Today I respond to a common question asked by students and listeners, and it is all about money. The first thing you’ve got to understand is that money is a circumstance and it is completely neutral. Money doesn’t affect your feelings or determine your character or value: It is how you think about money that can change your experience of these things.

You have to power to choose how you see and what you believe about money, and this will determine the results you have with it. Many of the common beliefs we have about money are untrue and just perpetuate the negative outcomes we keep getting.

But having positive thoughts about money are not enough – thoughts have to be accompanied by actions. Guys, you can’t sit on a beach somewhere are think yourself into wealth; you need to do the work and create the right vibrations for everything to fall into place. That’s what it means to say that faith without work is dead. I was also perpetually broke and stuck in debt for a long time, but when I changed my beliefs about money, things in my physical world started changing. You’ll hear all about it today.

Remember that actions are like the equal sign in mathematics. Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs go on the left side of the equation, the actions in the middle, and on the right is the results you get. So, when the right beliefs, feelings, and thoughts and combined with actions, you get the results you want.

My brothers, don’t wait for a second longer. Tune in to get a taste of what the alpha life has to offer you.   

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What kind of power money does and does not have.
  • Who is in control of your beliefs about money.
  • How your beliefs impact the results you get.
  • The idea that the universe reflects back the image you hold up to it.
  • Why thoughts must be accompanied by belief, vibration, and intention.
  • My own radical money story.
  • The algorithm for getting your desired money results.

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[00:00:08] Announcer: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:31] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. This is a requested podcast. I have a bulk of content that I plan on delivering to you, that takes everything I taught you in the first 100 episodes to the next level. I’m taking a quick pause from the teaching around the framework of the law of mind and belief, the universal truth, the model of alignment, the alpha state and the relationship you have with yourself to get into a couple of episodes that have been indirectly requested by students and listeners.

I also go deeper into this content in the How to Live Your Purpose and Create Massive Wealth while Doing it course, which is now available on The Alpha Male Coach website. Of course, I go way into this in the Spartan Academy. Now guys, I want to let you know ahead of time, this is going to be a longer podcast. You may have to listen to it in two sections. I didn’t want to break it up into two weeks, because I want to give you all of it at once. I’m just warning you now, this is going to be a bit longer than what you’re used to from The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, but it’s going to be so, so worth it.

Okay, so say it with me, brothers. Show me the money! Right? You guys remember from Jerry Maguire, Show Me the Money! I love that movie. Such a powerful way to view friendships, loyalty and the power of belief and faith. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. This podcast is all about showing you the money. Let’s get into it, brothers.

The first thing I want you to know is that money is a circumstance. In the universal truth, money is a circumstance. In the model of alignment, money goes in the C-line. That is important for you to know. You have to start there. Money is form, data, molecular stuff, it’s paper, or metal, or plastic. In the year 2020, it can be even less; simple numbers in a computer. It is form that exists in the world as matter and density, neutral in its existence. Money doesn’t provide sustenance. You can’t eat it. I mean, look, you can eat it, but it doesn’t provide nourishment.

Money doesn’t create feelings. It doesn’t make you feel happy, or free, or confident. Money doesn’t drive character. It doesn’t make you generous or greedy, honorable or corrupt, benevolent or malevolent. Money doesn’t tell you anything about yourself. It doesn’t make you worthy. It doesn’t make you good enough. It doesn’t make you amazing. It doesn’t make you capable. Money is just there, existing in the matrix in molecular form. It is raw, neutral data.

This, my brothers, is the good news. The reason this is such amazing news for you is because you have the power to choose how you want to think about money, what you want your relationship to be with money and what you want your beliefs to be around money. Your beliefs about money will determine all your results with money, according to the law of mind and belief.

Now, where most people get weird with money is that they don’t understand and it’s not their fault, understand, because we have never been taught. Humans have never been taught the law of mind and belief. Money gets weird. It becomes this all-powerful, hyper-important, measurement of self-worth and personal value. People with money are thought to have a better life, or in some way, are even better people. We respect people with money and look down on people who don’t have money. We spend our lives chasing money in this rat race of struggle and strife, suffering and scarcity. Sometimes we demonize money. We say, people with money are greedy and selfish. We want to take more of their money through taxes, because they have too much. We have this completely erroneous image of the greedy Scrooge McDuck who hangs on to every penny as if it were his last.

Brothers, all of these are thoughts. Everything I just said is a thought. All of them are untrue. The concept of Ebenezer Scrooge is a canard. It’s a fairy tale. There is no Scrooge. The people with the most money also give the most. They are the most philanthropic. They are constantly using their money in ways they choose to help others who have less. Money doesn’t make anyone better or worse, smarter or less intelligent, more or less worthy, more or less greedy, more or less selfish, or anything else. Brothers, these two are all thoughts.

Go ahead, rewind the podcast. Take it all the way back. Take it back two minutes. Every single thing I just said is a thought. You see, what we think about money will determine our results with money. If you believe money is the root of all evil, that will be what you see when you look at money. If you believe money corrupts, that is what you will see when you look at money and people with money. If you believe only greedy people have money, that is what you will think about people with money. Here are some other thoughts that creates results around money; money is hard, you have to work hard for money, you have to put in more time if you want to make more money, you need a college degree, master’s degree, PhD if you want to make more money, time is money, hours for dollars.

I never have enough money. Money isn’t important. I have all the money I need. Money is abundant. Money is easy. Money is fun. I love money. Money solves most problems. Money buys time. Money buys freedom. Money speeds things up. Money creates opportunities. Money makes life easier. I can go on and on and on. These are all thoughts, my friends. These are all beliefs. They are all equal parts truth and lie.

Some of you might say, “Well, that one is true and this one is false.” While others of you will say, “Well, this one is true and that one is false.” The fact is, money is neutral. It is there for you to choose which you believe about it. Depending on what you choose, you will manifest that choice into your life through belief and faith, which is the law. Remember, the law of mind and belief is that whatever image you hold up to the universe with your mind and hold that image in belief through faith, the universe will reflect that image back to you as a mirror and your belief, the realm of sound, light and vibration will become your result, will take the form of matter and density in the world.

This is the law. I know it sounds spiritual. I want to remind you all once again that I am a scientist. I operate through that, which is measurable, observable and repeatable. The law of mind and belief is as measurable, observable and repeatable as the law of gravity. I prove that to you with the universal truth and the model of alignment. Brothers, this is your power, your gift, your free-will, your volition, whatever you want to call it. This is why you’re here, brother, to create the world of form through your intention of thought.

Now with money in the law, people get weird. They get weird in a few ways. First, there is the misunderstanding and misguided teaching of the law of attraction. Some people have found their beliefs with money and are creating their results and that they aim to change them because they’ve been presented with the law of attraction. They choose a new thought. They think about their thought for 20 to 30 minutes a day and then they go and watch TV the rest of the day. Or they just otherwise, do nothing. They go sit on a beach somewhere. You can’t do nothing and expect your thoughts will fall into your lap. This is what is meant by faith without works is dead. You must take action. I’m going to get back to action later in the podcast.

The second place people get weird with money and the law is that they tell themselves that they have great thoughts about money. They tell themselves that money is fun, money is easy, money is everywhere, money is abundant. They think these thoughts for a little bit and then they spend the rest of the day worried about their debt, or complaining about the wealthy, or buffering with spending, or measuring their self-worth based on a number in their bank account, or telling themselves they aren’t worthy and deserving of receiving. Thoughts alone, affirmations alone are not enough. There must be belief, vibration and intention.

The third place people get weird with money is where people really get weird, generally, with many circumstances and that’s when they simply abdicate their responsibility that they have around money to someone else, or something else. They blame their parents. They blame their education. They blame society. They blame social dynamics or social systems. They blame other people for their results. Of course, like I say, people do this with multiple circumstances, not just with money, but with money people get really weird around their blame.

People will look for any reason why they are not creating their own results, because that beta condition is a fascinating and elusive thing. Now brothers, I want to tell you a story. I want to tell you my story. I actually want to share with you my story about my journey with money, because I used to think about my debts a lot. For those of you that are just picking up the podcast and haven’t heard any of the previous episodes, my background is in fitness coaching and business building.

I started out as a fitness coach in 2004 and opened my first gym in 2006. I ran that gym for eight years. In 2014, I closed the gym, moved overseas and worked as a contractor for a large fitness company as a coach instructor. I essentially taught level one and level two coaches all around the world in every continent on the planet, except for Antarctica. I also opened gyms overseas; two in Thailand, one in China and one in Australia.

No, I didn’t have a work permit. Yes, I did spend time in a Chinese prison, but that is another story. Between 2014 and 2017, I opened, funded, built, managed, ran, trained and then turned over these businesses to my coaches. Four gyms in three countries. Each time I invested and went into six figures of debt and created enough revenue to pay off each debt each time, essentially creating over a $100,000 in less than a year, since each investment was at least a $100,000. In some cases, much higher from start to finish.

In those four years, I created nearly 1 million dollars, all of which went right back to pay off my debts, as well as providing me with a standard of living. Now here’s the weirdness, brothers, when I returned to the states in 2017, I was broke. I mean, broke blood. I had no money. Maybe a couple thousand dollars in my bank. It was at the time I decided to change my identity and I left the fitness industry and gym building lifestyle to become what I am today, a cognitive mastery and results-based coach.

Now, why is this? How could this be? How could it be that I could create a million dollars in less than five years from nothing and at the end of five years, four years actually, I returned to the place from which I began, which was to be broke, have absolutely nothing? It’s because of my thoughts around money. It was my beliefs with money. At the time, I was constantly thinking about my debts and I was constantly thinking about paying them off, just getting back to breaking even.

Now I love to serve and I live my life in service. Most of my time was spent around developing and training my coaches and members and running the business. But my money thoughts were strongly around getting out of debt and that is what I created for myself. Break-even, then do it again. I was so involved and mentally engaged with breaking even that the moment I paid off my debts, I reinvested. I went back and created more debt, so that I could get out of it again. That’s insane, but it’s not insane. It’s the universal truth.

I continued in this pattern until I discovered the universal truth and applied the law of mind and belief to myself when it came to money. This all happened recently for me. I want you guys to know that even starting The Alpha Male Coach business, I invested myself into debt. Remember, I returned to the states broke and started my business as a confidence coach first, then a cognitive mastery coach second now. Before I received my first dollar from my first student, I had invested, wait for it, you guessed it, nearly a $100,000. Once again, I had created for myself six figures of debt. This is where my story gets wild. This is where I went into my money mind and I proved once again with money, the law of mind and belief.

Up until late 2019, essentially, I was still running my old money patterns. I was coaching students one-on-one and I had just formed the Spartan Academy in September of 2019, almost exactly one year ago. I was putting together curriculum. It was actually the October curriculum. In October, we’re going to get into money in the academy. As I was putting together the October curriculum, I got to the money course, that money theme. I do all the work myself before I teach it to my students. This was very huge for me. As I developed this curriculum, I put myself through it.

The first thing I did was I had to know what I was thinking about money. I was thinking about my debt, so I always had one. That was in my mind. That’s the image that I was holding up to the universe was my debt, which was always being reflected back to me. I always had debt. I was also always thinking about getting out of debt. I would always be in the struggle of paying it off. I would always constantly be putting money into it, getting out of it, paying it down.

Now once I saw this pattern and had developed my skills with the universal truth, I went to work to create the changes I wanted to make with cognition; my thoughts, and intention; my feelings and vibrations, which are feelings. Now I stopped thinking about debt. I stopped thinking about it. I stopped making it my focus when it came to money. At the time, I was creating about $3,000 to $4,000 each month with one-on-one students, just enough to start putting money towards my debt and maintain my lifestyle, because that was my pattern due to my beliefs.

As I stepped away from thinking about my debt, I decided I wanted to start practicing, believing a new thought. That new thought was money is everywhere. Now brothers, I want you to know I still hadn’t developed the thought upload program, and so I would just practice thinking and believing this thought, “Money is everywhere. Money is everywhere. Money is everywhere.”

Now if you guys know me, you know I believe that I have a superpower. I believe my superpower is that I can believe hard things. Give me a sentence and I can train my brain to believe it, which is to say, I can take a thought and create a feeling from that thought as if it were true. I can raise my heart rate by thinking there’s a tiger in the room, even with no evidence to support it. I can change my body temperature by thinking and believing I’m in the sun when I’m cold, or in a freezer when I feel too warm.

Now we all have this power. Of course, it’s not a superpower of mind, but since I believe it is my superpower, it comes a little faster for me because I believe it to be so. I started thinking money is everywhere and I was believing it right away. I mean, it wasn’t hard to believe. I mean, you guys can figure it out. It’s like, money is everywhere. This is an actual truth. It’s in everyone’s pocket, in the form of debit cards or cash. It’s right around the corner, in the banks and credit unions. There are probably coins lying in the street, no more than a 100 yards from where you are right now. Money is everywhere. That thought became for me a belief that I could feel and send that feeling, that vibration and intention into the universe.

Now during this time, I continued to create and contribute value to the world in the form of the Spartan Academy, the podcast, the IGTV show, the IG feed, the Facebook group, the indomitable self-confidence newsletter and so on. I want you guys to know that. Remember, faith without works is dead. Action is key, and I’m going to get back to that later in the podcast.

Within a few months, I went from creating $3,000 to $4,000 each month to doubling that, making $6,000 to $7,000 each month, doubling my income and I didn’t change my actions, brother. I didn’t work more hours. I didn’t put in more effort. At the time, I hadn’t changed my prices. I only changed my thoughts, period. That’s it.

Then December came. In the academy, we do an impossible goal curriculum. What do you want to create over the next year? In this case, over the year 2020. I decided and told my students that I was going to create a quarter of a million dollars in one year as my impossible goal, $250,000. That’s about 20K a month. $20,000 a month. Now my best month to date, remember, was around $7,000. I went to work with my thoughts. I went to do my thought work, which is what we do when we plan for 2020 in addition to all the actions that we’re going to take that year.

I started thinking about creating a quarter of a million dollars, $250,000. I still wasn’t doing the thought upload program. I came to develop that from this work. In January, I was just thinking about completing my impossible goal. That’s it. I was just thinking about getting to a quarter of a million dollars by the end of the year. In January, I made $6,000. I created $6,000. Now February was a great month. I was focused on growth and achieving my result and I was working the same amount of hours, putting in the same effort and kept all my prices the same.

February was my first five-figure month. I broke 10K.

Then March came, then COVID hit. Now brothers, I’m not going to spend a lot of time with this, but understand, COVID is a circumstance. If you haven’t heard of COVID, it’s the pandemic, right? It’s the virus that’s out there. It’s a circumstance, my friend. How you think about it will determine your feelings about it and your results with it. It, like money is just raw, neutral data. In this case however, it’s non-cellular. It’s non-molecular, but it’s also non-cellular. A virus is not cellular and I’m not going to go and digress into cellular biology here.

My point is that when I was going through March, the circumstance of COVID came upon the world and I just continued to hold my belief in intention through the thought upload, which I developed the previous month in February and I talked about it on the previous podcast last week. My intentional thought upload was to create $20,000 in the month of March. At the end of March, I had created $20,000 and an extra $100. It was like $20,100.

Now, I did the same thought upload for April and I created $20,000 plus 600. $20,600. Now, these are rough numbers, like generally. That’s rounding here. I want you to know at this point, you may be saying, “No way. No way, coach. Seriously?” Yes way, blood. That is why I am so certain of the law of mind and belief. I’m so certain. I know it’s a fact. I know it’s a proof. I know it’s a law and I will continue to prove it by being an example and teaching it to my students who are learning to prove it for themselves.

In May, I left California and I started building on land in Arizona. Brothers, my intention and actions were taken away from the creation and contribution I was putting into The Alpha Male Coach and The Spartan Academy. It shifted to the building of that land in Arizona. In May, I created $7,000. I knew I was putting the business into maintenance mode, because I wasn’t focused on it. I was focused on building in Arizona. In June, the same thing happened. I made 6K.

At this point, it all became clear to me. I was constantly proving the universal truth and I decided to return to creating and contributing in that direction towards that result. July became another five-figure month. August broke 20K again. Now at this point, end of August, looking at my annual revenue, I was just over a $100,000 for the year and I had about a $150,000 away from my impossible goal. I started to work with my impossible goal intention at the beginning of September. In September, what we’re doing in the academy is how to manifest a 30-day goal and putting out courses. How to live your purpose and create massive wealth doing it. I’ve got a buffering course coming out as well. I started to work with my impossible goal intention.

Right now, as of the recording of this podcast, I’m on track to hit $30,000 this month. As of this recording, I’m just under 20K and I still have over half the month to go. That leaves a $120,000 left over to create in the last three months of the year. Can I do it? That is not the question, my friend. It’s already done. I know I will break $40,000 per month for the next three months minimum. It is the law. It is already complete. I’m simply closing the gap in time between now and the future. In this case, the future is December 31st.

Check this out, brothers. That’s my story. I am not more capable than. I am not more special than you. I don’t have anything you don’t have. I’m not more deserving, or more worthy than you. Everything, everything I can do and have done is well within your capability and ability. Your potential is limitless once you tap into the power that is your alpha.

Really quick note. Now I want to get into some actions here. Really quick note about your actions, brothers; actions are like the equal sign in this mathematical equation. Your beliefs and faith, your thoughts and feelings go on the left side of the equation. Your actions are the equal sign and your results are on the right side of the equal sign. What you believe and feel is the image you send into the universe. The universe responds like a mirror to that image. You will see, feel, and receive what you put out. 100% of the time, this is the law.

The reason people don’t understand this, or believe this to be a law is because they don’t know what they’re thinking most of the time. They allow their beta condition to run the show and the show becomes undesired and unintended. Then they go and blame other people. It is you. It is your thought and many times, it is your conditioning that you put into the world and the world just mirrors back evidence of that conditioning, always.

First, thank you for listening to my story. Second, how can you apply this to yourself? I’m going to give you this. This is the algorithm, brothers. Now again, I teach this much deeper in the How to Live your Purpose course. Of course, in the academy, we can go into it as it applies to exactly and specifically to your life. First, you have to know what you’re currently thinking when it comes to money. Don’t make money weird, bro. It’s just molecular data. What do you make it mean? What are your thoughts about it? What are your thoughts about people who have money? What are your thoughts about people who don’t have money? What do you make money mean in terms of your personal value, or self-worth?

What power and importance are you giving to money? What is your relationship with money? What did your parents and teachers teach you about money? How did your parents and teachers spend, give, save and create money? Be honest when you answer these questions, because it does you no service to tell yourself you have amazing thoughts about money, when you don’t actually have amazing thoughts.

Find your money beliefs and accept that you are creating and have created every result you have with money. If you don’t know what your thoughts are, you can find them very easily by looking at what your results are, because your current thoughts are creating your current results. Look at your results and you’ll know what you’re thinking. Next, choose the result you want to have with money. Be measurable, be specific about it, saying, “I want to be financially free,” tells the universe nothing. The universe doesn’t judge your intention, brother. It only acts on it.

Financial freedom is a meaningless intention. It’s like saying, “I want to be physically fit.” Okay, what does that mean? “I want to have 10% body fat. I want to run a 5-minute mile. I want to deadlift 500 pounds.” These are intentions. “I want to create 10 million dollars in a year. I want to create 1 million dollars each month. I want to sell a 1,000 widgets at 10K each, or I want to service a 1,000 clients for 10 hours each at 1K per hour.” These are measurable intentions.

Next, believe into it. My friends, this is the law. It’s not enough to want, or wish, or hope. You must believe and feel the results of your belief. Remember, we don’t want the thing. We want the way we think that thing is going to make us feel. You don’t want to create 10 million dollars a year. You want the way you think creating 10 million a year is going to make you feel. Feel it now, as you believe it to have already happened. That is the thought upload. This is a skill, one that you practice and develop in The Spartan Academy.

Next, take action. You have to take action. Listen, you can’t just buffer your way into massive wealth. You can’t just lie on a beach and intend 10 million dollars into your lap. The universe reflects your intention as it reflects your creation and contribution. It doesn’t matter what you create, or how you create it, but you must make a contribution to the world.

I have so many people ask me for the how to. Brothers, it’s never about the how-to. It’s always about the having done. There is no special action that will get you more money than any other action, but you must take action. You must create. You must contribute. You must give to the universe if the universe is going to give back to you. For most of you who run a business, it goes without saying, the message is for those law of attraction folks who think belief and intention is enough. The action is just the neutral equal sign, but you’ve got to have the equal sign. Otherwise, all the belief in vibration will just get lost in the ether of what is.

Finally, believe and vibrate your intention as you take action. Look, two people taking the exact same action can have completely different results based on what they’re believing and feeling at the time. It’s not what you say to that woman. It’s what you’re thinking and feeling when you say it. She knows if you’re confident or insecure. It doesn’t matter the words that are coming out of your mouth. Your intention will determine your result. You can go deliver a public address, like you can go give a seminar, or a webinar and based on how you’re thinking and feeling at the time, that will determine your results. Not the words you say and not the way you say it, because that is the law.

Now listen, brothers. I teach all of this in greater detail and with processes in the academy. When you are ready to learn how to create massive wealth, optimum health and amazing relationships, you are welcome to enroll. I suggest you enroll right now. What I have given you here is just scratching the surface of the training and the practice. Your alpha, your true self is abundant, limitless and powerful. If you knew the dormant power that lives within you and knew you could learn how to access, develop and use that power, I believe you would already be a student in the academy. You would already be learning how to learn and use this power.

What are you waiting for? What is holding you back from living the life you deserve? I know. I get it. I know it’s the brain. I know it’s the conditioning. This podcast is all about developing trust. When you trust me to teach you, I am here. I can’t force you to be wealthy. I can’t force you to live with intention and create the life of your dreams. You have to make the choice. When the time is right and your journey brings you to the academy.

For those of you who are ready, go to the and click on the link to work with Kevin. You will find The Spartan Academy there. Enroll in the tier one program to make sure that you’re getting access to one-on-one coaching and for less than $300 a month, you will learn the one skill we were gifted with and no one has ever taught you how to use. You will learn how to use your alpha to manifest your results, which is the life you choose and deserve.

Until next week, my brothers. Elevate your alpha.


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