We are returning to the subject of buffering today, something I have spoken about on this show before on a few occasions. I have also tackled this important theme in the courses at the academy. Removing this barrier to the self is central to the work we do together. Removing buffering habits is something I have done personally, brothers, overcoming unhealthy relationships to marijuana, pornography, oversleeping, exercising, social media, and most recently, digital gambling. Essentially, buffering is an avoidance of the truth and who you really are, and I want to help you get back to those vital things!

Our avoidant behaviors have internal and external dimensions, with buffering landing in the external arena. I will talk more about resistance in a future episode, which is a form of internal avoidance. Simply put, we need to start processing our emotions instead of running away from them and when we stay in the moment, we are in the alpha state, with buffering being the opposite of this. There are so many examples of how we buffer, from overeating and drinking to working out, to sex, to watching television, and even with the use of stimulants such as coffee. 

I often say that we are supposed to enjoy this life! It is an important part of my philosophy, brothers, and with that in mind, I will be taking a slightly different angle on buffering today, and supplying you all with some more guidance about how to get past these barriers. This is a simple protocol for cleansing yourself from habits that keep you from the self, and through some simple steps and a little effort, you can once again engage with yourself and the moment!

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What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • What it means to buffer and avoid the truth.
  • The different forms that buffering can take.
  • How the foundation of cognitive mastery and emotional ownership can help.
  • Where to start with addressing buffering habits.
  • Getting back to the present and reality.
  • Building on awareness and unconditional love.

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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:33.4] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. Merry Christmas my friends. You know what? I want to say, happy holidays to all of you because I know that there are many of you out there that are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and even atheist, it doesn’t matter what religion you believe in or don’t believe in, I want to wish you a happy today and a happy tomorrow.

The truth is, I’m not a religious man, I’m a spiritual man, I know there is a oneness that unites us all and doesn’t matter what you call this one source. Whatever religion you believe in or God you worship makes no difference to me, I want to offer you a knowing for an amazing today, an amazing tomorrow and a unification with your own inner truth.

Brothers, I’m back in the United States, visiting my family for a couple of weeks and I want to tell you how strange it is for me to be back in the US. Now, my home is the entire planet, I do not distinguish my home based on an address or my nationality based on a passport. My home is where I am and my origin, the origins of my being is the same planet you’re from. 

That being said, being back in the US feels, it feels vibrationally, energetically, confusing and a little chaotic for me. There’s something happening here that is filling the environment with fear and confusion. I won’t go any deeper into that on this podcast because it’s not the point, the point of today’s podcast is buffering.

[0:02:03.5] I am happy to be visiting my family, I’m so grateful to be with them at this moment. However, I just sensed something strange in this part of the world, a vibration that feels like obscurity, it’s like a lack of clarity, a lack of knowing, it feels like a dark cloud and it’s fascinating to me and it’s something that I will investigate while I’m here in the states.

I want to remind all of you to pick up a free copy of the Universal Truth. You can go to the website, thealphamalecoach.com/freebook and make sure you put in “The” thealphamalecoach.com/freebook, this is the first edition copy, brothers. Make sure you get this before the second edition comes out early in 2022. The universal truth will be the first step on your cognitive mastery journey as it will give you your first glimpse into the matrix and what is happening for you, all around you, all the time.

This is for you, it’s free, check this out, do this today as a Christmas gift to yourself. Remember brothers, I will be heading into Peru, into the Amazon rainforest for a month to live in the jungle. I’m excited for the trip and I want to remind all of you that the podcast will be prerecorded and continue to come out every Friday.

It’s for the first time, for the first time since I began The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, I will be doing interviews, I’m really excited about it. During the weeks that I’m in Peru, the podcast episodes will be interviews with a few of the academy students and the certification course students. I’m eager to release these for all of you because I’m so grateful to have been a witness to the growth and development of these men and have them share their stories with you.

[0:03:42.3] When I return, the podcast will go back to teaching and instructions. Okay, let’s get into buffering. Look, brothers, I’ve done a lot, several, many, I don’t know, maybe half a dozen podcast on buffering. I have a course on buffering, I have coached hundreds of humans through removing their barriers of buffering.

I’m planning on making it the first step in the process for all new students who enroll in the academy 1.0 curriculum. Personally, I have overcome buffering in several areas of my life, several times in my life. Marijuana use, pornography use, oversleeping, exercising, social media and most recently, digital gambling. Now, it’s not probably not what you think, it’s not like real money. It’s just this little app that I had on my phone, it was a little craps game that I would click on and play.

It’s basically like a video game. It’s more like a video game. I am no stranger to buffering nor am I a stranger to guiding people off of buffering and into their alpha state for first owner truth. Very succinctly put, buffering is avoiding that truth. It can be called escaping or avoiding or going unconscious, although, I’m not a huge fan of saying going unconscious because most of the time, people are unconscious to begin with, that’s what leads them into buffering. While it has many names, I call it buffering and it means avoiding the truth, it means, avoiding your emotions, avoiding yourself, avoiding your inner confrontation, avoiding discomfort.

Buffering is an external activity and resistance is an internal activity, both are ways we avoid the truth. I will get to resistance in a podcast episode in 2022 which is basically using the concept of positive thinking. It’s using the universal truth, it’s using stoicism, it’s using the model of alignment to convince yourself that you can and should feel better. These are not with these concepts are used for.

[0:05:32.5] Stoicism, the universal truth, the model of alignment. It’s a misuse of their power and some misuse of their effectiveness. It is an internal contrivance to avoid truth. Buffering however is an external activity. Buffering requires seeking something outside of you to avoid the truth, to feel better.

Buffering can take its shape in many forms, it could be overeating, it could be eating sugar, drinking, eating when you’re not hungry, it can be drug use, sex, pornography, it can be television and movies, it can be social media. It can be exercise and working out, it can be working at your job or your business, it can be gambling, it can be the use of stimulants like energy drinks and coffee.

This is just to name a few. Pretty much anything outside of you can be a buffer if you’re using it to avoid the truth, if you’re using it to avoid the way you feel. Some of you may be wondering how can exercise be a form of buffering? How can working – how can creating, how can doing my job or running my business be a buffer?

Aren’t these things that we want so that we can be healthy and make money? Well, that is kind of the problem, my friends, you see, we are not machines, we are not human doings, we are human beings. We are here to be, not to consciously and incessantly do. I realize that is what some motivational speakers and coaches have ascribed to and they have their methodology.

[0:07:00.4] They teach what they teach and I’m not judging them or you if that’s your path. All I’m saying is that your path is a spiritual path, a cognitive path, a journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge then you won’t find that through any kind of excessive business or mindless avoidance of who you are. Now, I’m not advocating that you don’t do things. I think you guys know this about me, right? It’s on the contrary. 

Life is meant to be experienced. It’s meant to be fun, we’re here to enjoy, this endless playground of experiences. The question I offer you is why. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Are you avoiding the moment, are you avoiding the current, the now, the experience that’s happening in the moment in hope for a better one, are you lovingly accepting where you are while aiming to improve your circumstances or are you hating your current situation and telling yourself that you’re not good enough as you are?

Yes, exercise and work can be buffers. A buffer is anything. Anything, brother, any activity. Any neutral movement that you take, any activity, any behavior, it’s anything that you do, to feel differently, to feel better. I’ve seen people pour themselves into their work after the completion of a relationship. 

Your girlfriend completes a relationship, you all of a sudden say, I’m just going to work, I’m just going to work 60 hours, 80 hours, hundred h ours a week, I’ve seen people go to the gym or workout two to three times a day to avoid facing the truth of their life. I’m not advocating for a sedentary lifestyle. 

[0:08:33.2] I think all of you know me, at least, well enough to know I spent most of my life coaching as a fitness guide and still trained my body to be strong and healthy on a daily basis. I don’t even take rest days, I don’t believe in rest days, unless in the moment, I am experiencing movement and events that don’t allow me to take time to train. 

I don’t force my training. I embrace it and accept it. I experience it in the moment. There’s a difference between daily training and going to the gym because you’re upset or bored or angry or insecure. Let me put it to you this way. If you have to ask yourself if you’re buffering, then you probably are.

It doesn’t mean that if you’re not asking yourself if you’re buffering, then you’re not. Because I know a lot of people that are buffering without knowing it. However, if you think you might be, then you probably are. Why would anybody stop buffering? What’s the point? Right? I just said that we’re here to have fun, we’re here to experience, doesn’t that mean to feel pleasure, does that mean to do the things that are pleasurable for us?

Like I said my friends, I have created three or four, maybe half a dozen more podcast over the years on buffering and I’ve given you several reasons, both internally and externally. What I’m going to offer you on this episode is something a bit new because I’ve grown in my life and I’m giving you everything I am so that you can find your own inner truth and path to enlightenment.

[0:09:51.0] Buffering prevents you from facing that truth. Buffering prevents you from engaging with the moment, it is the barrier to the moment, it is the barrier to truth, it’s the barrier to emotion, vibration and the first barrier to meeting your true self.

In the academy, we begin with cognitive mastery and emotional ownership. This is the 1.0 program that all new students who enroll in the academy begin with. I am altering the process slightly to include the removal of any buffering as the first step in the academy curriculum.

If you enroll after this alteration is made, you can expect to begin your journey by observing and removing your buffers. The reason is because, this is where I see the greatest movement inward for students. Remember brothers, I’m a teacher, I’m a guide and a healer and I find it in order to truly move inward and discover your inner truth, discover your alpha state. The spiritual nature that you are, there must be a cleansing that occurs at the physical level as we move into the cognitive level.

Now, most humans buffer with food, sex and these days, social media. I’ll start with food, I offer the same feeding protocol that I learned as a fitness coach working with the greatest functional fitness coach of our time. Coach Greg Lasman. The protocol is simple. Eat meat, eggs, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, potatoes and other roots.

[0:11:15.8] This removes all salt, sugar, spices, fried foods, processed foods, alcohol and caffein from the protocol. Now, let me be clear. I am not telling you what to do, you guys know this, I don’t coach from the action line, I don’t give you a meal plan and say, “Hey, eat this.” That’s not what I do. 

I don’t tell you what to do, I don’t tell you how to live your life. I would never do that, in fact, I don’t do that. With my students, they eat whatever they want. I’m not advocating that you eat this way. In fact, I only mentioned it because of habit. I only mention it because I was involved in the fitness industry for over a decade and happened to pick up quite a bit of information on nutrition.

When it comes to buffering however. It’s not the, “what you eat.” In fact, I’m not here to tell you what to eat, when to eat or how to eat. I’m only here to help guide you into staying present with yourself so that you can discover the truth of who you are. Therefore, the protocol I offer is not dogmatic, I don’t believe in external authorities or rules, I believe in discovery and experimentation.

I believe in curiosity and questions. Instead of telling you what to eat, I only want to offer that you eat when you’re hungry. Why? Because if you’re not hungry and you’re eating, then you’re not listening to your body in the moment and you’re avoiding the moment with your mind and seeking to feel differently through food. Humans have this idea that they should, right? Read the should to understand its conditioning.

[0:12:33.0] Humans have this idea that they should eat three meals a day or six meals a day or one meal a day. They create these rules for themselves to follow based on something they read in a book or a magazine. Brothers, it’s really quite simple. Eat when you’re hungry and don’t eat when you’re not.

I know that sounds wild, right? It’s like, wait a second, you’re just telling me I should just eat when I’m hungry? I would even offer that you eat a half an hour to an hour after you’re hungry. Because that’s your body starting to use the stored energy as fuel.

Pay attention to how you feel in the moment and you will know, the reason I offer a food protocol at all is to detox from the high sugar-based diets prescribed by the external authorities these days. When you eat high carbohydrate diets, you will feel hungry when your body doesn’t need food. This feeling is due to the insulin response.

I’m not going to go into all that there, I will explain this in much detail in the academy, when you enroll in the academy, trust me, you’re going to get all that. My point is that buffering is not about the types of food you eat, it is about the reason you’re eating and this is true for everything. Remember, there is nothing external that is good or bad. Even exercise and work can be a buffer when it’s performed unconsciously, when it’s performed to a void your emotions.

[0:13:50.3] There isn’t an activity we do that couldn’t be used to avoid a feeling and at the same time, when we are engaging with life intentionally, there is nothing that could be considered a buffer. Everything is a buffer and everything is not a buffer. Everything is neutral. It’s a buffer based on the reason why we engage with it.

Sex is another big one, I’m not going to sit here and tell you how or when you have sex. That is what the external authorities do. They tell you when and how and with who to have sex with. That is not my place, I don’t care if you’re into vanilla missionary or if you’re into the freakiest bondage, dominant, submissive stuff ever imagined. It’s not my business, I’m not here to judge you and tell you what is right or wrong.

I’m only here to offer you the truth and you discover that from within you. The truth is always why. Why are you engaging in sex, are you aiming to avoid this moment to change your feelings about this moment or yourself? Look, brothers, as long as sex is conscious and consensual, there are no rules that bind your behavior. That of course rules out animals. Sorry blood, I don’t care how you think that sheep is looking at you, I guarantee you, she’s not consensual. I’m just kidding about the sheep, right? My point is, that it isn’t about the what or the how, it is always about the why. Even pornography, people have this idea about pornography. Even pornography isn’t a bad thing. It’s a neutral thing, if you want to make some porno with your girlfriend and she’s into it and you’re both conscious and consensual about it, no one can tell you anything about it being bad, about you being a bad person or it being a bad thing.

[0:15:33.3] As long as you are living in the moment of experiencing and discovering your truth and not avoiding something or acting through conditioning. If you want to watch pornography consciously, as an adult, go ahead. If you find yourself watching pornography two to three times a week or two to three times a day, depending on what’s going on for you and you’re unconscious with it, numbed by it, using it to check out from life and avoid the way you feel, avoiding the moment, avoiding the beauty of what’s happening around you all the time, then I would offer that you begin to pay attention to the ‘why’ behind your behavior.

Similarly, if you are wanting to stop watching pornography and the urge is controlling your behavior, then that is also a sign that you’re in the buffering phase too. We buffer either to avoid the moment, which is phase one, or to release the pressure of an urge, which is phase two.

[0:16:26.7] Buffering does not stop you from living in your alpha state, it is the result of you escaping your alpha state. Your alpha state, your true self, enlightenment or whatever you want to call it exists right here, it exists right here in the moment. Buffering by definition is an escape from the moment, the feelings you have and are meant to experience in the moment, that’s what you’re escaping from, so you are buffering as a result of that escape.

I have had students ask me, “Do I have to stop all buffering before I can live in my alpha state?” This question comes from a lack of understanding of the alpha state. You are always in your alpha state, however you are only living through it when you are at one with the now. It is the knowing of who you are, what you are, where you are, how you are, when you are and the intentional consciousness of what you aim to create in the next moment. 

Buffering is the action that follows the escaping of the now, it is a demonstration of the beta condition. You don’t have to remove the buffers to live through your alpha state. It is when you live through your alpha state that you stop buffering. Recently, I took up a challenge with my students to stop any buffer for 60 days and I chose to stop this little app on my iPhone. I chose a little app. 

I got this app on my iPhone, I got my iPhone 5, yes, I have a phone from 2013, I have my iPhone 5 and it was a dice game, right? I told you guys this earlier in the podcast craps, right? I love craps, I love to play craps, I love to throw dice, I love to go to Vegas and throw dice and play this game. I mean, I don’t know why, I just enjoy it. I love to play the no-pass line and I love to throw max odds on the four and the ten. 

[0:18:08.4] I enjoy the experience and enjoy hanging out with the energy of a craps game. All the people around the table, the cheering, the crowds, everything that’s happening, I love it, so I downloaded this app on my phone and started playing it for fun here and there. Over time, what I discovered was that I would end up opening this app playing this game at random times of the day for no apparent reason. 

You know, I’d be waiting for the trolley, you know waiting for public transportation, I would play the game. Be sitting in an Uber, I would play the game. I would be using the restroom, I’d play the game. Eventually, I started reaching for my phone unconsciously opening the app and started rolling dice. I realized I was disengaging from the moment and escaping into my phone, into the app. So I stopped. I deleted the app just cold hex, right? Just out, done, out of my phone deleted. Now, I will admit brothers, I’ve had a lot of experience with ending buffering so I know how to engage in the moment when the buffers are removed. I know how to delete this app from my phone and re-engage with the present moment, stay in the now. I just had a lot of practice, it usually isn’t so easy the first or second time. 

My point is that no matter how much you may try escaping the now is a constant game that the mind wants to play and something you will always be working with as long as you are living a human experience. It’s not something that one day you just have no more buffers and then you live the rest of your life without them. It is always going to be there, it is always going to be teasing you, tempting you, trying to get you to get involved with stepping out of the perfection of the moment. 

[0:19:44.1] Buffering is a distraction from the vibrations of the unconscious mind and the energy body. In fact, all input from the external keeps our attention constantly projected onto the outside and it saturates our perception with sensory stimuli to the point of clogging our ability to see and hear and feel the more subtle aspects of life. It’s by reducing these inputs especially through the removal of all buffering that you can create a space where there is more sophisticated energies and vibrations that can be experienced and their messages heard. 

This is your intuition. If you remember a couple weeks back, I did a podcast on vibrational perception. I use an analogy of a glass sphere or a cube, you guys might remember this, right? With an animal skin in the center pulled tight in order to vibrate through transmission or reception depending on your own energy mechanics. 

In that analogy, I offered that the reason we are unable to feel the vibration coming from or being received by that animal skin, which is pulled tight like the face of a drum so it’s vibrating, is due to the pores of this glass object being clogged with conditioning. That conditioning is exactly what I’m talking about here, all of the input from the external world and more specifically, the noise that we interact with through buffering. When these pores are unclogged and the vibrations are able to pass through, we begin to admit the vibrational or spiritual perception of electromagnetically bonding with other beings and our environment. Now, what is experienced at first as in the case in the beginning of a meditation practice is the constant movement of the mind and all of its stories, lies, conditioning, memories and so on. 

[0:21:22.7] The accumulation of the ego throughout our lifetime but upon going deeper into the no buffering protocol, the emotions and dynamics that have been avoided and resisted by the distractions and suppressions of conditioning start making their appearance so that they can be revealed healed and let go off. 

Brothers, buffering is such a barrier to meeting your true self that when you begin to live a life without the avoidant behavior, you begin to shift your awareness towards the more exquisite and sophisticated energy that is your alpha state at the nature of your true being. The dialogue between your conscious awareness and the unconscious movement of light is then more clearly perceived and its meanings more clearly understood. 

This opens the door to cognitive mastery, emotional ownership and energy mechanics. That quiet voice, that gentle whisper of intuition can finally be listened to and acknowledged. This can only begin when we start to stay, remain, experience the moment, the present, the now. This is the first barrier to meeting your true self and one that requires patience and unconditional love for yourself. 

Brothers, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that aiming at removing the buffers from your life is akin to giving up on addiction and there are biological reasons why this is true. Cells are the basic building blocks of life. We are made up of a bag of cells held together by the blueprint of our DNA and the spiritual energy of love. Each cell has multiple receptor sites like keyholes for the cell. 

[0:22:53.5] Ligands are the keys that go into the receptor sites, they open the cell and change it through the act of signaling. They are neurotransmitters and different neurotransmitters have different receptor sites. Dopamine has its own receptor site, insulin has its own receptor sites and so on. Now, when we flood our body with these inputs from false pleasures, buffering that releases dopamine into the body from the brain, the cells of our body connect to the neurotransmitter dopamine by bonding through the receptor sites. 

It’s like keys going into a keyhole and when this happens over and over again, the cells themselves begin to adapt and realizing that they are getting a lot of dopamine, build new receptor sites for the dopamine. If all the cells begin with one dopamine receptor site, then they will begin to adapt and grow a second receptor site. After going through mitosis, which is cellular duplication, the cell makes a perfect copy of itself. 

Now there are two cells with two receptor sites for dopamine. This leads to the body, the cells of the body wanting more dopamine because it has the receptor sites to fit them. This feels, it feels in our body like an over desire, which trains the mind to have an urge and when we reward the urge, we start the process all over again. Eventually, this can lead to some kind of mild to heavy addiction and this is the phase two that I mentioned earlier of buffering. 

The pressure that builds up in response to a conditioned urge. However, none of this is you, brother. None of this is you, it’s all just your cells responding to an internal stimuli caused by an external stimuli, which was activated by an internal stimuli, which is the conditioning. We begin the process of cellular down regulation, which reverses the process of adding receptor sites to cells. 

[0:24:41.7] When the cells achieve homeostasis through mitosis, the biological component of buffering is removed. This is only a part of the process brothers, because it’s only a part of the phase two stage of buffering. However and I want to make sure that I tell everyone about this before beginning this practice because if you are going to plan on doing this outside of the academy, you need to know what you’re in store for. 

You need to know that you’re going to be going through depravation withdrawal. This is the way you’re going to feel and you must approach this practice with patience and unconditional love. You must begin this training with mind management. This is why I work primarily with the cognition of my students. You must learn patience, brother. You must learn unconditional love for yourself. There is no way around this. 

If you seek the quick and easy path, you will be seduced by the low vibrations of the dark side and I just did it again. I just outed myself as a nerd again, right? Patience brother, patience must be constant practice. Unconditional love is also a requirement for yourself. Be good to yourself, understand that this training and practice takes time. Give yourself time, give yourself compassion. 

You have had a lifetime of inputs from society, from education, your family, your friends, your governments, your religions, your environments, all of it and further more you’re still being bombarded with conditioning and stimuli from the government, from loss, from social medias, from companies, from mainstream medias and all the people around you. There is a consistent flow of pressure that you will be facing cognitively during this process.

[0:26:15.8] Allow yourself to embrace compassion and understanding for the journey that you are undertaking and stay in the present. That’s the move, it is no easy road. Elevating the alpha state is the journey of self-discovery, the greatest path a man can walk. If everybody did it, the world would not be in the situation it is currently in. A testimony that this path is available to all yet not all will chose it. 

It’s reward is equal to its difficulty and I assure you that the rewards are magnificent and magnanimous. Now, I told you guys all this month, I would be relating each podcast episode back to the impossible goal, the game of life, ownership and now buffering. Buffering relates to the impossible goal work because it is something that you will encounter many times on your journey through your impossible goal and I mean daily, my friend. Daily you will have the urge, you will have the draw, you will have the desire to escape the present. 

Look, when you begin to take up a path of living into who you are by stepping away from the shadow of who you are not, your brain is going to release emotions of resistance. Remember, the brain’s job, the job of this organ, this magnificent part of our humanity is to keep you safe and nothing is more dangerous to the brain than change. When you start to change your thoughts and actions by becoming more of who you are, your brain will resist and attempt to avoid. This will lead to a potential for buffering. If you have decided to embark on the impossible goal journey, then be prepared for an onslaught of buffering, avoiding uncomfortable emotions through some type of familiar or new action aimed at releasing dopamine into the body. 

[0:27:58.3] The first step is to be aware that it is coming and to be ready for what you will encounter. Meet the mind head on with patience and unconditional love. The darkness cannot exists in the light and your mind cannot tell you that you are weak and uncomfortable and unsafe when you meet it with love and patience and understanding. The mind is not you, if it was, you could not meet it in compassion. 

No brother, you are not your mind. You are the spirit behind the mind, guiding the mind, teaching the mind, letting go of the stories that the mind wants to keep in order to feel safe in its familiarity. However, the unfamiliar road is the path you must take. You remember from The Matrix, when Neo was on his way to meet Morpheus for the very first time and he looks down the road and Trinity stops him. 

She says, “No Neo, you know that road. You’ve been down there before. That’s the familiar road, you know exactly where it leads.” It is time for you to take a new path brother, an unfamiliar road, a road into your true self and you don’t have to take this road alone. This is why I created the academy, you like Neo and Luke Skywalker have access to a guide and training. You are the hero that requires a guide to defeat the villain of the false self and the first quest is to face the behavior of avoidance that is called buffering. 

Remember this, the point of the academy and all of this work is to discover who you are and no one can tell you who you are. You must discover that for yourself. Being back in the United States, I am witnessing so many people going along with what other people are telling them without any questioning, without any critical thinking, without any curiosity just doing what they’re told to do by some media person or government official. 

[0:29:44.6] This type of living is what led the species into the hard ages. It was brought on by an oppression of free thought and lack of self-knowledge. You brother, yes, you, each and every one of you are so important to the whole. We are all meant to play an individual part in our lives so that we contribute to the entirety of life. When we ignore our inner truth and capitulate to the masses of fear and control, we give up our gifts and become pawns of the system, become pawns of the matrix. 

One of the ways we do that is through buffering, through going unconscious in an attempt to avoid how we feel in the moment. Of course it’s easier to watch TV, of course it’s easier to eat when you’re not hungry, have sex or watch pornography, scroll through dating apps or social media. Of course, it’s easier to open up a craps app while you wait for the Uber to arrive. I’ve been there, I know. However, you will discover that when you keep your phone in your pocket and you simply breathe, feel and listen, you will be free, alive and at one with the source of love and light. It is right here, my brother. The kingdom is all around you and within you. Inspiration and truth don’t come from Netflix or from Tinder. They come from within you when you are quiet, when you are listening and when you are experiencing and it is all there for you to discover. 

In early 2022, the academy curriculum will undergo an alteration that leads with the removal of buffering as the first step in the process, whether you work with a coach or not. Until then, when you enroll in the academy, you will have access to all the courses, curriculum and services in the academy 1.0 cognitive mastery program. We are turning the year next weekend and this is the year for you to begin the path that few begin and even fewer complete.

[0:31:43.6] The journey of discovering the truth of who you are and living the life you’re meant to live without the fear of controlling external authorities including all the forms of pleasure that lead to buffering. I look forward to welcoming you aboard personally, my brother. Until then, elevate your alpha.


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