Ep #206: The Morning Routine: Part 1

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I have done over 200 episodes and, in all of those, I don’t think I have ever covered a topic like this before. In this episode, I will tell you about my morning routine. Some of you might already have a conscious morning routine, while others might not. Either way, it is essential to listen to this episode. In future episodes, I will cover the details of my morning routine but, for today, I explain why I practice my morning routine the way I do. Hopefully, by understanding the motivation behind it, you can find the morning ritual that works for you. 

We are microcosms of the universe. We are microcosms of everything. We have achieved some incredible feats in science, such as understanding how energy and consciousness are related. It is important to realize that energy and consciousness are integrated; one cannot exist without the other. Remember that thought begins in the realm of consciousness and, through our feelings, vibrational energy is slowed down and manifests itself through action. This action is the moment that your soul seeks to experience.  

The soul acts as the messenger to all oneness. That’s why we are here, brothers! We are here to experience and add our experience to the collective knowledge of everyone. By exchanging information, we evolve and begin to forge a path to the ultimate truth. However, when we become unconscious, we repeat certain actions because we are not learning from that experience. The universe will continually put us in that circumstance until we wake up and realize what we need to take away from it! This is what you may regard as the spiritual side of your existence. Ensuring that you are always conscious of the moment and the experience your soul desires is where a morning routine comes in.

You must set up a morning routine that engages the different components of your energy. Correctly engaging your energy will help you become aware of the elements you need to wake up within your soul, causing you to manifest them through action. This continual loop of manifestation and experience is how we grow and eventually become free. Brothers, join me today as I explain the philosophical reasons behind my morning routine to help find what engages your energy and elevates your alpha!

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • The truth about existence and consciousness.
  • What the quantum effect is and its connection to being. 
  • Learn about the role of existence within the field of information.
  • Why it’s important to engage with your consciousness.
  • Designing a morning routine to match your energy.
  • Details of the elements we need to awaken within us.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:32] KA: What’s up, my brothers. Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I’m your host, Kevin Aillaud, and I’ve returned to the United States for a short time in order to handle some business and visit my family, while the weather’s still warm. I don’t know if you guys knew this, I tend to travel according to the position of the sun, and I always favor the summer, right? I favor the longer warmer days. I have been exposed to the cold, many, many times in my life, and I’ve noticed that I prefer to be under the sun. I prefer more sunlight, even if it’s not warm, right? Even if it’s up in Alaska, where the days are really long. Like these 16, 17, 18-hour days. I mean, sometimes they get to 20 hours, versus like just a few days in the depth of the summer. But it’s still cool, still in the 70s and it’s beautiful. But it doesn’t always have to be warm. I just like the sun. However, I do really enjoy being in the warmth, as well.

So, since my family lives up here in Oregon, and I have a window, I have a range of time that I want to come up here, and it happens to be this time. It happens to be during this part of the year when Oregon is absolutely amazing. It is so incredible. The sun, the temperate environment, it’s a moderate heat, relatively, because I could’ve just come from the Yucatan Peninsula, so it’s warm, but it’s not like the humidity. It’s beautiful. I love the open spaces. I think you guys do know this, I love the open spaces, they are a spectacle to behold. Rest assured, I will get a lot of camping done while I am here over the short time in Oregon with my family.

I think it’s short time, I don’t know six to eight weeks. It’s very short, I think. But while I’m camping, I’m going to continue to do my morning routine. That’s what I want you guys to know. I’m going to keep doing my morning routine. I know that they may sound strange to a lot of you. A lot of you may say, “Well, that’s weird. Why would you do your morning routine while you’re camping?” Because I know that many of you take time off from your morning routine when you travel, whether that’s staying in a hotel overnight for a couple of days, or whether that’s going to a resort, whether that’s actually like a vacation, to a beach, or to a place, to a city to Europe or to Hawaii, or whether it’s just something for the weekend, right? Like getting out, we’re going to take a break. It’s going to be on break, like the mini vacation, the weekend. We do the morning routine Monday through Friday, and then we’ve got that mini vacation on Saturday, Sunday, where you just get distracted, or we get distracted from a change in energy, a change in what exists for us, a change in what exists around us.

I know some of you don’t even have a morning routine at all, right? For some of you, this is completely new information. “What? A morning routine? Like something we do every morning?” Yes, there are these things that people do every morning, and I know you guys know this, I’m just joking. But some of you guys don’t have one, maybe. I mean, not consciously. There may be some things you do in the morning. I get up and I look at my phone and I go to the bathroom and I pour myself a cup of coffee like this unconscious sort of thing you just do every morning. You could call that a routine. But I’m talking about when I say morning routine, I’m talking about a conscious morning routine, something that you put together for a purpose. And if you don’t have that, if you just have an unconscious morning routine, or no morning routine at all, you just jump out of bed and go to work or go do something, and even that would be a routine.

But no matter what it is, it’s okay. Because whatever is happening for you, is happening because it has to happen. It’s happening because it is happening, and it is because it must be and that’s the law. So, whatever is happening is perfect. It’s all beautiful. And if you decide that you want to make changes, make adjustments, then you can do that consciously. I wanted to talk to you guys about this particular episode because I don’t think, I don’t believe that over the last 200 episodes, I’ve ever done an episode on a morning routine before. I may have, I just don’t remember, but either way, you guys are going to get this now. I know, “Three years later, like he’s finally talking about a morning routine. These things that people have been talking about all the time.” And they are important. I believe they are important that. I have a morning routine.

[00:04:16] But today, I’m going to talk to you about why I do my routine this way. And next week, I’ll go a little bit deeper into the details of what these components are and how I do them as an example. So, you can kind of see it. We kind of understand like what I mean by this, by giving you guys into an insight into what I do every morning, and that’s why this is going to be a two-part episode, because it’s really is a lot of content and I really want to keep these between the 20 and 30-minute mark.

So, I just want to talk about why I do my morning routine this way. Next week, we’ll go into the details of it. Next week, it will be a little bit more practical for you guys, are what, like action steps? That’s next week. This week is a little bit more philosophical. It’s a little bit more of the why. The why, brothers, is really because you are, I am, we are, together. We’re microcosms of the universe. We’re microcosms of everything. We’re microcosms of whatever you want to call the source. The universe, the source, the all oneness, we’re microcosms of God, and it even says that, right? It even says it in many, many scriptures, many, many of these religious texts, image and likeness and so on. We are the microcosm of the universe itself. We’re little bits of universe. Rumi says that. He says, “We’re not drops in the ocean, where the entire ocean in a drop.” 

Because in that drop, we comprise the entire ocean. We are a microcosm, with your entire universe in a soul, in a being here. Because of that, because we’re this microcosm of the universe, we want to determine what is the universe. So, we’ve kind of done that and we’ve done some amazing things with physics, we’ve done some amazing things with quantum physics, specifically. We’ve kind of looked at how energy and consciousness are related to each other. How these things are so integrated, how these things are so necessary, that they form a symbiotic relationship where one cannot exist without the other. We can’t have existence without consciousness, right? We can’t have the observed without an observer. Any more than there would be a point for an observer if there was nothing to observe.

So, there would be no point of consciousness, if there was no existence. Then there’d be no existence, if there was no consciousness to experience that existence. That’s the duality, that it appears to be a duality, because of the slow vibration. People think that existence and consciousness, existence-ness, we can put these two words together. People think that these follow each other in a linear way, even in the universal truth. And we talked about circumstance, thought, that’s the beginning, right? The beginning is the thought. That’s the cause. That’s the thought. That’s the consciousness. The circumstance is there. It’s in the field of information. It’s already in existence. It’s the neutral trigger. But we have the thought, that begins in the realm of consciousness, and then through vibration, which is feeling and then through action, which is movement, we eventually get a result, which is the manifestation of whatever that thought, whatever that consciousness wanted to experience in existence as a result, and then we have an experience of that, which takes us back into our consciousness. And it happens again, we want to experience more of it, more of, more of it, or we want to experience something different, we have new consciousness. But it’s all happening at once.

People think it happens in this following way, then what happens in the other? Because like I said, even in universal truth, it appears that way. It’s like there’s thought, feeling, action, result, dah, dah, dah, like what happens like one after the other, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t happen this way. What it appears to happen this way, and this is due to the way the brain works, and the slowness of perception. See, the brain has to slow down our perception. The brain works with the soul. The brain is the part of the organic form that’s in the body, the vehicle that works with the soul in order for us to perceive it, or to us to experience what it is that we are perceiving in existence.

So, it works with us to slow everything down and get an experience. But the truth is existence and consciousness are overlapped. They happen at the same time. They’re happening simultaneous to each other. Again, for our third dimensional brains, for our third dimensional experience, it looks like there’s a following, something that happens. A and then B. And then B leads us back to A like a circle, right? But actually, they’re happening at the same time, all the time, because there’s only the now. Again, the easy way to explain this is when we think about how we are instantaneously aware is of our immediate existence.

Brothers, if I were to ask you to pay attention to what is right in front of you right now. Pay attention to the present moment, put yourself in the presence, then you are, you become aware of that consciousness that is experiencing existence that’s happening instantaneously. It’s happening right now in this moment, and at the same time, your experience of exists is coming into your consciousness while your consciousness is choosing what to experience next. Now, that’s where things get wacky, right? Because we turn it that way and we go through the universal truth. How we think about or what we want to experience, pull in, and why does it take a lot for consciousness to manifest itself in existence? This is the question around energy and that’s why we’re here, to understand this. To understand that consciousness and existence are simultaneous through existence, through us.

That’s what we are. We are the bridge. We are the unity between the two dimensions that are happening simultaneously. So, we exist. If we talk about our souls, like what is the soul, right? We exist as portals of information going both directions. These portals that are sending information into existence, that’s the manifestation process. That’s what we want to experience. And sending information into consciousness, which is from what is existing now. That’s why I say like, bring yourself into the moment. What do you see? What are you experiencing? Whatever you’re experiencing is existence in the moment. You can send that directly into consciousness in the now, in the moment.

[00:09:36] By the way, in the now and in the moment is also how we manifest what comes next. But our brain is so distracted, right? So distracted with the past, the future, and all kinds of other stories. But we experience existence and we send it into consciousness, and then we interpret it and it determines what the new experience is going to bring up in that experience. Again, it’s all happening through what we call that soul. That is what’s happening through the soul, which is that movement of energy, the movement of slowing down energy. We are the bridge between these two dimensions of consciousness and existence that overlap each other, and exchange information and energy with each other. That’s what we do. We are the messengers. We are the messengers of the all oneness, the source, right?

Again, whatever you want to use to talk about this all oneness, this greater consciousness, this one consciousness, this God, this thing, this source, this greatness, we are microcosms of that, because we are the portals that are sending the information backward and forth. If you can grasp, like, if we can be there, we can get there at the beginning, you can grasp the picture of how consciousness and existence are one. How they’re overlapped, they’re created from each other, that one cannot exist without the other. If consciousness were to collapse, if there was no consciousness, then there would be no existence. If existence were to collapse, there would be no consciousness. I know this is probably driving some people wild. They’re driving some people while because like, “Well, wait a second. Wait a second, does this mean that before humans there was consciousness?” What happened before humans? Were dinosaurs conscious? Well, maybe, maybe not. I’m not really going to get onto that in this podcast episode. It’s really not here to say. Maybe, yes, it was all conscious, it was all conscious going to the divine plan, because we needed to have fossil fuels to get where we are today, and we wouldn’t have had fossil fuels without the organic matter left behind from a previous age, from previous era, which goes even further into where was the consciousness. It was the one consciousness, but now we are here through the soul to experience itself.

If you can grasp that picture of how consciousness and existence are one, that we actually are the divine incarnate and we’re created from each other, we’re created from existence into consciousness and using consciousness to experience existence, then understanding that can easily add to your spiritual experience. Because we are it, happening upon itself. We are experiencing it, happening upon itself. That’s what we’re doing as human beings. The rapture of that is so powerful. It creates this powerful understanding, this powerful concept, that is a majestic blessing, combined with an honorable duty. Because we are exchanging that information. That’s the evolution. That’s what creates evolution, is what we send back. We send it back through the soul, to the all oneness and the all oneness says, “Okay, a little bit less of that. A little bit more of this.” Experiencing everything again. The potential of infinity. It keeps going and going and going. And as we experience it, we vibrate. We vibrate through an experience and say, “Yes. This is more of this.” That’s why we’re evolving. That’s why things are getting better over time. If those things are getting better over time, like how could they get better over time? They are getting better over time, brothers and sisters.

So, at the end, we are completely victorious. We are moving towards that infinite location of eternity, where all of utopia exists. That’s where we’re moving towards. We’re moving towards it, however, slowly, painfully, because of the vibration of the third dimensional realm. But we’re going to get there, even if it takes a billion more lifetimes. We have to get there because we’re the information centers. We’re the ones doing it. They say, “But there’s so much more of this in the world. There’s so much more that in the world.” Brothers and sisters, I’m telling you that that is just the media. Okay, that’s just their job. They show a small percentage of a fraction of the worst of the worst, because that’s their job. That’s what they do. That’s what they’re here for, so that we can experience that and move away from it. We can have an experience of that and say, “No, we don’t want more of that.” And we can move away from it. We can evolve from it. 

That’s what’s happening. We’re it, experiencing itself. And what is this universal truth? What is this quantum effect? Well, this quantum effect comes from these overlapping of dimensions where consciousness is to become aware of the highly vibrational bits of information that are moving so fast to be invisible, that are at that realm of other faster would seem to the speed of light, because they can be instantaneously everywhere, right? Light moves at a certain speed. But thoughts. Thoughts, brothers, information, the inspiration that could occur at any time moves instantaneously. It can be in multiple places at once. And that’s where the consciousness begins to pick up. It picks up on this field of information. So, we have the field of information, that’s space, right? That’s the energy field, and it begins at this high, high frequency of information that we call thought.

Consciousness is aware of thought. Consciousness can be aware of what is in that energy field, what is in that field, that realm, of the source, of the all oneness that is moving at such a high vibration of energy, that we can’t see it. It can be at multiple places at once. As we become aware of that, we can just slow that vibration down, we choose it. We choose it with our intention. We say. “This is what I want. This is the thought that I choose to believe.” We start to draw towards it. We start to slow down that energy. We slow down that vibration. As we draw it towards us, we start to create a feeling around it. So yes, “I believe this, I’m going to vibrate this. I’m going to send out a vibration, a ping into this information field.” And this is all happening through consciousness. This is the other half of existence.

[00:14:54] Existence is the field of information that slows vibration into solid. It slows it from thought, through all the movement, from thought, to wave, and then into gas, and then into liquid, and then to solid form. And it slows, slows, slows, slows that energy down until it becomes matter, density. But it’s always existing as information, as pure raw energy. And consciousness is choosing. Consciousness is in there all the time. Say, this is what I’m going to slow down. This is what I’m going to slow down, and we choose with our conscious or unconscious intention, what we essentially call beliefs, our thoughts that we choose to hang on to and call them truths, call them beliefs. That’s our consciousness and that’s how consciousness works. The more we strengthen that consciousness, whether it’s conscious or unconscious of it, right? Whether we’re conscious of our consciousness, or unconscious of our consciousness makes no difference. Because as we strengthen that consciousness, what it does is it puts a power behind it. It puts a vibration behind it. We call that a feeling. We call that a belief, where we start to believe that power and that thought that we’ve chosen, then we get the energy behind it, then we get the vibration behind it.

We call it a belief. Yes, this is true, I can feel it. I know this is true, we choose it, and it becomes that belief, and it starts to slow the energy down every more. And then, once we believe something, we start to take action around it. No matter what that action is, whether it’s passive action, whether that’s massive action, that action is more energy movement. It’s more energy from this realm, because now we’re actually taking it and condensing it even more, slowing it even more until it gets into that realm of existence. What’s actually there, actually existing in front of us. And then we become conscious of it.

Now again, because that process takes a little bit more time than the other process, which is just to be aware of what already is, to be conscious of the existence itself, versus to manifest and create that conscious, it’s to slowing down of that gap. That’s what we can do when we learn how to engage more with our consciousness, is to become more actors, become more conscious actors of the manifestation process in our lives, because that’s what we do. That’s what we’re here to do, is to manifest, is to create this, because we are sending the information. What do we want to experience? What will bring us joy? What will bring us pleasure? What will bring us love? What will bring us gratitude? What will bring us gratefulness? What will bring us kindness? What will bring us respect? What will bring us acceptance? And when we manifest these things, and we have the vibration about them, we send them back to the all oneness, and the all oneness says more information to, yes, experience more of this. But it does it on the flip side as well, because we can become unconscious. We become unconscious so we keep doing it over and over, the all oneness sends us into those experiences and sends us into those places of existence that we call circumstances for us to have the option to see something different, to change our mind. That’s why sometimes we end up bumping our head into the same wall, over and over and over again. Because even though that wall may change, the job may change, the relationship may change, the location may change, the car you drive may change, like even though something may change, the unconsciousness, the repetitive thought pattern continues. And it will continue until you wake up and see that there is a process working with you and for you, to evolve you, to set you free. To get your soul to have its desire to experience what it’s here to experience.

This morning routine that I’m going to offer has to do with that. Now again, this is the why, brothers. I know I haven’t been very specific on the what. I’m going to do that on the next episode. But this is the why. Because we are the microcosm of the universe. As I’ve just explained, we are the ones that contain all the elements of existence and use the elements of existence in consciousness in order to unite the two, to bring the two together, to be conscious of what exists and send that information back to the source. And from the source, create more of what it is our soul aims to exist, which is consciousness itself, which is the beauty of the perfection of the all oneness itself, which is of course love and freedom as another duality that exists in perfection for us to expand, grow and become more free.

So, I offer that you set up a morning routine that engages your energy, that engages your mind, that engages all of the parts of you, the triumvirate, the three parts of you, that allow you to become aware of these three parts and intuitive about these three parts throughout your day. Okay, brothers. So, when you first wake up, you begin with ether. You begin with space. You begin with that which all the elements exist within, but that which has no boundary, and therefore the center is everywhere. And that’s why I said, yes, in last week’s podcast, you are the center of the universe because again, the universe is the ether. It is the container of the infinity of information. It’s the container of existence, so that consciousness along with existence can recognize itself.

[00:19:41] Again, I say container and our mind goes to something that is bounded, but there is no boundary. That’s why it’s ether. It’s just ether. It’s just there. It’s just this space within all the other elements, the other four elements, begin to show up in their different vibrational frequencies as existence, so that consciousness can act upon them. It’s the space for existence to exist. That’s where we want to begin. When we wake up to that, we want to wake up to that space for us to exchange energy with each other. We want to have that invisible, the knowing, that’s a very high vibration that moves us from that emptiness into that place of air, that place of thought. Air is the high vibration. It begins there. That’s the thought. So, that’s the thought that’s been an inspiration. That’s where that invisible oneness has consciousness of the consciousness of itself. The consciousness is very, very high. The energy is also very high vibrationally. But it’s very low, right? It’s not very dense, because it hasn’t taken form. It’s invisible.

So, the consciousness is high, the energy is low, but the vibration is high. You’ll notice the vibration and consciousness are directly proportional and energy, and consciousness are inversely proportional. And in air, what we’re talking about is thought. We’re talking about inspiration. We’re talking about that which is invisible. So, you begin with that that’s the highest vibration, that is the lowest energy, that is where consciousness resides and it picks up, it picks up these thoughts. The infinite amount of thoughts that can possibly be, we choose, we pick them up. Air moves into fire. The vibration slows down, but the energy is increased, because now we’re consuming. Fire is like air, right? Fire has no density to it. But fire has consumability. It burns. It takes things, it takes fuel, and consumes it. So, it increases its energy.

It also becomes visible at this point. So, we can say that fire represents all gases, represents any type of gas. Air is like the thought. If we think about that place of consciousness, it’s that place of realm. Now, fire is that gas. It’s like something that’s slower down in energy, something that almost begins to take form. It’s more of the gas than the air being. But even, it’s still powerful, because it’s consuming, but it’s still invisible. Because fire becomes the intention, becomes the intention behind the thought. I’ll get into more of that next week. Because I want to tell you guys how this moves.

So, after fire, it becomes water. Water then slows vibration again. Energy now becomes tangible even. We’re gases can be intangible. We put our hands right through gases, that can barely be seen. Sometimes they can be seen, sometimes they can’t, their size, they are molecules, but gases we can see through. Now, if water becomes tangible, it becomes containable, we can put it into a jar. It flows, it receives. Water is this feminine movement. It can be boiling, it can create hot connections with the — its a feminist force. The air and the water are feminine, the fire and the earth are more masculine. I’m going to talk about that in a moment. But the fire moves into water, because it slows, again, that vibration down. The energy is still strong, but it’s not consuming. It does consume. We know water consumes. Look at the Grand Canyon. It cut all the way through that, but doesn’t consume as quickly. Water consumes, but not as quickly as fire.

Now, we get into water. Water takes us to Earth. Earth is the slowest vibration because it’s the last time, it’s the last shift before it becomes a solid, the strongest form of energy. Again, the strongest form of energy, but with the least amount of consciousness, because it’s so slow vibration. That consciousness is done, it’s there. It’s no longer in that realm of high vibration mind. It’s now in that low vibration form. That’s the shift and it’s all in the information field of infinity. So, we want to wake up. What we want to do is we want to wake up these elements within us. That’s the why. That’s the why of this form, brothers. We want to wake up these elements within us, these elements that we use to create, we use our thoughts, that’s in our thought, that’s the air. We use our willpower, that’s our fire. We use our vibration or feelings, that’s our water. And then we use our action, we move our body and that’s our Earth. That’s what we do. That’s the T, F, A line of the universal truth, the amount of alignment. And what we want to do in our morning routine is wake these elements up. These exists within us. These exists as a microcosm of the entire universe.

[00:24:09] As we wake these up, we also want to begin to move the energy through the body. We wake up the consciousness, the mind, as well as the energy, the vibration and the movements, the consciousness quickly, and the energy slowly. Because you see that they have that reverse pattern. So, as the consciousness, we do the first thing first, we wake up the consciousness right away, wake up the mind. Right away, what are the thoughts telling me? Right away, what are coming from me? That’s the air, right away. And right away, what am I going to set my mind to? That’s waking up the consciousness. Then we get into the body. Then we get into the water and the earth, so that everything is in balance. Everything is perfect. We have our mind. We have our thoughts focused, right? So, we’ve got our fire working within us. We’ve got our body ready, or body stretched and ready to go.

Again, I’m going to talk to you guys about this next week. I’m going to talk about the what. I’m going to give you guys examples of my old routine, just so you have an idea of what I’m talking about when I say these kinds of things. But just very quickly, I mentioned that it’s going to also help you set your relationships for the day. Because, brothers, quite frankly, we do have these masculine fire, earth signs and these feminine air, water signs. So, you can work on your flame for the day. Flame boils water. The hotter the flame, the faster the boil. So, as you work on cultivating the fire within you, the masculine fire within you, when you’re around a partner, when you’re around a female who has maybe more water in her, you might be able to connect with her in a more hotter way, more fiery way, a stronger connection by utilizing or cultivating your fire.

If you have a fire that’s on a low boil, that’s okay, too, right? It’s okay because you can learn that. You can learn to cultivate that fire. You can bring it up. But having a water with a fire can create a very powerful, very passionate connection. And Earth can also soften air. That’s the feminine coming into the masculine. That’s the feminine coming in and softening, to be receptive. So, we as Earth, as masculine Earth, we can be receptive of that air. We can receive that air, and those are just a few quick examples of how having a morning routine set up this way. So, it is activating your microcosm. It is activating the different energies within you, as well as, moving the energy within you to get it working in the direction and with your intention. It will set you up for your entire day, and there’s going to be more. I’m going to talk more about this next week. But until then, my brothers, ask yourself. Ask yourself if you’re ready. Ask yourself if you’re ready to begin this. You will only begin to get prepared once you’ve decided that you’re ready. So, are you ready for an awakening? Are you ready to live through a new paradigm? A paradigm of abundance, truly abundance.

I mean, there’s no like snake oil charming here, brothers. Truly abundance. You can live with a mindset of seeing the world with abundance, abundance of everything, because it’s there. It is right there. An abundance of connection. You can connect with anybody. There’s nobody stopping you from connecting with them. There may be barriers that are shut down. But you can still send. You can still send, you can still send. Don’t force your will. But you can still offer, you can still give. You can make legitimate connections. How about gratitude? A paradigm of gratitude, where it’s just thank you all the time for all the blessings that are always coming in, for all the things, all the amazingness, all the getting. There are so much being offered. There are so much receiving happening for all of us all the time, to see the world with that gratitude and trust. Trust, to be able to look at the world, to every step you take, in every moment that passes, to trust that this is perfect. This is exactly what I need at this time in my life. It’s divine right timing and divine right perfection. It is the what and the when that is always happening perfectly for us.

To have that mindset, to live like that, are you ready? This is a yes or no question. Because if you are ready, and I want you to think about it, literally think about it. If you are really ready for this, then once you’re ready, you can begin to prepare yourself for this change. You can begin to prepare yourself for that movement closer to freedom. It’s time. If you’re ready, it’s time to get prepared. I’ll see you next week. Until then, elevate your alpha.


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