Ep #196: The Movie of Life

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In past episodes, my focus has been on cognition and provided listeners the tools to expand their experience on a deeper level within the physical and mental plains of consciousness. However, if you have been asking even deeper questions, you have taken another step forward to finding the truth. Thank you for joining me on this journey as we continue to evolve and awaken together. Brothers, today I ask you to dig a bit deeper with me.

What is the human experience? This is a question that people have explored in many different forms, from books to movies. The consensus is that you either have to renounce all of your earthly-bound possessions and go live in solitude or dismiss the idea entirely. Then there are the more practical people who explore the duality of the inner and outer worlds while maintaining a balance with their everyday existence. The modern world is full of examples of the duality of life, such as movies.

Movies are being projected onto a blank canvas just as we, the audience, are being projected by a beam of light from the creator. Just like we experience life through a movie, so does the creator through us, who is projecting what they want to see. The arc of any character in any movie is through conflict and resolution, which helps the character grow and evolve. Brothers, this is the same for us, as we experience the ups and downs that life gives us, which help us grow and learn to become better. However, this is only achieved by being present in the moment and fully understanding the human experience. Join me today to continue our journey as I help you learn and understand the movie of your life.

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • The human experience and how people have explored the idea.
  • What the foundation for all life and being is.
  • Why good and evil must alternate for supremacy. 
  • How you are both the actor and audience in your own movie.
  • What it means to be present in the moment.

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[0:00:09.7] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Heres your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.



[0:00:32.6] KA: Whats up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud and Im still in Tulum. Im still in Tulum and loving what is happening here and the energy of this place, Ive mentioned to all of you many times before, how absolutely amazing this place in the world is and I will continue to love Tulum. This place on the Yucatán Peninsula in the country of Mexico as a center for spiritual and energetic awakening. 

What Ive noticed here and what many of my brothers have noticed as well, is that consciousness awakens here and manifestation occurs more rapidly. In fact, one cannot happen without the other. We cannot have our manifestation occur more rapidly without awakening consciousness and when consciousness awakens, the power of manifestation happens more rapidly. 

As you become more conscious, youre able to manifest with greater intention and power, which rapidly drives down the time between intention and manifestation or cause and effect. Now, Tulum isnt the only place on the planet where this occurs. I want you to know that this is not like the only place. There are many vortexes of energy, there are many centers of light that emanate from our planet and the potential exists for all people in all places.

However, due to the nature of collective consciousness, most of the planet is clouded with an unconscious energy that acts like a fog preventing or slowing the awakening of truth. Ive mentioned this to you guys as well. It seems like every time I go back to the United States, I feel this cloud, I feel this fog, this confusion, this doubt, this fear, this worry and thats the collective consciousness of those spaces that Im in.

[0:02:17.8] Its just not here in Tulum, theres a much more conscious awakening. Theres much more consciousness. Now, lets get into the podcast episode for today, I want to jump right in here because Ive got a lot to tell you guys. This episode is another analogy. I love teaching in analogies. I love offering you guys teaching, teachings, truths in the form of story.

You guys have heard of all of the stories Ive told you, youve heard of the puzzle of life, the dream of life, the game of life and a few others. Today, Im going to offer you a new one and that is, ‘The Movie of Life.’ Now, what does it mean to be present? What does it really mean? 

There are so many ideas around these concepts, people write books about this, people create mini series around this. People have done documentaries about this, people have even tried to create movies, theres movies about what it means to be present, theres so many different ways of explaining and understanding this concept of presence, Ram Dass, right? Be Here Now. Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. 

The here and the now, the moment as it unfolds without the attachment to the past or the desire for a specific future. For some people, the whole concept of presence is a completely mystical idea and they just abandon it as some kind of spiritual woo-wooness, right? 

[0:03:41.2] Its as if its unattainable in its existence, like, you just cant have it. Or, at a minimum, its reserved for those who renounce the material world as we know it and escape into a cave in the Himalayas and spend the rest of their life in solitude and meditation.

For other people, it is a more practical experience of simply paying attention but paying attention to what? Theyre still going to be a paying attention to what. What is it that were attentive of? What are we aware of when we are present?

Is it the outer world or is it the inner world? Is it the perceived or is it the experience? Is it the circumstance or is it the thought feeling? All of that exists in either/or. Understand all of that exist in a duality. So, Im going to offer you an idea that, while it will offer you an experience of duality, also allows you the experience of truth, it also allows you the experience of oneness.

For me, this is what it means to be present as a human being, a being of light having a human experience. Being of light, having human experience. That statement alone might be confusing. So, Ill begin there. Brothers, what is the human experience? What are we really experiencing here?

[0:04:48.1] Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever asked yourself that question and then tried to experience that question? What is the experience of what were experiencing? If you havent ever asked yourself that question, youre probably not listening to this podcast. You might have started listening to this podcast and got some amazing things from in the first 100 episodes because it was very clear on cognition.

I was giving you some very clear tools to expand your experience at the physical and mental plains. If youre asking a deeper questions of existence, then youre going deeper into the work, moving passed the mind and into the soul, into the source and that has been the point the whole time. 

Ive been leading you guys on a journey, beginning with cognition and arriving at the source, thank you for staying with me, thank you for continuing to be with me at this point because we are evolving, we are awakening, we are moving closer to truth. Brothers, we are humans, were beings of light, we are human beings.

As we evolve, we begin to remember the basic yet elusive truth. As we take steps towards awakening, as we take steps towards remembering, the Universe inspires individual human minds to discover the secrets of creation. 

[0:05:59.6] Many modern discoveries help us to comprehend the vastness of the cosmos in a variety of expressions that all come back to one power, one field, and that is the field of light. Consider all of the things that work on light. Movies, radio, television, radar, sonar, the photo electric cell, even atomic energy itself are all based on the electromagnetic phenomenon of light.

Brothers, heres the thing. Last weekend, I went to see a movie in the theater and its been a long time since Ive been in a theater but I really wanted to go, I really wanted to go because finally the new Top Gun movie was released. Thank you, it finally came out. Now, Im a huge Top Gun fan. I grew up with that movie, I grew up with the original Top Gun, right?

Maverick and Goose, Ice man, right? Do you guys remember? I was in the Navy myself and although I didnt fly jets, I still resonate deeply with these kinds of military movies. I recognize the uniforms, I recognize the culture, I recognize the traditions, I recognized all the rituals.

I even spent a lot of time in that area of the world, in Coronado in San Diego. When I saw that the new Top Gun movie had finally been released, I had to go see it and I went to go see it with a group of friends. In fact, some of our brothers, brothers and friends that are here with me in Tulum.

[0:07:14.1] What I realized sitting in the theater is many things. Number one, first, this is an awesome movie and I highly recommend you guys see it. Thats the first thing I realized, this is a great movie, go check it out. Number two, I realized that the world is spending way too much money on warfare. This fifth-generation fighters are obscene in their abilities and their price points.

Now, those are my opinions of course, brothers. I mean, its my opinion that this is a great movie, you may or may not like it and its my opinion that were spending a lot of our tax dollars on these billion-dollar fighter jets that you know, are barely used, if ever. Theyre my opinions, you may disagree and thats okay. 

What I really want to tell you guys is that, I realized that movies with their lifelike images, illustrate many truths concerning creation and the nature of reality as we experience it because the universal creator, the creator of the Universe has written its own movies and have summoned the tremendous cast of characters for the extravaganza of the millennia.

As I watched the movie, I realized that the entire film, the entire experience, the whole movie was being projected on to a blank canvas a white screen of emptiness. From a single beam of light, coming from behind the audience, in a dark booth, behind this glass, this pane of glass from a projector, this dark room, the single beam of light was creating all the images. Its creating all the – everything we could see was coming from this one beam of light.

[0:08:44.7] All this was happening in the ignorance of the audience, myself included, who was so transfixed with the images portrayed on the screen. Similarly, from a dark booth of eternity, the one source sends its beams of light through the films of successive ages and pictures are thrown on the backdrop of space. Brothers, just a cinematic images appear to be real but are only combinations of light and shade that we see on a white screen, so is the experience we have as humans, a variety of movement and color. 

The illusion of thinking that we are only observing the movie while in actually, we are both watching the movie and we are the entire cast of it. All of the universe, all the planetary bodies, all the stars, all the nebulous, all the galaxies with their countless life forms are simply figures in a cosmic movie being beamed into space form a single projector of light.

We are lost in the transient and temporary illusion of our own senses and perceptions as these scenes are cast on the screen of our own consciousness by the infinite creative beam of light. What appears for us to be real is actually a beam of light, as if the movie were reality. 

As if Maverick actually existed in our own perception of reality, instead of on the screen that we watch knowing it to be a movie, because in his mind, in the mind of Maverick as the character, not Tom Cruise, Im talking about Maverick as a character, in his mind, on that screen, in that movie, he thinks himself to actually exist in the way we believe ourselves to actually exist. 

Its like the movie, Last Action Hero with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I dont know if you guys have seen that. Its an older movie, a cult classic. In that movie, the actors dont know themselves to be in a movie because in their world, which is watched on a screen by a boy in a theater, they believe themselves and their world to actually exist and when the boy is teleported into the movie, you know, through like a magic ticket, he begins to experience the world of the movie in which all the characters believe themselves to actually exist in that experience.

You see, Arnold Schwarzenegger doesnt know hes Arnold Schwarzenegger. The boy knows him as Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a character of Jack Slater. When the boy goes into the movie and meets Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks and believe hes lived his entire life as Jack Slater. 

The boy thinks that theyre all actors playing roles in a movie, while they believe that they are characters they are playing. In their world, they are not actors in a movie, they are living a normal life of human experience while we in the audience observe their lives on a screen. 

[0:11:22.0] Do you understand what Im saying brothers? Do you understand the point Im making here? We in the audience may look up at the screen and see that all the screen images are appearing through the instrumentality of one imageless beam of light. The colorful universal drama is simply issued from the single white light of a cosmic source, the one source.

We are both in the movie and observers of it and both are coming from the light. Yet, we have forgotten the former and weve become lost in the latter. With inconceivable ingenuity, the source of all things is staging a super colossal entertainment for his children, thats us, making us actors as well as audience in his planetary theater because that light is the source and it is us. 

Creation is both light and shadow or else, no form or picture is even possible. The good and the evil must alternate in supremacy. If joy were seized less, and we talked about this last week, if joy were seize less, here in the world of duality, we would never desire anything else because we would never know anything else, we would never experience joy itself.

All we would experience is one feeling and we wouldnt know it as joy without the opposite. Without suffering, we wouldnt be able to remember that we have come from love, pain is what reminds us of what we are, we must experience pain to remember pleasure. We must experience hurt, so that we can remember the light.

[0:12:55.4] Everything is perfect, everything is required in order to experience the whole. Each part of the whole is sacred because the whole is sacred. The tragedy that we call death is unreal, right? Its unreal because those who fear death, whether their own death or the death of others, are like an ignorant actor who dies in fright on the stage when nothing more has been fired at him than a blank cartridge.

Brothers, we are all children of the light. We can never be extinguished, and we will not sleep forever in the dream of illusion. The reason why Im offering you this analogy of creation is because the essence of presence is through the gateway of gratitude, which Im going to talk about next week.

Brothers, you are the actors and the audience, you are the main character staring in your own personal movie and you are observing the movie as you choose to watch it. Your movie was written for you, by you, staring you, everything is happening for you. Now Ive said that before, everything is happening for you, everything.

Everything, every person is for you, every event is for you, every plant is for you, every animal is for you, every rock is for you, every image is for you, every breath is for you and this is true because you are everything, you are everything and everything is you. You are here for yourself and everything is here for you. 

[0:14:15.3] We are all one, we are the light, we are the beam being projected and defracted into our own individual spaces. The breath is what unites us all as one. My breath is your breath, your breath is my breath, its circulates, money is the same, money is the energy of a abundance.

It circulates, my money is your money. I have it, I spend it, it becomes yours. You have it, you spend it, it becomes somebody elses. We give and we receive it just like the breath. Its the energy of abundance, just like the breath is the energy of life. People are the same, it is all one, circulating, moving in a field of one in and out, expanding and contracting like the lungs and diaphragm as we breathe.

When you look around, you see what is there, see everything. It is there for you, all of it, all of it is there for you, all of it is a gift from you, to yourself. You are the light being beamed into the universe and you are the function of the image, the light creates. You see, we see separation, we see differences, we see distance. 

You see yourself in the mirror, you see another person over there but thats the diffracted light, Its the same way that when we see Maverick on stage or Maverick on the screen and we see Rooster on the screen and the new movie, yeah, theyre two different places, theyre two different characters but theyre coming from one beam of light, coming from the projector.

[0:15:36.2] It appears that theyre in different places because of the light and shadow, because of the changes, because of the way the light is detracted but theyre all coming form that one beam. Theyre all coming from the one light, thats whats happening here in our reality.

You are the light coming from the projection booth, youre also the actor appearing on the screen and you are also the observer being entertained in the audience because it is all one. The duality is the illusion that allows for the entertainment.

The duality is here on purpose, the duality has to be here so that we can be entertained, so that the light itself can see itself and experience itself through the diffraction. Watch a movie, watch a movie, any movie, what do you see? 

Conflict and resolution, you see duality, we observe and we see the ups and downs, the goods and the bad. It is for the entertainment of the cosmic creator, it is for the entertainment of the one source and we are a part of that source, we are that source.

[0:16:27.9] To experience itself or the cosmic creator to experience itself, it experiences itself through our experience of ourselves through our relationships with the other. What would a movie be like if there was no conflict? What would a movie be like if there was no duality? Would you even watch a movie? 

Just people having fun and love and joy all the time. Would you watch that, really, be honest with yourself. Now you might say yes, you might say something like, Yeah, I love to watch people having fun” right? But really, imagine it, really think about it for a second.

If I went to watch Top Gun in the theaters and there was no conflict, there was no tensions between the characters, there were no obstacles to overcome, there was no growth in the skills of the pilots through adversity, there was no point, there was no plot, there was just people flying around in jets.

I mean, come on, what kind of a movie, what kind of entertainment is that? We want to see, we want to have that emotional experience, we want to go through the conflict and resolution, we want to see people grow and change. We want to see people adapt and become greater versions of themselves.

[0:17:24.9] Brothers, we are in the audience so we experience the duality of what were watching but we are also in the movie going through those changes of growth ourselves because we are also the actors. We are the images that the light is projecting. So we are the same as the light itself. So not only is the whole cinematic performance here for our entertainment, it is also here for our connection and engagement. 

We are not passive observers, only we are active participants. Everything is here for us in a form of entertainment and everything is here for us to go through the conflict of resolution process of evolution, of growth, of healing, of reaching that highest-self. We are in the movie, you see we are in the movie. We are the movie. You are Maverick, you are Rooster, you are Hangman. 

Those are some of the new characters but you are also Iceman, you are also Goose and brothers, when the time comes to be Goose, theres nothing wrong with that. Thats a part of the movie. When it is our time to be Goose, we are still playing our part so that Maverick can evolve. 

Who is Maverick? Maverick is another being and when someone you know is playing the part of Goose and they pass on from the realm of form to the realm of spirit, they are playing their part so that you can be Maverick because you are always all the characters because you need that to evolve, to grow. 

You are the main character for yourself and you are all the other characters for all the other beings of light because we are all coming from the same beam of light. We are all that light being diffracted in different ways. For everybodys Maverick and everybody is all the characters. You see, you are Maverick in your life because youre the main character and all the other characters are there for you but you are also all the supporting characters for every single other being. 

[0:19:13.4] We are all one because we are all coming from that same beam being projected from the dark booth of eternity. So the active state of presence comes from this realization, thats what it means to be present, you are three. You are the light, you are all the actors, both the main character in your life and all the other characters for all the other people and youre the observing audience. 

We are all the beam of light, we are all the light beam, we are all one. That is our expression of oneness. That is our knowing and experience of oneness. We are also in the duality. We are also the duality that exists in the parts we play and the way we are entertained in observation. The duality exists in the way the beam of light is diffracted on the screen of space. Everything is for you. 

Everything is here for you brother, as the beam of light everything is you. As the main character, everything is supporting your role as the star of the movie and as the observing audience, you decide what movie youre watching. Now, I think I made my point very clear that we are the beam of light, right? I have made it very clear that we are all one. You are light, I am light, all things are projected beam of light into the screen of space. 

Everything you observe is you and you are it because of all comes from a single projection of one white light diffracted into a separation of color, shadow, movement and stillness and Ive said this many, many times. I dont want to go deeper into that into this podcast because I want to talk more about the movie of life and in the movie of life, you are the actor. One of your roles is being an actor, the other is the audience. 

We are going to hit the actor first. You are the actor, the star, the main role in this movie, you are Tom Cruise, you are Maverick, right? You are the star, you are Luke Skywalker, you are Neo, choose your favorite movie, it doesnt make a difference to me, whatever your movie is you are the star. The movie was made for you. This movie is about your journey, your life, your growth. Everything in this movie is here to support that.

[0:21:08.5] To support your evolution, to support your experience, everything involves you. Every single thing that happens in this movie involves you. The ups and the downs, the pleasures and the pains, the goods and the bads. Every line that is written, every scene that is constructed, every person that is cast, they are all here for you. 

Every connection you make in your life, every sound you hear, every object youre eyes behold is a part of the process of you. There are no coincidences, none, it is all an expression of you, for you, from you, to you, not in a way that positions itself for you to get anything. It is not about you getting and getting and getting. Its simply about you receiving through the constant giving of what is, of the beam, of the light itself. 

Remember, you already have and are everything. You are the beam of light but as a diffracted star actor, you are expressing yourself through the scenes and supporting actors in the movie exactly what you want to see in order to reveal the truth of yourself to yourself and heal yourself from the trauma and karma of the not-self. The whole movie is for you to evolve into your highest self, which is the point of all movies, conflict resolution. 

Its the heros journey as explained by Joseph Campbell. The entire journey with all the players in the cast and events and the story are for you. You are constantly being given. Everything is being given. You are being given all the time, theres nothing you need to get because its all being given. 

The ego, the brain, the beta-condition, the mind, thats what says, I need. I need. I need. I have to get something. Im missing something. I dont have something, I need to get it.” You dont understand that everything you need is being given in that moment all the time and every single moment of this movie of which you are the star, its all for you. 

[0:22:57.0] The moment you say, I need something I dont have” youre not paying attention to whats being given to you in that moment because it is being given for you exactly at the right time and the right place for you to see it. It is all a gift, it is all an offer. The whole movie is around you, everything in it, it is all there to support your journey, your heros journey. 

The judgment again comes from the ego, it comes from the beta condition. The judgment of this should or shouldnt be happening, right? I have to do this. I need to do this” the idea of needing this or that out of lack and scarcity, its the ego. It is the beta condition. When we think the story should be this way, when we think it has to happen that way, the idea of control, right? That is the beta. 

When we think that it has to happen so that other things can happen, we have to control, control, control, that is the beta. When we think that there is something we need to get from someone or something, that is the beta. Your entire reality that you perceive and experience is happening for you, everything is happening for you with you so that you can grow, evolve, heal and awaken and thats where gratitude comes in.

Working constantly, we can live in a state of gratitude knowing that there is nothing we dont need that isnt being given in that moment. We may think that we need this or that for the future but we dont know the future. All we know is whats happening and whats happening is the giving. Exactly what we need in that moment is being given, offered. Its there. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. Thank you for this connection, thank you for that experience, thank you for this person, thank you for that thing. Its all being given to you to heal and wake up. When we are in it, its hard to see this. When we are in the movie it is hard to see this. When you are Maverick, its hard to know, its hard to see, its hard to experience that Goose had to die for you to evolve. 

[0:24:48.9] There is pain in that, theres pain in that experience. That had to happen for you but there is still pain, that pain is a part of the duality. Its a part of the growth, its a part of whats there happening for you. When you are Luke Skywalker, its hard to know. It is hard to experience that your aunt and uncle had to die and you had to get your hand cut off so you could develop, you could learn the ways of the force and evolve yourself. 

Live into your highest potential, it is hard to see that in that moment because you dont know the way the rest of the movie is going to play out. When youve just met Obi-Wan Kenobi, you dont know that you are going to become a Jedi master. All you know is that heres this guy thats coming to your life, the Storm Troopers have come in and theyve killed your family and now, you have nothing left on Tatooine, what are you going to do? 

Well, I guess Im going to go to Alderaan, I guess I am going to learn the ways of the force, right? I dont know. I just know that this is whats happening now. Thats the gift and its painful and it hurts but thats what happens for you. When youre the star of the movie, its hard to know that you have to experience conflict in order to find resolution and when were in the movie, its playing out in real life. 

It is playing out in the now, we dont know what the end of the movie is like. We only know what is happening in the movie in the moment. Be any one of these characters at the midpoint of a movie. Be them right there and when theyre suffering the most and I know youve been there brother, I know we all have. 

I know youve been at a point in your life where you thought, Why is this happening to me?” or This shouldnt be happening to me” or I wish this wasnt happening to me” or I wish this didnt happen to me” or How do I get out of this situation?” or maybe you are just thinking, This whole thing fucking sucks” right? 

[0:26:23.0] You are just in this moment of, What is going on?” and what you dont realize is that those are the moments that it is still happening for you. It is happening for you so that you can grow, evolve and heal. It is about you remembering that you are in the movie being projected from a beam of light that it is all there for you. 

When you remember this, two things happen. First you know that we are all one. Were all the light source and second, you know that in the experience of duality, its happening for you. What we subjectify as the worst moments in our life becomes the most helpful and healing moments in our awakening but we dont know that until we continue to awaken, until we continue to move forward. 

Then we look back and say, Oh yeah, thats right. Thats why that happened so that I can get here” or they dont or you dont do that, right? You simply go on living in your victim mentality, in which case you attract more of that experience so that you can continue to awaken. Once you realize that is all for you, every moment is a moment of thank you. Thank you. 

The same is true of being in the audience. Remember, you are also an observer of the movie. You are just not an actor, youre in the movie, you are also watching it, you are here to be entertained by the cosmic movie. Why? Because you and the creator are one. You are experiencing yourself by watching yourself. The creator has set this up to experience itself through the human soul, through the human experience. 

So while you are living as the main character, in which everything is happening for you, you are also experiencing your experience as an observer experiencing itself. In this way you know what will happen. You know what will happen brothers, how many times have you seen a movie for the first time and said at some point, Oh I know this will happen and I know its going to happen here.” 

[0:28:11.2] Then maybe it does, maybe it doesnt, right? But thats the control that we let go off. You watch the movie and say, Oh yeah, this is whats going to happen next” and youre like, Oh that didnt happen. That didnt go the way I thought it was going to go” right? Of course as a character, you have no idea what is going to happen because you are in the movie itself. Some movies are predictable, some movies are not but thats the way life is. 

Sometimes we know, sometimes we dont but what we do know about human life is what? We know it has a beginning, we know it has an end and we know that in between, there is going to be a contrast of experience, a rollercoaster of up and downs. Conflict resolution. Conflict resolution. Problem-solution, problem-solution, being in the audience is also a part of that duality. 

Being in the audience is also being a part of the movie and the experience of the duality knowing it is a projection coming from the one white light being diffracted and knowing the experience of oneness. So you know the movie is going to have that process. It is going to have conflict and resolution. You may not know exactly how the conflict is resolve, you may not know exactly how the problem will find a solution. 

Sometimes we like to predict what will happen in the movies but we dont always get it right. We dont always know. Then the person in the movie certainly doesnt know because theyre in it but what we do know is that there will always be a solution to every problem. We do know that the hero will save the day and get the girl. We dont know how or when but we know it will happen. 

We know that even in the deepest depths of despair, the hero will find a way. That is why we watch the movies, that is why we are entertained by the movies. It doesnt matter what type of movie it is, it will always be conflict and resolution. There will always be problems and solutions, so you choose which movie entertains you and then you watch yourself star in it. Remember, you are in the audience. 

[0:29:50.4] So it is not just that youre a star of a movie that you didnt choose, you are sitting there. You are choosing which year to walk into. You are choosing which movie you want to watch. You get to choose the movie that entertains you brother. Is it a war movie, right? Like Saving Private Ryan or Unbroken, right? I mean, I had those experiences in my life. I chose to enlist in the Navy. I chose to go into the military. I had those experiences. 

Maybe its a love story, maybe you want to have a love story. You want to go through a romcom and I am really having a tough time with coming up with any names. I dont know, I dont watch a lot of romcoms, maybe like The Notebook or something like that, right? Waiting to Exhale, I guess, Runaway Bride. I am not really sure, these are some titles Im pulling from my memory when I used to have girlfriends that like these movies. 

So maybe its a love story, right? Maybe your life is about this love story. Maybe its a drama, maybe youre in the set of a drama. Youre like starring role of a drama based on building a business like Risky Business or Cocktail, right? A couple more Tom Cruise movies. I dont know, you decide, it is your movie, what movie entertains you. What do you want to watch yourself staring in? 

What do you want to watch yourself being and doing and being that main role and maybe its a comedy because your personality is funny because you are a funny guy, so you are choosing to watch yourself be funny like Stripes or Police Academy, right? I love Bill Murray movies. Ghost Busters, right? Its wonderful and even things like Ghost Busters, even science fiction films and fantasy movies and superhero movies. 

These are caricatures, these are extreme examples of real life. We are still seeing ourselves be superheroes, either way there is still going to be conflict and resolution, right? There is still going to be ups and downs even if its a comedy, even if its Dumb and Dumber. 

[0:31:36.7] Look brothers, my movie is a cross between The Matrix and Star Wars, right? A spiritual movie based on a single force living and acting throughout the entire universe, where there is a duality between how humans choose to work with that force, that light and that dark with the addition, when we bring The Matrix in, with the addition of a question on what is the nature of reality and how do we pierce the veil of truth, how do we know what it is that were experiencing? 

That is the movie Im watching. It is the movie I have chosen to be entertained by, it is the movie that I am basically I star a role in. Im staring in that movie. I am watching myself go through this movie and all the people and all the things that happen in this movie are moving me towards the climactic conclusion, while simultaneously working to wake me up in order to remember the overall truth that I am neither in the movie nor the audience, those are both forms of duality and the illusion that we are all light. 

That we are all one. Were just one brothers. We are just the light being projected on this beautiful screen of diffraction so that we can experience ourselves as light in each other. I am the light, you are the light, were the light, we are all the light, everything is the light. That is the only one truth. Everything else is a part of the light, a part of the whole in its diffraction. That beam of light coming from the projection booth was just showing us different images, movements, colors, shadows, shapes but it is still just light. 

Thats why it doesnt matter what movie you choose to watch, it doesnt matter whats happening for you as the star in the movie that you are watching because it is just a movie. It is just a projection coming from one source. That is what matters. That is what we are waking up to. That is really what it means to be woke, to be awake, to be conscious, to be enlightened. To be enlightened brothers. 

To be of light, to be full of light, to be the light itself and once you know youre the light, once you know youre the one, then you can engage with yourself as the life in both the movie and the audience and you will be free. 

Until next week my brothers, elevate your alpha. 


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