What is meant to be always comes along. It’s often the case that the longer you wait, the better the opportunities are that come your way. It’s easy to be blinded by the story we tell ourselves when we don’t have a mindset of abundant opportunity. Brothers, we’re all blinded by the wants and desires of the mind, when in reality, the universe wants to give us everything we need. The next level of cognitive mastery you will reach is detachment. Now, detachment is about letting go. It’s about detaching from your thoughts, beliefs, stories, expectations, and conditioning. Awareness is the first step, and detachment comes next. Brothers, most humans are comfortable in their suffering. They are either a victim of their own mind, or become a victim of addiction. The source of all suffering is the denial of the true self. When you detach from the truth of who you are and engage with stories of who you are not, you begin to suffer.

We’ve all heard the platitude, discomfort is the price of growth. It’s often understood to mean that we should stay in our suffering in order to evolve. What if there was a different interpretation? What if you could lean into the discomfort of stepping into the unknown? Most people have settled into a heavily conditioned life. So much so that we no longer identify the conditions as what they are, and when we do, we consider them to be simply insurmountable. Once you leave the truths you once believed behind, you experience true discomfort which leads to growth. The path of self-discovery is not for everyone. But you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast if some part of you wasn’t seeking the truth. In the future, perhaps we will become a species that all live in harmony and freedom with one another. Until then, only a few will go on this particular journey. It’s not about religion, but rather, the path of enlightenment is about finding yourself within you. The alpha male is spiritual, but not religious.

Moving between the realm of density and the realm of vibration can be exceptionally hard, especially as we age. Conditioning builds up over time and experience and disconnects one from the other, trapping you on either side. But finding harmony between these realms is so important to deliver the message from your vibrational self to your physical self. The first step is awareness, to realize that what you think is not who you are. Only once you’ve fostered awareness can you begin the process of detachment. You will be opposed. You will lose friends. You will lose your identity. But none of this will matter because you will be enlightened.

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What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • How blind we are by the stories we tell ourselves.
  • What the next phase of cognitive mastery entails: detachment.
  • A new interpretation for the platitude.
  • How most people have settled into a heavily conditioned life.
  • The real discomfort of leaving everything you believe is true.

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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.9] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. I had an amazing weekend, I went back into the cloud forest for a couple of nights and it’s absolutely spectacular brothers, there’s nothing like being in the jungle. Now, here’s why I love the jungle, because you’re surrounded by life. 

The cloud forest is the most biodiverse jungle on the planet. Now, I love being in the jungle and this is where I love to scuba dive as well. You guys know that I’m a scuba diver, I’m a cave diver, I love being subsurface and it’s for the same reason. 

You know, when I take GoPro video of being underwater, when I’m scuba diving and I play it back, there’s so much sound in the water, there’s so much sound in the sea, so much sound in the ocean, it’s from the plants, it’s from the coral, it’s making sounds just like a crackling sound, it’s alive down there. There’s so much fish, there’s so many – 

Again, there’s so much life in the ocean, there’s so much life in the jungle. You know what brothers? There’s a lot of life in the city as well but here’s the difference. This is the difference. In the jungle, in the sea, the life is in harmony. There’s a harmony with the life, there’s a cycle of life. Yes, there are predators and there are prey, yes, there’s violence and yes, there’s death but in the jungle, in the sea, it’s in harmony with nature. 

Now, in the city, where there’s a metropolis of people, there’s violence and t here’s death and there’s life because there’s so many people. The difference is, in the jungle, there’s harmony and in the city, there’s confusion.

[0:02:12.2] In the jungle, in the sea, the predator and the prey relationship, there’s fear of course in the prey but the predator has no fear. In the city, in the human mind, in the human condition, both predator and prey are full of fear and this creates confusion, it creates a lot of energetic confusion and so I feel that, I feel the confusion in the city, I feel the confusion in the metropolis. I’ve been to New York, I’ve been to Los Angeles, I’ve visited these places and lived in these places and it’s entirely different. The energy is very confused.

In the jungle, the energy is very harmonic. Now, instead of talking about my weekend, what I want to do is I want to give you guys an update on the land purchase in Mexico. Now, I’m going to do this very quickly because one of my students during our one-on-one coaching mentioned this to me.

He mentioned, “You know what coach? You haven’t mentioned what’s going on in Mexico.” I want to bring this up to you guys. Remember a few podcast episodes back, I mentioned, I told you guys the story about the land that I reserved in the community in Mexico and that my broker had made a mistake on which lots I reserved and there was an issue with the contracts, do you remember that? It was the podcast intention versus expectation.

Well, here’s the update. After going back to my broker, went back to the developer, they were able to get the lots that I originally wanted which I thought was amazing, to be quite honest with you brothers, I did not think that was going to happen, I figured somebody else had reserved them and they wanted them and they weren’t going to give them up but the developer talked to these other people and they said, “Okay, fine, we’ll find other lots go ahead” and give them to me.

I thought that was amazing. In the time it took for the developer to get back to my broker, I had actually found an even better deal just outside of a small pueblo called Chemuyil, it’s just north of Tulum, it’s between Tulum and Akumal. It was more land at a better price, it had a Palapa on it already with a pool already built on the property.

As I mentioned to you guys in the podcast, something better always comes along as I knew it would because it always does, when it is meant to be. Now, I’m going to tell you guys that since then, I’ve also moved on from that property as well because it seems like the more I wait, the more amazing this continues to be offered to me.

[0:04:19.2] I wanted to give you guys this update because it isn’t just the way it is for me, this is the way it is for all humans, even though most of us are simply unaware of it. This is the essence of faith, the knowing, that when your mind tells you what should be, right? When your mind has this want, has this desire and tells you that this is what should be.

Your mind tells you what should be is not what actually is and that what is and what will be is more for you than what your mind expected, intended desire to want it, that is faith. It’s knowing that what is coming is better than what is desired. Now, I’ve seen this happen so many times to my friends and to my students in a variety of circumstances. 

I’ve talked to you guys about this in my own life with the land purchase but with my friends, I mean, it happens with women as well. I’ve had multiple friends, pine over ex-girlfriends, right? For months. The girlfriend, they break up and all of a sudden they’re in this state of pining, they just want her back and while this is happening, it’s clear to me that there’s several other women who want to date them.

There are other women that are literally throwing themselves at my friends. I’m going to use my friend, I’m going to say friend for sake of singularity, even though this has happened multiple times to my friends, my acquaintances, even my students.

[0:05:33.5] This is why I find breakups so fascinating, because a breakup is not a breakup, that’s the story that we tell ourselves. A breakup is just a story, it’s like, “She left me” right? That’s the story. What the truth is, it is a completion of one relationship so that another relationship can begin.

See, women are abundant, just like land is abundant, just like money is abundant and opportunity is abundant just like land is abundant, just like money is abundant and opportunity is abundant. Now, of course, my friends are blinded by their expectations and desires, they are blinded by this woman that they thought was the right one for them, right?

“This is the one” and they’re blinded by that story and this blindness prevents them from seeing the truth. Brothers, we’re all blinded, we’re blinded by the wants and desires of the mind. When the reality is, the universe is constantly offering us the next moment, the next gift, we are blind to the truth and the truth is that the universe loves us, supports us, gives to us and teaches us. 

Now, this is an excellent segue into the content for today’s podcast episode because I’m going to introduce to you the next phase of cognitive mastery, which is detachment. Detachment from those stories that blind us, detachment from those wants and desires that blind us from all the things that we’re being given in the moment.

[0:06:50.1] Detaching from your thoughts, beliefs, stories, expectations, the whole of your conditioning is a process of letting go. It’s a process of letting go of all of the stories, all of the conditioning. Like I say, all the wants and desires. Last week, I introduced awareness, which is the first step following the recognition that you are confused, that you are a prisoner of your mind, that your mind has taken these stories and are making it your identity. 

I’ll mention here again that most humans never even reached the stage of self-knowledge. Most humans are perfectly happy in their suffering. They’re either suffering inside and live as a victim of their own mind or they attempt to avoid their suffering by becoming victims of some external activity or object which we call buffering or addiction.

The source of all suffering brother, is the illusion of the not self, it is the ignorance of the true self, it is the detachment from who you are and the engagement with the stories of who you are not. It is claiming a false identity and attaching to it in order to feel safe in some kind of delusional knowing.

Rather than stepping into the truth of the unknown where you will begin to let go of what you think you know about yourself and the world and you will begin to discover who you truly are. Now, at this phase of my methodology, this 102 detachment phase that I teach, I invoke the platitude, discomfort is the price of growth.

[0:08:13.8] Now, of course, you’ve heard of this cliché I’m sure. It is a cliché and most people will interpret that in the most common way. The interpretation that if you are uncomfortable or struggling, then you should just keep on being uncomfortable and you should keep on struggling because it’s how you grow, it’s how you improve.

It’s most commonly offered during external discomfort, when you’re starting a new business or learning a new skill or involved in a new relationship, a conflict with other humans. In other words, it is most often offered in order to maintain your conditioning, to continue to believe the stories in your mind, your wants and desires and push through the struggle, push through the discomfort to get what you think you want or desire.

I use this cliché for the opposite reason as you can probably assume, given my counterintuitive philosophies and methodologies. Rather than stepping into the external discomfort of banging your head against the wall of reality, trying to resist what is the truth of what’s happening, I offer that you step into the discomfort by learning to detach yourself from all the beliefs, prejudices, evaluations, criticisms, expectations, conditioning, stories of labels that you’ve come to identify with.

This is an incredibly uncomfortable phase of self-discovery. Now, most humans have settled into a heavily conditioned life, in fact, the conditioning is so prevalent and accepted in our human culture that we don’t even recognize it as a condition structure.

[0:09:37.5] When we do recognize it as a condition structure, if we do recognize it as a condition structure then it appears to be an insurmountable obstacle or an impassable chasm. For example, the need for resources and the structure of the work day. Brother, these are conditioned elements of human society. The nine to five jobs, that’s a conditioned element of our human society.

Worse than that, the conditioning that you need to work 16 hours a day in order to get ahead. That’s what’s happening now. What about 20 hours? Why do we even sleep? Why don’t we just work 24 hours straight just so we can get ahead?

It’s all conditioning. If I told you that you could work less and create more resources, you’d probably laugh at me at first, right? You probably laugh and say, “Hahaha, you’re insane” Then you’d ask, “How?” When I told you how, if I’m going to tell you how, even when I support that path, even if I support that with evidence and testimonials, for anecdotally for myself and empirically for my students, the chances that you’d experiment with that path for yourself are low.

Why are they low? Because of fear. It’s fear brother, the fear of detaching from everything you’ve been conditioned to believe is true. The fear of stepping out of the lies your mind is telling you and into the truth that exists within you.

[0:10:50.4] This my friend is the real discomfort that will lead you not just to growth, but to enlightenment. To inner truth, to your alpha state. We begin, first with awareness of conditioning and then with a detachment from it. Now, let me quickly add that I am not judging the lifestyle of any human being. I’m not judging your buffering, I’m not judging your addiction, I’m not judging your suffering.

I’m not saying that everybody should follow my methodology. I’m simply saying that if you are suffering, I’m offering you a path out of suffering. I’m offering you a path of self-discovery. You are my brothers, you are my family, you are my audience, I don’t believe that you would be listening to this podcast if you weren’t seeking the truth.

The path of self-discovery is not for everyone. In the future we may become a species that lives in freedom and harmony with each other by living in peace and alignment with ourselves. Until then, I offer you the words of the master. Many are called but few are chosen. 

Now, of course you brothers have heard me quote from the master, you’ve heard me quote from the New Testament, the Old Testament, the Upanishads, the Quran, you’ve heard me quote Buddha, you’ve heard me quote from many religious texts.

[0:11:59.1] Recognize brothers, it’s not about religion, the path of enlightenment is within you, it’s to find yourself within you. The alpha male is a spiritual man. Not necessarily a religious man and every religion has truth and every religion contains lie. Your truth lives within you, not outside of you. 

Now, if you remember from last week, the mind is an oculus, it is an eye that looks and doesn’t see. It looks in two directions due to the duality of human existence and the differentiation of the human being.

Now, imagine to be a tunnel, we went through this last week when we talked about awareness. The mind is a tunnel and it’s travelling back and forth between the tunnel. That’s the messenger, that messenger is an unconscious impersonal messenger.

That is the mind, it is the perception, it is how we perceive either the truth of who we are, which is the alpha state or the lies of the not self which is the beta condition. The mind itself has no power, it is a machine, it is impersonal, mechanized. It is what the mind carries that has the power which is either the truth or the lies. 

[0:13:06.5] Imagine this tunnel, on one side of the tunnel is the realm of vibration and sound, the realm of pure energy. On the other side of the tunnel is the realm of matter and density. The physical world that we know in form. Each one of us has a personal tunnel, however, the tunnel is not the thing itself.

The oculus and the messenger that moves through the tunnel between the realm of vibration and the realm of matter, that is the mind. The tunnel is only the path of the mind. The boundary of it as we exist in this differentiated state, in the realm of vibration, we have a personal spirit connected to the source of all things. This is the alpha state, it’s the true self, it’s the mechanical energy.

It is immutable, unchangeable, in the realm of matter, we have a physical form that is personally ours, it is the body and the body is in constant change. The cells of our body are constantly dividing and dying. The truth is that every seven years, we have a completely new physical form at the cellular level.

Every seven years, we have a completely new set of cells. Now, there is this tunnel in which the mind exists, that is looking and relaying messages between the true self and the vehicle, which is the human body. These messages of information travel on beams of light, on pure energy.

[0:14:19.2] When the tunnel is clear, the light passes effortlessly and totally in both directions. From the true self to the vehicle, in order to express our nature and purpose and from the world to the true self, in order for us to learn and become wise about others, this world and our existence in human form.

When the tunnel is clear, the mind lives in a state of enlightenment. Pure light emanating form the true self through the body into the world and from the love of the world, into the body and back to the true self. This is why it’s called enlightenment. We are of the light, there’s pure light passing in both directions.

Now, bear with me brothers. I am getting to detachment; I know we’re about 15 minutes in but I’m getting there. Because you see, over time, this tunnel that the mind uses to travel back and forth gets clogged up, it gets filled with what I call conditioning.

You can call it whatever you want, you can call it judgments, discernments, labels, evaluations, expectations, condemnations, prejudices, approvals, beliefs, stories, convictions and so on, it doesn’t matter. It comes from memory.

It comes from a lifetime of being told who we are, of being told who we’re not, of being told who we should be and of being told who we can’t be. It comes from our parents, our teachers, your friends, our religions, our governments, the education system, the environment and everything that makes a society itself. Imagine this tunnel, now full of conditioning and full of debris, full of rocks, garbage, trash, sediment. 

[0:15:45.7] Imagine a tunnel that you drive through that’s been cut through a mountain and on one side is the realm of vibration while on the other side is the realm of density and you are the mind travelling through this tunnel from one side to the other in order to bring a message from one realm to the other and then one day, there is some large boulders in the road blocking your movement and I know there’s this conditioning that’s beginning to build up but it’s not a problem, right? 

I mean, it’s no problem. You just get out of your car and you go about to do your message delivery. You take your messages on foot rather than driving through and then another few years passed and now you’re a kid, you’re a child and now the boulders are still there but now they’re even more rocks piling up. They are smaller rocks and garbage and sediment filling the cracks and the boulders but it’s okay. 

It’s still not to worry, I mean, you just climb over the debris. You can deliver the message back and forth and then another few years past and now you’re in your adolescence, you’re getting into your teenage years and over time, the tunnel gets more and more difficult to pass through. Sand begins to fill the cracks and you have to squeeze through the tiny passages to deliver your messages back and forth from the world to your true self and from the true self to the vehicle, to your body. 

Then a couple more years pass and now you’re getting into adulthood and one day, all of a sudden the tunnel caves in and fills with darkness not even light can pass through the barrier in the tunnel and all of a sudden, you are trapped. You as the messenger, as the mind you’re trapped. Now because you are pure energy, pure light, you are trapped on both ends of the tunnel. 

[0:17:13.2] On the side that contains your true self, your alpha state, your mechanical energy and the realm of vibration, you are trying to get the message to the realm of matter. You are trying to get the message to your vehicle, to your body so that you can express your true nature, you can express your love, your purpose, your uniqueness, your freedom. This is the true self that is bursting from within you wanting to be free and express itself. 

On the side that contains the world and your body, there is a longing for the truth. A feeling of disconnection and detachment from your love and purpose. Every so often, a tiny amount of truth breaks through the cave in and you get a glimpse of that inner truth. This experience is fleeting however and generally ends in despair because it can’t be maintained and what is happening on the other side of the tunnel? 

What is happening on the other side of the cave in, the side that contains your body, the world and the realm of matter? Well, you just keep bouncing off the cave in and bringing that message back into the world through your body. Remember, the cave in a metaphor for the conditioning. All the debris that is blocking the tunnel is a metaphor for the conditioning that is not you. You are going into the tunnel looking at the cave in and all the debris and all the garbage. 

All the trash and the refuge and then you’re bring that back as a message to the body and the world. It is not your true self. Again, it is just the rock, sediment, trash, it’s just the conditioning but your mind doesn’t know that. Your mind is impersonal and it is generally unconscious. It just goes into the tunnel, looks and reports back. It looks at the debris. With a clear tunnel, it does the same. It looks at the alpha state and brings that back, your true self, your expression. 

[0:18:41.9] With a caved in tunnel, it reports back the cave in, which is a combination of fear, anxiety and security and disconnection due to the lack of self-knowledge but it is also all of the junk that it looked at in the form of conditioning. It is all the not self-memories and stories that’s built up over your lifetime. 

Now brothers, the first step is awareness. The first step is to just see the cave in, just look at it. Right now, most humans don’t even know that they’re looking at a cave in. They think what they’re looking at is themselves, at their identity, which is really only their not self-conditioning. The first step is to wake up and become aware that who you think you are is not who you truly are. Who you think you are is all the garbage blocking the tunnel. 

Who you truly are is on the other side of the cave in and once you’re aware of this and if you have questions about that, about how to gain awareness then go back to last week’s podcast but once you become aware of this, once you become fully aware of all your condition, all of your prejudices, evaluations, judgments, discernments, expectations, education, combination of criticisms and so on then and only then can you begin the process of detachment. 

This is where you begin to detach from the conditioning. This is where you start to clean up the tunnel. You start to clean up the mess, you start to clean out the cave in and look brother, whether do you go to work with a spoon or a bulldozer, it doesn’t matter. Just start getting rid of the trash, start getting rid of the debris, the sand and the rocks because once you begin the process, the light will start to pass through the cracks. 

[0:20:15.3] You will initiate the emancipation of the truth. You will activate the elevation of your alpha state. As I mentioned earlier in this episode, this is a very uncomfortable phase of the journey. Think about it brother, just think about it. Awareness is just seeing, just looking. Detachment requires effort and I’ve used two analogies and I’ll use another. I’ll add some science to a third. 

In the first analogy, you are cleaning out a tunnel cave in. It doesn’t matter if you are using a spoon, a pickaxe or a bulldozer, you have to get in there and do the work. You’re not just looking at it anymore, you are not just seeing the cave in. You are not just doing thought downloads and looking at all the thoughts, you are getting your hands dirty. You are beginning to detach from this thoughts. 

You are beginning to know that these thoughts are not true. You are beginning to know that these thoughts are just stories coming from your past, coming from your memory. It takes work. 

In the second analogy, you are cleaning up the rooms and closets in your house. Do you remember that from last week? That analogy of all the rooms in the house. Awareness was just seeing. It was slowly turning on the lights in the house and in the rooms and in the closets and it can take time just to see the mess and a lot of humans simply want to turn off the lights. You know, they look at the mess and they say, “No, I don’t want to deal with this. I’m going to turn off the lights and go unconscious. I’m going to go back to my suffering or buffering or both.” 

[0:21:34.1] For those of you that move onto detachment, you have to get into those rooms and you have to start cleaning them up, go through the trash and rotten food left on the floor for years. It’s molding and it’s rotting and it smells and it’s disgusting. You got to do that work, dust the horizontal surfaces and get the cobwebs out of the corners. Get rid of all the old clothes and shoes that are tattered up and don’t fit anymore. 

This is what you do with all your thoughts, all your stories, all your beliefs, all your judgments and so on. Brothers, detach from all of it. Don’t worry, we’re going to get into observation next week. We’re going to get into intentional thoughts next week but right now, just detach from all of it. You have to get into those rooms and do the work. Now again, you don’t have to, you could live in conditioning, you can turn the light back off but you’re going to live in suffering. 

You don’t have to, what I’m offering is that in order to detach, it takes effort. Now, the science of this and the reason why it takes effort and the reason why it is so uncomfortable is that you’re working to rewire your brain. You are literally working against your brain. You spend a lifetime collecting these judgments and stories and beliefs and you’ve hardwired them into your neural net, the neural network of your brain. 

Furthermore, you have the amygdala to deal with. You have the hippocampus, you have the cerebellum, you have prefrontal cortex working to create and maintain your memories. The amygdala is involved in fear and fear memories. The hippocampus is associated with the claritive and episodic memory as well as recognition memory. All of these parts of the brain are engaged with your neural network to wire your beliefs, your stories and the totality of your conditioning.

[0:23:08.6] You are literally brother, literally working against yourself, your own brain to detach from what you believe is true about yourself and the world. This requires heaps of effort and loads of discomfort. Okay brothers, so how do you do this, right? That’s got to be your question right now. The question has got to be, “Okay, so how? How coach?” Look, I will do an entire episode on the question of how, on the question of behavior and doing and so on. 

For this episode, I would just want to offer you a couple of tools to begin your process of detachment and I will say this my friend, when you reach this stage in your self-discovery journey, it is best to have a guide. You don’t necessarily have to enroll in the academy. I don’t need to be your guide but I suggest that you get a guide. Awareness can be done without a guide and I have offered you a couple of tools to begin your process of awareness. 

Once you begin to detach, I want to offer that you find a guide to walk with you on your path of self-knowledge. The guide is not to tell you what to do. No true guide will ever tell you what to do. That’s for the conditioning. That’s for those out there who think that they’re the authorities and over your life. A guide is not an authority, a guide is there for guidance only and the reason I suggest you enlist the help of a guide is due to the effort and discomfort at the stage of the journey. 

It can be very easy to simply give up and go back to suffering. Additionally, there are tools for detachment that can only be used with a guide. The tools I’m going to offer you are tools you can do on your own however, the most effective tools are the ones I use with my students in relationship. 

[0:24:42.9] Okay, so here are a couple of tools that you can use on your own. First, I offer them universal truth. I offer you the model of alignment and I am not going to repeat the universal truth and the model of alignment here on this podcast episode mostly for the sake of time. If you have questions about this tool, go back and listen to the first 10 podcast episodes. That was three years ago, I talked about the universal truth over and over again. 

The model of alignment over and over again. I introduce and explain the universal truth in each component of the model of alignment including how to use it to separate your thoughts from the facts and reveal to yourself how your thinking is creating your results through confirmation bias. The reason this works for detachment is because it takes the thought download to the next level and exposes the belief for what it really is. It’s a program, it’s a choice and it’s a prevarication. 

The second tool I want to offer is something we do in the academy. It’s something we do in the academy in October actually and the 1.0 students have been engaged with this process all month. Once you have your thought download complete, look at each thought and ask yourself three questions about it. Number one, is this thought serving me? Number two, do I really want this thought? Number three, is this thought current or outdated? 

These three questions when you are being honest with yourself will help you detach from every thought, belief and story you currently tell yourself. I offer that you say goodbye brother to each thought, recognizing that it has no power over you. It’s power is only the power you give it when you believe it. There is no thought that is truly yours so say goodbye to all of them. 

[0:26:16.0] The final tool that I’m going to give you on this episode before moving on to 103 observation next week is the four questions of the work developed by Byron Cade. Once again, take a look at your thought download and with each thought, ask yourself four questions. Number one, is it true? Number two, can I absolutely know that it is true? Number three, how do I react when I believe this thought? Number four, what would I be without this thoughts? 

Now, the first two questions are redundant and aimed at separating thoughts from facts. Is it true, can I absolutely know that it’s true? It’s really designed to get you to know that what you’re thinking isn’t a fact. The third question is for you to see the effect the thought has on you when you give it the power of belief and this is similar to using the model of alignment. 

The final question will bring you deeper into discovering who you truly are because who you are is what remains when all the conditioning is removed. Before I close up here brothers, I want to remind you that your mind is the most powerful tool you have. It is the gift, it is the gift given by the universe for you to create from, for you to inspire from, for you to motivate from, for you to express yourself from. 

The mind is so, so powerful and it is so, so beautiful but it is so heavily conditioned and it is the cause of so much suffering when we don’t understand its power and its function. Make sure you understand the power the mind has because to begin this journey, you are literally engaging yourself with that power of that function. You are engaging yourself with the universal power, the power of the mind. 

[0:27:51.0] All right my friends, that is 102 Detachment. It is the second phase of the 1.0 cognitive mastery program that all new students enroll and when they join the academy and begin their journey of self-discovery. Remember, homogenization is a lie. It is the condensing and the diminishing of the human spirit. Your alpha state, your mechanical energy, your true self is unique. It is like nothing else and no one else living today or has ever lived or ever will live, brother. 

That’s how unique you are. Remember the puzzle of life, you are a unique puzzle piece. There is going to be no other puzzle piece like you ever. Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second, it is violently opposed and third, it is accepted as being self-evident” and this is not only true on the collective scale like when Galileo discovered the earth wasn’t the center of the universe. 

You guys know that Galileo was the one that said, “Hey look, we are not living in a geocentric universe. The earth is not the center of the universe.” At first, Galileo was ridiculed. He was called a crazy man with crazy ideas. Then he was violently opposed. The Catholic Church considered him a heretic, they charged him and they imprisoned him and of course, now we all know that the earth is not the center of the universe. 

It is common sense and it is self-evident. Now, as I said this is not just true on the collective scale. This is also true on an individual scale my brother. When you discover your inner truth, first you will be ridiculed. You’ll be told that you’re crazy, you’ll be told that you’re foolish. You’ll be told that you’re going against what everybody knows is true and what everybody thinks is important. 

[0:29:29.1] Next, you will be violently opposed. It’s possible that you will lose friends, you lose your identity, lose your job, lose your family. It’s possible, it doesn’t necessarily happen but it’s definitely possible. You can become violently opposed when you all of a sudden the stories that other people tell themselves about you begin to change. 

Finally, you’ll be accepted as the visionary, as the wise man who forged his own path. Steve Jobs is an example of that and all of those people who ridiculed you and opposed you will come to see the truth of who you are and they will want to come back into your life because they’ll know that, “Oh, he was just expressing his inner truth” and you know what? If they don’t come back to you, it won’t matter brother because you will be free. You will be enlightened. 

All right brothers, next week I am going to disclose to you the final phase of the 1.0 cognitive mastery program, which is 103 Observation. This is where you begin to observe the mind in movement once the tunnel is clear and pure light is passing between the realm of vibration and the realm of matter, between your true self and the world of form. 

Until then my brothers, elevate your alpha. 


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