Ep #256: Daily Reincarnation

Brothers, today I want to talk to you about change, because that is what the Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy is all about, that is what the upcoming Awaken the One Retreat is all about, and change is what life is all about. Let’s first begin with understanding what power is. Many of us think that power comes with some sort of elevated position and status; “I am a doctor, therefore I have power.” But power is far greater than a mere rise in societal rank, power is the ability to adapt to change and create change with intention. 

We all have this illusion that we are linear beings and that life plays out in a straight line from birth to death. But if you believe in the universal truth of oneness, then you’d know that this is not the case. We cannot be dimensional beings while being trapped in living on the linear because in the universal truth, in oneness, there is no time, time isn’t real, everything exists all at once. You see, every time you make a choice, you are not affecting a linear narrative of right now. Instead, you are creating another branch-reality of your being in the unlimited potential that is the multiverse in which we exist.  And that is how we reincarnate daily, brothers. It’s not only through death (although, you can consider each choice as a mini-death of its own), it’s by stepping into new dimensions and creating change with intention.  

There’s nothing wrong with reincarnating who we were the day before, who we were before the choice. But if you seek change, then you must be reborn anew with each new day, with every choice, and at any given opportunity because this is how you expand your consciousness. By keeping your mind fixed on the choice you made, on the new version of yourself that you birthed into a new dimension. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable, brothers. All things take time. So when you make the change, the choice, be intentional, and give your body time to adjust to this new version of you, this changed you. Lean into that discomfort and watch your life transform right before your eyes.


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • A new definition of power. 
  • The illusion of linearity.
  • Why consciousness expansion is non-negotiable. 
  • Daily reincarnation by stepping into new dimensions. 
  • Giving your body time to accept the new version of itself. 

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[0:00:09.6] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.7] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and I want to very quickly update you on the retreat, on the men’s awakening retreat that I’m doing with a couple of my brothers in Columbia. Santa Marta, Columbia to be exact, which is on the Caribbean Sea, it’s near Cartagena. You may not have heard of Santa Marta but you may have heard of Cartagena.

It’s northern Columbia on the sea. It’s going to be in early October and that’s what you guys already know but if you go to the show notes of this show, of this episode, this podcast episode, you’ll see a link to a landing page and that’s going to give you a lot more information than what I’m going to deliver on this podcast.

Because really, I want to talk to you guys about daily reincarnation, right? I don’t want to talk to you for 20 minutes about the retreat. Although, it is going to be a transformative experience. So if you guys are ready to change with intention, if you’re ready to not just to make intentional change but change with intention, right?

So not just intent to change but have intention of that change, then begin to intend to join us in Columbia for this retreat. There’s only 12 spots and we haven’t started, we haven’t opened up the applications yet, although, it is going to be on the website. So on the landing page, you guys can go there and check all that out.

Now also, brothers, I’m leaving Tulum. I love Mexico generally, Tulum specifically, and I’m heading back to the States. As you guys know, I do that every summer to visit my family and here we go in August, so it’s kind of like that last time to see my family. Specifically, my niece, the little ones in the family that are going to be going back to school come September.

So, I’m going to be heading back to the US for a little bit before heading back out again. As you know, I’ll be in Columbia in October and probably heading south before that in September but brothers, I want to talk to you about change. That’s what the retreat is about and that’s really what the academy is about.

The academy is about change, it’s about school of change. What is power, right? What do we think power is? When we think about power, a lot of times, we think about power, some kind of status – power is status. If we’re a CEO, if we’re an officer of any company, or even if we’re an officer in some military branch, there’s this idea of power, this idea of rank, this idea of status.

Maybe it has to do with education, if we have a doctor’s degree or a master’s degree then we have this status, we have this rank, this power. But of course, if we identify with that, if I identify our power with that, with that thing, then if that thing is ever threatened or challenged, then so is our power.

So is our identity in some ways because that’s where we derive our power from, from the story we tell ourselves that give us that power. I’ve told you guys this before, early on, years, years, years, years ago, when I was doing a podcast on confidence where when I was running my gyms, in the gym, I had status, right?

I had this “power.” This false power because in the gym, there was a story that I was the boss, I was in charge but the moment I left the gym, I didn’t feel that way, I didn’t have that story. My power was gone and that’s what I mean when you connect power to some external status, some external place, some external thing.

I want to offer that power is the ability. Okay, here’s a new definition for power, that power is the ability to adapt to change and create change with intention. This is power. Because when you can do this, again, when you can adapt to the changes that are in the circumstance, changes in the events, changes in the now, in the moment, when you can adapt to that kaleidoscope of perfection, and you can create change, you can – with intention, you can affect the unified field, then you are when you can do this, when you can do both of these, then you are empowered, right?

You’re empowered, I’m empowered. That’s what we mean when we say we’re empowered. We don’t talk about being empowered when we graduate from college, right? We don’t talk about being empowered when we open our first business. Because these are statuses when we talk about being empowered.

[0:05:00.4] When we all of a sudden realize or connect to or align with who we really are – and the academy is a school of change. It teaches you how to have a relationship with change. It teaches you how to maintain stability in what is stable, and that’s the alpha state. That’s the eternal consciousness, that’s the observer, that’s who you really are. This observer, this flow, this witness, and it teaches you to work with the flow of change.

With the mile, with the illusion, with the hologram. Love and gratitude are a part of the stable state. You know guys, I love talking about love and gratitude because they’re a part of the stable part of this experience, the alpha state, they’re eternal, they’re what is, they’re real. Empowerment is a part of the interaction and relationship with change.

Empowerment is a part of the relationship with what is not real, with what is in constant movement in change. That’s the illusion, right? That’s the hologram, so you’re empowered when you have a relationship with the hologram, with our third-dimensional experience of matter and density, you’re empowered in that relationship when you have the ability to adapt to it and adapt to what is and with intention, manifest.

And both of these come through consciousness expansion, which is like a muscle that we train, consciousness as much. However, and I want to be very clear with my words, they’re very –we’re always playing that telephone game, right? I want to make sure I’m clear with my words even though words are symbols of symbols. And that – we talked about all of that because when I say consciousness expansion is like a muscle we train.

It’s difficult because we actually are consciousness. So we’re not training a muscle, right? We’re not training this thing that is not us. We go into the gym, we train a muscle or even any skill but we’re training that skill, and consciousness expansion is not a skill. Expanding our consciousness, we are consciousness, and expanding, it’s not as if we’re expanding it into what it is not.

We’re just expanding our aware of knowing that it is everything. So we’re actually just becoming more of who we are, right? We expand our consciousness, which is growing into more of who we are, right? Or we’re “remembering” who we are or we’re waking up, right? Or any of the other things that people say.

That’s what conscious expansion is. And the tool for practicing expanding your consciousness that I’m going to introduce to you guys today is something that I very briefly mentioned last week, and I think it’s important to bring back, circle back to so that you understand this concept and maybe even begin to play with it before enrolling in the academy.

Kind of like giving it a shot, see if you can do this on your own without the guidance of the mentors, of the coaches, and if you run into some barriers, some obstacles, some challenges then again, by all means, just enroll in the academy, we’ll guide you through it but at least, give it a shot, right?

Try this out, try this concept, try this practice out, I call it daily reincarnation because we have this illusion. We have this illusion brothers that we’re linear beings, having a linear experience. That we’re linear beings having a linear experience, which is to say that we’re kind of moving through time. We’re moving forward through time from birth to death and then even if you have this idea of reincarnation when the body dies, right?

Then maybe you believe that the soul comes back into another cellular form as the baby or maybe the soul passes on into some nirvana or some heaven, or maybe you believe none of that, right? But I think if you believe none of that, if you think the soul is over, it’s done then blackness ensues then you’re probably not listening to this podcast.

But either way, we believe that there’s a movement forward that maybe in some kind of reincarnation, things are cyclical, right? This linearness is that this is moving but I want to offer, brothers, a concept that not to be taken literally because everything is a story, not to be taken literally but to be taken in a way that empowers you. It empowers you, right?

With both the ability to adapt to change and number two, to create change with intention and that is that we are dimensional beings having a dimensional experience, let me explain this. Linear beings having a linear experience is like matter, like we’re here in the hologram, we believe in this hardness, this density, this firmness, right? These solids, liquids, gas, we believe in the matter.

Again, it’s hard to explain exactly what I’m talking about because it’s all energy, right? But the energy that kind of becomes very, very dense, right? It becomes very, very dense and settles into what we would then be able to have an experience with through our body. Again, the solids, the liquids, the gases. We can smell it, we can hear it, we can see it, we can taste it. We can’t hear it. Maybe we can hear it. We can’t taste it, we can definitely touch it.

[0:10:00.6] And that’s the linear beings having a linear experience. So we’re moving through this and that goes along with the idea of a universe. It goes along with the idea of what I talked about last week, this idea of time, this idea of the big bang or evolution, or whatever it is that we’re talking about here.

Offering the idea that we’re dimensional beings having a dimensional experience is more of a multiverse perspective. More to do with this new theory, and I think it’s moved from hypothesis to theory, I think scientists have now seen it. They’ve been able to measure this. So it’s now this theory of the unified field where time really doesn’t exist and because it doesn’t exist, everything is existing at once, in a field of oneness, right?

In a field, we talk about the field of oneness but really, it’s a field of superposition. It’s a field of wave, it’s a wave of possibility that everything is in a possible state of being, in all places, at all times. Now, I know that’s a difficult thing to grasp, it’s a difficult thing to wrap your mind around and that’s why I’m going to explain what I mean when I say dimensional beings having dimensional experience.

Because in every moment that we make a choice, in the linear beings, having a linear experience, we think that we make this choice and that we’re just moving forward in the same reality, in the same world that we were in before we made the choice. That the world we were in a minute ago is the same world we’re in today or now and it’s going to be the same world we’re in a minute from now, and tomorrow and a year from now and so on.

But being a dimensional being, we’re actually living in this multiverse. This multiverse where there is a universe, there’s an infinite number, an infinite number of universes because every universe, every one of these is a potential of a choice that you make in your life, and depending on that choice, you’re not moving forward in time as a linear being.

You’re actually stepping through the dimension, you’re stepping through this fabric, this dimensional fabric into another multiverse, into another multiverse where everything is the same except for this one thing that’s different, this one choice that you made because again, there’s an infinite number of multiverses. In every universe, there’s enough universes. Again, there’s infinite.

I know it’s a difficult thing to wrap our minds around but to say that, what I mean is that everything is the same except for one tiny glitch in the matrix and that glitch in the matrix is your choice. You made a choice to go right instead of left and that wasn’t stepping you forward in time in this dimension, it’s stepping you into another dimension, where everything in that dimension is the same except for you went right, whereas, in another dimension, you were going left, right?

So every time you make a choice, you’re stepping into a potential, into a possibility. Now, I hope that I’ve explained that well enough for you to understand this because really what it is it allows for you to understand change. It allows for you to get control of your change that you are the one in the state of choosing which universe, which dimension you’re actually experiencing, actually living in.

Now, here’s the thing brothers, because you’re a dimensional being and we’ve talked about this, right? We’d say, dimensional being, we say spiritual being, we say being of light, we say being of love, we say all these different things, right? But if you’re a dimensional being, then that means that your change occurs the moment you make the decision, the moment you take the action, right?

The moment that happens to the universal truth, you think it, you feel it, you do it, boom. You’ve done it, you’ve stepped into this new – again, it’s literally a new world. It’s not the same universe you were in a minute ago. It’s a completely different universe. Of course, everything looks the same because as I said, there’s an infinite number of universes in order for your perception of the illusion, of the hologram to maintain stability and journey for us to go through this experience, everything has to look the same, or else you’d be constantly reconstructing from the ground up.

So, everything is the same in this universe except for that one change and that happens instantaneously and the change that occurs in the realm of dimension, you have literally stepped into this new place. It’s not the same Earth, it’s not the same planet. It is the planet earth but it’s the planet Earth in a different universe. Now, I might be belaboring this a little bit but the reason why I’m doing that is because of this, because I want you guys to understand that.

[0:14:50.9] Even though the energetic, the dimensional, the spiritual change happens instantaneously, and by the way brothers, we call this a miracle, right? Or the mystics would call this a miracle, instantaneous change. Even though instantaneous change happens, it happens all the time. We just are unconscious of it and I’m going to get to that in a moment because I want you guys to understand how instantaneous change happens all the time.

Most of us don’t live in change. Most of us live in a repeating cycle because we are unconscious, because we are asleep, because we’re not expanding our consciousness. So most of us don’t do that, we just live in this repeating cycle, repeating, repeating, repeating. That’s what this whole podcast is about, how to change your life, and a lot of times, people come because they want to change their life in a positive way.

You know, “I want to experience more wealth, I want to experience more relationship, I want to experience more happiness in my relationship, I want to experience more health, I want to experience whatever those external things are.” But the truth is, and this is always the truth, my beloved brothers, the experience is the internal one.

It’s not the result that we want, it’s the way we think the result is going to make us feel, and that’s the problem. I don’t want to say problem because problem again is definitely the wrong word. That is the challenge with this third dimension because our dimensional selves, our dimensional beings, can make that instantaneous change, can step into a new dimension right now.

All you do is think it and we talk about this in the academy, we’ve talked about this in this podcast, you think it, it comes from consciousness. You choose to believe it, you choose to tell yourself a different story, maybe write it down and read it to yourself but as we know, what do we know? The realm of energy moves much faster than the realm of density than the realm of matter.

So although you, as a dimensional being, this pure consciousness, have stepped into another universe, have stepped into another universe through your choice, through your intention, right? Your body is not. Your body does not come with you. I mean, your body has come with you, your body has come with you but it’s coming with you in this way that it’s like kicking and screaming, right?

Kicking and screaming, kicking and screaming because look, like you, the dimensional being, the spiritual being has made the choice to change, right? So you make this choice but here is what has to happen. What happens in the realm of matter and density, which is moving so much slower, right? The vibration is so slow. Well, what has to happen is, the brain has to rewire, right?

The neural network has to go through its change and matter and density, in that hologram, and that takes time because the reason why we live in the hologram is to experience item and everything in the hologram is bound by time. Time and space, that’s what it is. It’s a time and space experience. So our brain has to rewire. We’re still working with the body that we pulled from the other dimension, right?

We pulled this body from the other dimension, we made this change, this spiritual, this dimensional change, and we rip this body out of its old dimension. We put it in this new dimension and now, it’s like, “What is going on?” It’s freaking out. It’s freaking out because you’re telling it this new story, this new story that I go to the gym every day after work or every day before work or I don’t eat sugar.

I don’t drink alcohol or I only drink alcohol at certain times. I feel amazing and loving and I show my wife, my girlfriend lots of attention. I give her lots of love and attention, I make her know she’s a special and important person. Because what we give is what we receive. So we talk about this or maybe it has to do with somebody else.

Whatever the change is, it could be anything, brothers. Whatever the change is, your body is going to take a little bit more time to adjust to that dimension than your consciousness because your consciousness adjusts immediately. It’s instantaneous, but your body has to go through all the things and stuff.

All the things that matter has to go through, we had to rewire the neural network, we got to deregulate the cells from their chemical addiction to the emotion, whatever the emotion is, we’ve got to deregulate that. We got to basically – we cut them off from their drug. We cut the cells off from their drug.

So they got to deregulate and then when they regenesis, when they split, when that cell creates a sister cell or a daughter cell, then that cell won’t have as many receptor sites for whatever that emotional addiction is, right? That the withdraw, that’s going through, that’s the healing process of the cell.

[0:19:56.2] That’s creating the cell back to homeostasis, where you’re not reliving past emotions that’s why you call it healing. Healing is letting go of past emotions, forgiveness. Healing, it’s letting go of past emotions because you’re actually, physically, bio-cellularly bringing the cells back to homeostasis.

You’re going through a withdrawal process and that takes time. The body comes into the new dimension kicking and screaming just like any drug addict going into rehab. There’s going to be the shakes, there’s going to be the resistance. The old self, the drug addict self does not want to look at the future. No matter how blissful and beautiful it may be, it only wants to hang on to what it’s known.

So there is that process, where the body has to join the consciousness in the new dimension and that can take time and that’s why consciousness expansion is so important because you’ve stepped in. You, you are the alpha state, you are the consciousness, you have stepped into the new dimension, and it’s so important that you hold onto that story.

That knowing that you’ve stepped into that new dimension that you are that person. You are that person that what, whatever that changes. It could be a micro change, it could be a macro change, that person that brings flowers home for your wife, that doesn’t drink coffee, that plays softball with a group of guys every summer, whatever it is, and I know what happens too.

I know what happens when you begin, you’re like, “Okay, so if I do this, then what happens?” Well, your brain, the old neural network puts up a fight, kicking and screaming. “No-no-no-no-no” that’s going to come with all these excuses why you can’t do that. “Well, I don’t have time to swing by and pick up flowers.”

Or, “If I don’t drink my coffee, then I’m not going to have energy.” You got to do it, you’re dependent on this, this is like, “This must happen, I don’t want to be groggy for work” or maybe with the summer with the softball it’s, “Yeah, I don’t have time in the summer time. I’ve got all these other things to do.”

“I don’t want to spend the time looking for this league or driving out there” whatever it is, it’s always going to come with a complaint because it wants to keep you in this dimension. That’s what easy for it, that’s where it knows that’s where it’s safe. So we reincarnate every day, we reincarnate every day by stepping into a new dimension but we hold that story.

That story of the new you, the future you, the you that is living in that dimension, that’s always lived in that dimension, that wouldn’t know what it’s like to not live in that dimension. If that’s what you choose if you choose to not drink coffee, like let’s say you say this, “I’m not going to drink coffee” right?

That’s the change that you’re going to make and I know that maybe like something small, maybe something big, for some of you, you’re going to be like, “Whoa, that’s never going to happen ever” but for some of you you’re like, “Oh, that’s kind of small” but let’s just go with it because it doesn’t matter because all miracles are the same.

All miracles are the same. You say, “I’m going to choose to not drink coffee” and so you say that to yourself, and here’s the idea of daily reincarnation just very quickly. I mentioned it briefly last week but I am going to repeat it here is that rather than the body dying to reincarnate the soul as a baby through a new cellular form through your “lifetime.”

The idea of daily reincarnation is that you go through a death, “little death” or the little death dimensional death every single day, every time you sleep essentially. Every time you shift our brainwaves from the waking, beta state, beta brainwave, that’s the waking, right? That’s the program, that’s being in the matrix.

When you are in beta wave, you’re living in your conditioning, right? You’re living in your conditioning, you’re living in the program in the matrix, then you slip down into the alpha. When you slip down to alpha, then you’re living in a more relaxed state. This is much closer to that state of manifestation, close to that state of oneness.

Close to that state of bliss, so you step down to that alpha state brainwave and then you start to fall asleep by going into theta and then delta, and what I am offering here with this concept and it’s a concept, brothers, let’s not take this too far. I don’t want to take this to the extreme where I am saying like we’re actually dying.

I just want to say is as a concept that every time you fall asleep, every time your brain slips into delta, you’re resetting. You’re going into this watch, this reset, and that’s where the dream state is. The dream state is like the Bardo states where they – when you talk about the body dying and you go into the Bardo states, where the soul is washed of all the experience.

The life flashes before the eyes and so on. Well, we kind of do that with our dreams. We do that with our dreams, we process the day, we have a lot of images and things that happen, and so it can be a very similar concept but then we wake up, what happens? Well, we’re reincarnated and what most of us do, what most humans do is we reincarnate who we were the day before.

We wake up and we just immediately, for safety’s sake, right? For familiarity to figure out how to begin to take action rather than pay attention to what’s going on in our body. See, most people know we don’t pay attention to our vibration. We just immediately begin to buffer, we just get up and state going.

[0:25:00.7] Start moving and start acting because that reminds us of who we are. We just need to remember who we are, “Oh yeah, this is what I do. This is what I do, this is what I do because this is who I am. This is who I am.” So we’re just reincarnating the person that we were before. Now, that’s great and that’s wonderful. There is nothing wrong with that.

Remember, we’re not talking about right or wrongs here. It’s simply that if the life that you’re repeating, if the life you’re reincarnating every day is not the life that’s serving you, if it’s an experience that you’ve become either addicted to or maybe suffering from, then you have the power to change that every single morning by just making a new choice.

By saying, “Okay, I’m not going to drink coffee” and you could practice this every day before going to sleep. This is the practice that I would offer and that I offer you now. Every single day before going to sleep, one thing, when I wake up in the morning when I’m in the morning and I’m in a new body, I’m in a new universe.

New universe, new body, my consciousness, the consciousness that I am, I am consciousness, I’m everywhere at all times, I’m in every dimension, I’ve made every choice, and when I wake up, everything will be the same. I’ll be here, I’ll be in this beautiful, wonderful, amazing, again, state of rapture because I’m alive and this will be different.

This is the glitch, this is the change I’m going to make in the matrix, not a glitch, right? So change you’re going to make with intention and you say that every night before you go to sleep, so you know what that is, and that’s going to be, “I’m not going to drink coffee” and then you wake up in the morning and you look at that.

You look at that writing, that piece of paper, maybe it’s a vision board of something, it’s a big cup of coffee with a circle and then next through it like Ghostbusters, you’re looking at that, you’re like, “Whoa, okay. So I’m not going to drink coffee.” Remind yourself of who you are, you remind yourself of the consciousness of who you are.

That you are not a person that drinks coffee any more than you’re a person who shoplifts if you guys remember that. If you guys are new to the podcast, I used to use that as an example, right? There are people out there who like to steal things but most of us just don’t think about it, most of us are so –

We just walk in, we see a price tag, we walk to the register, we pay for it. We don’t think about stealing it. It is not a part of our awareness. And that’s the same, drinking coffee is no longer a part of your awareness, it’s just not something you do. You know that other people do this, you know that other people shoplift but you don’t do that.

You don’t drink coffee and here’s the thing, so you get up in the morning. Now your body is being dragged kicking and screaming into this new dimension. So your body wants that coffee. Your body is already like, “Oh, what is going on? Where is our drug? Where is our caffeine?” So your body needs time.

It needs time to adjust, it needs time to come into in its form of matter, it’s form of density, it’s cellular form, the alignment that your consciousness has shifted into, okay? So it takes that time and that’s the withdrawal thing, right? That’s the change thing, that’s where we go through, that’s why people eventually maybe give up and say, “I’m done with it.”

Here’s the thing brothers, and I am going to try to wrap this up. I know we’re getting close but here’s the thing, when you guys make that choice, when you make that choice, it can be any choice. It could be anything like all miracles are the same. All miracles are the same. When you make that choice, the practice of consciousness expansion is to keep your mind on that choice.

It’s to keep your consciousness on that new story, knowing that you’re in that new dimension that you’ve literally died and are born again, reincarnated into this new day, into this new universe where yes, your body has come from this old universe. So you’re aware that it is going to take time, your bio-suit, right? Your machine, your avatar.

That’s why I offer this concept so that you can be gentle with your body. I have talked to you guys a lot about how to handle emotions, y resisting, avoiding, reacting, knowing that your body – let’s put it this way, it’s your past self. It’s your past self, it’s your past self that’s coming into this new self.

It’s the body, the bio-suit, the avatar of a conscious choice that is no longer you. So this new you, this consciousness that is now you with this new choice is putting on this new suit and it’s just taking a little bit of time to wiggle into. I’m just wiggling into this new story because it is the body becoming the story, not the story becoming the body.

So you put in this new suit and wiggle into it. Now, if you resist it, if you fight it, if you try to avoid it, when I say avoid it, I mean all the discomfort, then you’re going to have that suffering, and you might even quit. You might just say, “Okay, this change is not worth it. I’m just going to go back to that old dimension” right? Because then, the body kind of drags.

[0:30:00.2]: It falls back into the old dimension and the consciousness just comes with it, we call it the relapse. You end up back in that old place, back in that old dimension, back in that old universe. Just thinking that you’re living that linear life again but when you can feel into the discomfort, when you can just kind of allow it to be their knowing.

Knowing what’s happening, “I am going through withdrawal, I’m going through cellular down-regulation. I’m going through cellular regenesis. I am going through a rewiring of the neural network.” This body is going through the changes in matter and density, which take more time that are required to catch up to who I am choosing to be.

That’s a part of the conscious expansion when I say to be able to adapt to change and create change with intention. You adapt to it by leaning into that “discomfort” and we only call it discomfort because there’s shifts. Because that’s the way which we maybe choose to experience it.

But if we can choose to experience it with a different perception, with a different story that we are loving ourselves into the new dimension. We’re kind of pull it, it’s like that Thor, right? You guys remember the Marvel movie with Thor, that’s the Einstein Rosen Bridge, right? We’re going between two worlds here, okay?

Your consciousness takes you instantaneously, you’re there but your body has to go through this bridge like they did in the movie. So welcome it, give it support. Say, “Yeah, you’re almost there.” We’re getting there, we’re getting there, it’s all good, you’re going to make it. Eventually, you’re going to be here with me.

All of this is going to go away, all of this discomfort is going to go away because you’re going to be here with me in this new universe. We’re on together, where the story and the body are one. Where there is none of this cognitive dissonance anymore because the consciousness that I am using to change and step into the future is no longer fighting against the old neural network that’s in the old dimension.

Because the neural network has caught up to the new dimension and now that we’re not in cognitive dissonance anymore, where now, we’re just in that new choice. The choice is now effortless and easy and it’s just who we are and look brothers, I just want to finish with this. I know this is a longer one, hopefully, you guys understand this concept and begin to apply it and use it.

Just one thing, one thing but don’t judge yourself. You don’t have to make this thing so magnanimous, right? Take it easy, begin with something small. I just want to say begin with coffee maybe, make something very small or maybe that’s too big. You’re like, “Oh no-no-no, that’s too much” but something small because all miracles, all miracles are equal.

There’s no such thing as one miracle that’s greater than another and miracles happen all the time. All the time, a miracle is stepping into a new dimension. A miracle is taking your consciousness and making a shift in who you think you are in such a way that it empowers you. That’s a miracle, that’s a miracle.

We can do that for others. There is no difference in miracle and I’m going to say this, while you guys think about this, there is no difference in miracle between quitting drinking coffee and quitting shooting heroin. And you guys maybe like, “Whoa-whoa-whoa, what does that mean?”

Certainly, it is much easier to quit drinking coffee. Sure, maybe but in terms of the miracle itself, in terms of the shifting of consciousness, in terms of per human A saying to himself, “One day, I am no longer going to drink coffee” and then waking up that morning and never touching a cup of coffee again.

I know that’s extreme and maybe like, “Well, what’s so bad about coffee?” I’m not saying there is bad about coffee. I’m not saying that at all, please don’t take my words to deem that as coffee. What I am saying is that there’s no difference in going cold turkey with coffee and person B, you know, a heroin addict just says, “That’s it.”

Like, “I’m done. This is rock bottom, I can’t take it” right? They’re done and saying, “I will no longer shoot, I’m done. I’m going, I’m done.” Like maybe walking into a clinic, getting some help, really waking up that next morning and never shooting up again. It happens brothers, it happens. It happens, we think we don’t even notice these miracles.

Even as simple as giving someone a hug and feeling, feeling the change in their heartbeat, that is a miracle because there is a shift that occurs. There is an energetic shift that occurs. It can be inspiring when you inspire when you expire with example or expire with anything, you can invoke this in others.

But the point is, the point is, there is no such thing as a small miracle and a large miracle. One of the great teachers said, “You will be able to do all this and more when you have the faith great like a mustard seed” right? You’ll say to that mountain, “Move from here to there” and it will move and that’s what we’re talking about.

[0:35:04.0] We’re talking about making a conscious change, a change from who you are from the foundations, from the roots of self, which is the awareness, which is the observer, and stepping into where the mountain was in the east and into a new dimension, where now the mountain is in the west and in that new dimension, you no longer drink coffee.

Or you no longer feel anxiety around talking to beautiful women. I mean, to throw in a relationship thing. Because the person who felt the anxiety is the person where the mountain is in the east and now the mountain is in the west, and it’s okay if you still feel anxiety because you know what? That’s just your body catching up.

Yeah, your body is catching up, your body is catching up to this new consciousness that doesn’t feel anxiety. So you tell yourself, “I’m feeling this anxiety but it’s just my body catching up.” It’s my body just become – it’s moving. So that way, you, your consciousness can approach, can go up and talk to, can make a connection with people.

Whether it’s a beautiful woman or whether it’s somebody else. You can just begin to make more friends, whatever it is and yeah, you’ll still maybe feel the anxiety because your body is, like I say, your body is still in another dimension but it will go away because you made the conscious choice to be the person who doesn’t experience life that way.

Again, even if you do, you love it. You ease it in and that’s what I got for you today, brothers. I will see you next week or you’ll hear from me next week and until then, elevate your alpha.


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