Today’s episode is a deeper, esoteric one, brothers. I have broken up this subject into two parts because this lesson goes way beyond half an hour of talking. We are getting into the nature of alpha, the new possibilities for your journey, letting go of attachment, and getting away from the noise, identities, constructs, and labels! 

That’s right, we are setting off at the beginning of the path of the alpha, and redefining the term along the way. The alpha meaning that which comes first, the primordial self of spirit, because we cannot forget that this is a spiritual path that we are on. A path of clearing out blocked energy, and escaping the suffering, doubt and shame that comes with it. 

As I have said before, everything is energy, all things around us and in us, and that we as humans are a special kind of energy. We are the energy of awareness, and as you know, awareness is love. So if you want to get to grips with this, brothers, and are interested in a reminder of what is known and proven, but often forgotten, namely our nature and composition, join me for this episode and make sure to come back for part two next week.

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Letting go of attachment, not experience.
  • Understanding energy on a fundamental level.
  • The three realms of the universe.
  • Embodying the alpha and witnessing energy.
  • Introducing the system of seven chakras.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:31] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and this is a special episode, brothers. It is one that I’ve been hanging on to for a while because it came from a download then the jungle. Look, while it isn’t anything really groundbreaking, it has revolutionized the way I work with the students in the academy, and has given me a lot of clarity around guiding.

So, I want to offer to you guys at the right time, and I wanted to bring it out the right time, which is obviously now, because now is what I’m going to offer it. But even though I’m going to tell you that I know ahead of time, this is going to be a longer episode, I’m also going to say I’m not going to really be able to accurately articulately convey everything I want to because what we’re talking about here is the Nature of the Alpha. And this is the most mystical, esoteric thing there is. This is the question of – this is the answer to a lot of questions like who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose? What is the meaning of life.

So, it’s very mystical, it’s very esoteric. There’s no way I’m going to be able to answer it on any podcast episode, much less one that doesn’t attempt to be completed in 30 minutes. Because both I’ve talked about the nature of the alpha before. And I want to give you some deeper insight into this path. This way of experiencing life. To begin with, I want to tell you guys that until recently, I didn’t even know that this path was possible. This journey kind of opened up for me over time as I did the work, and I continue to do the work, of letting go of more and more. And when I say let go, in this sense, I mean letting go of the attachment, not the experience. We’re not letting go of experiences, brothers. I want to make that so clear. The point of being a human being is experience. We want to have more and more and more experiences. What we’re letting go of is the attachment. This is the meaning of non-attachment, to let go of the energy that gets stuck in the moment and then becomes a pain point. That’s the meaning of non-attachment, to let go of the attachment to the experience, not to let go of experience itself. 

Brothers, I know that my language has become more and more esoteric, more and more spiritual, New Age, whatever you want to call it. I started this podcast and my mission with lots of psychological terms, like a lot of psychological vocabulary used in psychology and neuroscience. And since then, I’ve taken you deeper into the alpha state, which is a state of pure being. And while I continue to use words like alpha, beta, ego, self, mind, body, spirit, and so on, I’m also using words like energy and soul, and realms and vibration, and all their ways to describe the same thing, which is always a path.

I am a guide, that is all, that is what I do. I guide you on a path. In this case, it is a spiritual path, the path of the alpha. And why do I use the term alpha male? Why did they choose to call this podcast The Alpha Male Coach Podcast after the brand of the same name, The Alpha Male Coach? Because I’m redefining this term, of course. I’ve told you guys this. You guys are my friends, you know this. The alpha is the first, the beta is the second. The first being, the primordial it, that which you were before there was either a mind or a body, that is the alpha. 

Different religions use different words. I’ve made attempts to stay away from religion while maintaining my role as a spiritual guide. It has been challenging, a very challenging task, to say the least, still different religions use different words. So, you may have heard it, called, and I say it, the capital IT. You may have heard it referred to as the soul, right? Christians call it the soul. The Buddhists call it the self. The Hindus call it the atman. Right? I have referred to it on this podcast in many different ways, as the light, the love, the alpha, the center within you, the center of the universe, the immutable witness, and so many other things. This is the alpha. This is the first you, always. The you that has always been. And then there’s the beta, and that’s the second you. That’s the not you, but we call it the second you because you think it’s you. This is the illusion of experience that you mistake for yourself. The beta condition, right?


So, I use the term alpha male to describe a man who lives through his alpha state, which is his spiritual center, his true self, the inner soul. What this means, I described last week, and I guide men through in the academy. This is what I do. I will also talk about a little bit in this episode, but the point is that when I say alpha male, I’m talking about a man who walks a spiritual path, a man who aims at clearing out all the blocked and stored energy that is the cause of all conscious and unconscious suffering internally and externally. This is a spiritual path that can be lived while maintaining a worldly life. Therefore, I created the academy to teach you how to live as an alpha male, a spiritual man, while living the life you deserve to live, the life of joy and bliss and all experience.

Now, the benefits are matched only by the difficulty brothers. And again, I’ve said this as well. So, while very few people even know that this path is available for them, even fewer still will choose to walk it due to the pain that must be experienced in order to receive the benefits of the quests. I’m not going to tell you that this is an easy journey, that would be a lie, and it would be setting you up for failure. I am going to tell you that is incredibly difficult journey and the benefits are completely worth it. Living the human experience through the witness of pure being is the whole point of existence. It is why we’re here, for creation to experience itself. That’s why we’re here, for creation to experience itself. It does that through the soul. It does that through what we are. We don’t experience creation when we are lost in the energy, which is to say the beta condition, which is to say the suffering, which is to say the control and fear and doubt and guilt and shame and so on.

So, what do I mean when I say lost in the energy? That has to be what comes next. This is part of the content for today. I’m going to break down what I mean when I use the word energy all the time, because everything is energy, right? You guys know. I mean, look, everything is energy. You know that. Everything. All experience is an experience of energy. We are energy also, but we are a special kind of energy. When I say we, I mean humans, right? The soul is energy, but it’s a special kind of energy. It’s an energy that’s made in the likeness of God, which means that we are the energy of awareness, we are the witness, that which is aware of the other energy, which is creation itself. Awareness is love. Therefore, we are love, God is love. Therefore, we are the awareness of God itself, right? We are the Divinity. When we draw our awareness onto something, we are loving it. This is the deepnosis and I will explain it more in the following podcast episode. For now, know that awareness allows us to experience creation as a divine being, a being of awareness, being aware of itself. Which is the same thing as saying, a being of love loving itself, which is loving all of creation. We are the awareness that creation uses to experience itself. Therefore, we are the medium through which God loves itself. 

So, everything is energy, and we are a special kind of energy. What is all the other energy? If we are awareness, if we are a special kind of energy, then what is all the other energy? What is the energy that we are aware of? What is the energy that we are experiencing? Geez, I got to tell you, this is such a mystical episode, brothers. This is such mystical stuff. This is like master level knowledge here, what I’m dropping here. If you’re listening to this podcast, it’s like 200 and something that’s like really obscure podcasts and a really obscure episode and a really obscure podcast, like you’re receiving right now high levels of information. Because everything is energy. This is proven, this is known. But this is forgotten. This is not paid attention to.

We don’t assimilate this into our core knowledge. Like we’d rather pay attention to Super Bowls and World Series, right? I’m not saying that in a condescending way. I’m just saying that we’re giving our attention to distraction, rather, to this information that benefits us deeply. Which is to know that everything is energy. The eternal infinite universe is a container, whose boundary is nowhere and center is everywhere. And remember, you yourself are the center of the universe. But I don’t want to confuse you with content from a previous podcast. So, let’s just say that the center is everywhere. It’s where you are, it’s where I am.

So, the universe is this infinite container and is filled with energy. It is all the energy. Energy is all it is. Basically, I’m saying that God is energy, right? If you believe God is a superposition of all the matter in all the universe in every moment, then I’m talking about that energy, that God, everything and everywhere with a neutral, if not, benevolent consciousness, because consciousness is energy as well. It is inside the container. Everything is inside the container, and this container has no boundary, and everything inside the container is energy. The container itself is a mass of pure energy. That container, the totality is the all oneness. That’s the source, the container is pure energy. This energy is experienced by us, by humans, by the witnessing awareness. This is the alpha. This is the nature of the alpha, to be a witnessing awareness of all the energy that exists in the universe in three planes or three realms.


The first realm is the mental realm. This is the realm of the mind which is experienced as thoughts. We experience mental energy, the mental realm through thoughts. We experienced the mental realm of energy, when we draw our awareness to our thoughts and pay attention to what we’re thinking brothers. You know what this is like. For some of you, this is the primary experience of energy that you’re having in your human life. And if you say, “I’m in my head a lot”, or, “I’m always in my head”, that’s what I’m talking about. You being in your head means that you are choosing to primarily experience mental energy. That’s what you’re doing, is you’re experiencing mostly mental energy. You’re living in the realm of mind. But we are not our thoughts. We are not our thoughts. You are not your thoughts. Thoughts are energy. Energy, draws awareness. Remember, you are awareness, you are the alpha. The alpha is awareness. The energy, the mental energy is drawing you, drawing your awareness. Energy wants to draw you to it. Energy wants awareness.

Of course, it does. Energy is creation and creation wants to experience itself through awareness. We are the awareness brothers. So, all the energy in the universe in the container is wanting to draw us to it. That’s love. You understand? Energy is creation. All of it. All of it is creation itself. And how does creation? Why does creation come into existence? So, it can be experienced. How is it experienced? It’s experienced through awareness. And what is awareness? Awareness is love. We are awareness. So, energy wants to be loved. Creation wants to be loved. It wants to have us aware of it. The mind does this by tapping into the mental plane of energy. This is the T line in the universal truth and the model of alignment.

The second realm of energy is the astral realm. This is the realm of vibration, which is experienced as feelings and emotions. We experience the astral realm of energy when we draw our awareness to our feelings, and pay attention to what we are feeling. This can be done through resistance and avoidance as well. If we’re resisting or avoiding feelings, we are feeding that energy and living in the beta condition. The nature of the alpha state is to witness the energy, to witness the energy of the astral realm means to process and allow the feelings. Resisting avoiding and reacting to emotions is all chasing energy. It is beta behavior. It’s not the nature of the alpha. The nature of the alpha is to observe, to notice the astral energy, the vibrational energy. To notice the feelings, which means to allow them, to process them, not to push them away, or avoid them, to run from them, escape from them or to react to them, to just let them take over your body. This is beta behavior. So, the alpha, the nature of the alpha is allowing. Feelings want to be felt. They’re just energy that wants to be experienced through awareness. The spirit, or hearts does this by tapping into the astral plane of energy. And this is the F line in the universal truth and the model of alignment.

Now, the third realm is the physical realm. This is the realm of sensations which is experienced through the form and the five senses, through the body and the five senses. We experience the physical realm of energy when we draw awareness to our five senses and pay attention to what we can see, touch, taste, hear and smell, right? our five senses. This is the realm of matter and density. It’s the realm of everything. The realm of things and stuff, where most people lose themselves in attempts to control the experience, instead of allowing the perfection of physical experience to unfold. All physical energy is neutral and perfect, beautiful and important. All physical energy is an expression of desire, because in order for energy to reach the physical realm, it must have been given significant amounts of love.

Think about that, brothers. Think about why that is. Think about the logic, the process behind that. Love is awareness, love is attention, awareness, intention, and consciousness. All the things I teach in the academy around the process of manifestation. In order to manifest something from the realm of thought to the realm of form, you must give it your focus, your attention, which is your awareness, which is your love. That is what brings things into the physical realm. Conscious awareness which is attention, which is love. Therefore, all physical energy is an expression of desire. It is the form of creation, the greatest gift, the medium through which we experience physical living. The body does this by tapping into the physical plane of energy. It is the senses and all of movement is the A line of the universal truth and the model of alignment.


Now, brothers, we have these three planes of energy that are layered seamlessly on top of each other. They are not separate and they cannot ever be experienced separately. We can’t have thoughts without form, right? We can’t have feelings without thoughts and so on. That’s why we have the universal truth. These three planes of energy make up the totality of existence and consciousness, which is the duality from which the one experience itself. So, check this out, again, more like deep mystery. We’re going to mastery level here, brothers, because from the one source, from the one, comes the duality. So, from one comes two. The two that are one, which is consciousness and existence. The one source, the all, the all oneness becomes two, which is consciousness and existence or thought and form, and it does that so that it can be aware of itself. There can be form and there can be consciousness of the form, and that’s how the one becomes two, in order for to experience itself. Then, from the duality of two, becomes three, the Trinity, which is the three realms of energy. The Father in the Christian religion, Brahma in the Hindu religion, that is the mental energy, which is the mind. Then there’s the Holy Spirit in the Christian theology or Shiva in Hinduism, which is the astral energy. The feelings or spirit. And then there’s the sun, in Christianity, or Vishnu in Hinduism, which is again the physical energy or actions which is or the body.

So again, brothers, what we have here is the spiritual, mystical knowledge, layered on top of philosophy, layered on top of a practical psychology, of a path that you can learn to free yourself from suffering, while at the same time experiencing the totality of everything. It’s the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. It’s Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu. It’s mind body spirit. This is the Trinity that we experienced as a witnessing alpha, as a grounded, centered, immutable soul.

Hear me now brothers, because this is the nature of the alpha. This is the nature. You are not the energy. You are the witness of the energy. Do you understand? You are the grounded, immutable, centered, alpha, that doesn’t change. You’re the one holding steady just watching and witnessing. You’re the one listening to the mind. So, in the mind, let’s say you have in your head, a roommate, and the roommate is basically mental energy. This roommate is sitting up in your mind and just talking all the time. It never shuts up. Your roommate never shuts up, because mental energy doesn’t get turned on or off. Mental energy just exists, the same way physical energy just exists. The same way just the computer is there, and the car is there, and the cloud is there, and the tree is there, right? The physical energy, your body is there.

Mental energy is just there, it’s always there. It doesn’t get turned on or off. You can’t shut off the mind. The mind, it just picks up mental energy, the same way the five senses pick up physical energy. So, you’re just picking up mental energy with your mind, and it’s not getting shut off. So, it’s just running and running and running and running and running and running, which is the same as having somebody in your head, a human being living in your head, that just keeps talking and talking and talking and talking. But that’s not who you are. You’re the other guy living in the apartment, in the head, living in the room in the mind. You’re the alpha, you’re the soul, you’re the one listening to the mental energy, you’re the one witnessing the mental energy, you’re the one just listening to that guy, talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. But you get into the beta condition when you believe you are the guy, when you believe you are all the likes and dislikes, when you believe you are all the wants and don’t wants, when you believe you are all the identity and things and, I am this. All the things is what we call it. All of the identity, all of the construct that you place on yourself, which is everything, all the labels, all the titles.

That’s not you, that’s the guy talking. That’s the mental energy. And it’s the same in your heart, right? There’s a guy in your heart that’s playing different musical instruments, right? He’s playing different vibrations, he’s hitting different chords. And these sparked different vibrations within you. But you’re not the one that’s playing these. You’re not the instruments, right? You’re not the actual vibrations. You’re just the one listening to it, experiencing it. That’s the alpha. That’s the nature of the alpha. You are the witness of the energy, all of it is just energy, it’s moving through you. You are not the thoughts, you are not the feelings, you are not the actions. You are the one hearing the thoughts, noticing the feelings, observing the actions. You are experiencing the energy, you are not the energy itself. This is the difference between the alpha and the beta. The alpha experiences the energy, the beta chases the energy. The beta believes he is the energy. 

You start to listen to your mind and you’re chasing the mind. You start to listen to the thoughts and you’re chasing the thoughts. It’s getting lost in your mind. It’s being in your head, right? Or being in your feelings, you get caught up in your feelings. It’s the same thing, being caught in the energy of the astral. Being caught in the energy of the feelings. It’s all just energy, my friends. You are here to experience the energy. I’m not saying stop experiencing energy. I’m not saying like go live in a cave and meditate. I’m saying the opposite. I’m saying live in the world, but be a spiritual being in the world. Experience all the energy. Just experience it from your alpha state, from the witnessing observer. This is the seat of the soul, the elevated alpha state. When this is not happening, you are blocking or storing energy. You are creating for yourself pain. It creates an experience of energy that gets stuck and ends up needing to be disturbed or activated in order to be experienced fully and released. This means that your circumstances begin to become triggers to let go of that energy. This includes mental energy, astral energy, and physical energy. This is why things happen in a pattern. This is why things repeat over and over for human beings. Because that energy is constantly wanting to be released. It’s constantly being stirred up. Constantly being triggered.


If it’s not being let go of, then it’s constantly being repressed, held back held down, stored and blocked, which means that the universe is coming back. The circumstances coming back to trigger it again to let it go, so that you can begin to experience life again. So, you can begin to experience creation again. So, you can begin to experience love again. Joy, bliss and all the things that you are. Because as long as your experience is stuck or blocked energy, you are in that state of suffering brother, and whatever you want to call it. We can call it whatever we want. We label it all the time. We can label it shame, we can label it fear, we can label it insecurity, we can label it doubt, we can label it limiting beliefs, right? We can call it limiting beliefs. It’s just stored energy. It’s just blocked energy. The alpha is moving and experiencing energy. That is all.

Brothers, have you ever heard of the seven chakra system? In my investigations and research, I’ve studied both the seven-centered chakra system and the nine-centered chakra system, which is also known as the human design system, which I have an associate’s degree on. I have a chart analysis, two-year degree. It’s not a degree. It takes two years to get an analysis. But for this episode, I just want to offer you the seven-centered chakra system, right? The original chakra system. You’ve probably seen it, the one from India. The seven chakras that move through the center of the body. And I want to offer this one because it demonstrates the Trinity very effectively. It demonstrates how we’re experiencing three realms of energy, because the lower three chakras are related to the physical world and the physical realm of energy. The upper three chakras are related to the mental world and the mental realms of energy. And in the center chakra, the heart chakra, houses the love and is the connecting, is what connects us to the astral realm of vibration. And it ties the upper and the lower chakras together.

While this is happening, while energy is flowing freely up and down through your chakras, your alpha state is confidently, serenely experiencing it all, as your thoughts feelings and sensations in the world. All of this is flowing through you and around you, and you simply just allow it and enjoy it all. But when energy gets blocked up, when it gets blocked up in either the lower three chakras, it gets blocked up in some of those dualities we talked about a few weeks ago, right? It gets blocked up at some of those pain points around scarcity, around survival, right? Scarcity or pain in relationships, because this is the worldly stuff. It gets blocked up in the upper three chakras, it gets blocked up in consciousness. It blocks up in our abilities to manifest, our abilities to see, to have vision, right? The third eye. And manifestation is a throat chakra. If it gets blocked up in the heart chakra, then we have pain, right? It’s the emotional pain. But when energy gets blocked up, that’s the beta hanging on to the energy and starts operating life, starts running life through that painful blockage. It’s the distortion through which we see the world and then we see the world through that pain, and the world becomes that pain.

Now, before I offer an example, because that’s the nature of the alpha. That’s the nature of the beta. The nature of the beta is to live through the pain. The nature of the alpha is to look at what is the source of the pain, which is energy, and release the pain, to let go of the energy by sitting in the alpha state, by experiencing the energy rather than by chasing or engaging with the energy. So, before I offer an example, I want to remind you again, that this teaching, this is what I offer the students in the academy. You are not the energy. It’s so important for you to know this. I’m using this word energy, specifically, because I’m talking about all three types of energy. I’m talking about your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. You are not your energy. You are not the thoughts, feelings and actions, nor does your experience of energy depend on the nature of the energy itself. Because the nature of energy is always neutral. Your experience of the energy depends on the amount of energy that is blocked or stored. It is not the type. It’s not the quality of energy. It is the volume. It’s the density, figuratively.

Therefore, during the phase of guidance, that includes letting go before we can begin building up through manifestation I offer the following questions. This is what I want to offer you guys, ask yourself, who am I? Who is the I that is experiencing this energy? Who is listening to these thoughts? Who is noticing these feelings? Who is witnessing the scent of this flower or the taste of this burger? It isn’t the judge that’s witnessing. It isn’t the mind that has all these thoughts because you are just listening to that. When you say I like the way this flower smells, or I like the way this burger taste, who is the one that likes it. It’s not you because you are not the voice that’s making the judgment of liking or disliking. You’re the one that’s listening to the one that’s making the judgment. And then you realize you are not the one that is disturbed by the energy. You are the one who notices that there is a disturbed energy. That is separation.

You take the seat of the alpha as the witness of the experience rather than the beta who is the experience itself, and then you are the undisturbed. Then you discover that it is only the energy that is disturbed and it must be disturbed in order to be released, and you can be more of who you are, more grounded and expanded, more free and focused, more of all the paradoxes, because you are elevating your alpha state

All right brothers, because of the amount of information, because of the amount of content in this episode, I decided to split it into two parts. I will conclude the episode on the Nature of the Alpha next week. Until then, have an amazing week and elevate your alpha.


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