Universal truths are undeniable things that are true and equal for all human beings. Think about gravity, the tide of the sea, night follows day – that sort of thing. All of these are true for every person on this planet. Now, what if I were to tell you that there is one universal truth that determines everything in your life? Sounds too good to be true? Well, not only is it true, but it’s also 100% in your control.

I see it everywhere, people always find something to blame when life isn’t going their way. Think of people saying, “I’m not attractive enough to talk to her…” or, “I’m never going to lose weight because I naturally overeat.” Well, that is some Beta Male thinking. Today, I’m showing you how true Alpha Males approach these tough situations.

Tune into this week’s episode to discover the one universal truth that, when you believe and understand it, will help you get everything you want in this life. Whether you want more money, muscles, friends, or better relationships, this episode is for you, my brother.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The one universal truth of how life works.
  • How to implement this universal truth in every area of your life.
  • Why understanding and implementing this truth sets the Alpha Males from the Betas.
  • How being in a beta state is holding you back.
  • Why the power is in your hands to get everything you want in this life.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha-mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.

What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am the Alpha Male Coach, Kevin Aillaud, and I’m really excited to be putting this episode out.

This episode will change your life if you can understand and apply it. I love talking about the universal truth. It really is the first tenet of being an alpha male. It is one of the first things that I teach my students and it is what I want to talk to you guys about today.

Now, there are a lot of universal truths, okay. A universal truth is a truth that – it’s something that’s true for everyone, all of us, all human beings. There’s the personal truth that we each have that is kind of personal to us, but these universal truths are truths that apply to all of us.

And there are a lot of universal truths out there. There’s the universal truth of gravity. Gravity is a universal truth. We are all affected by that. There’s the universal truth that day follows night and night follows day. There’s a universal truth that life is temporary. All living things must die. These are all universal truths. They apply to all of us.

And the universal truth I’m going to talk to you about today is the universal truth for how life works. Okay, the universal truth for how life works, and here it is; this is basically it. This is it as succinctly as I can possibly put it for you, so here we go.

A circumstance that happens in your life will trigger a thought in your brain. That thought will create an emotion. That emotion will drive an action. That action creates the result that you have in your life, and that result will then reaffirm the original thought that you had about your circumstance.

That is the universal truth. That is how we perceive life. So that’s pretty much it. That’s very succinct. Now I know that that’s like, “Oh, okay, I get it, I hear you.” But I’m going to talk a little bit more about this and I’m even going to give you some specific examples of how this works and how this is applied to your life every single day, whether you are aware of it working or not, and how you can deliberately apply it to your life; which is really the difference between being a beta male and an alpha male.

So let me really quickly tell you guys about the five components here. You might have heard them as I gave you the definition of the universal truth. But there are five components. And I’m going give you a brief definition of each one of these components, because over the next five podcasts, I’m going to go into each one of these components in more depth.

But basically, all of our life, everything in our life, can be put into one of these fixe components as they relate to the universal truth. So we have our circumstances. Now, circumstances are things that happen in the world that we cannot control. These are just what’s going on outside of our body.

We have our thoughts. Thoughts are things that happen in your mind. This is where we can choose. This is where we begin to take responsibility for what we can control.

We have our feelings, or our emotions, and these are vibrations that happen in our body. These are caused by our thoughts, not our circumstances.

We’ve got our actions, and the actions are the symptom of our thoughts. That is our behavior. This is what we do in the world. Now, our actions are caused by our emotions, which are determined by our thoughts.

And finally, guys, we’ve got results. The results are what we see in the world. This is what we see in our lives as an effect of our actions. Now, the way this works is the result will always be evidence for the original thought. It will always come back and reaffirm that original thought.

So these five components are circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. And those five components, like I said, I’m going to go into in more depth over the next five episodes, over the next five podcasts, so that you can really start to understand these and apply them in a much larger way.

Now, the reason why the universal truth applies to being an alpha male versus a beta male is this; the alpha male recognizes the universal truth and uses it in a way to apply to his life. So he knows that the universal truth is and he utilizes his thought and his emotions to drive his actions and create his results. He does not blame his circumstances for what he thinks, how he feels, and ultimately what he does, his actions, or what he has, his results.

The beta male, on the other hand – I should say all other males, because beta male, whether you want to be called an omega male, a sigma male, a delta male, I don’t care, all other men – they have this idea that the circumstances of their lives, the way the world is, the way other people behave, whatever happened in their past, is the cause for how they think and how they feel and is why they have or don’t have everything in their life.

So what we’re talking about here really, guys, when you want to get right down to it is that the alpha male knows the truth about how life works and takes ownership and responsibility for his mind, for his thoughts, and for his emotions, for how he feels. And he uses that cognitive mastery and emotional responsibility to drive his actions and create his own results to get the results in his life that he wants, to unlock his personal greatness and live the life of his dreams.

The beta male, on the other hand, will blame. There won’t be this responsibility. There won’t be this ownership. There’s a lot of blame about what happened to me in the past or because somebody else did something it’s not their fault, the reason I feel angry is because of what they did, the reason why I feel sad is because of what they said, the reason why I don’t have a lot of money or the reason why I don’t have a relationship is because of other people or other things.

So they don’t take that responsibility. Instead, there’s this blame. They don’t understand how life works. They don’t understand the truth, the universal truth about how life works. That is why the universal truth is such a foundational piece of my teaching when I take my students and help them unleash their alpha, because their alpha is dependent on recognizing, understanding, and applying this universal truth.

Now, what I want you guys to know here is that the universal truth actually creates empowerment. It creates this ability inside you to control your own destiny. It gives you control over what you think. It gives you control over how you feel. It gives you control over all of your actions.

And in that control, you can take responsibility, you can take ownership, and you can just let everybody else do and be and say and just exist as they are. Other people can now live their life without you blaming them. You can take responsibility and live in an alpha way.

So the universal truth is really a powerful place to begin and it really is, like I said, it is the first tenet, it is the first piece of knowledge that I provide my students in the Alpha Male Program. When you want to come unleash your inner alpha, when you really are ready for that, this is one of the first things that I will teach you and we will start to apply it to your life.

Now, the way we do this, the way I do this, is I use something called the Model, and the Model is the way we align ourselves with the universal truth and see it working. Okay, so the Model is basically a piece of paper where you can take, and you take out a pen and a piece of paper, and you just write down C-T-F-A-R.

And when you look at this model, you can start to plug in wherever you are feeling a problem, wherever you’re thinking a problem, wherever you’re acting. If you want to change your actions then we write down what the action is. You write to down in the A-line.

If you want to change your results, you write it done in the R-line. If your thoughts are causing you a problem, write down, what is the circumstance that’s triggering that thought, you write it in the C-line, and then you can write down the thought that you’re having about the circumstance in the T-line. And then you just fill in the rest of the Model.

So the Model is our tool. It’s a very powerful tool to begin to practice understanding and using the universal truth in your life, to really recognize how empowering it really is.

So like I said, I’m going to go into each one of these components in podcasts coming up, in subsequent podcasts. But I want to give you some examples of these models so you really can start to see them now as we move forward.

And I’m going to give you three examples. I’m going to give you an example about money. I’m going to give you an example about health and fitness, and I’m going to give you an example about dating, because that’s really the trifecta.

That’s really what we’re looking for. We’re looking for wealth, health, and sex. That’s our thing as men. So the first Model is the circumstance, I have $1000 in my bank account and my bills are $2500. I want you to notice right away that the circumstance is based on fact. There’s not thought in there.

You can look at your bank account and see that there is $1000 in there and you can add up all your bills and see that you owe $2500. So that is important. The circumstance is just there. It’s a fact. It is things that happen in the world outside of our control. We cannot put more money in our bank account, unless we get paid, but that’s now a result; that changes into a result.

At this moment in the world, we can’t control that we only have $1000 in our bank account, nor can we control that we owe $2500 to bills. When I put that in the C-line, then my thought is, “I’m going to have to foreclose on my home.” This is not a fact. This is just a thought.

This is a belief. It’s an idea. It’s not true. It’s a sentence in my brain that’s causing me to feel, in the F-line, horrible, depressed, sad, defeated. Now, because that thought is creating that emotion, remember, it’s not the circumstance that’s creating the emotion, it’s the thought I have about the circumstance that’s creating those emotions.

But because I feel those emotions, my action is then to lie on the couch, to eat, to sleep a lot, take a lot of naps, to ruminate in my mind, to just worry in my mind. And because of those actions, my result is, I have no job, I have no money to pay the bills.

Now, check this out; that result is going to reinforce that thought that I’m going to have to foreclose on my home. The circumstance there is just offset. It’s neutral. It’s up there sitting there as a fact. It’s the thought that’s creating the emotion. It’s the emotion driving the action. It’s the action creating that result and it’s the result that’s reaffirming the thought.

The second example is the circumstance. I weigh 310 pounds. Okay, again, I can step on a scale, I can see that. Everybody would agree to that. That is a fact. The thought is, “There’s something wrong with me and I have no self-control.

When I think that thought, I feel defeated. I feel down. And when I feel defeated, what do I do? In the action line, I eat in order to not feel negative emotion. I avoid my feeling of defeat with food, so that food releases pleasure chemicals into my brain. And I lie on the couch.

Now, what’s my result by eating and lying on the couch? I gain more weight, which will then reinforce the thought that there’s something wrong with me and I have no self-control. It has nothing to do with the fact that I weigh 310 pounds.

Now, this last example, I’m going to give you the same circumstances, but I’m going to mess around with the thought, so you could really see that the circumstance has nothing to do with our thinking and with our results, that the circumstance is this neutral piece.

So the circumstance is, there’s a woman sitting in the café alone reading a magazine. She’s just sitting there. My thought is, “I’m not worthy to go talk to her. She’s out of my league.” That’s my thinking when I see her. That’s where the sentences in my brain go.

My emotions, my feeling about that thought becomes self-doubt. It becomes worry. I’m now afraid of rejection because I’m not worthy, she’s out of my league. These are the sentences that are running in my head.

So the action that I take with these emotions of self-doubt, of worry, of fear of rejection is nothing. My action is inaction. I pass on the opportunity to talk to her and I just leave the café. Now my result is that I end up doubting myself and I deplete my confidence and self-esteem, which reinforces the original thought that I’m not worthy. You understand it’s the result that will reinforce that thought.

Now, if there was another person, a different guy who saw the same woman sitting in the café alone reading a magazine, but instead he had a different thought, and his thought was, “Everybody loves me, they just don’t know it yet…” that kind of thought now creates an emotion of confidence and love.

So with that sort of emotion driving his actions, that feeling in his body is going to drive an action where he’s not confident to approach her and ask her for her name, maybe start a conversation. The result is, regardless of how she responds, because her response is – it doesn’t matter, her response is neutral. But the result of that action is that I love myself and trust in myself and I will increase my confidence, which check this out, guys, reinforces the original thought, that everybody loves me, they just don’t know it yet, because I love myself.

The big takeaway here is that in all of these examples, the result proves the original thought. The mind is seeking and creating evidence for its own thinking, even if that thought is painful. See, the mind would rather be right than it would be happy or truthful. It just wants to be right.

That’s we have confirmation bias, and confirmation bias is something I’m going to talk about in later a podcast episode, but the mind just works that way. It always wants to reinforce what it’s already thinking. It runs these loops and then it looks for results. It looks out into the world to confirm those loops.

So it’s very important that you guys understand that and that is why we have this big problem with beta men, which is why being a beta male is so prevalent in our society, because we’re always looking to reinforce the thought or the belief that other people are creating our emotions, that other people are to blame for what we have or don’t have.

The mind works that way. It wants to believe that, but that’s not the truth. Now, as I said, this universal truth, these models, they’re working all the time; all the time, even for minor stuff. Like, for example, if there’s a circumstance, I’ve got a bug in my eye, the thought is, “I’m going to take this bug out of my eye.” I feel confident about my abilities to do that.

My action is to take the bug out of my eye and then my result is that there’s no more bug in my eye. Now, I don’t have to look at a model to understand that. Like, I don’t have to write that down. But what’s important is that this is happening in every moment all the time. Every time we have a thought, it creates an emotion which drives an action, producing a result, and that result is going to reaffirm the original thought.

What you guys need to understand is that what’s happening outside of us, these circumstances, are completely neutral. They’re outside of our control and they have nothing to do with us. They are neither right nor wrong, neither good nor bad. It’s not until we have a thought about them and an emotion created by that thought, then we start to judge it and feel good or bad about the circumstance.

And that is where I want you guys to be very aware, because it is that line, it is that momentous leap from being a beta male who’s saying, “yeah, you’re the reason why I feel this way…” to becoming an alpha male who says, “No, the reason why I feel this way has nothing to do with you, it has to do with the way I think about you.”

Alright, guys, now, as a final note, you don’t have to believe in the universal truth for it to be true and having it still apply to you and everybody else in the world. Gravity is a universal truth. If you don’t believe in gravity, you’re not going to float away out into space. Gravity still applies to you regardless of your belief in it. Adult humans can believe anything they want. That’s the power of being a human being. That’s the gift that we have.

There are people who believe the earth is flat. This is true. I didn’t know this before, but I know this now; there are actually people who believe that the earth is flat. They’re called flat-earthers and they believe that there is an ice wall around the flat earth.

Now, most of us would laugh at such a notion. Most of us contend that the earth is round. We’ve seen pictures of the earth from space. You might say that the earth being round is a universal truth, because it’s a part of how gravity works with mass and such.

Now, the reason I bring this up is because most people don’t believe in the universal truth of how life works as I have explained it to you. And if they do believe it, it is intellectually only. They don’t really apply it to themselves and their lives. How do I know this? Because I see it all the time.

I saw it today in my own friendships. Talking to my friends, I watched as they blame other people and other things for how they feel. I hear it on the news. It’s constant. I see it in social media. I coach it with my clients, with my students. Most people are living in a beta mindset where they believe their emotions are created by their circumstances.

Essentially and comparatively, they believe the earth is flat. They believe in this concept of a flat earth. Essentially or comparatively, the beta mindset is the same as the flat-earther mindset. They don’t believe in the universal truth.

Now, there is a paradigm shift that will happen when we start to take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions and stop blaming our circumstances for how we feel, when the masses take hold of this, when it becomes part of our collective consciousness.

Until then, I will continue to teach you, you in my audience and my students in one on one and group coaching who are ready to hear the truth, who are ready to become more empowered in their lives and take ownership of their thoughts through cognitive mastery and emotional responsibility. I will do this because this is the new definition of the alpha male, and I am The Alpha Male Coach.

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Guys, have an awesome week. I will see you next week on the podcast. Until then, you’re amazing, you’re awesome humans. Get out there. Be the best version of yourselves. I love you, I will see you next week.

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