Ep #200: Everything Is Energy

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In this episode, I will follow up on a concept I covered in previous episodes regarding energy and take it a step further so that you have a more fully developed picture of what energy is. It is important to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. What I will talk about in this podcast may not make sense initially, and you may need to listen to this episode more than once to grasp the concept.  

The current dimension of our existence, which is 3-dimensional, has clouded our understanding of who we really are and our true purpose. This is a result of cognitive conditioning from the third dimension, which creates resistance to the concept of energy, and in turn, causes us to live unconsciously. Those who are not living consciously and do not understand that they are a being of energy from a higher dimension, live unhappy and unremarkable lives. What I am going to offer you in this episode is a way of believing that frees you from all forms of control and low vibrational existence. It will free you from the suffering we experience in the third dimension. What is the real you, and how can you find yourself? The truth is, brothers, we can transcend all low vibrational energy. 

You’ve heard me say many times that emotional contrast is essential and that we seek emotional balance. The truth is you are a 12-dimensional being having a third-dimension experience. The realm of energy is an infinite ocean of potential and has no beginning or end. Once you fully grasp that concept, the next step is to embrace that energy is vibration. We can control those vibrations to create beauty and love. I’m not talking about the information field that brings matter into manifestation. I’m talking about a field of vibration, a field of formless energy. Brothers, join me today as we delve into the mystery of who you are and how to remember, as I help you elevate your alpha!

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • A brief recap of the realm of energy.
  • What the true human experience is.
  • Why people cannot understand the realm of energy.
  • We learn about the different dimensions.
  • The benefits of being conscious.
  • Reasons why you should embrace your emotions.
  • How to take the first step to master the realm of energy.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:32] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. So, a couple of weeks ago I went into the jungles of Akumal, which again is a little town between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, and it was another experience of momentous evolution. I mentioned it briefly in the opening of the podcast last week. But I want to say brothers, this is my home. It’s my home. This is where I’m meant to be. It is where my soul has lived many lifetimes, and is where I feel the most grounded in a vibration of love and gratitude.

You guys know that I traveled the world. I’ve been to over 55 countries. In fact, I’ve kind of lost count. It could be closer to 60 now, and I call Mother Earth my home. Everywhere I go is my home. Everywhere I go, I step on the Earth. The earth is our home. We have drawn invisible borders, around places that we call countries and nations. But these are invisible borders contained by currencies and governments.

The truth is, we are all children of this planet. This planet is everyone’s home. It is our home. I find my home within me wherever I go, I am home. I’m not attached to a single place. Everywhere I go, people say, “Where are you from?” It’s so interesting, because it’s this common question. “What is your name? Where are you from? What is your name? Where are you from?” I always say, “I have a US passport. I’m an American citizen. But my home is everywhere. My home is planet Earth. Total mundo, the whole world. That’s my home.”

However, this area of the planet, the Yucatán Peninsula, Tulum, specifically is a very special energy for me, and it raises my vibrations to levels that I really can’t express in words. I absolutely love it here.

Brothers, I’ve lived my life as an investigator and as a guide, a researcher and as a teacher. And on the surface, it may seem as though I only coach I only guide or I only teach. And this is because it is the front-end model of the identity you know as Kevin. It is what you hear on the podcast and see in the academy. However, just like a website, where there’s a front-end, the page that you see, and a back end, all the coding that goes into displaying that page, there is a back-end model for me as well. And that is the identity of an investigator, of a researcher. As I evolve, so does my investigation. As I transform, so does my research.

Brothers, I’ve looked at the mind, I’ve looked at psychology and consciousness as defined by neuroscience. I’ve investigated quantum physics, biochemistry and genetics and several other disciplines in the realm of form. This is all led me to the realm of the invisible, the disciplines of the formless. Ironically, but not surprisingly, what I have found in my investigations is that science and spirituality are two ways of talking about the same thing. An atheist, a monotheist, a duelist, and a polygamist don’t disagree in their conclusions. They only have differences in the stories that reach those conclusions.

As my personal journey takes me deeper into the mystical and esoteric concepts, I aim to bring these concepts to you in a way for you to practically apply them to your three-dimensional human life and experience all the mysteries that are available to you, for you and from you. You are magic. Brother, you are a creator. You are here to manifest your heart’s desire through the power inherent within you.

Now, this last particular journey into the jungle was special for me it was a special one because I was in the presence of souls I’ve never met before and we went through some wild experiences together. There was a lot of healing with the vibration of love. There was a lot of remembering with the vibration of gratitude. There’s a lot of bonding with the vibration of compassion, and there was a lot of laughter with the vibration of joy. The experience for me offered several enlightened moments. I stepped into, temporarily, God consciousness, twice during that short time in the jungle. If the word God is emotionally charged for you, then I can equally call it Christ consciousness. I could say, I stepped into my Buddha nature or that I received the light of Krishna while in the jungle and it was witnessed by several people. And today, I want to offer you my best attempt at explaining some, explaining some of the experience I received in that state of being. I couldn’t explain all of it to you. Because it was just so much.


As a follow up, to the podcast episode I offered a few weeks ago, I want to take everything a step further so that you have a more fully developed picture of the realm of energy that we as spiritual beings having a human experience or existing through. I received so much from the Christ consciousness state of being that I could do 10 podcast episodes on it. Like I just said, there are so much, there were so many messages, so many downloads that came through. It’s most certainly book worthy.

However, since I recently got into some teachings on money being an energy, I decided this week, I would expand on that concept, knowing the way I received this information and the explanation I am about to deliver, I realized this is going to be some really big stuff. It may not make much sense right away. I suggest you listen to this podcast episode more than once, and just let the words sink in over time. Feel the essence of what I’m saying. Instead of using your mind to understand, use your soul to remember.

Brothers, everything is energy. Money is energy. That was the podcast a few weeks ago. But the truth is everything is energy. Everything is love, everything. Every single thing happening now in a boundless flowing river of endless energy. This is the all oneness. This is the source, this is love. This is the universe, this is God. If that word is familiar for you, and doesn’t trigger an emotional response, it is all energy. It is you and you are it. It is one. All things in all places at all times. You are divinity having a human experience. You are a 12-dimensional being having a third-dimension experience.

Now, having just said that, I know that that can be a great big concept. And for many, many, many people, this concept is rejected outright and that’s okay. I’m not here to step on anybody’s religious toes. I’m fully aware that the conditioning we receive in the third dimension can create a resistance to that concept. I’m only offering something that I’ve personally experienced, and a way of believing that frees you from all forms of control and low vibrational existing. It frees you from the suffering we experience in the third dimension.

The truth is brothers, we can transcend all low vibrational energy. You’ve heard me say many times that emotional contrast is important that we want to experience an emotional balance, and that is true. In the beginning of the process that we can call healing, or evolution or remembering, in the beginning, I would offer that you feel everything because everything is energy and some energy needs to be felt in order to be freed from the three-dimension cellular structure of form, which is our body. Our bodies, our karmic vessels of experience. We bring with us into this life, the karma of past lives, and we create new karma, desires during our current life. All of it must be experienced in order to be freed of it and this transmutation is achieved through vibrations, we have cognitively labeled as feelings, essentially emotions and feelings. That is another podcast episode that I will introduce later. In this podcast, I want you to understand that everything is energy. Everything is energy. And what does that mean? What is energy?

Energy has no mass. However, mass has energy. Energy itself as a thing has no mass. It is a vibration. It is a movement of massless non-form, which that alone may seem impossible. How can something without mass, how can something without form have any movement at all? That’s why we use the word vibration. It vibrates. It is everywhere at all times. It is the totality of existence all things and all non-things are in one way or another, and energy and bound in the all oneness which is a boundless energy field.

Imagine an infinite sea of water, an ocean that has no shore and infinite depth. It’s probably difficult for your mind to fully grasp and that’s normal. That’s okay. That’s completely normal. If you think you understand what infinity is, I would offer that it’s only in its conceptual form. Neither as true knowledge or an experience. To meditate on infinity itself is a practice that few people ever achieve and the mind cannot grasp infinity without in some ways going insane, in its acknowledge of it.


Now, if you can at least understand the concept of an infinite ocean, then try to understand it as a vibrational field of massless non-form, just vibration, only vibration, pure energy. I’ve talked about this briefly as the force level of circumstance. There’s only a field of oneness that is in a constant state of vibration, not even movement, right? Because movement requires mass. For something to move from here to there, it must take up space, there must be a three-dimensional space that we, as humans, currently understand through our experience. Even if it is an infinitesimal amount of space like a lepton, we still can only experience or understand movement through our three-dimensional reality.

I’m not talking about the information field that brings matter into manifestation. I’m talking about a field of vibration, a field of formless energy. This is where everything begins. This is where everything comes from. This is where everything is. It is Nirvana, it is heaven, it is paradise, or whatever religious connotation you want to put on it. It is the 12th dimension. A dimension of the all oneness, or all things begin, all things are, and yet has nothing in it because a thing requires mass or thought.

Now, 12 dimensions has been looked at. It’s not something we fully understand, brothers, I want you to know. It’s not something we in our three-dimensional understanding of reality can ever fully grasp. It’s not something science has fully understood. Einstein brought us close with his mathematical equation that energy equals mass times the square of the speed of light. Modern physicists have worked out string theory, which has identified 11 dimensions of potential mass and matter. Even this allows for the concept of infinity of both time and space. However, it still requires mass. It still has to have some form of matter, because it is demonstrated using math, and that is just the math. It’s not the thing itself. It’s like saying that gravity is mass times distance, mass times distance. That’s a mathematical equation for understanding gravity.

Well, okay, that gives us nothing in terms of what the thing is. What is gravity itself? We don’t know, because it is invisible. The thing itself, we don’t know. We can only define it in our mathematical terms, because our mathematical terms require mass. We don’t know what gravity is because gravity itself is invisible, we can mathematically define it using mass times distance. It is a way of explaining in our limited human terms, in our three-dimensional experience, how the thing works, as far as we have come to understand things mathematically, in the third dimension. Energy is the same. It’s very much like gravity. We know literally nothing about it. Our best and brightest have only been able to offer us equations, mathematical formulas, the language of the third dimension.

So, we have little, to no understanding of all of this. We have no cognitive way to understand it, and yet we know it exists. That is undeniable. It has been proven that we exist in an energy field in the same way, it’s been proven that the Earth is round. Yes, there are people that don’t believe it. But that doesn’t make it false. Just because Flat Earthers exist, those of our human species that believe the Earth is flat, it doesn’t mean the world actually is flat. We’ve shown that over and over again that humans are living in an invisible force field of boundless and infinite energy. This has been shown using mathematical equations, offering us only a glimpse into the movement and shifting into higher and higher dimensions, which are not smaller. Sometimes they’re simply right in front of us, all the time, yet invisible to us.

Our dimensions, these dimensions are not smaller, or in some ways leveling up, they’re just layered on top of what is within our current realm of understanding. It’s all right here. Even dark matter and dark energy are just names given to what scientists can’t explain. Yet, they still know, these theoretical concepts are made of energy and existing in unexplainable ways in the third dimension. We cannot explain that which we don’t understand. We try to understand it through concepts that we do understand, which is mathematics.

Now, very briefly, I want you to have some understanding of these dimensions. As I’m going to talk a lot about dimensions. Brothers, we experience ourselves each other and the universe in the third dimension. Up, down left, right, it’s the three dimensions that we know. Time as we know, it is bound with this dimension. It is bound to our experience of space, which is three dimensional. So, we are having a 3D experience. However, we are not 3D beings. We are not third dimensional beings, and this is where things get wild. This is the part of the podcast where things get really, really wild. I’m not saying we are aliens in the classical sense. Okay? I’m not saying that we come from another place in the third dimensional universe. I’m not saying we come from another planet in what we know is 3D. I’m offering that we are beings from a completely different dimension, a higher dimension, a dimension of the purest love and energy.


Love is an energy that we have named with our primitive third-dimension experience. Love is energy. Everything is love. Everything is energy. The highest dimension, which is the 12th dimension is the energy field of pure love. This is the source. The all oneness, God itself. This is what we are. This is where we come from, and where our souls exist in this moment. We are the image and the likeness of creation. It’s like The Movie of Life Podcast. If you remember The Movie of Life Podcast. Go back a couple of weeks, and you’ll find it. The Movie of Life Podcast, our true self exists in the 12th dimension, which is the projector, and the projector beams the pure white light onto the screen of what we experience as the third dimension. Our bodies are the avatar of this light, so that we can have a third dimensional experience. It’s like a prism that splits a white light beam into the different colors, into the rainbow. Our 12th dimension true self, our highest self, our alpha state, from the 12th dimension is beaming into the third dimension and splitting into different things into separation, so that we have an avatar to experience the third dimension.

We have purpose in this experience, which is another episode entirely, which is also noted by another episode. I’m not going to get into our purpose here. However, before moving on, I do want to add that we are not simply jumping from the 12th dimension to the third dimension. We actually must pass through each other dimension on our way to this experience. Our souls know this, and our minds and bodies have no memory of it. Remember, brothers, remember, what your soul knows and you will be free of all suffering in the third dimension. You are a part of this field. You are part of this field of energy. You are from it, you are not separate from it. It is you and you are it. That means that you as a spiritual being are pure energy. You are energy. You are vibration. That is your alpha state. That is your highest state. That is your 12th dimension itself.

You are energy encased or living through a cellular form. Accessing your alpha state is like tuning into your vibration and then using the field of consciousness, choosing how you want to vibrate in the next moment. This is consciousness, to be conscious of your vibration, to be conscious of your energy, to be conscious of your 12th dimensional self. It is your energy field that has power and your consciousness is what becomes aware of that field. To be unconscious means to be unaware of what you’re vibrating, or that you’re vibrating at all. When you are living an unconscious life, either you are not aware that you are energy, so you’re living in a cellular life, in an animal state. Or you are aware that you are energy, but you’ve disengaged from what you’re vibrating, which means you’ve been distracted by the world through buffering, or other forms of self-detachment.

The terms being conscious or mindfulness or being awake or being woke, they’re thrown around so often that they become meaningless. They become a part of the pop culture of spirituality. Sometimes they are even attributed to some other form of conditioning in the physical realm, which in my opinion is worse than then being meaningless. When you are truly conscious, you are not conditioned. When you are woke, you are not being programmed to believe in a story existing in a third dimension. Your alpha state is a state of conscious vibration. It is a state of being conscious of your energy state, of your 12th dimension divinity. You are a vibration of the source itself. God itself. You are divinity in the third dimension.

However, because of the third-dimension experience, the mind can be conditioned to its environment and forget the self. This is what we are here to learn. This is what we need to remember to pass on to the next experience. This is what we must heal from in order to remember who we are. It is the pathology of forgetting. It is the sickness of unconsciousness. It is the illusion of the outer being separate from the inner.

I know all of this is conceptually difficult to understand. To be honest with you, I even had some hesitation on releasing this podcast episode at all. However, I want you guys to have this information so you can understand why in the academy, we do so much cognitive and emotional work. This is your power and your responsibility. It is your awakening. Not only is it how you heal, it is how you manifest. It is how you create the life of your dreams. It is how you manifest your heart’s desire. Your energy state is the energy you are transmitting from you and drawing into you from your mental consciousness, from your mind. Your body is the vessel that you use to experience the vibration as a feeling, and the result of the vibration as a circumstance.


When we are conscious, which is to say we are aware of and connected to our 12th dimension highest self, our alpha state, we choose the vibrations we experience and we manifest our third dimensional reality. When we are not conscious or we lose consciousness, we experience vibrations that are in the field of energy around us in this dimension, or we picked up karmic vibrations from our past lives and other dimensions, or vibrations we’ve attracted with our conditioning like the stories from our past. And when this happens, we allow those vibrations to manifest in our three-dimensional reality. Brothers, we are always doing it all the time. We are always creating. We are always creating. We are creating here, we are manifesting here, that is our role and purpose in this third dimension. We are here to experience ourselves and our own creation. We are the ones that are doing it all, everything. We have created everything. We are the embodiment of divinity in the third dimension of experience.

Remember, brothers. Remember. Remember who you are. Snap out of it. Wake up. Remember who you are. Remember that you are a formless energy of pure light and love beamed into third dimension for the purpose of experiencing yourself through the cellular avatar and in relationship with all things in the 3D universe. The outer third dimension is a reflection of the inner world you choose. It is beautiful and perfect and necessary and wondrous and amazing and full of magic. You have so much power here. Once you remember yourself, you are not bound by the laws of the third dimension. Only your body and your mind are. You as pure energy have no boundaries here. This is why you can manifest whatever you choose in this life experience, in this human form. You are not a victim of the third dimension because you are not of it. You are here to shape it in the way your heart desires, which is always through the oculus of love, because that is what we are. That is the 12th dimension. That is God’s source.

The goal, if I could use the term goal, is to stay conscious of this energetic state, which is the alpha state. Train yourself to remember yourself. Practice with intention, thinking the thoughts of love and gratitude. See love in everything and everywhere. Everything is energy. Everything is love. The third dimension is the dimension of duality. It’s one of our very first experiences as a soul. Our purpose is to master the illusion of duality and transcend the suffering caused by the immature mind. When you can see love and oneness in everything and you can stop resisting, avoiding and reacting to vibrations through a judgement of good and bad, right and wrong, then you will begin to release yourself from the karmic function and set yourself free in this life experience.

This is the point of all energy, to know that it’s only a vibration. It is all one with no duality. There’s no good and bad here. There’s no right and wrong here. Energy is just energy. It’s like lights. In fact, light is a form of radiation which can be defined as an energy that travels in the form of electromagnetic waves. It can also be described as a flow of particle life wave packets, called photons that travel constantly at their own speed, at the speed of light. So, light is like a vibration of energy, although it is not the 12th dimensional energy that I’ve been referencing in this podcast. It is the way the 12 dimension moves through the lower dimensions. But you understand like there is no good or bad here. There’s no right or wrong here. It exists only through our conditioning of mind which is another podcast episode coming from other dimensions that are not the 12th dimension.

Lights in the third dimension can be broken into duality as well. Warm colors and cool colors. Red, orange, yellow, these are warm colors. Blue, green, purple, these are cool colors. There is duality here. However, unlike the vibrations, we experience as feelings, we don’t judge warm colors as good and cool colors as bad. They’re just different colors. All are there, all are required and necessary to make up the full spectrum of white light. They serve different purposes for different reasons. They are all necessary and worthy and important parts of the whole.


The vibrations we call feelings are the same. We must master our emotions through the acceptance of them all in the embracing state of love that they deserve. They are not here to harm you. Your feelings are not here to harm you. Your feelings don’t hurt you and they are not your enemies. The Christ said love your enemies. The Buddha said your enemies are your greatest teachers. Neither of these divine masters were talking about people, they were talking about experience. They were talking about feelings. They were talking about vibrations. They knew that the path out of suffering is love, the energy of pure love, which is applied to all the labels that we give to vibrations, anger, hatred, sadness, apathy, boredom, shame, guilt and fear. If your enemy is hate, the vibration of hate, love the vibration of hate, and it will transmute, it will change.

Now, you may think that your hate comes from outside of you, that your enemy is another being or another thing or another event, something somebody did or said. But it’s not. It’s a vibration within you. It’s always within you. Love it and it will go away. Love it and it will transmute, it will transform, it will be set free. If your enemy is fear, which doesn’t come from outside of you, it comes from within you, love the vibration of fear and it will transmute. Lean into your fears, they say. I’ve heard so many different coaches say, “Lean into fear.” That’s what they mean, love it. These vibrations will return to their home dimension and you will be free. You will have done your karmic duty of releasing that which you brought with you into the third dimensional experience. This is why we must feel everything. We got to feel it, we got to feel the vibrations that are within our cellular form. We feel them, we release them, and we’ve done our karmic duty. They go home and we are released of suffering. This is why the pharmaceutical industry is an energy of a lower dimensional matrix. Get off the pills and feel. It’s okay to feel, it’s okay to feel anxiety. It’s okay to feel sadness. It’s okay to feel things.

The pharmaceutical industry would like to numb you because they have their own agendas. Feel. Feel everything. Feel, brothers. Feel your energy. Remember who you are. You are love, you are beings of love. This is why we must feel. And remember, I have been given this message from God sourced through a temporary state of Christ consciousness, and there’s so much more. There’s so much more but we have to begin here. We have to begin by feeling. We have to begin by remembering. Begin wherever you are. Begin at the beginning for you, wherever that is. The academy is a foundational program for cognitive mastery and emotional ownership. It’s a place to start. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the academy is the first step as well as the first mile. It will bring you into cognitive awareness of the not self. The stories of the past the conditioning of this lifetime as well as the vibrations you brought with you generationally, and cosmically.

But let’s begin here, with everything is energy. Everything is energy. The academy will offer you a path to begin the work. Enroll now, enroll today, if you choose – if it calls to you and you’re ready, enroll today. In the meantime, begin to see the 3D universe more deeply. See everything as a vibration of pure love. All the dimensions are layered on top of each other. They’re not leveled up. They’re all right here, right now, all the time, see the truth, remember the self. Everything is energy. Everything is love. You are love. You are energy. You are from source. You are divine source. You are from the highest dimension. You are loved. We are loved. All is love. When you remember this, everything will be yours because everything is you and you will have no more need. You have no more lack, you have no more suffering, you will have only abundance because everything is you, and you are everything. Everything is love. Everything is energy. Until next week, my brothers, elevate your alpha.


[00:29:01] ANNOUNCER: Thank you for listening to this episode of the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. If you enjoyed what you’ve heard and want even more, sign up for Unleash your Alpha: Your guide to shifting to the alpha mindset, at the alphamalecoach.com/unleash.



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