because you realize that the more you give, the more you receive. In the giveness, you receive. It’s a simultaneous moment, it’s not something that occurs later because there is no later. That’s the illusion of time and as the illusion of separation collapses, so does the illusion of time and there is the other position.

This is the superposition. The superposition is the experience of the moment as it flows through you in perfection. This happens in two states that must occur at the same time, in the present and the realization of oneness. You can’t be in the past or the future and realize oneness. However, you can be in the present moment and still not experience oneness.

[0:32:26.7] Therefore, these two components must occur, they must overlap to be present and then to experience the truth of what it means to be one. This brings the vibration of all that is known, a vibration of superposition, and this vibration I won’t comment on much because it won’t make any difference.

Because even an attempt to understand it requires you to be removed from it, it requires me to be removed from it. To use the mind to understand it, it requires you to detach from the surrendered mind and to attach to the mind that tries to know through distortion. It’s a feeling only, it’s an experience only.

The superposition of all vibration experienced, it’s the moment of realization. Even talk about detachment requires attachment, attachment to the agreement with the symbols that I am using represent an intention, but this is the natural state of being that you came here to be, which is one. It’s the movement through the lower vibration and the illusion of contrast.

It’s all a part of the karmic journey, the shedding and removal of all labels, and those labels are cognitive and cellular. Yeah, I’ll call it love. I call it love at the beginning of the episode, I’ll call it love at the end of the episode, but I will also call it love without attaching it to the way we humans use the word love to describe an emotion for someone or something.

[0:33:49.8] I might go into that more on another podcast episode around unconditional love and what that really, really means and brothers, over the next few weeks, I’ll offer some examples of these three positions so you have a better idea of some of these examples. Brothers, we are here to feel.

Our beingness is what evolves ourselves in the world. To vibrate, brothers, that is why we don’t want the thing. We really don’t want the thing and I know this is a tough one to remember. We don’t want the thing, we don’t want the result, we only want the way we think the result is going to make us feel.

We only want the way we think that thing is going to make us feel. The external world is an illusion, you can use it to create feelings but don’t get lost in the thick. It’s the cause of the feelings, the cause is the thinking, my man. You are pure consciousness, you are a spiritual being not a pile of flesh.

The external world only brings data to the body. It’s the mind that aligns the vibrations and this is what the positions are all about. Until next week my brothers, raise your vibrations.


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