Ep #243: Insanity

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Brothers, I am insane. Yes, you heard right, straight from the horse’s mouth. I, Kevin Aillaud, am insane. But before you laugh it off and declare that I’ve lost the plot, let me first explain to you what I mean by insanity. Because the truth is, in today’s world, insane has been made normal and sane, abnormal. 

You see, words are merely symbols that we use to communicate our intentions and ideas. But these words exist in duality as they always point to a preferred condition. Therefore, every word has an opposite or contrasting implication. But the words themselves do not have meaning. They are merely symbols and could mean nothing to the next person as much as hieroglyphics are gibberish to us. But we, as humans, give words their meaning and assign their value. 

Now, because of their duality, we cannot communicate effectively with words as they could mean anything. Literally anything, brothers, depending on the intentions of the speaker and receiver. So, the words we speak do not accurately convey our true state of oneness. Because when everything is one, there is no duality as everything is the same energy, the same love. 

Brothers, what is natural and what is normal are two very different things. Natural cannot change, it is what has been created and it is what will always be. Normal, however, is determined by society, by our conditioning, and by the fear that governs our lives. And our drive to normalize the unnatural means that we as humans now see what was previously insane as sane. 

So if sanity is upholding normal perception, behavior, and standards, then brothers, I am insane. Because I do not believe the stories of “not good enough” that you tell yourselves, I do not live in the split mind that says I need to have more and do more. I, just like you, am an enlightened being, and I can live in both have and being. And by answering the universal call to serve and give, I can live in full abundance. I am proud of you brother, for understanding your oneness, for living in abundance, and for taking the necessary steps to elevate your alpha.


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Understanding words as symbols of intentions that point to a preferred condition. 
  • Our lack of direct communication. 
  • Natural versus normal: Natural is constant and normal is derived from our conditioning. 
  • The true definition of insanity. 
  • How to develop and live in an abundance mindset: Give. 

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[0:00:09.6] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach, and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.7] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and today I’m going to introduce you to another analogy that might help shift some perception and behavior for you. Because really, this is all about shifting perception and behavior.

It’s all about shifting the T line and the model of alignment and the A line of the model of alignment and brothers, I know it’s been a long time since we’ve talked about the model of alignment, it’s been a long time since we talked about the universal truth but really, that’s what all of this is about, right? It’s all about cognitive mastery.

It’s all about mind management. And with some of my more advanced students, I’m actually even taking them into a deeper journey or down the wormhole around this whole idea of insanity and what it means to be insane, because we talk a lot about this. There’s words brother, words. Words are symbols.

They’re symbols of symbols. In fact, it makes it very difficult for human beings to communicate with each other because we never have direct communication and we never are directly communicating our intentions with each other. We’re only utilizing symbols to represent our intentions.

[0:01:42.1] And though sometimes those symbols are movements, behaviors, sometimes those symbols are words, sounds, and other times, those symbols are actual symbols. They’re symbols, they’re pictures, right? They’re letters, sentences, and paragraphs, right? So actual symbols.

That’s what letters are, you realize? Letters may mean something to you but hieroglyphics also meant something to our ancestors. They mean nothing to you because they’re pictures. To them, they were words, ideas, letters, they were intentions. To us, we have an alphabet and they’re different alphabets throughout the world.

You might look at the Japanese alphabet or the Greek alphabet and it makes no sense because they’re just symbols and they’re symbols of intentions, they’re symbols of ideas. So as we communicate our ideas with each other, we’re never actually getting the direct intention. We always have to use symbols to do that and sometimes, these symbols or I should say, most of the time if not, all the time, I’m very hesitant about saying, always or never, right?

I’m very hesitant about working with absolutes brothers, but because of what we’re dealing with in terms of words. I might be able to use the word “always” by saying that we’re always using words that have an opposite. There’s always a duality in a symbol, there’s always duality in a words because words only exist here in duality.

[0:03:04.6] Words don’t exist in the oneness, there’s no need for words and I make it back to that later in the podcast. So we’re using words that have a duality and I know that because of the way we connotate these words in their duality, there’s going to be a better and a worse, there’s going to be a positive and negative. There’s going to be a more desirable and a less desirable.

So when I use the word insanity, really, what I’m saying is, I’m using another analogy. Another way, another symbol to describe a certain intention, and sometimes we use the word insane. Sometimes we use the word fractured, sometimes we use the word split. And we talk about the mind, the insane mind, the fractured mind, the split mind.

Sometimes we use the word beta condition, sometimes we use the word ego. Sometimes we use the word, asleep. And I say “we” I mean, people in this industry in this community. Whether that’s the life coaching, the personal development, the spiritual community, there’s different words that all really have a similar intention.

But by using these words, we immediately introduce a contrast because when I say insanity, the contrast is, of course, to be sane and who wants to be insane? Raise your hand if you want to be insane. Right? You want to be sane, don’t you? And what about asleep? Who wants to be asleep? Raise your hand if you want to be asleep.

[0:04:27.1] No, you want to be awake, don’t you? And who wants to be fractured? Nobody wants to be fractured. We want to be whole, right? Nobody wants to be split, we want to be complete. So when we use these words, of course, we’re talking about some kind of preferred state of being and some kind of unpreferred state of being because that’s the contrast.

That’s the duality but I’m going to go out on a limb here brothers, by starting this podcast on insanity by telling you that I am insane. Yes, Mr. A is insane. Kevin Aillaud has proclaimed his own insanity and here’s why. It has a lot to do with what we’re going to talk about today, because the definition of natural is to exist in or be caused by nature, not made or caused by humans.

So not manmade, that’s one definition. To be natural, to be in nature. And what’s the definition of normal? The definition of normal is to conform to a standard, a standard that’s usual, typical, or expected. It’s the usual average or typical state or condition.

So right away, we’ve set up a contrast. Right away, normal is not natural, and natural is not normal, which is wild brothers, because there can be overlap. If we had a Venn diagram on this, for example, the two circles that overlap, normal and natural do have some overlapping things. Because there are some things that may be considered to be a typical state, a typical condition, maybe usual or average and is still existing in and caused by nature.

[0:06:11.7] For example, a tree, right? A tree would be existing and caused by nature and in its usual typical state, but when it comes to human beings, our perception, the way we see the world, our thought process, our mindsets, our conditioning put normal and natural add-ons, because the way we see the world is not in its natural state.

We see the world in our conditioned state and it’s normal to be in that condition state. It’s normal to see the world through the way we all see the world as humans. And I say, we all see the world as humans because I’m talking to the majority, right? That’s another absolute, we don’t all see the world through our conditioning.

But most humans do. Most humans see the world through their conditioning, they don’t see the world in its natural form and this is one of the alpha male tenants. You may remember this alpha male tenant.

We, we, humans, the collective we, the humanity of we, we don’t see the world the way it is. We don’t see what’s natural. We see the world the way we are, we see what appears to be normal for us.

[0:07:28.6] You know, you go back in time, even 50 years, even 50 years, never mind a hundred years, 500 years, or a thousand years, you go back even 50 years and our ancestors 50 years ago would not recognize what is natural and may not even agree with what we in 2023 consider normal.

A usual, average, or typical state or condition, even 50 years ago, our great, great grandparents may say, “This is not normal.” This is not normal behavior for human beings because normal changes and natural doesn’t. And as we move further and further away from what is natural, we redefine and recreate what appears to be normal to us.

And if you can understand that difference, they understand the difference between these two words. Now, I want to define insane. The word insane is defined as a state of mind, which prevents normal perception behavior or social interaction.

Now, that word right there is what throws me off, brothers, that word right there is what allows me to use the word insane to define my state of mind, because my state of mind is not normal perception, it’s not normal behavior.

[0:08:51.2] I do not have a normal social interaction. I see people for the way they are, not for the way they see themselves. I don’t believe the story that people tell themselves about themselves because nine times out of 10 or should I even say, nine out of 999 times out of a thousand, the story that people tell themselves about themselves is narrow.

It’s deprecating, it’s usually criticizing. I don’t believe that story, I don’t believe the story that you tell yourself about how you’re not enough. So, even my social interactions are very outside the realm of normal. But the state of mind, which prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction would be insane.

So sanity may be natural but insanity is definitely normal. And because normal is now considered sane, to be abnormal and natural would be considered insane. And that’s why I say to you brothers, here and now, that I’m insane, and what do I mean by that?

What I mean by that is the split mind and the way we view the world because it’s possible to view the world through two ways. In a couple of different ways, in many different ways because it’s not either/or, it’s always both/and, and even in this example, it’s both/and.

[0:10:20.7] We are both body and emotion, vibration. Now, you’ve heard me say, and again, this is why words are symbols and I have to be very careful about my words because you’ve heard me say, “You are not your body, you are not your mind, you are not your personality, you’re not your emotions” because you are the watcher of all of it.

That is, you are the great everything. The creation of the creator and you are your body, and you are your mind, and you are your vibrations. It’s a both/and, it’s not an either/or. It’s not you’re either this or that, it’s you’re both. The body is a vehicle, to say you are your body. It will be like saying, the skin is the body.

If I said the skin is the body, you know there’s a fallacy in that statement. Are you saying, “No, the skin is a part of the body” right? But it’s not the body. It is not the totality of the body, it’s what surrounds the body, it’s the organ that keeps the body together. It’s kind of like the outer suit of the body.

If there was a zipper on my skin, I could unzip it and it would kind of contain the body, right? So to say the skin is the body or to say the skin is not the body also is a little bit iffy. Like, “I don’t know, it’s not the body. You’re right about that but it kind of is too.” The skin is not the body but, well, when I look at you I can see all of your skin and it’s on the body, it’s part of the body, it surrounding the body.

[0:11:53.3] That is the same thing I say when I say, you are not your body. It’s kind of like saying, your skin is not your body because you are. The skin is a part of the body but it’s not the totality of the body. So for me to say that you are not your body is the same. Your body is a part of you but it’s not the real you, it’s not the all you.

It’s a part of you, it’s a part of the way you experience the you in this form and it’s the same with vibration. And if we have that choice, it’s not always a choice either but I just understand it’s a both/and. But the mind sees it as a choice because the mind is split. It sees it as an either/or and it wants to identify with something, if the mind says, “Okay, so who am I?”

“Who am I, what is me?” and it’s kind of presented with these options. It is presented with the option of body or vibration and, of course, we’re both.  We’re the totality of it all, but with that choice. It becomes very easy to sway, very easy to sway into, “I am the body” and then our mind is hijacked by form and it becomes pulled into the realm of form.

Now again, there’s nothing wrong with that, because the realm of form is our playground, brothers. I do not want to come down on the realm of form and say the realm of form is bad or corrupt or evil, and I’m not trying to get you to deny your body. I’m not an aesthetic that says or a monk that says, “Go out into the cave and the temple and deny yourselves the pleasure of the world,” just the opposite.

[0:13:16.8] In fact, I’m offering that you tie the two together. But you can only tie the two together when you balance, when you have an awareness that you are everything, that you are one, that it’s not this either/or game. That you’re not swaying too hard into the realm of form because that is where I get the term insanity from.

To say that I am this body, which is to say I am my car. I am my vehicle and of course, you’re not your car, you get into your car and it takes you from one place to the next but you are not your car, you get in and out of it and you don’t define your identity, yourself.

Some people may do but they still know that that’s not who they are, they just know that they love their car and they’re parts of car clubs and all kind of stuff like that. So, their identity may be a part of it. It’s not the answer to the question of “who am I?”

But we do that with our body, we do that with form. And when we do that with form, the mind is swayed into the realm of form, which is in separation. So the moment the mind attaches to the body, it begins a split notion that I am this body, they are that body, these other humans, these other things and I am incomplete

[0:14:35.5] I’m split, I’m fractured, there’s the foundation, right? The whole foundation, psychologically it’s “I’m not enough.” And in psychology, they say, “The fracture is, I am not enough.” Here in this community, in this realm, this industry, we say, it’s lack.

It’s lack. In the spiritual realm it’s lack, spiritual community, right? It’s lack, it’s the illusion of nothingness. That there’s something not there and where does that illusion lead to? That illusion leads to repairing that lack, filling that lack.

Filling that void or in psychology, they say as it alludes to all the derivatives of, “I am not enough. How can I become enough?” So the split is between having and being, because we are being through this body but we’re having, we’re missing a having. We’re missing something.

The body needs something that doesn’t have. This 3D illusion, this 3D experience needs something it doesn’t have, right? This body needs food, it needs rest, it needs water. This third-dimensional experience, what do I need? I need relationships. I need a job, like a dog. Like a dog that needs something to do, I need to do-do-do-do-do, right?

[0:15:50.6] I need money. I need money and things and stuff I need to fill space with stuff. That’s the having, that’s the split between being and having. I’m being as a human, I’m being as a body, but there’s something missing that I don’t have and there’s a split, and that split creates the insanity.

That split drives the insanity because once you are being, once your mind recognizes itself, it’s being, its ego essentially. It’s looking at the ego and seeing that there’s a separation and having. It starts answering the question it starts looking for getting.

How can I feel like I can get-get-get-get-get-get-get? I need to get, I need to get these things, get-get-get-get-get and what do I do to get? What needs to happen for me to get is doing. I need to start doing. So the mind becomes very, very, very, tied up in doing. Doing-doing-doing-doing-doing-doing-doing-doing. That’s the insanity, brothers, and check yourself, check your minds.

Don’t take my word for it, right? Just sit and listen to what’s going on in your mind. How much of your mind is spent thinking about doing? What do I have to do, what do I need to do, what should I be doing, what shouldn’t I be doing, what comes next in my doing? All the planning of doing.

[0:17:00.8] All the doing that comes from fear, right? Because it is about getting. It is about getting what you think you don’t have. And maybe there’s some times that you are not thinking about doing, but those are the times that you’re judging and usually, there’s something you need to do about your judgments, which is also wild.

Maybe there is a lot of judgments scattered in as well. Think about that, did you want to act on those judgments? Maybe it’s something about somebody close to you or your wife or your girlfriend. My wife, my girlfriend, my kids, they make a judgment on my partner, she’s sad. There’s the thought.

My girlfriend is sad, my wife is sad but immediately goes to doing. That’s the insanity. “I need to do something to make her not sad, what can I do? What can I do to fix this, to change this, to help this, to alter this, to affect this? What can I do? I need to do something because there’s something that’s missing, something that I need to get.”

“What do I need to get? I need to get her happiness. I need to get her approval. I need to get myself to feel better, which is only going to come through her feeling better. I need to get-get-get, there’s something I’m missing. What am I missing, what do I not have? Where’s my split? I don’t have peace, I don’t have happiness, I don’t have balance, I don’t have something because my girlfriend is upset.”

[0:18:25.9] “There’s something I don’t have. There’s something I don’t have, there’s something I need to get and therefore, there is something I need to do.” This is the insanity because of the split. Now, what does it mean to be sane then? Well, what’s the alternative, Kevin? What’s the alternative, brother? What do we do here?

That’s why when I’m coaching, man, whether it’s in the academy or one-on-one, the questions always come back to how. It’s always how. “What do I do? Tell me what to do. How do I do it?” That’s why when you probably when you listen to podcasts, you are looking for how’s, right brothers? You’re looking for how’s.

How do I do this? How do I do that? How do I live better? How do I be better? How do I change my behaviors. How-how-how, how do I do-do-do? That’s why this podcast might throw you off quite a bit because even though we do talk a lot about the how it all comes from being, because that’s the alternative.

When the mind is not split when the mind is together, having and being are united. When the mind is split, having and being are separate. As I mentioned, you are being but not having. Having comes from the world, having comes from the third dimension, having comes from for, from things and stuff.

[0:19:39.0] I don’t have that form, whether it’s that person, whether it’s that money, whether it’s that thing, whether it’s that title, that job, whatever it is, I don’t have it because it’s separate from me, that’s the illusion. When they’re united, this is the perception I’m talking about, this is the perception that makes me insane because it’s a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, and social interaction.

When I say normal behavior perception and action, I’m talking about the split mind. That’s normal, the split mind is normal. The insanity is now normal and because the insanity is normal, that is now sane because it’s normal and the insane is natural, and that’s where the mind is whole.

When the mind is whole, being and having are the same because the being is not coming from the body. The being is not coming from the vehicle. The identity is not coming from the physical matter. As Yoda says, “Luminous beings we are not this crude matter.” We’re not identifying with the crude matter. We are not identifying with the cells and the molecules.

We identify with the vibrations, with the light, with the love itself. So having and being are one. We’re being, we exist, and we have everything in existence because our existence is the totally of vibration itself. Energy, energy itself is what we have. We are energy itself and so it’s tied together.

[0:21:16.1] There’s nothing we need that we don’t have because we are energy and everything is energy, and now these are tied together so we begin to look at things quite differently. We’re not looking at things in a way where we’re feeling lack, where we’re feeling, “I’m not enough” psychologically, or lack spiritually because we’re not associating with separation.

We are not associating with the body that sees separation, that sees not having. We are associating with truth, we are associating with the alpha state. We are associating with the vibration, with the energy. The body moves, the body learns skills, right? The body learns, it learns how to run, learns how to swim.

It learns how to play the instrument, it learns how to dance, it’s a machine but it also learns how to communicate. It learns how to communicate in symbols, which are words, actions, writing. And it learns how to communicate with vibration, which is direct communication, which is the communication of love and emotion.

When we have that, when we’ve healed that, when that comes together, when we’re experiencing that, we are experiencing ourselves as abundant energy, we feel abundant, we don’t feel lack. We recognize that the same energy that animates you, me, is animating everything.

[0:22:41.4] Everything is energy. It is the promise, it’s the breath. It’s so fascinating brothers, I don’t know if you guys knew this. I think we learned this in high school, we might remember this from high school, the air that we breathe, we breathe in, we inhale air. We call it air, prana, breath, life.

We inhale life and when we exhale, the change that goes through in our body from oxygen to carbon dioxide, when carbon dioxide is exhaled, the plants inhale that. They inhale the carbon dioxide and exhale the oxygen. Isn’t that wild? This is like the cycle. It’s abundance, everything is here always.

Energy is always here, energy is always with us, energy is one. Energy cannot be in a closed system, energy can either be created or destroyed, right brothers? It just transfers from one medium to another. It’s the law of thermodynamics. Well, when the system is infinite, the law still applies. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

It just transfers from one type of medium to another and that’s the universe. That’s eternity, that’s everything, that’s oneness explained, thank you. Thank you Sir Isaac Newton for your laws of thermodynamics. That is it, everything is energy. There is no closed container, right? There’s no closed system.

[0:24:14.9] There is no boundaries. The boundary is everywhere or the boundary is nowhere. The boundary is nowhere, the center is everywhere and so we feel abundance all the time. We feel this cup runneth over all the time of abundance, of abundance, of abundance, which is energy, energy, energy, energy, energy always. And what are we going to do with that energy?

Well, when we’re identifying with the body, we identify with mortality. We need energy. We need energy, we need to eat, we need to rest, we need to sleep, we need sustenance, we need to go out there, and we’ve got these thoughts around doing and getting and survival.

When we’re energy, when we know that we’re energy, when we know that this body, this body is good, like it’s good, like, “Yeah, I’ll eat.” Surely, that’s what I meant to say when I say both. We’re not talking about either/or. We’re not talking about living in either/or, brothers. We’re talking about living in both.

Enjoying the playground of the world through the body while still knowing that you are the experience or you are the energy itself. So I know you wake up and you’re feeling this total abundance, you’re feeling in abundance, complete abundance. You don’t need to get anything, there’s no idea. There’s no thought of getting.

[0:25:32.1] Here is where I am going to close up the podcast because here is where the question of practicality comes in, right? Here’s where people say, “What’s the practicality of all of this? Why would I do this? Why would I learn cognitive mastery? Why would I go deeper? Why would I begin to feel myself as energy?”

Why would I begin to experience myself as pure energy? Why would I make that journey? Why would I take that trip? Why would I learn that skill, what’s the point? Because I am not getting.” That’s the thing, the idea is what am I getting out of it. It is such a fascinating question.

It is like the caterpillar asking the butterfly, “What’s the point in having wings? What’s the point?” It’s like, “What do I get out of it?” And it is such a difficult question to answer. I mean, it is not a difficult question to answer. I obviously answered it but such a fascinating question to hear because the question comes from the beta condition.

The question comes from the mindset, the state of mind that is normal, right? This normal perception, this normal behavior, this social interaction. Which is why it’s sane even though it sounds insane. I am going to flip this on your guys because even though it’s sane because it’s normal, it is actually insane.

[0:26:44.3] The normal perception is, “What do I get, what do I get from this? What do I get from doing this, what do I get from these things?” How we make decisions? How do you make decisions, what are you going to get out of it? What’s the ROI, return on investment? What do I get to do for it?

There is the doing, right? And what am I going to get from my actions? What am I going to get from my efforts? But here is the answer to how this is practical. Because when you do this, when you make the shift, when you wake up, when you correct the fractured mind, when you heal the split mind, when you heal from your insanity, whatever it is.

Like whatever verbiage, whatever terminology, whatever connotations we want to use of our words we’re talking about here, brothers, it’s all the same thing. When you make the switch from identifying with the body and form and separation to identifying with the energy and the astral and the totality, you feel abundant.

You have abundance, you are living in a completely different state of mind. And abundance doesn’t go out there wondering what it’s going to get because it has everything. Again, the cup runneth over. What do you do? Well, if lack comes from trying to get, if you wake up with lack and you go out there and you want to get-get-get-get-get-get, then when you wake up with abundance, you go out there and you give-give-give-give-give.

[0:27:58.1] That’s the practicality of it all. That’s what I mean what the difference between survival and service and the low vibrations were acting in a state of survival. We’re acting in a victim mentality. We are trying to survive by getting, by getting, by doing, by doing, by not having, “I don’t have, I need to get.”

That is the survival mentality. That’s the insanity. The higher vibration of service is not about bussing tables or pumping gas. It’s about giving of who you are, it is about giving who you are, what you are to everything you are. Give everything to everyone because you are everyone, everyone is you.

When you are overflowing with love, what do you do? You give love. That’s what you do, you give it, and that’s sanity. And people say, “What’s the practicality of that? You tell me, having just served, what do you think the practicality of it is, brother? What do you think the practicality is of having your mind run and ruminate on trying to solve the problem of how you can give more?

Right now, it is running and ruminating on how to solve the problem on how to get more, how do I get more, right? Again, victim survival. I need to get more, get more, get more, and it’s worried. So, it worries, it doubts, it’s fears, it’s all these things because it doesn’t have and it needs to get.

[0:29:29.7] You tell me what the practicality is of flipping that over, knowing that you have everything. You have and you are everything and all you need to do, if we’re talking about doing, is give.

You imagine what the difference would be as a species, what the difference would be as humanity, if every single human out there woke every morning and spent their entire day thinking about what they could give instead of what they could get. I mean, why do we go to work? Do you go to work to give something? It’s very rare. I know some people do so I am not judging. I am just asking, asking you to ask yourself.

Some people do, they wake up every morning and they go to work to give. It’s their thing, they’re just giving and everybody is giving. Don’t get me wrong, understand the totality of oneness when everything is happening, you are getting and giving at the same time. You are always giving, no matter what your job is, you’re giving.

But is that what your mindset is? Is your mind set in that state of giving or is your mindset is, “I’m going to work so I can get?” Again, brother, I am not judging you. I’m asking you. I am asking you to find sanity, I’m asking you to look at this word. I am asking you to look at the practicality of everybody, every single human being.

[0:30:49.4] I mean, the world wouldn’t look the same. We would have no need for jails, we would have no need for law enforcement if everybody out there is trying to give to each other. We’d have no need for governments, we’d have no need for banks. Think about it, we’d have no need for money if everybody is out just helping each other.

Just giving, just wanting to help, just wanting to make sure that everybody else had what they needed was were given to, were provided for, we would have no need for money. Money is an energy of getting. It is an energy of survival. It is the energy of survival, I have said that many times. We’d have no need for banks, no need for governments.

No need for financial institutions, no need for healthcare. We have no need for law enforcement system, we probably wouldn’t even needed the educational system to be quite frank with you, because everybody would be educating each other all the time. We put this system in place as a result of the victim-dependent mindset, which is the insane mindset, which is insanity.

We have built an asylum for our own insanity and what we’ve done, brother, is we made insanity so normal that now, the insanity is san. Those who are insane are considered sane. The inmates are running the asylum and when guys like you and me, when we heal, when we wake up, when we reunite the mind, we’re the ones that look insane.

[0:32:21.5] And we actually are the ones that are insane by definition because we are abnormal. We are natural, we see things as they are, as energy, as truth, as light, as love but it’s not normal, and we become the insane because we’re in the asylum. So you can look at it a couple of different ways, right brother?

Either we’re the sane in the insane asylum that’s run by the inmates or we’re insane because we’re abnormal and either way, I’m okay with it because either way, everything is energy and everything is love and that’s what I have for you today my friends. Until next week my brothers, elevate your alpha.


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