Brothers, throughout the history of this podcast, I am always reminding you of the universal truth that everything is one, everything is perfect, and you are in control of living your life of perfection. And today, we will be diving deep into the first part of that truth, which is oneness. Everything that exists is one. You are one. I am one. We are one. And in your oneness lies love and perfection. 

Now, that may seem blasphemous to you, to state that you are oneness itself, and that’s okay, that’s you living within the models of construction. What I want for you is freedom; an escape from the lies being told to you by the ego and the matrix. And to achieve that freedom, you need to first understand the function of the mind in order to surrender it from its seat of power and authority over your life. 

The mind only exists to make your thoughts real. That’s it. That’s the entire function of the mind. We live in a dream state made real by our minds as they feed the illusions of the matrix. But you are not your mind. You are your heart, your soul, and you are perfect in your oneness. Once you understand that, brother, you will be on the path to freedom. 

Brothers, do you wake up from a dream and accost yourself for the action you took in that dream? Of course not! So, you need to stop beating yourself up about your past, about not living up to societal expectations, about upholding the standards you set out for yourself. Because those are all constructs of the mind, brothers. They are not real. You are perfect exactly as you. So I implore you to enroll in my course, take the necessary steps to begin your journey to freedom, and continue to elevate your alpha.


What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • Today, we will be talking about how everything is one. 
  • The two-part process of freedom; waking up from the lies of the ego and matrix. 
  • Understanding the function of the mind and surrendering it from its seat of power.
  • Knowing that you are all the oneness itself. 
  • Letting go of your past (and everything else) and forgiving yourself for what never happened.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence.

Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:31] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to the Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. Last week, I mentioned a couple of things that are the foundation of everything I teach. Do you guys remember this? Your brothers, you remember this? I’m going to back up real quickly before moving forward, because I think that this bears some importance. It bears remembering. There are two things I want to mention. First, there are the three foundational truths that I use as the basis of all teaching and guiding. If you remember from last week, they are, everything is one, everything is perfect, and you are completely 100% in control of your own experience.

Now the second follows from the first, which is what we’re going to talk about today. We’re going to talk about everything is one. Last week, I talked about the second, everything is perfect. Everything is perfect, flows from everything is one. Today, I’m going to talk about that. Everything is one. Also, the third follows from the second. Through the flaw, of course, it follows through the illusion of separation. I taught on the third that you’re 100% in control of your experience, a couple of weeks ago in the title of emotional responsibility and manuals.

Now, the reason these are the foundational truths that I use is because they are the basis of divinity and oneness. Everything is one is divine truth. Everything is perfect as divine love. You being in control of your own experience is divine presence. In fact, living in the present moment is a part of this and is known as the divine instant. There are more, as you’re all aware of, and living through divinity is the quintessence of your alpha state, it’s the quintessence of being an alpha male. Cognitive mastery, emotional ownership, manifestation, self-confidence, all of these are skills and byproducts of remembering that you are a perfect soul of oneness, not a split and fractured mind of ego.

[0:02:22] KA: The universal truth is a part of this. However, it only begins the journey. The universal truth begins the journey, which is why I focused on this concept for the first 18 to 24 months of this podcast. Now, the second thing I want to mention is the process itself. Brothers, we have been taught to use the mind. We’ve been taught to worship the mind, to build the mind, to strengthen the mind, to sharpen the mind and to trust the mind. That is the basis of being a human being. Everything is around building this idea of mind dominance. We’ve been guided by the mind to love the mind, like being taught to love fire by the arsonist. However, it’s not the mind that shows us who we are. It is the mind that points us to and draws us into the illusion of who we are not.

The ego and the matrix are powerful allies and together create a strong gravitational force. The matrix draws in the ego with false pleasure and distraction and the ego goes toward creating and building the matrix. Together they create a symbiotic relationship. Without the ego, the matrix disappears. Without the matrix, the ego has no illusion to amuse itself with. It is the ego that creates the illusion of separation and it is the illusion of separation that builds, maintains, and gives power to the matrix. We are locked in this illusion through the mind, through the beta condition, which is the ego. It is therefore why I have the two-part process of freedom. The two-part process of remembering, returning to, and living through your soul, which is the Alpha State.

Now, brothers, the first part is the Academy. I’ve talked about the Academy many, many times, many, many times on this podcast. The Academy is the first part because it uses the mind to understand the mind. Most humans do not understand the mind. They identify with it, which I’m going to talk about next week. Most humans believe they are the mind. They believe they are the identity of the mind, the beta condition, the ego, and they believe that this identity, that the ego has created.

Most humans don’t know that identities are thoughts, that they’re stories. In fact, when someone asks you, who you are? What do you say? What do you say, brother? Somebody says, who are you? You give a name, right? Who are you? I’m Kevin. That’s a lie. That’s a story. It’s an identity. It’s a thought. It’s an idea. It’s an image. It happens all the time. Please, please tell me about yourself. Somebody says, tell me about yourself. How do you respond? Probably with a series of stories, I would imagine, right? I would guess that you respond with thoughts about your family, your occupation, maybe your hobbies and activities, maybe your skills and talents, maybe even religious, political or communal affiliations. I’m not saying this is wrong, brothers.

I’m only saying it is a story. It is all a part of the illusion. It’s a part of the dream.

When you go to sleep at night and have a dream, do you wake up from your dream and tell people who you are based on what happened in that dream? Of course you don’t, right? If you have a dream that you’re flying or that you can breathe underwater, which are two dreams that I have quite frequently, I don’t wake up and tell people when they ask me like, what do I like to do? I don’t tell people I like to fly and I to breathe underwater, because they’re dreams. When you wake up, you know your dreams are just dreams, right?

Well, I love to be the one to break this to you, my friend, my brother, my beloved brother. This is a dream. Life is a dream. We are living in the illusion of a dream. This is not who you are. Nothing that changes can ever be the truth of who you are. You are not the body. You are not the identity. You are not the feelings. You are not the actions. I know, I know. It’s counterintuitive. I get that. How many times have you heard growing up as a man, as a boy, as a human, have you heard, your actions are what define you, right? How many times have you heard your word is your bond? Your character is based on what you do.

[0:06:14] KA: I know it’s counterintuitive, which is why it’s called waking up, because everyone else is asleep and living out the same programming of the dream. I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m only saying it isn’t real, and because we have given so much power and authority to the mind, we must use the mind to understand the mind and this is the academy. This is part one of the journey. The academy is all about understanding the function of the mind. It uses the mind to understand the mind. It uses the mind to separate the mind from its seat of power and authority and moves it to its rightful place in the human experience, because the only job of the mind is to make your thoughts real. That’s it. That’s all. There’s no other function.

I mean, yeah, there’s inspiration and all that, but that’s just a function of making your thoughts real. Inspiration comes from another place and once you grab it, your mind’s only job is to make it real. The mind wants more, right? The beta condition wants more. It wants you to believe that it is the power. In fact, it wants you to believe that you are it. This then becomes the ego or the beta condition. We begin with part one, understanding the function of the mind. Then we move to part two, surrendering the mind from its seat of power, from its seat of authority and control. This shifts all awareness into the heart and reminds you that you are one with all of creation. This is the perspective of the soul. This is your true nature. This is the alpha state.

Brothers, you are not meant to suffer. You are not meant to suffer. You are not meant to struggle. None of you. None of us. Not my brothers or my sisters. Not a single brother or sister here on this planet came here to earth to suffer. That is not the point of the human experience. We came here to experience who we are, which is love. We are love, because that is all there is. Love is one. Love has no opposite.

Part two is the path, the program you enter when you complete the academy. There is a two-part process. I wanted to open with this, because a lot of what I’ve been teaching lately has been from the level of the path. I know that some of you, many of you are reaching out from your split mind and confusion. I want to offer this to you as I always have. You are ready. If you are listening to this podcast, hear my words now. You are ready.

If you are listening to this podcast, your soul, your alpha state is ready for you to begin this journey. Enroll now in the academy and begin this journey. The only journey there ever was. The only journey there ever is. The journey that leads you right to where you are. A journey of no distance and with no destination other than where you already are and have always been, right here, right here. Which is everywhere.

Now, the last thing I will mention before moving on to the content, which I’ve already begun in some ways, as you can probably tell, is that this journey is about five years long. Whoa. Yes, yes, yes. I know what that does to your condition split mind. I know what happens in the beta condition when I tell you that you are about to begin a journey of five years, fear, doubt, worry, dismissiveness, that neediness for instant gratification. I get it, brothers. I understand. Having been there myself.

Can it happen faster? Yes, of course. It can happen now. Right now. It can happen in this instant, but it usually doesn’t. I offer five years in this process, two years in the academy and three years in the path. The reason why I do that is because of the power of the ego, because of the authority we’ve given to the mind, because the amount of conditioning that we’ve gone through. At some point in the path, the full awakening occurs, and then that’s it. Then you’re done. There is no turning back. There’s no seeing the world the same way again. It’s a mutation, both genetic mutation and energetic mutation.

Okay, brothers, so now that I’ve gotten all that out, let’s get into this episode. Everything is one. The episode is called Oneness, but the truth is the divine truth is that everything is one. This is the quintessence of what is real. What is real cannot be threatened and what is unreal doesn’t exist. This is the foundation of oneness. The foundation of what I teach and guide. It is a quote from a course in miracles, but it goes by many titles. Unity consciousness, I am consciousness, Christ consciousness, Buddha nature. It all has to do with returning to the truth.

[0:10:27] KA: Brothers, there is only oneness. There’s only love. There’s only one. You are that one. I am that one. We are that one. Everything is one. This is the result of the surrendering of the split mind and the awakened heart, the remembered soul. The only thing that experiences you is you. The only thing that you experience is you. This is the same thing said from your perspective and the perspective of the other, which are not the same. Perspective is an illusion of the split mind, the beta condition. There are different perspectives and those perspectives are not truth. They’re illusions. The truth is one perspective, which is love. There’s only love. There’s only presence and there is only oneness.

The problem is trying to explain this in a podcast. The problem is that I’m using words, symbols, images that must be understood by the mind. The mind will always filter the truth through its own illusion. This is the meaning behind the alpha male tenant. You don’t see the world the way it is. You see the world the way you are, because as I say these words, if you hear them with your outer ears, the ears on your head, you’ll be filtering the words and distorting them according to your split mind, according to the beta condition, your ego. But when you hear these words with your inner ears, the ears of your heart, your spirit, your soul, your alpha state, then you will feel the truth. You will know the truth that has always been true, that you are one with everything.

Brother, you are love. You are the all oneness itself. I’ll say that again. You are the all oneness itself. If you have a strong religious conditioning, this may sound like blasphemy and I get that as well. I understand that all divisive religions aim to control and place their own beliefs over the belief of others by telling you that you yourself are God. I’m committing a huge sin, right? I’m committing the sin of blasphemy, but I’m saying it. I’m saying it. You are God, because there’s only everything. God is everything. You are part of everything. I mean, the logic table is sound. I’m committing a huge sin of blasphemy and yet I will tell you that there is no such thing as sin. No sin has ever been or ever will be committed, because none of this is real.

This is all an illusion. It’s all an illusion created by the ego. Everything in this world is a part of change and therefore not real. Only oneness, only love, only perfection. These things do not change. Oneness is whole. It doesn’t change. Perfection is truth. It doesn’t change. Love has no opposite. It is always constant and doesn’t change. Your soul is eternal. It never dies. It never changes. These things are real. What is real is always real. It cannot be threatened. The illusion of death, decay, change, duality, all of these changes, it is all a part of the dream. It’s all part of the illusion.

This is why I offer you to let go of your past. Think about this. Think about all the teachings I’ve ever offered. Let go of your past. This is why I offer that you hold on to no resentment, hold on to no guilt. Let go of all resentment. Let go of all guilt. Let go of your past. This is why I offer that you don’t hold yourself to any rule or manual or expectation, because none of this is real. It’s all a dream. You are asleep in your duality and believing that the dream is real.

Brother, let me ask you a question. When you go to sleep at night and have a dream that you stole something, right? You dream you stole something or you’re running from somebody, somebody’s chasing you or you hit someone, right? Or did some other action that gives you a bad feeling in your dream like you’re afraid in your dream. You feel like you’ve done something bad. You feel guilty, right? You have a guilty feeling coming from whatever actions you took in your dream. What do you do when you wake up? What do you do when you wake up? Do you still feel guilty? Do you blame yourself for what happened in the dream? Do you start to question whether you’re a good person based on the actions that happened in your dream?

If you decide that you aren’t going to drink alcohol for 30 days and then one night you fall asleep and you dream of drinking a margarita, do you wake up and punish yourself for it? If you dream about punching your brother, do you wake up and apologize to him? No. Now, let’s be careful, because I know what your ego is saying. I know what the beta condition is saying. I know what it’s saying, because of duality because the ego, the beta condition will distort what I just said and it will translate it into this. It’ll translate it into, “Well, then I don’t have any consequences and I can do whatever I want.”

[0:14:52] KA: The truth is there are consequences in the dream, because there is the duality of cause and effect. Think about that. When you’re dreaming and you point your brother in your dream, your brother chases you down, right? You’re running from him and you feel afraid. That’s a part of the dream and you feel that. That’s very really in your dream. Then you wake up and you realize it was all a dream and it wasn’t real, because outside of the dream, there are no consequences. But inside the dream, there are consequences and as long as you live in duality, you will have the effects of duality. This is what you are experiencing now. Blame, complain, guilt, shame, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety. It’s none of it’s real, but you’re making it real. You’re making it real.

The beta condition will keep you here in this illusion locked asleep in this dream of the not self. The identity you think is you, it’s not you. It’s you in the dream. This creates the illusion of another, the other. This is the separation that creates everything that isn’t love. All the potentials of what is not. Only what is, is what is. Everything else is what is not. Only oneness is. Only love is. Only perfection is. Only the alpha state is. Only the soul is. That’s why I call it the alpha state and I call the other the beta condition. You understand?

There’s this alpha state is not an alpha condition and there’s not a beta state. The alpha is the state. The alpha is the truth. The beta is the condition. The beta. The ego. It’s not a state. It is an illusion. It is a collection of identity. It’s a collection of what is not. It is the shadow. The shadow is not real. The being casts the shadow, but the shadow is not real. The being is real. The beta condition, the ego is not real. It is the shadow pretending to be real. The alpha state, the soul, that is real. It is the true self. The light, the love, the eternal oneness. Be careful not to distort what I am telling you, because I can say it very succinctly and you might take it as a way to just get away with whatever you want, but it’s not. That’s not what it is at all.

I’m not teaching you to remain in duality and expect no consequences from your choice to remain in duality, not at all. If you choose to remain in duality, then you will suffer the consequences of your actions in duality. I am teaching you to wake up, to let go of your attachment to what isn’t real, all of your identities, all of your illusions, all of your expectations. When you experience oneness and love only, then you will know. You will know, brother, not understand, but know what I mean when I say to forgive yourself for what never happened.

You will know what it means to forgive yourself for what never happened. You will know what it means to know only love. You will know what it means to see as God sees, to love as God loves and to know what God knows. Brothers, I have taught on simplicity before. I’ll be it, through the use of words and examples, all distorted by their mind. I get that. Again, I understand that this podcast will never truly reach the heart unless you listen with the heart, but I’ve taught on simplicity before and the split mind within your mind, the split mind makes the simple seem difficult and the difficult seem simple. This is due to your deep conditioning in the illusion of separation. There is a simple answer to all of your problems, brother.

[0:18:24] KA: The problems you think you have, have already been solved. I’ll say that again. There’s a simple answer to all of your problems, and that’s the problems you think you have, have already been solved. Problems exist in duality. This is as simple as it gets. All of your problems are already solved. They actually never existed at all. If you allow it to be so simple, and I assure you that it is, you would immediately flash into the state of oneness and the world you think you see would vanish. Completely disappear, because the split mind, the ego is determined to make you believe that it is possible to achieve the impossible.

Brother, it is impossible for you to leave the truth of oneness. Yet you continue to believe that you have and choose to live in this illusion, this dream of duality, but you could never leave it. You’re living in the dream. You could never – from your dream get up out of your bed and go out of the bedroom. You see, you’re asleep in your bed of oneness, of enlightenment. That’s why it’s impossible for you to leave the truth of oneness. The truth is you are enlightened. You are an enlightened soul lying in a bed asleep dreaming of illusion and duality. You’ve never left, but you continue to believe that you have left, because you choose to live in the dream. You do this every time you leave yourself, every time you project your unhealed judgments onto other people, so you won’t see how simple it is for you to undo all judgments.

Brother, there are no other people at all. Only versions of yourself that are showing you where you are rejecting the truth of love and oneness. Have you ever heard the instructions of a master teacher? A master teacher once said, “Love others as you love yourself.” Have you heard this? This is the teaching of oneness, because there are no others, brother. You only give to yourself. You only ever love yourself. This is why you give and receive at the same time. You always give and receive at the same moment, the divine instant.

The other is you and you are the other when you give to another, you give to yourself when you take from another, you take from yourself. It’s like that movie Being John Malkovich. Remember when everyone is John? Remember that movie? It’s a crazy movie. I mean, it’s a bit of an old movie, John Cusack and Cameron Diaz, they find this door in this office building, which is weird because it’s on a floor that’s only a half. It’s like a floor and a half. They find this door that’s behind a file cabinet and it ends up being a door to John Malkovich’s head. But when John Malkovich finds the door, he ends up there and he goes in, everyone in his head is him. All the people have his face. It’s so wild like the baby has his face and the women have his face and everybody. It’s so wild. It’s funny. It’s hilarious.

Anyway, I digress. You guys know that I love movies. The point is when you give, give everything, because you are giving to yourself and when you give, give what you want to receive, which is always and only love. The soul only wants this. Yet it wants nothing, because it is everything. The soul is love and therefore it only gives love. It is love and love is it. This is what happens when we return to oneness. It is your ego that wants something other than love. It’s your ego that wants something. There’s nothing else, but love.

Ego even has its own version of love and even has its own idea of love. It’s called conditional love, which I’ll say for another podcast episode. That’s a whole another podcast episode. The difference between unconditional love and conditional love. But consider the idea of the manual, which I talked about a couple of weeks ago, right? You guys remember this one, emotional responsibility. The ego wants to be better. Remember? Think about the answers to these questions. Why do you want to go to the gym? Why do you want to change the way you eat? Why do you want to wake up earlier in the morning? Why do you want to have a morning routine? Why do you want to stop playing video games? Why do you want to spend less time on your phone? Why? Tell me why.

The answer is locked in illusion. I guarantee it. I guarantee the answer is locked in some illusion and how can I guarantee it? Because when you are in oneness, you don’t want these things. You are these things. It is your mind that sees an illusion, a better version of you that doesn’t exist. There’s no better version of you. It’s the illusion. It’s the duality. This goes beyond how perfect you are. Yes, you are perfect and you are also whole and you are also one. Oneness is perfection. The all oneness is perfect. There’s nothing that cannot be perfect within it, because imperfection is only an illusion of duality. Wholeness is perfection. Love has no opposite. It is all there is.

[0:23:12] KA: Consider a single photon of light. I’m going to get a little nerdy on you guys. I want you to imagine a sphere, okay? A sphere that’s maybe the size of a softball, something you can hold in your hand, right? When we consider the potential of light moving in every direction from the center of the sphere, then technically it can move in an infinite number of directions, right? Like, it has an infinite potential of moving through another tiny, tiny section of the sphere, because light itself has no mass, right? There’s no mass to it. There’s no way to measure, even though we can technically measure the surface area of the sphere, we could do that.

Even with, I think it’s like four pi r squared or something like that has something to do with the surface area of a sphere, but whatever that is, when we’re talking about light, there’s no little section. There’s no little mass. There’s no matter. There’s no distance that it will ever take up. As the light shines, if you have a photon of light in the center of the sphere, it’s going to shine in all directions. Every direction is another infinite potential, because there is no mass, there’s no direction that is ever dueled up on and at the same time, there’s no direction that’s ever not fulfilled. This photon of light in the center of the sphere is moving out in an infinite number of directions from the center of the sphere.

Every time it hits the sphere, which is, again, the size of a softball, every time it hits the surface area of the inside of the sphere is another person that ends up on earth, right? It’s another perspective. Each person you see on earth is another beam of light, a beam of pure love from the center of that sphere, a beam coming from one photon, coming from oneness, radiating out in an infinite number of directions. It’s hitting the sphere, the inside of the sphere in an infinite number of places, an infinite number of positions. Every one of those positions is another being is another human being. Yet it’s all the same photon. It’s all the same single photon coming from the center of the sphere.

It’s all you, the same beam of light that hits in position X on the inside of that sphere is the same, the exact same particle of light, photon of light that is in position Y, position Z, position, there’s not enough letters in the alphabet, right? Because it’s all you. It’s all you yourself. Again, I know this is a difficult concept to hear with the ears of the split mind. The journey takes time. Many years in most cases, but you’ve already arrived. Brother, you never left. You’ve always been here. You’re always right where you have always been, lying in your bed of oneness as an enlightened being asleep in the dream of illusion and duality. Waking up can happen right now. However, it usually takes more time due to the depth of the conditioning and the authority given to the ego, the beta condition.

[0:26:23] KA: Now, brothers, I could go on for hours. You’re going for years, but all I want to offer at this stage is that you begin. If you’re listening to this podcast, it means you’re ready. What are you waiting for? Enroll in the Academy, today. There’s no time other than now, this divine instant, right now. There is no future. There’s no other time. There’s no past. There’s no future. There’s only the divine instant, the present moment, right now.

The Academy is going through some changes that will be revealed. Either way, you are welcome to enroll now and watch for that shift to occur. Your journey will not change. It will only begin when you begin it. Once you begin, you will be saying to your soul, I am ready. Just as your soul is saying to you right now, because this is the time of surrender. It is the time of letting go of what you are not. It is the time of ending all suffering and struggle and worry and doubt and fear and guilt and shame and anxiety and loneliness and anything that is not love. You don’t need to fight the battle of duality anymore. You can, if you want. You can stay in duality as long as you want, but the victory is inevitable.

We already know how these ends. It ends in oneness. It ends in light. It ends in love. You don’t need to continue to fight. You don’t need to continue to struggle. You don’t need to continue to suffer. Now is the time to find what you seek, which is and always have been you. You are running around in a dream trying to find yourself and all you have to do is wake up. You are struggling through an illusion that you are creating and all you have to do is let go of the idea of who you are in the illusion. Once you let go of the illusion, this will wake you up, my brother. Until next week. You are love.


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