Ep #257: Multiverse Travel

Brothers, welcome back to the Alpha Male Podcast as today, I take you back to being versus doing; energy versus matter. Because brothers, that’s the basis of everything we do, right? It’s our awakening to the universal truth that our thoughts inform our actions which in turn create our results. It’s shifting our vibrational frequencies to enlightenment; it’s energy moving matter. 

Now, brothers, we don’t see ourselves as interdimensional travelers because we are rooted in the third dimension. We are grounded in the matrix of our bodily experience, forgetting that we are, in fact, beings of light who are capable of reincarnating into a new dimension at any given moment. Because we are inherently reality-creating machines – we birth things into existence with our thoughts. And that is because of our consciousness; it is because of our capacity to lead with intention; it’s because of the gift of choice. 

You see, scientists embarked on an experiment to try and unpack the concept of randomness. They created a random effect generator – a machine wired to produce random sequences – and discovered that from the completely randomly generated results of 50-50, a person would lean more toward one side when given a particular intention. Isn’t that wild, brothers, that objective test results can be swayed by the whispers of one’s mind!

And that is what it means to be a multiverse traveler. You are already an interdimensional being, but fear and doubt are holding you back from unleashing your full potential. That is why we are going to Columbia in October: to help you see the matrix, to help you realize that we are so much more than the third dimension.  And when you tap into the universal truth, when you are awakened to the model of alignment and are living with intention, then you will be well on your way toward elevating your alpha. 

Once you shift your frequency, brother, once you change your vibration, it’s not a matter of doing. You are already traveling.


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Revisiting being versus doing; energy versus matter. 
  • Rooted in the third dimension: Why we don’t see ourselves as multiverse travelers.
  • How intention and consciousness influence random effect generators.  
  • Why a lack of self-forgiveness is holding us back from realizing our full potential. 
  • Interdimensional beings of light.

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[0:00:08] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence.

Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:31] KA: What’s up my brothers? Welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. Let’s talk again about being versus doing, energy versus matter. Now, I know this is called Multiverse Travel, the name of this podcast episode is Multiverse Travel. I’m going to get into that. I want you guys to remember that this podcast episode is about being versus doing. It’s about energy versus matter. I’m saying that to remind myself as much as it’s to remind you, because there are some things I’m going to talk about in this episode that are going to seem very, very wild, very wild, very weird, very fantastic. It’s all science.

I know I’ve taken you guys on this deep dive into quantum mechanics and it’s a bit further, right? Quantum mechanics is a bit further than the very simple and effective universal truth in the model of alignment. The universal truth and the model of alignment will change your life. Brothers, that’s all you need. That’s all you need, because the universal truth is that your thoughts create your results, your thoughts create your reality because they are your perspective, right?

The story you tell yourself that then create your experience, which are the feelings that you have and will determine your results, which is your life, right? It’s all the things around you. It’s the results that you have. It’s whatever you’re attracting. It’s in you. It’s what’s in your – or it’s become your circumstance. If you understand that, if you can just trust that, if you can trust that and utilize the model of alignment as a framework to see it, to become aware of it, to change it, if necessary, then you’re good to go.

Everything else that I’m talking to you guys about is really just proof, right? It’s really just showing you in different ways with different testimonials, with different scientific evidence, with different anecdotal evidence from my own life, from my own direct experience, with different parable stories, with different analogies that this is the way life works, because we’re really just walking around out there. No one tells you this, brothers. No one tells you that you are a reality-creating machine. Nobody tells you this.

They tell you, “Oh, you can be anything you want.” Well, that’s very vague, right? It’s very vague. It doesn’t really get to the root of the truth, which is you’re a reality-creating machine. You literally can create, you literally can create, be, experience, manifest, anything you want. All I’m doing with all of these episodes is trying to demonstrate that, again, with different stories, parables, analogies, and so on.

Yeah. Scientific evidence, which is some of what I’m going to talk to you guys about today, but the reason why I go deeper is to show you more and more of that, that more and more of what surrounds this belief, this perspective, and continuing to inquire why it isn’t taught in the earliest parts of our educational system. You know, brothers, this is all about being versus doing. It’s about energy versus matter, because being back in the United States, I left Mexico last week, and now I’m back in the US and I’m surrounded by a different collective consciousness. A collective consciousness that is more rooted in the third dimension.

What I mean by this is, I mean the dimension of matter. The dimension of three, three directions, forward, backwards, right, left, up, down. We experience the third dimension with our bodies. Really, really rooted here in this third dimension, what I’m in the US, I feel this collective consciousness of being rooted in here. It’s the Newtonian version of cause and effect, right? It’s this Newtonian version that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We’re constantly looking for this cause. What is the cause of this? What is the cause of that?

I experience this in the now, then I look in the past for the cause, because we’re not remembering, we’re not awake to, we’re not conscious of the truth that we are only living here now in this one moment. The cause is an energy. It is an invisible energy that we call consciousness intention, we call thought, right? Now, it’s not just thought. It’s not just what you think. It’s the intentions, the energy that you put behind the thought. That’s the actual cause, but we’re not aware of this, because we don’t see ourselves as these multiverse travelers. We see ourselves as these bodies moving through space and time. That’s what I mean by rooted in third dimension.

Now, we’re breaking through that, we’re getting out of that. We’re beginning to wake up to our greater selves, our higher selves. Will the third-dimension change? No, the third dimension will not change, but their dimension will still be the third dimension. We’ll still be experiencing this lifetime of matter and density, but we won’t be doing it from the perspective of being a body, bumping into a piece of matter and density, bumping into other pieces of matter and density, because when we do that, then we start to roll back, we roll back into the beta condition. We roll back into the ego. The eye.

We’re trying to survive in this world, this world of space, because to a higher dimensional being, which you are this higher dimensional being. Remember the analogy, the analogy I want to offer you as you look at the universal truth, as you look at the universal truth, the analogy I want to offer you is that you are a higher dimensional being that fell asleep one day and you’re asleep in your bed and you are dreaming this, you’re dreaming all of this third dimension, where everything is just bouncing around as a playground of experience, or maybe not, or it’s a nightmare of experience, but even the nightmares are really just projections, mirrors of the self-trying to wake you up, because it’s a dream, because you really can’t get hurt here.

That’s a wild concept. That’s a wild thought to think. Think about that, that’s a wild concept to think when we are so attached to, when we are so driven by the beta condition, or so driven by this lower version of ourselves, this fearful survival-based version, that simply again moves through space and time. What do we do? Here’s why we don’t see ourselves as multiverse travelers, right? Dimensional beings traveling through multiple universes, and we do this in a lifetime when we make a choice. We make a choice. We change the universe.

We jump the universe, as we move to a different – we change our vibration, and we change our vibration, it’s like changing the station on the television or on the radio. We change our vibration, and we move to another universe. It resembles universe that we had yesterday, right, or resembles universe we had another frequency, but there’s just – it’s a tiny bit off, right? Because the frequency is just a little bit, just a tiny bit. Now here’s the thing about these multiverses, they can be little change, you can have huge changes, right?

When we change our frequency, we change our frequency, it doesn’t take much, brother. That’s the move, to understand that it doesn’t take much to make major ripples in your vibration, major changes in your frequency, to make major ripples to experience a massive difference in your life. When I say difference, of course I’m talking about a neutral difference, but that difference is going to be based on the frequency that you’re emitting. The feeling that you’re having, because we’re not attracting or repelling things. That’s the way we think about it.

What do we think about it is when you understand the law of attraction, when you understand the law of attraction that you are a being of light, which is essentially frequency, vibration, and I’m so excited. I’m so excited to start the YouTube channel because there are things I just want you to see. I want you to see what a vibration is. I want you to see what a vibration looks like because then you maybe can understand that your vibration is essentially a frequency.

It’s a frequency that you are emitting. You are emitting as a being of light. This is not some woo-woo mumbo jumbo esoteric spiritual nonsense, although it may sound like it. Now, I don’t think you guys in the audience here listening to this podcast would think that, but I know that if you do believe this and you’re talking to people about this, then they are probably thinking, because again, I’m in the US, right? These things for me in here, when I come back to the space, I give a lot more of this is crazy. What I hear that is crazy is that energy affects matter, not that matter affects matter, but that’s essentially what we’re talking about here.

That is not the way our bodies move. It’s not being pushing matter around. It’s not being getting in a car driving this big chunk of molecules around. That’s not what gets a result. That is the result. That is the effect or gets the result with the cause of it all is the energy. Again, our mind in this place, our mind in the conditioned place that it is, big conditions so deeply, so deeply rooted into the matter, so deeply rooted into the density.

Again, brothers, here’s what I want to tell you something. I want to tell you something. I am not judging. I’m not condemning. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with any of the third dimension. Again, I will say again, over and over. It is the playground. The whole point of me saying these things to you is to wake you up to that fact, or that story. Wake up to this idea that you are free, that you are free. It may seem, as though I’m judging this third dimension, but I’m not judging the third dimension. I want to wake you up. It’s the matrix, brothers.

Here’s a real quick. I want to interrupt you for this short commercial announcement. We have this retreat coming. Me and a couple of my brothers. We’re setting up this retreat. It’s in Colombia. It’s in Santa Marta, Colombia. It’s in October. It’s just a few weeks away. Exactly what I’m talking to you guys about right now is what we’re going to be doing, demonstrating, teaching, practicing at the retreat, is to reveal the matrix to you, is to show you the matrix, to show you what is happening, why you keep repeating the same things over and over again, or why you were unable to experience this deeper inner bond with yourself because there is a block there. It’s called the matrix. It’s called this condition. It’s called the beta condition.

It’s to pull you out, right? Remember, Neo, when he goes into the mirror, right, to have that experience of separating from everything you think you know about what is real. You can see things as they are to break the illusion. I say enlightenment comes from the pineal gland, right? The third eye. The Ajna of chakra, to see the world as it is instead of the way you are. Then, and then to reinsert yourself back into the world as a child, being reborn as a child with child’s eyes and a child’s heart, so you’re out there enjoying yourself, having fun the way you were meant to, the reason for why you came here was to enjoy. It’s a rebirth, right?

Okay, so there was the real quick. I just, they want to throw that out there, brother. I want to remind you guys about the retreat, but that’s what it’s about. It’s about this multiversal travel. Again, it’s all you need is a tiny shift in vibration. All you need to do is change your vibration just a tiny, tiny bit, because look, all you want to create is a little change, right? Just a little change. Whatever that little change is, whatever glitch in the matrix you want to see.

In the movie, they would make these little changes. They would, I guess it would be a massive change in our world, right? The way we experience the matrix, where all – in one moment you have a window and another moment it’s bricked up, right? Like that would be, whoa, that’s water in the wine stuff, right? That’s a massive change, but it’s actually not a massive change. We think it’s a massive change because of our experience of the third dimension.

I’m not even talking about those massive changes. I’m talking about just minor subtle little changes, like one day you wake up and you just feel like you want to go running. Why do I want to go running? I don’t know. I just want to go running. I’m not even running. Maybe you just feel like I’m going to take a walk. I’m going to do something. I’m going to take a walk this morning. Something you’ve always wanted to do, or maybe just feel this freedom of something. It’s just a minor thing. I’m going to take a walk at lunch. You just start doing it one day, you just start doing it, or yoga in the morning or jujitsu in the evening. You just start doing it. All of a sudden it becomes a part of your life. It’s that minor change.

It’s a little tiny vibration where you went from a multiverse, you went from one universe where you were not doing that. It was not who you were, it was not a part of your day-to-day experience, the day-to-day, the repetitive. We talked about daily reincarnation last week, right? That day-to-day, who you are, the story you tell yourself did not include that, did not have that, those actions were not there. That’s a shift. That’s a change.

Now you think of yourself as this linear being, but really, it’s a move. You’re not attracting and repelling things as a being of light. You’re traveling through universes and you’re attracting and repelling the universe where that thing, you either have or you experience. Again, that’s a minor vibration, brother. You may think that, oh my gosh, it’s so difficult. That’s a part of why people have a tough time doing it. People have a tough time changing. People have a tough time creating the life of their dreams, because they think it’s such a major thing.

Here’s a major thing. Here’s a major thing, a major change in the universe, right? Trees that have roots on top and leaves underground. Now that’s a major difference. That’s a possibility, because again, the multiverse is an infinite number of potential universes. There are an infinite number of universes where the planet Earth doesn’t exist. First of all, consider that alone may blow your mind, where the sun never formed, where the Milky Way doesn’t exist or any one of the planets wasn’t there. That’s possible in an infinite possibility.

If there was an Earth that we have these trees where you have the roots on top of leaves underground or things where pine cones, they’re not created in the Fibonacci sequence. They don’t have the form of the Fibonacci sequence. Now, that would be something small for us, maybe be like, okay, well, it’s something small. Maybe we would definitely notice it unconsciously, we would notice it, but we still have pine cones, we still have oak trees, right? We still have these things.

These are actually minor changes. Super complex. Super weird changes, would be something like Spider-Man thing, right? Well, you’re flipping through, you’re the master of mystery or whoever it is, The Stephen Strange. And you’re going through and you’re an entire universe full of mirrors. Everything’s a mirror. Your entire universe full of – you turn into Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where they’re flipping through different universes and they turn into yarn or something like that. Because it’s possible. Everything’s possible. Board is yarn. While yarn is something, it comes from this particular place, so it just blows your mind.

Here’s what also blow your mind is when you think about dimensions, then. Brothers, a two-dimensional being has no idea what it would be like to be a three-dimensional being. A two-dimensional being can move forward and backward, side to side. Think about this. Again, I may have to do this podcast again when I’m on YouTube so I can draw this for you, but a two-dimensional being moves forward, backward, side to side. You start talking about words like up and down. They don’t even register in the consciousness of a two-dimensional being.

I mean, think about it. It doesn’t exist in their experience. In a two-dimensional being has no experience of up and down. It doesn’t even exist. It doesn’t register these words. Their mind can’t even comprehend it. We, as three-dimensional beings, we’re talking about the fourth dimension. There is another higher dimension. Then, of course, we can look at it, we can demonstrate it, mathematically, but that says nothing about the experience of it, just the way we can demonstrate it two-dimensions mathematically, but it says nothing about that actual experience, any more than demonstrating three-dimensions.

It says anything about our world, so we can look at it in demonstration of four dimensions mathematically, but what it is, it’s something that we as human beings, our minds cannot even be there, but yet it’s there. It’s a part of that infinite. When we get in touch with that, that consciousness look, because we are capable of that. Whoa, now I’ve done it, right? Now, I’m just – what did you say? Are we capable of that? Are we capable of understanding? Sure, we’re capable of going beyond this third dimension, but it’s those that are so locked in it as truth. That’s what I mean when I say the matrix, brothers.

It’s here. Yes, we are locked in an experience, but we don’t have to be locked in it in true truth. It isn’t the truth, and this is all about being versus doing. I want to come back to that. I want you guys to understand this energy versus matter. What does all this mean, this multi – what is Kevin talking about? Dimensions, and multiverses, and random event generators? Brothers, I’m going to start talking to you guys about random event generators and how we affect, with consciousness, these things that are meant to create random events. Not only are we affecting with consciousness here, I’m going to tell you this very quick, this very quick story. At least you have that. Then I’ll go back to how this can practically work for you, right? The being versus doing. We’ll apply it all back to that.

For decades now, scientists have been working on random event generators and the effects that intention and consciousness has on random effect generators. Essentially, a random effect generator is anything that will create a random effect. It’s a machine. It’s a computer that will create random effect. Some of the most basic random effect generators are the computers that shoot out ones or zeros, or the way we can sometimes do it. A very simple random effect generator experiment with ourselves is to flip a coin. Flip a coin, flip a coin, flip a coin. You’re going to get 50% heads, 50% tails, but it’s going to be based on random event. It’s all randomly based.

But if I flip a coin 10 times, it might be 70-30, it might be 80-20, but if I flip a coin 10 trillion times, we’re going to get close to that 50-50 marker of heads to tails, 50-50 ratio of head to tails. The random event generator is a generator that generates a random event however over time, over a certain amount of time. It’s always going to come back to 50-50, because again, that’s the nature of duality, brothers. That’s the nature of duality, right? It’s either or. It’s this or that, right? We have left or right. We have up or down.

Some of the things that scientists have done with these random event generators. One of the more famous ones around how consciousness effects random event generators has to do with little baby chicks and a machine. I’ll tell you guys about that in another podcast, because it’s a bit longer. I want to tell you guys an experiment that was done having to do with being versus doing and having to do with this concept of multiversal travel, because what they did was, they’d already done a lot of experiments on how intention, how consciousness can affect random effects in the present moment.

Those are some of the experiments I’ll talk to you guys about later. If I haven’t already mentioned some of them before, but they wanted to do one, because the scientists of quantum mechanics, the study in quantum mechanics have been practicality, they wanted to understand how this idea of timelessness, how this idea of eternity, how this idea of everything is happening now is affected with consciousness and with intention. What they did was, they took a recording of clicks, random clicks, clicks that would randomly create a certain amount of right clicks versus left clicks in your right ear versus left ear. They did this, these clicks and they recorded it, they recorded two of them, two identical copies and they put them in a safe.

They took one of the copies out and they gave them to a very well-minded, managed individual. I don’t want to put any labels on anybody’s. We’ll just say someone who is very well emotionally regulated and mind-managed. They asked this individual to, they said, “What we want you to do is we want you to intend to hear more clicks in your left ear than in your right ear.” Right? Have that intention to affect this random event, sway it to the left, to the left side. I say, okay, so he goes down and sure enough, like as he does this, the random events were swayed to the left and doing this many, many times with different individuals and different numbers of lots of different controls.

What they found is that when the clicks, when the randomly generated clicks occurred without intention, when they had nobody listen to it, without with intention and you listen to them for the first time, they’re running about a 50-50, but when you say, “Hey, intend this to be, have more clicks in the left side.” This is the first time, brothers. I want you to understand this, because this is the power of the experiment. This is the first time anybody had listened to this recording when they said, intend to stand more clicks in the left side than when it was listened to, then there would be more clicks on the left side and no one had listened to it before.

It’s not like the people had said they had known that there were going to be more clicks on the left side. They had no one to listened to it. That it was randomized. Maybe they say, “Listen to it and to intend more clicks on the right side.” Sure enough when they listen, there’s more clicks on the right side. This is essentially the hypothesis based on this experiment is that essentially once the recording is listened to in that moment, it’s being listened to and intended and the consciousness is intended upon the matter. It actually affects the time. It was recorded in the past, that it was recorded in the past, so that that matter was affected as well in order to be listened to in that moment of time.

Timelessness, this idea that time and space are one. The multiversal travel theory that I’m offering you guys here is basically that once you intend, once you have an intention, once you have a consciousness, once you put yourself on a timeline, that timeline is in that multiverse and everything in that multiverse becomes your frequency, becomes your alignment, including your past. That’s what forgiveness is.

Forgiveness is healing or letting go of the vibrations or of the emotions of the past. When you step into that new multiverse, when you step into that universe that has that slight variation, that little variation in your frequency, you are becoming that person that always was, that always was that person. That’s a huge amount of cellular release, the huge amount of change in your – is that change that occurs.

Again, brother, here’s the thing. Understand this. It happens at the energetic level first. Then you move into the dimension. You move into the realm of matter and density, where that vibration or that energy resides in that form, in that avatar, in that body, because of your consciousness. You’re the witnessing presence in the four-layer bio body suit. You are not the body itself. Although we experience, and again, I’ll say this. We experience this beautiful world through the body.

I guess that’s what I mean when I say there are higher dimensions. Here in the third dimension, our gift is taste, sight, sound, smell, and feeling, right? That’s our gift. We use our body to experience this beautiful realm of neutral matter, of neutral molecules, of neutral cells. It’s cells and energy and electrical impulses. That’s why The Matrix is such a wonderful documentary for understanding that this is all, it’s very neutral, that what we live in. Then to be into another dimension, to be in a fourth dimension, we can’t even understand what that experience would be like, because we wouldn’t probably have a body to understand what even experience is.

Here we are in this third dimension to understand that that’s why we’re here, to have this body and to enjoy the five senses. The first thing we have to do is we have to clean the conditioning, and the conditioning is essentially regulating our emotional addictions and having thoughts that we’re ashamed of. That’s what we’re doing, right? We’re hiding our thoughts. This is why human beings, and I’m going to say this loud, brothers. I’m going to say this right now.

The reason why we haven’t expanded our consciousness into telepathy, into being able to experience each other instantaneously without fear, in total love, and an alignment of frequency and vibration is because we’re hiding things from each other, because we’re ashamed, because we’re guilty, because we don’t want people to know things. That has to do with all the stuff that we talk about on this podcast and in the academy. It’s letting go. It’s forgiving. It’s being – you are a human being. You are a being of light. There’s nothing in your past to be ashamed of. There’s nothing there.

It’s just now. It’s just experience. It’s just beauty. It’s just light reflecting off of matter and all of the joy that comes with it for us through vibration, through frequency. That’s what we’re experiencing. We come back to being versus doing. If you think about yourself as traveling from one universe to another, because that’s what you’re doing. One universe where you are a person that does or doesn’t do one thing or another, then you travel to another universe where it’s the opposite, right?

I used the example last week of does drink coffee, doesn’t drink coffee, just as a really like small thing, but it could be anything. It could be does do heroin, doesn’t do heroin, right? That would be a “bigger thing” although there’s no such thing as a small miracle or a big miracle. It’s all miracle, changes miracle, acceptance, flow, intention, that’s all miracle. We do that. We do that all the time, and we need to recognize and celebrate those times. When we do do that, we do move from one universe to the other universe.

When that shift occurs, it’s an energetic shift. It’s a vibrational shift. Imagine a time machine. Time machines might be easier to think about, because we’re in this realm of time and space, instead of thinking about interdimensional travel, which you really can’t even – what is another dimension? I have no idea. I can’t imagine a two dimension, I can’t imagine four dimensions, because I’m stuck here in the third dimension. If we think about a time machine, right? Instead of an interdimensional or inter or a multi universal machine, then you’re in this time machine, you’re going to go back in time or forward in time. It doesn’t make a difference. Here we are in 2023, if you’re going to go to 2033, right?

While you’re traveling these 10 years, what you’re doing in the machine makes no bit of difference. Does it? Does it make any difference what you do while you’re in the machine? Does it make a difference if you do yoga, if you do pushups, or if you watch TV, or if you play with a Rubik’s Cube, or – it makes no difference, right? Because you’re traveling, you’re shifting, you’re in the machine and you’re going from 2023 to 2033. That’s what I’m saying when it comes to this multiversal travel, makes no difference what you’re doing. You’re going. You are an interdimensional being. You are being of light that shifts it.

Once you shift your frequency, brother, once you change your vibration, it’s not a matter of doing. You are already traveling. That’s what I mean when I say, you’re not attracting or repelling the thing. That’s like, I mean, that’s the secret, right? The law of attraction. We talk about repelling, attracting based on what it is that we’re feeling. It is what we’re doing in some way, but think about it more that it’s we’re attracting or repelling the universe where you have that thing. Therefore, when you’re in that vibration, when you’re in that frequency, it’s like you’re in that machine.

You’re just going there. You’re already moving into that other universe. What you’re doing does not matter. It doesn’t matter. The third dimension. This is what I’m saying. Why am I saying this? Well, why am I saying this coach? Coach, why are you saying this, Kevin? What’s going on? What’s the point of all of this? The point of all of this is it does not matter. Enjoy yourself. Celebrate. Celebrate. Stop being so hard on yourself. Stop judging yourself. Stop trying to force yourself into doing things. Shift your vibration with your energy and then go have fun.

Anything you want. Anything you can manifest or create. It’s only going to be created through joy and love and peace and freedom. It’s not going to be attracted. It’s not going to be experienced through fear and lack and doubt and worry, and concern. You see, because that’s usually what we do in the third dimension. We look at the space. In third dimension, we look at what’s not there and then we focus on what’s not there. Then we experience what’s not there, because that’s the multiverse. That’s the universe that we choose, that we think about, that we intend, that we emanate with the energy of our light, but instead you just know that you’re there.

You just feel that energy. You line that frequency and then celebrate. Go outside, take a walk. Oh, but I don’t have time, right? I don’t have time to go take a walk. Yes, you do have time. I’m going to do a-whole-nother podcast on this one, brothers. I’m going to do a whole other podcast on procrastination, a whole other podcast on overwhelm, because that’s all a part of this. It’s all a part of this being versus doing. What you think that you have to be doing, doing, doing, doing, that’s all about what you’re doing, doing.

Think about it. Think about being in that time machine again. Think about going from 2023 to 2033. Then the machine is doing it, you’ve set the machine, you’ve programmed the machine, which again is your intention, which is your consciousness, which in your mind. You’ve set the machine to get you there, but now you’re in the machine, you’re all worried, like, “Oh, my gosh. Am I going to get there? Is it going to work? What’s going to happen?” You think you get to do all these things. So, you’re in the machine, you’re worrying, you’re doubting and you’re trying to run around and contemplate and think.

What can I do? What can I do? What can I do to get us there? You don’t even enjoy the trip. You don’t even enjoy the travel from 2022 to 2033 or whatever I said. You don’t even enjoy the trip. Think of all the things you could do in the time machine. You could, like I say, you could do pushups, you could do yoga, but you could do all kinds of different stuff. You could learn a language. You could learn to play an instrument. You can paint a picture. You could do all kinds of things. You could go to parties. You could meet people. Start a conversation. Create a block of friends, all kinds of stuff. But no, what are you doing? You’re thinking about doing. I got to do, do, do, do, do. I got to reinforce this idea that it’s my behavior in this machine, my actions in the machine that’s going to get us to 2033. It’s not.

It’s the machine that’s going to get you there, that you’ve already programmed, that you’ve already set up, that you’re already getting there. Like I say, this may require another podcast, because of the length of this one right now. I want to go deeper into this concept with you guys to understand – so you guys can really understand this. We might even do like a very special podcast on it, but we are multiversal travelers. We are beings of light. It’s not about what we’re doing. It’s not about the matter.

Smoking doesn’t cause cancer. Telling yourself that these cigarettes are going to kill you. That’s what causes cancer. You understand the difference, brothers. I know that that sounds wild. You’re like, “Oh, my gosh. Did he just say that? Did he just say that it’s the way I talk to myself and the way I think about myself that creates disease in my body, but not the actions that I’m taking?” Yes, that’s what I’m telling you. That’s exactly what I’m telling you.

Look, if you want to smoke, I’m just going to take smoke as an example, because I know we have this connotation on smoking cigarettes. If you want to smoke cigarettes, there’s a person out there smoking cigarettes and feel so much love, so much joy, so much happiness in their life. They’re running around loving life, having a great time, enjoying bliss and happiness, and saying, yes to everything and they’re smoking cigarettes, that person is not getting cancer. That person is just not going to get lung cancer, okay. That person is a unicorn. We don’t see that person, right? We don’t see people. We don’t see smokers living that life.

We usually see smokers like all hunched over, right, coffin, right, like they got a raspy, they’re like, they got a little bit, “All I need is a cigarette.” Like they get angry if they don’t get the nicotine, but correlation is not causation. That’s the message here, brothers. Correlation is not causation. It’s the energy. It’s the energy. It’s the energy. You are capable of multiversal travel and you’re stuck. Your brain is stuck in the third dimension. That’s why I got to wake you up. That’s why I got to come to Columbia. Enroll in the academy. Come to Columbia. Get out of the matrix. Until next week, elevate your alpha


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