The truth is, whether you’re 20 years old, or 40 years old, the volume of conditioning that you have is the same. That’s because you are really only physiologically conditioned once every seven years, and psychologically in significantly less time. That means that the cognitive limitations you perceive about your life are nothing more than perceptions. The prison you’re living in is purely a projection created by your mind.

The good news, brothers, is that enlightenment can happen in a moment. It’s not a matter of force, but a matter of awakening. You will understand when you are ready to understand! Being an alpha male means releasing yourself of the external authorities and deliberately choosing to be authentic and impact the world around you. Stepping into your identity as an alpha male will reveal to you that you are an independent and unique being, free from being a slave to society and its culture of ignorance. 

The final perception we use to observe the mind as a passenger of our consciousness, along with primordial and visual perception, is vibrational perception. Wild as it may sound, spiritual or vibrational perception can be the best tool available to us. It is somewhat akin to emotional ownership. Allowing emotions to rise within you, and letting the body perceive the energy around you have many similarities. This is a form of observation that allows thoughts to move through your mind without engaging with them because you are a passenger of consciousness. 

Brothers, it’s important to distinguish between physiological emotions and vibrational truths. When the mind encounters energy vibrations, it wants to create a story, and that’s how interconnection overt happens, which are erroneous conjectures used to explain vibrational energy. We aren’t introverts or extroverts like the story tells us. Instead, we receive or transmit vibration from our mechanical energy. None of it comes from the mind. It comes from the realm before the mind. The realm of vibration.

Once you’ve understood this, you can begin to manage your energy accordingly. Begin with non-judgment, let go of the analysis of why, and allow the vibration to pass from you as a transmitter or to you as a receiver. You’re not judging, but calibrating. Think of it like tuning an instrument. Once the mind is free and released from its own prison, we can transition into a plane of vibration that allows us to bond with each other in a completely different way, a way that is so foreign to the current way we relate to each other.

Self-discovery, and elevating your alpha is not about esoteric mysticism, but rather to wake you up to the truth of who you are and live the life you’re meant to live! I’m not here to judge. I’m here to free you. 

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What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why your level of conditioning is the same whether you are 20 or 40 years old.
  • How quickly enlightenment can happen through awakening.
  • What it truly means to be an alpha male and live free of conditioning.
  • The final perception we use to observe the mind as a passenger of consciousness: vibrational perception.
  • How vibrational or spiritual perception is similar to emotional ownership and how it differs.
  • Why it is important to distinguish between physiological emotions and vibrational truths.
  • Why we are not introverts or extroverts, but rather receive or transmit energy.
  • Managing your energy according to whether you are built to transmit or receive it.
  • What happens when the mind becomes free of its own prison.
  • The real purpose of self-discovery and becoming an alpha male.

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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.6] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. Happy Thanksgiving in the States. 

For those of you that are not in the US, we have a holiday on the last Thursday in the month of November called Thanksgiving. The story goes that the pilgrims who came from Europe to the US had a rough first year, they planted their foods and didn’t have enough of a harvest in the summer to survive the winter.

Around this time of the year, around the end of November going into December, the pilgrim community was not doing so well, a lot of people were dying of hunger, right? They were going hungry and a lot of people were dying. The native peoples of the land came in and brought the pilgrims food and they broke bread and they ate together. That is the story of Thanksgiving. 

Now look, I don’t know if that story is true at all. It doesn’t really matter if it’s true or not. The spirit of Thanksgiving is to give thanks. It is a cultivation of the spirit of gratitude, being grateful for all that you have and sharing what you have with others. This is the essence of the holiday. 

The first part is gratitude, being grateful for all that you have been given by the universe. The more we understand gratitude, the more we can cognitively lean into faith which is receiving through abundance. The second part is giving back to others. This is love and completes the cycle of duality of giving and receiving. We receive through faith and we give in love. 

[0:02:08.7] Now, I will do an entire episode on this and how it relates to the alpha male in the future but today, I want to wish everybody in the states a Happy Thanksgiving and send a message of gratitude to all my audience around the world.

I also want to remind you guys about the free book offer on website, you can check that out by going directly to This is a way you can get started on your cognitive mastery journey right away and the book is a quick read. You can finish it in a day and it will change your life. There is enough in the book to get you going and for the holiday season going into the new year, I want to provide this offer to you so that you can begin the process of freeing yourself from the beta condition.

Now, let’s get into the podcast episode because this will conclude the three part series on ways to observe the mind once you have gone through the process of awareness and attachment from all the conditioning that has been built up in your life over a lifetime. The truth is brothers, it doesn’t matter if you are 20 years old or 40 years old, the conditioning volume is the same.

Now, that can be good news if you’re in your 40s and I guess neutral news if you’re in your 20s but the reason for this is that you are only really conditioned physiologically every seven years and psychologically in much less time.

[0:03:38.7] In other words, you are only hanging on to cellular conditioning for seven years and mental conditioning for less than seven years, depending on your own stories. The irony of it all, is that the prison you are living in is purely mental. It is a phantom image, a false image, a hologram that you are projecting out from your mind and into the world. At any time, you can escape from this prison.

I will tell you based on the thousands of men, thousands of humans I’ve worked with, that it does happen in the moment. There is a process of development or rather, there’s a process of detachment that can take months to years to even decades, depending on the mind.

However, enlightenment happens in an instant brother, in the moment and for all of you, it can happen in this moment, in this instant, if you are ready and the time is right. It is not a matter of force or discipline, it’s simply a matter of awakening.

Look, the more I do this work with others, I find I’m equally affected by the release of the projection. Of course, I do this work on myself as well. However, as a guide and a teacher, I am privileged to be able to increase the amount of time I spend in the truth and I’m able to perceive the truth from aspects that only a guide and teacher can. 

This is one of the reasons why I created the coach certification course for my students. It allows them to take the knowledge that have and learn the methodology that I use in order to go deeper into their own inner truth. Perceive what is at the heart of nature and if desired, work with humans as a guide and teacher themselves. 

[0:05:18.7] The journey for me continues to reveal more of the perfection that rests at the core of the human experience and releases me from the prison of conditioning that continues to permeate the culture and society of the human species. That is the point brothers. I realize that the level of teaching and knowledge I dropped on you over these last few podcast episodes is tremendous.

It is the equivalent of offering a rocket science and astrophysics course to a 101-mathematics freshman class. I get it, I don’t’ regret or remit what I have taught you. When you are ready to understand, you will understand. For those of you that are ready to hear, you will hear, for those of you that are ready to enroll in the academy, you will do that and you will understand everything that I’ve been talking about. 

The point of all of this is for you to elevate your alpha state and live the life of your dreams. To live the life that you are meant to. I’m going to dive into the content for this week in a moment but first, I want to remind you, I want to remind all of my brothers out there, what it means to be an alpha male.

[0:06:23.1] Living through your personal alpha state as a true alpha male, means to live according to your energetic state, your own energy mechanics, your own nature, which is as unique as your fingerprint. 

It has to do with the union and alignment of mind, body and spirit. It means that you dance to the beat of a different drummer, it means that you don’t go along to get along. It means that you make decisions from the source within you. It means that you are free to think, feel and act in a way you are meant to without the conditioning of all the other beings around you.

You know what? I love the quote form Jack Nicholson’s character in The Departed and I have it on my website. He said, “I don’t want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me.”

Now brothers, this in my definition of alpha male, sums up what it means to live through your alpha state. This is not an arrogant statement, it is simply statement of freedom. I interpret this statement as meaning, I’m not going to be a sheep, I’m not going to go along with my environment, with my society, education system, government, religion, family, company and friends the way they’ve trained me to be, the way they’ve taught me and conditioned me to do and believe.

Instead, I’m going to be who I am. I’m going to live my life in my way, according to what I intentionally and deliberately choose and know to be genuine and authentic to me and that will impact the world around me. This is the definition of living through your alpha state.

[0:08:00.1] It is releasing yourself from the prison you’ve created by attaching your mind to all the external authorities and believing they’re nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, other people are empowered to have their own beliefs, just don’t confuse their beliefs with your beliefs.

You are an independent and unique being. Only through your alpha state will this be revealed to you, otherwise, you are living like every other human out there. Lost in their unconscious mind of conditioning, a slave to the society and culture of ignorance and illusion and wasting the very gift that we’ve received from the source, from the universe itself.

Now, if that is your journey, so be it. Look, I’m not judging you, in fact, judgment is something I offer my students to let go of. I am stating the self-evident truth. If you are doing what other people have told you, you must do, should do, have to do, need to do or on the flip side can’t do, then you aren’t living your own life and you can at any moment, when you are ready and choose to elevate your alpha.

[0:09:06.5] Okay my friends, let’s get into the final perception we utilize to observe the mind as a passenger of consciousness. I have introduced to you primordial being, the perception that predates the mergence of the mind which we share with other animals.

It is the instinctual and intuitive perception that kept us safe for thousands of years through the use of the ears, the nose, and the tongue in the moment. That is key. It’s important for you to remember that as a key note of primordial perception, it is an awareness or perception that is active in the moment, in the now, in the present.

It is a fear-based perception because it relies on survival in a hostile and predator filled environment. However, now that we are more evolved in our human state, we can retrain this ancient and powerful perception to work for us as a way to keep the mind in observation as a passenger consciousness rather than an authority in dictating our lives to us. 

Primordial perception is best practiced in one-on-one engagement, small groups or in the sounds and smells of nature. Last week, I introduced visual perception as a way to observe the mind through its own biological oculus. The eyes are the windows to the mind.

They are the biological organ, along with the pineal gland and pituitary gland of the mind. Now, people have said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and I’m not going to go into the definitions of soul, spirit and mind. However, I will say that the eyes are a function of mind.

[0:10:42.7] The eyes can be detached from the mind however and used as a function of true sight. The mind will never allow us truth in the moment, it is the function of the past and the future. It is always a function of the binary and in the present, in the now, there is no binary, because the present has no opposite, it has no contrast, there is no opposite to what’s happening now.

There’s only the opposite of what is a head of us and what is behind us, that’s the binary the future and the past but the now has no opposite. The mind will use the eyes to judge what it sees, it will create an immediate story from the neutral circumstance. To utilize visual perception, it is to remove the labels, the stories from the site to see with the heart, rather than the mind, that is what I taught last week.

Visual perception is best practiced alone, without the distracting energy from others or nature itself. Practicing visual perception is initially trained when surrounding yourself with inanimate objects. Items of a molecular origin which is to say, nonliving things.

Now, are you ready to get wild brothers? I mean, here it is, as if the last two episodes weren’t wild enough, right? We’re going to go deep. I’m going to take you deeper than we’ve gone before. In fact, we’re going to go so deep that I’m going to pull back before closing out the year so let’s do it, let’s get into it, let’s get started.

[0:12:13.2] Today we are going to get into spiritual or vibrational perception. Now, to start,  like to practice this type of perception in places that for me are energetically overwhelming, the reason is because my own energy mechanics, you see brothers, I have a focused in absorbing energy which allows me to penetrate deeply into the energy or spirit of other beings and bond with them at a very core level.

It’s what makes me an excellent guide. However, when I am in large groups, when I’m at parties, nightclubs, concerts, big cities or venues like burning men, like Coachella, I am overloaded by the energy of the beings and the environment. This is why I love the jungle, this is why I love to scuba dive. I enjoy quiet venues and places with a natural life force.

For me, I find vibrational perception to be the best way to observe my mind as a passenger consciousness, when I am overloaded with energy passing through my body like a tornado ripping through a chain linked fence. Vibrational perception is akin to emotional ownership, it’s akin to emotional processing or allowing emotions.

There is one distinct difference however. Allowing emotions as a part of cognitive mastery that enables you to feel whatever the feelings are that you’ve been resisting, avoiding or reacting to. It’s the feelings that are coming from your conscious or unconscious mind, this is a part of the biological process of the universal truth and the result of this skillset is the release of suffering caused by emotional ignorance.

[0:13:49.3] Through this process, you begin to allow whatever feelings come up in your body from the thought, whether it’s conscious or unconscious. This development in skill is an early part of the cognitive mastery 101 phase which if you remember from a few weeks ago, is the awareness phase.

Vibrational perception on the other hand is where you use your body to perceive your environment as a constantly flowing electromagnetic movement of energy. In primordial perception using your eyes, your ears, your nose in visual perception using your eyes in vibrational perception, you are using your entire body to perceive the energy. 

It is a form of observation that allows you to let your mind pass thoughts through you without engaging with them because this is the passenger consciousness. It is a receiving of the energy of the system. Not in a way that energizes you but in a way that allows you to pass it through you.

Brothers, you know I love analogies, right? You know I love stories and I’m going to tell you, I’m going to give you an analogy for this. I want you to imagine that you are a glass box or a sphere. You decide if you’re a cube or a sphere, it makes no difference, just imagine you’re a glass object, your body is a three dimensional glass object and within this object, right in the center is like an animal hide.

It’s like the top of a drum, it’s what vibrates, it’s what makes – gives the sound of a drum, you hit the top of the drum and it vibrates, that’s what’s in the middle, it’s the animal hide that’s pulled tight. I’m using this analogy to describe vibrations, that’s the point of this. Right in the middle of this glass object, you have this piece of hide pulled tight that if you were to hit it, it would vibrate like a drum.

[0:15:33.9] You are this glass cube or sphere and suspended in the center and pulled tight is this animal hide used for making drums, like a goat hide or a cow hide. Now, at a vibrational level, we are always either receiving or transmitting an energy vibration. Depending on our own unique mechanics, I’m not talking about emotion, I’m not talking about feelings. I’m talking about vibrations.

Those that are transmitting are beating that animal hide and sending vibration into the world and those that are receiving are taking in the vibrations from the world, which are causing the animal hide to vibrate. On the one hand, you have humans that are drummers creating a vibration and on the other hand you have humans that are more like a bowl of water that ripples when it receives a vibration. 

Now, at the same time, all humans are feeling their biological emotions according to universal truth, so there are the physiological emotions and feelings as well as the energy vibrations that are being transmitted and received around the world and throughout the universe. Stay with me, I know it can get confusing and I warned you we’re going to get wild but I do want to let you know that these are two different things. 

I am not talking about feelings. I am not talking about emotions. I am talking about vibrations. When the mind engages with these energy vibrations, it wants to create a story. It wants to explain the vibration immediately. This is where we get the story of interconnection overt, which are erroneous conjectures used to explain vibrational energy. 

We aren’t introverts or extroverts, brothers, like these are stories that people used to explain the behavior. We just transmit or receive vibration from our mechanical energy. Those who transmit to the vibration, they are not affected by the transmission of other beings or the environment and those who received the vibration are highly affected by the transmissions. Now we can label and dismiss this effects with stories. 

You know we can call again, we can call an introversion and extroversion, which is fine however, none of it comes from the mind. It all comes from the realm before the mind, the realm of vibration, the realm of sound, the invisible realm. 

[0:17:41.0] Now in either case, the point is to let go of the mind, to release the mind of its desire to be an authority, which is all based on memories and conditioning. It doesn’t matter whether you transmit or receive these vibrations, in either case there will be a story about it that has come from someone or something that is not you, hence the story around being an introvert or an extrovert. 

Here we are with these glass objects with a center piece that allows the vibration to occur within us and these glass objects are porous, okay? Imagine they’re porous. They allow the vibrations to pass through coming into the object and vibrating the hide or vibrating the hide and setting the vibration out into the world at least this is the intention but due to our conditioning and lack of self-knowledge, the porous nature of these glass objects have become cloud up. 

Those who are transmitting their vibrations are bouncing those vibrations around inside of them, which cause multiple effects. There can be a super posed where the amplitude of the vibration is magnified like detonating an explosive in a narrow corridor. All the vibrations will bounce off the walls and direct the explosive force a specific way with greater power. 

There could also be a colliding effect that creates a beat of confusion in the being like two waves crashing into each other moving in opposite directions. Either of these scenarios create possibilities for the mind of this individual, this individual who is transmitting vibration to play games on the human within their glass object that is clogged up. Remember, they’re transmitting this vibration but it is not going out. 

It is being clogged up and bouncing around inside them and then their mind is creating a story about that. 

[0:19:23.2] Those who are receiving vibrations have a different issue to deal with when they are porous glass object is clogged. For them, remember it’s like they have a bowl of water suspended in the middle of their glass sphere or cube. We could use the hide, we could use the same analogy of a hide of vibration. It is just that being able to see visually the water sort of vibrate like in Jurassic Park when the tyrannosaurus rex was walking and he saw the cup and the water was vibrating. 

It just maybe a little bit easier of a visual for you guys to understand but either way, either analogy works. We could use the hide analogy, it doesn’t matter, either works. However, when they are clogged up due to a lack of self-knowledge the vibrations don’t move through them and vibrate the hide in a correct neutral way. Instead, the vibrations from the world are striking the glass object itself and shaking the entire being including the hide or the bowl of water within them. 

Because again, the pores are clogged up so it is not getting into and vibrating the hide directly, which is the natural way, the correct way, the neutral way. Instead, it is vibrating the whole glass object, the whole being itself. This also creates a possibility for the mind to play games and this human being to feel like the world around them is overwhelming like they were in the middle of an earthquake and they have to remove themselves from the environment entirely. 

This human is unable to effectively receive the vibration and allow the vibrations to pass through them, so their minds interpret the feeling as overwhelming or abusive or chaotic. Now, in either human, in both humans the problem isn’t the neutral vibrations. In fact, the vibrations are a source of wisdom emanating from the realm of sound and vibration. They are required for all humans and a part of us understanding our true nature. It is a part of the information field that we live in. 

[0:21:13.0] The problem is that we don’t have self-knowledge so we let the mind interpret a meaning for the vibration, which comes from our conditioning, which is binary and which is never the truth. What’s the move coach? Well, you can probably guess that what the move is by now, right? I mean the move is cognitive mastery brothers. 

Cognitive mastery is a skillset that leads you to self-discovery, awareness, detachment and observation. Awareness and detachment will unclog the pores of the glass object in this analogy and once this is done, then you’ll be able to allow the vibrations to pass through you fluidly and smoothly so they will be as neutral as any other circumstance. 

Now, for the sake of instruction on this podcast episode, let’s assume that you’ve gone through the awareness, right? Let’s say you’ve gone through the detachment phases. I know, I am teaching calculus here. I know, I get that. It’s okay brother, if you don’t understand what I’m about to give you don’t worry about it. When you’re ready you will understand and I am not being condescending to you either. 

I realize that the content I’m delivering to you here on these podcast episodes is advanced for anyone not receiving guidance, for anyone who is not already enrolled in the academy and the onus is on me my friend, it’s not on you and you can always enroll in the academy and begin your journey by getting a copy of my book as well, The Universal Truth, you can get that for free on the website now. 

[0:22:32.4] Let’s assume you’re ready to begin the work of observation and we are working on vibrational perception. It doesn’t matter if you are a transmitter or a receiver that knowledge will come with guidance. Like primordial and visual perception, you begin without judgment. Let go of all the labels, all the approvals and condemnations, all the criticisms, all the evaluations, all the goods and bads, the likes and dislikes. 

In terms of vibrations, there is also letting go of the analysis of why, letting go of the stories as to why you feel the way you do. Since we are working with the vibrations here unlike sounds, smells and sights, you’ll simply allow yourself to vibrate in the way that lets it pass through youfrom you as a transmitter or to you as a receiver. This is spiritual perception, it is the perception of the body, the whole body. 

It is not coming through your nose or your ears or your eyes. It is not even an emotion. It’s not something that’s creating a physiological effect like an increased heart rate or a perspiration or increased respiratory rate or shaking feeling, you will feel this in your entire body as a vibration. The entirety of your vehicle it’s as if you’re a tuning fork and you are calibrating yourself with your environment. 

Let go of the judgment, just calibrate. Look, the tuning fork doesn’t judge the vibration, only the mind does. The tuning fork just vibrates, that’s what it does. Consider a string on a guitar that’s out of tune. Who out there plays a guitar? I know some of you probably play a guitar, right? If you don’t play a guitar then just imagine a guitar, you pluck the string and it’s out of tune. Now, does the string judge itself? 

Does the string say, “Oh no, I don’t feel right. I’m out of tune and I’m not happy here. I am feeling overwhelmed with this environment.” Of course, it doesn’t. The string just vibrates, it just vibrates when its plucked, when its pulled. It is a neutral vibration. Only the mind judges the quality of the vibration based on the conditioning, so you just let go of the conditioning. Be the string because you are the string. You are not the one who plucked the string. That honor belongs to the universe, the source itself. 

[0:24:57.9] Feel the vibrations move through you like a current moving through water. Let them rise and fall, ebb and flow, swirl and straighten. Let them move into you and out of you. Be like a sieve so that everything passes through you without attaching to you. Like I said at the beginning of the podcast episode, I have learned to do this in such a way that the strongest vibration passes through me like a tornado through a chain linked fence. 

I don’t shake or become unglued. I simply feel the movement of the energy as it teaches me about the environment that I’m in. Again, I offer that you practice this in high vibration environments, places with lots of people, big crowds, large cities, concerts, clubs, Times Square on New Year’s Eve, you get the picture. The reason why do we do this? Wisdom. Brothers, this is all about wisdom. 

Brothers, we’re here to learn and love, to give and to receive, to share in the flow of duality that presents itself in perfection and illusion. When you allow your mind to be the passenger consciousness and simply vibrate in your environment, you will learn so much about the place you are in, in the here and the now. You will discover more about yourself primarily, following that you will begin to feel your environment and the people in it. 

I’m not talking about empathy my friends, I am not talking about feeling what other people are feeling. I am not talking about feeling other people’s emotions, that’s erroneous. That’s all nonsense. The chemical reactions that are occurring in ourselves are not being transferred into the cells of other people. What I am talking about here is spiritual perception. This is where we’re headed as a species my friends. 

It is how we perceive vibrationally, how we perceive spiritually. This is what we are evolving into as a transition from the mental plane to the spiritual plane. Right now we all exist and live in a world that is run by the emerging mind, so we are locked in opposition. We’re locked in duality, in judgment. Look at the world around you, how much divisiveness is happening right there in your community, in your city, in your state, in your country, in the world. 

[0:27:14.5] It’s the opposition, it’s the duality, it’s the judgment. Once the mind is free and released from its own prison, we will transition into the plane of vibration that allows us to bond with each other in a completely different way, a way that is so foreign to the current way we relate to each other. Consider it my brother, in the mental plane we relate to each other through mind, through duality and subjectivity and judgment. 

Since we ate from the tree of knowledge, we have been blessed with the emerging mind. Now, we must learn to release the mind. Let it go free so we can return to the paradise that exists all around us right in front of us in the moment. This is happening at an accelerated rate. More and more humans are becoming free of the metrics. In the next phase of our human experience, we will no longer perceive through the duality of the mind. 

Instead, we will perceive through the oneness of the spirit and we will come to know ourselves and each other once again, in truth and in light and in love. This is the relationship we have with abundance and love. Where we begin in a primordial way along with all the other animals living in the moment but in fear and scarcity. We were given the gift of mind as a transition. The transition is into duality. 

The past and future, the good and evil, the right and wrong. At the end of our transition, we will find a return to the moment. However this time, it will be through love and abundance, intuition, thought and energy or body, mind, spirit. We are on a journey, an evolving journey of self-discovery. It is a 100,000 year journey, which is nothing more than the blink of an eye for the father of all, the source. It’s no time at all.

[0:29:04.8] Brothers, I want to close to remind you that self-discovery, elevating your alpha state is not about some esoteric mysticism that leads you in circles and goes nowhere. The purpose and the application of all this knowledge and the discovery of the self is to emancipate you from the sleep, to wake you up to the truth of who you are so you can exit the matrix and live the life you’re meant to live. 

You have a unique and required purpose in this human experiment. If you don’t live it and remain in your conditioned state, so be it. I am not here to judge you. I am only here to free you. Until next week my friends, elevate your alpha. 


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