Brothers, let’s talk about doubt. Rather, let’s have a discussion about using manifestation, unwavering belief, and the conviction of knowing to eliminate all possibilities of doubt. You see, like all of you, I too am a doubter. I am also half-hearted in my commitments, and my resolutions are constantly being tested by the distractions all around me.  

But living in doubt is not the route toward embracing your alpha. In fact, brothers, it’s quite the opposite. Doubt is fear. Doubt is using force. Doubt is listening to the people around you and ignoring your own desires. Doubt is the enemy of progress. 

To free yourselves from the shackles of uncertainty and welcome peace and conviction into your life, you need to prioritize three things. The first is knowing what you want. You need to know what you want out of life and from the universe and declare it to yourself and to the ether; loudly and without any shame!   

Then, you need to believe in your heart and mind that what you want is already yours. It has already been done. This will shift your vibrational frequency to attract the very thing you’ve already professed. This, brothers, is how we can move mountains and turn water into wine. Yes, that power is not only for deities. You possess it too!

Lastly, let go. Let go of your attachment to your desired outcome. Let go of fear, internal and external judgment, guilt, shame, all of it! Let go and allow your conviction of knowing to permeate through your body, as you witness your mind’s manifestations unfold before your eyes. Tune in today to learn how to alter your thinking, change your actions, and of course, elevate your alpha.


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • How to prosper through manifestation, with unwavering belief and the conviction of knowing.
  • The first priority: know what you want and declare it to yourself and the universe. 
  • Why actions alone are not enough; strong willpower is required to make lasting changes. 
  • Believing it’s already done as priority number two. 
  • Letting go of your attachment to the outcome: a powerful third priority.
  • Why actions don’t change thought, but altered thinking changes actions.

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[0:00:09.7] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.6] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and today, let’s talk about manifestation. Let’s talk about creation and bringing high vibration thought into low vibration form, and this is really the essence of everything I teach and guide. Everybody wants to know how. How do I create more money, more wealth, how do I achieve more prosperity?

How do I have amazing relationships or any relationship for that matter? How do I attract the woman of my dreams, how do I get the body that I want, how do I lose body fat or optimize my health? How do I essentially heal myself from either physical disease or pathology? And these are the three things that humans seek in physical form, right? Health, wealth and relationships.

This is really the accumulation of everything, is our bodies, our property, and our relationships, and relationships are everything. But today, brothers, I’m going to dispense with the esoteric, all right? Enough with the esoteric, enough with the mysticism, enough with the spiritual woo-woo and mumbo jumbo.

Here is how you do it: You do it with unwavering belief, you do it with indomitable conviction of knowing, you do it with your immutable thoughts towards what you desire, you do it through knowing it’s already been done and then you let go of attachment to the outcome, which is the root of doubt.

[0:01:51.0] I’m going to make a confession here brothers, I, like all humans, struggle with this myself. I am a doubter, I am an unbeliever, I am half-hearted in my commitments, my beliefs stand on shaky grounds and my resolutions are tested over and over again by the distractions offered to my mind.

And yet, I have proven to myself time and time again that when I hold on to a thought, a feeling, a vibration of knowing, I prove to myself that anything is possible, including the moving of mountains. So today, I’m going to offer you what I know to be true, although I fall short of my own teaching from time to time.

I’m going to give you what I struggle to give myself from time to time. I’m going to guide you through the process that I fail to utilize from time to time. First of all, know what you want. Know what you want, this is the priority. This is the priority always brothers, always, you have to know what you want.

You have to know, this is so important, this is the most important. I mean, you have to really, really know, and I can’t really emphasize this anymore than saying this repeatedly to you over and over again. It can’t be a wish, it can’t be a hope, it can’t be a “Well, it would be nice if…” type of aspiration.

[0:03:05.3] You have to know, you have to declare, you have to know to yourself, you have to declare it to yourself in the universe that this is what you want to experience in your life, and to do so without wavering, without fear, without judgment, and without doubt. So what do you want? What do you want?

Let’s start with the easy one, let’s start with money. Everybody wants money, right? And I shouldn’t say that everybody wants money, but everybody wants money. You want to have more money, people that have money want more money. People that don’t have money want more money. Everybody wants more money.

So it’s okay, that’s okay. Let yourself want, forget why. Forget why you want more money brother, don’t bother yourself with the question of why, don’t look for the reasons behind your desire yet. We’ll get into that later, not on this podcast but later in your spiritual journey.

Right now, just to manifest, just to have it, just to get it, you have to be wholehearted in your desire, without fear and without judgment, without the fear of what other people think and without the judgment from yourself about why you might want this.

[0:04:10.4] Maybe it’s a relationship, maybe you want to be with a woman, just commit to that desire. You want to be in a relationship, why do you want to be in a relationship? Who cares why, you want it. You want to experience it, and that is reason enough. Because you want it, that’s the reason why.

That’s the reason why enough, you don’t need another reason why, you don’t need to go back into your childhood and figure out why you want something that you don’t have. The fact that you want it is enough, just commit to it. Commit to wanting it, believe that this is what you want and experience it.

Get it, go and have it. You want to bench-press 365 pounds, why? Who cares? It doesn’t matter. Just the fact that you want it. Once you start asking yourself, “Why do I want this?” you will start to doubt whether you should have it or whether you deserve it or whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

It’s all just neutral, brother. Everything on the outside is neutral. I’m telling you this from science, I’m telling you this from spirit, I’m telling you this from personal experience. It’s all neutral on the outside, so stop caring what other people think, including yourself. Stop judging yourself, stop doubting yourself.

[0:05:18.8] If you want it, ask for it. If you want it, then wanting it is reason alone for you to have it, period. Okay, so that’s number one. Determine what you want, and we do this in exercises in the academy. It’s a part of the curriculum, you have to know what you want, not why you want it, and if you don’t know what you want, then just choose.

It sounds arbitrary, doesn’t it? Just pick up a magazine and look at the pictures. Maybe, depending on what magazine it is, you’ll be looking at different pictures, but here’s the thing, pick up a magazine, look at the pictures and point to something and say, “That’s what I want” right?

Maybe it’s a boat, maybe it’s a jet ski, maybe it’s a female, right? Maybe you’re looking at a picture of a woman and say, “That’s what I want.” Maybe it’s a partnership, right? So, relationship. Maybe it’s a vacation to Greece, maybe it’s a Rolex, I don’t care. Maybe it’s a TUMI backpack, makes no difference to me, this is about you.

What do you want? And don’t let anybody else tell you that you shouldn’t have it, don’t let anybody else tell you that’s sexist or greedy or entitled or whatever else. Fuck that and fuck them. Pardon my French, right? Like I don’t swear often on this podcast but when I do, it’s for emphasis. You a have to know this.

[0:06:24.2] I’m not trying to be rude or cruel. I’m saying, stop listening to what other people think. Stop paying attention to what other people are telling you, stop being influenced by what other people are telling you what is right and wrong, good and bad, or what you should or shouldn’t want. If you want it then you want it and that’s the end of the discussion.

That’s the end of it, you want it, period. You know, we saw way too much of this during the pandemic, other people telling each other what they should or shouldn’t be doing or saying or how they shouldn’t or shouldn’t be living. Look, everybody has a right to their opinion and no one has a right to force their opinions on someone else.

We only do what other people tell us to do when our own convictions are too weak to withstand self-doubt. So be resolute in your wants, be immutable in your desires, be indomitable in your knowledge of what you choose to experience in your life. This is first and that is actually 100% of the process of manifestation.

It’s the only thing that really matters, everything else I say from here on out is just a part of reinforcing this concept. You have to know what you want and stand by your wanting as if your life depended on you having it. And once you know what you want, be the person that already has it. And this is where most people fail.

[0:07:36.1] This is where doubt creeps in, it sabotages the process of manifestation. It’s the unconscious process of being the person you are without the thing you want that doubts you being able to experience what it is that you do want. Do you understand what I’m saying? In fact, I’ll say it again and listen to this, rewind it if you have to.

It’s the unconscious process of being the person you are without the thing you want that doubts you being able to experience what it is that you do want. That’s what it means to say you’re getting in your own way, because you’re getting in your own way.

You’re too busy being the person you are without the thing that you’re not allowing yourself to be the person you are with the thing, and that’s doubt. You have this image of yourself, this holographic representation of your third dimensional self that exist through your ideas in your mind.

And that image of yourself believes what it is only because it’s experiencing what is happening through past conditioning. Essentially, your present is a result of your past and if you don’t change your present, you won’t experience anything different in your future because your present will become your past and will create more of the same present.

[0:08:42.7] Now, this doesn’t necessarily require you to do anything different. Although, actions are a powerful form of a shift in energy and unfortunately, as I have experienced time and time again with myself and with my students, changing actions alone is not enough. It’s just not enough.

That is basically just a matter of willpower, which will run out over time and leave you returning to your story, the mental image of who you think you are, and this becomes a relapse into 3D. In the realm of form, this is what we call a relapse or self-sabotage.

Basically, it means that when you run out of your willpower, you’re just going to go back to the way you were before all the changes you thought you were making by doing things differently just go out the window, and you return to doing the things that you did before because you were always being the person that you were before. You never changed your beingness.

For example, if you want to create a $50,000 a month lifestyle, there might be some things you can do to make that happen. If you’re currently making $10,000 a month and you want to start making 50k a month, then yeah, there might be some things you could do make that happen.

[0:09:45.5] You might hire a coach or someone to get you to change all your actions around money and business and wealth generation. You might even find it, you stumble upon a lump sum of money, right? Through an inheritance or winning the lottery or some kind of gift somebody gives you like, “Here’s $40,000 to go on top of your $10,000 that you earned this year.”

There you go, there’s your $50,000 a month lifestyle, but in the end you’re going to spend that money and it will be gone or you’ll sabotage your business, the business that you made one or two or three months you were making 50k, you’re going to sabotage that business and you’ll go back to making 10k a month.

And the reason is because although you took different actions, your will power ran out and you never changed yourself. You never changed your beingness, you never went inside and let go of the stories you had about how much money you create in a month. You just did the outer work of going through the motions, of changing the actions.

Now, I’m going to propose that you don’t actually have to do anything different, you don’t have to do something to make miracles happen. You just need to be someone different, you need to experience yourself differently. You need to vibrate differently, you need to think differently. You need to exist in the way that this new version of yourself would exist.

[0:10:51.2] It’s not about the day-to-day, it’s not about the moment to moment activities. It’s about the inner vibration, it’s about the beingness of your mind and emotion. Brother, you need to know that what you want is already yours, it’s already there. This is a part of why doubt creeps in right here, this is the process of doubt.

Doubt begins to creep in because if you believe that you have to do something in order to experience what you want, then you don’t believe you already have it, and that is the very doubt that keeps you from experiencing it, do you understand? Like, if you have to do something to experience it, then that gap, that doing, is the doubt.

If you believe that there’s an action you need to take, then that action is the gap between wanting and having, which is the doubt that you have around your ability to experience. So number two, is to believe that it’s already done, right? Number one, know what you want and don’t gloss over number one, please don’t gloss over number one. Don’t move on to number two so quickly. Everything exists in number one. Know what you want.

Brother, you have that know what you want with so much certainty that it’s already done, with so much certainty that number two just becomes automatic. So let me explain this to you, when you get to the point in your believing that you know so strongly what you want, and you do so with certainty and conviction and clarity, you will be able to perform miracles.

[0:12:14.6] When you know, with 100%certainty, what you want to create from the benevolent universe, it will manifest before your eyes without you having to do anything. It is the doubt that creates a time gap, and that is all. It’s just your doubt. So number one, know what you want. Number two, believe it’s already done, this is the power of miracles. This is the formation of what we humans call miracles.

This is how people survive skydiving accidents, this is how people heal form cancer. This is how people turn water into wine. This is what the Christ meant when he said, “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain move from here to here and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.” That’s what he meant.

It’s knowing what you want and believing it’s already done and yes, people have survived sky diving accidents. People have jumped out of planes at 10,000 feet, their parachutes didn’t open, and they lived. Yeah, they bounced off the ground a few times and they were in the hospital for a few months, but they lived.

People have gotten cancer, brother, cancer, a disease that nobody has healed from, a disease that kills, and people heal. Cancers disappear and doctors say it’s a modern miracle. It’s a modern miracle of science, and what about the old miracles? The miracles that we hear about in mythology? The water into wine. Yes, it’s possible. Yes, it’s possible to move this mountain from here to there as the Christ says, “Nothing is impossible when you believe.”

[0:13:48.1] And unfortunately, none of us listening to this podcast are at that point yet. You know, there may be people looking today who are at that point, living somewhere in the east, in the Himalayas or in temples or caves or ashrams. I don’t know and I’m not going to speculate. I’m not going to waste my time in speculation, I’m not going to waste your time.

I’m only concerned with you, my brothers. So I’m going to offer you number three: Let go. Number three is to let go, is to let go of your attachment to the outcome. And why do you let go? Because if you don’t let go, you’re in doubt. If you’re attached to the outcome, you’re in doubt and again, this is where people get caught up.

This is where the teaching gets misunderstood and misinterpreted. Brothers, when I say let go, I don’t mean let go of your desire, I don’t mean let go of your want. I mean, let go of your attachment to the want. And this can be confusing to for the mind, which is why doubt and confusion are actually programming partners of low vibration.

We talk about the I-Ching, when we look at the gene keys, the low vibration of doubt is a programming partner to the low vibration of confusion. One of the actions that follows the vibration of doubt is force. When you try to force something to happen, you are essentially in a vibrational state of doubt and people don’t understand this. People try to force things all the time.

[0:15:00.9] And I’ll give you a practical example. Let’s say you want a girlfriend, let’s say you want a relationship, let’s say you’ve been single for a long time and you decide that you want to be in a partnership. Okay, that’s number one. You’ve decided what you want, you know what you want, you want to be in a partnership, you want to be in a relationship, that’s number one.

The second step that I’m offering is that you believe it’s already done. You must believe that you’re already in a relationship, and most people don’t get this concept so they just go on being the same person they’ve always been. They think that they can be the person that they are when they’re not in a relationship and expect that a relationship will be what changes them.

That they will continue to think and feel the same way and something external will change, and this is the first barrier. Understand what I’m saying here, relationships don’t change you, they just reveal to you who you already are. If you want to be in a relationship, you need to change before the relationship, that’s how you’ll attract the relationship, otherwise, the relationship is going to reveal to you that you’re always somebody who wanted to be single anyway and that relationship won’t complete.

That relationship will end. And that’s why people go from relationship to relationship because they’re never being the person that they want to be in a relationship, they’re always being the person they want to be as a single person and then they’re being revealed to that, that’s being revealed to them in the relationship, which is why relationships are chaotic and corrupted and they end up completing.

[0:16:15.1] So, what does this person who doesn’t want to or know how to do differently, what do they do? What does this person who doesn’t know how to be different from the inside, what do they do on the outside? They force. They start forcing themselves. They start forcing themselves to approach women.

You know, they might hire a dating coach to hold them accountable around approaching five to 10 women each week, right? They might take advice from their coach on how to speak to women differently, about how to polarize energy, which is really just a form of manipulation, black magic, or they might do a bunch of things to make themselves more appealing and more attractive.

Like go to the gym, or change their diet plan or dressing in a different style. They force themselves into a lifestyle that doesn’t fit with the way they think and feel about themselves and they force themselves into approaching women just for the sake of hoping that they’ll hit on one that gives them a yes.

Whoa, what a wild way to go about creating a beautiful relationship, what a wild way to go about creating a sacred union, right? It’s bananas, it’s completely backwards.

[0:17:14.3] First of all, the personal lifestyle changes will fail overtime because this is a matter of will power, and that will run out as I have described earlier in this podcast. They will quit their meal plans, they will stop going to the gym and all of the new clothes that they bought will sit in the closet and never get worn because they just didn’t change their being.

They didn’t change from the inside, nothing on the outside will feel good to them. Nothing on the outside, the meal plan won’t resonate, the gym won’t resonate, all the clothes that they bought won’t resonate and second, they’re going to go through rejection after rejection and the women that do offer them a yes will eventually either end up feeling the vibration of the not relationship, right?

Which is what this person has been vibrating and hasn’t done their inner work to change, or the relationship will be chaotic and corrupted due to the nature of which it was created, which is through the energy of just throwing darts wearing a blindfold. That’s the energy of approaching five to 10 women a week.

You are just basically blindfolded throwing darts hoping it will bulls eye, hoping for any yes I can get, right? I am just going to approach all of these women until I just get one that will say yes to me. That’s ridiculous. I mean, I’m sorry, I’m not judging anybody’s coaching strategies. I am just saying that it is ridiculous.

[0:18:20.9] You aren’t here to attract your partner, you are here to attract your sacred union. You are not here to just throw a bunch of darts at a dart board blindfolded, hoping it will bulls eye, that’s not why we’re here. Now brothers, because this is the case with number two, right? Knowing that it’s already done, the only real way we can know it’s already done is when it is experienced in the 3D, and that’s what we call a result.

The only way we know it’s already done is when we get the result of it being done. We only know it’s done when it is done, essentially, right? We only know it’s done when it is done, period. There is no magic here, there is no trick of the mind where I know it’s done but I don’t experience it being done, right?

I am not talking about magic. The miracle happens when it happens and the less doubt you have, the faster it happens. The less doubt you have, the shorter the time gap between wanting and having, and this is why the Christ is the example and whether or not you believe in Jesus doesn’t matter.

I’m not trying to be religious, right? I’m not. I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of water into wine, whether or not you’re Christian or not. It happened instantaneously, there was no time gap because there was no doubt and again, I am only using Him as an example. I’m not saying you should all believe in Jesus or you all should be Christian.

[0:19:35.0] To understand the power and significance of the story is an example of the power that you yourself wield when you let go of doubt and fear. You have the power to turn water into wine, yes, you do. If that’s blasphemous, if you’re a Christian listening and that’s blasphemous, then so be it.

I’d rather be blasphemous and being able to manifest the life of my dreams than be a Christian and just go along with not getting anything I want because I am putting my faith into something else, right? Like understand brothers, you have the power to manifest your own reality through belief, through lack of doubt.

So when we have this human man who has unconscious doubt, I am going back to the example, he wants a relationship, he wants a girlfriend. That is clear in his mind, that’s number one. He believes that it’s already happened. He knows that he is attracting the woman of his dreams at this moment, in this now.

It’s already done, that’s number two. So what happens next for this human? What happens next for this man, our brother? He has to let go. Number three is to let go. Don’t force it, don’t go out there and do anything to sow the seeds of doubt into the universe. Don’t go out there and force yourself to approach a bunch of women because you doubt that the one for you is coming to you.

[0:20:47.4] She is coming to you, brother. You are attracting her. Don’t go out there and force by approaching a bunch of non-right ones because you doubt that the one is being attracted to you. And I am not saying don’t take action, on the contrary. And this is why my message gets so misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Because the mind wants to hear, “Oh, that means that I just sit in my room and meditate on having a woman and she’s just going to miraculously fall into my lap, is that what you’re saying? What a bunch of BS. This guy is silly and stupid and impractical. What I need to do is go out there and approach a bunch of woman or else I’ll never have one.”

That’s what the mind is saying, and listen to that thought alone and you will hear the seed of doubt, right? Listen to that last sentence, “I have to do something or else it will never happen.” That’s the doubt. No brother, you don’t need to do anything and at the same time, nothing you do is going to matter because it is all about your essence in being.

It is all about your vibration of knowing. It is all about your being the man that has a relationship, that is in a relationship, that exists next to the partner of his dreams. And again, I will reference the Christ. In fact, I will reference the Christ two more times in this podcast episode, once now, once later.

[0:22:05.4] I am not advocating religion, I said that before. I am advocating the message and the mystery. Do you remember the story of the five loaves and the two fishes, right? The five loaves of bread and the two fish. The Christ fed the multitude with five loaves of bread and two fish and once everybody had eaten their fill, the disciples went around and collected the scraps, which were enough to fill barrels of leftovers.

And maybe you remember the story, maybe you don’t. Maybe you grew up Christian, maybe you hadn’t. Maybe you’ve never heard this before, but the point is that after everyone had eaten, there was more food leftover than there was to begin with.

So this was the miracle, the miracle was, they began, they have five loaves of bread and two fish, they fed 5,000 people, and at the end of everybody eating their fill, there was more food leftover than there was to begin with. At no point in the story did the Christ doubt that there would be enough food.

He just told His disciples to distribute the food and then he gave thanks as if it had already been done. Because that’s it, He knew it had already been done. He let go of the outcome, he didn’t worry, he didn’t force, he didn’t have any of that, he didn’t have any doubt. He just knew it would be enough food.

[0:23:04.0] As everyone ate their fill, he just let go. There was no doubt, no force, no worry, there was no splitting up of the bread and fish. He didn’t say to his disciples, “Okay, so this many loaves over here and that many fish over there and let’s measure and rationale this out to make sure everybody has enough.” And this is like number three.

This is letting go of the attachment to the outcome. Maybe there wouldn’t have been enough food. And maybe you won’t meet the woman of your dreams at the bar tonight and maybe you won’t meet her at all this week or this month, and that’s all okay. Just let go of your attachment to the want itself.

It’s the only way for the outcome of manifestation to exist because it removes the fear of it not happening, because that’s your doubt. Your doubt is that it’s not going to happen, so you go out and force it to happen and this is where people get confused with the message. That is why confusion and doubt are programming partners.

They’re low vibrational programming partners, and I have heard this resistance in this form. I’ve heard this resistance in this form from my students. They say, “Coach, Kevin, look, if I let go of my want, if I let go of my desire and I’m just okay with not having what I want, if I am just okay with not having what I want, then I’ll never get it, right? I’ll never have it.”

[0:24:15.9] “I’ll just learn to be okay without it and then I will stop wanting it. I will stop wanting it and be okay without it, and then I’ll never get it.” And this is the mind playing tricks on you to keep you in a state of doubt and fear and force. When you let go and trust, when you surrender to your knowing and your indomitable belief, it will manifest because you will change your vibrational state through your thinking.

It won’t happen through the force of action alone. Brothers, hear me on this, actions are the byproduct of thought, they are not the cause of thought. Changing your actions won’t change your thinking but changing your thinking will alter your actions. Okay brothers, so here’s the recap, here is what I want you to know.

This is what you are taking from this episode, number one, know what you want. Know what you want and again, I want you to understand this and you have to understand this, don’t move too quickly past this. This is all you really need to know, this is all you really need to do is know this, when you know what you want, it’s already done.

Number two and number three is just additions to solidify number one. I am giving you two and three because knowing what you want, it’s enough. It’s sufficient, but because we are humans, we have the seed of fear, we have the seed of doubt. So I am going to add number two and number three, but it is really just about number one, know what you want.

[0:25:32.3] You have to know, and to every cell of your body, what you want to experience. And when you can do that without fear or doubt, you will move mountains and turn water into wine, that’s number one. That’s really what it is. Number two, believe that it’s already done. This is you living into your experience.

This is you in the gap, this is you in the movement. You can’t have a new experience from an old state of being. The you that vibrates at $10,000 a month is different from the you that vibrates at $50,000 a month and brother, it is not about the money. It’s not about the money at all, it’s about the vibration.

Money is just a thing, money is neutral. A horse and a jaguar are two different things. Red and blue are two different things. 10k and 50k are two different things. You can’t simultaneously be a horse and a jaguar. You can’t simultaneously be red and blue and you can’t simultaneously be vibrating at 10k a month and expect to create 50k a month.

I mean, you can expect it but it won’t happen. You need to vibrate at 50k a month, then you will experience it. You can’t simultaneously be vibrating at 10k a month and create 50k a month. You need to vibrate at 50k a month, that’s the only way. And to vibrate that way, you have to believe. You have to believe it’s already done, that’s number two.

[0:26:58.0] And finally, let go. This is number three, let go, surrender to the process of the universe, which is the process of vibration. The universe exists in vibration, everything is energy, everything is vibration. Actions are powerful, don’t misunderstand me, just know that actions are neutral. They are a physical motion.

You can do a bunch of things and never get your results because you are misaligned with number one and number two, and you can do nothing and get your results because you have an alignment of number one and number two. You have to let go, don’t force. Stop listening to all the old world influencers who are trying to distract you from yourself, from your beingness by having you go out there and do a bunch of nonsense through force.

Allow yourself to shift in vibration. Allow your shift in vibration to do its job, trust the process, because you are doing something brother. You are changing your vibration through thought, that’s your doing, that’s your being, that is what you’re actually doing, that is all you need to “do.” If there is anything that you need to do, it’s to be different. It’s to vibrate different.

It’s just like planting a seed. All you need to do is plant the seed, give it water, and trust the process of nature, trust the process of the universe. You can’t force the seed to grow, you just know it will because that’s what seeds do. Trust that that’s what your thoughts do, that is what your feeling do, they grow into results.

[0:28:25.3] Seeds do it on their own just like thoughts and vibrations do it on their own. Doubt and fear are the enemy and this is the antidote to doubt: Knowing. Knowing is the antidote to doubt. The paradox of knowing is that we know nothing and everything at the same time, and I know that’s wild.

I know that is too much for the logical brain to understand. We are not talking about logic here, we are talking about the mind, we are talking about your heart. You can understand this, you can feel this, you can resonate with this. We know that we know nothing, which allows us to know everything. That is truth.

That is the truth. The truth is that we know what we choose to know because we know nothing and everything. Nothing is known to us, so everything is a choice that we make to know. Let go of your fear, let go of your doubt, doubt is the gap. So here is the test, here is the test for you brother, here is the test for you on your spiritual journey.

How much can you close the gap between choosing what you want and receiving what you want? That’s the test because the shorter the gap, the less fear and doubt you vibrate, and that is why the Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the light.” See, I told you I’d bring him up one more time because the Christians have it all backwards, and that’s okay.

[0:29:42.7] I am not judging the Christians. Just understand that He didn’t mean we shouldn’t all worship Him. He meant that He was the example. He was the example of truth. The truth is that we all have the power of manifestation and we can practice every day through the process of wanting and having, which is letting go of doubt and fear, and He gave us this example through instant manifestation, through miracles.

Because when we know what we want and we can have it at the same time, that is the elimination of doubt. The truth reveals itself when we let go of doubt and Christ is an example of what it means to be without doubt. He never doubted in the process of creation, the process of manifestation. He knew what He wanted, He believed it to be so and there was no gap between wanting and having because there was no doubt in His thoughts, period.

One, two and three. Know what you want without fear. Don’t judge yourself and don’t be afraid of what other people think because that is the first seed of doubt, the fear of what other people think begins you doubting what you want, your own self-judgment about whether you should and shouldn’t have it is the first seed of doubt.

Know what you want. Know what you want and just know it, and just want it, and that’s it, just want it. Want it and be okay with wanting it. Want it and be okay that other people might tell you, you can’t have it. Want it and be okay that other people might judge you for wanting it. Let go of that, let go of what other people think.

[0:31:00.9] Know what you want, choose what you want, want it, that’s number one, then believe that what you want to experience is already been done. It exists right now through your vibrations, through who you are. But not through who you are but who you’re going to become when you have it, and that’s what you must be in order to get it.

It’s already there because you are the infinite potential of vibration. You can be anybody, and by being anybody, you can have anything. So that’s number two, believe that what you want to experience is already done and number three, let go. Let go of doubt through surrender, don’t force it. Stop forcing it, force is the attraction of doubt.

Force is the repelling of what you want. Force is an action that comes from, if we look at the model of alignment brother, force in the A-line is doubt in the F-line. I don’t care what anybody says, force in the A-line is not a high vibration. And no, I am not trying to throw any coaches under the bus. I’m not trying to throw dating coaches or relationship coaches under the bus.

What I am saying is, don’t force it. Attract it through a shift in your vibrational energy that we call thinking and feeling and yeah, it’s as simple as one, two, three. It is simple but it is not easy, that’s why I am a guide because it is not easy. It is that simple but it is not that easy, as you probably know, and that’s why the test is closing the gap.

[0:32:29.6] The first thing you set your mind to, the first thing you want, it might take you a year to get, that’s why we have the impossible goal in the academy. It might take you a year. And the second impossible goal might take you nine months, and the third impossible goal might take you three months, and the fourth impossible might take you one month.

The fifth impossible goal might take you two weeks. So after five years, you are manifesting impossibilities in weeks instead of years. It’s up to you to practice this power that you are born with. Start your journey today, enroll in the academy. Let’s get you what you want through being the person that already has it, through being the person who you already are.

Until next week my brother, elevate your alpha.


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