Brothers, don’t let the title of this episode put you off. This is not going to be a physics lecture about the energy measurements of moving and stable objects. Instead, I’m going to teach you about a lesser-known type of energy mechanics. Be prepared to have your mind blown in this one.

To borrow the words of another brother, “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.” Although our experience of being human is separated into three separate entities; mind, body, and spirit, these are in fact all run by the energy mechanics of our spirit. You are not your mind; you are not your body. Your true self is the energy mechanics of your spirit. And, brothers, I’ve got even bigger news for you: Each of our individual spirit’s is connected and correlated to the universal spirit. We are all in the source, and the source is in all of us.

This concept forms the basis of the content that you can expect in the 2.0 curriculum at the Academy. Brothers, this is the pathway to your Alpha state. If you have something that’s creating fear in your life, if you feel broken for any reason, if you don’t feel certain about things, if you can’t make up your mind, if you don’t know who you are, it’s time to enroll in the Academy. Don’t spend any more time in your beta conditioning, you owe it to yourself. 

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What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Different names that people attribute to “the source.”
  • The three elements that make up our human experience.
  • How we relate to the source, which is part of us and which we are a part of.
  • Ways that we access form.
  • The universal mind, and why it is and isn’t an illusion.
  • Lack of knowledge that we have about the body and the mind.
  • Why we experience the mind, body and spirit as three separate entities. 
  • Correlation between individual spirit and universal spirit.
  • Your conditioning determines the function of your mind.
  • A descriptive journey through what your spirit would look like if you could see it.
  • Some of the many reasons I encourage you to enroll in the Academy.
  • The true definition of an alpha male.

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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.7] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud and I am back in Mexico. I’m back in Tulum. I got here a couple of days ago but I’m only staying a week and I got a really nice Airbnb right in Tulum so if you hear any echoes, you may not hear any echoes because my editing team is really, really great. 

The editing team of We Edit Podcasts is an amazing group of guys that do a great job with all of the episodes you listen to, but if you do hear any echo it’s because I’m in a really big room back in Mexico, loving it here, lots of rain actually.

It’s the rainy season, we just had a hurricane pass through, Hurricane Grace, but it’s awesome here, amazing, everybody’s safe, lots of life, lots of everything, right? It’s great down here, I love it. If you ever get a chance to get down to Tulum, I highly recommend it.

Last week, I hit you guys with some of the 2.0 methodology I am introducing in the academy to all enrolled students beginning on September 1st and I’ve had some interesting feedback. It seems that many of you are interested in this next level of self-discovery and I want to take this episode to give you a bird’s eye view of how the methodology is evolving and what the students in the academy are learning.

[0:01:46.3] Let’s begin with the source, the field of oneness that is both perfection and love. Now, brothers, this is the thing itself. I’ve talked to you about this before on previous podcast episodes, it’s the thing itself and you know what? It’s whatever you want to call it. You can call it God, Jehovah, Allah, The Creator, The Father, whatever, depending on your education, environment and conditioning. 

It is what we are, where we come from and where we go. It is pure light, pure energy, a totality of all existence, a superposition of all the spirit of all things. It is invisible like electricity and gravity and like electricity and gravity, we know it exists because we can observe the function and the result of the thing itself, which is the law and the form.

Now, we are in the source and the source is in us. We are it and it is us. We appear to be separate individual beings and in our ignorance of self, we look outside ourselves into the external for the source. Our species has created ritual dogma and religion in an attempt to unify with the source, seeking forgiveness for an error that never occurred.

Some story about humanity being banished from the source because of a fruit. The truth is, we can never be separate from what we are. The poet Rumi made this truth clear when he said, “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.”

The source is one and we are three. The human is a differentiated being and a part of the source that was altered, diffracted into three parts that are separate yet still one. These separate parts are spirit, mind and body. Our relationship with the source in our human or diffracted form is also through a separation, which I mentioned before and on previous podcast episodes.

Because the source is the thing itself, which is invisible energy. The law, which is the way it works with us as mind, and the form or result, which is the matter or the stuff of the world. You can see that as we are diffracted into spirit, mind and body in order to have a human experience, that same human experience relates to the source through invisible energy, creative consciousness and physical form.

[0:04:14.1] Now, before going further, I want to make this clear, each one of you is a complete and total being. When I talk about diffraction, when I talk about separate, when I talk about differentiation, I want you to know that you are a perfect incarnation. You are made up of energy, consciousness and cells. We all have these aspects of self and each aspect is perfect in isolation and in unification. You have a perfect body, you have a perfect mind, you have a perfect spirit.

Each aspect of you is perfect and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. While you are a perfect spirit, perfect mind and perfect body, as a total being, that perfection undergoes a quantum effect. The whole that is greater than the sum of the parts is the totality that is you.

Okay brothers, you are spirit, mind and body, you have access to your body and you have access to your mind. The body is the form, that’s the result, you have access to it in the same way that you have access to all matter on the planet. Do you understand that? When something is in form, we have access to it through the five senses. This is how our form relates to all forms.

It is our senses that allow what is us to permeate what is us. Do you see that? Do you understand what I mean when I say that? When we touch something, we are touching a part of the totality that is all things. We are touching everything including ourselves.Not the self that is the trinity in the diffracted form but the self that is the source, that oneness where the center is everywhere and the boundary is nowhere. 

When we see something, it appears to be separate from what we are but we are actually seeing into the oneness that we are a part of.

[0:06:01.7] We have access to matter and we have access to our own body, we also have access to our own mind. Your mind is the creative consciousness. It is linked to the law of cause and effect, which is the universal mind. The universal mind is the way the source works with us to create the field of human experience. Yes, it is an illusion only in that we don’t have the access to the totality of truth but that doesn’t make it any less real. 

We are given the gift of the human experience and we have the power to use our individual mind with universal mind to create in form. Now, the movement from body to mind is a movement that decreases in knowledge. We know a lot more about our body than we know about our mind. Humans have always been interested in the external and have been studying the body much longer than they’ve been studying the mind and yet, we still know very little about either.

Understand that brothers, we still know very little about either our mind or our body. I’m going to do future podcast episodes on the mind as it relates to energy mechanics, however, there are several components to the mind and it has taken a place in our experience far beyond what its purpose is.

Now, the movement from body to mind is also a movement that decreases access. I want you to see that as well. We have access to all bodies but we only have access to our own mind. We can see, touch, hear, taste and smell all forms but our minds are invisible except our own. Even our own is invisible, we can hear it but we don’t see it.

[0:07:37.6] Now, with mind and body, we have consciousness and we have a vehicle, right? The mind is the consciousness, the body is the vehicle. We have awareness and we have movement, right? We have thought, feeling and action. These are the things that we have access to as spiritual beings having a human experience, right?

Thought, feeling and action, these are mind and body, this is the universal truth, this is the model of alignment but what about spirit, brother? What about the aspect of self that has correlation to the thing itself? Remember, the mind is correlated to the law and the body is correlated to the form. What about the spirit that is correlated to the thing itself?

Now, really quickly, just for the sake of redundancy and teaching, keep in mind that the only reason we experience these three distinct aspects is because of the diffracted nature of our existence. The truth is that there is only one eternal, infinite information field of love, light and perfection.

Okay, what about spirit, what is this spirit? We talk about mind, body, spirit, the trinity. Check this out. This is where I introduced energy mechanics. I am not talking about the conservation of energy, okay? I’m not talking about mechanical energy which is the sum of potential and kinetic energy. This is not a physics lecture. I’m not talking about the energy measurements of moving and stable objects.

[0:09:05.4] Instead, I am offering that you have a unique spirit that is a part of the totality which is operating through you in a mechanical way. Now, the source gives us the law which works with universal mind to create from the realm that vibrates into the realm of density. This is the universal mind and our individual mind correlates and is connected to its creative power.

The source is also the thing itself, and this is the universal spirit. Our individual spirit is a part of the universal spirit, the same way our individual mind is a part of the universal mind and as Rumi said, I mentioned earlier in the podcast, “You are the entire ocean in a drop.” Your individual spirit is a mechanical energy matrix that is unique to you, yet connected to and correlated with the universal spirit.

The movement into energy continues to decrease in both knowledge and access. In fact, when it comes to the current knowledge of the human spirit and how I am going to introduce the concept of energy mechanics. Most people have no knowledge of it at all and since most humans have no knowledge of their own energy mechanics, most humans have little to no true self-knowledge. 

This is and always has been the purpose and name of the academy. Self, knowledge, know yourself. The process begins with removing who you are not, so that you can reveal the truth of who you are from within. 

[0:10:38.3] Similarly, we have no access to our energy mechanics. Unlike the body and the mind, which we have access to, our unique and perfect energy mechanic is always functioning behind the scenes unknown to us and operating through the body guiding us along a trajectory we experience as movement and life. 

Now, even though we have no knowledge and no access to our energy mechanics, it is our individual spirit that is truly running the show. This is the cause, this is the beginning of all things. It’s the energy mechanics that is constant. You are not your mind and you are not your body. This is a part of our diffracted form but our true self is our spirit. 

Your body is a bag of cells that is doing the very best they can to replicate fast because the cells, they need to replicate faster than they die but in the end, the body is a temporary vehicle held together by your energy mechanics and when it is time for your spirit to move back into the field of oneness, the body will simply ceased to animate and begin to decay. 

You are not your mind either brother. I think I’ve already made a fairly strong case for why this is over the last three years of podcast episodes and as I mentioned earlier, I am going to explain it in future podcast episodes how your mind relates to your energy mechanics. It is more complex that I am prepared to go into here and it is outside the scope of this episode content anyway. 

Just know for now that you are not your mind. Your true self is your energy mechanics. Your energy mechanics will determine the focus of your mind and your alpha state will determine the function of your mind, either the beta conditioning or alpha wisdom. Your mind has access to your energy mechanics but only through your alpha state. 

You must be in your alpha state to observe the function of the mind. If you are living through your beta condition, you are living a not-self life and you have no access to your energy mechanics. 

[0:12:41.7] All right, I want to paint you a picture. I want to paint you guys a verbal picture of what this looks like if you were able to see your energy mechanics with your human eyes. I have always used terms like “within you,” right? I have always used terms like “internal” or “inside you” but the truth is your spirit is not within you. Your body is within your spirit. 

Your energy mechanics are surrounding your cellular form. It’s like an egg that surrounds your body and it can vary in frequency and in vibration. Now, within this egg-like energy shell are multiple sources, centers or portals depending on how you want to think about them. Keep in mind brothers, what I am describing to you is theory. 

It is not something that we can see with our eyes although we can see it with our truth. It is known by the alpha state and as we continue to evolve into our individual alpha state, this aspect of our nature will become more clear. Now, within this energy shell are multiple sources that can be thought about like spheres. If you want to picture like a sphere, or even a vortex, right? 

Something that is like a wormhole almost, something that is either a ball shape, a spherical shape or it’s like a portal. It is like a vortex, like a wormhole, and these sources are connected to each other via channels of life force energy. 

These channels are energy currents that move through your unique energy matrix and it is these channels of energy that determine your unique energy mechanics and structure of truth which, when you harmonize your life with these channel sources and your energy mechanics, you will live a life of less resistance and discover your inner truth.

[0:14:29.8] All right brothers, I know this may be blowing your mind and a lot of you might be thinking that you’ve tuned into the wrong podcast but you haven’t. This is The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I promise you, I am Kevin Aillaud. I am delivering to you content for you to elevate your alpha state. I still teach the universal truth and the model of alignment. 

These are the fundamentals, they are the 1.0 curriculum. It’s like enrolling into an institution of higher learning, you always begin with 101 courses. Cognitive mastery and emotional ownership is 101 material, they are fundamental concepts. They pave the way for you to see your inner truth, for you to see your energy mechanics. 

We begin with cognitive mastery and emotional ownership so that we can decondition the mind from a lifetime of programming. Starting here is like laying a solid concrete foundation so that we can build the house. If I was to go straight into energy mechanics with any of you, if podcast episode number one was energy mechanics, it would be like building on sand because your mind still wants to believe it’s own not-self stories and it wants to believe all of its conditioning. 

I must begin with cognitive mastery, I must begin with guiding you into seeing your mind and once you see your mind, you will know that it is not you and that you will begin to see what is you, which is your energy mechanic. The mind is a complex structure, brother. I am not talking about the brain. The brain is also complex, don’t get me wrong, the brain is very complex but I am talking about the mind. 

I’m talking about consciousness. You guys have been with me for nearly three years and now, we are going to work into the 2.0. The 1.0 is required, you must go through 1.0 before proceeding and all students enrolling in the academy will begin with 101 courses. You will begin with the 1.0 curriculum. This is how you will discover yourself, my brother. 

[0:16:31.4] This is the methodology. If you have been considering enrolling in the academy and haven’t yet, then here are some reasons why beginning this program will change your life by revealing the truth of who you are. Here are some reasons why I offer you enroll in the academy. I mean, I have a bunch of them, right? 

You have a story in your mind that is creating fear or problems in your life. If you have a story in your mind, if you have a thought, if you have something that’s creating fears and problems in your life, it is time to enroll in the academy. If you think something is wrong with you or you feel deficient or broken for any reason, it’s time to enroll in the academy. 

If you don’t remember things, can’t make up your mind or can’t stop your thoughts, it’s time to enroll in the academy. If you don’t feel certain about things and think you should, it’s time to enroll in the academy. 

Brother, I could go on and on. If you don’t feel seen or heard, if you don’t know who you are or don’t feel like you belong, if you don’t have the capacity to go out and do what you say you’re going to do, you are either very emotional or void of emotions when it seems like you should have them. You can’t get started with projects that feel under constant pressure. 

How many of you feel pressure and stress? That is not you brother. Pressure and stress is not you. Pressure and stress does not come from you. It does not come from your mind, it comes from outside of you and it moves through you in that energy mechanic. 

[0:17:46.2] How about this? How about you lose track of time and you feel like you shouldn’t? How about you are someone with a spiritual inclination and don’t want to fall victim to the conditioning of religion? How about this? You want to feel confident when approaching other humans. You want to be intimate with people and speak to them in a way that empowers them and honors their vulnerability.

It is time to enroll in the academy, brother. How about this? You’re excited by the possibility of who you are when the stories about who you are not are removed. If you are excited about the possibility of who you are when your conditioning is gone, it is time to enroll in the academy and brothers, these are just a few of the reasons why enrolling in the academy will bring you what you seek. 

If you can’t tell, I am so excited about what is happening in the academy and I wanted to take this episode to dive into what’s happening in the 2.0 curriculum. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg because the tip of the iceberg is 10% right? They say the part of the iceberg you can see above the water, above the ocean, is like 10% of the entire iceberg. 

Brothers, this isn’t even the tip. This isn’t even 10%. This is like 1%, this is like a fraction of a percent, okay? You will learn so much in it. You will learn to recognize the forces that influence every thought, emotion and action, the energy mechanics driving the universal truth, while learning how to maintain your focus and direction.

How about that? You will learn how to integrate your energy mechanics with your intentional beliefs, values, desires while staying energized, passionate, on target and aligned with creating an authentic abundant life. And you know what? As we close out the August 1.0 curriculum in the academy, I will add that by enrolling in the academy you will discover your life purpose. 

[0:19:29.3] You will reconnect with your true desires and you will understand why this is the most important thing you must do to change your financial future. Brothers, I look forward to guiding you into yourself and being a witness to your awakened alpha. Forget all the external definitions of alpha male. Forget all of those erroneous behavioral and physical characteristics. 

There is only one definition of alpha male that concerns you and it is unique to you. It is your individual alpha and it is represented through your perfect one of a kind energy mechanics. I love you my friends and until next week, elevate your alpha. 


[0:20:15.0] ANNOUNCER: Thank you for listening to this episode of the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. If you enjoyed what you’ve heard and want even more, sign up for Unleash your Alpha: Your guide to shifting to the alpha mindset, at the