We have just entered the month of June at the academy and that means we are focusing on indomitable self-confidence for the next thirty days. Today on the show I want to delve into the truth about indomitable self-confidence so that you can begin to resonate with it on a deeper level and access your own indomitable self-confidence.

Too many of us, especially men, have forgotten how to feel. This is why our training at the Academy always starts with understanding how we’ve been conditioned to deal with our emotions. Our feelings are our state of being. This is why it’s so important that you remember how to feel all your emotions, because this is the language of the soul, the language of your alpha state. The beta strives to separate you from your alpha state by seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. But the truth is that you don’t need to be afraid of feelings like anxiety and discomfort, they are all equally valid.

Brothers, I want you to understand that when you accept all your feelings and stop judging certain emotions as negative and others as positive, then you allow yourself to access your alpha state, which in turn will allow you to access your soul and attract the health, wealth, and love that you deserve. Tune in today as I unpack the truth behind the misconceptions we’ve been conditioned to believe and what indomitable self-confidence truly means!

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • The universal truth has a biological component and an energy component.
  • Our feelings are our state of being, there is no good or bad.
  • Why the beta condition is a false self that avoids pain and seeks pleasure.
  • How to find the alpha state and embrace all your emotions.
  • How drugs can prevent you from accessing the Alpha state.
  • Why Indomitable self-confidence is NOT a feeling.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach, and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:31] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I’m your host, Kevin Aillaud, and there has been a pretty big response from the podcast last week. You know what brothers, I love it. When you guys love the podcast and have questions and comments about the content. It allows me to know which direction to guide you through the podcast, which is a different level of guidance than the students are in the academy, and what they receive there. Because in the academy, I can answer direct questions and offer specific guidance into the results that those students are seeking.

This, of course, makes their journey more effective and efficient. However, even over the podcast just by listening to the words I am offering and the energy I am sending in each episode, your soul will begin to wake up and experience itself in each moment. The words I say are not as important as the energy you feel when you receive them. Brothers, this is the esoteric truth. Words are symbols, they are intentions of thoughts. They have power, that is true, however, that power is not nearly as strong as the energy as the intention itself, is the energy behind the words. This is the energy that is behind all the words and this will lead us into the podcast episode today.

Brothers, the universal truth has a biological component and an energy component. I’ve explained both of these to you in previous podcast episodes. The exoteric universal truth is the biological component, and the esoteric universal truth is the energy component. Now, biologically, you guys have heard me repeat over and over again the way the universal truth works in every moment of your life. If you have questions about this, the exoteric universal truth, the biological component of how the model of alignment works, I want to offer that you listen to the first 100 to 150 episodes of this podcast.

In the more recent podcast episodes, I’ve taken you guys into a deeper experience of the universal truth at the energetic level, at the esoteric level, the level of vibration, which is the language of the soul. Today, I want to revisit the concept of indomitable self-confidence as it relates to this level of experience. We have just started the month of June in the academy which is indomitable self-confidence month, and I want to offer this version of indomitable self-confidence so that you can begin to resonate with a deeper message.

Brothers, too many of you have forgotten how to feel. This is the beginning of the training you will receive in the academy. You must remember how to feel because this is the language of the soul, the language of your alpha state. We as humans, and especially men, have forgotten how to feel. Feeling is not reacting to emotion or becoming emotion like many of us have been taught by therapists. It is not resisting emotion, like many of us have been taught by our parents and society, and it is not avoiding emotion, like many of us have been taught by pharmaceutical companies and are innovative and technological advances.

Feeling is allowing the vibration in your body to be there, to flow through you like water down a river. On one side of the river bank, are all the feelings we judge as bad, all the negative emotion. On the other side of the riverbank, are all the feelings we judge is good, all the positive emotion. Both sides of the river are required for the water to flow. They must be both in the duality the, like and dislike, the good and bad, the right and left riverbanks. However, one is not better than the other. They’re both required for us to be the water and experience the river, experience the flow.

Feeling our feelings is the reason why we are here. Or it’s one of the reasons why we’re here. Let me put it that way. It’s one of the reasons. It’s our experience. Our feelings are our state of being and we are judging our external experience based on our internal state of being. The judgment then creates our external experience once again. There is nothing bad or good. There is no like or dislike. There is only the mind. The conditioned mind, the ego, the beta condition that makes a duality out of a singularity. The mind does this with our feelings as well. The vibrations, the energy that is running through us, through the body, is neutral. It’s like the difference between the frequency that makes the color red, and the frequency that makes the color blue.


This is the same that is happening in our body. There is a frequency that is a low vibration, and there is a frequency that is a high vibration, and they’re all the little nuances in between. Colors are colors, right? There’s blue, there’s red, there’s green. Vibrations are vibrations. There’s anxiety, there’s joy, there’s happiness. What makes one color better or worse than another color is only in the mind. It’s only in the beta condition. When we’re asked what is your favorite color, as children, we may respond with blue or pink or green or yellow. And as we get older, as we become adults, we tend to hang on to these ideas of favorite colors, which is only a construct of our ego. It’s a construct of our beta condition. The alpha state has no favorite color, because it knows that all colors are equal. That they are all equally worthy, valuable, important, effective, safe, and an expression of a part of the whole which is love itself. There is no judgment. There is only what is, and what is, is what is meant to be.

Brothers, look, if your favorite color is blue, and you look at a plant and you see that it is green, you don’t say I don’t like that plant because it’s green. You have accepted that the plant is green, it is always going to be green. The plant is what the plant is. Now, can you imagine disliking all of nature, because it isn’t vibrating in the frequency of your favorite color? If you don’t like the color green, can you say like, “I don’t like plants. I don’t like plants. I don’t like trees, because they’re green. I just don’t like anything that’s green. I don’t like grass. I’d rather just have a dirt patch. Because I don’t like green.” And can you imagine how boring life would be if all of creation was vibrating in your favorite color? If everything around you is blue. If everything were blue, and you had no contrast of blue, how boring would that be?

Now, in the same way, if your favorite emotion is happiness, and you are looking into your body, with your mind, and feeling anxiety or fear, why do you say, “I don’t like myself because I’m feeling fear”, or a derivative of that is, “I shouldn’t be feeling afraid or anxious”, right? The plant is green, you are anxious. This is what is. It is the truth. Why judge yourself for feeling something other than happy when you don’t judge the plant for being green. If you were feeling happy all the time, when you get bored of feeling that, wouldn’t you want to feel something else to remind you of what happiness feels like? This is the contrast of emotion. It’s the contrast of the vibration, feelings are vibrations. They are energy, pure energy. The language of the soul. 

Your body is a vehicle to experience your soul’s desire, which is why it is a blessing and a gift to be a human being. A soul being a human. Being a human, we are beings, human beings. We are souls being humans. You understand? That’s very important to know. So, our feelings are our vibrations. That’s what they are they are. They’re vibrations, they’re energy, like colors, and like colors, each vibration is important. Each vibration, each feeling is equally worthy, valuable, important, effective, safe, and an expression of a part of the whole, which is love itself. And then the mind jumps in, and the beta condition, and the ego comes in and decides that it doesn’t like this or that. That this is good, and this is bad. That this is positive, and this is negative. That this hurts, and that this delights.

Then once the mind has judged the emotion it aims to resist or avoid what it doesn’t like and seeks to experience only what it does like then it sets a program of unconsciousness so that it doesn’t have to work so hard to avoid and to seek. It runs a pattern or program for the vehicle. And this, my brothers, is the motivational triad that I’ve spoken to many times about. Avoid pain, seek pleasure and become highly efficient in this endeavor. All of this comes from the beta condition and is the cause of perpetual suffering, ignorance and unconsciousness. So, what is the alternative? “Okay, Coach, what’s the alternative?” If we have been taught, trained, programmed, conditioned, and told that we should be resisting feeling fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, shame, that we have been told that we should be avoiding feeling boredom, hurt, insecurity, and sadness. Or that we should just be acting out all the emotions like wild animals being possessed by the vibrations within us. Then what is the alternative? If it’s not to resist, avoid or react, what do we do?


Brothers, the alternative is feeling. It’s feeling. This is the awakening. This is the listening to the messages of the soul. This is the listening to the messages of your alpha state. This is the skill that allows you to begin to live into your highest self. This is the experience we are meant to have as a human being. This is how we manifest our heart’s desire. This is how we attract the energy of survival, which is money. Money is energy. You understand? Money is an effect of energy and that energy is the energy of survival. How do we attract that energy of survival? Feeling. And we also attract the energy of companionship and intimacy, which are other beings and women.

This all begins with a connection, a connection with yourself, a connection with your true self, your soul, your alpha state. You must learn to feel the energy flowing through you. You must learn to experience the beauty of each emotion as an energy, as a vibration that is there for you. This is you. The vibration is you. It is your soul. It is your soul asking, guiding, loving, healing, and experiencing itself through the cellular vehicle.

Brothers, you are not your mind. I’m going to say that again, not your mind. You are not your mind. You are not all the thoughts and stories that are creating an identity. The identity is a false self. The beta condition, it’s the ego. It is an accumulation of all the little bits of data, it has chosen to piece together in an attempt to create safety. It is a false self, hence the term beta. The second beta is the second letter in the Greek alphabet. It is not you, it is the story it tells you. It wants to be you because you are eternal. You’re infinite and light and love and power and beauty and perfect. It wants to be the soul. It wants to be the alpha. It wants to be the first. The alpha is the first, the eternal, the omnipresent. But it isn’t, it cannot be, and it feels small and afraid.

So, it creates the stories to feel safe and protect itself from love, to create a barrier between your soul and creation, which are always and eternally one. But it creates this barrier of separation, a duality, which then feeds more of the fear, which then causes it to seek more safety, and it perpetuates this cycle and creates an identity and a false reality and illusion of the way the world is. This is not you. This is not you. You are not your mind, you are not the judge of your emotions. You are not the judge of your feelings. You are not an accumulation of your likes and dislikes. You are not an accumulation of your desires and attachments. You are not this or that. You are not mine and theirs. You are not goods and bads. You are not rights and wrongs.

My brothers, you are everything. This is what we do in the academy. This is why we work on the mind in the academy. The academy is mind management and emotional ownership. These are the two skills you learn in the academy because the former, mind management, frees you from your ego. And the latter, emotional ownership, unites you with your soul. Then if you choose, you can move on to the tribe, which is a-whole-nother level, right? It’s the emergence of the soul into learning how to guide others through unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, and unconditional connection. You are the ever-vibrating soul, the energy being that uses the body as a vehicle and the mind as a manifester of creation. You are an alpha. Feel your feelings. Allow them to flow through you and you will know yourself.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about indomitable self-confidence. First of all, brothers, although this generally goes without saying and I haven’t said it for several reasons, I’m going to say it now. I feel like this is the time to really get this message out there. And here’s the message I’m going to lay on you pretty heavily, but know, this is my opinion. Get off the drugs. Okay, brothers. If you’re on drugs, get off drugs, and I’m not talking about buffering. Okay, I’m not talking about alcohol, not talking about marijuana. I’m not talking about all that. Although, it may behoove you to consider the purpose behind those activities as well. There’s certainly buffering involved. 

Alcohol changes you biologically. It affects you deeply in ways you may not even know. I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t touch it ever. There is no reason I can come up with to choose consciously to drink alcohol. That being said, if you do choose consciously to drink alcohol, so be it, you’re an adult, you do you. Marijuana is something different. Marijuana is a medicine, a plant medicine. It has its purposes, it has its uses. However, like all plant medicines, it comes with a duality. As they heal, they also harm. As they exalt, they also detriment. And in order to remove the energetic detriment and bring the plant medicine to its pure exalted state, a ritual is required, an energetic cleansing is required. Otherwise, the plant not only brings in its own detriment, it also carries with it the energy of every being that has come into contact with it.


So, if you’re growing your own medicine, if you’re growing your own marijuana, then it contains its own exultation and detriment, the latter of which you can remove with certain energy. But if you’re buying your medicine at a dispensary or from a dealer, then it has its inherent exaltations and detriments as well as the energy of every single person that has come in contact with it, and this makes it highly suspect into what you are taking into your body at the energetic level. But I’m not talking about that. I’m not talking about alcohol, and I’m not talking about marijuana or other plant medicines. I’m talking about pharmaceuticals.

Look, brother, I’m not a psychiatrist, okay? I’m not a doctor of the mind. I don’t have a piece of paper that says, “I have accumulated the knowledge around prescription drugs to alter brain chemistry.” And I know them creating liability and what I’m saying here and you know what, I don’t care. I’m free to get my opinion on these matters just like anybody else. What you choose to do is 100% up to you. So, as I give my opinion on this, remember that you are an adult and you have 100% control over the choices that you make. Pharmaceutical drugs that alter your emotional state of being are the worst things you can put into your body.

If you choose to have a drink or two, so be it. If you choose to smoke a joint or two, whatever. But when you go on a regimen of prescription medication that alters and controls your emotional state of being, you are literally turning off your soul’s ability to speak. You’re shutting down your alpha state. You’re essentially saying I don’t want to live as myself. I just want to put myself to sleep and live as a zombie in this life. If your body is a house, and your soul is using this house to speak to you, when you take prescription medications, essentially what you’re doing is you’re building up a giant wall around this house and then putting a moat, like a big old river outside of that wall, so that the soul simply cannot enter, it basically cannot talk to you, it cannot come into the house ever.

You are not your mind. You are not your body. These are the tools that the soul uses to experience and create. You are the soul brother. You are energy, you are vibration, you are love. Drugs not only prevent you from realizing this, pharmaceutical drugs not only prevent you from realizing this, they actually kill your ability to hear yourself, to hear your soul speak. This is yet another reason why therapists and psychologists as an industry, not as individuals, but as an industry have deviated from offering health care and moved into a backward self-serving community operating purely on the physical plane and offering nothing more than uniformity and paralysis.

If you choose to see a therapist or a psychologist, so be it. Go do that. And if they offer you a prescription medication, then they are lazy and inept at their craft and I would offer that you find another guide. There is no reason for medication. None. It deadens the soul from chronic depression to schizophrenia. I have seen men cured with plant medicines. Well, pharmaceutical simply numb your truth and keep you in a prison of dependency on the drug. That is my opinion. And you’re welcome to take it or leave it.

Now, why do we want to feel? Why is feeling so important? Why am I being so strong against deadening your feelings? Why am I so strong against you simply learning to feel, learning to understand the vibrations in your body? Because this is our purpose, this is our power. It is the truth, the soul, the alpha, the self itself. Humans don’t receive our words, they receive our energy. Humans listen with their ears, and they understand with their mind, but they experience each other with a soul to soul energy. When you are talking to another being your words are there. The words are there. They’re hanging in the air like a cloud in the sky, but is your energy that penetrates them and brings an attraction or repulsion.

Brothers, we have talked so much about connection. Connection only happens with yourself. Connection doesn’t happen with other people. You can connect through another person’s soul. But before you do that, you must be connected to yourself. You’re either connected to yourself, your soul or you are not. This is the only connection. When you are connected to your soul, you are connected to all things, all people. You will attract what your heart’s desire. You will attract your soul’s desire. You will attract wealth. The energy of survivability, the energy of sustainability. You will attract a woman who was made for you, the energy of intimacy. And yes, brother, there is one woman who was made just for you, as you were made just for her, and you won’t have to seek her out. She will come to you as you will come to her. She will just appear as you will appear to her. You will manifest her in your heart, you will manifest love and abundance, and this only happens when you are connected with your soul. When you are not connected to yourself, we’re seeking it. You’re looking around. You’re seeking intimacy, you’re seeking connection, you’re seeking bond, and you’re seeking all of that joining together and you’re looking, and you’re going from woman to woman to woman to woman trying to find what it is that you have within you. And that is the connection that we seek. That is the connection that our soul seeks. The connection is first, and the connection is with yourself. It is the alignment. It is the state of movement and the state of stillness. Without this connection the mind acts as an authority and guides through the ego which is the false self of the beta condition.


This is the connection we guide you into in the academy. You must feel, brothers. Let go and feel. Feel. Now, indomitable self-confidence is not a feeling and I’ve had so many people come to me for confidence. Remember brothers, before I was a soul coach, I was a cognition coach. Before I was a cognition coach, I was a confidence coach. Before I was a confidence coach, I was a fitness coach. I’ve been a coach for many years. Confidence was something I worked with in my own life and I’ve worked with hundreds, maybe tens of thousands of students for years. And nearly every time I met a potential student, I would hear the words, “How do I learn to feel more confident?” Or “What does confidence feel like?”

Brothers, indomitable self-confidence is not a feeling. It is not a vibration. It is the transmutation of a vibration. It is not an energy in itself. It is the transmutation of an energy field. We don’t feel confident brothers. What we feel is everything. We feel everything. What we do to be in a state of abdominal self-confidence is to allow any feeling to be in our body without the mind wanting to resist it or avoid it or react to it. What we do is we let the energy be there, vibrating through us. It’s just energy, it’s just vibration. It is the soul speaking.

Now, what the soul is saying, you will learn later when you decide to enroll in the academy and begin your journey of feeling through your alpha state. But for now, let’s just stay with indomitable self-confidence and let’s just stay with feeling. Feel the feeling, feel the vibration. If you resist the feeling, it will intensify and come back. If you avoid the feeling, it will be washed away for a short period of time and then it will come back. If you react to the feeling, you will send it out into the field of information and vibration. When you feel it with confidence, you transmute the vibration, and what do you transmute it into?

Indomitable self-confidence transmutes the vibration of whatever it is, maybe it’s doubt, worry, fear, insecurity, anxiety, frustration, it doesn’t matter. Whatever that vibration is, that’s within you that you’ve named, that you’ve called it something, that’s just pure energy, that’s just pure movement. It’s a movement of energy, some movement of vibration. But whatever we’ve named it, what indomitable self-confidence transmutes the vibration, and sends an energy or message out from you is of strength, of groundedness, of knowing, and of power.

Here’s an example. Brothers. I’m going to give you an example and this is a common example. It’s an example that I’ve used many times on this podcast, because I know so many of you are looking for that beloved. So many of you are looking for that relationship. You’re looking for that woman of your dreams. You’re looking for that partnership. Here’s an example I’m going to offer you. You’re walking down the street, maybe you’re taking your dog for a walk, maybe you’re heading to the coffee shop, maybe you’re just out for some air, maybe you’re getting some shopping done, you’re at the grocery store or the mall, maybe you’re at the bar or the nightclub, it doesn’t matter. Maybe you’re at the gym, or the yoga studio. I’ll tell you here, in Tulum, we spent a lot of time at the gym and at the yoga studio, because that’s the thing. It’s a very high vibration place. Right? There’s a lot of healing happening here. There’s a lot of this energy, this energy of love being transmuted and transferred.

But it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Because what you’re doing is just movement. What you are is existing. You are living, you are flowing, you are being so it doesn’t matter where you are. But let’s say you’re walking down the street and you see another being, a soul in her human form, and you’re attracted to this form. You catch her eyes for a moment. You meet each other for an instant, two souls coming together, bonding at the level of energy. Your mind, conditioned from stories of fear, finds a thought to keep you safe, and that thought floods you with a feeling of fear, of insecurity, of doubt, of worry, of anxiety, and you guys know what I’m talking about? Right? You guys know what I’m talking about? Approach anxiety. Fear of rejection. The belief of unworthiness. The thought of not being good enough. These are lies. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. They are lies. You are a perfect being of love. She is a perfect being of love. You are both in perfection and oneness existing as pure energy forms. Your full self has made a story of lies to create a safe space in a hostile world that doesn’t exist. Our universe is a creation of love. So, you see her and your stories build and your feelings vibrate.


Now, maybe you’ve been taught to resist the feeling of anxiety, or insecurity or fear, or whatever. We’re going to go with anxiety for this example. So, maybe you’ve been taught to resist. You push it down, you take a deep breath, and you walk up to her and you begin the conversation. Maybe you’ve been coached by someone on what to say or maybe you’ve looked at the interwebs on how to start a conversation with a woman. You feel so awkward, so anxious, you’re resisting this feeling and so it gets stronger and stronger. It builds within you. You’re battling your way through the conversation, just wanting the feeling to go away. You want to end the conversation just so the feeling will stop. Your mind is taking you away to places of more story. What do I say next? Was that a stupid thing to say? What is she thinking? Does she like me? Should I ask for her phone number? You just want to get out of there. You want the vibration to stop, but it doesn’t. It gets stronger and stronger. Because you’re resisting it. You think that if you can just run and hide, it’ll go away. But you’re already there. You’re standing right in front of her. Like there’s nowhere to go, bro. There’s nowhere to go. So, you close the conversation feeling anxious the whole time.

Now look, it doesn’t matter what you say. It doesn’t matter what you didn’t say. All she felt was your energy, your vibration. Sure, the words were there. But she’s feeling your energy. Her soul and your soul are connected. You guys are exchanging energy. She felt how anxious you were and how much you couldn’t stand that feeling. She felt you fighting it and some women might respect that. They might think to themselves, “Hey, you know what, that took some courage. He’s a courageous man. He felt anxiety. He felt fear. But he approached me anyway. Maybe that courage can protect me. Maybe that courage can keep me safe.” After all, she’s probably living through her beta condition as well. She’s looking for safety and protection.

So, some women might admire that energy coming from you and feeling that you approached her anyway. This fear that you felt, this anxiety you felt, but you took the courage and walked up to her. But most women, like I say, some women may be in that place. But most women are simply going to feel your anxiety and the subtle message their soul receives is that you aren’t connected with yourself, that you aren’t allowing your soul to speak, and that you are in resistance and misaligned. That’s number one, that’s resistance.

But maybe instead of resistance, you’ve been taught to avoid the feeling of anxiety, or insecurity or fear or whatever. So, instead of approaching her, you grab a drink at the bar, or bite a bit of food, right? You go get some food real quick, or maybe take a piece of candy or stick of gum or something else that floods the feeling with a false pleasure. Then when you’re no longer feeling the truth and only feeling the false pleasure, then you approach, you have disconnected, and she knows it. The same conversation ensues. Remember, it doesn’t matter what it is, you say. But maybe you feel less anxiety due to the buffering. So, the conversation in your mind feels smoother, you feel more relaxed. It’s only in your mind, brother. The energy is still there. Your anxiety is still there and she responds to that. However, she knows the truth. She knows the level of energy and vibration that you’re sending is false. She knows it’s not you vibrating, it is the false, it is the illusion, it is the buffering.

She may respond to the false you, the not you. However, any connection begun this way is not a connection that will last, it is a false connection from a false self. When you’re at the bar, and you’ve built up your liquid courage, you’ve drank so much that now you feel all relaxed, and, “Oh yeah, I don’t feel the anxiety anymore.” She may respond to that state of relaxed, but it’s not a connection that will ever last, because eventually she will realize that the person she met was not you and this will have a repelling effect. She will discover that you were not connected to your soul, that you are not connected to your soul, that you were just drunk or high, or just whatever. You are faking, you are forcing. All of this occurs at the level of energy. She won’t be conscious of this, but it will happen. So, that’s resisting and avoiding.

But maybe you’ve been conditioned to react to the anxiety, to react to the fear. In this case, you simply don’t do anything. What do we do when we feel anxiety? What do we do when we feel fear? Nothing, right? No approach, no conversation. Just looking, just staring, awkwardly at best and like a creep at worst. Or maybe you’re on medication. Now, I come back to pharmaceuticals, right? Maybe you’re on meds. Maybe you’ve been told that you have anxiety problems, or you have sadness problems, you have depression, so you’re taking antidepressants, or you’re taking anti-anxiety drugs.

Well, as I already mentioned, you might be doing that and that’s just the same as avoiding. You’re basically avoiding yourself. You’re not vibrating as yourself, you’re a zombie, a dead soul in a human vehicle. You may appear to be calm, but eventually, her soul will know what is happening and there will be a moving away. There will be a parting. And if this happens after you’ve already bonded mentally through story, whether it’s a month later, three months later, six months later, you’re eventually going to separate and then you’re going to feel pain, which will probably drive you into wanting more medication or a higher dose of medication.

Now, what about indomitable self-confidence? Brothers, let’s run this scenario one more time. You see another being, a soul in her human form. You are attracted to this form, you catch her eyes for a moment, you meet each other. For an instant, two souls coming together, bonding at the level of energy, your mind conditioned from stories of fear finds a thought to keep you safe. That thought floods you with a feeling of fear or insecurity or doubt or worry or anxiety. You guys know what I’m talking about? Approach anxiety, fear of rejection, the belief of unworthiness, the thought of not being good enough. But this time, brother, this time you are conscious. This time you feel the feeling as a vibration. You allow yourself to feel it. You allow your body to experience it. You don’t resist it, you don’t avoid it, you don’t react to it. It is there vibrating within you. Without the judgment from the mind, there is no judgment, there is no good or bad, there is no positive or negative. There is no comfort or discomfort. There is just a vibration, a tingling sensation running through the cells of your perfect vehicle.

It is there for you and you bless the experience as truth. You have felt this before and you know this feeling. It’s anxiety, so what? So what? Yes, the anxiety is there, it’s here for me. My soul is speaking the mind has nothing to do with it. Sure, the story exists, but the story is a lie. Sure, the vibration is there, but it’s not harmful. It’s not painful. It’s a feeling. It’s just a feeling. It is the truth. It is a vibration, like a color. I feel purple. I am vibrating at the frequency of purple. So what? Purple is purple. I am vibrating at the frequency of anxiety. So what? Anxiety is anxiety. It just is. The air you breathe, it just is. Feel it, allow it, experience it, accept it, love it and welcome it and this is indomitable self-confidence. This is knowing that you can feel any vibration as a neutral movement of energy through you, and this transmutes the vibration from whatever it is anxiety or fear, whatever. It transmutes that vibration, into an energy of strength, groundedness, knowing, and power.

So, you approach and you have a conversation, and what you say doesn’t matter because she feels only your strength, groundedness, knowing, and power. She feels your indomitable self-confidence. It loves her perfect soul and protects her fearful ego. You appear as a god, loving his goddess. She feels only your confidence, the energy state born from an acceptance of what is and a willingness to love all states of being.


Brothers, this can only be achieved once you have established a connection with your soul, with your alpha state. When you are living as an alpha, you must let go of the ego, let go of your beta condition. Your thoughts betray you, reach out with your feelings. Is it Jedi training? Sure. If you’re a nerd like me, then yes, you can consider Jedi training. Be a spiritual nerd and start your Jedi training. But that’s still just a label. It’s still an idea. It is what it is. It’s just what is. It is who you are. It is why you’ve come here. You are here to experience it all, everything as a soul. And this requires you to let go of the ego. Manage your mind and own your emotions. Begin learning how to be a spiritual being having a human experience. The academy is here for you. For $300 a month you will learn the most powerful and important truth that you are never taught as a child, but it’s not for everyone. Well, it is for everyone. But not everybody will make this journey. Only those who are ready to do the work of letting go and the benefits are matched only by the difficulty. Brothers, it’s not easy. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. And if you want it easy, then continue to suffer. It is easier to suffer than it is to surrender. However, once you have surrendered your ego and allowed your alpha state to elevate and experience itself, you will be free. You are loved and you are love. Until next week, my brothers, elevate your alpha.


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