Last week I talked to you about the first duality, scarcity, and abundance. The first duality only exists on the mental plane; it is entirely within the mind. It helps paint a picture of your external reality, ultimately determining how you see the world. Today, I want to talk to you about the second duality, which exists as vibration and manifests within you as pleasure and pain. Before we delve into the topic, it is essential to remember that all three dualities exist within you as energy, which can be blocked or flow through us freely. You do not need to grasp the concept of the first duality to understand the second and third as they exist within us simultaneously. The coexistence and interplay between these realities shape our perception of the external reality. 

The second duality, or the foundational duality of the vibrational realm, is the duality between emotional pleasure versus emotional pain. Do not confuse emotional pleasure and pain with physical pleasure and pain. Physical forms are messages sent from the outer world into the body through one or more of the five senses, such as an embrace from a loved one or the sound of music. That’s very different from the emotional energy of pain, which is vibrational energy. For example, the experience of grief does not originate from the senses but a vibration. It’s coming from a wave of energy. It’s coming from that astral realm of emotion, of feeling. Just like our need to survive, people are hard-wired to avoid emotional pain and chase emotional pleasure. 

Once you feel nourished and fulfilled, you establish a foundation for power, love, creativity, and meditative contemplation. This is achieved through understanding the nuance of the second duality. How high are you choosing to cultivate your astral vibrational energy? Brothers, I want to help you comprehend the concept of dualities because once it becomes clear, you will have the ability to rise above the emotional pain and blocked energy. Join me today and continue the journey towards cognitive mastery by learning the dualities of our existence. I will help you transcend the vibrational pain, take ownership of your emotions, and elevate your alpha!

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Recap of the first duality: scarcity and abundance.
  • How all three dualities occur simultaneously. 
  • The difference between emotional and physical experiences.
  • Ways emotional pleasure and pain are experienced.
  • Why it is important to consciously feel your vibrations.

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[00:00:10] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the alpha male coach podcast, the only podcast that teaches men cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:33] KA: What’s up my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. And, wow! Just wow. What a week I’ve had, brothers. It has been a week of huge insight and expansion for me. And I’m excited to share the downloads I’ve received lately. 

You know what? I feel like I’m saying almost the same thing to you guys every week. It’s wild. Like it’s crazy because I feel like so much has happened in 2022. And I’m so excited to just share it. Just teach it. Just pass it through. A part of it’s what I’m going to get into on this podcast episode. But it’s more than that because it’s flowing now. 

I’ve cleared up so much of my own blocked energy that now so much is flowing, that there are so much new downloads, so much new insight. And because of who I am and what I do, I just want to get it out. I just want to share it all with you guys. 

But first, I want to complete this segment on dualities, because there are three dualities that are foundational, that are fundamental dualities. The first duality we talked about last week. Today, we’re going to talk about the second duality. And next week, we’ll talk about the third. And after that, there’s so much exciting stuff to come. But this is exciting too, the second duality. So, let’s get started. 

[00:01:46] KA: Now, brothers, the first duality we talked about last week, and that’s the duality between abundance and scarcity. And from there, we move to the second. Now, I want you to know that these aren’t like gates. It’s not like we pass through one gate and then we go to the second gate. It’s not like we can’t get to the second duality until we have opened up the first gate by recognizing and experiencing total abundance. It doesn’t work like that. 

These dualities are always functioning within us as energy that is either moving, right? It’s either moving, it’s flowing or it’s blocked, right? It’s restricted. So, we have energy that’s flowing, that’s moving, that’s clean, clear. It’s non-restricted. It is flowing through us. And that, in the first duality, is abundance, because we’re living in abundance. We’re living in the flow of energy. We’re living in the truth of what is. So, it’s the energies flowing. 

When we’re living in a scarcity in the first duality, that’s when our energy is blocked. Because that blocked energy is the limiting belief. That blocked energy is what’s creating the vision. It’s what’s creating the idea. It’s what’s creating the reality, the non-reality, the illusion of scarcity. So, it’s like you’re painting the world. It’s the filter of scarcity. It’s that blocked energy. 

When the energy is not blocked and it’s flowing through you, you see the world the way it is. You see the world in abundance. When the energy is blocked, it’s like wearing dirty glasses. You can’t see the world the way it is. It’s blocked. So, it’s filtered. It’s distorted. And that distortion, that blocked energy, creates a story of scarcity. 

Now, in the second duality, we have pleasure and pain, which I’ll get into in a moment. But it’s not as if the first energy the first duality, you have to get to abundance first. These dualities are always functioning within us. And blocked energy can be mental, vibrational or physical. 

So, we talk about mental blocked energy. We’re talking about a limiting belief in the mental body, in the mind, right? When we talk about vibrational blocked energy, that’s emotional pain in the astral body, which is what we’re going to talk about today. 

And then we have physical blocked energy, which is physical pain in the physical body, which is the form you’re familiar with, right? That’s your body body. These are all just energy forms that are blocked and they keep coming back to our consciousness to be released. If they’re not released, they keep coming back. Once they are released, then they stop coming back. Then we release that energy and we have more energy to function with inspiration. To function with love and gratitude. To give. To pour out. And then, physically, to do more. To create more work. 

[00:04:20] KA: So, these dualities all exist simultaneously as the foundation of the dualities for each energy realm or energy body, right? These aren’t gates that we pass through linearly. They are vortexes that we experienced simultaneously as they filter the energy that passes through them. Don’t worry too much about that. Don’t worry too much about that other than to know that, number one, these dualities are all functioning at the same time. 

I talked about last week, today and next week, all three of these are functioning simultaneously. That’s number one. Number two, they can be flowing or blocked at different times. There’s no permanent states here. You may have flowing energy coming through duality number two. You may be feeling pleasure, emotional pleasure. And then all of a sudden something blocks that energy flow and you start feeling emotional pain. This energy can be blocked or flowing. It can be opened or closed at different times throughout your human experience. 

The idea is to keep it flowing. The idea is to keep it open. And that’s what we work on in the academy, is to keep energy flowing. To keep us in the first duality state of abundance. To keep us in the second duality state of pleasure. And to keep us in the third duality state of power, which we’ll get to next week. 

But number three is that they have correlation to the way we experience the three energy realms differently. And that’s something that’s important for you guys to know. Because even if the first duality is experiencing blocked energy in the mind and running a story of scarcity, that we can still have energy flowing through the second duality and be engaged with the vibrations of pleasure. 

This pairing of the first duality, being blocked in scarcity, and the second body being open for pleasure, will paint a very different picture of the world then a pairing of energy flowing freely through both dualities, which is abundance and pleasure, right? 

Again, brothers, I’m trying to show you that these are not gates. It’s not one than the other. It’s like all three gates are there for you all the time. And the idea is to keep all three gates open all the time. It’s not one than the other. You see? Because you can have one gate open and two gates closed. You can have two gates closed and one gate open. You can have all three gates open. You can have all three gates closed, right? So, if we have a pairing of the first duality being blocked energy, then you’re living in a world of scarcity. But you can have a second duality being open. So, you’re in a state of vibrational pleasure. So, your mind is telling you a story of scarcity while your energy body, while you’re vibrating high-vibrational pleasurable emotions. It’s possible, right? Sure. 

The same is opposite. The same is also true. You can be in a mental state of abundance and be feeling energetic pain, vibrational pain. Or you can feel abundance and pleasure we’re both energy states are flowing it open. Or you can feel scarcity and vibrational pain where both are blocked. Of course, we’re talking about just two, right? Imagine what happens when we get more complex when we add that third duality in the Matrix. 

The point is that these foundational dualities of the human experience that correlate to the three planes or realms of experience are always active. They don’t turn on and run sequentially, or chronologically, right? They’re always in either a flowing or a blocked state, which can change based on your amount of trapped energy, personal triggers, and spiritual work that you’ve already done. And by spiritual work, of course, I mean, work in awareness, cognitive, and emotional work. The work we do in the academy. 

Finally, I want to say this too. I want to say this before going on to the second duality, and really getting into the content here today. I want to quickly bring in the correlating realms of energy because I didn’t mention on the podcast episode last week when we talked about the first duality. The first duality is in the mental realm of energy. And it is the duality of abundance versus scarcity. It is a mental energy because it is the foundational thought. Right, brothers? Do you understand? It’s the first concept of the way existence exists. It is in the mind only, right? We don’t feel abundance. And we don’t feel it vibrationally. We don’t feel it physically. We only experience it mentally, right? Abundance is something we experience mentally. It is in the mind only. It will paint the picture of the external, right? It will determine how we see the world. But the duality is purely in the mind, right? It’s only an idea. It’s a concept only. It’s only mental energy, right?

[00:08:29] KA: Vibrationally, we experience love, we experience gratitude, we experience fear, we experience sadness, but we don’t experience abundance or scarcity, because these are concepts. And physically as well. Physically, we can experience heat, we can experience cold, we can experience different colors and different sounds. But we don’t experience abundance, right? Because it’s an idea. It’s a mental energy. It has to do with having because it is in the mind. Abundance and scarcity both have to do with having because they’re in the mind that chooses the experience of manifestation and having as a thought. Ownership is a thought. Abundance is a thought. Scarcity is a thought. It’s just pure mental energy. 

The second dualities in the realm of vibrational energy. It is the duality of pleasure versus pain. So, what we’re talking about now, in this podcast episode. This is the motivational triad that you all know about. You guys all know the motivational triad. It is emotional pleasure versus emotional pain. This is why it is vibrational energy, it is emotional energy. The energy of the feeling. The F-line in the model of alignment. The energy of the astral body of experience. It is in the vibration only, right? 

Emotional pleasure and emotional pain is not a thought. It doesn’t occur in mental energy. Emotional pain and emotional pleasure is not physical. And I’m going to create a distinction for you. I’m going to explain the difference between emotional pleasure or emotional pain, and physical pleasure or physical pain. 

But emotional pain or emotional pain are only feelings. They’re feelings. They’re not thoughts. And they’re not actions. They’re not physical things. This duality has to do with our feelings therefore. And I’m going to talk a little bit about that in this podcast episode. And then next week, when we get into the third duality, this is going to be in the realm of physical energy. It is the realm of what we experience in form. 

And again, I’ll introduce that next week. But very quickly, I just want you to see that it has to do with actions. The third realm of energy. The three energy realms of experience are the mental realm, where we experience the energy of our thoughts; the vibrational astral realm, where we experienced the energy of our emotions, feelings; and the physical realm, where we experience the sensations of the body and everything in the world. Mind, spirit, body. Mental, energetic, physical. Thoughts, feelings, actions. It’s the triumvirate. It’s the Trinity. This is the human experience. This is always the human experience. This is always the way it is. Do you guys see it? Can you see it? Is it becoming clearer? 

And I’m going to keep making it more and more clearer brothers, because the more and more clearer it becomes for you, the more and more ability you will have to experience this in your life and transcend the scarcity, transcend the vibrational pain. And then transcend, we talk about next week as well in the third duality. 

[00:11:33] KA: Alright brothers, let’s get into the content for today. The second duality. The second duality, or the foundational duality of the vibrational realm, is the duality between emotional pleasure versus emotional pain, which is different from physical pleasure versus physical pain. But it does have to do with sexuality. And I’m going to explain that in another podcast episode. We’re giong to talk about sexuality in a whole another podcast episode. 

The second duality is the relationship between emotional pleasure and emotional pain. And like I say, this is different than physical pleasure and physical pain, although there is this relationship between the two. The pleasures we feel from the touch of a loved one, right? You think about your girlfriend touching you, right? You’re getting a hug, getting a hug from a friend getting a hug from – a kiss from a girlfriend. A nice touch on the back of your neck. Or when she draws you. Sensual touching. Or taste. What about the taste of your favorite food, right? Or the sound of a professional symphony, right? These are physical pleasures. And I want to classify them as sensations, which are messages that come from the outer world into the body through one or more of the five senses. This is physical pleasure or physical pain. 

Physical pleasure and physical pain come through the five senses. When I banged my knee, like when I’m running down the hallway, and I banged my knee on a chair that sticking out in the hallway, that causes me physical pain, because it comes from the sense of touch, right? It comes from the sensation of feeling. I bang my knee, and I’ve got a physical energy of pain. That’s very different than an emotional energy of pain, a vibrational energy of pain, right? 

When my goldfish dies, and I feel grief, that’s emotional pain. Because it’s not coming through my five senses. It’s not coming from the world. It’s not coming from my sight, or my sound, or my taste, or my touch, or my smell, right? It’s coming from a vibration. It’s coming from a wave of energy. It’s coming from that astral realm of emotion of feeling. It’s coming from the chemical reaction happening in my cells. It’s a vibration. 

Brothers, when I talk about the vibrational realm of energy, I’m talking about emotions and feeling. Let’s make this very clear. Vibrations mean feelings. If that was not clear at the beginning of this podcast, I want to make this very clear. I’m talking about your feelings. I’m talking about love, gratitude, patience, acceptance, compassion, excitement, anxiety, grief, hate, fear, shame, guilt. These are energies. They are emotional energies. They are objects that exist in another realm of existence for us to experience as humans. They just exist in a more subtle plane of experience. 

When we see a ball – If I look at a basketball, I’m experiencing the physical object that we as humans call a basketball. When I feel fear, we’re experiencing the vibrational object that we call fear. These are things outside of us that we have an experience of, right? The basketball, we experience in separation. We experience it outside of our body. It is there. We can experience that thing there. And therefore, we know that is not us, because it is a physical energy. 

The vibration of fear we experience as an experience of the self within the body. So, it makes it much more difficult to separate ourselves from it. It becomes much more difficult to become an objective witness of the emotion, the vibration, that it is to become an objective witness of the physical energy being the thing, right? The basketball. But they’re the same. That’s why this confuses us so much. That’s why this will confuse us about our feelings and the energy realm of vibration. We are not our feelings. You are not your feelings. You are the alpha having an experience of a feeling. Having an experience of a vibration. And this is so important for you to remember. Okay, remember that. You are not the vibration. You are the one having the experience of the vibration. Just like you are not the basketball. You are the one having the experience of looking at a basketball. 

So, we have to make a distinction between physical pleasure and physical pain, which we experience through one or more of the five senses. And vibrational pleasure and vibrational pain, which we experience is a vibration within, which we call a feeling or an emotion. And you know that’s the chemical reaction happening in the cells. So, we have this distinction. And what we’re talking about in the second duality Is the latter, the vibrational pleasure the vibrational pain. 

[00:15:03] KA: And while we make this distinction, I still want to call your attention to these two can be related. Because like I say, essential touch from a lover could generate the vibrational energy of lust, or seduction, or passion, or love. However, there is a distinction between the touch, which is a circumstance. We put that at the C-line of the model of alignment, right? My girlfriend touched me, right? That’s a circumstance. And the vibration that I’m feeling, which is lust, seduction, passion, love, whatever, that’s the feeling. That goes in the F-line. And this distinction is both in energy, right? Because I want to make a distinction between that there’s the physical energy of the touch versus the vibrational energy of the feeling. 

So, we want to make this distinction both in energy and in causal relationship, because I want to remind you guys, which you know from the universal truth, that the touch is not creating the feeling. The touch that your wife or girlfriend gives you, as a circumstance is not creating the feeling of lust, seduction, or passion, or vibration. It is a different energy. It’s coming from a different realm. It’s coming from that astral realm of vibration. 

Now that we have the distinction and connection, which of course occurs through thought because of universal truth. Now, now that we have the distinction and connection between vibrational pleasure and pain and physical pleasure and pain, this podcast, as I said, is about the duality of the former. It’s about vibrations. It’s about feelings. It’s about emotions. 

This is why it’s so important to learn how to connect with this energy realm, brothers. It’s so important for you to learn how to feel. I’ve said this for years. We are on over 200 podcast episodes. I’ve been saying this for over 200 weeks. If you don’t learn how to consciously feel your vibrations, if you don’t learn how to consciously feel your feelings, you will be driven by your unconscious relationship with your feelings, which is the motivational triad. The human organism, as well as other living creatures, because remember, we’re talking about subtle vibrational energy that exists in another dimension layered on top of this dimension. And thus, all living things have this vibration at some level. 

So, the human organism as well as other living organisms have a natural inclination to chase pleasure and avoid pain. These two concepts, chasing pleasure and avoiding pain, with the addition of the efficient coding to automate this behavior is what creates the motivational triad of the brain. Chase pleasure, avoid pain, and make that as efficient and automated as possible. 

And just like the instinct we have to survive, which is where the first duality emerges from, this is an innate biological pattern wired into the primordial portions of our brain. Emotional pain is an indication that something is threatening life, for example, fear and all of its derivatives. When I feel fear, when I feel panic, when I feel these things, when I feel the worry. There’s something. Anxiety. When I feel these painful emotional vibrations, that’s an indication that something is threatening, right? 

And when I feel pleasure, it’s an indication that the environment is safe, freeing my attention for other things, right? And that’s love and all of its derivatives. Love, and safety, and acceptance, and tolerance, and gratitude, and generosity and all that stuff. 

So now, for those of you who are longtime listeners to The Alpha Male Coach podcast, you might be saying yourself, “Now, hold on a second coach. What about buffering? You’re talking about emotional pleasure and emotional pain. And you’re saying that we’re aiming to open up and allow our energy to flow, so that we’re feeling higher vibrations, we’re feeling more vibrational pleasure, like more positive emotions. But what about buffering? What about all the teachings that you’ve done on false pleasures, covering up the emotional pain, right? Like, I feel bored of, or I feel anxiety, right? And so, I should feel that, right? I shouldn’t process that. I should allow that emotion. What it sounds like you’re saying is I should just buffer. I should just chase the pleasure. I should just feel better, right? Introducing dopamine in the brain all through activities. It’s all that.” 

I want you to know I hear you. And here’s the thing, what I’m talking about are things that don’t directly assist to our survival, but that still give us pleasure. And you know what things I’m talking about. A lot of these things are even detrimental to us, like drinking alcohol, shooting heroin, spending excessive money, watching pornography, watching TV and so on. These activities deplete our energy. They are energy vampires. They are part of the matrix. They deplete our resources as well. And of course, this is not the pleasure I am talking about when I introduced this duality. This is a different type of pleasure. This is that sensation of pleasure. From the perspective of this duality, these are all expressions of vibrational pain because it’s that vibrational pain that is driving that action. That’s why it’s a physical sensation. 

[00:19:45] KA: The suppression of physical pleasure creates a need for overindulgence, which turns the physical pleasure into a vibrational pain. Vibrational pain is an indication that we are going in the wrong direction. The suppression of physical pleasure creates a vibrational deprivation in the body that demands more of our consciousness than it deserves. This deprivation leads to desire, and the vibrational swing ensues. 

So, I’m not talking about that pleasure, because that’s the physical pleasure. The vibrational pleasure that I’m talking about is the energetic pleasure that enables us to move more deeply into the body and engage with the astral vibrational form. And once we feel nourished and fulfilled, we establish a foundation for power, love, creativity and meditative contemplation. It’s like the energy that moves. 

If you guys remember, if we would to take an arbitrary scale from zero to 1000, and we look at it as emotional energy, right? Vibrational energy. Do you remember that vibrational scale? It’s arbitrary, of course. But to think about it this way. Because I’m not talking about the pleasure of the body, right? The sensation of the body, right? The dopamine, where we go out and we’re seeking the sensation. I’m talking about that energetic vibration, the feelings, where at zero, we have death. And 1000, we have divine consciousness, 500 and above are the positive emotions. And 500 and below are the negative emotions. Like, positive, negative, how we kind of define them, where we have apathy, and guilt, and shame, and fear, and disappointment, and despair, and all that. All those are 500 and below, right? And depending on where they are, what you do, like sadness, is going to be below hate. Anger is going to be above sadness, right? Because sadness and grief, these things are low vibrations. They cause you to do low, low energy. Whereas anger, even though it’s a negative energy, even if it’s below 500, it’s higher vibration. It gets you moving more, but doesn’t get you moving as much as the energy and the vibration of these higher ones, like love, and generosity, and gratitude. 

So, we have this scale. And we want to move up the scale and feel more of the higher vibrational energies. That’s what we’re talking about here, the vibrational energies. We’re not talking about the buffering. We’re not talking about covering up the lower vibrational energies with a physical action of a false pleasure. I’m talking about actually raising your vibrational energy, brothers. I’m talking about actually bringing yourself more deeply into those higher numbers so that you’re feeling higher vibrations more consistently. Well, you’re feeling more consistently, first of all, because you’re in touch with your astral body. You’re in touch with your vibrational self. But you’re also feeling higher vibrations more consistently because you’re in touch with that body, you’re feeling that body. And because you’re cultivating through a release of energy, through a release of blocked energy and allowing it to flow freely through this duality more and more pleasure in your life. 

Because as in the first duality, I came down on one side of the binary. This is because it is the expression of an open energy vortex. Abundance is the expression of open-energy flow in the first duality. Scarcity is an expression of blocked energy flow in the first duality. Therefore, brothers in my spiritual guidance, I offer and guide my students towards abundance by helping them release blocked energy, blockages in the mental, emotional or physical energies. 

Now, mostly, this is done in the mental and emotional energy, because men with physical energy blockages usually go to a doctor or a physical therapist because it’s manifesting in their physical form, in their body, right? But guys that are having blocked energy in their mind, it’s manifesting as a limiting belief. So, they come to the academy. And we work on releasing that blocked energy. And men that have blocked energy in their emotions are dealing with anger. They’re dealing with sadness. They’re dealing with insecurity, and grief, and shame. This is blocked energy. And we work on releasing this energy so you can vibrate at a higher level. You can vibrate higher. That’s the second duality. 

In the second duality, my guidance is towards pleasure. The positive vibrations of love and all of its derivatives, rather than pain, which is the fear and all of its derivative, the lower vibrations. Pleasure vibrations from the astral realm means that you’re in alignment with the alpha state and your energy is flowing freely. Painful by vibrations, negative emotions, right? Mean that you are aware of a disturbed energy in the astral realm and it is blocking your energy flow. You become aware of this resentment. You become aware of this regret. You become aware of this guilt. And it’s blocking your energy flow. It’s blocking you from vibrating higher. So, you have to release that energy. You have to process that energy. You have to process that “negative pain”, right? That negative vibration, that negative energy, that painful vibration. 

So, in order to release it and return to a pleasurable state means to allow or process the emotional energy. This is emotional ownership. It’s a skill set we teach at the academy. I’ve been talking about it for years. And so, I guide my students toward a perpetual state of vibrational pleasure through the release of energy blockages in their vibrational body, which is the emotional body. This is done by releasing the pain through the process of emotional ownership, which is allowing emotions. You work on allowing your feelings. Feeling your feelings. Letting them flow through you. Cognitive mastery and emotional ownership. This is what you learn in the academy. And it guides you towards vibrational pleasure in the second duality and abundance in the first duality. 

Brothers, pleasure invites us to expand. Pleasure moves us towards higher vibrational energy. It moves upward, upward towards love, gratitude and divine consciousness. The pain on the other hand generally makes us contract. It makes us pull back. It makes us hide. Pain moves downward in the vibrational energy towards shame, blame, apathy and eventually death. 

In order to truly live in your alpha state, pleasure is a part of the journey, because it invites consciousness to travel through the entire nervous system, as well as reach out towards others. Pleasure also invites surrender, which is a process of elevating the alpha state. 

Brothers, pleasure helps the mind and body establish better communication. And you know this, because it is the F-line, right? It’s the F-line after all. It’s the connector of the thought and the action. The vibration we call a feeling. Through pleasure, we learn to relax and release our tension. Our impulses and urges can flow freely through the astral body without fear of resistance or avoidance. 

And unfortunately, through the beta condition, through society, through our childhood through our process of development, we are taught to repress our own pleasures. We are taught to repress our joy if it means somebody else is in denial. If somebody else is in denial about something, about something in the world, we’re told that we have to go along with their denial. We have to meet them where they are. We have to repress our own version of the world. Don’t be too optimistic, right? 

We’re taught to repress our pride with false humility. Don’t be too proud of your achievements. Don’t be too – don’t look at yourself and give yourself too much accreditation for accomplishment, right? Instead, show up with humility. Show up with false humility if you have to. But we’re taught to repress that pride. Why? Pride is a high vibration. Pride makes us feel good. We’ve accomplished something, we feel good about our accomplishments, we vibrate high. We rise up. It’s a part of love. It’s a part of self love. Pride is a part of self love, right? But we’re taught to repress pride and exist in some kind of false humility and modesty. 

We’re taught to repress our love if someone doesn’t follow our expectations of them, right. These are our manuals, brother. We’re taught to not show someone love if they don’t do what we expect them to do, right? If they’re not following our manuals, we don’t show them any love. 

[00:26:46] KA: In the academy, we teach unconditional love. It doesn’t matter what other people do. It doesn’t matter what other people say. They are worthy of love. They are worthy of feeling love. And not because they are feeling the love. But because you get to feel the love. Because you get to vibrate at that higher level of love. But we are taught to repress that love because the other person doesn’t deserve it. Well, that’s ridiculous. It’s like trying to have somebody else eating your meal for you so that you can feel full. It doesn’t make any sense. You’re the one that’s feeling love. So, feel the love. And if you repress your love, then you’re the one that doesn’t get to feel it. And that’s absurd. 

And we are taught to repress our need for pleasure as well, especially when it comes to a sexual connection, which as I said, will come on a different podcast episode. We will be talking about the pleasure that comes with sexual connection and why that is such a powerful need for us as human beings in this experience. 

Now, I know there is an excess of pleasure. I get that. But I want you to remember, brothers, and I want to kind of close up with this. I want to kind of bring this full circle. I am not talking about physical pleasure. I’m talking about vibrational pleasure. I’m talking about love, grace, compassion, generosity, patience, and so on. 

And truly, I will tell you this here and now and always, you can’t over do these vibrations. You can’t have an excess of love. You can’t have an excess of generosity. You can’t have an excess of gratitude. These energies cannot be experienced to excess. However, vibrational pain can be experienced to excess, which can lead to physical manifestations of pain and disease. 

If you hold on to resentment, guilt, shame, you can actually manifest back pain. You can actually manifest tumors through hanging on to emotional pain. We can have an access of heroin, and TV, and other physical pleasures, but we can never have an access of love, and gratitude, and divine consciousness. And that is the move that I want to offer in the second duality. That’s what I want you guys to know. How high are you choosing to cultivate your astral vibrational energy? And for what reasons are you choosing to keep your vibrational energy low? How much time are you putting into feeling the high vibrations of love, unconditional love, of loving somebody no matter what? How much time are you spending cultivating that? And at the same time, how much time are you choosing – or for what reasons, I should ask. What reasons are you choosing not to love? Not to be patient? Not to accept? Not to be generous? Not to be grateful? What reasons are you choosing not to have these high vibrations? What reasons are you choosing to keep your energy low? What reasons are you choosing regret? Why are you choosing apathy? Why are you choosing fear, hate, blame, guilt, shame, and so on? Why are you choosing these energetic experiences from the vibrational realm? 

Oh! Oh! You didn’t know you were choosing to experience these vibrations. Is that what you’re telling me? Then it’s time to enroll in the academy. So, that, first, you realize that you are choosing your experience. And up until now, it’s been an unconscious choice. And now you can start making a conscious choice. And second, you should enroll in the academy so you’ll learn to train the skill of raising your vibrational energy and feel more consistently and feel higher vibrations more consistently. This is the second duality; pain versus pleasure. 

Choose pleasure. Choose pleasure without exception. Without a reason or without apology. This is your emotional experience. It is your astral body vibrating through life that causes us the most peace or the most suffering. The mind and the physical body, they cause peace and suffering as well. But for most people, most of the time, it’s the emotional body that creates the most suffering in this life. 

Brothers, learn to feel. Then learn to feel pleasure. Then learn to feel pleasure as a birthright and unapologetically. Love is pleasure. Connection is pleasure. Freedom is pleasure. Compassion is pleasure. Gratitude is pleasure. Being alive – simply existing is pleasure once you have released the blocked energies that are creating the fear and all of its derivatives. Simply being alive is the source of so much pleasure. And it’s available for you right now. 

Until next week, my friends. Elevate your alpha.


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