Brothers, welcome to the final episode of the Alpha Male Coach Podcast in 2020. Now, I know that this year has been a ride for us all, but I wanted to put a different spin on things. I want to recap some of the great things we’ve covered and to tell you how I have evolved in the past 365 days.

I’m going to start off by saying a huge thank you to all those who listen to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, and an especially big thank you to those who have been with me since day one. We might have grown together, but you need to know that it’s all been you, man — you are 100% responsible for your growth and I won’t take any credit.

One of my biggest areas of growth this year has been keeping optimal health. And I did this by keeping fit and eating healthy, and that formed an alpha state of determination and fortitude in my mind. On top of that, to keep my mind healthy, I kept traveling this year, albeit not internationally, but to various states around the country, and you can bet that I’ll be pulling out my passport in ‘21.

I’ve also developed a huge amount of compassion this year, and I have so much of it for my brothers who willingly resign themselves to fear. And that is where my faith has come in too. I have needed to trust and believe in the completion of life and the illusion of death.

An area where I have excelled in particular is my relationships with women. I’ve had two 90-day-plus relationships that have reached an end and I’ve learned so much from them. In this episode, I share with you all of my best experiences with women this year.

This year was also an exceptional year for my business, and brothers let me tell you, creating financial success has been my mission, and through that, I have learned to become failure-proof. Let me leave you with this: fear is the only thing holding you back, and money-scarcity is a sickness, preventing you from creating an abundance of wealth.

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Kick things off with me by hearing what I am grateful for today.
  • Thank you, my brothers, my teachers, and my students for growing together with me.
  • Hear about how I had every reason to achieve optimum health, in spite of a pandemic.
  • I tell you about the successful and enriching relationships I was blessed to have this year.
  • Why I don’t fear the completion of life and why death is only an illusion.
  • How my mindset for business has evolved.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:32] KA: What’s up my brothers? Welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud and this is the last podcast episode of 2020. Happy Holidays to you. It’s actually Christmas Day. This podcast is being released on December 25th. So for those of you who celebrate Christmas. I want to say Merry Christmas to you and I want to open with two things.

First, a shoutout to my podcast editors, We Edit Podcasts. You can actually find these guys, These guys have done an amazing job for me this year. I want to tell you, they’re not paying me to say this, okay? I’m not sponsoring, I’m not sponsored by these guys. I’m just really, really grateful for the year that they’ve worked with me on this podcast, getting the edits done, getting the intros, the outros, getting the music. I mean, if you guys love listening to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast, then you got to understand that the quality of which you are hearing on all these episodes is coming from We Edit Podcasts and I really love these guys. They’re based out of Canada, they’ve worked with me, they’ve made some amazing – they’ve done just really amazing work this entire year. I’m really, really grateful for that, so I want to give them a shoutout first.

Second, I want to remind you that as a gift I have been offering since the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, you can go to the and buy any Alpha Male course for over 50% off the regular price. The regular price will return in the New Year. Now it’s already, like this is the last podcast episode of the year, so take advantage of developing indomitable self-confidence, living into your purpose, or eliminating buffering in 2021 while the discount is automatically applied to check out. 

Now, I wanted to let you know that the discount will be applied to check out. You won’t see the discount offered on the descriptions page. And after you click the “buy now” button, then you’ll see the change in price. Before you pay for anything, you’ll see the change in price. That is my gift to you guys during this 2020 holiday season. Don’t’ procrastinate any longer on registering for any one of these courses. And remember all Alpha Male courses, all three of them are available to tier one and tier two students in the academy. That’s just a bonus. If you want to take more than one course and get access to all of the other benefits of the academy, then you can enroll in the tier one or the tier two level of the Spartan Academy.

Okay. Let’s get into this episode guys. Let’s get started, because again, I’m really excited about this. Now, this episode is the last podcast episode of 2020. Two weeks ago, I told you guys I was going to recap my year and all the things that I’m grateful for and what I am bringing into 2021 with me. I’m actually going to really talk to you more about, we’re going to be looking back, we’re going to be talking about 2020 and all the things that I learned in this year. Some of them — it’s not that I learned them, it’s just that I was able to develop them even deeper.

I also want to remind you guys that we are in out third year of the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. Year three began in October. We started the third year in October. That has a lot of significance because if you’ve been with me from the beginning, if you’ve been with me since podcast episode number one, then I am certain that you’ve noticed a lot of growth in my life. I want to start right there, by thanking you, my brothers. I would not be where I am today without you. It’s true that even if I had zero listeners, and zero ratings and zero reviews, I would still be putting this podcast out there into the pod waves, whatever it is.

However, I know I wouldn’t be where I am if that were the case. I get emails from you guys every week. Most week, I receive multiple emails and all of them are some derivative of how much your life has changed for the better just by listening to the podcast. I mean, just by listening and absorbing this information. Now, of course, when you enroll in the academy, you can see that exponentially. You can see your life change exponentially. But the truth is, it’s you who are doing the work, and I love hearing how many of you are doing the work. I cannot and will not take credit for any changes that have occurred in your life. You are 100% responsible for everything that happens for you.

As you continue to do your work, I continue to do mine. While my growth is from my work and your growth is from your, we exist, we co-exist in a symbiotic relationship of teacher and student. I am your student as much as I am your teacher. What I’ve learned from all of you over the course of 2020, I am immensely and eternally grateful for. As I reflect back on this year, I remember so much amazingness that it would be difficult to say the least to go into detail in all the time that I have alive for this podcast. I mean, there’s just not enough time. I want to keep these things under 30 minutes. I know I go over 30 minutes from time to time, but I want to keep them around that 30-minute mark. 

But there are the facts, right? We know that the facts are circumstances, and then there is what I make the facts mean for me. I want you to know that I’m not bragging when I tell you how amazing this year has been for me. I generally don’t talk about myself on this podcast. There are a few episodes that give you some insight into my life. For the most part, I want to keep the focus on you and how I can help you help yourself to elevate your alpha and live the life you intentionally create from your dreams.

This podcast episode is about what I gained a deeper learning and development of and what the manifestation of the learning and the development has been for me. So we’re going to get started, and you know, I’m going to start with health. First of all guys, I aged another year as probably all of you did as well. But I maintained an optimum state of health. Living in California at the start of 2020 meant that I was going to a gym a really enjoy. I’ve always been a cross fan. I’ve been doing cross-fit since 2006 when I opened my own gym. I’ve always done cross-fit. I’ve done it on the daily. I work out seven days a week. 

The apartments I lived in also had a gym that I worked out at. They had all the [inaudible 00:06:56] and all the stuff. We had the dumbbells and so on. In March, that all changed. If you guys remember, gyms closed and my apartment shut down all of their amenities, including the gym. Now, I continue to eat healthy food according to my food protocol and my relationship with food and I started doing workouts at home. I’ll tell you these guys, you got to hear this. If human in the department of corrections can maintain a state of health, a state of physical readiness living in a small cell 23 out of 24 hours a day. Then I’m going to tell you that none of us really have an excuse not to stay fit just because gyms decide that they want to close their doors, right?

You got to stop the blame. It’s like, don’t blame the government, don’t blame the businesses. Just stop making the excuses and start doing some pushups. That’s really the way what would happen in 2020 for me. There was no gym, there was no amenities, there was none of that. So it was pushups time, right? It’s air squat time, it’s sit up time. Now, I will admit that my overall contractile potential may have diminished a bit because I didn’t have the resistance training. But that’s all due to my nomadic lifestyle. That was due to my choice of moving around.

If I had been in a single place, if I decided to stay somewhere for a long period of time, then I would have found some way to do resistance training. I would have gone out to a rock pile and I would have started lifting rocks if I had to. I mean, I would do what I had to. But I’ll tell you that the bodyweight exercises and clean eating are more than adequate to maintain a body fat percentage for me between 8% to 12% while still being well-muscled and capably fit.

What I learned and developed through this was determination and fortitude. I want you guys to understand that again, I’m just going deeper into understanding what determination means to really be, to really have and cultivate that fortitude. I know my health is my responsibility. It’s not the responsibility of anyone else. It’s not the responsibility of the gyms to stay open to keep me healthy. If they don’t want to stay open, they don’t have to, right? It’s not the responsibility of other people to keep me healthy. I’m going to tell you guys this. It’s certainly isn’t my responsibility to keep other people healthy. I won’t make it their responsibility to keep me healthy. 

They only person who is responsible for my health is me, and during 2020, I really had to up my determination and fortitude to remain physically fit. I had to do it in my room, in hotel rooms. I was working out outside in the cold. I would be running around in the cold. I would find things that I could use as medicine balls just to do med ball claims sometimes. I mean, it was a decision I made to stay determined, to maintain my optimum state of health. That’s number one. My health in 2020.

Number two, I continue to travel in 2020. You know, obviously I didn’t go overseas, but I was in California, Oregon, Arizona, Texas and Florida. Some of you listening may consider that a little cavalier considering the pandemic. But let me explain something else to you and this is true. I won’t let circumstances stop me from living my life. Yes, the pandemic is a circumstance. How you think about it is how you subjectify it in your mind. But the pandemic itself is a circumstance. Viruses come and go. Life is in a constant state of flux. Nothing will every remain the same. I do take the precautions that I deem sufficient to protect myself and others, and I will not capitulate to fear. Life and liberty are inseparable. You cannot extinguish one without extinguishing the other.

Now that other countries are opening back up. I can guarantee you; I will be pulling out my passport in 2021. I already have plans in the first of quarter of this year. Well, not this year. First quarter of 2021 to visit the Yucatán Peninsula and start scuba diving again. I have plans to go visit a buddy who live on the Island of Roatán. If you ever heard of Roatán, it’s a small island off the coast of Honduras. Travelling and experiencing this abundant planet is something that I love and I will continue to love for the rest of my life. I’ve been to all 50 states, brother and I’ve been to over 45 countries, and I’m still a very young man, living in a 41-year-old body. You could guarantee, I’m going to be visiting way more countries.

Now, what I learned and developed through this was compassion and faith. This is what I mean when I talk about the pandemic. Because I realized that there are humans out there living with hearts full of fear and are voluntarily suffering due to their thinking about this pandemic. The demonstration is clear. I am not afraid. I want you guys to know that I’m not afraid. I see no reason to fear a virus, I don’t fear the common cold, I don’t fear the flu and I don’t fear corona. I don’t fear the vid. I have no reason to fear a virus or the outcome of contracting it. Whether that’d be like an illness or whether that be death even. I neither wish for nor am I afraid of death. 

Given what I understand about viruses, most people aren’t going to die anyway. However, humans will die. It is the completion of life and form. It doesn’t mean that’s all there is my friend. It just means that’s the completion of this experience. The ego and the beta condition feared death because they are a part of this form, they are part of this life and they know their time is limited. The alpha state doesn’t fear death because death is an illusion. It is impossible. It never actually happens. We just transmute from one form to another. So I’ve grown deeply into compassion for the pain and suffering that other people are going through as they are attached to fear, form and illusion.

Even when you’re afraid of other people dying, that is still a fear. That is still a fear and attachment to form, attachment to an illusion. Because I love all humans, and love plus the knowledge of those you love are suffering, especially needlessly, this creates compassion. I have moved so much more deeply into compassion this year in 2020, and I’ve also developed so much more faith in the future. Because brothers, we don’t have enough information of the future to ever be pessimistic. We are always in faith, right? We’re always exercising some kind of faith. We are either faithful that all is and will be perfect. All is and will be amazing. All is and will be for us or we are putting our faith into believing that all is lost and we are doomed. Either way, we are practicing our faith in our own belief and I have developed a deep faith in knowing, and everything in the universe is happening for us.

As any student of history will tell you. Do you remember the story of the farmer and the villagers? For time’s sake, I’m going to make this super-duper quick. Because if you don’t remember, I think it’s important to remind you here. There was a farmer who let go of his horse. He said his horse is getting old, he just decided one day to let it go. Just one day, he’s like, “Go.”

The villagers came in and said, “What are you doing?” This was a bad choice. You’ve made a mistake. You have bad fortune. When the crops come in, you have no horse. You won’t be as prosperous as the rest of us. The farmer says, “Maybe. Maybe not.” The next day, the horse that he let go comes back and brings five horses along with him, five young, strong horses. Then the villagers come again and say, “What great fortune you have? Because now, your horse came back and you have all these young horses, you will be way more prosperous in the coming months as the crops come in. The farmer says, “Maybe. Maybe not.”

The next day, the farmer’s son goes out to tame one of the wild horses that the older horse had brough back and he’s thrown from the horse, breaks his leg. And the villagers once again come to the farmer and they say to the farmer, “What poor fortune? What bad fortune you have? Because now your son’s leg is broken, he won’t be able to help you when the harvest came in, you won’t be as prosperous and the farmer says, “Maybe. Maybe not.”

The next day, the government comes in and rounds up all the young abled bodied man to go to war, but they don’t take the farmer’s son because he has a broken leg. And the villagers come and they say, “What good fortune you have. The government took our sons off to war, but your son is here. When his leg heals and the harvest comes in, he’ll be able to help you. Our sons won’t be here. What amazing fortune you have?” and so on and so on. Because the farmer says, “Maybe. Maybe not.” Here’s the point. The point is that we don’t have enough information to be negative about what is happening because eventually, what is happening will be revealed to be happening for us, not and never to us.

Now, I’ve also experienced some really amazing relationships, right? I’ve talked to you guys about the health. I’ve talked to you guys about the travel. Now, I want to talk to you guys about the relationships that I’ve had with wonderful woman that have aided me in expanding my own consciousness and personal development. I’ve met some amazing guys. I’m going to talk about my Spartans later. I’m going to talk about my business later. But just the between me and the woman between me and that opposite sex, that amazing female energy that I just love so much in 2020, I started and completed two relationships that lasted over 90 days, that mid-term relationship.

But I’ve also have met several women who I just shared some time with more for a reason than a season. You may remember from listening to previous episodes that for me, for many years of my life, I lacked confidence outside of my circle of influence and authority. It was always easy for me to meet women in my gym because I was the king of that castle. I was in authority and that authority developed thought leading to confidence and effortless action around talking to and opening relationships with fun, intelligent, beautiful and fascinating women.

Upon leaving the castle, if you remember when I was outside of the gym, my mind changed. Then I felt small and I felt shy. All of these changed in 2017 when I started managing my mind and elevated my alpha state. And for three years, brothers, I’ve had no issues with approaching, talking to an opening relationship with women who I found interesting and arousing. Then 2020 shows up, right? Now, it’s 2020 and all the gyms, bars, clubs, café, libraries, malls and pretty much everywhere that has four walls and a ceiling decide to close their doors but I didn’t let it stop me. I won’t let it stop me. I can’t let it stop me. I love women. I don’t care what you call it. You could call it a female energy that I’m attracted to if you believe in that kind of thing. I just love flirting, I love touching, I love smiling and you know what, I love all the things that lead up to that and happened after that

I wasn’t going to stop talking to women. It just wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t going to stop meeting women, so I didn’t. What I learned and developed through this was creativity and acceptance. Check this out guys. You don’t need anything except yourself to meet any woman. I’m telling you this from a position of belief, and from a position of experience. You don’t need alcohol, you don’t need activity, you don’t need status, you don’t need cellular structure, whatever that means. I mean, you don’t have to look a certain way. All you need, you already have. You need confidence. You need confidence in yourself and you have that. It comes from within. You need to accept an allow her to be who she is and that comes from within as well, that you have that ability and you need the creativity to have fun because you are fun. Fun doesn’t come from outside of you. Fun doesn’t exist out in the world. It exists in your mind as a creative, spontaneous impulse to show up without fear of judgment and rejection.

Now look, I’m not going to say the things haven’t changed. Of course, things have changed. That is the nature of the universe. That’s the nature of the universe form. All things changed. All things are changing. The clouds in the sky are testament to this. They appear and disappear as they shift and move through the sky. I’m Oregon, so I see this happening all the time. Actually, the clouds the in the sky here just kind of stay there. They’re there all the time. I haven’t seen the sun for days because I just got to Oregon. I came from Florida. But as we experience time, we must experience change. Use this to your advantage, accept this as a reality of life and start getting creative with what the universe is giving you. I developed one of my shorter relationships with this really, really fun and stunning woman without saying a word. 

I’m going to tell you this story because it was so fun. I was outside about to take a call. I was outside getting ready to take a call with one of my students, and I was walking down this area, this sidewalk and she was walking towards me. And I started walking towards her on the street. Well, it was a sidewalk actually, I don’t walk in the street. I just don’t walk out in the middle of the street. As we approach each other, I looked at her and I caught eyes with her. We made eye contact and I raised my eyebrows, kind of like, “Hey! What’s up?” But you know what, I probably just raised one higher than the other because I think I had a little bit of a Bell’s Palsy at the time. I mean, I was getting over it but there’s still some of that residual Bell’s Palsy. So it might have been one eye going up, one eyebrow kind of like the rock. But you know, who knows?

What I did is I raised my eyebrows and I reached my out my hand out to her. She took my hand I started dancing with her right there on the sidewalk. About a minute or two later, I took out my phone because again, I had my phone. I was about ready to make a call with my student, and I opened the contact and I handed it to her and pointed at it and she put in her contact information. Then she walked away and I took my call. The first time I ever talked to her was when I called her. I’m going to tell you something, I was really happy to know that she spoke English. It was great. It’s like, “Yes, you speak English. That’s awesome” because the rest is history.

Meeting women, meeting anyone in fact, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman, if it’s a stranger. It doesn’t matter. It’s as easy as it always has been as long as you believe it to be so and are creative enough to make it so. The key is to let go of fear and go out there and be yourself. 

Now, when I say – I’m not talking about the cliché way. Not in the cliché way of be yourself, right? I mean, literally brother. Be yourself. And to be yourself, you have to know yourself. This is always step one. Know yourself and you know all humans. Know yourself and you are the light that shines brighter than the sun. Without knowing yourself, there is hiding, there’s excuses, there’s abdication, there’s capitulation, there’s fear, there’s anger, there’s hate, there’s resentment and there’s blame. Accept what is and get creative. That’s what I learned and developed in my relationships.

Now, we talked about relationships, talked about health, talked about travel. What about business? What about wealth, coach, right? Isn’t this all about relationships, health and wealth and it is. I want to tell you that this year has been the best year I’ve had in business. It has been a phenomenal year in fact. I’ve grown so much and I’ve had the honor of being present with the growth of hundreds of men, who’ve taken their relationships, their businesses, their wealth and income, their health and their general lives to levels that for some of them never thought that they would every reach.

As each of my students does their personal cognitive work to eliminate fear, and doubt and worry from their lives, that work transfers to all aspect of living. It is an amazing thing. I know the power of cognitive mastery for what it’s done and continuous to do in my life. I’m so honored and so privileged to see how it’s worked to change the lives of my students.

My impossible goal for 2021 is to write a New York Times bestselling book. I’m going to give you guys a little bit of insight into this coming up year, 2021. And you know I will let you know when that is released, when that books comes out so all of you can go out and get a copy of it, all of you can participate in helping me get to that New York Times bestselling list. You guys probably know and if you don’t know, I already have a book out there. There’s already a book written out there, it’s called How Thoughts Become Things. It is the universal truth It’s very short. It’s very basic, but it’s incredibly valuable and it’s available on the website when you want to grab one

This year, I’m going to write a longer book that dives even deeper into everything I teach and how you can live the life of your dreams, which is the life you deserve. You deserve to live the life that is in your mind, because it is your mind that is creating your life. If it is in your mind, then it’s what you deserve, it’s where you should be.

Anyway, I did a podcast episode as few weeks back. I was called the Money Series. I described the ups and downs that I had this year in creating income. I’m going to tell you brothers. It’s all due to focus. It’s all due to intention. It’s all due to the actions, the offers that you make. Let me tell you guys something, the more money I make, the less I think about it. Now, it’s true. I will tell you that it’s true. I have that abundance position that I do think about. I spent time thinking about how I can give my abundance position away. I still operate daily in my abundance position when it comes to paying for people’s fuel when I see them, when I’m out. People’s food, it’s really not as much anymore because the restaurants are closed and coffee and other things.

Lately, what I’ve been doing is I’ve really been into buying toys and gifts for kids because we’re in the holiday season, right? So it’s really easy for me now. We’ll see what happens in January when the holidays are over. So I’m thinking about money in that aspect, but aside from that really, I’m not thinking much about money. I’m so focused on contributing and creating. There’s so much I’m looking forward to putting out there for you guys. So much content, so much program, so much amazing information for you guys to apply and use in your life. 

Money is a byproduct of an abundant mindset and offering your gifts to the world. Even though I’ve heard 2020 has taken a toll on businesses, big and small. I know that this is due to the cognition of the business owner, and less on the circumstance around them. I’m not blaming anyone, understand. I’m just basically calling you out here. I’m saying like look. If you’re a small business owner, if your business has taken a hit because of whatever’s going in on 2020, that’s the thought, right? It’s like it’s because of this thing out there. It’s this external thing that’s creating my life. No, brother. It’s not. It’s the way you’re thinking about the external thing. You have so much creativity in you. You have so much contribution in you. You have so much power in you. You have so many gifts to offer the world and the world longs for these gifts. The world is waiting for you to give these gifts to them.

I’m simply saying that the responsibility of earning money is in the individual. It’s not in the system, in the laws or in the government. If I teach you guys anything that I teach cognitive mastery and the demonstration of cognitive mastery is personal responsibility. What I learned and developed through this, through the business is how to become failure proof, which is actually the December curriculum in the academy, but it’s also tenacity. I have learned how to adapt and overcome. I have decided what was important to me and how I was going to achieve it, using the circumstances that I was being presented with by the universe.

I had to persevere through the opinions of other people. I had to show up when I didn’t want to and I had to make offers when I was feeling off or feeling dispassionate. I had to learn how to show and demonstrate to people that fear was the only thing holding them back and money scarcity is a sickness, preventing them from creating an abundance of wealth. I had to become an example of what’s possible during these fascinating and confusing times. I had to lead from the front and demonstrate courage, and tenacity for my students and my audience. Even many of you who are out there right now struggling mentally and creating struggle in form. I want to be an example for you, of what’s possible. Not just now but in the future, going into 20201. I am not special brother. I have nothing you don’t have. I’m just a man. I have learned to become failure-proof and the result of that is tenacity, which is determined persistence.

There’s so much more I can tell you about, brothers. This year has just been so amazing for me and I’m so incredibly grateful. Some day soon, I know you will be a part of the academy and we will discuss how to make all of this work for you in your life. I’ve appreciated you listening about how 2020 has helped me to grow so much, and until the time that we meet in the academy or even in the next program that’s coming up, the training corps. I am no one, that you are living in a perfect life wherever you are and will continue to persevere and thrive into 2021 and beyond. I love you guys. And until next week, which is next year, elevate your alpha 


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