Ep #226: Everything

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Everything is. And that’s the end of the sentence, brothers. Everything is love, everything is source, everything is perfect, and everything just is. Understanding exactly what this means will help you in your spiritual journey and allow you to embrace your alpha state. 

Brothers, it’s important to remember that the only energy that exists is the energy of the now. The past, present, and future are all experienced right now, in the energy of right now. You need to live in the energy of now to unlock all the gifts of your alpha state, to live to your full potential. 

Now, in the beginning, everything was one. It then became two, vibration and consciousness, and this was the first duality. Vibration then became three parts, which lead to the four elements, which gave rise to the five senses, and so on. What you must remember, brothers, is that even though we experience life on multiple levels, it is all still part of the one: the everything that is.   

The matrix of life forces you to pay attention to certain holograms of being and ignore the others that make you whole. This is living an unconscious existence. Being conscious means that you have cognitive mastery and emotional ownership, seeing everything for what is and accepting it as is, for all the good and the bad. This, brothers, is living in your alpha state.   

Join me today as I explore everything and how it pertains to what I call the movie of life. It is time to wake up and realize that you are both the movie of vibration and the audience of consciousness! We are all everything experiencing everything, and fully understanding that, brothers, is how you will elevate your alpha.


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Everything is: what this means and why understanding it will aid your spiritual journey. 
  • A look at the first duality, the three vibrations, the four elements, and the five senses.
  • Consciousness as your alpha state: cognitive mastery and emotional ownership. 
  • The movie of life: why you’re both the movie of vibration and the audience of consciousness. 
  • Why it’s important for you to wake up whilst you’re still alive!

Listen to the Full Episode:

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[00:00:08] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence.

Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:31] KA: What’s up, my brothers. Welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. Welcome to 2023. We have officially entered the New Year and what an amazing year it is going to be. As always, the most important thing for this practice, the spiritual practice, is to stay in the moment and experience the energy that exists.

I’ve welcomed you into 2023. I know that there’s an impossible goal. I know that there’s all kinds of new year’s resolutions, but the only energy that exists is the energy of the now. You can experience the past through the now. You can experience a potential future in the now. However, the most powerful life-force that can ever be experienced is the energy that is now and only now, because everything else is happening now, including the past and the future. It’s really just happening now.

Brothers, I’m back in Mexico and this time down in Puerto Vallarta, it is my first time here. I’m happy to be here. I’ve only been here for a couple of days. I don’t really have a read on the physical environment. I haven’t been to the beaches. I haven’t been into the mountains. However, I will say that the energetic environment feels amazing. There’s lots of love in the energy of this place, which is probably because Puerto Vallarta is a place where a lot of honeymoons happen, that vacation that follows weddings.

My brother’s neighbors actually came here for their honeymoon back in 2016. When I was up on the plane coming here, I met a couple who were coming to Puerto Vallarta for their honeymoon. In fact, there’s an entire area in the southern area, in the southern part of Puerto Vallarta that is called the romantic zone. That energy, the energy of two people coming together to experience each other in a state of joy, connection, love and service, I’m sure that that has something to do with the spiritual visor, the energetic vibes that makes this place feel so great. Now, the mountains in the ocean have something to do with it for me as well, because all of you know that I love the water and I love the jungle. Being into Tulum, being on the island of Puerto Rico and several of the islands in Thailand, really feel like home for me. I’m certain it has to do with a mixture of sea life and jungle life.

[00:02:49] KA: I’m going to start off the New Year with a very simple topic, very simple concepts. I’m going to talk about “Everything.” Yeah, I’m going to talk about everything, but don’t worry, brothers, I’m still going to try to keep this episode under 40 minutes, maybe around that 30-minute mark. Even though the topic itself, I know, I’ve never talked about everything in 30 minutes. It is a feat that I’m going to try to attempt, because this concept of everything is something I’ve mentioned before. Going into 2023, I want to expand this topic in the most simple way possible. I’m hoping that will help you guys understand more deeply the spiritual path and what it means to elevate your alpha and live through your alpha state. Let’s begin.

Everything is. And that’s the end of the sentence. That’s the end of the sentence brothers. It’s not the end of the podcast, everything just is, right? Everything is. I’ve tried several times to explain this further, I’ve tried to add more words at the end of that sentence. The dilemma that arises is, as always, the connotation and conditioning that we have in our mind. For example, I’ve said everything is love. Well, what do you hear when I say that? That everything is emotional love, right? That we should all feel and experience the emotion that we call love and anything else, whether it’s fear, sadness, guilt, shame, anger, or anything else, that these are all just aberrations to stay away from, or to filter out of our lives to transcend.

That’s not what I mean when I say everything is love. In fact, you guys know that a part of emotional ownership is allowing and embracing all the vibrations that we call emotions. I’ve also said that everything is perfect. What do you hear when I say that? Maybe you hear that everything is always good like rainbows and unicorns and puppies and positivity, like everything is perfect, so find the positive perspective and the negative experience. For example, if your dog gets hit by a car or if your car gets stolen, you should recognize that everything is perfect and just be happy about it, right?

Well, brothers, that is not what I mean and that’s not what I’m saying when I say everything is perfect. How about when I say everything is no energy. What do you hear when I say that? Now, given the current connotation of energy, maybe you hear that everything is about function, movement and growth, right? It’s about expansion. Everything is about the energy sector of the stock market. Everything is a barrel of oil, or nuclear fission and fusion. Everything is power or something like that. Brothers, that isn’t what I’m talking about either.

I’ve said everything is source, everything is oneness, everything is God, everything is vibration. All of these statements might just bounce off of you as esoteric mumbo jumbo, because we all have our own version. We all have our own connotation. We all have our own relationship with these words, source, and oneness, and God. It doesn’t do any good to say that everything is X, Y and Z, when 100 Different people will have 100 different interpretations of what that means, what X, Y, and Z means. Therefore, the statement that everything is, really is the only way to reveal the quintessence of what is, everything is, everything just is. So what? Why bring this up now? More importantly, how will this aid you in your spiritual path? How will this aid you living as an alpha?

[00:06:10] KA: I’m going to offer you a brief story. I love stories. I love analogies. I love talking about stories, because really, that’s how we were able to communicate ideas in a very simple way. This brothers, is a story of creation. This is a story that you’ve probably heard before. It’s been told many different ways by many different religions. It’s always basically saying the same thing. In the beginning was everything. In the beginning was everything and everything was one. There was no nothing, in the beginning was just everything. It was a oneness of everything. It was just everything.

Since everything was one, and everything wanted to experience everything, everything became two, vibration and consciousness. Vibration split in order for everything to experience everything, it split into two forms, the masculine consciousness and the feminine vibration. This is where we get the duality from. This is the very first duality. This is where two became one. This is where the male and female were created. I’m not talking about men and women. I’m not talking about our human bodies. I’m talking about the Yin and the Yang, the dark and the light, the up and the down, the positive and the negative. This was the formation of two.

In order for consciousness to experience vibration, in order for everything to experience vibration, vibration split into three. This is where we get the three forms of vibration that I’ve talked to you on previous podcasts, mind, emotion, and form. Overtime this has been explained in different ways, right? Mind, body, spirit. Father, son, and ghost. Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, and so on. And the mind is a mental vibration, it’s the fastest vibration and it was created by everything in the causal plane. The emotion is emotion vibration. It’s emotional vibration. We have mind as mental vibration. We have emotion is emotional vibration. It’s the wave of vibration that we as humans move through in space, the way fish swim through in water. This was created by everything in the astral plane.

The form is physical vibration. That’s what we have discovered through science in the form of solids, liquids, gases, and atoms, quarks, leptons, molecules and so on. This is the physical plane, the third dimension that we experience as human beings. From there, everything continued to expand it’s experience of everything, right? It’s experience of itself through the human in the physical plane. We are everything experiencing everything, and to put that another way, we are divinity experiencing divinity, we are love experiencing love, we are energy experiencing energy, we are God experiencing God, and everything made this so in the third dimension.

Three became four. The four elements of the third dimension from which everything in the physical plane is derived, earth, water, fire and air and this was for us, this was created in this physical plan. The three energies became the four. Then the four became five. The five senses through which humans experience the physical plane such that everything can experience the everything in this third dimensional physical realm.

[00:09:17] KA: Now brothers, I could go on and on with the story. I could get into sixth and seventh and eighth, but I think you get it. I think everything is everything and we are a part of it, to know that everything is everything. Everything is, everything is itself, everything is energy, and we are a part of that experience. We are a part of the earth. We are not separate from the earth. We are part of the planets. We are not separate from the planets. We are a part of all emotion the entire astral realm. We are not separate from emotion. We are a part of the collective mind the causal realm, we are not separate from it.

This realm itself, this realm of 3D is a holographic image of the invisible realms of vibration that are all layered on top of each other, because everything is itself. Everything is one. The physical realm of the 3D is a holographic image of the astral realm, is a holographic image of the causal realm. It is all one that appears to be experienced as three. This is why time is a vertical function, not a horizontal function, which is not something I’m going to get into on this podcast episode, just know that our experience of time is through three layers of vibration.

Now, I just said we’re all one that we’re not separate. I think you guys heard that if you didn’t hear that, go and rewind the podcast a little bit. We are a part of the collective mind of cause. We are a part of the astral realm of emotion. We are a part of the physical realm of Earth and the cosmos, and yet, hold on, and yet, we are still everything experiencing everything. We’re the vibrational experience, but remember, and stay with me brothers, remember the two. Remember, there’s not just the vibrational realm that was broken into three different energies. Everything split from one to become two. Everything split to become two in order for everything to experience everything, in order for everything to experience itself.

Everything split into vibration and consciousness. I just told you guys that vibration, one half of everything is the three realms of energy, mental energy, emotional energy and physical energy. In fact, as a side note here, e-motion means energy in motion, emotion, literally, energy in a faster movement than the physical energy that is defined macroly as solids, liquids, and gases, and microly as molecules, atoms, quarks, and leptons. These are all the variances of energy. Mental energy is invisible. It’s causal energy. That’s the vibration. That’s half of everything.

What about consciousness? If all energy is vibration and that is everything experienced, then what is consciousness? Consciousness is the experiencer. Consciousness is what’s experiencing the vibrational energy. Consciousness is the observer, the witness. Consciousness is everything, experiencing the everything in vibration. To be conscious means to experience your thoughts, your feelings in your environment, which is your physical body in the physical realm of earth in the Universe.

[00:12:20] KA: Now, brothers, people think that consciousness is mindfulness. I’m going to tell you on this podcast that it’s not. To be mindful is just one part of being conscious, which is to observe your mental energy. You can also be conscious of emotional energy, which is to observe your feelings. This is often overlooked. Yet it’s so important to the spiritual path is a part of living as an alpha and taking personal accountability for how you feel. This is emotional ownership. It means not projecting or blaming how you feel onto other people on the circumstance, right? To be fully conscious, also means to experience the totality of the physical realm, and all its perfection and splendor. This is a part of being present, being here and now in the time and space of the moment. To look around you and see without thought or feeling about the thought. It’s having a direct experience of the physical realm, to see a tree or a rock without judgment, to smell a pile of garbage without judgment, to hear a dog barking or a bird chirping without judgment.

Consciousness is something wholly different than mindfulness. It is the other side of everything. It is the duality of being. Most people don’t live conscious lives, because they are so stuck in the hologram. They’re so stuck in the matrix. This isn’t a judgement either, because I get it. I mean, I totally understand. In fact, that is the function of the matrix, to distract you from your consciousness by pulling you into your vibrations. Which is an ironic thing to say, based on this podcast title, right? Ironically and paradoxically, the matrix distracts you from everything by pulling you into everything. Isn’t that wild? The Matrix distracts you from the everything of consciousness, by pulling you into the everything of vibration. This is called the function of the beta. This is the ego, or whatever you want to call it. Doesn’t matter what you call it.

The Christians and the Muslims, they call it the devil, right? The Buddhists they call it Mara. It doesn’t matter what you call it. The point is that when we are caught up in the vibration of everything, we are living an unconscious life, a life where we are asleep to the truth, only experiencing a half truth, half of everything, only the vibrations. The Alpha state, brothers, has little to do with the realm of form. It’s a part of the realm of form, a necessary part, but in essence, it’s a fraction of a percentage of the truth to focus solely on this realm, this physical realm, at the expense of the other two is by itself a function of unconsciousness.

However, what I’m offering is much deeper than that, because even to engage with all three realms of vibration alone is still a function of unconsciousness, although it is a place where we begin the journey of waking up, because we begin to be conscious me of our thoughts and our feelings. The alpha state does exist in the realm of form, because we, as spiritual beings having a human experience, live in the realm of form. Of course it exists here. It’s a part of everything. Therefore, we must enjoy this realm as a part of our experience of everything in vibration, even though it is only 1/3 of the vibrational everything. In essence, it’s 1/3 of one half of everything.

[00:15:25] KA: This is why cognitive mastery and emotional ownership are so important, because this is the other 2/3 of the vibrational everything that is experienced by the consciousness everything, which is the experiencer. So cognitive mastery and emotional ownership are the other 2/3 of the 1/2 of everything. I know that sounds really mathematical, but don’t worry about that, because I’m going to see if I can make this simple for you. That’s my role as a teacher. I’m a guide, as well, I’m a guide in the academy.

If you guys choose to work with me as a guide, if you can choose to enroll in the academy, what I do is I guide you, I don’t teach you, right? I guide you. I take you into yourself to remember the truth of who you are, which is more than your mind, body, and spirit. That is half of you. That is half of everything. That’s the vibrational half that you are. That is everything, but also your consciousness, which is unchanging.

This is what I guide you into. I guide you into remembering this half of you, because vibrations change, that is the nature of vibrations and the nature of this half of everything, to change infinitely until everything has vibrated through all possible forms of thought, emotion, and physicality’s. The vibration needs to vibrate until everything has vibrated through everything. Consciousness does not change. The nature of this half of everything is to remain constant in order to be the observer of this constantly changing everything, this constantly changing vibration of everything. This is the part of you that is changeless. This is your alpha state. Your body will change. Your body is a part of the vibrational everything. It will change. It will age right?

Your emotions will change. I think you guys know this as well. We are constantly living in a state of emotional change. Emotions are constantly changing, just like your body is always changing at a cellular level. I mean your body ages over time, but in every moment at a cellular level, it is going through change. Your thoughts are always changing as well. Not only will they change from moment to moment, but even over time, your belief systems may also change. Your body will change its position in time and space. It’ll move from one place to the next. The Earth is changing in position from time to space as it hurls through the outer space, the universe, the galaxy. The planets are changing their position in time and space. Water is changing. It’s constantly changing its position and time and space. It flows and as current.

Everything is changing on the vibrational side of everything, because everything must experience every possible minute variance of everything. On the consciousness side of everything, nothing changes. There is a part of you that hasn’t changed from the moment you were born and even before you were born. This is the part of you that is watching the changes happen. It’s the part of you that looks in the mirror and sees your body change and yet feels no different. Brothers, my body is 43 years old, but when I think about myself, I feel like I’m in my 20s. How many of you guys are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s that still feel like a young kid? That’s what I feel like when I look at this body. I look at myself in the mirror. I’m like, “Whoa, like this guy’s in his 40s, but I feel so young.” That’s why I say 40 is young, right?

I know people in their 60s and 70s that still feel vibrant and young, because they engage with their Alpha states. It’s the part of you that feels your emotions flow through your body, and yet is able to allow them. Allow them to be there, embrace them, and watch them move like water flowing through a stream. There’s a part of you that can observe your mind without engaging with the thoughts and tying yourself to the identity. This is the other side of you. This is the consciousness side of you. This is the alpha side of you. This is your alpha state. This is consciousness. This is changeless. It is the changeless side of everything that is experiencing the constant change of the vibrational everything. As a guide, that is what I do. I lead you into remembering that side of you, so you can live through your alpha.

I am also a teacher. As a teacher, my role is to make complexity simple. There is so much complexity in the world. As we evolve we tend to make things more complex. That’s a part of the matrix, to draw you into complexity and confusion to distract you from the simple nature of yourself. While the matrix functions in its own perfection, it is not the reality we make it out to be. It is the hologram of everything just moving through the changes of everything.

[00:19:53] KA: Here is a way to think about this that might make it more simple to understand. You guys remember the podcast that called The Movie of Life? If you don’t remember that episode, I just want to offer that you go back and listen to it, because I’m not going to intend, I have no intention of repeating it here and now, just go back and listen to it. I will say in brief. I’m just going to give you a real quick synopsis. We are watching a movie that’s being projected onto a blank screen by a beam of light. Brothers, when you know – you guys know this. When you go into a movie theater, you sit in a chair and you stare at a blank screen, that’s what you do. The image is being created by a beam coming from a single beam of light behind you that is projected onto this blank screen. Okay, so that’s the premise of the movie of life.

In the movie itself, that’s the vibrational everything. Stay with me, right? Because I want to make this simple. I want you guys to understand this in a very simple way. The movie itself is the vibrational everything that is constantly changing. That’s half of everything, right? It’s the one half, when the one split into two vibration and consciousness, the movie is half of it. That’s the vibrational. It’s the story. It’s the human drama. It’s the cosmic drama of perfection unfolding for us to observe. Yes, we are in the story. We are watching ourselves on the screen in this movie. Like I say, half of us is all of the energy, all the vibration, all the mind, all the body, all the spirit. We are in the movie.

The problem is when we believe that we are only in the movie. This is what it means to be asleep or to live unconsciously. It means we believe that we are in the movie and only in the movie, that we are just the actor playing a part. We attach ourselves to the part and we take it so seriously. We feel what the actor feels. We believe what the actor believes. We think that it’s all real. That’s the beta condition. That’s the ego. The ego believes only in the movie. It has attached itself to the role. It makes the movie so important. It makes the role so important. You’re in this movie and you think the movie is real.

Brothers, the movie isn’t real. I mean, it is real, right? In some ways, it is real, because it’s a part of everything, but it’s only one half of everything. It’s the holographic everything. It’s the vibrational half of everything. It’s the thoughts, feelings, actions, and circumstances have. It’s the energy of the real. It’s the projection. It’s the beam of light. The movie is only half of everything. It’s only half of who you are. It’s the changing you, the vibrational you, the transistor you, the temporary you and you forgotten the other half. You forgotten who you really are, eternally, and immutably that’s you. You are eternal and immutable. You forgotten that you are an eternal being that exists and has always existed forever. You forgotten that you are also in the audience watching the movie. That is consciousness.

To be in the audience means that you are watching it all unfold in perfection of everything. You are the witness. When you engage with the characters of the movie, even your own character, that’s when you’ve gone to sleep, that’s when you’ve gone unconscious, that’s when you’re in your beta condition. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just you’re not full remembrance of who you are. To be in the audience means that you are watching the characters, including your own character, and observing them as they move through the movie, as all the energy changes, as all the vibrations change. When you watch a movie, sometimes you might get drawn into the story and feel some emotions in the story, right? Like sometimes as you watch a movie, as the character feels pain, you might empathize, but you don’t feel the pain, right?

[00:23:48] KA: When you’re in your beta condition, you experience the low vibration of the pain itself, because you’re identifying with the role, you’re identifying with the character, you’re actually in the movie, thinking that you’re the person feeling the pain. When you remember that you’re in the audience, you see the character feeling the pain and you feel empathy or compassion. You’re watching the character feel the pain and you’re in the audience, feeling empathy and compassion for the character feeling the pain. That’s the real you. Allowing your emotions to be there as you watch them flow through you, this is emotional ownership. This is embracing the low vibration that I’ve been talking about, not only for over the last few episodes by me calling it a transmutation, but over the last few years.

You see the character going through a struggle on the screen in the movie. You see them struggling, maybe it’s your character. You’re watching the struggle, but you don’t feel the struggle when you’re sitting in the audience. From the perspective of the Alpha state in the audience, you experience the perseverance of the character, because you know that they will overcome the challenge of their struggle. When you watch a movie, there’s that conflict part of the movie, you’re not feeling their struggle, right? You know that they’re going to find resolution. You know that they’re going to persevere. This is transmutation, this is transmuting, the low vibration the high vibration. It can only be done from your alpha state. It can only be done from being in the audience and in divine timing.

Does that make sense, brothers? Do you understand what I’m saying? You are both in the movie of vibration, and you are in the audience of consciousness, because you are everything experiencing everything. You are everything of consciousness in the audience experiencing everything a vibration in the movie. You are the duality. You are one in two. You are everything, experiencing everything. When you only engage with one side, you aren’t living into your full self. When you only engage with the movie, you live through your beta condition, and you suffer, because the characters in the movie suffer. Most people do this. Most people only engage with the movie.

You suffer. People suffer because the characters in the movie suffer.  And you know what? They have to. The people in the movies have to suffer. It’s the conflict resolution cycle that makes the drama of life so fun and exciting. It’s what makes the movies fun to watch. If there was no conflict resolution, then the movie would just be boring, nobody would watch it, nobody would care, there has to be the ups and downs, there has to be that constant change of energy. You will experience the suffering of the character in the movie and you will take life so seriously.

On the flip side, when you only engage with the audience, which is rare, but some people do, you will withdraw from life and you will go off and live in the caves in the Himalayas, or the temple, or the ashrams, and you’ll remove yourself from the movie altogether, and you will suffer. Why? Because you will not have the experience of everything in vibration that is so fun and surprising, and full of adventure and delight.

[00:26:36] KA: This is what I teach, brothers. This is how I guide. I teach the spiritual path to living in the world. The best way that I found to do this is through relationships, to live fully in the world means being in relationship, in relationship to everything, the vibrational everything. Fully experiencing the relationships of people, the relationship of emotion, the relationship of thought. That’s a podcast episode for another time, the podcast of relationships.

What I want you to take from this episode today is that everything is: Everything just is. Yes, everything is perfect. Yes, everything is love. Yes, everything is energy. Just like every movie is a perfect story. From conflict to resolution, it all has to happen. It all has to unfold. Just like every relationship is attracted through love and every form is held together through the force of love.

Just like every vibration is just a variance of subtle energy changing from low vibrational physical form to high vibrational mental thought. Everything is love. Everything is perfect. Everything is energy. Everything is everything. We are both the vibration and the consciousness. Remember yourself, brother. Wake up and remember that you are in the audience. Wake up and from this dream, you can begin to live lucidly. It will happen eventually. We all wake up when we die, right? That is the waking up. We don’t have a choice. When we die, we wake up. When we die, we wake up in the theater, and remember that we were just watching a movie. We took it all way too seriously, because we were living out of our ego and our beta condition.

When we wake up when we die, we just let go of all judgment and say, “Geez. That was a great movie.” It’s that life flashing before your eyes like, “Wow, that was a great movie.” What I’m offering you, what I’m offering is that you do this, while you’re still living. That you wake up while you’re still alive. You can do it. You can live a conscious life. You can, right now, remember that you’re in the audience and live from the audience and say, “Geez, this is a really great movie.” That is the spiritual path that I offer. That is the alpha state that I talked about.

A funny thing happens when this occurs in your life. All the heaviness disappears. This lightness pours over you. You walk with a lightness in your step and a smile on your face, because it’s like you’re sharing a private joke with yourself. This private joke around the universe that everything that we’re just observing a hologram. We’re just watching a movie unfold. It’s all just everything changing and going through the vibrational changes so that everything can experience everything, because it’s all just for fun. It’s all just everything happening for everything to experiencing everything. I am. You are. We are. Everything is. Elevate your alpha.


[00:29:44] ANNOUNCER: Thank you for listening to this episode of The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. If you enjoy what you’ve heard and want even more, sign up for Unleash Your Alpha: Your Guide to Shifting to the Alpha Mindset at thealphamalecoach.com/unleash.



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