Today I quickly recap the universal truth of cause and effect. Everything that happens to or for you are just circumstances and they are neutral and out of your control. While circumstances do not create our thoughts or beliefs, they trigger memories and stimulate whatever we already believe. You have full control over your thoughts and can, therefore, choose what you think about the circumstances. 

When you subject your thoughts to other people’s opinions and dwell on the past, you are operating from your beta condition. Thoughts create beliefs, and beliefs create emotions, so when you think negative things, guess what happens? Emotions create feelings and it is feelings, not circumstances, that ultimately determine your experience. Feelings are what drive our actions, which, in turn, determine our results. The point is this: your thoughts determine your results. 

Now, in getting to the meat of the episode, there are two main things to note. Everything in life is an effect, and all effects have a cause. Everything you see, touch, hear, taste, and smell is an effect that has an invisible cause – nothing appears or manifests out of nothing. Our thoughts and the collective thoughts of people are the cause that determines the effects we see in our physical world. Your thoughts thus determine what you create and attract. 

When it comes to manifestation, we think both of the what – that which manifests – and the how, the way in which we experience that which is manifested. In this episode, I focus on the latter, uncovering how your feelings determine how you will experience your results. When you hold thoughts of prosperity and health, for example, this is what you will manifest. But how do you feel as you think about what you want? Do you focus on the how and panic about what might happen if you lose it, or are you at peace in the knowledge that your thoughts and feelings are already busy manifesting the thing you want? So, even if you manifest the what, the how – your experience of the manifestation – can still trip you up.  That’s why it is so important to contemplate your intentions from a feeling of peace. 

Guys, this stuff changes your life. Be sure to tune in to learn exactly how. 

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What circumstances are in the context of the universal truth. 
  • The importance of taking control of your thoughts. 
  • The function of emotions and how they create experiences.  
  • How feelings lead to actions, which lead to results.
  • The truth that everything effect around you has an invisible cause.  
  • Why the how – not only the what – matters when it comes to manifestation. 

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud. 


[00:00:32] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and I’m going to get right into it. I’m going to start by reminding you of the universal truth and I know it’s been a while since I’ve really gone into the universal truth with you guys. For some of you, this may be a needed review, and for others it might bring to light even more of the truth, so here we go. The universal truth is an explanation of the law of cause and effect, and the model of alignment which is a tool that I use with my students is the framework for which we observe this natural law, the natural law of cause and effect. 

The universal truth begins with circumstance. These are the events of the present and the past. Everything that is happening around you and for you now and everything that has happened around you and for you in the past is all circumstance, brother. You can consider circumstances to be situations, events, other people’s movements, other people’s actions, other people’s behaviors. Words that you hear are circumstances. Sense that you smell, things you taste, and everything you touch or touches you. These are all circumstances. 

Essentially, circumstances are defined by the raw cellular, molecular, and atomic data that humans intake through their five senses. They are out of our control. It’s number one. They’re out of our control. Number two, they’re neutral. They’re not right, wrong, good, bad, positive, negative, and they’re things that all people would agree to, given that all the people that are agreeing to them are there present to intake that raw data. 

So circumstances do not create our thoughts or beliefs. They do however trigger memories and stimulate that which you already believe. So our thoughts are our own, and we can always choose what we think about the circumstances, what we make the circumstances mean that are being presented to us and for us. This is called free will, volition. This is called choice. This is our power. 

No one can tell us what to think, although we do have the choice to abdicate our thoughts to other people’s opinions. Critical thinking and determining the beliefs that serve your individual and greatest life is the foundation of cognitive mastery and the realm of the alpha state. Abdicating your beliefs to group thinking other people’s opinions or being past-focused is the conditioning of the beta. Either way, my friend, you are always choosing your own path. 

Now, our thoughts are sentences in the brain. That when they become strong enough, just like muscles that get stronger. They get stronger. They get bigger. They get more contractile potentials. When our thoughts do this, they turn into our beliefs, and our beliefs create our emotions. Emotions are chemical messengers sent to the body for four purposes. First, they are giving you insight into what your brain is telling you. That’s number one. Second, to provide you with an experience. Human life is an emotional experience, my friend. The subjective goodness and badness of your individual life has nothing to do with what is happening outside of you and everything to do with the chemical reaction occurring in the cells of your body. 

Now, we call these chemical reactions feelings. Your feelings determine your experience, not what is happening outside of you. So that’s number two. Number three, the emotion aims to drive an action, which I’ll return to later in the description of the universal truth. I think you guys have heard this before. You know that. Number four, the chemical reaction that occurs in the cells creates a vibration of energy which is released into the realm of form which is actually the basis of this podcast episode. So I’m going to talk more about that as well. 

You have a message from your brain. That’s number one. You have an experience in the moment. That’s number two. This is what emotions do. Number three, you have a drive to act. Number four, you have a continuation of creation that began with choice or thought and will be returned to you in likeness. 

Now, it’s the feeling that drives our action. I’m going through the universal truth here. It’s the feelings that drive our actions. We are not robots, brother. We are not acting mechanically in movement with no cause. We act due to the feelings we feel, the vibration of cellular energy. Your actions are the effect of your feelings which is observed and proven with the model of alignment. No human who feels scarcity can demonstrate abundance, and no human who feels abundant will demonstrate lack. If you feel agitation, you cannot act through peace. You can demonstrate resignation and call it peace, but it is never going to be peace. Your actions are determined by your feelings. This is the universal truth. 

Now, the consequence of action is result. When we act upon the world, the world acts upon us. This is also a natural law. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The results of our life are due to the actions that we take or don’t take. Your results are the life you have created through thought and will provide evidence. Always provide evidence for the thoughts that created them. This concludes the universal truth. 

Now, having reminded you all of the universal truth which is how we understand the law of cause and effect, remember the natural law of cause and effect is the law. The universal truth is a description of that law. I’m going to proceed with the content of this podcast episode, and there’s going to be two things I want to talk about in this episode. 

Fist, that everything in the world is an effect, which is to say all circumstances, actions and results are effects. Second, that all effects are created from the cause, which is the thought creating the what of creation of the effect and the feeling which creates the how of creation or the effect. So let’s start with number one. First of all, brother, everything around you, everything, everything you see, touch, taste, smell, and hear is a visible or existential effect created from an invisible cause. We live in a visible universe of effect. There is no cause that we can see, none. This is true of all things. Consider the object of matter and density all around you. What is it that holds these things together in form? Strong and weak nuclear forces, which are invisible to us, right? Now, what holds them in place? What holds these objects of matter in place, in their position? Gravity, another invisible force based on mass and distance. 

We believe in the force so much as we understand it. Yet no one is going to deny it. Even if you did deny the invisible force of gravity, it doesn’t stop gravity from acting upon you and for you. Your belief in it does not determine its immutable laws, which is to say you won’t float away if you stop believing in gravity. If you just say gravity doesn’t exist, you’re not going to float away. If you don’t believe in strong and weak nuclear forces or even if you’ve never heard of them, if you’ve never been educated about these forces, it doesn’t stop matter from appearing in its solid, liquid, and gaseous forms. Not knowing, not understanding, or not believing in the invisible cause of things never stops or prevents any law from acting and creating the effect of the law. 

The universal truth is how we understand in so much as we can at this time the law of cause and effect. Your actions your words, other people’s actions, other people’s words, the results of your actions determining your life, the results of other people’s actions determining their lives, and all the neutral circumstances of the world like the weather, like time, like currency in general, just to name a few, are all effects. 

Check this out. When other people act, whether they act in movement or in sound, whether they do something or say something, it is an effect of their cogni-emotive state. It is from the cause of how they think or what they believe and how they feel. Other people’s actions are not the cause itself, and we would improve our relationships if we could remember this truth when we are relating to other humans. There is no cause in the world of form. We are surrounded by a world of effect. We are surrounded by the effect of our thinking in our life, and the world is made up of the effect of the thinking of the species as a whole. 

When there is harmony in a place in the world, it is because there is harmony in the thoughts of the humans that inhabit that place. Thoughts, the cause, create the result which is the effect. This result will reinforce the thoughts that created them, and there will be more harmony. This is equally true of confusion and violence. When there is confusion in your mind, there will be an effect of confusion in your life. When there is a community, a nation, or a world that is made up of humans who have confusion in their minds, that community, nation, or world will manifest confusion in form. That is the law. 

Remember, you don’t see the world the way it is. You only see the world the way you are. When your mind is contemplating confusion, you will see confusion. You will live in a world of confusion and you will attract confusion to you. When your mind is at peace, you will see peace, you will live in a world of peace, and you will attract peace to you. The world is equally neutral, as it is subjective. The world of density and matter, form and effect is only what you choose it to be. You have the power to choose your thoughts and beliefs, and this will determine what you create and attract. This is the power of cognitive mastery and the purpose of it. There can be no greater endeavor in life than to know yourself. Through this self-discovery, you will manifest your individual environment spontaneously by expanding consciousness, creativeness, contribution, and self-givingness. Once you know and understand the universal truth insofar as we are consciously capable. 

Understand, brother, that the law of cause and effect is still a law that is outside of our full ability to grasp it consciously. But once you understand it as much as you can, the next step is to apply it once you know. I mean really, really know that all things are created from thought that your individual life, the life all around you is manifestation of your thought and beliefs and that the world is a manifestation of the thoughts and beliefs of the species, the human species. Then you can begin to harness and utilize this power but you got to know, my brother. You got to know the same way you know your name, the same way you know that the sun rises in the east, the same way you know that water is wet. You have to know that all things visible come from that which is invisible. All form comes from mind, and this is in no way religious or superstitious. 

I want you to consider electricity. Electricity is all around us. It’s an electromagnetic field. It powers our radios, TVs, telephones. It’s invisible. In primordial times, it was both religious and superstitious, right? Lightning from the sky was the anger of the gods. This was only insofar as it was visible. However, even before the development of written spoken language, electricity was here for us to discover. The electromagnetic field has always been here, always been here long before humans could speak to each other, long before humans were writing, chiseling things into walls and stone tablets. Once we discovered it and understood through its own natural law, humans have been able to utilize this power as they see fit for both construction and destruction, depending on their own choosing, depending on their choice of thoughts. 

We use the law of electricity in a lighter room, we use the law of electricity to keep our food cold, we use the law of electricity to transport things around the world, and we also use the law of electricity to snuff out life. We have come to understand this law so well that we have access to it in nearly every region of the world at the flip of a switch. What was once superstitious and religious is now a common facet of the human experience. In time, so will the law of cause and effect, as we dive more deeply into understanding it through the universal truth. So first, practice knowing everything around you is an effect of your thinking. Second, begin training the skill of cognitive mastery. He who aims to master his mind becomes one with his alpha state and demonstrates himself in form as an alpha male. 

Now, how do we apply this law? Unfortunately, there is too much training to go into here on a single podcast episode, and this is why I created the Alpha Male Academy, right? This is why I created the Spartan Academy, all the courses I offer. I have a new program coming out that I am very excited to contribute called the Alpha Male Training Corps. However vast and varied applying the law to your life may be, I want to move on to the second half of this podcast episode which is to give you the what and the how of manifestation. 

I’m going to give you something on this episode, guys. Really pay attention here because understand me when I say that the how that I’m talking about is not the process but it’s the way in which manifestation is experienced. You see there is the what that you manifest, right, and this is your thought. But there’s also the how you are going to experience your manifestation. This is your feeling. 

Now, I’ve released several podcast episodes on the former. I’ve released several podcast episodes on using your mind, on focusing your mind and your attention. Even in this episode, I’ve re-explained the universal truth. So you know your thoughts are the cause of the results, right? You know your thoughts are the cause of every effect in your life. So I want to spend some time with the concept of how your feelings will determine the way in which you experience your results. Remember, feelings do four things. They are messages from your brain, they are an experience in the moment, they are a drive to action or inaction, and they are a continuation of creation that began with choice, began with your thought and will be returned to you in likeness. This is the final piece that explains the how of what you will create. 

If you hold in your mind things in thought – I’m going to give you some examples. Here’s a thought. Money is constantly flowing to me or the partner I am seeking is out there seeking me, and we are destined to be with each other in this life. Or I am a complete healthy perfect being. If you’re holding these things in thought, then this is what you will manifest, and I’m going to repeat this. This is in no way religious or superstitious, my brother. This is a natural law that works upon you and for you, regardless of your belief in it, right? Just like gravity, just like electricity, they’re going to work. The laws are there. Electromagnetic field is there. You don’t have to believe in it. It’s there. Whatever you contemplate in thought is what you will manifest in form. 

The mind is one. There is no separation between conscious and subconscious. However, we talk about them differently, right? We talk about the conscious mind directing your subconscious mind, and it is through the thoughts and beliefs we hold most often that we manifest and attract to us in the realm of what is visible. The more you think intentional thoughts consciously, the more they will settle into your subconscious mind and become automatic and habitual and have a higher potential to become visible. The thought is the what of manifestation. That is what you want to create. But the feeling that you have when you think the thought is how it will manifest for you, both in vibration and an experience. 

So I’m going to give you an example because I know this may be a little esoteric. It might be a little confusing. I want to give you an example. We’ll use one of these thoughts. Money is constantly flowing to me, right? I said that earlier as an example, and that’s a wonderful thought to believe. I love that thought. In this world of abundance, how could this thought not be true, right? How could it not be true that there’s so much? I mean, money is abundant, and it’s constantly flowing to you, the same way you breathe air in and exhale air out of your lungs when you breathe, take a breath. Money comes to you as you earn it, and it goes from you as you spend it. It is exactly like the breath, my friend. 

Now, if you feel anxiety when you think that thought, money is constantly flowing to me, or if you put yourself into a struggle to believe it, then you will manifest it through anxiety and struggle. Money may be constantly flowing to you, right? You will get that form. You will manifest that form, and it will do so in the form of struggle. You’re going to struggle to earn money. You will manifest your intentions through adversity and strife, as this is what you felt when you released your intention from the realm of vibration into the realm of density.

Let’s do another thought, right? Consider the other thought that the partner and whatever partner, right? You could say wife, girlfriend. It doesn’t matter, but whatever partner I’m seeking is seeking me, and we have found what we seek. I think this is another beautiful belief. I think this is another wonderful thought for you to practice if you’re looking for that partner in your life because it’s stated in a completed form, right? To continue to seek what you have found is the definition of gratitude. I am grateful to have what I want and I continue to want it from a position of having. This is gratitude and abundance, as opposed to wanting from a place of lack. 

Now, what you feel when you think this thought will determine how this manifestation occurs for you. So think this thought and just use it. Maybe you have a beautiful partner, a beautiful wife, like an amazing girlfriend, whatever it is. But the partner I am seeking is seeking me, and we have found what we seek. Think that thought. How does it feel when you think it? Do you feel conflicted? Do you feel confused? 

If so, the manifestation of your intention will be in a conflicted and confusing way. I can give personal testimony to this, my friend, because it’s happened to me so many times. This is something that I’ve manifested many, many times in my life. Always when it becomes, when she is there with me in front of me, I feel this confliction and confusion. As long as you believe the thought, brother, it will be given to you. It’s not the thought. The thought is what you go out there as long as you believe it, right? As long as you hold it and you practice it, it becomes a part of what you’re putting into that world of form. It’s going to happen. But how do you feel when you’re doing it? 

If you are focused on the how do I get her, what do I do, what’s the best way, I don’t want to make a mistake, I got to do it right, and I’m telling you all of this conflict and confusion will be your experience when she arrives in your life. This is true of money as well. So many of my students and I think it’s likely true of you in the audience. I mean, it might be but maybe it’s not. I mean, it’s probably true of you. That’s so focused on the how, right? Are you focused on the how? Are you focused on – If you were thinking, “I’m going to create a million dollars this year,” does your brain immediately go to how that’s going to happen? It’s so common. So many people are focused on the how in the world of form. You’re too focused on the actions. You’re too focused on the effect. 

The process through which you achieve your intention is the effect. It’s not the cause. It doesn’t matter how. Just know that you are doing it through your thoughts and feelings. You still need to take action. I’m not saying you can’t take action. You can’t just not do anything and expect these million dollars to arrive. You must take action, but the action is the effect of the way you’re thinking and feeling. If you’re wanting to attract more wealth into your life and you believe that you will in your mind, however you are so distracted with the way in which you’re going to do it, right? If you’re so distracted by the how and don’t know what that way is, then that’s confusing. That’s conflicting. Then you will be met with that same conflict and confusion in manifestation because this is the effect of your thinking and feeling. 

Now, brother, the reason why I’m saying this reason, I’m giving you this is because it’s so important, right? It’s so important in the impossible goal. In the academy, we are – All of us, myself included, we’re all looking at 2021 and we’re aiming for the impossible goal which is bringing our vision of what is invisible, bringing our intention to the realm of visibility. I want to offer you that you contemplate your intentions from a feeling of peace in knowing that what you ask for will be received with effortless massive action, and your massive action will feel effortless. If you tell yourself that you will have struggled to obtain your dreams, then you will struggle to obtain your dreams. I mean, it makes total sense. 

If you say, “I’m ready to start my new business and I know it’s going to take a lot of hard work, I’m going to have to grind it out and make it work,” then guess what’s going to happen. I mean, you don’t have to take more than one guess because what’s going to happen is you’re going to struggle and you’re going to grind. 

First, my friend, learn the law, and you have learned the law. You know the law. If you’re still listening to this podcast, you probably heard the law several times. I mean, this is like the 120th podcast episode. You probably heard me say it 120 times. The law of cause and effect is explained through the universal truth. If you don’t yet understand the universal truth, go back to the very beginning. Go back to the beginning of the podcast. I explained the universal truth in one of the very first episodes and then I talked about each component of the universal truth as we understand it and observe it through the model of alignment. 

Second, understand and believe the law. You don’t need to understand how electricity works in order to believe that when you flip a switch, the light’s going to go on. However, those who came before us had to understand the law of electricity before they could know how to wire that switch to the bulb. We are at a time in our life. We’re at a time in human evolution, in human consciousness expansion where we must understand and then believe the law of cause and effect. 

Now, finally you got to apply the law. You got to practice the law. The more you practice this skill, the more effortless and automatic it will become, as effortless as flipping a switch to ignite a bulb which is the law of electricity. We don’t even think about it. It’s almost taken for granted, right? It’s automatic as placing an object on a table, knowing that it’s not going to float away which is the law of gravity, another law we take for granted. We know the law exists there but we’ve experienced it our entire lives. 

We know that Newton says you know what goes up must come down, right? We have mass times distance and we have gravity. We know this but we don’t pay attention to it in so much because we understand it, believe it, practice it, and it becomes so automatic for us to just move objects around. I’m going to put a couch in my living room and I’m expecting it not to float away. I’m expecting it not to move from my living room up into my ceiling. 

Now, here you go, brother. When you’re ready to learn, understand, and apply the law with guidance through an institution specifically designed to teach you how to use this law, then you can enroll in the academy by going to Make sure you put T-H-E, and clicking the Spartan Academy button at the top. Begin your cognitive mastery training today and live in your alpha state to become more of who you already are, this amazing powerful being that is literally creating the world of effect through your cause of thinking. When you do this, you demonstrate yourself as an alpha male. Until next week, my brothers. Elevate your alpha. 


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