Ep #261: Casting A Net

The cutoff for the forthcoming Awaken the One retreat is fast approaching and there are only a few spots left! September 11th marks the final day for sign-ups, ensuring you have ample time to plan your journey to Columbia on October 8th. With limited slots left and not much time to go, move fast! I eagerly await our collective transformation.

Last week I began exploring the concept of casting a net as an analogy for what you allow to impact and govern your thoughts, and by extension, your life. You have the choice of which coastlines to throw your line from, the type of fish you aim to reel in, their quantity and size, and it’s up to you to adjust your net to grow as an individual.

Today, I delve deeper into this concept, starting with quantum physics. And specifically the mathematical side of it, because that’s the real root of quantum sciences. What quantum physics shows us mathematically is that at the most fundamental level of everything, what we find is unity and oneness. And that’s the beauty of it all, brothers. We are interconnected with each other, not just on a physical and atomic level, but on an energy level that we can’t even begin to understand, because we come into consciousness through the human realm of separation.

Now, when it comes to casting our nets we are doing so in a vast and endless ocean. The sea is undetermined; it is pure potential. It can literally be anything. It is our thoughts, the nets, that limit what the ocean — and by extension, the world — can be. The fish is what we draw back, and what we get from our thoughts and beliefs, the way we experience the world. That’s where we experience the sea.

But we don’t experience the sea in all its infinite potential. We only experience the sea based on what we pull out of it in our nets. And we make assumptions about the sea, based on what we get from our nets. Limiting ourselves in the process. But we can learn to change this! So join me today brothers as we embark on this journey where we learn to change our thoughts, and as a result, our reality too!


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • What the mathematics of quantum physics teaches us about unity and oneness.
  • Achieving enlightenment by seeing the world the way it is.
  • Vibration is the movement between kinetic energy and potential energy.
  • The sea is infinite potential and we limit it based on our beliefs.
  • Our thoughts as the net: learning to cast a different net and acquire new beliefs.

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