It is December again, Brothers, and I am so excited because this means we are in the month of the Impossible Goal. This is the time of year where students of the Spartan Academy begin their journey toward self-realization and inner freedom through the attainment of their Impossible Goal.

Much of what humanity used to think was impossible has now been proved to be very much in the realm of the possible, and it is the same with our minds. The brain has its own personal ideas of what is possible and impossible. Each of you has your own stories, your own limiting beliefs on what is possible and what is impossible for you.

The impossible goal is truly about releasing you from the bonds of what your brain is telling you is possible, through the conditioning of what you’ve been told is impossible. It is about freeing yourself from the stories you tell yourself, about yourself, and the world. It is a tool of self-discovery and self-knowledge. It is a tool that opens you up to the present moment, the here and now.

In today’s show, we break down the process that the students of Spartan Academy go through on the way to their accomplishment of the Impossible Goal. You’ll see that students often start out with a particular goal in mind and then undergo a deeper existential realization as they set out to achieve it. You’ll get to hear an example of how this happened to a past student of mine, and how he discovered the true source of his power as a result.

We then move on to the deeper purpose behind the Impossible Goal, which is to realize that time is an illusion and that the life of your dreams is the one that you’re living. The impossible goal is less about building the future of your dreams and more about waking up to the possibility and potential of what you’re capable of in the here and now. So join us today and learn how you can use cognitive mastery, emotional ownership, and massive action to accomplish your Impossible Goal and become who you were always meant to be.

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What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • The possibility of the things we think are impossible due to conditioning.
  • How the Impossible Goal concept helps students do the impossible.
  • The process Spartan Academy students go through to reach their Impossible Goal.
  • Building failure resistance leading up to the accomplishment of the Impossible Goal.
  • How accomplishing the Impossible Goal leads to a deeper existential realization.
  • The illusion of time and reality that the life of our dreams exists in the present. 
  • Shifting “What do I have to do?” to “Who do I get to be?”

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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:33.1] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud and welcome to December, probably my favorite month in the academy for the 1.0 students, I cannot believe it is December of 2021 already, we are in another Impossible Goal month. It is an amazing time of goal setting, brainstorming, future focus thinking, building failure resilience and taking the big steps that lead deeper into discovering what’s possible.

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[0:02:06.4] Okay, let’s get rocking on this content because I am really excited to be back in December and doing this work with my 1.0 students. In fact, let me stop for a moment there because all the students in the academy are participating the Impossible Goal whether they are in the 1.0 or the 2.0 program, it doesn’t matter because the work on this is a monument.

The work on this Impossible Goal, this impossible tool that I love so much is a monument in self-discovery. I am going to introduce and describe the Impossible Goal only briefly because there are already podcast devoted to explaining the tool in more detail and of course, I want to offer and invite you to enroll in the academy to begin this work for yourself that will take you all the way through 2022.

I can talk about it all day on the podcast, brothers. I love to talk about it, I’m a teacher, I’m a coach, I’m a guide, I’m a healer but I’m going to tell you something, only when you engage, only when you begin this work for yourself does it take form in your life.

Whenever you’re ready, the academy is here for you, I’m here for you, I’m ready to begin working with you. The Impossible Goal is a way to work around the conditioning of your brain in a way that allows you to literally do the impossible.

Now, stop right there coach, I am not saying you will learn to levitate or move things with your mind or become invisible or be in two places at the same time. I’m not saying that these things are impossible, of course I would never say that.

I use the word impossible very sparingly because many of the things that were once impossible are now possible. What people used to think was impossible is now considered normal and in some cases, even taken for granted.

[0:03:49.9] People used to say that running a sub 10-second 100-meter sprint was impossible. People used to say that dead lifting 500 pounds and having a sub-five-minute mile was impossible. People used to say that sending a rocket into space was impossible. People used to say that holding a computer in the palm of your hand was impossible and people used to say that summiting mount Everest was impossible.

Well, people have done all of that brothers, and more. You know these things, you probably are holding a computer in your hand right now listening to this podcast. Many of these former impossibilities are taken for granted as common every day things. We don’t even stop to think about how amazing it is to send a human to the moon or to the bottom of the ocean. Yet, through the use of the mind, through innovation and technology, we’ve been able to do things that our ancestors had thought were impossible.

Imagine the things we will do in the future, that our current generation of humans believes is impossible. I don’t like to use the word impossible often, in fact, I use it very rarely. However, as you already have determined from this podcast episode, in December, I use this word all the time, here is why.

The brain has its own personal ideas of what is possible and impossible. Each of you has your own stories, your own limiting beliefs on what is possible and what is impossible for you. That is the reason for the December work in the academy. We want to get right to the heart of what the stories are that are creating barriers in y our life, preventing you from realizing more of what you’re capable of and living more into who you are.

I use the word impossible to describe the goal that will be aimed at accomplishing throughout the following year. What most students discover however is that once they do the work, what they formerly thought was impossible becomes attainable. Not just possible but attainable in 12 months, give or take a month or two. That is the magic of the Impossible Goal, that’s the magic of the work, that’s the magic of cognitive mastery.

[0:06:03.4] The reason I use the word impossible is to trick the brain to get the mind management work done and detach from all the conditioning, so you can get what needs to be done completed through cognitive mastery, emotional ownership and massive action.

The essence of the Impossible Goal is to build failure resistance while managing the mind around the stories that the mind attaches to either consciously or unconsciously. We always start with a choice, a simple yet life changing choice. What is something that you want to accomplish or achieve that your brain is currently telling you is impossible?

Yes brothers, I know I’m talking about the outcome, I know I’m talking about results, bear with me, I’m going to get deeper, I’m going to go deeper on this episode. For some humans, this choice moves to one of two places, either something outrageous that has no personal meaning to them like being able to fly like superman or it leads them down a path of confusion like a mental block or barrier to coming up with something.

Coming up with anything, there’s just nothing, like the brain says, “I don’t know.” To avoid the former, I like to use tools like compelling reasons and having a functional “Why”. Why do you want to fly around like superman? What is the compelling reason? Usually, there’s not a compelling reason, usually there’s just nothing, it’s just like, “Oh because it would be fun and be cool” right?

There’s got to be a compelling reason, there’s got to be something that you are seeking from within you and I’ll come back to that later. To combat the latter, I suggest you begin with a brainstorm of 25 to 50 things that you want to accomplish or achieve and then narrow them down by finding which one goal will include several of the others and its attainment.

[0:07:45.3] Now, brothers. 20 to 50 goals, 20 to 50 things that you want to accomplish or achieve in your life, I would ideally and I know that It’s very ideal to hope for this, but I would ideally hope that you’ve already done this, that you already have some idea on who and what you want to become.

This is your future focus thinking, something else we do in the academy. I would digress, I’m going to keep going because once that is complete, then we move on to the timeline, which is always one year. It’s the end of 2022, we call it the Impossible Goal because it’s, what are you going to accomplish in one year? Some students choose a goal that has a predetermined timeline that is complete before the end of the year. However, this is not recommended.

You can do that, I have a test that I need to take in October of 2022 so I need to prepare for that, like the Bar exam or something like this. I offer that you give yourself a full year to accomplish your Impossible Goal. Now, you go through all the reasons why your brain already believes this goal is impossible and it’s okay to really get into it here.

Let your mind do its condition thing, let it just tell you all the reasons why you won’t ever accomplish this goal, why you don’t have the skills, the capability, the strength, the fortitude, whatever. That’s the point of this part of the process, to let your brain purge all the stories. It’s like a focus thought download.

You will benefit greatly by writing all these stories down, you will benefit hugely by getting these limited beliefs out from your mind and onto paper. I don’t completely understand the science of why this works more effectively, I just know it does. When you write down your thoughts and beliefs, they tend to lose the power over you that they had when they were in your mind alone, so write down all the stories about why this particular goal is impossible for you.

[0:09:33.1] Next, we will go into strategies to overcome each obstacle, that you wrote down in the previous exercise. This will take some time, especially if you have a lot of stories about why this goal is so impossible for you. That is why we spend the entire month of December preparing for the execution of the Impossible Goal, we spend an entire 30 days to prepare for the next 12 months.

It takes time to purge the mind and then use the mind to overcome the stories of the mind. Brothers, this is the true function of the mind, the true function of the mind is not to tell you why you can’t but to remind you why you can.

Do not skip this section, it is so important. Now, a quick word on this goal, it can be anything that feels impossible for you. Not for your friend or family or people you read about in magazines, I’m talking about an Impossible Goal for you and you alone.

Now again, I’ll go deeper into why that is later in the episode, however, I wanted dot mention that here because so many students will use a money goal, for example. Let’s say you’re making a hundred to $150,000 a year currently.

[0:10:39.5] You make an Impossible Goal that says, “I want to make a million dollars in the next year.” Well look, that is fine for you to use as an Impossible Goal, that’s 100% fine, you can do that, I’m not going to judge your goal.

My question is always, why. How will your life change when you have a million dollars in a year, it’s kind of like the levitating goal, what is your compelling reason. If you say, “Because my friends are making that much” or “because I want to feel more happy” or “because I want to be a better person.” Then I’m going to work with you on some mind management first, right?

We’re going to work on managing your mind because you’re using comparison, right? What your friends are doing, you’re trying to create happiness and emotion through some external result which we know is always the beta condition, that’s always an illusion, or you’re trying to make yourself feel more worthy, like being a better version through having external resources, money, women, et cetera.

It doesn’t work that way brother, I would offer that we set the goal to 300k a year first and look at what happens for you on your journey, before jumping up to a million bucks. Yes, it is an Impossible Goal, however, the point is not to compare yourself to other people so that you can match up with them or be better or use your circumstances to determine your emotions.

[0:11:53.1] Like I say, I will return to this later. Now, the next move is to start setting actionable items that lead to failed outcomes, this failure resilience training, we aim at 25 fails for every three months or 100 fails over the course of the year. Yes, that is about one fail every three to four days for you that are math wizards out there, you’re absolutely right, it’s two fails a week, right?

Lots of massive action required here. This builds failure resilience as a skillset and does a lot more in terms of self-discovery. For example, I’m going to give you guys an example. Now, I’m not going to mention any names, I don’t do names on the podcast, I don’t even really do names in the academy. Everybody’s journey is their own, I just use examples, nameless, anonymous examples. One of my students, one year, wanted to sleep with 100 different women in a year.

Now, don’t go judging him, I didn’t judge him, you guys don’t judge him, this is his goal, it’s his Impossible Goal. It’s not too impossible for most of us. However, my student at the time, he was a virgin, he was in his young 20s, he was a young 20-year-old kid.

In other words, our brother was aiming at going from being a virgin, having never having sex in his life to having sex with a different female about every three days for an entire year. Again, you math wizards know that that’s about every three days. I can tell you that it took him a while just to learn how to approach a woman.

It took him time just to take that massive action, then, he had to learn how to hold a conversation. After that, he developed a skill of being funny, being attractive, being sexy and being mysterious. It took months for him to experience sex for the first time.

[0:13:35.8] Now, that isn’t the point of the Impossible Goal, it’s not outcome dependence, it’s not about what is going on externally. I’m using my student as an example and I’m doing this because I want you to know and I’m going to offer, do you know how many women he had to approach just to learn how to be himself?

Again, this is a guy, a man who had never made love to a woman before. Approaching a woman was terrifying to him, it’s like panic attacks, right? He was terrified. It wasn’t just a general fear of rejection, he had no idea how to talk to a woman. Just that, just learning how to be himself, just learning how to be confident and calm and cool with a woman, that was a part of his journey.

Just to learn about who he was, what he was capable of, how to be himself in the presence of women and I can tell you that his failure resilience went through the roof. He learned the true meaning of rejection and ultimately, what it meant for him to be comfortable with who he was without using sex as a way to measure his self-worth.

Brothers, we work together on mind management and cognitive mastery so he was able to see through what his brain had convinced him through conditioning was an irrational desire, compared to a rational spiritual want in his life. You see, the truth of it was, he wasn’t really after the women or the sex, that’s not what we’re after. You may think we have this internal drive to go after sex but that’s not the case.

[0:15:08.0] We do have a drive to procreate but that’s not what society is pointing on us, society is not putting procreation on us. It’s putting sex on us, right? Now, that’s not what my brother was seeking, that’s not what my student was seeking, what our brother was seeking, he was seeking healing. He wanted to heal from a sickness that permeates from our society which are the consequences of the limiting beliefs that we hold in our consciousness.

His external Impossible Goal was the illusion that was dissolved through the journey of achieving it. It became his hero’s journey. By the time he achieved his goal and long before he achieved his goal, the goal itself didn’t matter to him anymore.

In fact, he ended up meetings some really great women, he dated occasionally and he truly discovered what it meant to have a real bond and connection and intimacy with another being without the heavily conditioned, mental aspect around sexual intercourse that is prevalent in our profoundly sick and greatly confused society. He discovered his immutable and inherent inner self-worth and he let go of the need for external validation through sexual relations. He learned how to be who he is instead of trying to do what he thought he was supposed to do.

That is what the Impossible Goal is really about my brothers. I gave you the quick version of how the two is setup and like I said, I offer and invite you to enroll in the academy to begin this process for yourself. However, for the remainder of the podcast, I want to explain the purpose of this tool, this amazing work called the Impossible Goal and why I love it so much and continue to use it in the academy for my students and for myself every year.

Brothers, time is an illusion that is constructed by the mind. I realize this is a very difficult concept to grasp given how conditioned we are around time and how it appears we are so dependent on time but time is a distraction from the truth. It is a function of the mind that has been misunderstood by humanity since the mind was conceived within us. We are so distorted in our reality.

We are constantly looking for what’s next, looking into the future or ruminating on the past and creating guilt and fault and blame. The truth is that everything we ever need is right here in front of us in the present moment. The Impossible Goal sounds like a plan to build the future of your dreams but here’s the rub, the future is always the future. Your dreams are always your dreams. The life of your dreams is the one that you’re living.

When you understand that inherent truth, you will be free and you’ll live the life you’re meant to live.

[0:17:47.9] I’m not talking about understanding it intellectually, I’m talking about experiencing it existentially. The Impossible Goal is less about building the future of your dreams and more about waking up to the possibility and potential of what you’re capable of in the here and now. Words are elusive and even on this podcast, I will teach you concepts that will get misinterpreted throughout the telephone game of communication.

A telephone game of communication is where I have an intention of what I want to teach you, then I use words to explain my intentions, then you hear the words and then you interpret them to mean whatever is filtered through your own conditioning. That is why I repeat the same thing over and over and over in different ways using analogies and stories to simplify this complex cognitive and spiritual concepts.

The Impossible Goal is not about you creating a million dollars in a year or starting a new business or meeting the woman of your dreams or writing a book or traveling around the world or anything else that is a neutral external circumstance. All of those things are momentary, transient and neutral. They are events, they are points in space that exist in a moment of time.

Brothers, the difference between you having $999,999.00 in your bank and one million dollars in your bank is a moment. It’s the moment someone hands you a dollar and in that moment, you have a million dollars but that is an event. It’s a neutral point in space that you have in that moment of time and then it’s over and then it’s there and you’re onto the next moment. Yoru mind is seeking something new, “What is the next? What is the next?”

[0:19:25.4] The Impossible Goal is truly about releasing you from the bonds of what your brain is telling you is possible through the conditioning of what you’ve been told is impossible. It is about freeing yourself from the stories you tell yourself about yourself and the world. It is a tool of self-discovery and self-knowledge. It is a tool that opens you up to the present moment, the here and now.

It is a tool that when properly executed reveals to you more of who you are and gives you the power to live the life that you’re meant to live rather than the life that you’ve been conditioned to live. The only thing that exists as an impossibility is the limiting beliefs created in the mind. The mind is what creates the duality of possible versus impossible and this is the separation that leads to suffering.

What is impossible? Is it impossible for you to leave your job and start your own business? Is it impossible for you to create massive wealth doing what you love instead of moderate wealth doing what you hate? This is the point of the academy, brothers. We as humans need to stop living the life we’ve been told we have to live for whatever reason the brain tells us we have to do it.

It is through our conditioned limiting beliefs that we become physically, mentally and spiritually sick. When we let go of these beliefs and begin the process of self-discovery, we step into alignment of who we are and live our life of truth. Most of the time, the story has to do with resources. The story around money, which is why four out of five times, my students will choose an Impossible Goal that has to do with money.

[0:21:05.1] We have this story around resources. They want to increase their net worth or to increase their income or increase their savings or amass a specific amount in a year and brothers, there is nothing wrong with that. I am not judging anyone’s Impossible Goal. I think everyone’s Impossible Goal is perfect for them regardless of what it is. The question is always, who are you going to become to achieve that goal?

The brain wants to jump into the question, “What do I have to do?” and I am offering you the question, “Who are you going to be or who do you want to be or who do you get to be?” Do you see the difference in the questions? The difference is colossal. I am going to offer you a quick analogy that I will expand on later in the month because it directly relates to Impossible Goal month.

In fact, every podcast episode this month is going to relate to the Impossible Goal. Consider life to be a game. Being born into humanity is like opening a board game. You open the box and pull out the game and for the rest of your life, you are playing this game. Now, when you ask yourself the question, “What do I have to do?” it’s like reading the rules of the game first or having them read to you.

You open the box, read the rules so you understand how to play it properly and you start your journey through life. This my friends is conditioning, it binds you to the rules that other people have set for your game, your life. When you ask yourself the question, “Who do I get to be?” it’s like writing the rules as you go or just playing the game the way you choose to play it.

[0:22:44.2] Brothers, I love watching little kids play with toys and games. I am talking little-little kids, you know, like the ones that can’t read yet. They just open up a box of games or a box of toys or you could just give them anything really and they just dive into this imagination and story. It’s so fun. You know, they go deep into their imagination, they make up their own rules, they make up their own stories.

They have characters and names and all kinds of things going on in their heads. They have so much fun with the shapes and the colors and the cards and the pieces, they don’t even care who wins or loses or what the rules are or what the objective is. They just have fun. That’s the point isn’t it? To have fun, that’s why we’re here. That’s what this planet earth is all about, it’s our human playground and we’re here to have fun.

We’re here to learn and love and support each other. As adults, we are so conditioned to take it all so seriously. We compare ourselves with others and then we compete with each other over abundance. It is silly nonsense at best and it’s the cause of pain and suffering in ourselves and the world at worst. The Impossible Goal allows you to step out of the rat race of comparison, competition and conditioning and into the truth of who you are.

The Impossible Goal is a tool I use to guide students into letting go of all the human constructs that create a false image and identity of not being enough of who we are. Letting go of this conditioning can be a real challenge and so much of who we think we are is invested in the identity that is attached to need to be accepted by a profoundly sick society. It’s like being in high school and want to be liked by the cool kids. When in reality, it’s the cool kids who are cruel and mean they’d end up miserable in their lives and in their minds.

[0:24:29.2] Modern society has put so much importance on having and doing so much so that we have all forgotten as a species how to let go of what isn’t serving us anymore. We spend a lifetime in accumulation, not only in gathering objects but also experiences, belief systems, relationships and emotions. We have forgotten the value of letting go of all the stories and things that are just left over from a childhood mindset that was created in order to externally validate and find self-worth through the acceptance of the other.

The goal is not impossible my brothers, what feels impossible is aligning yourself with the truth because we’re so caught up in the illusion of what we think we want and who we think we should be that we spend a lifetime trying to accumulate more and more. “If I have this, I will be worthy. If I do that, people will like me. If I learn this, I will have success. If I develop that, I will be a better person.”

It’s all erroneous mental conditioning. The Impossible Goal is more of a process of letting go than a process of accumulation. It is not about achieving some external outcome that gives you confidence or success or resources. All of these things are available to you in the abundance of right now, the present moment. The power and perfection of the present moment that’s unfolding unknown in front of us all the time.

The Impossible Goal work helps you let go of the blinders, of the conditioning that is preventing you from seeing it all. It’s about the journey my friend, not the destination. Remember our brother who set out to sleep with 100 women in a year? At some point in his quest, he simply lost track of all the women he had sex with. It didn’t matter to him anymore because he found what he was looking for all along.

[0:26:14.6] It wasn’t sex, it wasn’t sexual intercourse. It was self-knowledge and freedom from the suffering that his mind was creating around the meaning he was giving to sex. Yes, he had a lot of sex. I get that, I will concede that he did have a lot of result but I am not a pickup artist coach nor do I condone the methodologies of the pickup artist community.

What we did together, me and my student was to work on his cognitive mastery and emotional ownership so that he could free himself from the bonds of conditioning that society puts on young men around the world. That was the work we did together through his Impossible Goal. It wasn’t about the result, the real chance of aligning yourself and healing from the separation of who you truly are often assumes the form of wounds such as rejection, abandonment, betrayal, humiliation and injustice.

As we heal and let go of these wounds, we find ourselves living our lives with the greater lightness of being, compassion towards others and love. My student made a lot of connections and met a lot of amazing women but all of that was a byproduct of his journey into himself and recognizing his own inner power and truth. Each of those moments were transient experience that didn’t go with him.

They were points in space that reveal to him what life is all about. Life is about discovering that we are free. We are free to be who we choose to be and live the way we choose to live. Life is about love, love of the self, love of the other and love for life itself. This is only possible when you let go of the stories that distract you from your truth. This is only possible when you elevate your alpha and live the life of an alpha male.

[0:28:01.7] What is your Impossible Goal? What does your life mean to you? What does your brain tell you about what you’re capable of and not capable of? What does it tell you about money? What does it tell you about time? What does it tell you about people? What does it tell you about yourself? Brothers, I want to invite you to enroll in the academy and begin your Impossible Goal journey through 2022.

Go ahead and choose an outcome, it’s okay. This is where we begin, just because it’s not outcome dependent doesn’t mean we don’t choose the goal. We still chose the outcome, we begin working with the mind to reveal its own illusion. What outcome will you create in 2022 and more importantly, who will you become, what you do doesn’t matter. It’s all about what you believe is possible and who you believe you are.

Join me in the academy and discover for yourself what is required for you to let go of in order for you to move into the truth of who you are. There is no future, there is only the now. The time is now, this is the best time to enroll in the academy and get started on your cognitive mastery, emotional ownership and energy mechanics journey. In fact, I have removed the process of application and consultation so you can begin immediately.

All you got to do is click a button, the option to have a consultation call is still available for those of you who want to have a 45-minute call with me and discuss working together. However, it is no longer a prerequisite for enrolling in the academy. I want you to have the opportunity to begin your training right now. If you have been waiting for the right time to enroll in the academy and start your training, now is the time.

[0:29:40.8] It is December brothers, it is now to begin to look at what you plan on creating for yourself next year. You have the option to enroll all year long, however, I love the Impossible Goal work and believe that this is the best time to start your life-changing work. Give yourself the gift of self-discovery this holiday season. Release yourself from the prison of your conditioning and live the life you are meant to.

There is no greater gift that can be given than the gift of self-knowledge. I love you brothers and elevate your alpha.


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