//Ep #36: Health and the Alpha Male

Ep #36: Health and the Alpha Male

I’ve got the first of a three-part series for you guys today all around the subject of health – one of the three pillars of the Alpha state. However, unlike wealth and relationships, health is a different animal, both in the ways we use it and how we measure it.

When you think of the word healthy, you think of low body fat, low resting heart rate, big muscles, or maybe the ability to run fast. Well, health is not about some strongman flipping tractor tires faster than the guy next to him. Health is not measurable against other people. Your health is all about you.

Tune in this week to discover why, in the Beta condition, you’ve got the concept of health all wrong, my brother. I’m covering why mental and physical have to be intrinsically linked, and why a true Alpha Male doesn’t need to prove his health to anyone.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How health differs from the other two pillars of the Alpha state.
  • Why health is totally unmeasurable in terms of metrics.
  • The truth about how the Alpha state looks at health.
  • How the Beta condition considers our mind and our body as separate, and why that is impossible.
  • Why your mental and physical health are reflected in your actions.
  • How our mental and our physical health are intrinsically linked.
  • Why the Alpha Male does not need to prove his health to anyone.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha-mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.

What’s up, my brothers. Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. Today, we’re going to talk about health and I’m excited to talk to you guys about health for a couple of reasons. Number one, health is one of the three fundamentals of the alpha state.

The three fundamentals of the alpha state are health, wealth, and relationships. And all three of them are relationships. Wealth is our relationship with other things; with money, with material things. Relationships are relationships with people, our most intimate relationships, our families, our significant others, wives, girlfriends, our friends, all relationships, even relationships at work. It’s relationship with people. And then health, which is the relationship with our body.

But it all really comes back to the relationship we have with our self, because the relationship we have with people, with things, and with our machine, our organic mechanized tool that we use in this experience – I want to say machine, but really, it’s more than a machine, it’s an automaton, this avatar that we have in this life, it all comes back to the way we think about ourselves because how our relationship with people are going to be a manifestation of our thoughts about our self, how we think about our self with relation to other people.

Same thing with money, same thing with other things, it’s how we think about our self, what we think we deserve, what we want, it’s all a relationship we have with our self. So when we get into health, we’re talking about our relationship with our body.

Now, what is health? What is the definition of health? Google says the definition of health is the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor. So this would be good health or poor health, right, this sort of sliding scale. It doesn’t really say much, doesn’t tell us much, just says that it’s going to be on a scale. You’re going to be able to say this is good, this is bad, but it’s going to be in relation to something else. So in order to have good, we have to have poor. There has to be two. There cannot be one. There is no single metric. Good and poor are going to be in relation to each other.

The other thing Google says is soundness of body or mind, freedom from disease or ailment – so in other words to have one’s health or to lose one’s health. Now we’re starting to get into a metric. So now the metric is no disease or ailment. So in other words, it’s like normal, it’s like average, it’s like not in pain, not in suffering. And I’m not sure if that’s a good definition either, guys, because if you think about it again, freedom from disease or ailment, is there ever a time that we don’t have disease or ailment?

If we’re talking about the body, there’s never really going to be a homeostasis. There’s always a flux. There’s always this 50%; 50%-50%. So neither of these definitions really serve to provide a solid or clear understanding of health or what it means to be healthy. And what does that tell us? That means that health is a thought. Right away, we know this. Right away, according to the universal truth, health must be a thought. Why? Because it is not indisputable.

There is no clear definition. There is no metric. There is no way to say this is what health is and everybody agree to it. Not everyone would agree on what it means to be healthy or what the line of health is. So if we take the other one, if we take the metric and say this is good health, this is bad health, there is no agreement on where good health begins and bad health ends.

I mean, what is neutral health? Is there such a thing as neutral health? This is also a question. So health becomes a thought. I would even go so far as to say that health, kind of like alpha, has no real definition. We just kind of operate on our own mental image of it. We have our own thoughts about it.

You know, health is not like money. Money is a circumstance.  Money, we can measure, money is a thing. I have a $1 bill or a have a $1000, you know, whether I have $1 or $1000, I have this thing, it has a constant, it has an objective value that everyone would say, yes, this is $1. So we would all agree that that is a circumstance.

There is no way to measure health this way because all biometrics are based on an arbitrary average. There’s an average resting heart rate or there’s an average blood pressure. And that number might be one number today, you know, 120 over 80, and it might be a different number tomorrow. Whereas $1000 is always going to be $1000.

Now, what we make $1000 worth, like the value that we put on that $1000 is going to vary from person to person, but money itself as a circumstance, that $1000 is always going to be the same. Health is different. Health is purely a thought. It has no external circumstance by which we can measure it. We only measure it in comparison to something else, which is equally arbitrary.

We say this resting heart rate of 70 beats per minute is better than this resting heartbeat of 80 beats per minute. Okay, that measurement is purely arbitrary. But because health is a thought, I’m going to give you the truth around health from the alpha state, because it is a thought, so it comes from that place.

Health is one of the three fundamentals of alpha male living. Relationships and wealth are the other two. I mentioned this already. It’s the relationship we have with our body, okay. All three of these fundamentals are relationships. And all three of these relationships can be further simplified into the beta condition and the alpha state, which again, as I mentioned, the thoughts we have about ourselves.

So when we think about health from the alpha state, we look at it as a verb. Health is a verb. Health is a demonstration. Health goes in the action line. Our health is our capacity, not our execution, but our capacity for execution. So I want you to think about health as something that was there before humans, right?

So for health to be there before human beings, it has to be something that – not before human beings, but something that was around before human beings could think about it. So it has to be around that humans have the capacity for, but that by which we don’t need to think about it to have a measurement for it.

The only way really to do that is when we start talking about action, we start talking about movement, having the capacity to move large loads long distances quickly, which is power, which is action, which is completely neutral. So the mind and the body are not separate from one another. They cannot ever be separate from one another.

People think sometimes there’s an illusion – the beta condition likes to place us under the illusion that our mind and our body are separate, that they’re two different distinct entities, but they cannot be. They cannot be ever because if the body has no mind, it is a cadaver. It is dead. Even a comatose body has a mind, a living body. When the mind has no body, it is ether. It’s unknowable.

We don’t know what happens to minds with no bodies. The two are inseparable and they are separate.  I mean, get used to paradoxes, brother. Alpha men, we live in paradoxes. We live in the greatest mystery in the world, which is life, and yet there’s nothing mysterious about it. It’s biology, it’s psychology. This is a paradox that we live in as alpha men and a part of that is the inseparable and the separate, which is the mind and the body. They form a symbiotic relationship with each other.

They cannot be without each other, but they are not of each other. The thoughts create the action. There’s a causal relationship and our action produces a result, by which has an effect on our mind. So there’s this constant circle. But mental health and physical health are the same. You cannot have one and not the other.

The body is a manifestation of the mind. Our actions and results are directly determined by our thoughts. You know this is true. You know this is true because of the universal truth. This is true in two ways. This is true cellularly and it’s true behaviorally. So, cellularly because our thoughts will release chemical emotions that attach to our receptor sites on the cells and then the enter them, these emotions enter the cell, and then they change them. That’s the vibration. That’s the feeling that we feel.

This is no big deal. This is all a part of the human experience. The issue is that when these cells divide, as all living cells do – that’s what cells do, they divide – they divide with more receptor sites for whatever the most common emotion that the cell used to receiving it is. This makes the cell need more of the same emotion, need more of the same chemical to feel that vibration. It needs a higher dose to get the same effect.

Have you heard this before? This is what we call resistance, like addiction. These new cells are now resistant to that emotion. If they don’t get that higher dose then they won’t unlock and they won’t vibrate the same way, we won’t get that same feeling. So over time, your cells become addicted and they want the chemical, they want that emotion more and they need more of it. It is our mind that creates that addiction at the cellular level.

The process to undo that – what I mean is to allow the cells to divide without the extra receptor sites, without that extra resistance, takes time. It’s a process because the cells have to go through that time of dividing. Our mental health and our physical health are linked behaviorally as well, so this is clear simply by knowing the universal truth, when we observe the model.

When we are thinking with deliberate intention and we form a place of future-want, we create wanted actions and results. This is our consciousness. This is our awareness. This is our alpha state.  When we are unconscious, when we’re in that beta condition and the brain runs patterns of that limiting belief based on our past experiences, we get unwanted action and unwanted results. So cognition and action are causally linked, the same way mental and physical health must be a single thing that is broken in time only. They’re only broken in the illusion of time, where we think first, then act, one follows the other. They are the same without time. They are different because time passes.

So, health isn’t a matter of mental or physical.  Health is a verb. Health is a measurement of movement in capability, as an expression of power over a lifetime. Health is a moving target. It’s a metric that is only valuable in comparison to another value.  Your health is determined in relationship to your ability to produce power, to your ability to move. Therefore, it is a capacity in action. We measure it by our action. We look at health and say your ability to act. The more you can put in your A-line of the model – look at the model; the more you can put in there, the more healthy you are, the more health you have.

This is going to be compared to only one thing, and that is the capacity you had yesterday – not somebody else’s. We’re not comparing your capacity against someone else’s capacity. We’re not comparing your capacity against some standard arbitrary capacity. It’s only your capacity.

The goal of the alpha male – here’s the thing, I’ve said this many times; cognitive mastery, emotional ownership, these are what make actions difficult. When we go to the A-line, the A-line is just about creating power, demonstrating power, force times distance over time. And our health is how much power we can create.

It is somewhat objective. The goal of the alpha male is kind of that objective piece, to be able to have as much physical power, the ability to move large loads long distances quickly, to be able to have as much power at his disposal as possible so that there is no physical, there’s no health blocks, in that A-line.

The goal is to be in control from the alpha state and have more capacity than yesterday, by being able to move more than yesterday. Think about Milo and the Bull. This is a great one, the Milo and the Bull, the Milo and the Calf. You might have heard this. It’s a Greek story.

Every day, this guy would pick up a calf, a baby bull, and he would walk with it. distance doesn’t matter. Let’s say he walks a mile with it. But he did it every single day. And every single day, the calf got a little bigger. So every single day, the calf got bigger, and every single day, this guy Milo got stronger.

One day, the guy was lifting a full-grown bull onto his shoulders for a mile walk. It’s the same type of thing. Every single day, you move a little bit more. You increase your capacity to do more work. That is just a very quick analogy, very quick story.

A few things to know – number one, health is measured in capacity, not in execution. Just because the alpha male can do something, like climb a mountain, doesn’t mean he wants to do something, like climb a mountain. It’s not forced execution of action because he can, but he still can.  It’s not like, okay, prove to me you’re an alpha male, go climb that mountain. It’s not like that.

It’s like, yes, I can climb that mountain if I choose to, but that’s because I have taken care of my body, my body has that capability. If there is a mountain to climb, I can do that, but I’m not going to do that to prove, because then I’m not acting for me, then I’m not in that alpha state. I’m not limited by my circumstances.

The alpha is not limited by his circumstances, brother, unless – and I’m going to put this caveat out there – unless he is learning to elevate his alpha state while operating in a body that is the result of beta condition thinking. So what I’m saying is, unless you’re in transition, unless you’re elevating your alpha from a previous past-focused beta condition thinking, where your capability, your capacity is low because it hasn’t been trained from the alpha state yet.

So, number two, second thing to note, capacity is not limited by circumstance. It’s limited by cognition. You guys know this again. An alpha male who is, for example, an alpha male who is in a wheelchair and has no use of his legs can demonstrate more physical power than a beta male who is able to operate all four limbs. Why? Because of the cognition of the alpha state versus the cognition of the beta condition.

The alpha male will increase his health and abilities through self-confidence, future-focused thinking, movement into the goals he sets for himself. So the beta male is going to be decreasing his health and abilities through self-doubt; past-focused thinking. And movement consistent with repeating the same old misguided thoughts and getting the same repetitive results. It’s not about a strong man winning a bunch of fitness competitions. It’s about pushing to be better tomorrow than who you are today, no matter where you are today.

Number three, progress is not linear. Okay, this is important, guys, to know that health is also about managing your mind when the metrics pull back. When you add a couple pounds on the scale, when your mile time increases by a few seconds, when your back-squat decreases by a few pounds, when you’re having that off-day, brother, when your resting heart rate increases by a few beats, so what?

Whatever metric you’re using to track your health and complete for a goal, when that goal is pulled back, so what? There’s going to be times of a pull back. There’s going to be times of correction. And the goal for you is to observe and manage your mind around that.

Okay, that is the big overview of health and how it relates to the alpha state and living like an alpha male, guys. That’s the thing; living like an alpha male. It is a thought. You can choose to think about your health any way you want, and when we really get down to the nuances of working with models, working with very specific circumstances, then yes, you will definitely be choosing very specific thoughts.

In this overall view of health as a fundamental part of being in that alpha state, there are a few specifics. We’re going to talk about health over the next couple of episodes, and these two kind of broader topics we’re going to talk about when it comes to health is, number one, how the brain interacts with health. What is this brain and what is it doing with health and life and how it approaches health from the beta condition versus the alpha state?

So we’re going to look at health in a big of a different way, kind of from that brain perspective, which is going to be interesting, guys. I want you to know that because when you look at the way health is approached from the brain, it’s very different than how we want to look at it from the alpha state. Because if we allow the brain to look at health from its perspective, then it actually could put us in a place of undesirable health, you know. I know that’s a thought, and I’ll explain more of this next week.

And then on the third episode, guys, I’m going to go into some hows. I’m going to teach you how. I coach my students on health by breaking into two strategies, which are kind of like offense and defense; the offensive strategy and the defensive strategy and what that looks like, how those processes are different, and what you can do to get started on optimizing your health from your alpha state.

So that’s coming in two weeks.  Look for that in two weeks, guys.  That’s what I’ve got for you today. That is, what is health? Until next time, my friends, my brothers, elevate your alpha.

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