I want to talk to you today about dualities, which can manifest in many ways. For my example, consider a glass of water on a table. How you view the glass is determined by you; it is subjective. You can choose to view the glass as half-empty or half-full. How you view the world around you is determined by how you interpret the world around you. In the next few episodes, I will be taking a deep dive into this subject.

To grasp the concept of this and future episodes, you must remember the differences between the realm of existence and consciousness. The realm of consciousness represents vibration, and the realm of existence is the physical form that vibrations manifest into. These different realms are a part of the materialization process and are where the first duality exists. The first duality is the idea of abundance versus scarcity. 

During the early life history of humans, most of our energy was focused on surviving, such as hunting and finding shelter, all of which required energy. The past was a time of scarcity. However, as we evolved, we replaced that need for survival with another; money. Money now represents all those basic survival needs, as money can be used to buy food, shelter, warmth, and so on. Today is the realm of abundance. Both of these, scarcity and abundance, are foundational dualities that exist for us to choose. 

There is no right or wrong approach; there is only the viewpoint that you choose. By making that choice, you manifest that reality in your life. Therefore brothers, do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full? How you answer that question represents the external, which reflects the internal condition. How you view the glass of water on the table mirrors what is happening within you. Brothers, join me today as we unravel the concept of the first duality and begin your journey of shedding the cognitive conditioning of scarcity as I help elevate or alpha!

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • How energy needed to survive has changed over time.
  • Learn the foundational realities that determine your reality.
  • Whether we live in a reality of scarcity or abundance. 
  • Ways we have been cognitively conditioned. 
  • Why a mindset of scarcity causes pain and suffering.
  • The connection between the internal and the external.

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[0:00:09.6] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.4] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud and today, I want to talk to you all about some basic dualities. Some basic binaries, right? Some glasses half-empty, glasses half-full stuff, right? Some dualities that I see arise most commonly with the students that I work with that cause suffering for them at the foundational level and these dualities are subjective, right?

Just like all dualities, all dualities, all binaries are subjective, right? They’re open to free will. You approach a glass at a table and you can choose, you could choose to see that glass is half-empty or half-full. However, unlike the subjectivity of like your favorite ice cream flavor or your favorite sports team, the dualities that I’m going to get into over the next few podcast episodes go deep. 

They go deep and they create a big picture interpretation of the way the world is for you and for this reason, as well as for how these different beliefs serve, I tend to guide my students towards one over the other. In this case, with the first duality being abundance versus scarcity, I tend to guide my students, cultivate a mindset of abundance over a mindset of scarcity. 

Now, let’s begin with the external, what we call existence. You guys have heard me talk about existence recently, right? Existence is all of the matter, it’s all the realm of form, density, right? It’s outside of us, we are in existence, our bodies are in existence and then there’s the realm of consciousness, right? There’s consciousness, that’s the realm of vibration and this is where the first duality emerges as a story we tell ourselves about the world. 

[0:02:07.3] It emerges in existence, it emerges in the realm of form and the first duality emerges in this realm, but let’s back up. From even the beginning and let’s talk briefly about materialization and manifestation because materialization is the final step in manifestation. It is where there is enough forces of similar nature and direction to reach a critical mass that results in manifestation. 

It’s like the last 100 meters of a mile run. You’re running a mile, you sprint that last hundred meters, that last hundred meters is manifestation. That’s the final push that completes the process of manifestation that last hundred meters is materialization because it is the final step, we can see evidence of materialization in matter, in the realm of effect. 

Consider multiple streams of water running into the ocean, running into a big body of water like a sea, or consider a group of like-minded individuals coming together to create community or a company or a congregation. 

As the focus of energy increases, the manifestation process becomes more pronounced and gains momentum, drawing more energy towards itself and creating a vortex of positive feedback. This is a cohesion of similarity created by the in drawing of the center.

[0:03:17.6] So when we are in the process of manifestation brothers, when you and I are manifesting, we draw towards ourselves the forms that are responsive toward their own cohesive force and this is the same as saying, like attracts like and the more you have of X, the more you’ll get of X. 

Money attracts money, and the more money you have, the faster you will attract it because you’ll have more of the energy that is attracting itself. It’s like having a bigger magnet, right? If I got a little magnet, I’m going to attract, right? Small amounts of steel but if I’ve got a big, big, big magnet, I’m going to attract more steel. 

It’s kind of like that, like the bigger the force, the more attraction and I want to briefly open with that because although I’ve talked to you guys about money being an energy in another podcast, it’s important for you to know what money is energetically. You know money is the energy of survival and the reason is because of materialization. The first duality is abundance versus scarcity and it has to do with our cognition around survival and all of the “I have” statements, our ability to have.

Therefore, while abundance in scarcity aren’t exclusively related to money and wealth and I want to be clear about this, they are not exclusively related to money and wealth because of materialization, money has become a major cognitive focus in the development of the beta condition around this duality between abundance and scarcity. 

[0:04:38.8] Brothers, survival is the first priority of the living. It is the instinctual imperative. All living organisms have an instinct to survive at this level of basic survival. We are concerned with hunger, fear, the need for rest, warmth and shelter. Deep in the codes of our DNA and the primordial roots of our collective consciousness lie the memories of a time when we were more connected to the planet. 

When we’re more connected to the sky, when we’re more connected to the moon, the stars, the planets, the seasons and the animals and the plants, a connection that was integral to our survival. We hunted some of the same animals that hunted us. What we lived on as a species, we were also a part of. We were not separated from the nature that we lived in. Survival was a full-time concern.

Food, safety, shelter, warmth, these things were considered scarce, right? In short supply or at least difficult to find. Food had to be hunted and protected. Caves, shelter had to be sought out and defended. Fires had to have fuel that a was dry and a way to produce heat and a spark, these things were difficult to come by.

We had to learn these things, we had to use energy, expend energy and as far as the term, “I have” I’m not talking about like, “I have to.” I’m not talking about that “I have to” Like the beta condition. I’m talking about, “I have.” Like in the terms of the days of our ancestors, we found some tools, right? Some spear heads, some pots, some stuff, some, some jewelry.

[0:06:13.1] But no one was driving around in a car, no one owned a surfboard, right? Like, nobody owned a surfboard. Nobody had a bank account, nobody had a refrigerator stocked with food. Scarcity was high and individual having-ness was low. Like, individual possession was very low. 

Now, let’s flip forward to the present moment, right? Let’s fast forward 10,000 years, “Woah” right? Here we are, the situation is much different, right? You guys know this, we are not concerned with survival as a full-time cognitive demand.

Our food comes from a store, we can have it whenever we want. Restaurants are also an option. If we want more heat or if we want more cold, we can go to a button or dial on the wall, turn up the heat, turn down the heat or turn on the air conditioning or we can just throw another shirt, right? 

We could put a blanket on, we don’t need to lie awake all night guarding our food from predators. It’s all safely put away in our kitchen, right? Our refrigerator, pantries, no longer do we need to keep the fire going out of ignorance about how to relight it. Most humans don’t even use fire for heat anymore. 

I mean, it’s easier and more efficient to just put on more clothes, right? Just put on another shirt, put a jacket on, put a blanket on and what about cooking? We use the stove, we use the oven, we use the grill, we use the microwave. We don’t need a fire going all the time anymore because we don’t know how to get it started quickly.

[0:07:31.9] Now, here’s what happened due to materialization and the manifestation process. Like, that’s what I’m telling you guys, the story very quickly, difference, right? Like how we are now in this place of, we don’t need to hunt, right?

The reason why I’m telling you this is because food, heat, shelter, in the past, these things took energy to procure, right? Physical energy to come by. Food for example, we need to take physical energy, we need to expend physical energy to hunt, to clean, to skin, to butcher, to cook, to protect from scavengers and so on.

Heat also took physical energy, right? To make the clothes, to get the skins from the animals, right? You had to tan the hides, you had to make the blankets, you had to collect the fuel for the fire, you had to get the wood, you had to get the fire started with a spark, whatever that was, maybe it’s friction, right? It takes time, takes effort, takes energy. 

I mean, all the things that you had to go through to get warm 10,000 years ago, you don’t have to do that anymore and shelter too, to find a cave, right? Protect the cave from other humans and the other animals, and to have one or to know where one is and the ability to get there quickly, in case like, you know, all of a sudden, the elements starts raining or snowing. 

To be able to get there fast, to get to shelter or to build your own shelter. And some of our ancestors even carry their own shelters around with them. They break down their shelters, they nomadically move to another area and then they build their shelters back up. 

So much energy and like several rivers and streams, all running into a larger sea and picture that, brother, all rivers and streams, right? All of the glacier melts from the mountains, creating these rivers all flowing down and connecting and combining and eventually meeting at the sea, meeting at the ocean.

[0:09:08.3] Just like that, all of these necessities of survival, food, shelter, clothing, warmth and so on, all of these necessities had been materialized into one energetic concept. Money. Instead of using energy to hunt, here’s some money for the grocery store, for the restaurant. 

Instead of using energy to make clothes or start a fire, here is some money for the clothing store or here’s some money for the utility bills. Instead of using money to find or protect or build and carry your shelter, here’s some money for rent or mortgage or a hotel or whatever shelter. 

So you can see the survival instinct remains within us as humans and has made a shift from the – around the clock thinking about food, shelter, heat and safety, to around the clock thinking about money. The energy that has replaced all those individual things, money has basically replaced food, shelter, heat, safety, it replaced survival. 

While money and the acquiring of it and the spending of it, right? Like losing a job. Like getting sick and not being able to work or being evicted from a house. When these things happen, even though, and hear me when I say this brother, even though there are other jobs out there, even though you, you will get better, right? 

You’ll get better from your sickness and go back to work, even though, you’re going to find another place to live, you’re going to find another shelter, survival energies will flood our body, right? 

[0:10:37.6] We lose a job, “Oh my gosh, when am I going to get paid, I got to pay my bills, I’m going to eat” right? We panic, we worry about our finances. We get sick and we take a cut, we take a cut in pay, “Oh my gosh” we start worrying about our finances. We get evicted from our house, “Oh my gosh, how am I going to find shelter, how am I going to survive?”

All those survival energies start to flood our body and we start to think about it and the reason this happens is due to the first duality. It happens because of abundance versus scarcity. Brothers, this is the first duality because it works with our basic premise of the external world. Is there enough for me to have? Is there enough food? 

Is there enough shelters, enough heat, is there enough safety? Again, if I lose my job, “Oh my gosh, you know, there are enough jobs out there” right? That’s what the mind is. The mind goes straight to scarcity, “I lose my job, are there enough jobs out there? There’s not enough jobs out there, it’s not enough, there’s not enough, there’s not enough” and I start to panic.

I start to fear. I start to get into that fear of survival, I’m not going to survive because there’s not enough. Same thing with money, getting sick and not getting a pay cut. “I want to get better but will I get better? Will I ever have enough, Will I ever get that money, will I ever get that back? Those days, those hours, those, whatever, how long I was sick for?”

[0:11:46.0] What if I get evicted? Will I find another shelter, will I find another apartment, will I find another house? It’s all scarcity. there’s not enough, there’s not enough, there’s not enough. Is there enough of the basic necessities that I need to survive in this world, with the rest of the people in it. 

Now, in terms of material things, brothers, the answer is yes. In terms of food, shelter and heat, yes, there is enough for everyone and therefore, in terms of money, the energy that is replaced this thing energetically, there must be enough for everyone. Abundance is the truth and like I told you at the beginning of the podcast episode, we’re talking about a duality.

You can approach a glass of water sitting at a table and you can choose to see that glass half-empty. That’s your choice, brother, it is your choice. That’s your free will and you have the right to execute that free will. You have the right to open up your eyes every morning and look upon the world as if there’s not enough for everyone. You can do that.

I believe, abundance is the truth. I believe abundance is the truth because when it comes to these foundational dualities, there isn’t a right or wrong, there isn’t a correct answer. There’s only the answer that you choose and by making that choice, you manifest that reality into your life.

[0:12:58.1] So I believe that abundance is the truth. I believe this to be so. I know it to be so because of what I understand scientifically, which is to say, spiritually, which is to say, scientifically. There is enough of everything because everything is energy and energy is infinite. So we have money, which we use as an exchange of energy for survival.

Instead of using our energy for hunting, gathering, skinning, cleaning, tanning, tool making, clothes making, shelter seeking and so on, we use our energy to attract money, then use that money as the energy to protect and care for our bodies and our day-to-day mundane survival needs.

Now remember and this is key, this is important: The external is only a reflection of the internal. I’m saying that here now and I’m going to say that again at the end of the episode. I’m stating that here now because while the cognition may be, “Is there enough in the world?” remember the first duality, “Is there enough in the world?” it’s a scarcity versus abundance.

Asking the question of scarcity versus abundance, there’s a deeper question coming from the singularity of ego, which is the real cause of the suffering. It’s the deeper cause. It’s not, “Is there enough in the world?” the question of survival is directed outward, “Is there enough in the world” right? But that’s not the question. That is the question. 

[0:14:20.3] That’s the question that we hear in our mind and maybe we don’t even hear that, maybe we’re not even aware enough of that but that’s when it seems like in this scarcity of minds, we look upon the world, and we see enough or not enough. We look at the glass of water at the table and we see either enough, half-full or not enough, half-empty, right? But the glass of water is a reflection of the internal. 

The external, the water sitting there is only reflection of what’s happening within you. It’s only reflection of what’s happening in your mind. So the real cognition that gets lodged in our mind like a splinter under the fingernails is not, “Is there enough in the world?” it’s “Is there enough in the world and do I have a right to my portion?”

Do I have a right to be here, do I have a right to take up space to have what I need in order to survive. This is the internal question that is returned with an answer of scarcity most of the time because of the way we are raised in the nature of this duality. Scarcity is the answer of no to this question and this leads to a feeling of fear. Fear about survival.

[0:15:33.2] Whether or not there’s enough in the world doesn’t make a difference if you don’t believe that you don’t have a right to your portion, that you don’t deserved to be here, that you don’t deserve to have, that you don’t deserve to own, that you don’t deserve to experience being a human being. 

There is usually an insecure and even panicky feeling that comes with this, one which may insidiously pervade other areas of your life, areas not having to do with survival and as long as these situations remain unresolved through the surrender into abundance, any one stuck in the cognition of scarcity will have difficulty raising their conscious to any higher level and living through their alpha state. 

Brother look, if this is your experience, first of all, I feel you, okay? I want you to know I feel you. I’ve been there, I have been there and sometimes I still go there. I still go into scarcity sometimes and I know how painful it is to be in such a state. I know how painful it is to be in a state of scarcity, to be in a state of there isn’t enough for everyone and I am not worthy of what exists. 

To be in a state of, “I don’t deserve a portion of what isn’t enough for everyone” right? There’s a constant tremble that vibrates behind each moment, coming from the fear that you don’t deserve that you aren’t worthy to have and remember, an important aspect of the ability to maintain survival at a comfortable level has to do with your ability to have things. 

[0:17:00.2] To be worthy of having, to be deserving of containing, keeping and attracting things and stuff into your life. You deserve, you deserve it. You deserve everything brother, the ability to have along with the cognition of abundance is an acquired skill. We’re not born with this skill, just like confidence, we’re not born with confidence. We learn confidence and abundance, we have to learn. 

We don’t come into this world with it, we have to learn it. We’re taught scarcity. Some people are born wealthy and they are raised to expect abundance in their lives. They don’t have their cognitive energy utilized and trying to survive because they’re built a mindset of financial abundance, which I have explained is the same as survival abundance. They have no fear of not surviving, right? 

Because since they were little kids, since they were like one, two, three, four years old they were growing up in a mindset in an environment of abundance. These humans are used to buying their brand names, right? They’re used to buying brand names and they’re used to eating at restaurants with high price points for the plates, right? They expect prosperity and by expecting prosperity, it makes it easier to create. 

These actions become more naturally for those people, those humans who are raised this way. I mean, this is conditioning. We can be conditioned to believe in abundance but most of us are not. Those of us that are, it’s easier for those humans to maintain that level of wealth even when their finances are not provided for them, this is due to the cognition, right? The cognition of abundance. 

[0:18:25.8] If I believe there is plenty of everything in the world then even when I am – don’t have things provided for me, I have plenty of everything in the world. It’s all there, right? But most of us were not raised this way, I know this. It took you and me becoming an adult and reading books and listening to podcast like this one and other things to realize that there is an alternative to scarcity. There is an alternative to the fear of not surviving. 

I was raised in scarcity. Look, you guys know some of the things about the way I grew up. I haven’t given a lot of details but I have given some broad stroke pictures but I’ll offer that my mother and most of the adults I knew when I was a kid or I grew up with as a kid, were deeply locked in scarcity and fear. I grew up with the energy of fear around money, always watching the money. 

Turn the lights off, right? Don’t buy it if you absolutely don’t need it, right? If you just want it, don’t buy it. If you need it but you can do without it, don’t buy it. If you absolutely have to have it, then buy it, right? Always remember to keep the fridge closed, don’t stand there with the refrigerator open. Some of you guys may have heard this before from your parents, keep the windows closed and the blinds drawn to keep the house insulated, right? 

We never use the AC or the heat in my house when I was growing up as a kid. If it got too cold, go put on a shirt, go put on a jacket, dress in layers, right? Wear a blanket. I mean, middle of winter, the inside of the house was as cold as the outside of the house and it was the same in the summer. If it got too hot, well I guess we’re hanging out in our underwear today because the inside of the house was as high as the outside of the house.

[0:19:55.1] Lights were the same guys, I actually got punished if I let the light on in a room I wasn’t in, like if I was hanging out in a room and I leave the room to go to the bathroom or to go to another place, I go to the garage to grab a soda or something and come back to my room, I would get in trouble if I left the room for more than a minute without turning the light off and you know, here’s the thing, all these patterns that follows into adulthood, right? 

These are patterns that just come with us. When I was a kid, my mom would drive 10 miles out of the way to save 15 cents on a gallon of gas. You know at the gas station, there is a gas station that is on the outskirts of town, you know, they water down their gasoline so that they can lower the price, my mom would do that. She would drive 10 miles out of the way, you know, take an extra 30 to 40 minutes of her day just to go save 15 cents a gallon in gas. 

Like a buck 50 over 10 gallons, right? Now, my brother does the same thing. My brother is an adult, he’s 18 months younger than me, he is 40 years old, he does the exact same and I called him out on it. He was actually unconscious of it. I was like, “You know, mom used to do this when we were kids, you know, you’re doing this.” I had to call him out and we had a talk about it, it was beautiful as a thing but it is so wild because it was unconscious to him. 

What about you guys? Do you guys get anxious about buying yourself a new computer, right? Or a new jet ski, do you get remorse after the purchase? Do you feel bad that you bought something for yourself? Have you ever been in a dilemma where you had to choose between taking a job that you wanted, right? Taking a job that was going to make you happy but it would pay less than a job that you didn’t want to do? 

[0:21:23.8] Where is the dilemma in that? There is no dilemma there. Do the job that makes you happy. So you make less money, so what? That’s the thing but there’s the scarcity, right? “I can’t make less money because if I make less money, I am not going to survive.” We’ve tied the money to the survival and then we’ve linked it into scarcity and now we just need more and more and more and more and more because we never seem to ever believe we have enough. 

That’s the scarcity. Are you nervous about taking time off especially when it is not paid or maybe you just never take time off unless it’s paid? Do you make do with what you have rather than risk extravagance? Do you ever splurge on anything brother? Do you allow yourself to accept gifts and luxuries and if you do, do you do it without guilt or worry? 

A human with an abundance mindset will never be poor, no matter how much money they have and a person with a scarcity mindset will never be wealthy no matter how much money they have. These mindsets are a juxtaposition of duality, the glass is half-full or it’s half-empty. The external circumstance has nothing to do with it, this is beyond the form, it’s beyond the realm of mater and density. 

Brothers, I am talking to you about passing through the first gate of freedom, the first gate that sheds from you a layer of conditioning around the first duality and opens you up to have and not just to have but to know that you deserve to have, that all of creation is here for you to have as a gift to you from the source, from the all oneness. That’s why we’re here, we’re here to experience the abundance of the gift. 

[0:22:58.3] Developing the ability to have begins with increasing self-worth and ironically, yet not surprisingly, allowing yourself to not have more also increases your self-worth. Consciousness and existence are integrated, they are inter-webbed within each other therefore, it can help to look objectively to what you allow yourself to have. Look at your life. Look at your life, consider money, love, time, rest and pleasure. 

What do you allow yourself to have? Some people find it hard to spend money on themselves, others find it hard to give themselves time for rest or creativity and still other people have a hard time allowing themselves to have an accept love and pleasure. Look closely at what you have brother and as you do so, consider the following question: Do you see the discrepancy between what you could have and what you allow yourself to have? 

That if you simply gave yourself permission to have more, you would have more and again, this is not about excess. We’ve been conditioned to believe that abundance and taking care of yourself and having more is selfish or greedy or evil and yet paradoxically, by not living in abundance and taking care of ourselves results in a need for us to compensate or compromise in some other area of our lives or have others provide for us, which creates a burden on them. 

This is an imbalance within you leading to an imbalance outside of you. In order to see the truth of abundance and secure your survival in this existence, you must learn to raise your ability to have what you desire high enough to fit your needs and wants and if your unconscious mind has been conditioned to say, “No, you don’t deserve that. You don’t deserve what you want” then it is the conscious mind that must now engage and overcome that obstacle. 

[0:24:55.7] That’s the power of the academy. This is where the power of the inner-work comes through, this is where the work you do in the academy creates major life transformations. As you begin to do this work and see the unconscious thoughts, the conditioned thoughts that are conscious, driving the feelings of scarcity and fear and the behavior around you, you can work with forming a new conscious thought in abundance. 

And there are so many potential thoughts that can trigger this first duality that to name them all here would be futile but rest assured brother, you are not alone. You are dealing with scarcity in your life as a result, you are not alone. The outer reflects the inner, always and it is clear, very clear that our species is living in a state of scarcity around survival that we don’t know how to survive, that we don’t yet fully believe that we have a right to survival. 

That we are here to be abundant. Our ultimate foundation for survival is the plan itself. So again, if you want to know what is going on within our species, if you want to know what is going on in our collective consciousness, look at the planets. As we look externally to see what is happening internally for the human species, we look at the earth and we see that we are the earth in a state of survival. 

We look at the universe. We are looking at our own inner state and each of us is a micro chasm of the all and when we look at the planet, objectively, we see a mirror. The thread of economic collapse and the actual collapse of several nations, right? Recently, Argentina and Venezuela. How about the global arms raise with the threat of nuclear holocaust and weapons of mass destruction? 

[0:26:44.5] How about the depletion of clean air and clean drinking water and of course, the ecological events that are the external manifestation of our own inner scarcity and fear and the confirmation bias feedback loop is complete as we watch the earth reflect back to us, our own inner-state of fear, it perpetuates the thoughts that we won’t survive. Brothers, we need to pass into a new era by navigating the obstacle of the first duality. 

Our future depends on it because if we doubt that we were brought to this planet in order to have a human experience of love and abundance that we allow fear of scarcity to enter the mind and we begin the downward spiral of lack that from the realm of cause creates and our third dimension right here in the realm of mater, the very thing that we asked for through our consciousness. 

Brothers, if we are going to reach the spiritual levels of consciousness, we must see the spiritual levels of existence. The planet earth is one of the finest examples of beauty, harmony and spirituality that matter and energy can express. It is an expression that we are interlinked with consciously. By understanding this, we can better develop and express the beauty within our own material existence and realize the inner truth of abundance. 

Because the truth of it is this: we are creating this existence together. All of us playing a part in the active creation through consciousness for the good at all. When we come to this world, when we come to this life, the human experience and we say consciously or unconsciously, “I don’t deserve to have this” or “I am not worthy to have this” or “I am not worthy of this” or “There is not enough for me” the world, the planet will reflect that choice in cognition that we made and we will see the limitations that we created in the realm of consciousness reflected back to us in the realm of existence. 

[0:28:47.6] And when we come to this life, to the human experience and we say the opposite, we say, “I do deserve this. I deserve everything, I deserve to have everything.” There is enough for all of us to have everything we all need in order to survive, then the world will reflect that choice and we will see the inner in the outer and personally for you brother, it reflects in your life. 

This is the first duality, the first place the mind goes for seeking a story, changing this story in the mind results in external shifts. The external shift you are seeking in your life. Abundance is not confined to money. Abundance is looking out into the world and seeing everything, seeing enough of everything for everyone forever. The academy is the first step my brother, it’s not difficult. 

All you got to do is go to thealphamalecoach.com, click on the Spartan Academy at the top tab, scroll down the bottom of that page and enroll. I’ll see you there and until next week, elevate your alpha. 


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