Welcome back, brothers. Today we will be discussing another analogy to help us understand the process of elevating our alpha states. This is the analogy of the puzzle, which describes the interconnectedness of all things, including us, and the role each of us plays in contributing to this wholeness.

To understand this puzzle, we need to first review two foundational concepts. Number one is that all things are connected. This oneness can be thought of as being composed of three layers that describe the invisible being made visible through the law of cause and effect. The second concept is that truth is subjective, a state each of us has to define for ourselves. Only after having defined our own truth can we say we have reached our alpha state.

The puzzle I speak about today is infinite, and composed of the three layers of oneness. The invisible truth is represented by the picture it displays, the law of cause and effect is articulated by the way the pieces fit together, and the visible realm of substance that all of us can see is analogous to the material that makes up the pieces. Each one of us forms a piece, and our unique truths, while being different, form a part of the image it displays.

Using this puzzle analogy, you will learn three lessons that will help you to love rather than judge others, to realize that people are the masters of their own choices, and to understand that whether people are in their beta or alpha states, the puzzle is as it should be. These are key lessons that need to be learned in the process of understanding what it means and what it takes to elevate your alpha, so tune in and get ready to have your mind blown!

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The alpha state is a pathless land where we find and live our own truths.
  • The analogy of the puzzle describes how our personal truths connect to oneness.
  • We accept others by understanding each piece is different and contributes to the whole.
  • When we think other puzzle pieces are in an inverted, beta state, it is us who are inverted.
  • It is not possible for us to change each other — we change ourselves.
  • Whether the puzzle pieces are in an alpha or beta state, the puzzle is as it should be.

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Okay. I’m going to get into another analogy for you guys to use, to help understand the process of elevating your alpha state and really start to apply some of these concepts in your life immediately, right away. I know that there’s a lot of confusion going on, in the United States and in the world right now. I think, it’s time to offer this concept that will help some of you to come to a place of peace, to come to a place of calm, enabling you to engage with the truth of who you are and live the life that you’re meant to live as an alpha male.

I want to begin with one of my teachers, one of my first teachers, because when I started to evolve as a coach, when I went from fitness to confidence and then landing in cognition, one of the first teachers that I learned from was a man named Jiddu Krishnamurti. I read everything I could find that he wrote, including speeches he gave in conversations and he had with some really amazing minds.

One of the most famous quotes is truth is a pathless land. He said, truth is a pathless land. This means that there is no one truth that exists for all people. That’s going to be the basis of what I talk to you guys about today. I want you to know that there are facts, right? Facts exist. Facts are facts. They’re immutable. Even facts in some ways, are not facts. For example, a rock is a rock. All humans see a rock and say rock, regardless of the language. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking Spanish, France, Italian, German, Japanese. Chinese. It doesn’t matter. We all have a word for rock. It’s not the language that’s important. The rock is a known object and language is simply what we use to describe it.

However, even a rock is a manifestation of our thought, in that what we see is what our human eyes will allow us to comprehend. There is way more to a rock. You pick up a rock in your hand and there’s way more to that object than the structure that you visually identify as a rock. Even facts are up to debate in some sense. Truth is not fact. Truth is subjective to this thinker. What is true for one person may not be true for another and this is self-evident.

The rock we all see and identify as a rock is a fact. The truth for one person may be that the rock is dangerous, well, the truth for another person might be that the rock is safe. For some people, the rock may be sharp and for other people, the rock may be dull. For some people, that is a beautiful rock. For other people, it is an ugly rock. Many, many more people, may be indifferent to it altogether. The truth is personal, while the facts are universal.

Now, the power of the words that Krishnamurti said lie in their simplicity, their accuracy and their succinctness. I want to repeat. Truth is a pathless land. There is no better way to describe the alpha state than that of a pathless land, open for you to explore and choose for yourself the truth that leads to the emancipation of the life within you. Remember brothers, there is only oneness. This is a philosophical concept that has been proven by science. It’s not a common sense philosophical concept. People don’t walk around saying that there’s only one, in that the illusion of separation is still prevalent in our society and in our education.

However, that being said, anyone who is an authority in the hard sciences will tell you that the smaller you get, the closer you get to looking at the smallest particles of what we consider to be matter, of what we can see in result and effect and form, the more we recognize that everything is connected and that space, or separation, or void, or whatever you want to call it is an illusion of living on a macro scale.

There appears to be space between you and other people, you and other objects. This is only because our interconnectedness is at such a micro-level, we can’t see the form of the matter that keeps us unified. That interconnectedness is so tiny, it’s so small. We may understand on a basic level the concept of radio and Wi-Fi, knowing that we can pick up these frequencies that are transmitted through what seems to be invisible waves, they only appear invisible due to our human experience, due to our human comprehension of what we understand. All of this is an illusion. The truth is we are one.

Furthermore, this oneness is eternal and infinite. Eternal in that it exists throughout time, reaching way into the past, to the beginning of time and extending into the future, to the end of time. Now, even as I say that, I want you to know that there isn’t even such a thing. Because to begin and to end is a construct of linear movement. It only exists in the human mind. Time as it moves is a human thought. There is only the now. It is eternal and that exists in all time and always in the now.

The oneness is also infinite and that exists in all of space that we understand. It is a oneness where the center is everywhere and the boundary is nowhere. This oneness is whole. It is complete in its three components. I’ve talked to you guys about the three components before. The three components are the invisible vibration, the law of cause and effect and the visible creation. It is not three things. It is one thing that is complete and whole and how we understand it as three things. There’s not three different things. There’s not the vibration, the law and the creation. There is the one thing that is all three things.

Okay. I know that may sound super esoteric and spiritual, but you guys know me. You guys know I’m not a woo-woo spiritual guy. I am not someone who subscribes to conjecture without scientific evidence. I utilize a scientific method. I don’t teach concepts that aren’t backed by science and research. It’s true that what I teach may at one point, have been considered to be spiritual, maybe even considered to be religious. You might have heard this somewhere in your religious practice, or in your spiritual practice.

It is in fact spiritual. However, it is not religious, because what is formally spiritual always becomes the current scientific, the current science. I don’t deny that what I offer to you in some ways is hidden spiritual knowledge. However, it is scientifically demonstrable with hypothesis, experimentation and analysis, which is why the academy is full of students applying this knowledge and watching their lives change with intention and purpose every single day.

Don’t take my word for it, brothers. Take the words of my students. You’re welcome to become a student and take your own word. Apply this to your own experience. There is a oneness that is one thing itself. The thing itself, the invisible. There is the one law and there is the one form. Now, I’m going to explain to you what your piece of this oneness is through an analogy I call the puzzle of life.

We’re going to get into this. Imagine a puzzle. Imagine a puzzle with an infinite number of pieces. This is a flat puzzle in three dimensions, like any puzzle that you might have done as a kid before video games and the interwebs were created. I’m talking about a puzzle that you put together with all the pieces. You got a box of it. It’s 500 pieces, a 1,000 pieces. You dump it out. You got all these little broken pieces. They all stick together and their very intricate ways, where no piece can fit into the same spot, so every interlink is different.

Now, this is the old school puzzle. Unlike these puzzles that we used to do as kids, or at least I used to do as a kid, this puzzle has no border, okay. This puzzle is infinite. It expands on this two-dimensional plane in all directions forever. Now it is a three-dimensional puzzle in that it has a top and a bottom. It has some height to it. Each puzzle piece has a top, which is going to show the picture. It’s going to show the overall picture of what the puzzle aims to display when it’s all put together. The bottom of the puzzle piece is the blank cardboard. It has no image on it.

This puzzle is also eternal. I mentioned that. It’s timeless. All the pieces exist right here and now. You can say that some of the pieces exist in the past and some of the pieces exist in the future, but it’s eternal, so that all the pieces are existing right now. Any piece that exists in the past is here now. Any piece that existed in the future is here now. There is no time with this puzzle. That’s why it is infinite. Time as we understand it is an illusion. To say that this puzzle is eternal is to say that there is only the now. The past and the future are simply construct of our own human experience, of our own human mind.

First, I want to make sure that you understand what this puzzle is. You have an image of this puzzle in your mind. I know it’s going to be difficult to comprehend fully, because it’s infinite and it’s eternal. If you can see this puzzle, this puzzle where there’s an image being shown on the top, there’s a picture on the top. On the bottom, there’s just the cardboard. There’s no image. It’s just this brown cardboard that we know as the blankness.

If you can see this puzzle in your mind, we can move on. It’s infinite and it’s all in the now. Now, the puzzle itself is the oneness. That’s what I mentioned earlier in the episode. The puzzle itself is the oneness, that it’s the all things that are invisible. It’s that realm of vibration. It’s the law of cause and effect and it is also all things visible, so it’s all of creation. The image, the picture that the puzzle creates when you put it together, that’s the realm of the invisible. That’s the realm of the vibration.

What we see on the top, the picture itself is the visible when we observe the puzzle. We see that the picture itself. We see the image in this analogy, but it is invisible in that how we understand it, it is the spirit, it is the energy, it is the electricity, it is the gravity, it is the thing itself, which we know exists, yet we cannot comprehend. We cannot comprehend gravity. We know gravity exists, but we have no idea what it is. We know electricity exists, but we have no idea what it is. We know how it works and we know the effect of it, but we don’t know what it is. We know it exists, but there’s no comprehension.

The way the puzzle fits together, the way the pieces fit together, the way they interlink with all those interlinking parts, that is the law. That’s the law of cause and effect. Then, the puzzle itself, the thing that it’s actually made of, not the image, not the picture on top, or the way it fits together, but the actual cardboard, the actual pieces that make up the cardboard three-dimensional thing, that’s the visible. That is the form.

Now, the puzzle itself is complete. That’s the last thing I want you to know. The puzzle itself is complete. It’s always whole. It’s always there. It is infinite in that it goes on in all directions, but there’s no missing pieces. There is always only an infinitely formed cardboard puzzle. This my friends is the totality of creation and form. All of our form, all of our result, all of our effect is complete. There’s no missing piece from this puzzle. That is always a result, is always complete, is always a product, is always form, it is always effect.

Now, let’s get into this concept. I do want you to stay with me on this, because I’m going to be dropping some knowledge bombs. I don’t want you to be ducking under tables, because these bombs aren’t going to hurt you, but they are going to blow your mind. If you get lost, go back and listen to the first 10 minutes of the episode, listen to it again to understand what I’m talking about with this puzzle. Because understanding this concept is important in setting up this analogy.

Each puzzle piece is a human being. Okay, you are a piece. I am a piece. Each of your family members is a piece. Each of my family members is a piece. All of our friends are pieces. That cute girl at the cafe is a piece. That hot woman at the club is a piece. Your UPS guy’s a piece, your customers and your potential customers are a piece, your boss, your employees, your co-workers, they’re all pieces, all the people living in China, all the people living in Italy, Argentina, Ecuador, all the people living in Thailand, all the people living in Indonesia and Australia, all the people throughout the continent of Africa are all pieces.

Christians are pieces. Muslims are pieces. Jews are pieces. Hindus are pieces. Buddhists are pieces and atheists are pieces. Democrats are pieces. Republicans are pieces. Libertarians are pieces. Conservatives are pieces. Socialists are pieces and apolitical people are pieces. Whatever you believe, whatever you think, whatever your personal paradigm of life is it does not matter. All people are a piece of this puzzle.

The beliefs, the differences are the pictures that are on the top, and I’m going to get back to that in a moment. Now, truth is a pathless land. Remember, that’s what Jiddu Krishnamurti said. Truth is a pathless land. Your personal truth is the eternal and infinite goodness flowing through you, for you and for all people and for all of creation. Here we go, brothers. This is it. Are you ready? We’re going to get into this.

Each of us is a piece of this eternal, infinite oneness. We are it and it is us. The thing itself is the entire image of the puzzle. The thing itself is the picture on the top. When it’s put together and all the pictures on the top, all the images are faced up. There’s this infinite image. There’s this infinite picture. Each of us is only a fraction, or a piece. We’re a piece of this puzzle. We only have a fraction of what this infinite wholeness is. We only have a part of the whole truth. We are a piece of the truth and that piece that we are of the truth is our personal truth. This is our alpha state. We are when we are in our alpha state, a piece of the whole that is an infinite oneness, that is the image of eternal goodness and unconditional love.

Our alpha state is our piece of goodness and love. It is within us at all times. The picture, that image printed on the top of our piece of the puzzle is our piece of the one. It’s our piece of the whole. We are as it is. We cannot be separate from it, because there is nothing else. There is nothing outside of this puzzle. Remember, this puzzle is all there is. It is the entirety, the totality of creation. This puzzle is all things invisible. It’s all images. It’s all pictures. It’s the visible. It’s all the form. It’s all the cardboard itself. There are no missing pieces. You are never missing. You are never separate from this one whole thing.

When we’re in our alpha state, we are side up. We are demonstrating. We are expressing our part of the puzzle, our piece of this infinite image. We are connected to the whole oneness. We fit easily into the total puzzle. We fit, because we’re faced up and because that’s the way the law works. We’re expressing our alpha state through the law and connected to the oneness. We are this image and this image is us. When we are in our alpha state, we’re connected to ourselves, because this is who we are. We are this picture and we are connected to the one whole, because we are receiving the one whole image, the one whole truth, the complete thing itself, through this picture, through our alpha state.

We don’t have the whole image though. We don’t have the whole thing. We don’t see what the whole picture is. We only have our own little piece of this puzzle. This is our likeness to the whole. It is our personal truth, our likeness of the thing itself. The whole oneness itself.

Another human, another man, another woman who is in their alpha state, has a different image of this piece. They have a different image on their piece of the puzzle. However, just because they have a different picture, they have a different part of the entire image, they’re a different piece, they still have the same likeness as the whole. They’re still a part of the great goodness, because the whole is the one image. It is the same image in whole as a part of the entire picture and completes the image.

However, their piece may be different from our own. It must be different of our own. Our piece might have leaves on it, it might have trees on it, might have bushes on it. Their piece might have clouds, or buildings, or cars, or animals, because their piece is in a different part of the whole. It’s in a different part of the whole puzzle. Their image on their piece of the puzzle will not be the same as ours. Yet, it is 100% required to complete the whole.

When we see their image, we might say wrong, bad, change, fix, do something else, be something different. The reason we say that is because we’re looking at our piece and we’re thinking that our piece is the way. We say, this is the truth. This is the way. We have this picture of a tree. You must be a tree. If you’re not expressing a tree, then you’re wrong.

We have this image where we think, we may be Christian, or we may be Muslim and then we see somebody who is Jewish, or we see someone who’s Hindu and we say, “No, this is wrong. You have the wrong thing. You need to be like us. You need to have this image. You need to have this picture.” Or, maybe we’re republicans, or we’re democrats and we say to libertarians, “You are wrong.” I guess, a better way to say is maybe we’re a democrat and we’re saying that republicans are wrong and we’re a republican, we’re saying democrats are wrong. That seems to be the bipartisan thing happening in the United States these days.

We have our own image. We’re looking at this thing. We’re looking at the car that’s on our piece of the puzzle. Maybe it’s a part of the tire, or the part of the bumper. We say, “Look, this is a part of the car.” You over there, you’re expressing a tree. How can you be expressing a tree? This image is showing a car. You have to show a car. You have to become a part of this car. This car is what we have to see. This car is what we have to create in this image.

The other person’s over there saying, “No, no, no. It’s a jungle. Look, I’m a tree. Look, my image has a tree. There’s a tree here. You must be a tree. You’re a metal object, you’re a rubber tire. How could you be a rubber tire if you’re in the jungle? This is not right. This is not good. You need to change. You need to be something different,” because their image is different.

However, neither one of them can be different. You cannot be different. I cannot be different, because they are in their alpha state a different piece of the whole that has a different section of the oneness of all that is. They look at you and say the same thing that you say when you look at them. They say wrong, bad, change, fix, do something else, be something different, because their image is not your image. Both images are perfect, in that they are of the one whole when we are in our alpha state. Both images are required to be a complete part of the universal goodness and love, that is the truth, the whole truth, the entire oneness that we all are a part of, yet only a fraction of expression.

Now, this is the first illusion, brothers. The first illusion is you got to understand, there is no one way. There is no one truth. There is the one whole and we receive, we each receive our portion of the whole, which is our personal truth. That is the image on our individual piece. When we come to see this and we come to know that we are only a piece of the whole and that other people are their pieces of the whole, we start to move towards acceptance and we start to move towards love.

To be in your alpha state and see another human in their alpha state expressing their truth is to accept that their choices are their choices, their beliefs are their beliefs, their lives are their lives and that your image is not dependent on what their image is. You don’t have to change them to believe what you believe. You don’t have to change their alpha to live in your alpha. You can have two different images. Two people can have two different images. In fact, they must in fact, have two different images. It’s required in order to complete the whole puzzle.

Do not judge another human being by their image, because they are a part of the same puzzle. They are part of the same whole image that you are. You know what? It’s not the image. The image is only they’re part of the whole truth. They’re actually made of, their essence is the same cardboard that you are. They are a puzzle piece, just like you. It is not I am right and they are wrong. It is always we are both right and we have only a piece of understanding of the rightness, or goodness that comes from the whole.

It’s not an either/or statement. It is an and both statement. It is a mathematical intersection of parts to determine the whole. The whole, the completeness of the one is by its nature, inductive. It is complete in itself and it fractions off pieces of itself to each one of us. We are, humans are by our humanness, deductive. We only see our fraction. We only see our piece of the puzzle and we try to put these little pieces together to create the truth from the sum of the parts. This is lesson number one.

Now, if that is the alpha state, if the alpha state is being image up and judging other people in their image up, saying that your alpha state, your expression of truth is wrong and my expression of truth is right, then what happens when we’re in the beta condition? The beta condition is when your puzzle piece is upside down, when that image is down and the blank cardboard side is up. In this condition, there are three things that happen. What happens to your image? What happens to your picture? What happens with the law, the law of cause and effect and then what happens with the piece itself?

I’m going to start with the latter. I’m going to start with what happens with the piece itself, because I want you to know that nothing happens, nothing at all happens. You’re still going to be cardboard. You’re still going to be this cardboard piece of the puzzle. You are a part of the puzzle and you are still in the right place and the right time. These things are immutable. You can never be in the wrong place. You can never be at the wrong time. You cannot be something other than what you are in form. You cannot be anything other than a cardboard piece of puzzle.

We’re talking about an infinite puzzle. That’s all there is. That’s what you are. You can’t be something other than that. In addition, you cannot be removed from this puzzle. Remember, the puzzle is complete and whole, there are no missing pieces. You are always and I want you to hear me now, because this is true. I want you to hear me and understand this. You are always, always a part of the whole. You are always a part of the one. The puzzle is you and you are the puzzle. You are an effect of creation. You are the image. You are the form of the puzzle.

Your piece is the same form as the entire puzzle, just like a drop of the ocean is the ocean. It’s a drop from the ocean. Within that drop, contains everything that is contained in the ocean. It is all cardboard. The entire puzzle is cardboard and you are a piece of this cardboard. They were just a fraction of it. You cannot be something different. The piece itself is perfect. It is unchanged. It is whole. It is complete, even when it’s upside down, even when the picture side is down.

Now, what happens when the piece connects with the rest of the puzzle? What happens with the law? It doesn’t. It doesn’t fit. If you take a piece of puzzle and you flip it over and try to fit it in that spot, it’s not going to fit, it’s not going to connect and this is the law, this is the law of cause and effect, because it’s the way the pieces fit together when your image is down in your beta condition, the law is still working for you. It’s still working through you. It just doesn’t fit together correctly. It seems like a struggle. It seems difficult and hard. It seems forced. It seems forced and not quite right. It’s the same as trying to force a piece of a puzzle that’s upside down into the place it’s supposed to go. It’s not going to fit.

You can’t flip it over and think it’s going to fit in there. You got to force it in there. You got to get in there and it’s not quite. This is what happens, because the law itself is impersonal. It’s not going to judge you. It’s not going to come out and say like, you need to flip over. Flip yourself over. Get in your alpha state and you’re going to fit. The law doesn’t do that. The law just allows you, the piece of this puzzle to remain inverted and disconnected, detached.

Now, since the image is down, since the picture is down, you are disconnected from yourself, you’re disconnected from yourself and therefore, you’re disconnected from the whole. Now, the beta condition doesn’t feel disconnected. You don’t feel disconnected from yourself, because you’re always a cardboard piece. You’re always you. You’re like, “Well, I’m me, so I’m not the one that disconnected.”

What happens is you are disconnected from the other pieces. You’re disconnected from the pieces around you, because you’re not fitting. This creates fear. It creates anger. It creates hatred. It creates blame, complaining and resentment. The inverted piece says it’s not me that doesn’t fit, it’s everyone around me. I’m just fine. Everybody around me needs to change. This projection is from a lack of connection with the alpha state, the image of goodness and love and the whole that is all things. This is what happens to the image. It is suppressed. It is faced down. It is detached from the source. It’s detached from the whole. We start to blame others. This is illusion number two.

When we’re in our beta condition, we don’t change into the alpha state. We don’t just say, “Well, I’m in my beta condition and everybody else needs to change to meet with me.” We don’t become something different. We don’t become a different piece of the puzzle, which is to say, we don’t create a new life by changing our circumstances and then thinking we’re different, because we’re in a new environment.

We also don’t alter the shape of our piece within the puzzle to fit while we’re still having that picture down. We don’t change our people pleasing. We don’t get into people pleasing. We don’t get into manipulation with the people around us, so that we can fit in. We don’t try to flip the others over. We don’t want to flip the other pieces around us over into their beta condition, just so that we can fit. This is a trick. It’s a trick of the mind and it comes from that trickster. It comes from that beta condition trickster.

Instead, what we do is we elevate our alpha state. We don’t change others. We don’t change our circumstance. We elevate our alpha state by flipping our piece over. We go picture up. We connect to ourselves, we connect with other pieces and we connect with the whole itself. This isn’t done through creation, or efforts. We don’t create our environment, so that we can change. We don’t effort other people, or force ourselves into people pleasing and manipulation. This is done through the emancipation of the life within, by accepting our responsibility as human beings to dismiss our personal doubts and fears. This is lesson number two.

Now, what about the people that see in the puzzle, who are in their beta condition as we exist in our alpha state? Let’s say, you’re in your alpha state, you’re expressing your personal truth, you’re expressing your personal truth, not from what other people have conditioned you to believe, but from what you have chosen to believe from your own consciousness and from your volition. Now, maybe these people are right next to you. They’re sitting right next to you in the puzzle. They’re your closest friends and they’re your relatives, they’re your family, they’re your romantic partnerships. They’re linked to us when they’re in their alpha state, but they’re disconnected from themselves and they’re disconnected from us when they flip over and they’re in their beta condition, which is the cardboard side up.

Maybe they’re not. Maybe they’re across the puzzle from us. Maybe we can just see them. They’re not close to us in terms of friendship, or relationship, like romance, or anything like that, but they’re across the state. There are these other people that are saying these things, or maybe we see them on Facebook and we see that they’re inverted. They’re in their beta condition. They’re struggling to connect. What do we do? What do we do as alpha men? Do we change them? Do we try to flip them over? Do we tell them that they need to be different, to tell them, “Hey, you”? Do we shout at them from across the puzzle and say, “Hey, flip over. You’re creating a disconnect from the whole. You’re harming the people around you with your forced and inauthentic connection efforts. Stop, you fool. Stop and flip over.”

No. No, brother. No, we don’t do that, my friend, because this is your beta condition. This is you inverted. If this is you, then you are the one that is cardboard side up and this is the mirror principle. What you think about others, when you think about other people, tells you nothing about them and everything about yourself. If you think someone is inverted, if you think someone’s in their beta condition, if you think someone’s wrong, if you think someone needs to be fixed, or need to be changed and you force them to change, then that is you that is truly inverted. That is you that is the cardboard side up. That’s you in your beta.

When you see that people are inverted, when you see that people are suffering and you accept them, you accept them in their suffering as a part of the whole, a perfect puzzle piece that is suffering from their inversion from their disconnection and you accept them with compassion, and with compassion you offer them only the opportunity to help themselves. Not to help them, but to help them help themselves, then you are in your alpha state, because you’re not trying to change what you have no power to change and you’re showing up with love for your brothers and sisters in the puzzle. This is illusion three, my friends.

The whole is always perfect. The puzzle is always complete. You can’t harm the puzzle. You can’t harm the whole. You can’t harm the other people who are in their alpha state. You can’t do permanent damage to yourself when you’re in your beta condition. The whole puzzle is always perfect. It’s always complete, even when the pieces don’t fit together, even when their images are down, even when we have people in their beta condition and they’re struggling and fighting and resisting and they’re forcing themselves into this puzzle. The puzzle itself is always perfect. It’s always the way it’s meant to be.

The puzzle will always exist, brother. The puzzle will always be as it is. The images will always be there, even when they’re faced down. You can’t harm other people either. Each piece of this puzzle chooses what they want, whether they want the image to be up and express their truth through their alpha state, or whether they want their image to be down, or disconnected from their truth and they’re trying to change other people. If you’re in your beta condition and you think that you’ve turned someone else into their beta condition, if you think you’ve manipulated, if you think you’ve done something that you’ve changed this person, you’ve people pleased and you’ve made them something they’re not, then I want you to know that you haven’t. You can’t do that.

If you think you’ve manipulated someone, like an adjoining piece of yours, so that you can fit while you’re faced down, then I want you to know, that was their choice to flip over. It’s always the individual’s choice to be image down, or image up. If they choose to be image down, so that they can link with you, that’s up to them. You did not flip them over. It’s impossible for you to do that. It’s no more possible for you to flip someone face down with manipulation, so that they’ll fit with you when you’re in your beta condition, then it’s possible to flip someone’s face up so that they’ll be in their alpha state.

Only they can do that through their own volition. It is never you, my friend. It is always the life within them and how they choose to connect with it, or be disconnected from it. By the same truth, you can never harm yourself, unless you let them. No one can ever harm you, unless you let them. Mentally, people can harm you if you abdicate that power that you have over your cognitive emotive state. If you just say, “I’m just going to let this person do damage to me by believing all the horrible things that they say about me,” that’s your choice. You don’t have to believe those things.

You can also let people harm you physically with your lack of boundaries, but that’s still your choice. You can never do any permanent damage to yourself when you’re in your beta condition. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been imaged down your entire life. The image itself, the picture itself is always there. It’s always a part of you. It is always a piece of the puzzle. You are always a piece of the whole. You are always worthy, capable, strong, amazing, complete and lovable. You always have this picture of the eternal oneness and unconditional love and goodness within you.

No other piece is dependent on you, nor you on it. It is not your responsibility to make all the pieces image up. It is only your responsibility to make your own image up, by facing and defeating all false images of fear and doubt and expressing the goodness and love that comes from within you. This is lesson number three.

Now, I know this podcast is getting long, so I’m just going to wrap it up here and explain to you what it all means. Because what does it all mean? What am I saying here? Number one, I’m saying that it means that the puzzle is whole and perfect. The world as it is in form is perfect. This present moment as it’s offered to each of us is a gift, number one.

Number two, it means that you have a choice to be image up or image down. The choice you make doesn’t change your nature. You are a piece of the whole and perfect in image and likeness of the whole. It means that the picture of the whole is always a part of you, even when you are inverted in your beta condition. It’s not gone. It doesn’t disappear. You feel disconnected from yourself and from the whole, but the truth is you are never really disconnected. You are only disconnected in your mind, in your thought. The image is always there. Just difficult to see, because it’s face down. You’re never disconnected from the whole either. That’s another thought. It’s only a disconnect and thought, because the law is working for you and your thoughts are struggling with fitting in.

They’re creating evidence, which is confirmation bias that you are lost, or that you are empty. Brother, this is all simply thought error. You my friend, my perfect friend are a part of the puzzle of life, the oneness of all things, your purpose is to emancipate this life from within you by showing your piece of the whole image, which is to say, to be your authentic self. It will be different than other pieces. Other pieces don’t have to go along with you. You don’t have to go along with other pieces. You must be different. By definition, do not judge other people by their differences. Love them for their differences. Love them for their visual, political, religious, characteristics, sexual differences. Whatever belief or choices they make that are different than yours, love them for that, because that is their expression of their part of the truth.

When we put them altogether, we understand the entirety of the one. Their difference is their purpose, their alpha and their part of the whole. We are a species of one. We are a spirit of one. There is only the one. In unity, we will thrive, in division we will fall. The time is now for you to seek your personal truth that lives within you, to emancipate the life source that is your alpha state and find peace in the power of internal volition and external acceptance and appreciation of that whole.

Enroll in the academy and begin the training that will free you from unconscious suffering, external validation, people-pleasing, finger-pointing and judgment of your brothers and sisters. Now is your time. Now is the only time. Until next week, my friend, elevate your alpha.


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